Menasor learns to jump!

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Menasor learns to jump!
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Crystal Rodimus writes: The floor is lava?! GAAHHHH!
UnderYourCloset writes: You actually CAN save 15% or more on car insurance by switching to Geico? YEYA!!!
Rainmaker writes: Press A to jump!
DeathReviews writes: In 2015 I'll actually look half way decent? Woo hoo!
Frenchhorngirl writes: Geronimo!!!!!
Frenchhorngirl writes: GYMNASTICS EXTREME!!!
Heckfire writes: "HOW DOES SPARKPLUG DO IT?"
Zeedust writes: "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Stupid, useless, WORTHLESS freakin' Mapquest directions!"
shockblaster5 writes: The stunticons tried to get a roll in The Iron Giant but unfortounately...
Motormaster: Rats!
Dead End: Oh stop your whining!
Breakdown: We wanted tobe in Transformers The Movie but nooo.
Dragstrip: I say we make a movie of our own.
Wildrider: Are y
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DeltaSilver88 writes: Soundwave, offscreen:
Hip hop hibby to the hibby to the hip hip
hop ya don't stop rockin' to the bam bam
boogey da up jump da boogey to da rythm
of da boogedy beat -
DeltaSilver88 writes: No one actually knew that it was Menasor who played the robot in 'The Iron Giant'... well, until they saw this.
DeltaSilver88 writes: This is what happens when Trypticon gets bored!
Menasor: ARGH! CUT IT OUT!
Trypticon: GRAR! Me likes Menasor-ball!
DeltaSilver88 writes: GERONIMO!!!
DeltaSilver88 writes: That white blanket down there is actually a trampoline...
Demonic Femme writes: Here we see Menasuar doing his own stuns. This picture was taken before he was blown away by Galvatron.
Zeedust writes: "YAAAAAAAAH! Car-shaped leeches! Get 'em off me! Get 'em off me!"
Agent Smith writes: Menasor tried to audition for 'The Matrix: Revolutions'.
He failed after trying Neo's 'freeze time' thingy in front of Megatron's cannon.


Zeedust writes: "There are so many polar bears... A Coke machine MUST be nearby..."
Unknown writes: Menasor does the Matrix
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Unknown writes: Menasor: Why freezeburn on butt? It hurts!
Unknown writes: Ok, Galvatron. Calm down.
Unknown writes: Menasor: EEEEEEKKKKKK, A MOUSE.
Dead End: It was Motormaster who got scared, I swear it.
Unknown writes: Yaaaaahooooooh! Bombs away, fellows!!!!
Unknown writes: menesor: i told ravage not to lick my butt now im stuck
Unknown writes: MANNNN I got such an itch, lordy,lordy
Unknown writes: "When Matrix Rip-offs Go Bad." next, on FOX.
Unknown writes: Menasor (struggling): Stop laughing! Get Menasor OUT of here... Menasor's butt frozen in ice!
Unknown writes: This is Menasor just after Optimus Prime power kicked him in his "delicate place"
Unknown writes: Hi! I'm Menasor and this is snow diving.
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Unknown writes: Ha ha! White Menasor CAN jump!
Unknown writes: Here is a scene from the new movie: "White Menasor Can't Jump." (I would have thought someone would have come up with that already.)
Unknown writes: "No, Menasor, that doesn't make you Cliffjumper!"
Unknown writes: I dont think I am ready for walt disneys world on ice yet.
gabriel writes: Meanosaur thinks Me fall on Butt!
Unknown writes: No, no, FEET first, not BUTT first.
Unknown writes: Just how much sugar did you eat, Menasor?
Suzuki writes: Wait; I car-bot! He plane bot!!!
tony writes: "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just had one of those falling dreams! Hang on...........I AM FALLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Skids writes: Runamuck (off-screen): "Menasor just gave Superion the big boot! And now, here comes the Leg Drop!!"
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Unknown writes: Megatron: No, Menasor, that does not make you Cliffjumper.
Unknown writes: WHOA!!! darn slippery ice
BOSSC351 writes: Damn Riverdance.....
Unknown writes: supah freak, supah supah freaky!
Unknown writes: Meanesor Gonna fall on butt!
Dynamus Prime writes: I wanna play again mommy! I wanna play NOW!!! WAAAAHH!!
Dynamus Prime writes: Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy...
Unknown writes: Menasor: Geez! Wreck-Gar`s rambling is pi$$ing me off!
