Worker on phone by Decepticons

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Worker on phone by Decepticons
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DeathReviews writes: "Hello, boss? Did you order any "D-Cuptions"...?"
-Kanrabat- writes: "Hello internet? I'd like to file a complaint about blatant scale transgressions."
Rainmaker writes: Worker: Yeah, we have three lost protoforms...
Optimum Supreme writes: Who you gonna call? CONBUSTERS!
Black Hat writes: "Hello? Yes, it's about these Masterpieces you sold me. I think they may be bootlegs."
william-james88 writes: Something came up, I'll have to call you back.
Ravage XK writes: Yes dear, it's happened again. Decepticons have invaded the Power Station. I know, it's the third time this season, you'd think we'd get wise to it by now. No, I won't be home in time for tea, I'll have to clean up once they go.
trailbreaker writes: "Yes, Sparkplug let me borrow his hat. Fits perfectly !"
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Yay, one of them is pink! Just look at him AND my happy little face!"
Fixit writes: Decepticons, party of 3?
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Heckfire writes: "Hey, Michael? It's your cousin, Marvin Bay. remember that movie franchise you wanted to start? Have I got an idea for YOU..."
Minicle writes: Worker: Yes Sir, the three applicants for the position of ‘Head of Health and Safety’ have just arrived.
Halo2addict writes: Worker: I've got to lay off the halucinogenic shrooms!!!
Skywarp: I've got to lay off the expired energon cubes, it's causing me to halucinate!
Starscream: I picked a heck of a day to quit smoking energon dust!!
Soundwave: Why, what do y
seminole1 writes: Worker: Hello, Optimus Prime, can you dispatch some autobots to my job. Some decepticons just landed, and it looks like they're about to tear some s@#t up.
Judynator writes: Worker: Hallo? Police station?
Starscream: Hey buddy! We are not goon squad, but we the Decepticons!
Worker: Hallo? Autobot station?
TheTouch writes: Can you here me now...good.
Roadshadow writes: Human: Hello, is this Taco Bell? Do you happen to have anything that will turn anything red? Because Starscream here just got girly with condoms...
Skywarp: It was Soundwave's idea, honest!
Dragonoth writes: "They've shut down the main reactor! We'll be destroyed for sure!"
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Guy on phone: Some Decepticons to steal your Energon, sir?
Guy on other end: Do they have an appointment?
ninjabot writes: Hello is this the Union office?, Listen, I was wondering does workman's comp cover being attacked by giant robots???
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Zeedust writes: Worker: "Hello? U.S. Robotics? Yes, I need to speak to somene in tech support... No, I really can't hold, my robots don't seem to be Three Laws safe."
Kit writes: yeah? ok make that five large pepperonis
Zeedust writes: Bart's little hobby backfired when it turned out that there was, in fact, a Don Syndrome working at the power plant, and he and his Decepticon friends weren't in the mood for jokes.
galvanostril writes: paul: Get me the homewrecker! 'Es wrecking my home!
Defcon writes: Hello? Art Bell?
Kal-Seth writes: After Fred Called In " Giant Transformer Robots Wanting to Steal SOmething Called Energon" The Local Psychatrist took fred away from a little "chat"
Kal-Seth writes: " yea secruity you guys might wanna see this.... yes i feel fine i don't think i need to see a doctor why do you ask?"
Nightshadow writes: Worker: Uh uh.... Uh huh.... so...thats three Large Pizzas with Pepperoni Pizza on top... with energon? Whats energon..?
Decepticons: Hahaha, that guy doesnt know its us making a prank call!
Castle74 writes: Uh..yeah honey...don't hold dinner for me... yeah...looks like I got overtime...
shockwave_inoz writes: MAN ON PHONE: "Hey you guys! Is one of you Amanda Huggenkiss? C'mon, I'm serious - I want Amanda Huggenkiss now!!" SOUND and SKY: "MWAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!
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Galvatron writes: yes sir..they say they want the person responsible for beast machines brought forth.
Unknown writes: Soundwave: We might let you live on one condition.

Starscream: You bring us the only humans who are as metal as we are, METALLICA!!

Human: uh...sure, but in our world, metal is snubbed but we can play some Britney Spears.

Starscream: DIE MISERAB
Unknown writes: Guy:Uhh yeah about the hooker i ordered I wanted "Transvestite" not "Transformers"

Skywarp:Hey small boy *Wink*
Silver Arrow Girl writes: Worker: Oh no! Look, sweetheart. I need to talk to our daughter.
*Puts 5 year old girl on phone*
Girl: Yes daddy?
Worker: Hi hun. I just wanted to tell you that I probbably won't be coming home tonight. I know how you worry.
Girl: Why cant yo
Rainbow Starscream writes: Worker: Hey man, I gotta go. My buds are here to play poker.
Unknown writes: Wait a minute...YOU'RE not the Chippendales...
Scooter writes: Misinterpreting the storyline of Curious George, the Decepticons descend upon the wrong Man with the Yellow Hat.
