Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

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Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

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Motto: "There is only one king and one king shall rule them all."
Weapon: Energo-Sword



Despite being saved by revived Optimus Prime from the Hate Plague, the Quintesson Master-One remains unrepentant.

Now staying on Earth, he seeks to dominate and plunder our home planet after numerous attempt to retake Cybertron with his former fellow Masters failed.

Assembling a full battalion of Sharkticons, Allicons and their new creation merge group Seacons, they forged another alliance with Decepticons following the departure of both leaders Galvatron and Cyclonus for Cybertron.

Shockwave - presumed dead in the last animated movie - also returned stronger and more powerful than ever with his new heavy assault weapons and squadron Venomcons as their new bounty hunter and exterminator of all Autobots and their allies.

On the Autobots' side, Springer is placed in command by Optimus Prime before the latter and Ultra Magnus departed for Cybertron to search for Hot Rod and rest of Autobots after losing communications.

Also features Elita One arriving on Earth to look for Optimus after learning his resurrection and Dinobots who could merge into Dinoking for the first and probably last time.



0. Prelude

1. Discovery

2. Appointment And Reflection

3. Unite And Conquer

4. Arise Dinoking

5. Malvip One And Venomcons

6. Computron Vs Dinoking

7. Dinoking Vs Devastator And Menasor

8. Autobot City War 2

9. Dinoking Vs Bruticus

10. Abominus Vs Computron

11. Springer And Elita One

12. Devastator Vs Raiden

13. Skyfire Vs Darkwing And Dreadwind

14. Superion Vs Menasor

15. Bruticus Vs Defensor

16. Blaster Vs Soundwave

17. Astrotrain Vs Broadside

18. Monguyver Vs Piranacon

19. Omega Supreme Vs Monstructor

20. Sky Lynx Vs Death Lynx

21. Metroplex Vs Trypticon

22. Dinoking Vs Predaking

23. Springer Vs Shockwave

24. Elita One Vs Venomcons

25. Finale



My name is Elita One.

If you are hearing this right now, I hope you can listen very carefully to what I am about to say.

For I am among the few female Autobots to survive several wars and calamities to tell this tale.
Including the last Great War

ImageBefore the war between the humble civilian Autobots and the ambitious elite military Decepticons, I was just an ordinary civilian helping my boyfriend Orion Pax and his friend Dion in the dock warehouse maintaining and repairing vehicles and mini-spacecraft.

Though we Autobots and Decepticons live on the same planet Cybertron, we have different ideals and beliefs.

While the latter adored fighting hence becoming warriors by their nature, we preferred peace and being with our kind without wanting to be associated with them.

It stayed that way until the new elected leader Megatron and his Decepticon army arrived at the warehouse. Their untimely intrusion took us by surprise.

At first Megatron appeared friendly with my boyfriend.

But once my boyfriend revealed our warehouse purpose, that was when he revealed his true colors.

Without warning, he ordered his Decepticon army - which mostly consisted of military trucks before they employed air fighters to attack and seize all warehouses.

My boyfriend protested strongly. For he knew if he allowed Megatron to have his way. they would not only conquer the entire planet but would jeopardize both our livelihood and survival.

Megatron paid no attention to his words and simply pushed him aside. When my boyfriend tried to get in his way again, Megatron simply opened his arm-mounted fusion cannon fire in his chest and down he fell.

I was extremely furious. Unable to stand by and watch, I and his friend Dion also resisted despite knowing that our actions were futile. After all, we were just ordinary and unarmed folks against their elite heavy-assault force.

Needless to say, we were also shot and seriously wounded.

Yet by miracle, we did not die and neither was my boyfriend Orion.

Instead it took us sometime to realize that we had been in prolonged periods of coma under extensive observation and operation by Alpha Trion – whom I eventually regarded as our saviour, mentor and guardian.

While those were good news, the bad news was –

My boyfriend was and might no longer be the same anymore.

Not only was his entire appearance different, his name was now changed to Optimus Prime.

Now promoted as the new leader of good, he was to be entrusted with the new responsibility of leading the remaining fit civilians now called Autobots in their fight against Megatron and his Decepticons.

To reclaim what we lost.

However while my boyfriend recovered quickly, I and his friend Dion did not.

To be honest, I have no idea of how Dion is, where he is or how he is doing right now as all the while we were recovering in separate chambers and could only stayed there until we recovered.

We did not keep in contact or met after that operation. What I do know was my appearance and name also changed.

And the reason was because Alpha Trion wanted to modify the surviving Autobots from normal civilians to fighting soldiers.

Despite the fact that we were never designed for combat in the first place.

Even when I recovered fully and was now renamed as Elita-One, my mentor Alpha Trion refused to let me leave and fight alongside my boyfriend.

He felt that physically and mentally, I was not ready and could only leave only if he think I was ready.

Still it was just a matter of time.

Because we were not designed for combat, our technology and thinking was way behind our foes who clearly had an edge in both stealth, tactics and weaponry.

Much of the male Autobots were decimated and it was just a matter of time before Optimus Prime and his troops were outnumbered. Because Alpha Trion and his team totalled to just 7, they took a much longer time to replenish and rebuild more fighting troops.

So I and few female survivors were reluctantly summoned by my mentor. That was also when I got to know Chroma, Firestar, Greenlight, Lancer and Firestar. They became not just my subordinates but my fellow Autobot sisters under such overwhelming circumstances.

Because our appearance turned the tide of war in our favor, all the female Autobots looked to me as their new leader the same way our male counterparts looked upon Optimus Prime.

The war clearly depleted our planet of our main energy to survive which was energon cube. When Optimus Prime and his 17 warriors were going to leave Cybertron in search for planets with energy, I and my own band were supposed to join them.

But our reunion was shortlived. We were attacked by Megatron, Shockwave and their Decepticon contingents. We were caught in the blast which clearly separated us from Optimus and the rest.

Still I harboured hopes of seeing him again however faint they might be. Whether he was Optimus Prime or Orion Pax, it did not matter to me. He was still the same boyfriend I knew and trusted.

While Megatron and his troops continued their relentless pursuit, Shockwave and the rest remained behind as overlords. The civilians were constantly oppressed and forced into slavery while I and my female band formed a secret underground resistance with Alpha’s help.

Because we were constantly running out of energon, we had to steal regularly from Decepticon bases even at the risk of being captured and forced to work as slaves on their mines.

When Optimus finally reappeared with his few followers, I was overjoyed. He came to our aid and together, we managed to foil the Decepticons’ plan once again.

Unfortunately that was also the last time I ever met him alive.

In 2005, the Decepticons finally succeeded in conquering the entire planet Cybertron. Using the space bridge which was their link to Earth and other planets as well, they gathered more than enough energy to overcome most of the Autobots.

That forced Optimus and his troops to retreat and build their bases on Cybertronian moons namely Moonbase 1 and 2. They also constructed Autobot City which was to be supervised by Ultra Magnus and his new generation on planet Earth.

I have had the choice to join either one of them but from where we were, it was not safe.

Moreover Greenlight and Lancer were captured and we had to rescue them first.

This was only made possible after Megatron and most of the main Decepticon force left to attack Autobot City on Earth.

There were good and bad news after that.

The good news was we managed to save Greenlight and Lancer.

The bad news was Optimus Prime and most of his veteran troops fought and died valiantly in the Autobot City War otherwise known as the first Great War.

I was depressed.

So much so that I isolated myself from everybody else.

I just wanted to be alone, hoping that this was not true. Hoping that Optimus and his men would come and see me just as they had last time.

But they didn’t.

Instead what arrived was more bad news.

A gigantic mechanical being otherwise known as Unicron came and attacked our planet out of the blue.

Shockwave and most of his Decepticons were presumed dead in their futile attempts to defend and counterattack Unicron’s onslaught.

The whole place was in chaos.

Buildings came crashing down like nine pins and every being that was still running and fleeing were instantly grabbed, crushed and devoured alive by the malevolent being.

Despite the rest of the Autobots putting up a strong resistance, they suffered the same fate as Decepticons.

Even though we were stationed deep underground, we knew it was a matter of time before Unicron found and ate us as well.

But the quake suddenly stopped momentarily. Even so, none of us dared to venture out for fear it might be the enemy ruse to stay quiet and get us to be complacent of its danger.

The only thing we could do was wait.

Hours passed.

How long exactly, I did not know as the lights were out and we were all in the dark, holding each other and hugging each other for encouragement.

When lights were restored, there was a brief broadcast announcement that Unicron was destroyed and his destroyer was an Autobot Hot Rod who successfully activated the Matrix Of Leadership.

Because of that, he was renamed Rodimus Prime and would take over the decreased Optimus Prime with his new batch of Autobots - Ultra Magnus, Springer, Arcee, Kup and Wheelie together with the oldies like Dinobots and those who survived the Great War and Unicron’s Attack.

Though I have heard of the Matrix before, I did not realize it was connected with the leadership.

What I do know was that my heart was being infused with another Matrix by Alpha Trion who once told me that was necessary to keep me alive and lead my people out of death and darkness if the same or even worse calamity happened again one day.

The same as when Unicron attacked our planet.

However, he told me to keep this as my personal secret.

Other than us, no one else was to know this.

Not even Optimus Prime and my fellow female comrades who had sticked and fought with me through thick and thin.

That also ended Shockwave’s decades long domination.

But whether Shockwave was really killed or not, that remained a mystery. Still that did not matter.

What mattered most was when his rule ended, we no longer have had to hide underground anymore.

We could finally return to the surface and live life as normal beings – something I could only recall from my days as Ariel.

We rejoined Rodimus Prime and his new command at Cybertron’s victory celebrations.

I have had a brief conversation with Arcee since we were both women warriors.

After the victory celebrations, I and my sister band were summoned by Rodimus Prime who obviously spotted us at the party.

