Wheeljack next to a crying Minerva

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Wheeljack next to a crying Minerva
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BG the Robit writes: Wheeljack: Maybe you shouldn't have had sex with me when I'm drunk then!
Rainmaker writes: Minerva: A-and then...h-he took all the cookies from the jar! *Sobs*
Wheeljack: I suggest you get help, we don't consume cookies
Rainmaker writes: Wheeljack: You're not the mother
Minerva: *Cries*
Rainmaker writes: Wheeljack: Oh look a genie! I wish Minerva would stop crying.
Genie: Seriously? I lost to this idiot!?
Wheeljack faints
chirtman writes: Minerva "Please won't somebody think of the continuity!"
gema writes: Wheeljack : I swear, I didn't meant for THAT to happen....
Heckfire writes: WHEELJACK: It's OK, honey. Lotsa men find bearded ladies sexy.
Thunderboomer writes: Minerva: AND HE...he...just...WAAAHHHH!!!!!
Wheeljack (to self): Where have all the nice bots gone? Where have all the nice bots gone...I'm listening to this aren't I?
Zeedust writes: Why does Wheeljack look so smug? He snuck an adhesive onto Minerva's hands, and now they're stuch to her face.

You're a sick 'bot, Wheeljack.
Not Sonic writes: aww man did the dog poop again!
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Dragonoth writes: PS: The story is under "Scripts", "Generation One". Thank you.
Dragonoth writes: Arrggghh! My caption for this is too long! I had to post it as a story! It is "Minerva/Wheeljack Paradox", if you're interested.
Marv writes: Sigh...I TOLD you to watch were you put your feet with humans around the base! Now look at this mess!
Zeedust writes: Minerva: "Wheeljack, I... I'm pregant! You're the father, and I... I..."

Wheeljack: "Hmmm... If it's a boy, I'll name him Downshift."
Demona writes: M: no, please dont go!
W: i have to. i promsed to be on armada next month.
Zeedust writes: Mineva: "No! I can't let anyone see my face! Not now! Not..."

Wheeljack: "Lemme guess, zit again?"

Minerva: "You make it sound so trivial..."
juggaloG writes: M: My brother, Nightbeat, DEAD! (cries uncontrollably)
W: (Sadly) He was the best detective we had, and a good friend to boot. I'll miss him. We'll make the 'Cons pay, though, I promise, especially that 'Con Armada doppelganger of min
Zeedust writes: Minerva: "*Sob* Ever since... *Sob* since Blackarachnia came along, all the *sob* fanboys have forgotten about me!"

*Minerva breaks down weeping*

Wheeljack: "Now if only [i]I[/i] had that luxury..."
Unknown writes: Minerva was very emotional when she found out about the deaths of Scatman Crothers and Chris Latta.
Unknown writes: WheelJack: Come on, that GoBot collection of yours was worthless anyway.
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Sideswipe writes: Minerva: I thought you died in the movie.
Wheeljack: The movie was in a different continutity in Japan, ask Prowl.
Unknown writes: Today on "Days of Our Lives : Transformers" Wheeljack breaks up with Minerva and goes out with Arcee.
Unknown writes: Even in the Japanese-only series, coloring errors are still a menace to society! Here, Minerva expresses her feeling of the plague, whilst Wheeljack sighs in grief of being a victim.
Alphatron2k3 writes: Wheeljack: Yeah I know Armada Sucks. But its worse because I'm in it as a Desepicreep! Its nothing to cry over Minerva, Wait it is!
(Start Crying like a little baby)
star_sabre86 writes: Minerva: God i wish Arcee, Chromia and Firestar didn't get drunk that night. Wheeljack: I ain't complaining *grins* Minvera: Pervert
star_sabre86 writes: Minerva: But daddy I loved him. Wheeljack: He was 2000 astro yeas older thatn you, he's old enough to be your creator
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: Minerva, why are you crying? I should be the one crying! I have to a Decepti-creep in that Armada show!
Unknown writes: Minerva: First my ucle, now Optimuse
Wheeljack: everything is ok
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: I am now a Decepticon and there's nothing you can do about it!
Minerva: *Sob*
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: Looks at the new design for me in Armada....

