Computron holds Galvatron

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Computron holds Galvatron
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Ms. Trebuchette writes: "Datum: Galvatron is purple. Query: Is Galvatron grape-flavored? Course of action: Subject Galvatron to Tootsie-pop treatment to determine flavor."
Rainmaker writes: Computron: Titans Return Galvatron is sufficient for my Masterpiece shelf
Chrisby writes: Oh sweet, my Universe Galvatron finally got here!
Heckfire writes: COMPUTRON: Wow, these Japanese exclusives ARE anatomically accurate!
TF2 writes: Computron:Your a better robot replica than that Wheeljack
Dragon_Convoy writes: hey galvatron, how does it fell to be picked on by someone who is bigger than you
Zeedust writes: Slag it... I repeated that last joke.

Computron: "You hear something?"

Galvatron: "I can't feel my legs..."
Zeedust writes: "I shall call him Galvy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my little Galvy!"
Superion_007 writes: Yay! My very own bunny rabbit! I will hug him, squezze him, and call him George!
omega wing writes: I just want to hug himm and squeeze him until his eyes pop out

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Unknown writes: Your my lil puppy, now !!
DestronMatrix writes: Rodimus(from off screen):"now computron, finish him off!"

Galvatron:"grant me mercy Computron"


(hours later)

Roadshadow writes: Computron: Wow! A new dolly. Gangster bitch Barbie will be VERY pleased.
DarkDranzer writes: Galvatron: ...ribs...crushing!! Breakfast...coming...up!!

Computron: Muahahahahahaha!!! Who's insane now!!!

*Galvatron vomits in Computron's face*
cipher98 writes: Computron:Yay! My Transformers toy collection is complete!

Galvatron:I'm not toy put me you fool!

Computron:Sound bites! Awesome!
Demona writes: i shall call him: MINI-G!!!!
Zeedust writes: "I shall call him Galvy and he shall be mine and he shall be my little Galvy!"
juggaloG writes: C: Well, Galvatron, it looks like you won't be causing any more trouble for a LONG time!
G: Unhand me, Autobot scrap! (Blasts Computron & turns him into slag with one shot!) Well, that does it for those irritating Technobots! Prime, I'm com
Nightshadow writes: Computron: Wheres the manual for this new Handgun...?
Computron: Oops, i think i broke it...
Zeedust writes: Computron: "All right, buddy, handgun mode. I know you've got it, let's see it!"
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Unknown writes: Computron: Oh boy, a friend of my very own! I will love him, and hug him, and pet him, and I will call him George and hug him, and love him, and pet him, and we will be best friends forever and ever, won't we George?
Unknown writes: In loving memory of Bert Kramer.
Unknown writes: Computron: Fee! Fi! Fo! Fum! I smell the blood of a Decepticon!! Galvatron: Arrgghhh!! Get off me!! Where's my Fusion Cannon??
Unknown writes: Sweet! I finally got my own action figure! Even after mommy and daddy said no! This(sniff) is a dream come true.
Unknown writes: Computron: Wow! A new dolly. Gangster bitch Barbie will be VERY pleased.
Nosferatu writes: computron: still wanna tell me cradle of filth isn't black metal?
Unknown writes: Computron: Wow, this is the best birthday present a bot could ever have! Thanks Rodimus!
DKusanagi writes: Wow, I'll be the first kid on my block with a life sized Galvatron toy!!
Unknown writes: "I shall call him Squishy. And he shall be mine, and he will be my Squishy."
Nightshadow writes: Computron: Mmmmmmmm.......*crunch*
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Unknown writes: Computron: trust in you, just in you, shut your eyes, and trust in you, you could sleep, bring some peace, for the world and galaxy, for the one you know give them a chance, you be kind forever for your mind, trust in you, just in you, shut your eyes and
Unknown writes: Mmmmm! i love the blueberry ones!
Unknown writes: Now how do you transform him again?
Unknown writes: Computron: Yes! My very own Galvatron action figure!
Broadside writes: MMMM ENERGON GOODY!
Ricochet writes: Computron: Lets play dress up!