According to him, he heard a lot from his predecessor Optimus about us and for our contributions in fighting for Autobots’ cause by rebelling against Shockwave, he wanted to promote us as part of his Elite Inner Circle.

By right, it was an offer that we should not refuse. We could have said yes.

But we did not.

Having lived so long as rebel warriors, we all became weary.

And given the fact that Optimus was no around – something I have had to accept eventually, I no longer wanted to have anything to do with warfare and my sisters felt the same.

So we turned him down.

Instead I requested that he brought us to pay our respects to Optimus Prime and his valiant warriors like Ironhide, Prowl, Ratchet, Wheeljack, Brawn and all the first generation that first arrived on Earth and died valiantly in the Great War at the Mausoleum.

The only survivors – if I can recall correctly - were Jazz, Bumblebee and human Spike Witwicky since I also met and spoke with them.

That was also the last time we came into contact with Rodimus Prime and his men.

For me and my sisters, we still remained in touch and lived together as one united women community.

The deaths of our loved ones only served to make us stronger.

For a while, I do hear broadcast stories of Optimus Prime being resurrected from the dead.

The first time turned out to be his body being stolen and reanimated by the Quintessons.

Something I felt both sad and disgusted about. Sad for Optimus to be made use of that way and disgusted with what Quintessons did.

But the second time was REAL and what actually brought me and my sisters on the quest to find and see him once again.

Though that did not happen right away as his body was found by a certain human astronaut Jessica Morgan and turned out to be infected with spores.

That spores infected almost everybody – humans and robots alike.

It also began the Hate Plague.

Just as it seemed hope was lost, Optimus Prime rose and reactivated his Matrix Of Leadership he somehow got it from his infected successor Rodimus on Earth.

Somehow the power reached out to all parts of the world and universe, saving everybody. Whether they were Autobots, Decepticons, humans or any other creatures out there.

ImageIt was at this point I and my sisters united again as women warriors and embarked on a quest to Earth.

The last time I met Optimus, he and his men came all the way down from there to Cybertron to see us.

This time we decided to return the favor.

Ironically Rodimus Prime now became Hot Rod again and together with Kup, Blurr and some of the Autobots and Witwicky family, they decided to settle down on Cybertron for good and never wanted to return to Earth again.

So I and my sisters took over their spacecraft The Ark II and head for Earth.

With that said -

This is my story.

This is my life.

This is my destiny.



Those thoughts were still fresh in Elita-One's mind as she submerged into the dark green murky and smoky depths of what initially looked like the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean on the surface as a lone humanoid figure among the scores of swimming sea creatures and wild plants that not many had seen or even heard about before except some divers who experienced underwater life regularly.

Yet in contrary to what most fairy and novel tales would envisioned, she was largely ignored by most living creatures including 1 shark that passed by. For she was special.

Special in the fact that she was not made of living flesh, blood and bone tissue and she was among the few metallic beings that came down into the sea since the last G1 Autobot Seaspray and an army of aquatic beings from the now vanquished Atlantis City.

By the looks, she could have been unconscious for hours or even days. Due to the unpredictable weather and sea conditions, her pink and white body remained in suspended mode. Sinking and swaying according to the rhythm and coordination of the waves in proportion to what was above, she was a pale light green figure in the distance.

Even when light finally dawned upon her and her body was transported, she still remained unconscious and immobile.

The only thing that was alive in her was her memories and mind which could still function and recall the events that had happened long ago and recently.

Hence it was not a matter of whether she would wake up but when given her current circumstances that resulted from a tragedy that could otherwise have claimed her life as well.

And most importantly whether she would remain the same Elita-One if she woke to the current reality she was in and about to face.

5 Hours Earlier

The drilling became louder every second against the metallic hull of The Ark II spacecraft built after its predecessor which had served as both Earth transport and headquarters for Optimus Prime and his 18 pioneer Autobots in the early days of Transformers on Earth.

By the looks of it, it was to be déjà vu. The same way Megatron and his Decepticons intercepted their predecessors on their way to Earth only to result in a crash that left them in deep sleep for millions of years.

Even as Elita-One and her band of female Autobots Chroma, Greenlight, Lancer and Firestar were well-prepared to face whatever that came their way. They had fought and supported each other through thick and thin which served as their core pillar of strength and teamwork in the face of whatever adversary came their way.

Yet when the ship walls finally came crushing down by blasts, they were absolutely shocked to see the face of the very first being they once became familiar and fearful of.

If it was anyone else - be it Decepticon, Quintessons or hostile creature, they would have no hesitation in opening fire and dismantling.


But not Shockwave.

For the once supreme and tyrannical high lord of Cybertron was the very reason why Elita-One was made leader of her own formed all-female resistance. Her motto – inspired by what Alpha Trion told her - was that she had a choice of either complying with his tyranny to survive only in fear or to rebel and fight for freedom and greater good of her fellow Autobots that she chose and stood by even now.

Not only he was not dead but alive and more terrifying than before. That all too familiar single cyclops-like eye which now became violent red instead of custom yellow and served as the only living tissue in his otherwise void expressionless dark face or simply just within the darkness without any face.

The difference was his body now in full grey and light purple armor and attached to his right arm was a powerful cannon which kind of reminded her of Megatron’s which changed her and Optimus’s life forever.

Another difference was his new troopers were no longer static and remote-controlled robots they were all accustomed to doing battle against.

Instead they were new elite female Decepticons which were obviously fashioned upon Elita-One and her warrior band.

Together, there were six against their five in numbers.

How Shockwave was being rejuvenated and how they were created out of the blue no longer mattered.

Not under those circumstances.

What mattered most that they turned out to be more powerful and deadlier than ever before.

Even when attacking together, Elita One and her women warriors soon proved to be no match for Shockwave and his new squadron.

For his Decepticon females possessed break taking and supersonic speeds and reflexes that caught them completely by surprise besides their firepower.

In just seconds, Chroma, Firestar, Greenlight and Lancer fell dead despite battling bravely.

Elita One remained the only one standing and firing.

But Shockwave’s single cannon blast was powerful enough to hurl her out of the ship and into the depths of space.

Even so, the former Decepticon overlord remained unconvinced.

Yet instead of pursuing her personally as his old self would, he turned to his new squad commander.

“Malvip-One, go after her with your women. Dead or alive, I want you to bring Elita-One to me.”

Malvip-One acknowledged with a nod as they morphed into shuriken-shaped Decepticon jets and headed in the direction Elita One was thrown out.

Then alone on the now pilotless The Ark II, Shockwave activated the visual communicator link on his left wrist before saying, “My Quintesson Masters, this is Shockwave.

Just as you instructed, we located and put an end to Elita-One and her resistance group.”

“Very well, Shockwave,” The skull of the Five Faces Of Darkness replied. “Take over their ship and head back to our base at once. We’ll regroup for another attack. This time to put an end to the Autobots’ resistance once and for all.”

“As you commanded, my Quintesson Masters.” Shockwave acknowledged accordingly.


The resconstructed Autobot City of Metroplex was simply awesome and majestic at first sight whether you are looking from above in the skies or just passing by on the high-and-expressways

The combination of pure white concrete and metallic steel - together with its mostly orange and brownish metal of the first generation city in the pre-Metroplex’s era- served as its primary source of construction and main feature having caught of the eyes of many passers-by as first impression.

As well as the high towering and gleaming steel buildings that would have made any urban developers and fellow Autobots proud considering its expansion have helped created more jobs for all races alike despite the effects of the last battle.

Although you could still see the old traditional stances of the then stationary old Autobot City, much of it was now linked to the new transformable city. Although the only disadvantage was that which - both Autobots and fellow human allies had yet to comprehend - was how to keep the working population and whole city intact – should Metroplex need to transform in times of great emergency.

Still Metroplex lived true to another name - Metropolis as both a battle fortress and military workhub despite having faced numerous Decepticon attacks such as the one lead by Megatron in a full-scale assault that claimed the lives of Optimus Prime and most of his first generation Autobot pioneers and damages in particular the Hate Plague which began with the discovery of Optimus’s spore-affected body and in turn infected many living beings until the Autobot leader rose from the dead to save the world upon activating his Matrix Of Leadership.

It began with 2003 when the US government granted the Autobots permission to set up their own territory fortress to defend their nation and world against the ever aggressive foes Decepticons.

Initially a non-transformable stationary fortress with the only weapons of multiple missile launchers and cannon guns.

While it worked well against standard size robots like Decepticon leader Megatron and his mostly aerial and electronical gadget army, the same could not be said against gestalt warriors or giant combiner robots like Devastator - formed from their first sub-group of Constructicons which were created more for development of their own kind and destruction of everything else.

So with the help of Autobots’ own construction team of Grapple, Blaster and Aerialbots, they successfully redeveloped most of Autobot City into their own transformable robot called Metroplex. That was even more critical in the wake of the Decepticons’ own battle fortress, city and T-Rex dino-warrior Trypticon.

While Metroplex was more than capable of holding his own against physical enemies, he could do nothing against the recent hate plague and agreed to be shut down by then leader Rodimus Prime to avoid being contaminated.

Ironically shortly after, the latter got infected by Junkion leader Wreck-Gar and city commander Ultra Magnus.

Despite that being over and Optimus Prime was resurrected and reinstated as Autobot leader, Metroplex had no intention of transforming into robot again.

Like the original Transformers creator Plimus who choose to transform and remained as their home planet of Cybertron, Metroplex do the same.

Not until their darkest moment came again when his help was most needed.

Now manned by both Autobots and US military personnel, Metroplex served as the last line of defence against all adversaries be it Decepticons or not.

Even more so after the events of Hate Plague.

“Good morning, this is Rebecca Stanfield from Fox News.

Following the recent hate virus which infected almost the entire world population, rumors had it that US military could cease ties with Autobots even when they formed alliance.

That also despite the world being saved by their leader Optimus Prime who was resurrected from the dead.

