Wheelie consumes Energon!!!

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Wheelie consumes Energon!!!
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trailbreaker writes: Needs ketchup !
Optimum Supreme writes: Little known fact: Wheelie is the Pudgy Bunny champion of Cybertron
BG the Robit writes: I have no idea what this dude is like, but I can tell he's an annoying jerk by looking at this pic.
UnderYourCloset writes: That moment when you are about to take a bite and you have to sneeze.
SoundMaster1 writes: NOM NOM NOM!
Deceptifemme84 writes: "Tasty treat, love to eat!" (munch munch)
Rodimus: "Wheelie, where did you get that?"
"Decepticons are not all bad, give Wheelie all the treats they had!" (munch munch)
Rodimus: "(Hmmm... could be poisoned) ...Alright
Zeedust writes: Sick of Wheelie's incessant rhyming, Springer disguised a plasma grenate as an energon goodie.

(Those of you sensitive to bad puns might want to avery your eyes.)

That's one way to pop a Wheelie!
bringo writes: Alot of Autobots on lonely cold nights saw just how big Wheelie's mouth could open...
Unknown writes: Wheelie:"Munchy Crunchy!"
Rodimus:"If he rhymes one more time I swear I'll kill him!!!"
Wheelie:"God made irt so dirt don't hurt!"
Rodimus:"That does it!!!!"
Voyager Prime writes: Wheelie: Mmm... Wheelie like candy, think it dandy.

Rodimus Prime: (sees Wheelie stuff himself with energon) Wow, Wheelie, I didn't know you liked radioactive nuclear waste.

Wheelie: (suddenly turns puce and vomits) Wheelie... say... not funny.
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Demonic Femme writes: Feral, "AH! That little b%&$% ate my energon snack!!"
Wheelie, "Mmm- cookie good, have room for more! There's plenty Energon gallore, gallore!"
Feral, "OH, YOU LITTLE-!!!"
Godfather Bluto writes: Little did he know that the next one on the table was the poisned, which said "Insta-kill" and in 4 secondds later, every Transfan jumps up and sings "joy to the world wheelie is dead"
Masterpiece Prowl writes: (Homer Simpson voice) MMMMM....Energon
Zeedust writes: Wheelie: "Blech! This crystal tastes like pee! Are you trying to poison me?"

Other Autobots (in unison): "Yes."
sagekilla writes: Wheelie: God this Energon is the best S*** ever!! Man...this is ganna goto my thighs though..
Shadow Fox writes: Wheelie- Munch, munch..mmmm. This is some good energon, if I pack on a few more pounds I'll be a small fat autobot, maybe then I'll finally get recognized in this series!!
Unknown writes: people THINK it's energon... but the packet said Viagra
Zeedust writes: Wheelie: "If for a bit you wait around, you'll see me with fist in mouth." Just About Anyone You'd Care To Imagine: "I'd rather see you with your head in a wood chipper."
Unknown writes: Unknown to Wheelie, he was about to consume poison energon that would kill him, and then Daniel starts crying... AGAIN!!
DKusanagi writes: Wheelie: Ahhhh nothing like some good energon!! Daniel: Shouldn't we tell Wheelie that that's not Energon.. Arcee: No way, and miss on the fun!!
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Elita One writes: "Wadda ya mean its acutally sushi!? AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
DKusanagi writes: Wheelie: Yes!! They finally have Listerine Chewing Gum, now in new Energon Flavor!!
Unknown writes: It's time for an acid drop
ultramegatron writes: see i tolled you i could fit 20 energon squers in my mouth
DKusanagi writes: Arche: What are you eating Wheelie?
Wheelie: SuperSized Neon Starburst!!!
Unknown writes: [ina majian buu sounding voice}Wheelie like candy!
Unknown writes: Befor I drink a tall glass of melonade, I like to eat about 147 FLUFFY PUFF MARSHMALLOWS©... Seriously folks... they're the best
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus{in front of Wheelie}: so you have acrush on Arcee right?Wheelie {berfore consumes energon}she one hat robot.
Rhys writes: Bad Energee, make Wheelie pee!
Unknown writes: Arcee: Wheelie, wait, that's not-!
Rodimus Prime: Hush Arcee, it must be done for the greater good for us all.
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Unknown writes: Prime: Grimlock, why did ya give him that explosive?

