Trypticon consoles Metroplex

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Trypticon consoles Metroplex
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Spectrelobo writes: It's ok metroplex it happens to a lot of bots. When big bots have performance issues
Ravage XK writes: I try to be interesting but lets face it I'm just a collection of stacked, hollow boxes. You get to walk around the place while I just have a load of doors to open.
Rainmaker writes: Metroplex: I thought campaign would prepare me for Multiplayer...
kersheisi writes: M: Sigh, I hate that guy
T: Why, because he's bigger than you depending on the continuity
M: Bigger, stronger, faster, and smarter and just all around better. Have you seen how many guns he has?! I feel like last year's product. Scorponok ripp
Zeedust writes: Trypticon: "I've waited for this, Metroplex... I'll rip out your...!"

Metroples: "WAit! Wait! Hold the battle, I lost my contacts!"

Trypticon: "AGain? Dammit, Metroplex, this is the third time this week..."
shockblaster5 writes: I never told you this, but in cybertron, you're going to have a scottish accent.
What in the name of $--- are you talking about!?
Lich Lord Dranas writes: T: ...and that is where babies come from ,for machines.

M: I feel so confused.
Roadshadow writes: It's okay, Metroplex. I couldn't get into the Cartoon Network Studio either.
Demonic Femme writes: Metrplex, "Hey, can me have some of those energon cookies? Me want some."
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Marv writes: I'm sorry I have to be the one telling you this Metroplex...but this thing between you and Connecticut wouldn't work. You're too different! You're an Autobot battlestation, she's an Earth city...
Marv writes: As Kelly kept yelling at them for trampling her car, the horrible implications of this fact dawned on Metroplex and Trypticon; they were on "RiD"!!!
Marv writes: The thundering, apocalyptic showdown between the these two hulking titans ended as adrubtly as it began. But that was to be expected, it was five รณ clock and "Teletubbies" was on...
Marv writes: Yeah...Unicron's even more whoppin' big that the two of us put together. Just accept it and move on...
Marv writes: Unbeknowst to Metroplex, Trypticon sneaked up at him (is that even possible?)and stuck a note saying "kick me" on his back. He later got trampled by Unicron as a sad result...
Marv writes: Man your shoulders sure are stiff! You've got way too much stress at work man! You shouldn't let that Prime guy get to you like that...
Marv writes: ...You didn't get this from me of course, but Galvatron's thinking of hireing an extra city-sized robot for his evil army. We got better pay and you'll get your own parking space...interested?
Marv writes: No, I didn't think Prime would actually fire you for stepping on his trailer either...
juggaloG writes: T: Don't be sad, Mets! Hasbro won't re-release me either! I'm not too sad because we were never in scale anyway!
M: Yeah, but can't Takara at least reissue my Decepticon repaint Metrotitan in Japan?
T: Maybe the 3 of us will be reiss
Zeedust writes: Metroplex: "I can't feel my legs..."

Trypticon: "I can't feel your legs either."