Though there was no official announcement as yet, insider sources indiciated it could happen sooner or later.

With me, I got 2 special guests who played important roles in both the Earth defence and bringing back Optimus Prime to Earth. They are Marissa Faireborn and Jessica Morgan.”

Then turning to those special guests, the TV news broadcaster first turned to and asked Melissa, “Marissa, what are your thoughts regarding this?”

“Well Rebecca, at this point I am in no position to comment anything.” Marissa replied. “Except that the fact that negotiations are still proceeding in the interest of both parties.

Like everyone else, I wish it could come to a win-win happy scenario. But even though I am in military, I am not entirely in charge of the whole proceedings.”

“What about you, Jessica?” Rebecca turned to the other guest asking. “Do you have anything to say following what happened recently?”

“Well, apart from saying that I was entirely responsible for this since it was my idea to bring back Optimus, I got nothing else to add,” Jessica answered.

“So after the plague, do you still keep in contact with Optimus and his Autobots?”
Rebecca asked.

“Well not anymore. Now that Optimus Prime has been resurrected and the Autobots order have been restored, me and my dad just resumed our normal lives as usual. Still like everyone else, I hope the US military can reconsider their options and allow Autobots to remain on Earth.”

“Well, guys, you heard that from both women,” Rebecca returned her attention to the camera. “This is Rebecca Stanfield reporting live. Once we got any more further updates, we will keep you informed.”

Marissa Faireborn shut off her smart phone as she started the engine and began driving her black Lamborghini automobile along the express highway linking from Autobot City to Metroplex on a clear sunny morning of Saturday.

This whole media news propaganda and nonsense - if she had her own way, she would not want to have anything to do with it.

But orders were orders and as long as she remained on the military payroll, she got to do her job as their representative and spokesmen for the media.

Following her engagement, she intended to quit the Earth Defence Force and lived what she now came to define and realize as a normal human life.

Just as civilian and probably housewife or even mom in the near future. After years of risking out, she got sick and tired of all this fighting which practically had no definite ending.

But that was not what irritated her.

What really irritated her was that-

Despite being an Autobot ally, she had never got into contact with their original leader Optimus Prime and not actively involved in the recent Hate Plague for security reasons.

The closest she ever got was his predecessor Rodimus and his second-in-command Ultra Magnus before that. When the former felt the burden of leadership getting to his nerves, she tried to persuade him otherwise.

However following Jessica Morgan’s discovery and bringing back Optimus which attracted attention from news, military and everybody, she was posted to internal security force.

This meant much of her job was within the headquarters base of Metroplex and unless the situation was critical, she was not required to leave even her compound for any field exercise nor operation.

Hence when the hate plague arrived, she could do nothing about it.

When everyone - including Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus were infected, she had been with Spike Witwicky and his family, Throttlebots minus Goldbug, Dinobots, Arcee and Springer as rescue and emergency backup force.

Springer became the temporary Autobot leader and she in joint-second command with Arcee helping and attending to those who managed to escape and avoid contamination.

They could have linked up with just resurrected Optimus Prime, Quintessons, Kup and the rest who were also unaffected but the turn of events forced them to quarantine civilians who were normal from those who were infected.

After the Optimus saved the day, she remained in internal security but only as head.

Now with all these battles well and truly over, she was looking forward to spend a great weekend with her fiancé. Still turning to her mobile TV news rerun from last night - featuring her and Jessica made her kind of turned off eventually though she could not deny doing so out of pure curiosity to see how she presented herself on TV.

Just as she continued driving, she suddenly spotted something falling from the skies right into the seas from across the highway.

As much as she wanted to mind her own business, her curiosity soon got the better of her and she drove to what could be possibly the crashing point direction.

Upon reaching the shore and getting off, her black Lamborghini instantly transformed into a giant Autobot.

Formerly known as Jazz - the infamous blue and white second-in-command behind Optimus Prime when the Autobots first crashlanded on Earth, he had changed a lot significantly.

Having been exposed to Earth atmosphere for many years, much of his parts had gone rusty.

Even with constant supply of Cybertronium - the fuel that all Transformers needed to survive the same way we humans need food and oxygen, it was obvious that he had to go through a new makeover.

And that was what he had been through all this while since Rodimus Prime became the new Autobot leader.

Inspired by Rodimus’s younger Hot Rod, Jazz personally requested Autobot scientists Perceptor and Technobots to design the same fiery insignia on his chest and paint his entire body black instead of custom blue and white repaint. His head will be in white instead of black.

After the makeover was completed, he requested his name to be changed to Jazzblaze.

His weapons had also changed. Instead of photon rifle and flamethrower, he was armed with double-barrelled cannon blaster and thermal extinguisher for dual purposes as a warrior and savior.

“What’s going on, Marissa?” He asked out of curiosity.

“I thought I saw something falling into the seas. You should see it too.” Marissa replied as she produced an electro-binoculars to scan for anything moving among the tidal waves of sea.

“Let’s go and check it out,” Jazzblaze replied. “Climb back in.”

Jazzblaze transformed back into the black automotive and once Marissa got in, the wheels turned 180 degrees and the back core engine suddenly appeared from the rear.

The car had now converted into underwater mobile craft.

It was another transformation mode Jazzblaze requested so that he could travel both on ground and underwater. Initially he wanted to fly like his counterpart Tracks but discovered his parts were not designed for that purpose.

They headed long into the seas and right underneath. Among the vast array of aquatic fossils, sea plants and some fishes swimming around, it did not take long for them to discover what they just spotted and were looking for.

It turned out to be an Autobot hovering. But a female instead of male. A pink and white warrior floating unconsciously a few metres away from them and inches from the sandy grounds.

They did not know whether she was alive and so there was only one way to find out.

Problem was when they were approaching, they soon discovered they were not alone.

Out of the blue, 2 malevolent creatures suddenly appeared right before them. From their mechanical designs and unmistakable red violent eyes, they were obviously Decepticons.

One looked like a carnivorous yet smaller shark while the other looked like a squid with long large tentacles. Both were in their pink and blue colors.

Before they could draw closer and probably harm the unconscious Autobot female, Jazz Blaze released 2 underwater torpedoes from his twin barrels and hit them right on the spot.

By right they should be destroyed or at least sent into retreat like how Decepticons normally did. But those blasts were just like ant bites to their heavy-armored bodies.

4 more underwater creatures appeared to join them. They consisted of a coelacanth, lobster, manta ray and giant turtle - who was obviously their leader. Together, they began turning their attention and converging on them.

Because Marissa was right inside him, Jazzblaze could not transform. Instead he could only use what his hover mode enabled them to outrun and get the female warrior out of harm’s way.

But the current situation whereby they were just two as compared to their six-team members was not in their favor.

Just as the turtle commander Snaptrap and his Seacon warriors were about to close in for a kill on their prey in amphibious modes, another giant blast blew them out of the way.

Another Autobot - this time a much bigger warrior intercepted their way.

His name was Broadside. A red and grey triple changer with dual modes of jet fighter and ship which enabled him to reign over both skies and seas with relative ease.

“Seacons, merge into Piranacon!” Snaptrap growled in command.

Yet before they could do so, Broadside let loose another beam blast which hit him right on the chest. He followed up with several more which hit his team members as well.

Sensing a clear disadvantage when they were down, Snaptrap and his Seacon warriors retreated with their usual cursing and swearing that they would return.

Once the Seacons were gone, Broadside moved in and Jazzblaze instantly hoped on broad with Marissa.

Then they made their way back to the surface and on the way back to Autobot City.


"Springer, I have decided to appoint you as leader of Autobots on Earth"

Now if this order came from Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus or any other Autobot, Springer would have turned them down flatly.

For he heard that many times and was sick and tired of having to repeat his answer again and again.

Problem was this time, this order came from Optimus Prime himself.

Though this was only his third meeting with the original commander - now back from the dead and saviour of the people from recent hate plague, this was the very first time he ever have had a one-to-one conversation with Optimus.

“I’ve spoken to other Autobots. They told me you are the best warrior to lead having experienced and gone through much with Rodimus and his previous group.” Optimus Prime continued as he looked upon Springer since he was much bigger and taller.

“And also the people and other Autobots during the recent plague.”

“I’m honoured, Optimus. But I don’t think I’m ready and will never be. Sorry.” Springer replied modestly.

Though that was almost the same answer as Ultra Magnus when he was appointed as leader for the first time, that was the best he could come up with as he did not want to take up the challenge nor offend Optimus at the same time.

“Yes. I think you’re. I’ve confidence in you. So have everybody.” Optimus assured him. “I and Ultra Magnus’ll be leaving for Cybertron.”

“We could be gone for a very long time.” Optimus continued. “Hot Rod refuses to have anything to do with leadership and I got a bad feeling that something terrible would happen to Cybertron and Earth at the same time.

So I needed someone to lead Autobots here on Earth while we were away.

And having spoken to all others, they gave their vote that you are the best to lead.

Because of that, we have utmost confidence in you and I know you will not let me down.”

“I’m not…exactly sure what to say, Optimus but I’m just not ready.”

“You don’t have to be ready all the time, Springer.” Optimus reassured him. “Only when it matters. I and Ultra Magnus got to go now. We are now leaving the Autobot City under your command.”

With that said, the original Autobot leader and his second-in-command Ultra Magnus headed quickly for The Ark III - which was recently constructed after its predecessors on both Cybertron and Earth.

As the ship took off, Springer wondered whether Optimus had made the right decision and how he should go about leading others the same way he and Rodimus have had before.

Elita-One finally woke up after what seemed to be an eternity.

The first thing she saw were faces of her Autobot compatriots.

Though they all wore the same symbol as her, she did not recognize any of them. Moreover it had been a very long time since she interacted with Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus and Arcee.

Then again, she could have met any of them at the victory celebrations at Cybertron following their reclaim from Decepticons and Unicron or vice versa.

But she really had no idea nor impression whatever so.