Grimlock: I wanna go pop a wheelie.....*da boom chink!*
Unknown writes: How many more cubes before i beat the record?
Unknown writes: Realizing that he is the only Transformer that EVERYONE hates, Wheelie OD's on Energon.
Broadside writes: MMMM Energon goodies!
Unknown writes: I like this one too. Good Luck
Unknown writes: Wheelie training for the Energon eating competition of Cybertron.
Zu Darkness writes: Little did poor Whellie know that the Autobots laced taht Energon goddie with letal poison ending his sorry escuse for an autobot existance. What was worse...his rhyming...his looks or that big fat mouth of his
Unknown writes: See??! Every time I open my mouth one of THESE comes out!
ionacus writes: wheelie:(drunk)yea! play linkin park again, or 50 cent i need to learn to freestyle!
Unknown writes: These things are great, Can anyone tell me where i can find a mexican drug delear????
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Unknown writes: Whellie: (drunk) I'm gonna puke all over Arcee!
Arcee: I like that!
Unknown writes: Gadverdullekes........that tasts good!
Unknown writes: The Autobots discovered only too late the true nature of Wheelie, as he consumed the last piece of Ultra Magnus.
Unknown writes: These "enerdrugs" are great.
Unknown writes: goble! goble! goble!
Unknown writes: Yummmmmm Hottess Energon Cubes
Unknown writes: Scientist dudes. Little does Wheelie know, is that this free piece of energon,was secretly coated in anthrax and left to cultivatefor three months, while God only knows what happened during that time. Let's watch.
Unknown writes: If I had a tongue, I could be the next Gene Simmons!
Unknown writes: Wheelie does his impression of Buu and turns Rodimus into an Energon Cube
ryo777 writes: Wheelie: Maybe if I eat this "Mystery Meat leftover", the other Autobots won't beat me up and think I'm cool.
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ryo777 writes: A BIG shoutout to my boy Homer Simpson for hooking me up with these Nuclear waste brownies. NUMMY!!
Unknown writes: god I am going to be giving big offerengs to the porceilin god tonight!!!!!!!
frank writes: Why is Wheelie eating his own poop?
Unknown writes: Wheelie: WAZZUUUUUUUUUUP!!
Unknown writes: Wheelie: *Screams* This Stuff is HORRIBLE!
Unknown writes: Wheelie: *Screams* This Stuff is HORRIBLE!
Dynamus Prime writes: I had no idea Wheelie could unhinge his jaw like that. He must be part snake.
Unknown writes: Rodimus: What Wheelie doesn't know is that I dropped his Energon cube in a pile of dog s***. I almost feel sorry for him.
Unknown writes: DIE, YOU SON OF A B*TCH!
Unknown writes: (in Homer Simpson voice)_

Hmmm ..Energon
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Unknown writes: Nightpaw: Good God is he crazy! He'll kill himself. Galvatron:I guess he's tryi' to get away from the Autobots.
Unknown writes: CHIKIN!!
astrotrain's first friend writes: In homer simson voice: Cant say no 'CRUNCH! CRUNCH!' oh you cant say no!
Unknown writes: Wheelie: Wow, this Red Bull energon really wakes you up! Gottagetmesomemore!
Pokejedservo writes: Even an autobot can stoop so low as to advertise for shiny Bubble gum.
Unknown writes: Wheelie:"Hey! I got a golden ticket! ...Waitaminute..."
Unknown writes: I gotta consume lotsa energon! I wanna be big!!!
Unknown writes: Wheelie: I told you l had the biggest mouth!
bobo writes: What big mouth you have
Unknown writes: I put anthrax in that energon! (evil laughter)
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Unknown writes: maybe this energon bomb will kill the f#$%^ &?!?!?!?
Unknown writes: Prime: may be that anthrax laced energon cube will tkae care ao our wheelie problem
Unknown writes: who(munch munch)Gave me chocolate energon candies for chrismas?
Unknown writes: WASABI!!!!
Dynamus Prime writes: All other Autobots in the room: CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE
Jeremy writes: got energon
travis writes: Little did Wheelie know
That the cube was really a plutonium laxative cube!
Chachi writes: Little did Wheelie know that the "energon cube" was actually a powerful adhesive to GLUE HIS DAMN MOUTH SHUT!
Unknown writes: extacy is serious stuff folks
sound_wave writes: umm candy, i love candy
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Unknown writes: Rodimus: Our engines are losing energon, and fast, but how?
W: HHhmmmm..num num num.
Rodimus: Damnit, Wheelie!
Unknown writes: Well... When in room...
Unknown writes: this is 4 my own good
Unknown writes: Dentest: Wider Please
Jeremy writes: got energon?
Unknown writes: Wheelie: After eating my last cube, I will watch the tube.
Unknown writes: The Evil Doctor Richard Parker : I poisoned the engeron cube. Now he will die! HA HA HA HA!
Mr. X writes: Everyone: "I hope you choke on it you little bastard!"
Unknown writes: Outback: Wow, Wheelie must be enjoying those chocolate energon cubes I got him for Christmas.
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Unknown writes: Outback: Wow, Wheelie must be enjoying those clocolate energon cubes.
Unknown writes: Now how many times have you been told not to put things in your mouth?
Optimus Primevil writes: Optimus Primevil: Hope you choke on it like george bush
Unknown writes: Take the blue energon cube, and stay in Wonderland forever. Take the pink one, and find out just how deep the rabbit hole really is.
Unknown writes: Mmm-mmm! I just loooooove energon cubes!
Unknown writes: friend prime cock today,
must test size for play
Unknown writes: No one likes me!, the only way out is to commit suicide. farewell cruel world.....................DAMN wrong cube, ah well, try again!
Unknown writes: I gotz them energon yummies in my tummies.
Unknown writes: "Damn straight i got the munchies....whats this glowing sh!t?"
Wolverine writes: Optimus Prime whipped down his pants, while wheelie got ready to give sugar.
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Unknown writes: Mmmmm... forbidden energon goodie...
Unknown writes: Got energon?
Unknown writes: STOP HIM!!! That energon will enable him to annoy Transformers fans for generations to come!!!
teletran2 writes: Good Mourning, Good Mourning. (Viagra)
FortMax writes: .....mmm..this IS good...wait so what am i eating again
Unknown writes: "You get ship if i get head"
Slappyfrog writes: Next up on Behind the Movie, Wheelie turns to a new way to escape the daily reminder the EVERYONE HATES HIM!
optimuslives writes: "Wheelie say find food today, Wheelie say this taste like $h!t ok?"
Unknown writes: I think this is a $h!t burger. Looks like a burger, tastes like $h!t
Unknown writes: Dirge: Hey Thrust, I got a great idea to get rid of them pesky Maximals. I say we leave some energon near their base, and that energon will blow up in their face. Hey, where is the energon?
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Unknown writes: Nothing fills Wheelie up like energon cubes!