Sir Deadend writes: Yes,that's 6 Cokes, Too mediums with extra chease, peperoni on one, and on the other... hold on a sec. Starscream, you wanted anchovies right?
Dash Trigger writes: Soundwave: Dibs on the squishie's hat!
Unknown writes: Worker: Yeah hold on Harry, it looks like I got some giant evil robots standing here to take over the plant and/or kill me... yeah... yeah... uh-huh... sure... allright, I'll bring that vodka y'like.
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MEGATRON writes: Press 1 NYPD, 2 for medicare, 3 for Autobots...
Shadow Fox writes: Worker- Hey, can you guys hold it down, this call charges by the minute and things are just starting to heat up...(to phone) no no..not you baby you keep going ya, now I'm taking my hardhat off..
Unknown writes: "What was it again?"
"Ask them to play some Skynard, man!"
Slartibartfast writes: the village people try to renew their image...
Unknown writes: (Worker): "Hi Sparkplug, somethings come up, can you get down here in the next 10 minutes and cover for me?"
Unknown writes: Hey guys! d'you want mushrooms on top of the pizza?
Starscream writes: Starscream: *Whistling to the tune of "the eagles- get over it"* Soundwave: That is a good tune!
Human: No Kidding!!!
Starscream: Hey! Are You Ordering curry? I Will Have A Chicken vindaloo 100x Hot! Soundwave: That will burn your bum
Shockwave writes: Worker: Uh... yes sir there are three of them here right now. They're demanding they're demanding that we give them free porn. No, they don't have an
Unknown writes: Starsream: Who you go to call?!
Worker: Not the Ghostbusters that's for sure!
Unknown writes: Yeahh..Frank...Those guys you sent from the temp agency....I don't think they're gonna work out.
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Unknown writes: ERR, NO WERE BUSY
Jetplague writes: Hey Carl? Remember when I said I'd turn gay the minute three large transforming robots would barge into the energy plant and try to kill us all? Well.... Should I pick you up around 6pm or 7pm?
Unknown writes: Human: Hello, is this Taco Bell? Do you happen to have anything that will turn anything red? Because Starscream here just got girly with condoms...
Skywarp: It was Soundwave's idea, honest!
Unknown writes: "Look Peter Costa, we'er trying out best to fix up those damn Millennium Trains, sending giant robots the check up on us isn't really gonna speed up the process,
Unknown writes: Man on phone: Hello, is that B&Q? I'd like to order a tin of red paint please, the artists have got Starscream's colours wrong again!
Starscream: Hey! I look cool in pink!
Singularity writes: "Yes? Yes? Yeah, there's some giant and hostile robots here. Ok, I'll wait."
Unknown writes: What REALLY caused the blackout: Footage of a Cleveland First Energy power plant at 4:00 EDT, August 7, 2003.
Arkhaon writes: worker: honey i think im gonna work late tonight
Unknown writes: Starscream: "SEX! Screamer wants some SEX! SEX NOOOOOW!" Soundwave: "YOU!" Worker: *points to self* "??" Soundwave: "Yeeess YOU! Unhand the ivory ear scooper this instant you dust bunny brain
Unknown writes: Starscream:" You guys always seem like your partying". Construction worker:" We work hard, we play hard". (In the background the song "Everybody dance now" is playing)
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Unknown writes: "Yeah, so that's one large General Tso's chicken, sixteen quarts of shrimp fried rice, as much won ton soup as you've got, uh, and...Starscream, did you want a fortune cookie this time? You know how much the last one up
Zero BlitZ X writes: Worker:We're gonna need that Mega Porn Archive Package you were talking about...
BlItZeR writes: callin all Village people, the decepticons have arrived, the kegger is starting!! Oooh yah!!
Minicle writes: Soundwave: QUICK, Stop the press! The rumours about Starscream have been proved.
Starscream:NO DON'T! Its lies i tell you, Some swine bribed the animators to alter my shading. Thundercracker: Yeah, look what they did to me.
Minicle writes: Worker: Hello Megatron.............Yes, its finely happened, Starscream has just gone and sprayed himself pink.
Soundwave: We tried to stop him honest.
Zeedust writes: "Yeah, never mind. They're here, late as usual. That pansy Thundercracker's still out sick. This guy who's filling in, Soundbyte or whatever... Okay, he does the job well, but those birds of his are annoying, and tha
Guy on phone: HELL YEAH!!!
parkwood writes: Jim I telling you these inspection oficers are getting meaner every year!
K-nonFodder writes: Worker " hey sir , you know those immigrant workers you hired........"
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K-nonFodder writes: Worker " hey sir , you know those immigrant workers you hired........"
Zio Matrix writes: Hello? Pest control? i have decepticon problem angain.
Frost writes: Ok bye hunny i got to go die you too!
Unknown writes: Run for lives! It's the invasion of the airplane people.
REEK-ON writes: Marge, I hate to bother you but there are some teens outside the store looking like the want to cause trouble.
TetraReris writes: Worker: Hold on a sec. May I help you?
Soundwave: Drop the phone and no one gets hurt.
