Skid-Z runs a marathon!

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Skid-Z runs a marathon!
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Rainmaker writes: Skid-Z: HOW AM I LOSING
dirtysock47 writes: i thought it said CAR marathon not a HUMAN marathom
Heckfire writes: *SQUISH!* Whoops! *SQUISH!* Sorry! *SQUISH!* Crap! *SQUISH!* Gah, maybe I should stick to CAR races... *SQUISH!* Dammit!
darkqueen01 writes: Skid-Z just feels really sorry for the fat kid there on the left.
Dragon_Convoy writes: I'm gonna beat all you little twerps
Zinger writes: Run faster! The Fox Kids emblem is beating us! D:
Zeedust writes: "Gah! Why do all these little kids look drugged? Something WEIRD's goin on here, man...."
blank writes: MUST...SQUISH...LITTLE...KIDDIES
DarkDranzer writes: Skid-Z: Huff...huff...I knew I shouldn't have had those double cheese burgers and chocolate milkshakes!! Especially before a Fun-Run...Argh the stuff Prime forces me to do...
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Galaxy_Convoy writes: music blasting from Skid-Z's radio: Proclaimers, i would walk 500 miles.

Kids: make the horror stop!

Skid-Z: come on, its not that bad! It could be worse, it could be richard simmons!

Kids: *scream*
Warhead writes: DESTORY THE PUNY HUMANS!!!
Demona writes: *thinking* why are they outrunning me!?
Zeedust writes: Nothing quite like the embarassmentof getting there and finding out you're the only alien robot who came.
juggaloG writes: This is what I get for siding with the Autobots. Prime made me the chaperone for a kids' race! Well, next battle, I'll turn against the Autobots & hand Prime to Megatron on a silver platter MYSELF!
Kal-Seth writes: Skid being an easily depressed transformer finds he can take great self-esteam in beating small earth children in races
Tiedye writes: SKIDZ- Man! Who ever thought these little human kids could run so fast! Huff...Puff.
Tiedye writes: SKIDZ- "You punks!" " I'll teach you to deflate my tires." KIDS-"Run for it! he's on to us"!
Unknown writes: when they made "the autobot's run" for first gen. transformers, they left out this scene... sad ain't it, mirage shot the copy cat and he fell on all those kids.
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Zeedust writes: Fear Skid-Z Kong and his legion of minions of invisible exercise bikes! (Most nonsensical caption that still manages to relate to the pic, EVER! Go Nemmie, go Nemmie...!)
Shellfox writes: GET BACK HERE AND DIE FRED!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Damnit! I'm gonna be late for my first ballet lesson!
Minicle writes: Skid-Z: I'll teach you badly drawn punks to piddle against my tires!
Unknown writes: Skid-Z: Okay, all I gotta do is win this race and I can prove myself to the Autobot brothers AND Hot Shot will stop calling me a wimp! Huff...puff...
Zeedust writes: "Move aside, 'scuse me, outta the way, pardon me! Giant robot running REALLY LATE! Hey! Move it! Don't MAKE me step on you!"
Nightshadow writes: Kid: Megatron's coming! Skids: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!
Suzuki writes: Tonight on the ten-o-clock news; the latest mob rush for the new Optimus Prime Armada figure...
gir writes: "aww c'mon back i'm not going to hurt you!!"

Unknown writes: I can't let Fred beat me.
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Broadside writes: mmm a bunch of kids running away from a distressed looking Skidz? That explains itself!
Zu Darkness writes: Skids weight loss program...make them run or else... Fat Kid: ah man I coud really use a donut right now
Zu Darkness writes: S--h man run it's gonna runs us over.

Spectatour: Hey isn't that mirage...Other spectator: no that Skids... Spectator: what the F--- where they thinking of drawing two fomulia one racers
Unknown writes: Kid with red hat:From what school is that guy of 20 m? Kid next to him:I have no idea, the only thing That I hope is he's not gonna stand on us!
Unknown writes: WHAHAHAHAHA!
He's never get on 1e place anyway...*transform* shall be better to get forward
Unknown writes: This is for making fun of my in track, I'll kick your asses!
Unknown writes: Digimon!
Unknown writes: EY LITTLE BOY WANT A LOLLY!?
Firestorm writes: May wanna run a little faster kids! Someone in the chem lab just cooked up some Nitro Glycerine!

