Bluestreak on his surfboard!

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Bluestreak on his surfboard!
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DeathReviews writes: I'm voiced by Casey Kasem! Woooooo!

Bluestreak ya stop it now!
RatchetJazz writes: good one Heckfire haha its not fear even autobots can catch waves ha why cant I when my school went surfing
IRONHIDE: Somebody. Shoot him. Please.
darkqueen01 writes: The Autobots recreate their favorite scene from the TMNT: Manhattan Project nintendo game.
Zeedust writes: Ironicly, Seaspray and Beachcomber were the first to wipe out.
Scatterlung writes: Bluestreak: Guys! There's a wave back there and its THIS big!!
DarkDranzer writes: Bluestreak: COWABUNGA!!! YEAH HANG TEN DUDES!!! TRIPPIN' SURF MAN!!!

OP: That's the LAST time I let him watch the Cartoon Network marathon...
gauthic_angel7680 writes: suf for you lives, megatron has wood and he's threatening to use it. his thongs have sh*t stains and he is pissed.
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Zeedust writes: Bluestreak: "Surf for your lives! TIDAL WAVE!"

Prowl: "A tsunami? Here?"

Tidal wave: "Tidal wave! Tidal wave TIDAL WAAAAAAAAAAAAVE!"

All Autobots: "Oh, SLAG..."
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Kelly Slater, eat your heart out.
Zeedust writes: Bluestreak: "I don't like this ide any more! I wanna get off!"
Other Autobots: Oh brother!
Unknown writes: Prime: This "surfing" is quite fun. Bluestreak: WOOOOOOOOO!!!! Look at me!!! Hang 10 baby!!! Ironhide: Stop yelling!!! Bluestreak: No!! YEEHAAAAA...AAAAARRRGGHH!! (Falls off) Ironhide: I warned ya!
Unknown writes: I want to know what show this came from! So I can MS THIS SUCKER!! GO US FOR THE FUNNY THINGS! Email me at cause I WANT TO KNOW!
Unknown writes: BlueStreak: BWA WEEP GRANA WEEP NINNY BONG!!
Elita One writes: "dena na na na na, na na na na! See only guys can sing the Wipe out solo!"
Unknown writes: "Look Ma! No hands!"
Unknown writes: "Look Ma! No hands!"
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SilverStar writes: Bluestreak starts to sing "I'm Alive" from the movie The Last Unicorn. Everyone else has steal whool in there ears to not hear him sing.
Unknown writes: "Hang ten, Optimus!!" (in honour of James, who may never forget that phrase.)
Unknown writes: Bluestreak: Nothing's Gonna Stan In Our Way...
Prime: Will someone please can that slagging song through a trash compactor ?
Unknown writes: Bluestreak: Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way...
All the others: NOT TONIGHT !!
Unknown writes: Bluestreak: Surf's up Dudes!
Nightshadow writes: Surf's up!
Galvatron writes: This is why Bluestreak's contract was discontinued after the movie. He imbarassed everyone so much that they even re-named his toy to Silverstreak.
Unknown writes: Although initial castings were promising, the Transformers dropped from their stunt roles in "Blue Crush," citing simply that the whole bikini thing was just too much.
Unknown writes: Form on me
Unknown writes: Transformers: Hawaii Style
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Broadside writes: COWABUNGA!
Unknown writes: After this and the movie, Bluestreak went on to become the surfing champion of Cybertron in order to impress Arcee.
Unknown writes: Bluestreak : AGH! Don't let me fall! I forgot to rustproof myself this month!
Unknown writes: Surfboards: $500. Trip to Maui: $1500. Watching Bluestreak make an ass of himself: Priceless
Unknown writes: The Autobot's methods for learning to tell Prowl and Bluestreak apart were becoming more and more questionable.
Unknown writes: Another thing that amazes me is that, everyone is surfing on a calm ocean with no waves and no other apparent means of propulsion. It forces me to ask the question... How are they moving?
(Oh and ryo777, I find your comment petty, detrimental, and altoge
Bluestreak writes: calabanga the surfs up yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ryo777 writes: Prime: THAT'S IT, BLUESTREAK!! When we get back to the Ark, those James Bond movies GO BACK to Blockbuster!!
ryo777 writes: Ratchet: Hey, Prime!! I think we just lost WHEELIE!!
Prime: heehee
Ratchet:...Uh, Prime?
ryo777 writes: Ironhide:Now, now, Bluestreak, keep it under 55.