Starscream: But I wanted to squish him!
thexfile writes: worker : yeh yeh i'll be back for dinner dear .. i know , but what can you do... i'm tierd to dear , but you know that i's like , they work you like slaves down her... Oops got to go theyr back , love you
Unknown writes: Worker: "Hello? Yes, this is Bob. I've come to call on these three mechs here..They said they want to apply for a job that'll prove how stupid Megatron really is." (I love hurting the ones I hate ^_^.)
thexfile writes: Worker : halo dearist ( to his dougter) which of those Decepticon toys dit you want for your birthday ??... oke dadies on the case love you....
M writes: Phone-guy: "Where's Peter Parker? Is he taking any pictures of this?"
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APOLLO writes: Man: Sorry honey, I gotta go, the I.R.S. just walked in.

Soundwave: Pay your taxes or be terminated.
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Just dial 101020, just one and the number!
Worker(on the phone): Hey Alf, your replacements for while you're on vacation are here!
Unknown writes: Voice on the line: "Sir, we've traced the signal. The calls are coming from-!" Worker: "...INSIDE the building? Yeah. I uh, just found that out myself..."
Unknown writes: Who ya going to call.... "Ghost.... whoops wrong 80's cartoon.
Unknown writes: Soundwave: "all i need now is a carrot top wig."
Unknown writes: worker: "yes i like a pizza"
turns around
Telephone: "hello? sir?"
Worker: "I said hold the ancovies along with the idiot delivery boys i said i come and pick it up::hang up:: hard to get good pizzas these d
bob writes: Can you hear me now?
Chrono writes: Your not gonna believe who just walked in...
Unknown writes: uh..yeah, sorry honey, i cant talk right now, im about to have my ass ripped open by giant robots.
Unknown writes: Soundwave says he wants to be RE-ISSUED next... or else he will destroy the Armada molds.
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jason writes: Hey! Did you order the 150,000,000,000 cases of beer? Because they want to know where to send it!
Unknown writes: soundwave- if your going to make a collect call dial down the center 1-800-c a l l a t t.
Unknown writes: Hang up the phone and hold on to your helmet, you're about to get 0wn3d
Unknown writes: Worker: "I'm sorry, even if you are temp workers you still have to go to the town hall and register!" Starscream : "Stupid Union rules!"
Unknown writes: Human: Doctor! I'd like to report a new Viagra side-effect!
Unknown writes: "can you here me now?"
Omega Supreme writes: Worker: Hello Hasbro main office you never told me you were re-relasing Soundwave.
Hasbro: It aint Soundwave it's his remold Twincast.
Worker: Oh I see my mistake!! *puts phone down*
Karnage writes: Worker>"WASSUP!" Guy on other end> "Yo, where's the 'Cons?" Cons> "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSUP!"
Unknown writes: We didn't order gaint robots - where's our pizza?
Unknown writes: Phone Guy: Hello, I wish to register Soundwave in your Robots Of the Year Contest. What does he look like? Yes, he has a dark blue rectangular body with twin guns and a closed face plate. *Soundwave leaves with glee*
Phone Guy Whispering: Actually,
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Unknown writes: Man: Operator, get me the Autobots. There's a Decepticon rumble goin on here!
Unknown writes: I thought I ordered the rest of the YMCA?!
Shadow writes: Hey Starscream, wanta accept a collect call from megatron? He sounds pissed.
Sky-Byte writes: Soundwave: We order 4 barrels with energy, not 3!
Starscream: We want the last one now, or we will shoot!
man: I will call the supplier.
what? you don´t have it no more? O, Boy! I have a BIG trouble now!
Unknown writes: "Mr. Starsmore? Your 2:30 appointment's here."
Hot Shot writes: well looks like we came to the right place
buddhaquest writes: ...and then the whiny one kept telling us that our helmets were out of fashion and that we should "be nice, sweeties" and...
Unknown writes: Don't worry, Mr. Unicron, your Energon shall be delivered in supersonic Lightspeed....
Unknown writes: ... Yeah I tell ya, the boss's a freakin lunatic! He just... oww.... *he what?* err look I gotta go now...
Unknown writes: Human:"Hello? Boss? Yeah, remember you said to call if anything 'important' happens? Does a bunch of big robots from outer space that want to kill us all AND steal electricity count? Oh, yeah, and the coffeepot in the employee l
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Ricochet writes: Poor joeyluvs269, a few crazed fans heard what he was saying and deployed there own Transformers on him. He is calling to tell his buddies that he won't be %*#) them tonight.
Unknown writes: Hey, you mail order bride people are fast, I'll take the one on the right.
Unknown writes: "Hey, boss, some robots showed up sayin' they've been called here to take down joeyluvs269 for being an ass."

joeyluvs269~~listen, dude, us transfans don't have the patience for this kind of ----. If anyone
Autobot bubbs writes: (Announcer in an educational tape)In case of a giant evil robots attack, proceed to the nearest exits and run like crazy. do not make any phonecalls while hiding behind drums of oil. Like what donny don't does.