Wreck-Gar: Your warranty has expired. Go go Power Rangers!
Unknown writes: Hey guys look at my new FREAK! Dance
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ChosenOne writes: MEN:Bad rubber ducky! *throws ducky to ground, starts jumping* Squeaky! Squeaky!! SQUEAKYYY!!!
Chachi writes: Menasor pulls a Cartman with the "German Dance."
Unknown writes: Menasor! Wait! You forgot your bungee cord! *Splat!*
Sledge writes: I love watching Richard Simmons videos!
Unknown writes: Uh-Oh better get Macco!
Unknown writes: The crazy Russian dance.
Unknown writes: Be like Mike.
JAZZ writes: oooooo..mommy mommy can i have that.
Dynamus Prime writes: Menasor picked the worst place for a mosh pit...
Jeremy writes: i souldnt have done that kahmama dump no my ass is on fire
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Unknown writes: Menasor: Ahhhhhhh! my ass is on fire. (plunges in snow) Ahhhhhhh, I needed that!
Unknown writes: got crack???
Unknown writes: eeeeeeeeeeekkkkk! spider
Unknown writes: yahoo! This new energon really makes me jump high.
Omega Supreme writes: Menasor: Menasor need to learn how to do cannonball and make big hole in ice!!
Unknown writes: stop...HAMMER TIIIIME!
Unknown writes: This is what happens when Stuntacons merg into Menasor if WildRider leaves his Bon-Jovi tape playing on his radio (Jump)
Unknown writes: Saw a porn mag on the ground. At the same time was thinking if he should tell Ramjet he loves him. picks up porn mag. it says "playgirl"
Unknown writes: Menasor: Crap, I dropped my Reissue Hot Rod down there!
Unknown writes: Rrrrraaaaaarrrrgh!!!!
Who joker who leave Banana Peel on ground?
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Sheba writes: Menasor says NO MORE NUCLEAR HOT SOUP NOODLES! OW OW OW RING OF FIRE HOT HOT HOT OW OW OW......ssssssssssss....AHhhhhhhhhhh...
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Quit streaking yer ass on that mountain, Menasor!!
Unknown writes: I said jump!!!!
Viper writes: MAN! Bumblebee has been working out!
Dynamus Prime writes: If this ice is thin, then it will break when I jump on it? SeeAAAAHHH!!
Dynamus Prime writes: He was dropped as a robochild.
Unknown writes: Everybody in the pool???
Blitzkrieg writes: HEADS UP!!!!
Unknown writes: in menasors mind:god dammit u think i could find a better place to take a dump
Unknown writes: in menasors mind:god dammit u think i could find a better place to take a dump
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Cyclonus writes: Bonzai!
Unknown writes: Menasor:"This cold wind really chaps my ass."
Unknown writes: Cold cold cold coldcoldcold COLD!!!!
Gupta writes: I need my "white snow S**t" right now!
Unknown writes: Menasor: I need a trampoline!
Unknown writes: pLaY tHaT fUnKy MuSiC wHiTe BoY!!!
Unknown writes: Ffffffttttt... Ahhh! Darn robo-beans!
Unknown writes: poing poing poing poing.......Oooh look shiney!
Unknown writes: Dev: (from above) *snickers* What a dumby! Fell for it again. *snicker*
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FortMax writes: Slam dancin on kittys is fun
Unknown writes: Watch out below !!
Unknown writes: The most electrifying move in sports... I mean decepticon history!!!
Unknown writes: The mst electrifying move in sports... I mean decepticon history!!!
Unknown writes: Do the Can Can!
Ace writes: HI-YAAAAH!
Unknown writes: One.. Two.. buck-le my shoe.. Three.. Four.. Shut-the Door.. ...
Unknown writes: Devestaor: Yo Menasor! Watch out for that first
Menasor: ::falls off the cliff:: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Devestator: Step.......Oh well...
Unknown writes: Wahoo! Time for me to jump into the pool!
Kevona writes: One small step for a robot-city equals a giant leap for gestalt-kind.
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Unknown writes: According to the D.O.T., 27 percent of all traffic accidents are caused by black ice.
Unknown writes: "Owww!!! My eye!!!"
Unknown writes: EEK!!!! A SPIDER!!!! GET IT AWAY FROM MEEE!!!
Unknown writes: Hey, wneh ya gotta go, ya gotta go.