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ryo777 writes: "Got Nitrous?"
ryo777 writes: Ratchet: Hey Prowl? Why is he acting like that?!!

Prowl: He's been watching the FAST & THE FURIOUS, 1 too many times, NOW he thinks he's VIN DIESEL!
ryo777 writes: Prowl: I KNEW we SHOULD'NT have given him "Mad DOG", this s**t ALWAYS happens. I can NEVER take him anywhere!!
ryo777 writes: Bluestreak: HEY, Silver Surfer!!...YOUR MAMA!!
ryo777 writes: Surprised to see Prime involved in THIS?!!! HE"S THE "IDIOT" WHO THOUGHT IT UP!!(great, ANOTHER Prime groupie,...MORON!!).
Unknown writes: Bluestreak: Wow these rocket powered surfboards Wheeljack designed are great! *tick tick tick tick* Uhh, is my board supposed to be clicking like that? Wait a minute... what was it that Wheeljack was famous for? KA-BOOM!
Unknown writes: And here we have a scene from the latest upcoming series, "Cybertron Five-0"
Unknown writes: Ironhide: Prime, did you HAVE to bring him along? Prime: Now that you mention it, he does seem to be having WAY too much fun over there.
Unknown writes: *Insert song"Wipeout" here*
Unknown writes: I'm just suprised to see Optimus Prime involved with this.
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Unknown writes: They call me the big kahuna!!!!! should I shoot him first or do you want to.
Unknown writes: Arcee! Look at me!
mouse writes: Outtake number 9...On location fun. Autobots catch some narly waves while taking a break from shooting their lastest episode...
Unknown writes: Prowl:Great idea, Prime! Having Fortress Maximus do a cannon ball into the ocean!
Unknown writes: bluestreak: hey Prime, you think theyd let me on the Blue Crush movie yet?
Brave Maximus writes: Bluestreak:not bad for A 9,000,000 year old autobot!
Unknown writes: The Autobot surfing contest is now under way! ^_^
Sledge writes: Bluestreak --- "I gotta dry my armpits!"
Meister writes: Yahoo, im surfing on the Internet
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Unknown writes: BS: Are you sure this is a good idea, Prime? I mean,..I said I wanted to be in Transformers: Armada, but this is nuts!!
Unknown writes: A scene from the rejected, "Transformers: Baywatch in disguise!"
Stacey writes: Bluestreak: Look guys, no hands.
Unknown writes: Bluestreak: Callabunga dudes!
Unknown writes: Bluestreak: Callabunga!
Unknown writes: Surfs up dude!
iron hide writes: whoa hang ten man
Mr. X writes: Bluestreak reenacting the scene from Titanic.
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Unknown writes: ironhid: so what is he so happy about? Prime: he finally took a sh*t.
Pokejedservo writes: Beach Blanket Bingo: The Cybertronian Version
Unknown writes: Bluestreak: BONSAIIIII!!!!!!!!
Omega Supreme writes: Bluestreak: Why are we riding this wave when we will be severly damaged and in need of repeair,I will never know.
Unknown writes: Yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken have captured my heart. Bless you Colonel Sanders. this surfs for you.
Unknown writes: MOVE IT YOU SLUGS!!!! I GOTTTA PEE!!!!!!!!
Hot Rodimus writes: (A Scene from the rejected movie "Shartacon:Jaws 4")
Unknown writes: Bluestreak: Neheeeehhheeow! Whipeout! *Surfing music plays*
Unknown writes: (Pulp Fiction theme song)
Unknown writes: Bluestreak: Prime, I know we really need the prize money from this surf pro am to repair chips wheelchair, but I suck at this!
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Heather Prime writes: optimus prime say need pull garb my arm hang on put his surf..... okay i lost my wheelchair again....... i fear at great white shark.........
Unknown writes: Bluestreak:WHOOO!!LOOK AT ME,LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!!!
Optimus Prime:Bluestreak,keep it down,your scaring away the beautiful women!!
Unknown writes: Bluestreak: get the fµ©k out my way "Godzilla"
Unknown writes: Get out of the way! Tracks is horny and I think he has a crush on me!
Heather Prime writes: whoa... i fell down in sea.. i fear at great white shark same movie "JAW" bit me!!!!!! hellllllllllllllppppppppppp optimus prime get save for heather!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Have u been leakin lubricant again???
Heather Prime writes: i enjoy at surf only handicapped her stood up care on surf..... hahah dude wave whoa ... I KICK ASS AT SHARKS!!!! BIT ME.....!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: IM KING OF THE WORLD
Warpath writes: wwwhhoooaaa ssshhh************tt pier dead aahhhheeeeeaaaaadddd!!!!!
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Unknown writes: Cow-A-Bunga Dude!
Percepter writes: O:"I beleave the Earthlings used to call this....Narly."
FortMax writes: BlueStreak: Ahhhhh! who broke wind
Unknown writes: I once caught a fish... THIS BIG!
CapeMike writes: Bluestreak: Whee! This is *sooo* cool!

