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Re: HMW v1 End Tournament Ideas

Postby Kaijubot » Fri Dec 12, 2008 6:04 pm

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Well, most of them are variations on a theme.

Anyway, Pyschout has just about convinved me that your and Jeep?'s idea is compatible with mine, so I'll be PMing the two of you about it some time this weekend most likely.
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Re: HMW v1 End Tournament Ideas

Postby Jeep? » Fri Dec 12, 2008 7:46 pm

Hit me up on MSN tomorrow night if you can.
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Re: HMW v1 End Tournament Ideas

Postby New Omen » Mon Apr 27, 2009 11:21 am

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I recently watched Rebirth again and thought that the end of HMW V1 could pay little homage to the finale of G1 (In America).
Would it be possible to incorporate some elements from the G1 finale into the story. There are some nice plot devices and battles in Rebirth. Rebirth also gave us Headmasters, Targetmasters, the plasma energy chamber, twin/clone transformers and Six Shot amongst other things. :-B

For those who haven’t seen Rebirth I’ll give a really basic outline of events. (This might be slightly biased)

Optimus has a premonition when suddenly...
All Cons attack Autobot City and steal key to plasma energy chamber
Autobots get their Asses kicked
Cons leave and attack Seibertron
Arielbots get their Asses kicked by Six Shot
Autobots flee. Blaming a bolt of plasma energy of all things :roll:
Cons follow them to Nebulos where they are hiding
Autobots get their Asses kicked
All other Cons and Bots engage in final battle on seibertron
Prime deserts his forces and also flees to Nebulos,
Autobots on Seibs get their Asses kicked
Bots put disgusting green men in their heads to gain unfair advantage
Cons even playing field by doing the same but modifying there weapons as well
Autobots get their Asses kicked
Meanwhile on Seibs Ultra Magnus and the Protectobots make their last stand in a cowardly ambush against Galvatron.
Cons with the newly built Scorponok kick Primes and his Bots asses.
Cons go back to Seibertron and save Galvatron
Magnus and Protectobots get their Asses kicked
In a moment of genius Galvatron decides to use the Bot corpses to make a giant rocket engine and take Seibs to Earth.
Prime and surviving Bots on Nebulos steal targetmaster tech
Prime leads them back to Seibs, while playing hero gets everyone caught.
Galvatron activates plasma energy chamber and prepares to leave Earth and Seibs to their fate.
Fort Max shows up and epic battle ensues between Max and Scorponok..
Spike and Cerebros free Prime and bots. They all flee.
Plasma energy is unleashed and throws Cons to safety.
Arcee explodes before your eyes.
Prime and the last surviving Bots get Asses owned by plasma energy
In a truly beautiful moment a dying Prime proclaims “Autobots all gone, up to you squishy human…Vector Sigma promised a miracle “

I don’t really know what happens next but I assume the sun explodes and rids the galaxy of Humans and Autobots forever. The End. :P

Did i mention the Autobots took an Ass whooping of epic magnitude?
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