Donny: yeah, I'd like t
Autobot bubbs writes: Worker: Alright...the negotiators have asked "what are you smoking?"
Soundwave: Woun't you lahk to kno Mon.
john writes: Yo, Starscream! You wanna know where joeyluvs269 lives? It's up his butt and around the corner.
Cyclonus writes: Come on in guys. I will call up the director and get that movie started right up. We all like to see a little Arcee on Lita-1 action now and again. Skywarp: Looks like they got three cans of lube already for us Soundwave.
Beast Simpson writes: Guy: Uuuh...boss what precedure do we take in the case of three evil robots attacking us?
UltraMagnus writes: Earl, I gotta go... It's the Go-Bots!
Suzuki writes: Yeah, those G1 figures we had on backorder finally came in.
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Unknown writes: Even after upgrading to Windows XP, many Decepticons still had issues with freezing after running transform.exe.
Josh writes: Yes, my friend, you are bold... but are you also... DARING?
Unknown writes: wow so its really true from what your troops told me that Ben Dover is a short man... between his legs! Lol.
Unknown writes: Hi sir. Your troops arived. I think they need to go thru the car wash cus they have sh*t all over them from taking turns from butt f*cking Ben Dover. I know they gave him a reach around too and said that the little zit between his legs has pus shooting
Unknown writes: This the Elektronikz-R-Us? Ya won't belive what my radio just told me...
TekkenForce writes: "Oh hey Starsceam, Destro called, he wants his character back."
Unknown writes: Hi boss, I don't think I am going to live through this, so tell my boyfriend "Joeyluvs269" I love him, and will always remember how sweet he looked in fishnet stockings with a ball gag in his mouth. But tell him to leave TF fans
Unknown writes: Man: Hello? Optimus Prime? Yes, I'm calling on behalf of a couple of Decepticons who say they have a message for you. They want me to tell you: (ahem) "All your base belongs to us." Would you like me to give them a reply? (Pause
Unknown writes: Hi sound wave and company have just informed me that Bruce has a small dick'n son.
Unknown writes: NO Bruce... Joeyluvs269 your wife! Whats your name again? Bruces dickinyourson? You like child porno phone sex i bet aye? I have been to your house... its in the neighborhood of United Parcel Servce (UPS)... you know I might have a tough time trying t
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Unknown writes: little privacy please
Unknown writes: Hey Ed, thanks for sending these Decepticons over to kick joeyluvs269's ass. If a loser means being a fan of action figures that I paid $7.99 for when I was a kid, that are now worth up to $400 a piece...well, I guess I am a pretty smart loser. W
Unknown writes: hi 911? I have an emergency... i have loser transformer fans dressed up like soundwave, starscream, and skywarp. Please get these losers out of here cus they think they can make energon. All you need to do is get a hold of there parents cus there such
Unknown writes: Look boss, If I knew how to turn OIL into ENERGON I wouldn't be making $12.50 an hour. And while were at it I thought you knew MANOWAR sings "Brothers of Metal"!
Unknown writes: "Boss, it's me... either you've completely lost your mind, or the new vacuum-cleaners have arrived. What do you mean, I'm fired ?"
Unknown writes: "Boss, it's me... Look I'm not to sure about these new guys from out of town. They've only just arrived and they're already complaining about.. well just about everything."
Unknown writes: Foreman: ..hey, who ordered the Anchovy and extra cheese again, I forgot what size you wanted!
Soundwave: Anchovies? Skywarp, that stuff gives you gas.
Skywarp: Shaddup! Do I critisize your orders Mr. Hawaiian pizza with the pineapple?
HoliPrime writes: Human: "Hey, Spike, how's the 'flu? It's your understudy here... yeah, I'm getting along fine, I've helped the Autobots a lot. Just wanted to check up... the Autobots are the ones with the purple badg
Unknown writes: I'll call ya back later, eh? Some giant robots 'ave been waitin' ta be helped fer over an hour and they're talkin' aboot findin' anudder power plant to drain of energy.
Unknown writes: "Hi,WSOU,yeah I got a request for Vintage 80's could you play Brothers Of Metal by Savatage,yeah,and that's going out to Soundwave and the boys. And could you hurry I think my life depends on it."
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Unknown writes: I have to go sweetie, the union guys are here.
Seraphim writes: ..." And we'll need 3 cases of 2 liters of Coke. No.. No mushrooms.. Eh.. 18 large Stuffed Crust's with peperonni.."
Metroplex writes: Worker: No really Honey! There are robots right here and they look terrifying! Wife on phone: You're jerking me off again aren't you?!
Unknown writes: worker: yeah hello st. louis blues i have some canucks fan that what to say something to you.
Unknown writes: Wow, real Decepticons! Hold on I gotta call the wife and tell her about this!
Unknown writes: Soundwave: "Why yes, human, as a matter of fact, we ARE illegal aliens." Starscream: "And we don't NEED no stinkin' GREEN CARDS!"
FortMax writes: worker:...and when I installed windows NT well....
Metroplex writes: Worker:"Si, como no. Yo Soundwave es para ti, dicen que son la migra".
