BIG effort to focus my collection

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BIG effort to focus my collection

Postby Dinobot4ever » Tue May 29, 2018 9:25 am

Hello Seibertronians :D

Been combing through my Transformers and have decided to part with a fair bit of my collection. Am doing so for focus and to get the collection under control. To get a feel for how big my collection has become, what I am offering here isn't even a fifth of what I own. All items listed are c9 condition or better and are factory sealed unless noted. All are from a smoke-free home. I prefer trades or trade/money deals but prices are given for straight sales too. Prefer items in factory sealed condition but will certainly entertain offers for open, complete, good condition Transformers with packaging in similar condition. Particularly hard-to-find items I will consider lesser condition as well.


20th Anniversary Optimus Prime (Hasbro's version of MP-01, with black rifle) - $160
3” Titanium Thundercracker (not War Within) - $6
"Year of the Horse" Masterpiece Optimus Prime (noticeable shelf wear but is still factory sealed) - $110
5 Kre-O/Kreon mail-away Optimus Prime (1 has a crunched corner) - $10 each, crunched corner one - $9
PCC Grimstone - $80
Walgreens exclusive Cyber Battalion Prowl - $19
BW Optimal Optimus (light general shelf wear) - $165
BW Transquito - $35
BW Inferno - $75
BW TM2 Scarem - $19
BW Torca - $28
BW Sky Shadow - $31
BW Noctorro - $21
BW TM2 Sonar - $21
BW Quickstrike- $55
3 BW Bantor - $22 each
3 BW Buzzclaw - $22 each
BW TM2 Cheetor - $60
2 BW Silverbolt - $55 each
BW TM2 Nightglider - $30
BW Stinkbomb - $22
BW TM2 Cybershark - $37
BW TM2 Dinobot - $65
BW Optimus vs. Megatron (bat, alligator) - $65
BM Thrust - $30
BM Optimus Prime (deluxe) - $29
BM Black Arachnia - $30
BM Jetstorm (deluxe) - $22
BM Quickstrike - $18
McDonald's BM Tankor (came in a kid's meal, loose = not in the plastic bag) - $4
RID (CR) Optimus Prime - $135
RID (CR) Megatron - $70
RID (CR) X-Brawn ("powered up" mode, white w/ rally stickers) - $18
Armada Powerlinx Jetfire - $49
Armada Jetfire - $70
Armada Scavenger - $29
Armada Powerlinx Optimus Prime - $90
Armada Tidal Wave (light general shelf wear) - $75
Armada Skywarp (Starscream mold from the Armada line, loose, complete, great condition, w/ box and all packaging materials) - $38
Armada Space Team minicons (form the "Requiem Blaster," in a slender bubble that was attached to a boxed Armada figure, still in the factory packaging) - $24
Walmart exclusive Energon Rapid Run - $30
Energon Duststorm - $24
Energon Blackout - $41
Energon Terradive - $20
Energon Energon Saber - $31
Energon Divebomb - $23
Energon Perceptor (black card) - $22
Cybertron Giant Planet Minicon Team (Deepdive, Overcast, Longarm) - $29
Cybertron Scrapmetal (loose, orange, great condition, no planet key) - $8
Cybertron Swindle - $19
Cybertron Armorhide - $20
Animated Ultra Magnus - $60
Animated Wreck-Gar - $55
Animated Oil Slick - $27
Animated Jazz - $26
Animated Lockdown - $28
Animated Snarl - $20
Animated Soundwave (not Electrostatic) - $29
Toys R Us exclusive Animated Arcee - $42
Toys R Us exclusive Animated Ratchet - $29
Prime First Edition Arcee - $60
Prime First Edition Cliffjumper - $80
Prime First Edition Bumblebee (card has a modest crease across top) - $33
Prime First Edition Starscream - $44
Prime Thundertron - $27
Target exclusive Prime BH Cryofire Predaking (voyager size) - $39
2 Target exclusive Prime BH Beast Fire Predaking (supreme size) - $42 each
Target exclusive Prime BH Predacon Abominus - $28
Target exclusive Prime BH SkyLynx (card has a modest crease on the side) - $13
Target exclusive Prime BH Darksteel - $33
Prime BH Skystalker - $17
Prime BH Autobot Ratchet - $21
Prime BH Wheeljack - $22
Prime BH Bumblebee (not Target exclusive Nova Blast version) - $18
Prime BH Laserback - $17
Prime BH Optimus Prime (modest shelf wear) - $45
Prime BH Bulkhead - $20
Entertainment Earth exclusive RID Platinum Edition Grimlock & Bumblebee - $50
CW Silverbolt - $20
CW G2 Bruticus set - $95
CW Starscream - $43
2 Entertainment Earth exclusive CW Liokaiser - $95 each
Walgreens exclusive TR Brainstorm - $26
Walgreens exclusive TR Cloudraker/Wingspan - $15
TR Overlord - $30
TR Wolfwire - $19
TR Seaspray - $10
TR Triggerhappy - $15
TR Blitzwing - $25
TR Kup - $18
TR Blaster - $37
TR Quake (card has a modest crease on the right bottom corner) - $15
TR Sky Shadow - $49
TR Groove (deluxe, "May Mayhem" figure, lower right bubble is slightly dented) - $22
TR Optimus Prime (leader) - $45
TR Fortress Maximus (box has a modest rolled front along bottom; right, bottom, front corner is dented) - $105
TR Skullcruncher - $16
TR Apeface - $9
TR Octane - $20
2 TR Shuffler - $7 each
TR Megatron instructions - $2
POTP Liege Maximo/Skullgrin - $2.50
Target exclusive Universe Nemesis Prime (Big Convoy mold) - $130
Universe Brushguard - $9
Universe Inferno - $50
2 Universe Vector Prime - $60 each
Universe Lugnutz (motorcycle, same as Cybertron version in Universe packaging) - $9
Universe Dinobots (2006 - Terrorsaur, Knockdown, Swoop) - $17
Universe Jetfire (voyager) - $80
Universe Powerglide (loose, complete, great condition, w/ box and all packaging materials; not the Walmart exclusive version) - $23
HFTD The Fallen - $105
HFTD Terradive - $33
HFTD Starscream - $120
Generations Soundblaster - $27
Generations Nightbeat - $16
FOC Blaster instructions - $2
First Movie Stockade (Allspark Power packaging) - $24
First Movie Landmine (Allspark Power packaging) - $37
First Movie Arcee (loose w/ instructions, great condition, no projectile) - $13
DOTM Powerglide (commander class) - $16
Target exclusive DOTM Space Case - $26
DOTM Specialist Ratchet - $28
DOTM "Year of the Dragon" Ultimate Optimus Prime (Japan only release but was offered through exclusive suppliers like Amazon) - $125
WalMart exclusive ROTF Skywarp (Starscream mold from the First Movie repainted) - $39
WalMart exclusive ROTF Ramjet (Starscream mold from the First Movie repainted) - $39
ROTF Jolt (bubble is pushed in but figure/packaging is intact) - $26
ROTF Stratosphere - $65
ROTF Bludgeon - $43
ROTF Optimus pinata - $5
ROTF 11" x 17" lenticular & paper posters of Optimus - $16
AOE Generations Platinum Edition Dinobots Unleashed 5 pack (non-G1 colors)(light box cutter scratch on top of the box) - $115
Target exclusive AOE Generations Silver Knight Optimus Prime & Grimlock - $36
AOE plushie of Optimus (~2' tall) - $17
2 TLK Dragonstorm (legion) - $11 each
TLK Hound - $17
TLK Strafe - $18
TLK Berserker - $12
TLK Megatron (voyager, right back corner is slightly dented) - $23
TLK Megatron (leader) - $32
TLK Bumblebee (wave 3 with arm cannon, light general shelf wear) - $22
TLK Crosshairs (light general shelf wear) - $18
2 Walmart exclusive TLK Hot Rod (deluxe) - $13 each
Movie Trilogy Optimus Prime - $70