Metroplex: "Not helping, wiseass."
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Unknown writes: Trypticon: *Sigh* Next time, try Phillip's Milk of Magnesia. Metroplex: Hang on...I'm prarie-doggin' a lil bit...
Unknown writes: Trypticon: Heyyy Metroplex! How ya doin?
Metroplex: You want something don't you?
Trypticon: ... yes! Can I have your sunglasses?
Unknown writes: Metroplex: *sniffle, sob* WAAAHHH!!!
Trypticon: There there 'Plex! It's not about how small it is, it's how you use it! Really!
Unknown writes: Trypticon: Metroplex I'm your father join me and togather we shall rule the universe! Metroplex: Okay that IT! THAT DOES IT NO MORE STARWARS! YOU ARE NOT DARK VADOR YOU NEVER WILL BE! KNOW GET THE ---- OFF!
Unknown writes: Metroplex: .... You been playing Silent Hill 2 again have you? Trypticon hides the ps2 and whistles innocently Metroplex: I knew
Unknown writes: Trypticon: What happen? Metroplex: I just stepped on Arcee Trypticon: ewwwwwwww Metroplex: Oh well I never liked the bitch anyway. Trypticon: Neither did I
Unknown writes: It's okay, Metroplex. I couldn't get into the Cartoon Network Studio either.
Unknown writes: Trypticon: Ah, it's okay. Galvatron treats me like crap too.
Galvatron writes: Me still want to be friend Metroplex. Just not way you want.
Unknown writes: its ok fort max is taller than me too.
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Unknown writes: Oh, my foots stuck.
Broadside writes: It's ok I'm not on Armada either
Unknown writes: Kiss me. You promise Metroplex!
Bruticus writes: Metroplex (crying): "I don't know what to do, Trypticon. We were having fun. We were dancing. And then . . . squish."
Trypticon: "There, there, Metroplex. I'm sure that Spike and Carly will have another so
Unknown writes: Pleeeazzze, Metroplex, play horse for Trypticon . You promise Trypticon
PlasmaRadio writes: Trypticon: "You cheat! You're on sixies, but you are doing five-ies! ARRGH, I quit."
macabremouse writes: you're ok champ, you just need to go one more round with the bum
Unknown writes: Listen dude we may be 500 feet tall but that only leaves us open to MORE ridicule if we cry, you don't want thos small ass bitches laughing at us do you? ok here's my plan...we'll wait till morning, transform to our robot selves
Unknown writes: Rule #1: Never play leapfrog with a Decepticon.
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Don't cry, Metroplex. The Browns will make the Super Bowl once in your lifetime.
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Unknown writes: trypticon- i bet you wish you had a parking deck like me.
Unknown writes: Mp: Dude, you are sooo invading my personal space.
Unknown writes: It's okay, Metroplex. You didn't mean to step on Rumble.
Unknown writes: Don't you Have the Copyright date?! MPlex :NO!
little_fly writes: computron: i feel so nervous about this :( blanked thoughts :tryptacon you have to lern how to meditate!
Unknown writes: I am not a bad guy but I play one on tv!
Firestorm writes: Unfortuantely for Trypticon, Metroplex just had the burrito platter.
Unknown writes: Metroplex: So what dose it say back there? Trypticon: Made in Mongolia! Metroplex: What the hell! Why Mongolia? Why not China.
Unknown writes: Trypticula prepares to sink his fangs into his victim.
God Magnus writes: The box say "99% acurate," It could be wrong.
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Unknown writes: As you see here, Tripticon is just about to, "slip it a right length" with Metroplex!
VictorySaber writes: Trypticon: there there metroplex, its going to be alright. Metroplex: but I loved her. she was the only one for me
Dynamus Prime writes: GET THE #$@% AWAY FROM ME, YOU CRAZY TOURIST!!!
Chachi writes: Trypticon: "I GIVE YOU SATANIC HEAD BITEY!" (Sound familiar, Replimus?)
Unknown writes: Trypticon: Can I bite you now? :P
Sledge writes: "Feelings....whoa whoa whoa...feelings..."
Unknown writes: Metroplex: AAHH, rape!
Unknown writes: Metroplex: So I hear you got a new job as Barney?
Trypty the Dino: I love you, you love me!
Metroplex: AHH KILL IT!
Unknown writes: Let me climb on your back so i can see better Metroplex