Galvatron: NOOOOO
Zu Darkness writes: You remember in Little Nicky when Ozzy bit off taht demon's head...well it's gonna happen to you Galatron : NOOOOOOOOOO anyting but that
Scattershot writes: You know, you're a lot tougher in the british comics.
Beast Simpson writes: Computrom: Decepticons come in three delicious flavors now!
Unknown writes: I'll hug him and squeeze him and pet him and love him and call him george.
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Unknown writes: Computron: heh heh... mine's at least 7 to 8 times bigger than yours.
Unknown writes: Computron: Tickychicky, tickychicky, tickichicky!!!
Galvatron: STOOOP, COMPUTRON!!!! It's tiiii-ickling me-eee!!
Unknown writes: Comp: WOW a REAL Galvatron figure!!! Galv: No u fool its a REAL Galvatron!
macabremouse writes: No Galvatron, all your base belong to us!
Unknown writes: At long last! My very own Cosmos Domination Barbie!
Unicron writes: oh boy! It's george! I will hug him and squeeze him and pet and hug him...
Unicron writes: Oh boy! Fresh Galvatron for lunch!
Battle Angel writes: Yay! My new talking Galvatron figure! Wait a minute, the old one never swore before...
Unknown writes: i will call him george, and i will love him and pet him, and hug him and love him...
Unknown writes: Galvatron completes his entry for the "It's times like these..." competition for Minties
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Unknown writes: computron- and i'll hug him and i'll kiss him and i'll name him GEORGE.
Shadow writes: Computron: You do realize that I could easily crush you into little peices andgrind you into dust before flinging you halfway across the universe into an exploding star resulting in your complete and utter destruction, right?
Galvatron: Yeah, so what&
Unknown writes: Kid in Computron costume:How much for the G1 Galvatron? Drunk Japanese comic store manager:Two dallah!
Unknown writes: computron: oh boy my very own mint condition Galvatron figure.
Galvatron: you @&*$# I Shrunk in the wash! put me down.
Unknown writes: Who's your daddy?!?! uh Galavtron
Unknown writes: Yummy! Galva-Cookie!
APOLLO writes: Computron "Warning: Fatal Error 0E has occured, you have performed an illegal operation. Prepare to be Defragmented."