“Where am I?” She asked. “How long have I been out?”

“You have been unconscious for 3 days,” the dark Red Autobot with what seemed to be a long microscope on his right shoulder.

“You are?” Elita asked.

“I’m Perceptor,” He replied. “I’m one of those attending to you along with First Aid.”

“And I’m Springer - leader of the Autobots here,” The green muscular robot warrior added in a rather authoritative tone. “My men found you in the seas and bring you here to Medical Bay for treatment.”

“Springer? You the leader of Autobots?” Elita suddenly felt confused as this whole thing did not make any sense to her. “Where is Optimus Prime? Where is the original Autobot leader?”

“Optimus and Ultra Magnus left for Cybertron 2 days ago,” Springer answered. “Optimus put me in charge before that. Who’re you and what are you doing here on Earth all by yourself?”

“My name is Elita-One.” Elita replied with heavy heart that Optimus left before she eventually got the chance to see him. “I’m the leader of female Autobots based on Cybertron. We learn of Optimus’ revival via broadcast and came all the way here to see him.

But we were under attack by Shockwave and his new female Decepticons. Got shot and the next thing I knew I woke up here.”

Despite the fact they had met before during Autobot victory celebrations on Cybertron, Springer could have forgotten about it since they had never spoken to each other before.

Until now.

“Shockwave?” Springer asked with a look of disbelief “Shockwave is still alive? That’s impossible! We all knew he died along with most of his minions when Unicron attacked Cybertron years ago!”

“That’s what I think too though I could be wrong.” Elita answered. “But that single eye. There was no mistake about it. Just that he looked a lot different from last time.”

Then getting up from the medical bay bed, she said, “I got to head back to Cybertron and look for Optimus. He’s the main reason why I am here.”

“But you are still recovering,” Perceptor objected.

“I totally agree with Perceptor,” Springer said. “Rest well and recover first, Elita. After what has happened recently, most of our ships are still under maintenance and Optimus left on the only one that still functioned fully.”

“But I can’t just stay and be a burden…” Sudden pain suddenly enveloped within her chest as she attempted to get off her bed.

“Rest well and recover first,” Springer repeated his words. “That’s an order. You have been badly wounded and my men just fixed you. There’s no guarantee they can do it again should the same thing happens.”

“Do you know who I really am?” Elita One asked, feeling a bit put off by Springer’s cold and seemingly demanding tone. “I’m also Optimus Prime’s…”

“No, I don’t know and I do not want to know,” Springer maintained his firm stand. “What I do know and need you to understand is that you are still recovering and I can’t let you leave just like that.

“How are the Dinobots?”

That was the first question Springer asked upon entering the repair hangar bay in the other part of Autobot City.

“They’ll live,” Commander Scattershot replied as he and his Technobots team were busy monitoring the screens and working on panel controls and five Dinobots resting on each metallic pad on the other side of the bay.

The only thing that separated them was a huge glass panel that was built to protect both the repair crew overseeing the operations and the patients themselves.

And even more so considering the patients were among the largest Transformers individually alongside Sky Lynx, Metroplex and Fortress Maximum.

“But they might never function the same again.” Deputy Strafe added.

“What do you mean?” Springer asked.

“After years of exposure to Earth atmosphere, outer space and constant battles,” Scattershot answered. “Their parts had gone rusty.

Despite their protective shells that encased them, the constant beating they received in both their dino-and-robot modes had clearly taken a toll on their fighting and functioning capabilities.”

“In other words, if they continued to do battle, they might die and cease to function forever. And that would be a major loss and blow to us,” Afterburner added.

“Then what should we do?” Springer asked.

“There is only one way to solve this problem,” Scattershot said grimly as he continued his surveillance with their newly appointed Autobot leader.

And we are currently working on it though we should have got your permission first.”

“And what is that?”

“We are what we are today all because of their leader Grimlock. And because of that, we intend to pay him and his fellow Dinobots back.”

“How?” Springer clearly looked confused.

“We intend to make them combine,” Scattershot answered. “For merging is the only way for them to regain the strength they once have had when they were created.”

But now that their original creators Ratchet and Wheeljack were no longer with us, it’ll be our responsibility to continue where they left off.”

“What? But the Dinobots were never designed for that purpose!” Springer objected.

But the real reason was it did happen years ago when Optimus Prime was still leader and his original first generation Autobot pioneers - the ones who first crashlanded on Earth and eventually rejuvenated - were fighting a losing battle against their Decepticon foes.

Yet because of the havoc and mass destruction that Dinobots created during and after the battle, they were forced to make them one of the other 2 subgroups that did not combine besides Monsterbots.

They also created the same problems when they were first introduced to Autobots.

“I know. But that is the risk we have to take if we ever want to see the Dinobots as in action. The way we expected.”

Then turning back to Springer, he said, “We’ll let you know once the work is finished.

Right now the Dinobots are still in coma and whatever time we have had, we have to make the best use of that. If you know what I mean.”

“I understand.” Springer nodded as he left the bay.

Once he was out, he began to recall the events that caused the Dinobots to be in this predicament.

It all started with the hate plague that infected Rodimus Prime and his Autobots when they attempted to find and retrieve their original leader Optimus Prime’s body from Doctor Morgan’s laboratory.

His daughter Jessica and assistant Gregory had discovered Optimus by chance during their space expenditure. Little did they realize by bringing back his body to Earth, they were also inviting red spore viruses along with it.

Due to his hatred for all Transformers because he and Gregory were badly affected by their seemingly endless wars, they decided to lay a trap to get back at them.

While they succeeded in doing so, they also succeeded in creating a worldwide disaster - now known as infamous hate plague that affected everybody as a result.

While Rodimus Prime were creating havoc with Ultra Magnus and Wreckgar - leader of the Junkions, Springer, Arcee, Dinobots and humans Marissa Fairbourne, Spike Witwicky, his wife Carly and son Daniel were secretly watching from behind one of the thick walls to avoid being detected and infected as well.

But Dinobot commander Grimlock’s anxiety to fight and put things right jeopardized everything. Other Dinobots followed suit and as a result, they all got infected as well upon being touched by those trio.

If not for Skyfire’s untimely intervention and ability to fly, they would have been infected as well.

Yet they were all boxed into a safe and secured quarantined sector of Autobot City until the plague was well and truly over after Optimus Prime got resurrected and reactivated the Autobot Matrix.

While everyone recovered and went back to their normal lives, the same could not be said of the Dinobots.

The last time they were in such situation was when they were injured by Megatron and his Decepticons in robot modes in airport battle.

Only this time, it was much more serious as up to now, the Dinobots had yet to regain consciousness.

But given their lack of firepower and artillery especially given their combiners were outnumbered by their Decepticon foes, it became a dilemma for Springer to approve and disapprove Technobots’ suggestion

After all, they were created by Grimlock and now they intend to return the favor to him and Dinobots just like what Scattershot said.

Unknown to Springer, his Autobots and human allies, their activities and conversations were silently observed and recorded by both Decepticon espionage spies Squawktalk and Beastbox.

They were not just spies but green and purple cassette warriors in the form of condor and ape that could swoop and pounce on unsuspecting victims - if they wanted to - besides just observing and recording.

Having got what they came for, they quietly transformed back into cassettes and flew away into Soundwave’s open cassette chest before they all headed back to their new Decepticon headquarters.


Deep within the deep blue seas of the Pacific Oceans was what Megatron once regarded proudly as his majestic warship, battlecruiser and sea-based headquarters for him and his Decepticons army during their early Earth battle exchanges with Optimus Prime and his Autobots.

But after Decepticons succeeded in conquering Cybertron in 2005, the ship was abandoned and completely barren save a few malfunctioning in-built facilities and accessories.

However now all that changed when the Quintesson Master One arrived, took command and changed its entire structure into their all-in-one ultimate weapon against both Autobots and humans in their new quest to take over our planet Earth after numerous attempts to regain and even destroy Cybertron failed with their counterparts.

Once the proud creators of Transformers, their reign ended by the united rebellion of both Autobots and Decepticons who both allied temporary to drive them off the planet Cybertron.

Little do they realize that their device Vector Sigma - which was used to create intelligence race of super robots who could think and feel for themselves besides just transforming - would be their downfall.

They eventually migrated to another barren planet they named as Quintessa.

Still a turn of events in which they tried to blow up the planet to prevent their Autobot and human captives from escaping made them homeless again.

Since then they had been travelling all over the galaxy on board their ship, searching for their next victims to be either their slaves or executed by their carnivorous robotic soldiers Allicons and Sharkticons.

That had been their lives for the next few years until the emergence of Hate Plague which affected most living creatures on Earth and across the galaxy.

All these after a lady human scientist called Jessica Morgan discovered the body of former Autobot commander Optimus Prime by chance and attempted to take it to her headquarters on Earth to restore him to life.

Because most of their troops had been infected with the disease in which they battled each other till death, they were forced to flee to avoid being infected.

They were overpowered and captured by Autobot Sky Lynx who could transform from space shuttle into dino-bird like creature.

Due to those circumstances, they were forced to comply with his commands and revive Optimus Prime and all other Autobots who were not infected.

Yet after the plague and peace restored, they did not appear again to join in humans, Autobots and even Decepticons’ celebrations.

For they saw no reason to.

Instead they hid beneath the seas and oceans to observe the beautiful underwater nature of our planet Earth.

And during those observation periods, they happened to came across the abandoned and decommissioned Decepticon ship Nemesis by chance and decided to take refuge there.

Even more so when Galvatron mobilized most of what he considered as his main Decepticon contingent to renew their attack on Autobots to gain the Plasma Energy they needed to revive Vector Sigma.

Inspired by Autobot Sky Lynx’s half shuttle and dino-warrior design, they decided to create a Decepticon version of him.

With the help of their Sharkticon and Allicon troops as well as the unfortunate Primacron – creator of Unicron they captured by chance, they renovated the entire ship.