Alpha Trion - EX Gokin ... ion/30030/
2007 BotCon Alpha Trion ... on/1345/1/
2010 TFCC Dion ... on/2311/1/
2010 TFcon exclusive Nightbird (TRNS-EX1) ... rd/2207/1/
2005 BotCon exclusive Descent into Evil boxset, particularly the Deathsaurus figure ... o_Evil.jpg
2014 BotCon exclusive Devcon from the Knights set ... on/3366/1/
Prime Breakdown, Arms Micron (AM-12 or 24) ... wn/3564/1/ ... wn/3563/1/
HFTD Highbrow ... ow/2203/1/
BW Ravage (X-9, Japan only release) ... vage/60/1/
BM Battle Unicorn ... le-uni/18/ ... 968899.jpg
Energon Beachcomber ... ber/414/1/
Energon Slugslinger ... ger/315/1/
Cyberton Galvatron ... ron/771/1/
RID (CR) Jhiaxus (KB Toys exclusive) ... 309610.jpg
RID (CR) Bludgeon (KB Toys exclusive) ... eon/644/1/
RID (CR) Brave Maximus (C-027) ... us/3867/1/
BBTS exclusive Piranacon ... ails/80096
BBTS exclusive TR Siege on Cybertron set ... ails/54397
Masterpiece Dinobot (MP-41) ... bot/41718/
Masterpiece Optimus Primal (MP-32 or 38) ... voy/36631/ ... ion/38758/
Masterpiece Cheetor (MP-34) ... ews/37472/
Masterpiece Ironhide (MP-27) ... iew/34649/
Masterpiece Inferno (MP-33) ... rno/36700/
Masterpiece Sunstreaker (MP-39) ... ker/40423/
Masterpiece BW Megatron (MP-43) ... ine-366062
Universe Acid Storm ... rm/1597/1/
Universe Tankor (Octane) ... or/1504/1/
Universe King (Dai) Atlas ... las/606/1/
Universe Whirl ... irl/278/1/
Universe Brawn, Beachcomber, Cosmos, Wheelie, Warpath (these also came in 3 packs with Bumblebee; I'd take those too), for example - ... er/1668/1/
Classics Astrotrain ... ain/924/1/
Classics Mirage ... ge/1050/1/
Classics Ramjet ... et/1083/1/
Hasbro Toy Shop exclusive Dragstrip (SE-03) ... 03/1694/1/
Hasbro Toy Shop exclusive Overkill (SE-04) ... 04/1693/1/
ROTF N.E.S.T. Rampage (orange, deluxe) ... ge/2030/1/
CW Quickslinger ("May Mayhem" figure) ... er/3666/1/
Platinum Edition Armada of Cyclonus ... 6478-1.jpg
POTP Cindersaur ... 602/large/
POTP Optimal Optimus ... 839/large/ (looking for good condition box; the one I have is below the standards for my collection)
any of the 7" Authentics (Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and Grimlock) ... 482/large/ ... 479/large/ ... 476/large/