Metroplex writes: Worker: "Yeah, hi Bandai? I think some of your Gundams escaped and their in my house as we speak, what should i do? Bandai Rep: *click*
Manchester Devil writes: Worker: Where's X when you really need him? The oversized tape recorder kicked Zero's ass without even moving.
Soundwave: You don't want to know...flesh being, and calling me a oversized tape recorder isn't going to he
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Unknown writes: Worker: See guys, just dial down the center for 1-800-call-ATT. It's free for you and cheap for them.
Soundwave: Kill Human. Then Kill Carrot-Top.
Unknown writes: Y'all ugly lookin' (Minutes before being vaporized)
Unknown writes:! Three big a** robots have just careened into my job. What did my training teach me,oh yeah, call the Gobots. There really cool.
Unknown writes: Worker: hey we finally got some one to help smash those Dixie chicks CD's!
Unknown writes: Ehmmm... Honey? Yes, I am going to be late at home today ,I'm affraid, dont need to stay up for me (gulp)
Unknown writes: WHO ARE YOU GONNA CALL??
Unknown writes: Starscream: Will you get off the phone and stop hogging it! I need to make a phone call! Man: Shut-up! I'm ordering pizza!
Unknown writes: This is gonna be great Ed. I told them to take all the energon they want, and when they're done...get this I told them there is ten times more energon at....are ya ready? Ben Affleck and J-Lo's address. Go home and get by the TV cause t
Unknown writes: Soudwave "What do mean...Union Cards human?"
TheRo-Man writes: Hi Boss, is our workmen's compensation insurance paid? It is good, because I am about to become really freakin' rich...or really freakin' dead!
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TheRo-Man writes: Ok, I said "Bahweep Grahnah Weep Ninibahn". All they did was look at each other and laugh. Now what should I do?
TheRo-Man writes: Look guys, its easy if you want to call Megatron collect you just dial down the center.... crap, I don't think they care!
Unknown writes: worker: ah, oh no, ah line please SS:oh come on all you have to say is ahhhhhh decepticons , and your sleeping with which producer.
Unknown writes: SW: look its spike with a mustash. SkyWarp: no its sparkplug with mustash SS: oh jeas couldn't the artist at least tried to make these human look different.
Unknown writes: worker : "they're here but they stopped moving....they must be running off windows98"
Unknown writes: "hey chife the wife and kids are here i gotta go"
Unknown writes: Worker: "You know, you are a race of humanoid robots who have mastered interstellar travel, fusion cannons, miniturization, and emission-free thrust. Why in the h-ll can't you find a way to generate the power yourselves?!?" St
Unknown writes: Teletran One: Hello you have reached the Autobot Headquarters. If you would like to schedual an interview with any Autobot, press one. If you would like an autograph, press two. If you want to play football with the Dinobots, press three. If you would lik
Unknown writes: Hey Lou! The strippers are here for Bob's bachlore party, but how come you couldn't get nurses, or policewomen?
jet convoy writes: Yeah, I want a large sausage pizza. Starscream: Pepperoni! Soundwave: Anchovies! Skywarp: A supreme! SUPREME!!
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Unknown writes: "Microsoft tech support?"
Unknown writes: "WHAT? Damn you guys are rude can't you see I'm on the phone? This is important I'm trying to get a home loan here. I can't just hang up here so just take a damn number and wait over there you damn metal meathe
Unknown writes: Voice on phone,"What's your favorite scary movie?"
Unknown writes: Hey Starscream! I was just told that Armada Starscream has joined the Autobots! G1 Starscream: WHAT!!! Soundwave & Skywarp: *snicker* LOSER!
jeff writes: ahhhh, a WISE guy, eh.
Ricochet writes: Worker:Hey honey, I'll be playing cards with the boys tonight.
Unknown writes: Human: Could you come back in an hour? I'm in the middle of a call to Toys R Us. I've been on hold for an hour now. Say! Could you guys loot it for me? I need a Jetfire action figure.
Scattershot writes: Honey, I think I'm gonna be home a little late tonight
Unknown writes: Work Manager:Oh no! Not Ed, Edd and Eddy!
Unknown writes: Worker: Yes Sadam, we won't let the US destroy these weapons of mass destruction...
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Stormwolf writes: Megatron(on phone): I have a offer you can't refuse
Unknown writes: Danger Will Robinson, danger.
Unknown writes: "Hey, why don't you guys just build some geo-thermal plants, solar collectors, and wind generators? They're all free and inexhaustable, ya know..."
Unknown writes: Damn it captain, I need more power!
Unknown writes: "Hey, we got someone looking for a Liquid Plumber here!"
Unknown writes: "Hello, my name is ROMAN I'm a hostage at PEG&L here are the Decepticons demands:#1 pizza and lots of it.#2 Wheelie disassembled now.#3 Cyberhookers.#4 the leaders of the world to surrender control of the world.#5 shorter lines a
Riptide writes: Man: What do you think you guys are doing, your fifteen minutes are up!
Riptide writes: Soundwave: Puny human, all your base are belong to us.