Galvatron "Noooooooooo!!"
homelessjunkeon writes: computron:have you ever parked a bicycle in a plane hangar? galvy:what? compy:have you ever thrown a matchstick into a volcanoe? galvy:WHAT? compy:oh imjust making idle chit chat.
homelessjunkeon writes: computron:what the hell is this peice of crap, it looks nothing like the on from tv, its the wrong colour and everything. christmas is ruined i hate you mum and dad!(who i guess would be grimlock)
astrotrain's first friend writes: Computron:Oh i gonna put you in this lovely dress my little dollie! (holds up a VERY frilly pink dress)
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Unknown writes: glvatron "help me! help me!"
Unknown writes: Mmmm. Hey, Superion, pass me the ketchup and mustard please.
Unknown writes: your gonna shove me where?!
Pokejedservo writes: Computron: Oh looky my new "Life-Size Barbie"!
Unknown writes: Computorn:"I predict a 99% chance of you getting your ass handed to you!"
Unknown writes: Damn! These action figures seem to get uglier every year! >.
Unknown writes: Galvy: Your breath S*T*I*N*K*S!!!
Unknown writes: "Analysis: There is a 99.99% possibility that Galvatron looks mighty cute in dem cyberjeans!"
computron writes: Wow! A vintage 1986 Galvatron with no sitcker wear! how much do you want for It?
Dynamus Prime writes: Decepticon: The Other Other OTHER white meat!
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Unknown writes: Computron: (Scottish accent) Get in my belly!
Unknown writes: Comp: Surrender, Galvatron!
Galvatron: Never! *poops in own hand and throws it at Computron*(it was a shot ;) )
Sledge writes: "Look at my new Happy Meal toy!"
Unknown writes: Computron: Analysis, Galvatron dismembered. Solution, must use superglue.
Galvatron: What have you done to me?!!
Unknown writes: Computron: Galvatron, I am your father!
Galvatron: NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Computron:"OOO a Galvatron Transformable toy! I always wanted one of thsese!"
Unknown writes: computron: finally my new ken doll
Unknown writes: 100$ for this G-1 galvatron ?....screw that! I work my ass off. Im going to wait untill they RE-ISSUE him & then it will get one.
Stacey writes: Computron: Hey, how much is this Galvatron ?
Unknown writes: i will name him george, and i will hug him, and pet him, and pat him, and squeeze him, and love him.........etc
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Unknown writes: (galvatron) Hold me...
Unknown writes: (galvatron) Hold me...
Unknown writes: (galvatron) Hold me...
Unknown writes: Computron: (to Galvatron) I will keep you as my pet.
Omega Prime writes: Coputron is deciding which way is the most painful; crush or eat
Unknown writes: Computron: Mommy, Can I have this Galvatron toy, PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASE?
Unknown writes: I shall call him.....Mini-me!
Omega Supreme writes: Computron: Need to apply excesive force to break Galvatron action figure,that walks,talks,shoots and transforms too.
Unknown writes: ow goodie, this is way much cooler then teaprincess barbie! THANK YOU OPTIMUS PRIME!
Wolverine writes: This could be considerd the worlds nastiest "hand JOB!"...heh it was a try
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Unknown writes: big old Computronie, hoppin through the forest, scoupin up the Galvatrons and bopin them on the head
Unknown writes: "Now, we will play TEA PARTY!"
Unknown writes: Computron (in baby voice):Rattle Galvatron:Lllleeeetttt mmmeee dooowwwwnnn....
optimuslives writes: Me computron, you barbie
FortMax writes: COMPUTRON: So..thats what crawled up my butt
Unknown writes: Computron: Mmmmm......snack...
Unknown writes: Playing with this toy is giving me a mouse - arm!
Unknown writes: computron:ure gonna love it priosn styl;e galvatron
megaprime writes: Awww damnit, his stickers are peeling.
Omega Prime writes: Hey look Defensor if you press this button his eyes light up and he makes a funny noise!!
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Cybertron writes: Wow! A movie acurate Galvatron!
Unknown writes: Computron: Hey I caught a lepracon now show me where your enerigon is. Galvatron: Neeeeevvveer!
Unknown writes: computron: I told you buddy what would happen to you if you continued to see my sister now im gonna squezze ya.
Unknown writes: computron:I told you buddy what would happen if you continued to see my sister now Im gonna squezze ya.
galvatron: nooooooooooooo!
Unknown writes: computron:I told you buddy what would happen if you continued to see my sister now Im gonna squezze ya
galvatron: nooooooooooooo!
Unknown writes: computron: I have you now galvatron. galvatron:I am sorry but its not working.
director:your right I am sorry computron but your not what Im looking for in my new king kong movie.
Super Prime writes: Computron: Wow a Galvatron action figure.
Glavatron: I am not a toy!
Orion Pax writes: They try to but us, but they will never win. said by Orion Pax (younger OPTIMUS PRIME)
Unknown writes: Whoa! And here I thought passing that kidney stone was bad....
Unknown writes: Ahhh..finally my Galvatron shaped TV remote arrived.
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Unknown writes: Cool your transistors Galvatron, my calculation sais you have 0% chance on staying alive.
Unknown writes: Wow! A C-10 condition Galvatron for only $15! I knew lurking around flea markets would be better than paying those insane prices on ebay!
Unknown writes: Computron: Well i got another adopt a transformer!!! YEY!!! Im gonna pet him and hug him and feed him and love him and call him galvy!!!
Galvatron: DONT TRY!!! (points canon at computron)
Computron: OH yeah (squeezes galvatron and accidentally kilss him
Snake writes: how about i toss you around like a rag doll
Shadow writes: wow my toy talks hmmm.. do the the happy hamster hop!
Unknown writes: Who your daddy?
Unknown writes: I finally have you in hand, Galvatron! :)
Neotron writes: Hey! This is not the RID
Galvatron I orderd! I want a refund!
The Matrix writes: Computron: I have you now, ah ha.....aaaahahahahaha!!!
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Unknown writes: I shall love him, and hug him, and call him George
Galvatron: SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Put me down this instance, NOW!
Unknown writes: Wow, this little rascal came out from my Cereal? What a prize!!!
Unknown writes: "Are you my daddy?"
Eman writes: Mmmmmmmmmm... Free edible Galvatron... (drools)
Unknown writes: went "zip" when it moved and "bop" when it stopped and "whirrrrrr" when it stood still....
Unknown writes: Oooh...delicious!!!
Unknown writes: Computron: I have always wonderd what Galvatron would taste like mmmm cant wait.
Black Convoy writes: hey.. so this was what was up my tail pipe!
Skids writes: Comps:"Heyyy,look at what the Easter Bunny left me *this* year!"