The Matrix writes: Darn, my butt is stuck in the mountain range again!
Sixshot writes: I bent my wookie
Unknown writes: MENASOR:I can jump higher than any dunb MEGAZORD. HAHA!
Unknown writes: MENASOR:I was once the TITANIC. I HATE ICEBERGS!
Grimlock_Dinobot writes: Help! The Cars are eating me! The Cars Are Eating me!!
Unknown writes: Help! Help! These cars are biting my limbs!!
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Rodimus Primal writes: GERONIMO!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: weeeeeeeeee i get to go out and play in snow!
thanks optimus !!!! me have sooo much fun in
Unknown writes: boing
Unknown writes:!!
Unknown writes: that iceberg was just what i need for my hemmoriods!! AAAHHH!!
Unknown writes: *Jumps* FINAL FLASH!
Unknown writes: meanasor: i hate my life
Unknown writes: Grrr... Menasor makes lousy goalie!
Unknown writes: Devastator: Hey Menasor, I double dog dare you to stick your ass to that big piece of ice
Rodimus Convoy writes: "I am Menasor!...wwwhat is THAT!?! Keep it away from me!!!"
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superion writes: Mwaahhh!!! Mighty Galvatron..why do you abuse me?
Unknown writes: Cartman voice:"...I am a German man, I will do a German dance..."
Heero Yuy writes: Do i have any toes??
omega writes: menosaur: AAAAHHHHH......
dicepticons: WHAT.........
menosaur: Theres a mouse runnin around
Grimlock_Dinobot writes: Watch Me Megatron! Woooaaaaah!!! *Thud*
Unknown writes: Rikishi aint the only one who can back that ass up!
Unknown writes: Menasor: Mack Dady make ya "JUMP JUMP" Dady Mack will make ya "Jump jump" Crisscross will make ya "Jump jump!"
Unknown writes: Menasor: Mack Dady make ya "JUMP JUMP" Dady Mack will make ya "Jump jump" Crisscross will make ya "Jump jump!"
Unknown writes: i hate indigestion
Unknown writes: ow my eyes
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Unknown writes: i just had to eat beans
Unknown writes: i belive i can fly all i need is a big jet pack
Unknown writes: manasor: what the hell am i i look like a junk plie from the race track of hell
Sideshow Sideswipe writes: Goddammit! my wildride is asleep, down I go....
Sideshow Sideswipe writes: Red Bull gives you wiiiiings!
Sideshow Sideswipe writes: Red Bull gives you wiiiiings!
Unknown writes: I blame this on poor animation. I bet Devastator never had this problem...
Ultra Prime writes: I thought there was a chair ahhh s£!t!!!!!
Philip writes: hey mommy! look what i can do...
PrimeFan writes: help some one my ass is stuck! I thought this just happend with your tounge!
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Optimus Primevil writes: Announcer: And now the representative of the decepticons for the 2002 utah winter olympics, menasor for the winter games ski jump...
Heavyassault writes: Should have put on snow tires!
Unknown writes: Ack! Snow in my tailpipe!
Thunderstreak writes: After weeks of being cared for, a young gestalt is gently pushed out of its nest by its mother to learn how to fly.
Unknown writes: think happy thoughts!
its not working! DAMN YOU TINKER BELL!!!!
Unknown writes: "Ahh! My astro-roids are acting up again. This nice snowbank should soothe them..."
Unknown writes: Saddly Menasor was the first, last, and only participant of olympic robot ass diving.
iron hide writes: Look out Below!!
Stelartron writes: Look out below!
Jedi Kermit writes: I feel constipated.
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Unknown writes: Ok guys this is how you transform to satisfy yourself!!
Unknown writes: Am like a bird...I only fly away I don know where my soul is......Damn that Nelly Furtado is good!
Unknown writes: I believe I can. . . UMPH!
Unknown writes: what i wouldnt do for some ben-gay right now
Unknown writes: Dead End, are you still daydreaming?!?! = )
Shermtron writes: MS:Dont mind me just cooling my ass off.
Thunderstreak writes: CANNONBALL!!!!
ThunderCracker84 writes: Whatcha, gonna do, when Hulka...I mean Menasor runs wild on you
Unknown writes: i wish i could drop a legdrop like hulk hogan!
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Star Saber One writes: Wow! The Fruit rollup commercials are true!!!
Hot Rodimus writes: GERONIMO!!!!!!!!
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