Superion and Menasor have a little fun!

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Superion and Menasor have a little fun!
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Rainmaker writes: Superion: Uhm, Menasor I think we have some layering problems
(look around under Superion's crotch)
BG the Robit writes: Menasor is almost passed out drunk and Superion, only slightly less drunk is acting on it.
Menasor: Uuuhh... what's up my... is that my tailpipe? I.. can't really tell anymore...
Superion: that would be me...
Shuttershock writes: Superion: *HHHHAAAAAAAWWWWWKKKK*
Symos writes: I have a hard enough time telling my yaoi fang girlfriend that combiner teams do not work like that.
Zeedust writes: Superion: "You're made of cars and I'm made of jet planes! WHY ARE YOU BIGGER THAN ME?!?!"
Mensaor: "Try exercising once in a while!"
Sideswipe501 writes: Is the camera running?
Sideswipe501 writes: Is the camera running?
Zeedust writes: Insert your own "banana in the tailpipe" joke here.

Superion (Beavis voice): "Heheheh, he said "insert." Heheheh."

Menasor (Butthead voice): "Heheh, shut up, Beavis."
Roadshadow writes: Superion: Yeah, Menasor. You're a naughty gsetalt aren't ya?
Menasor: This joke is beyond old now! ----!
shockblaster5 writes: superion: don't get mad at me for this, but only Breakdown will be released in generation 2.
menasor: you @$$hole! menasor smash!

Shortly after, Superion told Menasor that he would appear again in cybertron. but not as a stunticon.
Menasor will
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Ultrabot writes: whats in my exaust?
Zeedust writes: Here we see Superion, drawing all over Menasor with magic marker while he's passed out drunk.
juggaloG writes: 1-2-3! Superion wins the Transformers Wrestling Federation Gestalt-class Championship! Next week, he will be defending againt Landfill from RID! See ya next week!
Glitch writes: DOWN BOY!!
Zeedust writes: Superion (hysterical): "DEATH FROM ABOVE! DEATH FROM ABOVE!"