Unknown writes: Beastiality at its worst
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Unknown writes: metroplex and trypticon in their blockbuster dramatic debut in deliverance
Unknown writes: metroplex: trypticon baby, i love when you say sweet nothings in my ear.
JAZZ writes: ooooooooo big daddy i love it when u do it doggy style
Unknown writes: Dont worry metroplex. One day we will be RE-ISSUED so everyone can AFFORD us.
Unknown writes: Metroplex: Hurry! The autobots can be back any minute now.
Dynamus Prime writes: After season three was over, Trypticon took up a career in a masage salon.
Prowl writes: Dude, Bumbulbee is up your a$$.
Unknown writes: "Typticon just want hug."
iron hide writes: TRYPTICON: I LOVE YOU, YOU LOVE ME METROPLEX: have you been watchin the junkions t.v again
Unknown writes: Metroplex: Can you see if something is stuck back there Trypticon: Now there is...
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Unknown writes: Trypticon: I know how it feels being lift out of Transformers RID. DAMN Fortress Maximus!
Spiderman writes: Metroplex:stop humping me you overgrown dino-bitch!
Unknown writes: Metroplex: Trypticon! This sexual Harrasment has to stop!
Unknown writes: Trypticon needs lovin too...:(
Wolverine writes: Trypticon: "Hold still buddy....HEY NICE ASS!!"
Unknown writes: Trippy: Damned Gaoma escape, he must be in Metroplex!!
Newt writes: No worry bout her, there other fish in sea, and hookers on 3rd Street
optimuslives writes: Metroplex no want to mate with dumb decepticon dino
Viper writes: Metroplex: everyone calls me a big baby.
Trypticon: Thats because you are one.
BLACKBIRD writes: our worst fears realized,typticon is wanting to mate worst than grimlock
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Unknown writes: Metroplex: Youve gotta stop watching those nature shows Trypticon...this whole grooming your fellow tf is really getting tedious....then again, i havent been this clean for ages
Soundwave writes: Metroplex:I love it when you play with my ass
Unknown writes: B gentile!!!
Unknown writes: Not Again!!!
Unknown writes: Trypticon: Awww What wrong with Metroplex? Metro: Aww I just dont feel like the theres anything Special about me anymore... Trypticon: Yeah you right.. dont feel to bad...
Unknown writes: Hey Metroplex, whatcha lookin at... WHOAH! I didnt know Arcee posed for Playbot!
Unknown writes: Well, maybe if you stopped clenching, it wouldnt hurt so much!
Blitzkrieg writes: (Metroplex and Trypticon in line for E.T.) Trypticon: "Outta the way, you!!!!" Metroplex:"AAAHHH!"
Unknown writes: Metroxplex: Look there she is..
Trypticon: Oh damn! she is hot!
Unknown writes: M: What the-, ah sh*t not again... RAPE!
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Unknown writes: damn dude, how many Shots of Tequilla did you have last night?
Unknown writes: "He likes to take girls out and **** them someplace uncomfortable."
"What, like the back of a Volkswagen?"
Unknown writes: *yoda impression* Hmm... Feel the force, feel the force deep within you. hhmmm... Show me your darkside.
Unknown writes: T: Okay left foot green, right foot blue, M: Why am I playing twister for, he always beats me.
Unknown writes: TRYPTICON: (Imitating Yoda) Anger, fear, oppression - the Dark Side of the Force are they!
Unknown writes: Yo Plex! Did you hurt yourself m8? Nah, I just got to pull the Washington Monument outta my toe! Clumsy me!
Unknown writes: Plex!! What the fµ©k are you doing!!! Hey Trippy, I am doing my famous impression of the Big Melting Snowman!!
Unknown writes: M: Damn it I lost my lenses again. T: Me think lenses crashed Twin Tower!!
Unknown writes: TRYPTICON: I miss SCORPONOK and FORTRESS MAXIMUS,too. We get no more tag-team matches.(he cries)
Rapier writes: T: Tripticon want to see too! M: “Wha? AH get off me!” T: Metroplex no fun. Trypticon smash Metroplex...
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Philip writes: trp: aaah metro?? did you FART?
Unknown writes: its ok Plex. She Had no ass anyway.
Unknown writes: Metroplex: "Damn Hasbro for making BM Cheetor the second largest TF in history!"