Minerva: *sob*

Wheeljack: *sighs* you're right about that.....
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Unknown writes: Nightbeat's dead.
Unknown writes: That's right, Minerva. Now you'll listen when I talk, won't you!
Broadside writes: BUT I DON'T WANNA GO ON ARMADA!
Suzuki writes: Minerva: I see dead Autobots!
Wheeljack: I’m just waiting to be recast in Transformers Armada.
Bruticus writes: Minerva: "I don't know, Wheeljack . . . Is the proceedure right for me?"
Wheeljack: "Of course it is. We've already picked out a new name for you after you've been sexually reassigned. What do you t
Unknown writes: i am know a decepticon
Unknown writes: WJ: I told you to look were your going
M: i never ment to
WJ: Spike isnt gonna like this
M: can we get him a new puppy?
Unknown writes: Erectile Disfunction has more than one victim.
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: Quit your whining..just pay up. Minerva:Ill never bet on the raiders again..
Unknown writes: Minerva: I cant believe your joining the Decepticons in Armada!!!
WheelJack: Ah dont worry about it...its one of them exchange programs....why do you think Scavenger is an Autobot?
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Unicron writes: Wheeljack: so Arcee did broke up with you
Unknown writes: Minerva: I can't believe they killed off Titanic! Boo-hoo!

Wheeljack: Yeah? Well, sucks to be you, you big baby!
Brawl writes: *After watching the Transformers Movie* Minerva: NO WHEELJACK YOU CANT DIE *cries*. Wheeljack: Erm, Im right next to you
APOLLO writes: Minerva: Say it isn't so, Wheeljack, say it isn't so.
Wheeljack: Yes, it is true, I am defecting to the Decepticons and moving to Armada.
Minerva: No!!!
ryo777 writes: Dennis Leary: HEY! COMIC FREAK or whoever the hell you ARE!! Wheeljack IS alive AGAIN!! WHO FRIGGIN CARES!! Why DON'T ya question WHY, Wheelie DIDN'T GET KILLED?!!(let it go, BRIGHTBOY)!!
Unknown writes: i told you that you werent american idol material
Wheeljack writes: headmaster? i don't think so
Pokejedservo writes: Wheeljack: Why are you crying Minerva? Minerva: Cause that He-man gets one new show that all his fans love while WE get not one, not two but THREE modern shows that most of our fans hate! Tell me... IS THAT FAIR?! Wheeljack: Good point Minerva, man we are
Unknown writes: Minerva I keep telling you optimus wont think that making fart noises to confuse the deceptcon wont work Because you tried that LAST TIME!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Wheeljack -- "I'm sick and tired of playing peek-a-boo !"
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Manchester Devil writes: Wheeljack: Stop crying you silly cow. Optimus Prime is immortal, he is the grandson of Primus for his sake!
Firestorm writes: 1. For the last time, Minerva- I'm not taking you to the prom. Go bother Cab.