Menasor: -_-; "Go away..."
Zeedust writes: Menasor: "Um, shouldn't he be the same size as me, especially if he's got me pinned like this? I keep feeling the urge to just say the hell with the script and just pick him up and punt his skidplate a couple miles downfield.&a
Bruticus writes: Superion: "Hey, Menasor! Let's play 'Scramble City!'"
Menasor: "No way, Superion. That's just way too damn kinky."
Superion: "You played last time."
Menasor: &a
Unknown writes: Menasor: GAAAGH!!
Superion: Oh, just be quiet...wha-oof!
Unknown writes: Stay down.
Broadside writes: No really it's good for both of us!
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Unknown writes: Yes, mommy? Z'it lunchtime already?
Unknown writes: Superion : Rats, this isn't working! Does anyone else know how to perform CPR on a robot??
PlasmaRadio writes: Superion "shhh, I hear my mom comming!"
frank writes: "Yes, Menasor, my pipe is sticking WAAAAAAAY what?"
Unknown writes: MENASOR: Faster, FASTER! BREAKDOWN: We discussed this before combining and I said NO!
Unknown writes: Superion: I think he's starting to suspect something. Menasor: Who? Superion: Your wife.
Unknown writes: I warned him about the last dounut in the fridge and he just wouldnt listen!
Manchester Devil writes: Galvatron: What you doing with the enemy?
Menasor: I'm being raped!
Superion: Darn these Japanese sciripts!!
Galvatron writes: " like that don't you..ungh..Who's your Autobot! Who's your Autobot!"
Dynamus Prime writes: GIVE ME BACK MY LUNCH MONEY!!!!!
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Unknown writes: S:(singing)Oh.MY FUNNY VALENTINE...-M:So,I still get 20 energon goodies,right?
Dynamus Prime writes: Kinda makes you wonder what was going on in the animators' minds...
Vector Sigma writes: Superion:"Menasor MY bitch!!"
MEGATRON writes: Transformer gay porn.
Suzuki writes: I think Fort Max is getting suspicious...
Unknown writes: Menasor to Superion "Your gun is sticking into my hip."
Unknown writes: Superion:"Damnit, now those caption freaks bust out all those stupid gay jokes."
Sideswipe writes: and this is the way we wash our but, wash our but,wash our but, oh this is the way we wash out but so early in the morning!!!!
Dynamus Prime writes: Little did they know that...they were on CANDID CAAAMMMERA!
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Dynamus Prime writes: Oh man, Rodimus is gonna slag me when he sees this!
Sledge writes: Chapter 5 of the Autobot Kamasutra....merging.
Unknown writes: I was..uhmm.. i was.. uhmm Cleaning ... cleaning his... chest plate.. full of ice see. heehe"
Unknown writes: um uh..he had something in his eye
Unknown writes: Optimus:(Offscreen) Uh, Superion, what are you and Menasor doing?
Unknown writes: Superion: Do a little dance.. Make a lot of love.. Make a lot of love to you my naked Menasaur
Unknown writes: Superion: OPTIMUS! Its not what it looks like! Honest! Menasaur:YES IT IS!
Unknown writes: Ref: 1, 2, 3! THE WINNER, SUPERION!
Mr. X writes: Superion: "Look! I am raping Menasor and Motormaster at the sam time!"
Pokejedservo writes: We know return you to your regularly scheduled Yaoi already in progress.
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Homer writes: Superion is just giving Menasor a back massage...yes just a back massage...
A-3 writes: Did I leave the iron on?
Unknown writes: It doesnt matter that youre pre-menasor-tural; I dont mind the blood.
bob writes: It do
Omega Supreme writes: Menasor(underneath): Menasor no like being crushed!!
*Superion knocks him out with a punch*
Superion: Shut up you have no brains sometimes if any at all.
Unknown writes: Superion: Picard is the best Star Trek captain! Admit it!
Menasor: In your dreams Autobot, everyone knows Kirk rules!
Unknown writes: Use WD-40 for ALL your lubrication needs.
Black Arachnis writes: here we see the creation of tracks.
JP writes: *click* Superion:Oh no! Not another of THOSE photos! We had just cleared Jazz reputation! Slaggit!
Unknown writes: Menasor: Do you always have to make love to me from behind? Are you thinking about someone else?
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Unknown writes: superion: ok if u gave me back that matrix i whould have to do this to u but u haned it to that guy that looks like a truck i think he was optimus prime who ever he is
Unknown writes: Menasor: Get off me you faggit!
Unknown writes: Convoy: *Sigh* First Jazz & Starscream, and now this??
Unknown writes: 1988: both the Airalbots and Stuntacons, taking their removal from the toy line extremely hard, drown their sorrows in 40 proof malt energon liquor. The result...the worst case of Beer-goggles in history.
Eman writes: Superion at his gayest.
Unknown writes: You told me noone would see us out here!
whacko writes: A part of me dislikes being ontop whenever we wrestle, dammit!
Unknown writes: Menasor: Pervert!
Dynamus Prime writes: If you think this is bad, wait till you see what he did to Omega Supreme!
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Unknown writes: Superion: "What a wonderful day for mountain climbing!" (looks over, sees the mountain) "Wait a minute...What am I..."
Unknown writes: hey my arm does look like an icecream sandwich!
Unknown writes: How Superion became the Twister champion of the galaxy.
Unknown writes: Mensaor: DUDE GET OFF ME Your knee is shoving into my crotch!

Superion: sorry, I could have sworn I saw Britney Spears nude.
Thunderstreak writes: Superion: Oh Menasor! Give it to me! Give it to me! Give it.....oh, uh, high Computron.
Unknown writes: Superion: What the hell you mean the Seibertron boards are down?!!!
Unknown writes: Optimus: Not bad, but not as good a hump like a pro.
Unknown writes: is it the right time to make a female combiner or what??!!
Unknown writes: Now Menasor, you will di... (looks back) uh-oh.
Shermtron writes: superion wins!!! Champion of the world
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Unknown writes: Alright, change positions. *Arms & Limbs exchange*
Bombshell writes: Cheat #2: Codeword: Chastitycheat!
Unknown writes: opps sorry ive just cummed on ya t!ts mate!!
Unknown writes: Narrator: When Transformers Ended, Superion & Menasor had to find some work as porn stars.
Unknown writes: Convoy: Hey, quit humping the poor Stuntron!
Unknown writes: Menasor:"Did the director just call me Jenna?" Superion: "Umm this is the set for TFTM right? Right?!"
Unknown writes: Anybody got some whipped creme?
Unknown writes: What Superion and Menasor where doing durning TF:TM!
Unknown writes: Superion:Hey what the....hey!!! Bummblebee! give that bloody camra!
Rail Racer writes: [Menasor and Superion as Fred Flintstone and Dino]

Down Dino ,down boy.
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Windcharger writes: Im on top, because im the planes, dumbass
Jedi Kermit writes: Superion-"Are you sure this is what the script says to do??"
Unknown writes: Now this is what I call some tailpipe action
lvletal_l2obot writes: But we ALWAYS do missionary style!
menasor writes: stop fµ©king me!
Unknown writes: Menasor: Know wunder why they call you Superion. OH AH AH!!!
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