(yes, it can be done...)
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Unknown writes: skidz: must eat HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Unknown writes: WHAT FREE ENERGON?!?
Unknown writes: skid-z: run my little friends. run free back to the wild. run faster megatron will get you
Sledge writes: Hey, doesn't that kid on the left remind you of the fat guy in ARMADA ?
Unknown writes: Skid-Z picks his political advisors as he plans to run for President on the Democratic ticket....
Unknown writes: Skid-Z competes in the Fruit of the Loom 12K Diarrhea Run.
Unknown writes: "Hey kids, I got caaandy!"
Starscream K'dash writes: Little Kid on the back Behind Skid-Z:I take Jesus as My savior *Squish*
Skid-Z: SQUISH? What The Hell Went SQUISH???
BlackArachnia98 writes: gotta go gotta go gotta go right now! gotta go gotta go gotta go!!
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Shadow writes: Skid-Z: Oh yeah! That's it! Feel the burn baby!
Unknown writes: so many children to eat so little time
Unknown writes: Boys, Dinners ready. oh joy!!!!!
Glen writes: Yes children, Frech-Canadians are as bad as the real thing
Unknown writes: Boy- "Hurry guys! That queer Autobot's back!"
Skidz- "Come-here-I'm-gonna-rape-ya!"
Unknown writes: III Know what Skid-z Is thinking hes thinking "i sure hope the dinobots dont eat theese kids before i do"
Unknown writes: (In the background, playing the main theme of Robo Grendizer) Okay, children, let's practise traffic safety the transformers way!
Unknown writes: SideBurn: Heh heh (looks at Skid-Z at a funny way), I didn't know Skid-Z could run that fast Skid-Z: I can't help it everytime I see a race I gotta be in it
Unknown writes: Arcee's naked? Hot damn! I'm there!
Battle Angel writes: Just another 498 miles to go!
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Unknown writes: Vector Prime took my EXACT joke, nearly word-for-word.
Vector Sigma writes: "Run kids!!! It's Michael Jackson!!!"
Unknown writes: i'm going to get you my little pretty's and your dogs to.
Unknown writes: Skid-Z realises why you should never run with a full tank
mouse writes: Outtake number 7...Skid-Z and the Michael Jordan scandal...
Prowl writes: Skid-z in old man voice:
"Danm kids, get of my lawn!!!
Unknown writes: altar boys flee from giant catholic priest
Skids writes: Music Clip: "Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now, gotta go, gotta go, gotta goooo..."
Heather Prime writes: Skid-Z with me run an marathon to yard faw mile away too......!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: I am going to eat every last one of you!
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Unknown writes: Skid-Z: Hurry! I have to get home to watch Hamtaro!"
Unknown writes: skid-z: no-no-no run away frome the bulls
Unknown writes: Prowl:Who broke my window?
Skid-Z: Leg it lads!
Unknown writes: Kids "run quick he wants us to play with his gear stick"
Unknown writes: wait up kids! im not a priest! i swear!
Unknown writes: Hey your not Skid-Z!!!!:
Dynamus Prime writes: ...and I would walk 500 miles and then I would walk 500 more...
Unknown writes: I like young boys
travis writes: Boy: Does anyone else hear sick squishing sounds?
Chachi writes: "All right, which one of you little b*st*rds filled my tank up with sugar!?
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Unknown writes: Wow you guys were right, it does suck to not have wheels.
Unknown writes: Is it legial for an Autobot to compete in a Fun Run? Our Experts say, "No!"
Unknown writes: Skid-Z: "Aww you guys are so cute!! come and give Skid-Z a hug!!!"
Unknown writes: skid-z:Wait!my little human lovemuffins.
Pokejedservo writes: Skid-Z (thinking): I can be chasing after hot catholic school girls in their underwear (or less) but NO I have to chase pre-teenaged boys! **** YOU HASBRO!
Dynamus Prime writes: Killer robo-bunnies! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!
scott writes: Skid-z, Catholic Priest.
Unknown writes: Pesky kids! IF I CATCH YOU LETTING DOWN MY TYRES AGAIN....
Unknown writes: Skid-Z: Who wants to race when you can chase little boys?!
Unknown writes: Yes, run you little half-naked boys!!!
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Unknown writes: Skid-Z: About turn, Quick march! left., left, left, left right left!
Mr. X writes: Skidz: "200 calories...210 calories...220 calories..."
Unknown writes: Skid-Z: (acting like Captain Square)Come on now, Lift, right, left, right, left!
Unknown writes: free crack to the winner. a whole life times worth!!!!
Unknown writes: oh come on, give me some crack. i know all leprechauns have some.
Unknown writes: Optimus: Skid-Z!!!!! HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKING FROM MY GAS PUMP AGAIN?!

Skid-Z: F*ckin eh, run for it!
Unknown writes: Dehydrated Kid on the Left Corner: I smoke too much. Fear leads to Anger...Anger leads to Stress...Stress leads to Doobies...And Doobies lead to Twinkies.
Unknown writes: GTS-Z!!