Trypticon: "Trypticon feel your pain Metroplex."
Unknown writes: Metroplex: "For the last time Trypticon, no more piggyback rides!"

Trypticon: "Aww, Metroplex no let Trypticon have any fun..."
Unknown writes: Metro: Damnit! I droped the soap again.
Tripticon: I love prision showers
Gupta writes: Oohh...Metro Meat
Unknown writes: **you will will will obey..**
giga-galvatron writes: Trypticon: Its ok Metro buddy. Every male has his short comings.

Metroplex: But she was fine as hell!!! DAMMIT!!! *Crys*
Unknown writes: M: Oh look a penny!
T: Mmmmmmm metro got back
Rodimus writes: M: I think we should be a little more carefull, I think that bumblebee is suspecting something!!!
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Unknown writes: Metroplex: Damnit Tryp! For the last time, not at work! Tryticon: Aww baby why you got to go?
Skids writes: "WOW,Metroplex,C-10 condition! And lookie,barely any sticker wear,either! how much?"
Unknown writes: Dood, drink too much enerjon, and you always throw up all over the place!
Unknown writes: Ok , now back up slo.owly.
Unknown writes: Ya know that pain you have been complaining about sonce tuesday ?well when did you last use the rest room ?!!!!
Unknown writes: Let me ease those tired shoulders....sugar.
Hot Rodimus writes: Metroplex-let me guess,Trypericon is in back of me...?
Unknown writes: T: Hold still, let me take your temperature. M: But both your hands are on my shoulders, what are you using...? Aahhhhh
Unknown writes: MMMMM you look good metrobaby!
Unknown writes: you should have joined a gang instead now your my bitch
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Sheba writes: It became apparent to Metroplex that Trypticon had been playing TOO MUCH Street Fighter II--as Blanka...
Anonymous Iggy writes: T: Hey, baby... M: Not tonight. I have a headache.
Unknown writes: Take it all Bitch!
Heavyassault writes: TC:Who you callin Barney!
Unknown writes: Metroplex never knew, how could he? This is the true story about how Metrotitan came to life.
Unknown writes: TC: What are ya doing Metro? MP: My feet are asleep for crying out loud!
Shermtron writes: TC:She aint worth it Metroplex.... Metroplex i lost my life. (sniff)
Unknown writes: Optimus told me to go play in traffic....
Unknown writes: trypticon: there there metroplex, we may not been shown in beast wars, but I think they will show us in robots in disguise!
Metroplex: SHUT UP! I dont like the RiD series!!! I WANT TO BE IN BEAST WARS!!!
Unknown writes: FDA, FDA
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mike writes: Okay, you might wanna bite down on something cause...this is gonna hurt!
Jedi Kermit writes: Trypticon: You are so snuggly soft.
Unknown writes: Metroplex: AH DAMMIT I dropped the soap again! Trypticon: OH YAH!
Unknown writes: Metroplex: So, do you see my conact lense? Trip: Wh... what... ya, lense.
Unknown writes: Metroplex: So, do you see my conact lense? Trip: Wh... what... ya, lense.
ThunderCracker84 writes: Metroplex: Damn Trypticon, you give the best sensual massages
Unknown writes: Trypticon: will u marry me?
Metroplex:um... are u a female robot cuz theirs nothing between u legs
Unknown writes: Trypticon:Piggyback ride! Metroplex:Dammit Trypticon GROW UP!!!!
Unknown writes: Dricepicon: Stand Still you got a Brain Leech On Your Back!!!
Metroplex: Getting it off Get it Off!!!!!
Dynamus Prime writes: Hold still while I bite Scamper off your back.
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JP writes: *Sob* No fair! Mommy I want a cannon on my head too!!

There, there.
Unknown writes: Let Me Help You Up Buddy
Rodimus Convoy writes: Trypticon: "Fluffy was a good kitty..."
DARKAGEIS writes: youre SO tense , you need to relax more
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