Then with the help of Predacons - who could merge into Predaking and Terrorcons who could do the same into forming Abominus as their first Decepticon allies, they managed to capture Constructicons after overcoming their combined form of Devastator.

Their reason for doing that was they wanted them to do exactly the same they had in constructing Trypticon.

They wanted a second mobile headquarters that they could transform into assault carrier and battlestation that could not only be connected to Trypticon in battle station mode.

But also one they could deploy anytime they wanted be it against Autobots and humans.

The result was a dark and purple 3-headed mechanical hydra that could not only transform exactly the way Sky Lynx did but could disperse their 3 heads into merchanical cobra, rattlesnake and viper to hunt and destroy their unfortunate nearby victims quickly and easily.

They eventually sought out the remaining Decepticon combiner groups in Stunticons and Combaticons who were also in hiding to recuperate and strategize their future after the events of Hate Plague and but were not with Galvatron and his main contingent.

With their 4 combiners to just their 2, they successfully overcame and forged another alliance with them as well.

With all Decepticon combiners on their side doing their biding, the remaining Earth-based counterparts stood no chance of rebelling and eventually joined their side.

In return the Quintessons promised them the entire Earth resources and new leadership they could use against Galvatron and his army should they return from Cybertron.

Still that were not enough for them to launch a full-scale assault as much as they were not tempted to.

Because following the hate plague events, the Autobots also formed a strong alliance with US and United Nations army to repel all Decepticons and any future threats that came their way though they were also aware that such alliance would not last long as they were still staying on human world Earth.

And as long as they were on Earth, they had to comply with their human government rules which could very well be the next reason for their separation in a matter of time.

Even with all the Earth-based Decepticons on their side, they needed another group of formidable warriors that could complement their counterparts Springer, Hot Rod, Kup and Arcee in terms of intelligence besides just fighting skills.

Unknown to both Transformers and even humans themselves, they managed to find and lock away another Decepticon leader Shockwave into their inner vaults of the ship which could only be accessed by those they wanted to such as their scientists and troops.

That was about a month after the events of Unicron destruction.

They also did the same to others like Guardian robots and Decepticon jets.

Initially they wanted to revive Shockwave into a zombie and be used against Decepticons as they had in using Optimus Prime against his Autobots.

Yet because Shockwave was so badly damaged, they could not rebuild him on time.

Nevertheless, his life force was still growing strong given his years of brutal upbringing in military whereby strong will was essential for survival.

Moreover to manipulate Optimus Prime was one thing.

To manipulate Shockwave was another.

Until now.

With their team of scientists working non-stop even till the death of some, they not only revived Shockwave but made him better and deadlier than before.

The only difference was Shockwave was now on their side instead of serving Megatron and probably even Galvatron he once was accustomed to. Instead of military commander, he was now their bounty hunter and soon-to-be exterminator of all Autobots they perceived as their main obstacle to world domination.

Using Shockwave memory banks, they also created another new Decepticon sub-group. But instead of males like those Constructicons and Combaticons, they decided to create female robotic breeds.

In other words an all new Decepticon female sub-group the same way Alpha Trion fashioned their female Autobot counterparts Elita-One and her Like when they created Predacons, they watched all Earth documentaries of the world’s deadliest creatures and weapons on TV they could exploit to their advantage.

Besides wild beasts, wild reptiles were their all-time favourite favourites. Especially serpents who could kill with just one single venomous bite and strangle of their elongated bodies.

Such as cobras and rattlesnakes.

That was how Venomcons were born.

With their commander Malvip-One leading, they consisted of female Decepticon hunters that could transform into fighter jets and deadliest creatures besides just robots.

Plus they could merge like any Decepticon sub-group.

With them, Shockwave and their other new creations Seacons and Monster Pretenders along with the Decepticon armies on board, they were now more than ready to face and destroy the Autobots once and for all.

While Megatron and his Decepticons attacked Autobot City only, they would attack not just Autobot City but all major cities across the world as well.

Since their original plan to retake Cybertron failed many times, they now intended to plunder and dominate our Earth for its rich resources.


“Decepticons, we’re under attack! Scramble!”

Those were the desperate cries by then Cybertronian and Decepticon High Lord Shockwave as Unicron brought his huge hand crashing down upon the planet and send all buildings crumbling down like nine pins.

However his fellow Decepticons could not hear him.

Yet they knew exactly what to do. Instinctively they transformed into fighter jets and mounted a brave yet futile resistance with their laser beams against Unicron’s wrath.

Yet in spite of what they did, they were either crushed or swallowed alive by the malevolent mechanical godlike being of darkness. Their war and death cries were their final moments.

Shockwave got off the high platform. As Unicron’s hand came penetrating through the once proud and mighty Decepticon fortress, he transformed into a ray gun and started firing continuously.

And frantically.

Yet like all those Decepticons, they were useless. The giant deathbringer still continued advancing and within seconds he was crushed brutally by him.

Worse of all, his head was decapitated from his body as well.

Though his entire body was destroyed, Shockwave was still alive.

His single yellow eye was still blinking in his remaining head even when deposed among the debris by the Autobot civilians following their triumph against Unicron and new hero Rodimus Prime who was to be their new leader after Optimus Prime’s death at the hands of his nemesis Megatron.

Now that was a mistake.

A very big mistake that would prove to be the Autobots’ downfall.

Instead of just deposing, they could have destroyed his head as well when they had the chance. Now that they did not, he would make sure he got revenge by eliminating them completely the same way Unicron had of his Decepticon contingents.

Not because of what Unicron did to him but rather to regain his rightful place of authority from the Autobots.

Following Rodimus’s ascension, the Quintessons launched their own attack to regain Cybertron they had lost when they were overpowered by their Transformers slaves way before they divided into Autobots and Decepticons.

And it was during that attack that his head was discovered by their army commandos – the Sharkticons who possessed the ability to turn from robot executors to mechanical killer sharks.

They could also have destroyed it like they did with everything else.

Yet obviously due to his blinking eye, they were curious and brought his head to their Quintesson Masters- otherwise known as Five Faces Of Darkness.

They were strictly warned to keep their discovery confidential as the Masters did not want anyone be it Autobots or Decepticons or any third party beings to know what could potentially be their ultimate weapon.

It was from that moment onwards Shockwave began his long rehabilitation and semi-coma journey.

He could not remember anything else after that. His visions were of the past when he was created by the Quintessons scientists and the present when he was again worked upon by them.

Then one day, he finally got exactly what he and Quintessons wanted.

A new body.

And new troops at his command.

The only difference was he was no longer in full control of Cybertron or anything else for that matter as he once had when serving Megatron.

Having been resurrected and modified into a better and yet deadlier merchanical being of the same cold and pure brutal personality, Shockwave was now their bounty hunter.

With both his equally cyclops-like and purple troopers and a new breed of Decepticon females called Venomcons under him, he was about to bring destruction and death upon the new Autobot City just as Megatron and his old army nearly had but lost besides just looking for last Autobot female Elita-One.


For the past eight months since Hate Plague aftermath, the Technobots had been hard at work repairing the Dinobots in their vault laboratory of Autobot City otherwise known as Metroplex

It was not just because they wanted to repay the Dinobots - especially their commander Grimlock for creating them but also they wanted to add more firepower to the fast depleting Autobot warriors should another catastrophe or Decepticon attacks occur.

Although the Autobots far outnumbered the Decepticons in terms of strength and numbers, the Decepticons outnumbered them in terms of combiner groups as in seven to just three not including Omega Supreme and Sky Lynx since both were already mammoth machines and made of 2-3 separate components.

From the files of Teletraan-I now imported into Teletraan-III after the second one was destroyed as well during the Plague, they learnt that the Dinobots were created out of pure inspiration and fascination with the once living but extinct dinosaurs on planet Earth.

This idea was conjured by their decreased predecessor scientist and technician Wheeljack who came up with and suggested the idea.

Now that he and medic Ratchet died in the Great War started by Megatron and his Decepticons’ full-scale attack on the both earth-bound Autobot shuttle and the same city which was then semi-transformable and not Metroplex yet, it would up to them to continue where they left off.

Because the Dinobots were created in that era in which the first generation batch of Autobots led by Optimus Prime crashlanded on this planet on board their ship Ark after fighting with the Decepticons, they were now considered to be among the oldest Transformers.

They were also the first sub-group that occasionally fought with Autobots since they have had their own agenda.

They were also the few that did not possess the ability to combine as compared with the Decepticons counterparts like Constructions, Stunticons, Combaticons, Predacons and Terrorcons.

But all that was about to change.

Just as what Scattershot just mentioned to Springer, their rusty components no allowed them to fight as individual beings collectively.

They could still take on any opponents but their lack of speed and mobility over aging no longer allowed them the luxury of victory everytime.

Given the fact that Grimlock’s rash impulse to fight and beat Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus and Wreckgar to senses following their infection by the Hate Plague, he and his Dinobots were too infected.

While most Transformers recovered quickly after peace and order was restored, the Dinobots remained in coma.

Inspired by Metroplex’s transformation cog which was the same he was still alive and well, the Technobots created not one but two combination cogs. One had already been implanted into their latest and soon to be completed as well subgroup Monsterbots.

While the other was to be infused into Dinobots.

And like all subgroups save Constructicons, their leader and commander Grimlock was to be used as their main body and the rest were to be the limbs and legs.

Despite being aware that the Dinobots’ first instinct was to attack all beings when they were first introduced to Optimus Prime and his Autobots, it was a huge risk they would have to take.

The risk was in the form of a question.

If Grimlock and his first 2 Dinobots Sludge and Slag caused huge damage to the Autobots’ Ark, how much more could they do to the Autobot City in combined mode?

The answer was unimaginable and unthinkable consequence.

But with impending Decepticons’ next attack looming and Earth could fall into another disaster, they would have to take this route if they wanted to see Dinobots restored to what they once were.