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "Soundwave superior. Bob the Builder inferior."
Unknown writes: Hello is this my Psycholgist im seeing things again, yeah this time its giant robots
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Unknown writes: Man: Can you hear me now? Good.
(Starscream holds up the two-fingered Verizon sign.)
Soundwave: Verizon. Make progress every day.
Unknown writes: Worker: "Seriously, how many times you guys going to try to take over the world." while calling the Autobots.
Firestorm writes: Yeah, the production samples from Takara just came in; they're waiting by the big glass door. Oh, they were COD, so I'll be filling out the reimbursement paperwork, too.
Unknown writes: ummmm yeaaa ...Decepticons...whaaaats hapening...I'm going to need you to go ahead and come in tomorrow...
Unknown writes: See, it's not so much the fact that three Decepticons are holding me hostage that bothers me... it's the fact that the red jet guy keeps on talking on and on in a whiny voice...
TheRo-Man writes: I said "We can cut costs by using Robots as workers, not Decepticons."
TheRo-Man writes: No habla espaniol?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Worker:"Hi,boss,I know this is your day off,but,two jets,and a tape deck just flew in they want me to fill these cube thingies you might wanna send help." Boss: "Thats it Roberts I've told you no more drugs while workin
Unknown writes: (Mr. Lenders):Hello, is this Toys R'us? I thought I told ya that I ordered 3 Barbie dolls for my daughter, and you're sending me those clumsy robots. (daughter):BLAAAAAAARRRRGH!!!!!! (Mr. Lenders): D'you hear? My little sweetie
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Beast Simpson writes: Its those darn Jahova's Witnesses again!
Unknown writes: Worker: You're 30 minutes late, now where the hell is my pizza!?"
Unknown writes: SC: Yes, Soundwave, why couldn't your transform be a phone instead of that stupid cassettedeck!!! He is much faster in contacting others than you!!
Unknown writes: "Yeah, boss, they said they have an appointment."
Soundwave:"I called ahead!"
TheRo-Man writes: Eager not let what happened at ENRON happen to them, Amgen industies instituded a new "Rub Out" the whistle blower policy. Here we see a training video still frame showing us just how it is carried out.
Unknown writes: Hello, US Army? Our plant's just been invaded by the Decepticons! They're watching me, so I can't talk for much longer! Please send help!
Unknown writes: Yes hello, I want to talk to a lawyer about sueing the company I work for! The reason? The company must have made me crazy with all this chemicals laying about because I am now seeing three giant robots infront of me!!!
Chris writes: Hey PSYCHO HOTLINE, thats right
turtle poweR!!
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Firestorm writes: Hey, boss... remember all that equipment that we're behind in the payments on? The repo people are here and they don't look friendly.....
Unknown writes: "Hey, which one of you guys is MIKE HUNT? BWAAAAHAHAHA!"
FortMax writes: Worker: hello, sony. yeah what am I suppose to do if my cassette player turns into a giant killer robot?
Unknown writes: "They said Tony Soprano sent them. Hello? Hello??"
Unknown writes: " I sez "If you Decepticons are so tough, come down and I'll open up a can of Whoop Ass on...uh,oh..."
The King writes: Worker: " Is this Transformer HQ?
Blaster: "Yes"
Worker:"I got a big problem?"
Blaster: "Ok, What type of problem?"
Worker: "Deceptions"
Blaster: "We be right
Firestorm writes: Yeah, they said that they have reservations here. Check under Decepticon then.
(Starscream): This has got to be the worst resturant on the planet!
Unknown writes: Iraqi Oil Worker: Oh great, it's not like it wasn't bad enough when the rest of the world wanted our oil, but now we got giant robots coming after us too!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: No rush Optimus, I'll be safe here behind these oil cans...
Unknown writes: Hi Mum. You won't believe this, my casette player just changed into a casette player.
Press 1 for Cyber-Pizza deliveries (we only accept energon cubes for payment)
Press 2 for information on decepticons and why they are a threa
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gir writes: UN Worker: “Hello Mr. Bush I found the WMD (weapons of mass destruction) …uhhh there’s a little more here than just chemicals…now let’s talk about my reward”
Unknown writes: Worker dude person:Yah....uhu....Ya hes right here..He wants to talk to you Soundwave. Starscream:haha
The Matrix writes: Worker: Ok lets see...1-900-S...wait a second. DECEPITCONS! RUN FOR YOUR FARKIN LIVES!!!
Unknown writes: Worker-"Decepticons?! Why are you here?!" Soundwave-"Our scaners showed that you did not used 1-800-COLLECT in your vocal transmition." Skywarp-"Even a Matients-bot knows 1-800-COLLECT is the cheapest source fo
tfpredaking writes: Soundwave: Call Him Now!! Worker: Uh... Hello.. is this Megatron? It is, well, uh, is your refrigerator running? Skywarp: HehHeh Snort!!
Unknown writes: "Hello, exterminators? I've got a few pests here!"
Unknown writes: woman on the phone: hello you've reach hasbros main office. worker: ya there 3 robots here that what to speak to the person(s) that are responsible for RID and Armada and they look pretty pissed.