Galvatron:"I am THE BUNNY!!!"
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Unknown writes: Computron: Heh heh... I LOVE my new Galvatron action figure. Galvatron: LET ME GO, YOU OAF!!!
Unknown writes: oh look a pussle
how long will it take me to put him back together
lets (crunch) see!
Unknown writes: You are now my stress ball.
Unknown writes: You are my stress ball
Unknown writes: COMPUTRON: (In a dopey voice) Oh goody goody! My own little pet Decepticon!
Dynamus Prime writes: Computron: Now allow me to lecture you on the square root of the hypotenuse of an isoceles triangle...
Galvatron: And I thought Webworld was bad...
Computron: You look kind of funny to me!
Unknown writes: Now I wonder, how many licks does it get to the center of a galvy-pop? *lick...lick...lick...lick....CRUNCH*
Unknown writes: Now I wonder, how many licks does it get to the center of a galvy-pop? *lick...lick...lick...lick....CRUNCH*
Unknown writes: hehehehehe u smell kinda funny???
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Unknown writes: oooh yea baby, he melts in my mouth, not in my hand
Unknown writes: Resistance is futile!!!
TFcon writes: I wonder what flavor he is on the inside.
Unknown writes: (The TRUE origin of the Transformers line) At that moment, Computron became inspired: Hmmmmm... this would be a great idea for a toy.
Unknown writes: COMPUTRON:Grimlock made me and your Menasor sucked. HAHAHAHA!
Unknown writes: Nnnrrrrr...StarCruiser CRISH!
Unknown writes: Computron: Yes! I finally got my Japanese BotCon mega PVC Galvatron! Now I only need the Lava version...
Unknown writes: Awwwww, did somebody make a poopie it their diapie?
Unknown writes: This most rare specimen is a Galvatron, always followed by a Cylonus and a Scourge.
Unknown writes: I will love him, and hug him, and squeeze him, and call him, "George"
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Alpha Prime writes: "24 points of articulation... who are they trying to fool?"
Unknown writes: computron: MAMA!?!?!
Galvatron: OH......NO!
Unknown writes: 2 Decepticons looking at the scene: computron holding Galvatron...