Except for the weapons and ammunition, their project was close to completion and in spite of that, they already gave a new name and implanted into the Dinobots’ memory banks.

He was to be called Dinoking.


2 Weeks Later

The blue crystal eyes finally brightened up among the dark black face with greyish knightlike helmet.

Yet despite knowing what they were, his new form was completely unrecognizable for they had never seen anything like that or even dreamt of creating one in their wildest dreams.

But now that dream was no longer a dream.

It was a reality.

After months of hard work, analyzing and then modifications, they have finally completed what –

Could be the worst nightmare of any living being be it humans, Autobots or Decepticons.

Unless you are about the same size or bigger than him.

Comprising of all 5 Dinobots – which each were about 1/3 the size of most Autobot and Decepticon combiners save Predaking –

Dinoking was born.

Just as what the Technobots had planned, Grimlock became the main body with all his fellow Dinobots as his limbs. Sludge and Snarl served as legs while Swoop and Slag were to be his arms.

Especially when Swoop was considered as the weakest Dinobot, he was to be used as weapon arm as well though Slag could do the same with his extraordinary triple horns and fire-breathing abilities.

Standing at 60 feet tall, Dinoking looked awesome, spectacular and yet terrifying.

A complete gigantic battle warrior and knight of grey, yellow, red and blue components that were the Dinobots’ standard colors.

And true to that, his second instinct was a huge looming yet unrecognizable voice despite knowing his words were an embodiment of all five Dinobots’ common instinct.


Dinoking bellowed in his voice that echoed the entire laboratory.

Before the Autobots could even move or speak on the elevation bridge with just the glass screen separating them and him, Dinoking got to his feet with an earth-shattering rumble that shook all walls of the Autobot City.

Then their worst nightmare came true.

Blandishing his equally huge and deadly platinium-chromed sword from his back, Dinoking began cutting off all chains and cable wires that bound him for months.

Some of those flew into sparks and nearly shattered the glass screen.


Pointing his gigantic silver sword to the ceiling, he released an energy beam and blasted a huge hole enough for him to take flight and fly off into the clear blue skies.

“We’ll stop him!” Scattershot assured their leader Springer, Blaster and Perceptor as he and the Technobots took flight as well in pursuit of their new and yet most menacing creation.


They were among the most underrated Transformers

Yet when it comes to situations that mattered, they rose head and shoulders above everyone else with their courage, determination and drive despite being perceived as physically and mentally weaker as compared to their male counterparts.

They were the female robots. Just like their male counterparts, there were Autobots and Decepticons fighting on both sides. The only major difference was they were once a united community fighting for a common cause and purpose.

It was only due to change of circumstances as in divided opinions and visions that led to this separation into two warring factions.

Truth being said, if they had more choices, they would still be united as one feminine warrior family.

However the reality was that those choices were very limited as just either one or the other. When that happened, arguments, resentment and even war internally were inevitable.

And that was the case even in their gender ranks.

Years of battle had clearly ravaged their home planet of Cybertron, making their lands not only scarred with marks and ruins of war but also depleting most of their energy resources.

Just as blood was essential to us humans and all living creatures, the energy was the same to all Transformers.

As they were all mechanical beings, they needed it to recharge and refuse what they had spent in war and all other activities.

But because of their fast depletion, the remaining ones were consolidated and kept strictly as limited supplies.

So much so that unless one was perceived to be someone of authority or high value by most inhabitants, he could not ask or demand for it. He would have to earn his right to get it.

Problem was because of their limited availability, they were sold at ridiculously high prices that only the wealthy could afford.

The rest would have either to wither and die or fight hard for their right to get even just one lot which was barely sufficient to keep them alive for a month let alone a year.

In the war that first involved Transformers against their tyrannical Quintesson Masters for freedom and independence.

And then among which resulted in their divided factions of Autobots and Decepticons which Decepticons eventually won, the population was largely fighting for survival through whatever means possible.

And Narius happened to be among the less fortunate ones.

Born from an extremely poor family, she first served as a slave female to satisfy first the needs of Quintesson guards and then Decepticon soldiers in order to support her family and pay off her dad’s debts in gambling for more money to buy those energy supplies and have a better life.

However much she wanted to oppose, she could not. She was implanted with a purple serpent tattoo which acted like a time bomb and poison to her if she showed any signs of resistance.

Eventually she could not take it any longer. In an event she happened to discover by chance in one of the inner alleys, she met and got to know Elita-One and her small band of just 4 female Autobots.

She was inspired by their courage but knowing who she was, she could not join them as yet though she eventually did sometime later.

During her time as servant in gladiatorial arena, she also got to know a young male warrior Megatronus.

She was charmed and impressed by his courage in fighting for what he believed in. Not to mention his numerous victories in combat itself.

However things changed which also became the turning point of her life.

One the tension between Autobots and Decepticons got so intense that the second uprising and war was inevitable.

Risking her own life to follow Megatronus example, she joined Elita One and her female Autobots which were growing more and more in strength and numbers.

Two her entire family was captured due to her participation as rebel fighter. She would have been killed as well by the reigning ruler The Fallen if she would not agree to his deal for her family. And that was to betray Elita-One and her comrades.

It was something she would not want to do. But with the serpent tattoo, she had no choice. However her ploy was foiled and she was expelled along with several other females who did not act in the best interest of the rebel group.

Still the Fallen broke his promise and spared no one. She lost her entire family and if not for Megatronus’s intervention, she would have been killed at his hands.

Megatronus succeeded in slaying the Fallen in an assassination attempt. Because of his supremacy, all other Decepticons – including his comrades who stood by him through thick and thin – bowed and acknowledged him as the new leader. It was then he was renamed Megatron.

But power gradually corrupted him. Narius got fed up with his equally tyrannical ways and threatened to publicize his wrongdoings.

Including how he once send his men to find and kill Alpha Trion on learning that he intend to build an Autobot army out of the fallen civilians to rise and rebel against his rule.

Megatron proved to be smarter and more cunning than she thought.

She was surrounded by his entire Decepticon army and stripped of her title as Queen. She was also thrown into prison on made-up charges of attempting to assassinate Megatron and cause unrest within the kingdom.

She was back to her former life as slave. First to Megatron and then to Shockwave.

But things changed after Unicron arrived and tried to destroy Cybertron. In the chaos that ensued, she and her few comrades managed to escape the cell only to met with a fiery end at one punch of the giant mechanical planet eater.

For a long period, she was in coma. She could not remember what she was or any sign of her past.

Until she finally woke up.

She was no longer a normal civilian and Decepticon queen.

She was now the first Decepticon leader and queen of the newly formed Venomcons-

Called Malvip-One.

Along with her 5 elementary warriors at her command and Shockwave’s dark cyclop troops, she was about to join in the attack on Autobot City.
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"Technobots, merge into Computron!"

At their commander Scattershot’s command, the Autobot subgroup members did exactly as they were told.

Though they were not part of Scramble City contingent as compared to Aerialbots and Protectobots, their combination process was exactly the same.

Since Scattershot was their leader and largest who could transform into jet shuttle, he became the focal point and main body while they all could interswitch between arms and legs.

His deputy Straffe – who could switch into twin-headed jet fighter -formed the left arm while another member Afterburner – who could form into motorcycle – became the right. Nosecone and Lightspeed – with the abilities of becoming driller and motorcar – became the left and right legs.

By right after combining into Computron, they could charge right straight into battle.

But because their opponent was comprising of Dinobots which included their leader and creator Grimlock, it became a different story.

Computron started to activate his analytical lens and brain which began running data across his vision and scanned the giant Dinobot combiner right ahead of him in the skies.

It read:

Subject: Dinoking

Comprising Of: 5 Dinobots including leader Grimlock

Current Status: Loss of memory and destructive mode

Objective: Stop him from causing damage to himself and others.

With that said, Computron simply flew straight to him who was about 5-6 times bigger and stronger than him.

Yet because of the fact that Grimlock made him which became part of his recollections, he choose not to fire any of his weapons. After all, he was built to think first and act later.

But Dinoking did not even blink his eye. In fact he was already anticipating his approach. Aiming his right arm, he let loose Swoop’s missile launcher attached to it.

The missile hit Computron right in his chest shield but that did not deter him.

As its name implies, that shield was designed to withdraw any damage and Computron simply continued his approach only this time armed with the acid pellet rifle but will only fire if absolutely necessary.

Dinoking dived straight into the heart of Los Angeles otherwise known as City Of Angels.


Immediately all civilians rushed into safety and traffic rush became absolute mayhem as vehicles suddenly halted and crashed into each other due to his disruptive appearance.

Considering the fact he was made up of 5 Dinobots – each with the size of a building, he was simply gigantic metallic beast.

“Dinoking! Stop! I am Computron, your creation. Remember who you are and what you stand for!” Computron raised his hand as he landed on the other side.


Dinoking let loose another missile but Computron simply blasted it with his gun before charging head straight into him.

However Dinoking suddenly reversed his left arm and breathed fire with Slag’s head and mouth.

Computron became inflamed by it this time round. He screamed with pain as Dinoking suddenly activated his gigantic platinum sword and inflicted another damage on his chest.


However Computron refused to let himself go down easily. He held the blade with his left hand to prevent it from causing further damage to him but Dinoking was immensely strong.

Yet as the blade continued moving towards his face, Computron fired his acid pellet gun towards Dinoking’s dark face with blue visor.

It was the Dinobot gestalt warrior to howl this time round by the acid blast. But that did not last long as he swiftly recovered and continued swinging his sword at Computron.

Computron simply evaded and fired his acid pellet gun simultaneously. He knew he had to find Dinoking’s weakness quickly or the entire city and him would be history under the chaos he caused.

Before he knew it, Dinoking simply took flight and moved in the other direction.

Computron gave chase.