Unknown writes: Worker: Uhm...I have to go now. I have to run screaming from the plant. Why? Oh, the Deceps. are here. Okay, bye....YEEARG! DECEPTICONS!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! *Panics and flees the scene*
Unknown writes: About that new brownie...I think we got some really unhappy customers.
Firestorm writes: Yeah, the security system and that new giant window are great! I don't think those Decepticons will ever realize that it's not a doorway.... oh sh!t....
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Unknown writes: operator:yes the power rangers will be right over.
worker: thank you.
Unknown writes: Hello, Optimus? We really need your help! Our plant's just been invaded by the Decepticons!!! Please hurry!
Broadside writes: What 4 windows for £1000?
Hang on three homicidal robots have just entered the factory I'll call you back
Unknown writes: COOL!!
Unknown writes: worker: "I need three large energon pizzas!"
employee: "We don't have energon."
Worker: "Screw you!"
Unknown writes: worker: "I need three large energon pizzas!"
employee: "We don't have energon."
Work: "Screw you!"
Unknown writes: worker: "I need three large energon pizzas!"
employee: "We don't energon."
Work: "Screw you!"
Unknown writes: "I'm not home right. Please leave a message after the beep, BEEP!"
Unknown writes: Worker:Hello? Powerpuff Girls? Yes,I have three studs for your 13th birthday party!
Unknown writes: I think this diguise has fooled hese slow witted decepticons. Spike the great master of disguise does it again!!!
Soundwave: you moron we saw you when you put the darn mustache on!!!!!
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Unknown writes: worker: hello?chemical ali, yes? good.whats in these cans? ive been sniffing the fumes and my lungs started burning and im getting attacked by a 40 foot tall sony walkman and a pair of f-15s.
Unknown writes: "Hello. You have reached the main office. This is Mary. How may I help you?" "Mary? This is Ted down in processing. We have a couple of guys down here with a complaint about their last order....."
Bruciarsi writes: Hello This is Optimus Prime and you have reached the Ark we are unable to take your call right now but please leave a message and we will get back to you right away
jedixtat writes: Stan knew right then he found the extra guys for his Village People coverband!!!
Blackout writes: what did you say optimus, the only autobot avalible right and that are on the way are bubblebee,huffer,wheelie,gears and arcee. well in that case I might aswell just shoot myself then.

Optimus:sorry all the other autobots are watching the canucks game.
Blackout writes: Worker: 1-800-autobot.
Voice on the phone: the number you have dialed is busy, please stay on the line and an autobot will be with you in an hour or so.
Unknown writes: Hello Toy Sponge Company, I think I poured a little bit to much water on those sponge pills!
Unknown writes: Hello Boss? Yeah theres some giant robots down here wanting to take all ouir energy what should I do?
PixieStixGirl writes: "Hello, Powerpuff Girls? Giant robots have come to destroy Townsville!"
TheRo-Man writes: "Yeah boss, the big purple guy wants to know why we have all these oil barrells in an electric generating plant. Yes, I know it doesn't make sense...about as much sense as the plant having no back wall so that Jets and flying Sony Walkme
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Unknown writes: "Hey Frank....those G1 Reissues are staring me right in the face."
Maximus writes: "Soundwave is making fun of me because I don't have a cell phone."
Unknown writes: "Yeah, boss? The Decepticons don't seem happy about getting layed off from the company!!"
Unknown writes: "Uh, I don't think these are the pizza delivery guys..."
Unknown writes: "Why yes, our job vacancies do offer great opportunities for promotion!"
Unknown writes: "Uh, yeah, I've got some giant robots here, but I'm on a break."
Unknown writes: Optimus, hurry! That tape recorder guy looks really mad at me.
davewelttf writes: Hey, cheif? It's me those decepticons arrived and we have all the energy units but we're short a few oil drums. Starscream: COME ON! OUR OIL IS GETTING WARM!
Unknown writes: That's right. 25 extra large pizza with the works and a double dose of the hottest pepper based energon you can find!!!
Zu Darkness writes: Uhhhh Boss about those new replacment workers that you hired...well they kinda declaired a union and there planning to take over the power plant as we speak
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Unknown writes: DUDE! I just got these HUGE decepticon cut-outs!
Unknown writes: Hello, police? We need your help. Our plant's just been invaded by...the Decepticons!
Pokejedservo writes: Hello this is Bob from Capcom USA, there are a few giant robots who have been given orders to retrieve Dr. Wily from the Mega Man games? Yeah, I know Dr. Wily is a fictional character and I've been trying to tell them that but they wouldn
Quintessa writes: (Worker) 'Hello, OSHA? I'd like to make a complaint..."
Unknown writes: Teletran 1? Where's Optimus? Out?! We've got a Decepticon attack at the plant so tell him to get here ASAP! No, I won't hold while Bumblebee orders a pizza!!
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Yeah, like, we're with the band
Manager Guy: Ok, you're on in about twenty minutes. What do you call yourselves again?
Starscream: the Decepti-Creeps.