Chee-toy writes: Move out of the Way!!! I want to crush the one who looks like the Pokemon kid Ash!!!!!!!
Omega Supreme writes: Skid-Z: If I was transformed this would be a whole lot easier,then what it is now.
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Unknown writes: Skid-Z: "Come back here! I got something in my subspace pocket to show you!" Kids: "Run away!"
Unknown writes: Yah, look at my big muscles! Hey, come back!
Unknown writes: Skids: awwww yeah smell that sh!t! You know they dun call me skids for nothin
Wolverine writes: Skidz running the in the national gay parade. Man he looks like he really wants to win!
Unknown writes: Skidz: move or get moved.
Unknown writes: This is what Skid-z do during his free time...
Unknown writes: MUST...REACH...BATHROOM...FIRST!!!
Unknown writes: Skid-z:run faster you puny little earth children!I,Skid-z,commands of it!!!
Fat kid:can we please take a water break master?
FortMax writes: Skids-Z: God Damnit...i stepped on another one
Unknown writes: Gotta get to the theatre before Star Wars Episode 2 is sold out! GET OUTTA THE WAY!!
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Unknown writes: Dehydrated Kid in the Bottom Left: Need Water!
Unknown writes: Out of my way punks, thoes new Star Wars toys are MINE!!!!!!!!!
RavenClaw writes: Even with the youth-oriented adwork, Skid-z Underwear took an embarrassing dive off the market
Unknown writes: Skidz: Faster! The Killer Tomatoes are gaining on us!!
RavenClaw writes: Even with the youth-oriented adwork, Skid-z Underwear took an embarrassing dive off the market
Unknown writes: Skids:(Homer Simpson voice) Ice cream man! Ice cream man!
Unknown writes: TOMATOES!!!!
magnaboss writes: Skid-z finally admits he can not race for he is behind a fat kid.
Unknown writes: If you think that punk Daniel and Koji got to hang out with us for nothing think again. First there is a rigorous physical training test and an oral examination followed by questions and answers. HEY! You on the left! QUIT SLACKING!
Unknown writes: first one to kill the nigger gets $50!!
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Unknown writes: Kids flee as Father Skid-Z completes his vows to enter the Catholic priesthood.
Unknown writes: Kids flee as Father Skid-Z completes his vows to enter the Catholic priesthood.
Unknown writes: "Hey! Where can I score some gym clothes???!?"
Unknown writes: Skid-Z: Out of my way! I heard the popsicle man first!
Unknown writes: Wow, I only had 6 cups of sake last night, and look what I wake up to!!
Unknown writes: Gross! Bumblebee is whacking off again!!
Jeremy writes: skid-Z: ok autobots why are you running just transform and roll out
Unknown writes: skid-Z: wait up puny littleearth thingies i am running out of fuel.
Black Arachnis writes: run, they`ve found the bomb in the principal`s office!!
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Unknown writes: the costumes for the london mathon just keep geting werder and stranger
NovaTron writes: Runner: "And I thought running with the bulls in Pamplona was bad..."
Shermtron writes: lets run away before foxkids takes us off the saturday lineup..
Seraphim writes: Thats the last time any of you punks run my underware up a flagpole! Get over here!
Bombshell writes: Tonight on CBC, we have the annual track and field marathon with special guest participant Skid-Z of the Autobots.
Unknown writes: SKID-Z:Run kids!!! Its nude members of!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win...! :)
The Matrix writes: Skidz partcipates in the Run For Life foundation with other kids.
Optimus Prime writes: Autobots,transform and role out!
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Rail Racer writes: Now this is how you make wine!
Toughboot writes: Skidz: Hey I want to get my Scourge first!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Dehydrated Kid at the center left: I feel constipated.
Unknown writes: Run, Forrest, RUN!
Hot Rodimus writes: Skid-z-WAITTTTT!!!!! MR. ICE CREAM MAN!!!!! I WANT ONE A FUDGISTICAL!!!
matt writes: boy in front: Oh no its Skidzilla. We must flee for our lives.
Skidzilla: rooooooowr
Unknown writes: No! NO! NOOOOOOOOOO! Oh why Primus did I eat that chilly last night... get out of the way... I need to use the bathroom more then you lot!
Sean writes: hey you little bastards, come back here with my money, you better hope i dont catch you
davewelttf writes: Skid-z:pant, pant, GASP slow down! for the love of God slow down!
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Unknown writes: OH DEAR GOD! Morph is awake. Run before we are all crushed by his mountain of spam.
Unknown writes: nooo dont run kids!! thats not a banana in my pocket , its just an exhaust pipe!
Unknown writes: you heard me right. Some guy named Wheelie joined the message board. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
Unknown writes: SKIDZ:Wait! I just want to hug you all. Pleeeease?
Dynamus Prime writes: Wait for me, ice cream man!
X-Brawl writes: Skid-Z: OK people, work those bodies.
Unknown writes: Here we see an Autobot herding young Humans into thier pens for feeding. Later, their fur will be shorn and made into sweaters. Those who prove to be too stringy for the market will instead be made into glue. And the cycle of life will continue.
Optimus Primevil writes: This is nuts? I should have transformedinto a car and won this race.
Unknown writes: And STAY out of my yard ya dang kids!!!
Unknown writes: *CRUNCH* Sorry! *SPLAT* Oops! Sorry! *Squish* Eeeeww....
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Kids: OK! were tryin!!! were tryin!!!!
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