Scorpionok: (in weird japanesse accent) OH no! compuzilla has grabbed our leader! this means im the new leader then, ba-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

Soundwave: (also in weird jap accent) INDEEEEE
Unknown writes: COMPUTRON:: how many licks does it take to get to the center of a decepticon
BLUDGEON writes: Galvatron: Join me at Botcon! We can be Nazis and have Decepticon armbands and have sex with Soundwave and use the wholes in his cassettes together!
Unknown writes: Now i can make Galvatron pie!
Unknown writes: My, what a big canon you have...
Unknown writes: Now, how do I get him back into canon mode?!
Countdown writes: Computron: Woah, I stroke my cannon and look what it transforms into!
Unknown writes: Now, how do I get him back into canon mode?!
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Unknown writes: Computron: I shall pet him and hug him and squeeze him and love him and call him George! Hello, George.
Galvatron: NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Galvatron nervously tries on last bluff:
*squeak squeak*
Unknown writes: If I find another decepticon under the couch im calling the exterminator.
Unknown writes: Computron gets ready to burp Glavatron
Nuke Mayhem writes: In neardy voice-"WOW, A galvatron, now my collection is compleat, and I can finally have my dream tag team match of Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime vs Megatron and Galvatron." This is even better when I saved prince in Dungons and Dragon
Unknown writes: Galvatron-be warned Autobot...the purple ones give integestion
matrix writes: (From ninja turtle movie)computron: pork rine? megatron:pork rine.
matrix writes: computron:(in a singsong voice) Me eat you up me eat you up. galvatron: NOOOOO!!!
Toughboot writes: Galvatron: You want me to do what, thats so gross...Computron: Welll I got something stuck up my nose.
Unknown writes: U know im gonna eat u now rite???
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Unknown writes: I think you can tell if it is a boy or a girl by... oh wait. Never mind.
Unknown writes: Computron : yes i got my glavatron action figure with real trying to kill u action
Unknown writes: If I squeeze hard enought I might get enough energon juice out of you to make me a cup...
Unknown writes: You wished you had been captured by King Kong instead of me!
Dynamus Prime writes: When Computron gets bored he goes to Charr and relives Japanese monster movies with the Decepticons.
Unknown writes: Galvatron remember this:
(that we me earlier but forgot to send my name hehe :)
Shermtron writes: How you like to see my stomach acid?
Star Saber One writes: will you be my friend?
Arioch writes: Awwww...Does babee need a buwp??
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Unknown writes: Oooh my own little decepticon, i will hug him and squeeze him and pet him and feed him and smother him with lots of love. Galvatron: Nooooooo!
Unknown writes: Computron: "Where is the cream filling?"
Unknown writes: Fingerfood!!!
Unknown writes: Every night when he recharges, Galvatron has the same reoccuring nightmare...
Unknown writes: Computron: Please, mommy? Can I keep him?
Unknown writes: "Wow, I just love my new Galvatron stress-releiver!" *Sqeeze!* *CRUNCH!* "Uh,Hmmmmm...."
Unknown writes: "Wow, I just love my new Galvitron stress-releiver!" *Sqeeze!* *CRUNCH!* "Uh,Hmmmmm...."
Unknown writes: Computron: HA! you think youre do great huh galvatron! Think again! I can even hold you with arm...this talking makes me so hungry. IM GONNA EAT YOU NOW!!! hahahahaha
(GOBBLES GALVATRON UP) BURP!!!..yuck grape flavor!
Unknown writes: Chewy. Nachos. Nachos.
Unknown writes: How about a shave, you purple pony you.
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Unknown writes: Computron:MMMMM looks tasty
Unknown writes: So THIS is what was stuck in the crack of my ass.
Galvatron Z writes: Finally, after all these years, Takara released a correctly colored Galvatron!
Stelartron writes: COMPUTRON:(as Loony Tunes abomnable snowman) And I will hug him, and stroke him, and feed him, and name him George.
Stelartron writes: COMPUTRON: Hey guys! Look what I got on ebay!
Cybertron writes: Yay! $800 energon cubes was worth the Galvatron reissue!
Unknown writes: Computron: *PICKS UP GALVY & SQUEEZES HIM* (Russian Accent): Breathe, my friend!
Unknown writes: Computron: I can see through yer armor plate!
Unknown writes: Computron: YAY! NEW DECEPTICON DOLLY!
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