In the mobile Decepticon city also known as Trypticon, the Quintesson Master One became amused by what he saw.

Two Autobot combiners fighting against each other as he became more interested and intrigued by the larger one that comprised of Dinobots – which was the primary why he and late fellow Quintesson Masters created Predacons after the damage they caused to their original quarters on Quintessa.

Since Dinoking - which he heard Computron calling him – could be turned due to his memory loss probably because of the fact he was the result of Dinobots’ combined form, he could be a very powerful ally to him and his Decepticons.

But he had the Autobot City to deal with first. So instead he simply sent the Combaticons – which was created by Starscream and made up of World War II military transports – into the heart of Los Angeles and divert their attention.

It was not just the war of two combiners.

But a war between the creator and the created who simply modified the latter to make him stronger and better.

A decision which the latter regretted as it resulted in this war considering the fact that his rejuvenated predecessor of Autobot subgroups was several times larger, stronger and more powerful.

Not to mention the giant sword which was big enough to cut him into two or even decapitated his head if he was not careful.

If not for his instinctive intelligence in observing and analyzing, that would have been the plight of Computron.

Not to mention his shield chest which protected his main body and created by the same commander of his combined opponent.

Dinoking spared no quarters. His fury was simply unimaginable. He had no recollection of the past whatever. What he probably knew and saw Computron was just another opponent, obstruction and blockage he was determined to remove out of his way to freedom.

He simply swung and swiped his platinum sword. His hand-mounted torrent guns firing at the same time as well.

Computron simply countered with his acid pellet guns which had literally no effect on the mostly gold-plated and grey gestalt dino warrior. It was simply a deflection and countermeasure but not a counterattacking strategy.

Eventually forced into a near life and death situation, Computron resorted to just one last trick.

Removing the cylindrical electrical pulse cannon, he converted it into a crossbow like weapon. But not before getting out of Dinoking’s way at the same time.

Their aerial battle in the skies now descended into a battle at Los Angeles.

It literally shocked everybody who now scattered into all different directions from the incoming rampage between two giant robots that literally towered over most buildings.

Computron fired his artificial crossbow gun. Dinoking simply countered by reversing the right arm which happened to be Slag’s body.

That move resulted in the fire-breathing flames of the Autobot Triceratops which incinerated the arrow quite easily and now heading towards Computron’s direction.

Usually quick to analyze and slow to react, Computron somehow reacted in the opposite manner. He simply warded off to one side before continuing with his crossbow gun firing.

Dinoking simply cut off all the arrows in few strokes of his sword. Once that was done, he ignited his blade which now turned flaming red before lunging in for a kill.

Computron reproduced another replica plate shield to defend himself momentarily against Dinoking’s mad rush.

Only to be interrupted by another burst of energon laser fire from the other direction.

Both he and Dinoking looked towards the other side.

Only to discover that the source came from the Decepticon subgroups Constructicons and Stunticons heading their way.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

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The Constructicons were the second Decepticon subgroup after the renegade Insecticons and first combiner.

As in group of six robots forming into a giant robot besides being able to transform from construction vehicles into robots – the image that had served them well to blend in with vehicles what mankind needed most to build much of their infrastructure be it buildings, roads and other brick and concrete facilities like walkways and shelters.

The only difference that actually made them stand out from other groups were:

One, they shared the common colors of primary green, purple and black and –

Two, they were designed especially for destruction and then modification of their ruins into robots that would serve and remain loyal to their Decepticon leader Megatron.

In other words, staying loyal and committed to the cause of what they were manufactured for.

Despite having individual characteristics and opinions among themselves.

Now armed with their full array of weaponry, they began firing in the direction of two Autobot combiners fighting each other.

As a means to attack and destroy in one fell swoop .

Their leader and construction engineer Scrapper was displaying the full firepower of what looked like a winged chestplate mounted on top of him in front end loader mode.

Both ends of in-build beam guns firing.

Mining, salvage and demolitions specialists Scavenger and Bonecrusher launching their drilled missiles in both excavator and bulldozer modes.

Transport and materials fabrication specialists Long Haul and Mixmaster firing their laser cannons and beam rifles in dump trunk and concrete mixer truck modes.

While Hook demonstrated his potential as a crane by triggering rapid energy machine pistols.

Upon reaching their stunned enemies, all six Constructicons transformed into robots firing identical weapons and extra guns.

Though they were the third subgroup behind Insecticons and Constructicons, the Stunticons were nonetheless the first mobile vehicle subgroup in the Decepticon army.

Initially they were just ordinary Earth-based vehicles but after being modified and infused with minds by Megatron and his Decepticons, they became among the most terrifying road vehicles to engage their automotive Autobot counterparts.

Spearheaded by Motormaster whose alternate mode closely resembled Optimus Prime in trailer mode, his rest of his contingent were automobile cars also firing with their top-mounted plasma beam guns.

Instead of fighting together, Dinoking simply shoved Computron aside as if to welcome both Constructicons’ and Stunticons’ attack.

His mind was still distorted by what was happening around him. Hence, he could not think let alone organize his thoughts and actions in that moment of time.

The only thing he saw was everything was happening so fast and complete threat to his existence since he had no idea nor recollection of what and who they were.

Therefore in order to stay alive, he saw the need and felt a natural urge or instinct to fight back with everything he had.

That despite being unprepared and not having any other alternatives to counter his real enemies’ attack.

Yet probably due to his Dinobots’ instincts which were derived from what used to be Earth’s most powerful and now extinct creatures,

Computron anticipated this would happen.

Especially since he was the one who came up with this terrifying and yet only logical alternative.

And because he was not needed which did not surprise him, his only reliance was on his intelligence and activation sensors he had come prepared for before confronting Dinoking.

Since he could not fight all of them in that time, he chose to make the most unpopular decision.

He deactivated the combination mode via the remote controller now implanted within his vast wisdom brain.

And once he did, he also separated himself back into –

Five individual Technobots.

Dinoking suddenly separated back into 5 Dinobots that all Transformers and humans were already familiar with.

Their commander Grimlock in his biggest half-humanoid standing Tyrannosaurus mode modelled upon the most bipedal dino king carnivore with a massive skull balanced by a long and heavy metallic tail.

While the rest of his Dinobots are in –

Second-in-command Slag as triple-horned Triceratops based upon a herbivorous ceratoid dinosaur bearing a large bony frill and three horns on its large four-legged body and possessing similarities with the modern rhinoceros.

Sludge as long-necked and slow moving Brontosaurus fashioned upon a large, long-necked and quadrupedal animal with a long, whip-like tail. Its forelimbs were slightly shorter than its hind limbs.

Snarl as Stegosaurus - an armored quadrupedal dinosaur with kite-shaped solar panel plates rising vertically along the rounded back and the two pairs of long spikes extending horizontally near the end of the tail.

As well as Swoop as the only Dinobot who could fly and fly steadily in both robot and Pteranodon modes - a thin sized dinosaur with wings spanning over 6 metres and lower hind leg claws.

The battle should have come thick and enough.

Yet it ended with consummate ease by the Dinobots due to their gigantic size as about one-third of all average combiners and brutal strength which was second to none as individual Transformers.

Grimlock simply bit Scrapper with his jaws and teeth. Yet instead of biting him into two which could end Constructicons’ brave yet futile resistance, he simply hurled him to one side.

Using one of his powerful legs, he simply kicked Motormaster which overturned and laid to the far pavement.

Slag breathed fire which consumed Scavenger in vehicle mode momentarily since the latter was made of tougher and more heat-resistant metals.

Then using his notoriously tripled horns on his head and nose, he rammed into F1 Formula racer Dragstrip which was momentarily stunned and immobilized by his sudden speed which certainly outwitted Grimlock and all other Dinobots.

Even as the slowest of his Dino comrades, Sludge still managed to stomp and caused mini-earthquake which caused both Bonecrusher and Deadend to fall into the pit.

Snarl used his spiked tail to ward off the Constructicon truck Longhaul and then with his energy solar panels on his back, emitted a powerful sun beam into Deadend.

Finally Swoop – as his name implied – pounced upon and carried Mixmaster before launching his missiles at the incoming Wildrider.

Then it simply released and caused Mixmaster to have a great fall and collided with Hook.

By right the Technobots could have intervened.

Yet seeing how his subgroup predecessors overcame their Decepticon counterparts easily and quickly, he no longer saw the need to.

Instead he saw a much bigger threat looming in the form of third Decepticon subgroup Combaticons emerging from the far end of the junction and decided to deal with them.

Even though he could not understand why those 3 Decepticon combiner groups appeared suddenly at the same place at same time.

Both the Constructicons and Stunticons were heavily battered even before they could attack.

Despite their full artillery and firepower display, they were no match for the sheer brute force of the prehistoric Dinobots despite outnumbering them by eleven over their five.

Crawling out of the pit holes, both Bonecrusher and Deadend rejoined their respective teams.

At the same time, all Stunticons began transforming into robot modes with their handweapons. Except for their leader Motormaster wielding an extra sword, they were all armed with energy beam guns.

“Dinobots, transform!”

Upon their leader Grimlock’s command, all 5 Dinobots converted into their humanoid robot modes.

Except for Grimlock whose expression was completely void due to his blue visor and black mask in place of his mouth, they were all standard with blue eyes and mouth.

Slag in particular was raring to have a second round due to his temperament and high energy levels.

Armed with blazing red energon swords and guns, they charged as a cavalry in what seemed to be a traditional early century full-scale war demonstrated by Chinese troops and Japanese Samurai.

Yet the Stuntions now had other ideas.

As having tasted defeat in previous modes, they knew they could do no better in robot modes. So instead, they simply ejected into the skies and began combining into –


A combination of all 5 vehicles, he was supposed to be designed as Decepticons second merge unit.

Though the result was not perfect as their minds were still in conflict with each other – considering their leader Motormaster was much bigger and had more protective armor than them, he was still a lethal fighting machine.