Manager: Nice name, be ready in about twenty. Boy these, Punk ba
Unknown writes: Blast it! It's that evil tape recorder guy and his Deceptifriends! Send the Autobots and the Sailor Scouts to help. And hurry, Invader Zim is on in an hour!
Unknown writes: One large peperonni-pizza...without anjovis wait a sec...Damn, you guys are really quick!
Unknown writes: Would you please leave a message after the 'beep'? Thank you.
Unknown writes: Huh...honey I'll call ya later, I have some unexpected guests that just showed up, what oh Decepticons...yes dear Decepticons, ya know those big evil robots. Gotta go know!!
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Unknown writes: Huh...honey I'll call ya later, I think I'm in trouble here, what, never I'll you latE AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH...........!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Yeah hi! This is Bob from Mattel plant #539 ... doing good sir. Remember when Hasbro said they'll get revenge on us for taking away the Batman & DC Comics toy license? Well I think they meant it sir ...
Unknown writes: As Ali see the Decepticons, he says a silent Muslam prayer. He now knows that calling the U.N. inspectors scum was a bad idea as the U.S. sends in their very best American pop icons to clean house
Phoenix writes: dude! you got to see this! Hang on while I get out my picture phone.
Unknown writes: Honey...Remember all those rumors about layoffs? Well HR just showed up in my workcell
Unknown writes: hello,ok wait a sec,decepticons it is for you it is megatron.
Unknown writes: Worker: (on the phone) "Hello? Hold on I'll check, (to the Decepticons) Mike Rotch? Have any of you seen Mike Rotch?"
Decepticons: (snicker)
little_fly writes: worker:uh-oh decepticons!
Snake writes: uh yeah , there's some giant robots here (they hang up) damn it
Unknown writes: Man you guys are late again, dont think your gonna get paid for the time you missed
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Unknown writes: "Um, Honey, I'm going to be a little late . . . "
Shermtron writes: Worker: hello 9-11 I just pooped myself.....
Shermtron writes: Work:HEllo do you have prince albert in a can.... Deceptions: snickers...
Slappyfrog writes: Milton's last straw had snapped, and he called some friends. The moral of the story? You can take only so much office space from a man before he breaks.
Slappyfrog writes: Wayne wondered how his employers could create a multi-billion dollar power plant with highly dangerous power generators, and yet forgot to build a fourth wall.
Slappyfrog writes: "Aw, crap...well, they still provide a better severance package than Enron!"
PixieStixGirl writes: "Can you hear me now?"
TheRo-Man writes: No, No, I am pretty sure they are the REAL decepticons...they don't have those ridiculously long Null Ray Cannons. While were at it, make sure you send me the REAL Jazz and Sideswipe, I don't need some fake showing up with missiles that
TheRo-Man writes: What? What do mean "I can't deal with that now" You know what Ultra Magnus, why don't you put another Autobot on...hell Wheelie has more balls than you. And NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE!
Unknown writes: "Uh, yeah boss, they say they have an appointment."
Aterscream:"I phoned ahead."
Soundwave:"Shut the hell up!"
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Unknown writes: What's that boss, dump the corrosive compounds, you think that'll stop them....wait what about me
Unknown writes: Hey Guys, I just talked to the boss. You're inflatable Arcee dolls aren't ready yet. Hey hey put those down, we can ta..... Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "I have to go, Lucy, my factory is being raided by a group of Decepticons... yes, Starscream is with them... no, I don't think I can get you his autograph..."
Cyberman writes: "Honey, would you call later? I have some business with these guys.
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Put the phone down, Human germ!
Unknown writes: "Honey, is my life insurance policy paid up? Go make sure.."
Unknown writes: You thinking I'm joking? These guys are over 20 feet tall!
magnaboss writes: Hey Bob its Niel, these new male prostitutes look a bit rough, where did you get their number from?
Muse writes: Dude on Phone: Yeah, I'm calling for a complaint on the new Decepticon action figured. Two look exactly like eachother expect for the paint, and there all a little big.
Unknown writes: Starscream: "Con Edison has a zero-tolerance policy for personal phone calls on the job!"
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Unknown writes: "Hello? Hard-Hero? Yes, when you advert said life-size...."
Unknown writes: "Hello, boss? There are a couple of gentlemen here who are a bit unhappy about the recent Armada Cartoon serie! No, I don't think they wil take no for an answer!"
Skyfire the Artist writes: Hey guys! Did you say with or without anchovies?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Hello,Sadam,look about those new U.N. inspectors well their here.No...look....I don't think we can stall them.How bout I just surrender? Oh yeah,right O.K. I'll give it a try but I really don't think its gonna work.&am
Ironhide writes: THINKING: mybe this isn't a good time for phone sex...
Unknown writes: "Hello, Cintas? Yeah I'd like to order a new pair of underwear."
EDIMUS PRIME writes: "Hey, Dana yeah it's Billy I'm gonna be a little late for dinner those Deceptican boys are here again.I think their collecting for the Reagan campaign again." In the early days they simply needed a better agent.
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