Series: Beast Wars Neo
Faction: Maximal
Subgroup: Basic Beasts

Tech Specs

Amazingly strong in coldness, Break gives full play to his abilities on frigid worlds. He is bold and quick to lose his temper, but is also fiercely concerned for his comrades. The Break Anchors he launches from his right arm are massively destructive. Break loves bathing in ice water and is quite tidy.

Total: 49
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: For a little guy he really loves to fight. When he first heard that Bog Convoy was selected to lead him and his teammates his first action was to test Big Convoy�s power. He found out the hard way. Though a little rowdy most of the time his heart is always in the right place. Break cares about his fellow Maximals and will risk his own existence to keep them safe. He fights with an intense drive for victory as well as a competitive drive against fellow teammate Cohrada. The two Maximals argue constantly over who�s the stronger soldier.
Abilities: When transformed Break becomes a penguin. In this form he has outstanding endurance to cold weather and unmatched swimming skills. In robot mode he uses the "Break Anchors" in his right arm to cause an incredible destructive explosion for his enemies. Break also has a third "Cannon Mode" which can be controlled by other Maximals.
Weaknesses: Break rarely thinks things through. He�s so quick to jump into battle that he often does so with absolutely no strategy. His competitive spirit also poses a problem.
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