2. Honestly, Minerva! Leo DiCaprio, Ricky Martin, N*Sync; we need to talk about your taste in men.
APOLLO writes: Minerva "But Wheeljack, you promised."
Wheeljack "OK, OK, I'll give you a sex change and turn you into Nightbeat"
Minerva "YAY!!"
Shade writes: Minerva, do your job. Get on your knees and suck the chrome off of little Wheeljack. But, Wheeljack you said I did a good job and didn't have to do that anymore. Okay then, it's time to introduce little Wheeljack to your tailpipe.
Vector Sigma writes: "Oh man...GO BOTS is on TV"
Unknown writes: I DON'T KNOW WHY I LIKE
Unknown writes: I DON'T KNOW WHY I LIKE
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: I'm sorry I've found someone else.
Minerva: All I'm hearing is that I'm to fat.
Wheeljack: Well yes you are to fat.
Unknown writes: "Hate to break it to you, Minerva, but people think you're a dude named Nightbeat across the pond."
Unknown writes: Wheeljack:"Impressive,huh?" Minerva:"Please, Wheeljack, put your crotchplates back on."
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Unknown writes: Minerva: I just caught my boyfriend in bed with Arcee! (sob) Wheeljack: That tramp!
Unknown writes: YOUR EMOTIONS BORE ME.
Unknown writes: wheeljack: ya know, i can fix a lot of things. but a TV with Armada on it? u were just askin for it.
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: Look down at my cock siren, see how long and thick it is... Siren: I refuse to look at it my dear brother.
Unknown writes: Ok OK OK! Yah you built the dinobots! Great Fine!! Can we just stop talking about it for one second?
Unknown writes: Why is Prime making us see Backstreet Boys in concert?
Prowl writes: Come on now Minerva your beautiful dont cry...
Unknown writes: Come on now Minerva, The Ratchet did a great job on your nose.
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: "If you are happy and you kno... oH you are not happy ic.."
Unknown writes: Stop crying, Prime will be back by next season
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Unknown writes: Cue SPANISH soap opera music
Unknown writes: this sh*t has to end. THERE ARE WAY TO MANY CRACK HEADS IN HERE!!
Omega Prime writes: Minerva: how could you?! I thought I was the only Transformer that the red missle fµ©ked!
Omega Prime writes: Minerva: how could you?! I thought I was the only Transformer that the red missle fµ©k me!
Unknown writes: Minerva: I can tell when your lying, your missle goes red!
Wheeljack: Here we go...
Mr. X writes: Why is Minerva making fart noises with her hands?
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: Minerva, I brought you on the Jerry Springer show today...
Unknown writes: PHHHRRRRTTTTT