BW – Beast Wars
TM2 - Transmetal 2
BM – Beast Machines
RID (CR) – Robots in Disguise (Car Robots)
ROTF – Revenge of the Fallen (2nd movie)
DOTM – Dark of the Moon (3rd movie)
AOE - Age of Extinction (4th movie)
TLK - The Last Knight (5th movie)
PCC – Power Core Combiners
HFTD – Hunt for the Decepticons
Prime BH - Prime Beast Hunters
CW - Combiner Wars
TR - Titans Return
POTP - Power of the Primes
RID – Robots in Disguise
FOC - Fall of Cybertron
TFCC - Transformers Collectors' Club

Usually I'll use the USPS for shipping so anticipate that method for shipping fees. Anything outside of the "lower 48" will become more expensive. If other carriers are desired, we can discuss.

I have an account on I do have several non-Transformer items for trade/sale on that site currently. Check them out if you wish as they can be part of any transactions from here as well.

Also have a list of non-Transformer items not covered by either site. It is largely Star Wars but has everything from X-Men to Warcraft to the remnants of my sports cards collection to the Muppets (yep, Muppets). If you are interested I can provide.

For references I have traded on with two members, NatsumeRyu (RTS Lugnut for a DOTM Space Case) and the "one and only" William James (CW Thundercracker for a CW Sky Lynx). My Feedback link: dinobot4ever-feedback-t112329.php I am who I say I am and am interested in making some successful transactions on this site.

I welcome meet ups if you are in South Carolina. I am centrally located so access is easy. Would love to meet some fellow Transformers fans in the state as I have met very few in all my years "in the hunt."

And finally be patient with me. It has taken me a lot of time to put all of this together over a lengthy period of time. As most of you can appreciate, time is a valuable commodity. If I don't immediately respond to your inquiries, I promise to do so ASAP.

Thank you!
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Re: BIG effort to focus my collection

Postby Dinobot4ever » Mon Jul 09, 2018 5:46 pm

long overdue updates to both lists ...
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Re: BIG effort to focus my collection

Postby Dinobot4ever » Mon Sep 10, 2018 5:15 pm

another major update …

PRICES HAVE BEEN ADDED (despite my misgivings about scalping) and are negotiable (within reason)

organization and proper grouping of the different Transformers lines

better descriptions for clarity and/or of condition

I was asked about including pictures but decided against putting them on here for fear the page would never completely render. :-D It is such a huge list. Would suggest checking Seibertron's extensive gallery if I note no condition issues because mine will look the same or better. Of course my pictures are readily available upon request. Just ask if you want them.
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Re: BIG effort to focus my collection

Postby Dinobot4ever » Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:06 pm

Pulled the lists on to this post for ease of use from the SC Sightings forum and condensed the two posts.

Updates to both lists.
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Re: BIG effort to focus my collection

Postby Dinobot4ever » Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:47 pm

Bumping and updates ...
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