Ironhide: ...Seaspray is *sooo* gonna kill us....
Unknown writes: BlueStreak: "Jane! Stop this crazy thing!!"
Unknown writes: Jane! Stop this crazy thing!!
Unknown writes: wooooo.. i rock da waves
JAZZ writes: ( i have thiz movie hahah) blue streak : if my name iz blue streak y r mah legz red and besidez i dont leave streakz,do i ? oh sh*t i think i got gass whewah man iron hide u smell that...
Unknown writes: BS: Yo Ratchet!! You made wonderful things out of the spareparts from Skyfire!
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Unknown writes: Lookit what I can do! No hands!
Blitzkrieg writes: THIS is what the Autobots do in their sparetime.
Unknown writes: Am I the Lord of the ocean waves or what?
Unknown writes: BS: "i wonder if these boards are turbo charged..."

optimus: "Bluestreak NO!!!!!!!!"
Unknown writes: Ludicrous speed... GO!
Unknown writes: A demonstration of the ultimate fart
Unknown writes: Bluestreak: Hey, guys! Watch this backflip! Whoa-- WAAAAHHHH!!!!!
Unknown writes: Prime:damn why the hell have we all got big long white feet???
Unknown writes: whoa whoa whoa
The Matrix writes: Surfs up dudes!
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Ultra Prime writes: Bluestreak:in his mind(i beleive i could fly,i beleive i could touch the sky)Prime:damn kids
magnaboss writes: Jane stop this crazy thing.
Unknown writes: Bluestreak:YAAAAAAAH!
(Today we learn that Bluestreak has a terrible fear of tidal waves)
Dynamus Prime writes: Bluestreak: I knew I should have taken those surfing cla AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Shermtron writes: BS: Hey Guys are we rust proof?
Unknown writes: Bluestreak: I cant believe im surfing (with arms wide open)IM KING OF THE WORLD!!!
Optimus: Hey bluestreak this aint titanic! so shut the hell up!!!
Bluestreak: HUH? (pretends to be prowl) Im prowl optimus!
Prowl(out of the pic): STOP PLAYING MIND GAME
Unknown writes: I Can Swim Faster Than You Guys!!!!!
Unknown writes: Bluestreak: "Look, Prime! No Hands!" Ironhide: "Look, Prime, No Brains Either!"
Unknown writes: bluestreaker: hey ironass im betting you
Unknown writes: BLUESTREAK: Yee-haa! Eat your heart out Kelly Slater!
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Unknown writes: Bluestreak: COWABUNNNN
Optimus: Shut it, and shut it fast
Bluestreak writes: hang 10!
Ultimate Optimus writes: Ironhide: Bluestreak! What has Prime told you about lighting your farts? Bluestreak: Whoops! I forgot!
Unknown writes: Bluestreak: Optimus, that thing is almost as big as your mom!!
Optimus: Shut up, Bluestreak!!
Other Autobots: Word!!
Unknown writes: This is worse than the episode where Bumblebee discovered Ice Cream.
Unknown writes: TF JACKASS: BLue Streak-O, and Optimus Knoxvill surfing off of Niagra Falls.
Unknown writes: Bluestreak: Hey Optimus, Baywatch babes dead ahead!
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