Unknown writes: Wheeljack: MINEEEERVA!! YOU GOT SOME SPLAININ TO DO!!! Minerva: Waaaaaa.
Unknown writes: Tonight, you shall be visited by 3 spirits....
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Unknown writes: there is nothing that can be done. to transfer him to the powermaster body.
Unknown writes: No... I cannot forgive you for the bannana in the tailpipe.
magnaboss writes: Minerva: They keep calling me a "head"master WheelJack: well thats what you are now drop down
Shermtron writes: We now return to as the Cog turns....
Unknown writes: Minerva flubs her line again, ruining yet another take.
Unknown writes: Wheeljack, wheeljack, pudding and pie, kiss the girls and make them cry.
Black Arachnis writes: minerva you`re going to be converted to nightbeat if ya like it or not.
minerva: noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
Unknown writes: (Minerva): My entire Death Choir CD collection... GONE!
(WheelJack): Curse you Rumble....
Rodimus Primal writes: Minerva: You forgot my frozen energon cone?
Soundwave writes: minerva please-optimus prime will be back shortly. he had to go wipe the floor with megatron.
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Unknown writes: Minerva: No, not another burnt pie!
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: "Your helmet makes your butt look big."
Minveria:~"JACK ASS!"
Unknown writes: This is the last time I watch "Old Yeller" with Minerva.
Dead Man Walking writes: WHEELJACK: Dammit, Minerva, quit crying! The Message Board will be back soon! Yeesh.
Unknown writes: i cant beleve your so gay my moms srater then you
Unknown writes: Minerva: Boo hoo hoo...
Wheeljack: Why must Prime die all the time? Once in the movie, another in Victory, another in BW Neo, hopeless leader...
Unknown writes: Wheeljack(as corpse from "Holy Grail"):Im not dead yet! I feel great! Im happy! Aw, just shut up, ya flaming
Seibertron sucks writes: Yeah I know how you feel. The site is going downhill...
Unknown writes: Just stop crying and listen to me! If I died in the movie, I couldnt be standing here now, could I? So Im gonna say this one more time - WINDCHARGER AND I WERE NOT DEAD! WE WERE JUST TEMPOARILY OFFLINE DUE TO A SMALL ACCIDENT INVOLVING ONE OF MY INVENTION
Sideswipe writes: Minerva: why wont you have sex with me you worthless piece of scrap metal
Wheeljack: Aw $h*T here we go again. Damnit I told you Minerva Robots dont Have sex we dont even have babies!!!! Aw to hell with it Im outta here! Minerva: No please noooooooo!!!!
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atomsplitter writes: Dont worry, the message board will be back soon!
optimuslives writes: You slut! You whore! I knew you wanted Ginrai, you just used me for your own perverse pleasure!
Unicron writes: wheeljack:see told ya i could take a leek without using my hands ....quick your missin it!!
prime writes: Wheeljack introduces Minerva to all her fanboys.
FortMax writes: MINERVA: Wheeljack! thats gross, put that thing away..please
Unknown writes: you said you loved me
Unknown writes: minerva: AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!! MY EYES!!!! MY EYES!!!!
Wheeljack: I told you not to look below my belt, it has reflectors so if you want to try to see my (censored) again, you better get sunglasses next time!!! HAHAAHAHAHAA
Unknown writes: Minerva: GET THIS HUMAN OUT OF MY HEAD!!!
Wheeljack: I hate Head Masters
atomsplitter writes: Minerva:Peek-a-boo!
Wheeljack:Damn i hate this game.
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Unknown writes: I do not know what do with you. You are very embarassing. Do not talk to me anymore
Unknown writes: Wheeljack (chanting): Nobody loves you, no body loves you...
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: Dammit, my missile blasting shoulder is red!! Minerva: Crap, not another animation error!!
Hot Rodimus writes: (Minerba sees NightBeat for the first time)
Unknown writes: Remember, Minerva - keep that new super-glue I invented away from your hands!
Unknown writes: What we had last night was....look, I just want to be friends.
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: "I refuse to accept any responsibility for you budding. You were the one who forgot to put in your firewall."
Minerva: " But you said you said your copy lock was ingaged!...you said my files were protected!"
jazzy writes: Wheeljack: I still say those shoulderpads make your bumper look big.
devil prime writes: Hamburger, Cheeseburger,
Pagan Pie!
Snake writes: ah come on its not like people are marrying
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Unknown writes: Yes I killed WindCharger because he gave me a funny look.
Wheeljack: Comes with the terrority babe.
Blitzkrieg writes: Minerva (as Rachel): (sobbing)"Ross, why did you have to sleep with that other woman?! We were on a break!!! Wheeljack (as Ross): We were not on a break!! We already broke up!! (Minerva(Rachel) continues sobbing)
Unknown writes: Minerva: "Hot Rod just called and said we needed a break ..he didnt even had the nerve to break up with me in person...now the tabloids are saying he hooked up with this brunnette slut. That bastard! *sob sob*
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: I warned you about how huge my jack is before I rammed it in
Minerva: It still hurts!
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: I warned you about how huge my jack is before I rammed it in
Minerva: It still hurts!
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: I warned you about how huge my jack is before I rammed it in
Minerva: It still hurts!
Unknown writes: Minerva: ...And he didnt call.
Wheeljack: Gees I only said hello.
JP writes: The day Wheeljack told Minerva about how cool Nightbeat was..
The Matrix writes: Wheeljack: Cry baby...
mike writes: i am sorry but i love bubblebee
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Unknown writes: minerva: windchargers dead and its all because of me.
wheeljack:dont be so hard on your self minerva it was me who was found sleeping in the armory I was not dead in the movie and the reason I had a hole in my chast because I borrowed one of rachets tool
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: Stop crying already!!! i wasnt dead in the movie they just gave me and windcharger a couple of beer and we just had to sleep of a freakin hang-over!!!
Unknown writes: Minerva: I see dead robots...
Wheeljack: For the last time, I was only sleeping, but, have you seen Windcharger lately?
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"On a Boat"
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