Dinobots writes: Prowl, Wheelie masturbated the energon you ate and it had white things on it.
Dinobots writes: Wheelie! eat that energon and we eat you alive so either the energon or your life!
Alphatrion writes: Rodimus: Would you do it for a Scooby snacK? Wheeley: YEAH YEAH YEAH!
Unknown writes: Silly Galvatron, Energon flavored Trix are for kids!
Unknown writes: Prime: Yes Wheelie, we have eagily shared the energon accordingly to the size of our tools!!
wheelie writes: squash! I think i bit a horny cock
Unknown writes: my ass cheek!
King writes: GLOWING BOX MY ASS!
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Unknown writes: *munch, munch, munch*.....got some milk?!?
Unknown writes: Wheelie: i love energon like i love lsd
Hot Rodimus writes: (Hot Rod)"Hey Kup! He likes! it! He Really likes it!"
Unknown writes: aww yeah, just hand me some glowsticks and watch me do the robot!
magnaboss writes: Finally something that fits in my mouth and tastes good to swallow.
Kickback writes: Wheelie proves that he can swallow, too.
Ironhide writes: that energon is mine you wheelie little fµ©kin bitch!
Galvatron writes: I want Wheelie in scrap or recycled for eating my energon!
wheelie writes: Must keep eating energon or it will be all gone!
Prowl writes: No Wheelie! That energon will scramble your circiuts!
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grimlock writes: Wheelie!give me some energon or me turn you to scrap!
Unknown writes: Shibby!
X-Brawn writes: well chap my benders!
Unicron writes: Destroy the Matrix
Unknown writes: I love solidified sperm!
Unknown writes: "And when they finished eating Daniel they settled down for a nice bag of Arcee marshmellows"
Unknown writes: Villanova Rules! Death to all Gobots.
Dynamus Prime writes: Poisoned energon...the poor fool never saw it coming...
Unknown writes: Glowing Box is Pretty
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Unknown writes: WHEELIE:Now I can scarf this like Grimlock does.
Unknown writes: A purple cube? Happy meal toys have really gone downhill since I was a kid.
Unknown writes: Super fun happy cube die now!
Unknown writes: ...in the event of an emergency poeple, please follow th exitory procedures and remain calm
Unknown writes: Drugs are bad...Mmmmkay?
Unknown writes: This better be good s£!t for the rave tonight, I want to dance my titties off.
mobius writes: Wheelie is unaware that his wife has once again laced his Energon whith viagra. Watch and see what happens next...
Unknown writes: "How the hell did I pass cosmic-cube from my ass."
Unknown writes: "How the hell did I pass cosmic-cube from my ass."
Shermtron writes: wheelie is about to Eat sh*t and die!!!!!
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henry writes: "It looks a little odd for a breath mint, but OK."
Unknown writes: energon puffs a part of an autobots energizeing breakfest (warning may cause over powering of spark and too much will turn you into a decipticon) now back to a feature presention transformers master force in english
Unknown writes: got energon?
Unknown writes: Wow! This sure beats the heck out of those Energon Suppositories we used to use!
Unknown writes: Energon, huh? Stuff tastes like chicken to me.
Unknown writes: Wanted: Wheelie the enegon thief $4,000,000 million dollar reward wanted Dead or Vaporized.
Unknown writes: Wheelie: *gulP THIS IS GOOD ENERGEON MATE!!!


Wheelie: Uo oh got to go (runs away from Kup)
Eman writes: :Wheelie gets mauled to death after refusing to give his energon to the evil gang of Sharkticons lurking behind him, revealing that...

Sharkticons hate Wheelie
Omega Prime writes: mmm energon soon be gone
Unknown writes: Little did Wheelie realize that the warm fuzzy feeling was his insides melting, not just delicious energon
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Unknown writes: Buuu!!
Unknown writes: WANTED: Wheelie, Stole Energon, $5000 reward, DEAD OR ALIVE (Preferably Dead)
Unknown writes: I gots the energon yummies in my tummies.
Unknown writes: Holy Crap, my mouth can stretch here in Japan than in America!!!
Unknown writes: Homer Simpson Voice: Mmmmmm.....Energon. *Drools*
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