Especially with his giant chromed sword in one hand and energy beam cannon in his other.

Simultaneously, the Constructicons gathered into their more conservative phrase 1 and 2 of first changing back into vehicles and then moving up and climbing up each other to unite into green customary Devastator.

The 2 giant Decepticon combiners closed in on a now close together Dinobots with their weapons, confident that they could kill them all as they were now in their 5 separate sword-wielding but still vulnernable robot modes

However what they did not anticipate was Computron’s next move even when the latter had to worry and battle the incoming Combaticons.

It was that moment Dinobot commander Grimlock suddenly gave another order

“Dinobots, unite into-”

His comrades fully obliged in total compliance. With all their energon swords deactivated and back into their shaft compartments, they leapt into the air along with their leader.

Their body parts instantly turning and rotating into dino modes with only Grimlock retaining his humanoid robot form as the main body.

Sludge becoming the left leg with his long neck down behind his back and with the rest of his body covered. His legs are folded back and locked into the respective compartments.

Snarl forming the right leg with his head split into two halves, tail joined together and legs locked together like Sludge.

Slag turning into the left arm. His large triple-horned head remained stationary while his arms and legs rotated to support the weight of Grimlock’s upper main body.

Swoop completed the merging limb process. Wings folded back, head looking upwards and body interlocked as it joined as the right arm of their ultimate weapon.

Finally, out of Grimlock’s main body, emerged a shining shield and body armor which resembled the giant version of Snarl’s spiked tail and back solar panels.

His head went into the main body and out of his T-rex emerged another bigger head with grey helmet and looking even more expressionless. It locked on to the top of the body.



As his eyes lit and glowed in menacing blue, both Devastator and Menasor were stunned into silence in contrast to their arrogance seconds ago. Just his size alone was enough to intimidate them let alone whatever he wanted to unleash upon as his counterattack.

With one punch, Dinoking sent Devastator flying across the streets and knocking into several vehicles as a result. He did not need to counterfire his once only subgroup nemesis as the latter’s plasma energy posed little threat to his impregnable shield armor which only made him stronger since they were under broad daylight.

Menasor attempted to swing and slice with his sword but only succeeded in having his weapon grabbed and broken into two by Dinoking’s other hand.

Hurling the two halves of now useless sword, Dinoking suddenly rotated his right arm – Slag’s body – and unleashed orange incinerator hellfire into Menasor’s face.

The Stunticon combiner cried in pain as he was momentarily blinded by the red hot fury. As he fell, Dinoking delivered the second and yet deadly blow that separated Motormaster from all his Stunticon team which acted as limbs.

That was the might of Dinoking even though he only demonstrated a tenth of his abilities.

Realizing they were no match for Dinoking, both Constructicons and Stunticons separated and converted back to vehicle modes before making their escape.

Since they could not deal with him head-on, they would leave him hopefully to another stronger Decepticon and deal with weaker Autobots.

Just as the Technobots were about to engage Combaticons, a blink beep appeared on their leader Scattershot’s right wrist.

Upon activation, Scattershot saw the image of the new Autobot commander Springer emerging.

“Technobots, we are under attack by the Decepticons,” Springer said. “We need you back in Autobot City. Leave the Dinobots to sort out their mess. We will deal with them later.”

Scattershot nodded and blasting his beam gun towards the Combaticons as temporarily diversion, he signalled telepathically to his other squad members that they were summoned back to Autobot City to deal with more serious threat.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

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Like the first Great War in what was also known as Autobot City War, the attack of the Decepticons was imminent.

Yet despite being anticipated by Autobots, they still found themselves unprepared for what was to come as always before, their Decepticon foes were always ahead of them be it technology, tactics and stealth considering the fact they were designed for warfare while the Autobots were designed for servicing.

However, there were several significant differences.

One, both Autobot and Decepticon leaders Optimus Prime and Megatron were not present. While the former was and should be on his way to Cybertron, the latter would also be leading the pursuit as Galvatron - a new name and body given by the now demised Unicron as rejuvenation for the badly damaged body.

That battle leading to a duel tragedy was the most memorable as Optimus went on a one-man quest to take on most of the main Decepticons - Skywarp, Thundercracker, Blitzwing, Ramjet, Soundwave and several others before confronting Megatron head on.

The duel was evenly matched and gradually turned in Optimus’s favor after knocking out Megatron’s arm cannon despite being damaged in a vicious stab by the Decepticon leader’s beam activated from within some random shaft among the city debris.

Then Hot Rod - who would eventually take over as new Autobot leader – intervened out of the blue. The ploy failed as Optimus turned out to be the one getting distracted while Megatron easily gripped Hot Rod by his throat and began firing at the Autobot leader continuously with the purple pistol he found also among the ruins.

Second, instead of the skies, the attack was launched from the seas. Out loomed the dark monstrous steel of the giant Decepticon city also known as Trypticon which could also transform into a mobile assault battleship and giant robot T-Rex dinosaur.

Besides it also emerged Nemesis - the once thought to be extinct Decepticon cruiser that Megatron once lead to pursuit Optimus all the way from Cybertron to Earth.

Just like Trypticon, Nemesis was also completely black in color. This clearly spelled that the signs were not good for the Autobots and humankind. As the situation was the Autobot City being boxed in by two colossal machines now moving rapidly.

Then the hatch opened in both of those battle assault fortress and ship and out emerged scores upon scores of Sharkticons and Allicons serving as the first contingent. Then following next were the Seacon warriors who had early engaged Marissa Fairbourne and Jazzblaze.

Launching into the skies were triplechanger Astrotrain and 2 new Decepticon purple and skyblue jet fighters Darkwing and Dreadwing – the latter another new creations besides the Seacons.

Shockwave, Soundwave and the new Decepticon female contingent also jetted off into the air with Soundwave attached as cassette recorder to underneath Shockwave as unique jet fighter seemingly designed and fashioned upon the Decepticon insignia. With razor sharp edges from all corners in fighter design and similar to all other Venomcons as well.

Finally the Predacons and Monster Pretenders emerged from Nemesis and landed upon the shores not far from the Autobot City. Both were mechanical primitives operating as sub-groups with their own commander directing them.

New Autobot leader Springer surveyed the proceedings from the Autobot City’s command tower after being alerted by Perceptor and Blaster.

The only difference between the first and soon to come second war was that Springer was now the elected Autobot leader and having witnessed and being involved in the last one made him much more prepared and stronger this time.

Due to his intelligence and sharp mind even as a cadet having understudies his late predecessor Ironhide, he was just one of the newly assigned Autobot troops placed under the command of Ultra Magnus to protect the newly constructed Autobot City. Besides Magnus, the seniors back then were Kup and Hot Rod though the latter was much more laid back and fun-loving in his pre-Rodimus Prime youth days.

Other than that, he was among the first-generation Autobots to have triple changing modes as a robot, vehicle and chopper. He also possessed incredible springing power in his legs which ultimately caused his fellow Autobots to name him based on what they saw and thought of his natural abilities since they enabled him to make huge strides and travel long distances with that unique pogo-like motion.

After instructing Perceptor and Blaster to sound the alarm alerting all human operatives and the rest of Autobots, he directly communicated with Technobot leader Scattershot to return and assist them in battle urgenly.

Once he did that, he decided to find and hopefully placed Elita One in a much safer place.

Elita One went up to her feet in full alert after hearing the alarm bells.

Having gone through many scenarios like this after spending much of her youth at Cybertron, this was just a daily standard routine and normal procedure. Henceforth her mind was already in tune with what was to happen and why it happen. In other words, it became her natural instinct and alertness to any unusual activity that was about to happen before it happened.

That was despite the fact that she had lose her memory partially due to the heavy crash from space into the sea. Now that she had been placed in great care and recovered well enough as a result, things began to come together for her. She knew that the Autobot City was about to face an attack.

The door suddenly slided open and entered Springer along with Blaster and Perceptor. Their faces looked very grim as though they knew what was happening as well as her.

Still Elita One could not help asking, “What’s going on?”

“We have to get you out of here and to somewhere safe away.” Springer replied. “We got high alert that the Decepticons were about to launch an attack again and were about to mount counteroffensive and defend this city.”

“Maybe I can help,” Elita suggested.

“No,” Springer rejected right away with a strong resistance tone. “You are still recuperating. I cannot allow you to fight just like that. I want you to leave with us. Up to the expressionway away from this City, the Protectobots would escort you to a safer place.”

“No, I could not leave like that. Now that you are facing a war and the enemy could outnumber you, you need all the help you can get.”

“No, you won’t and I insist,” Springer maintained his stand as he and Perceptor signalled Elita to leave with her.

Once they were out in the open, Springer hopped on to what appeared to be orange brown bike and turning to Elita, he beckoned her by saying, “Hop On!”

Reluctantly Elita embarked on that strange looking bike and sat right behind Springer.

Before starting the engine, the Autobot leader turned to Perceptor, “You are on your own now. Get to somewhere safe and at the same alert all the others you saw.”

Perceptor nodded and ran to the other side of the streets whereby both human operatives and other Autobots were running about on high alert as they prepared to transform the City into a battle fortress to counter their Decepticon enemy attack once again.

“Get ready to sit and hold tight on me, lady. It is going to be rough ride.” Having said that, he started the engine and both of them were on their way to the expressway.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

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It was a battle of pure brutal strength and firepower as two of the toughest Autobot and Decepticon combiners collided against each other with heavy artillery.

Despite of the monetary blast of Technobot leader Scattershot to divert their attention, the Combaticons soon recovered well enough as they were made of tougher armor steel. Considering the fact they were all combat fighters way back in the days of Second World War before the rise of Transformers from their million year coma due to their ship crash. That was even though they were manned by and operated under the control of human soldiers.

Yet their history went way before that. In the early days of the Third Great War on Cybertron, they became tired of Megatron’s rule of imperialism and attempted to overthrow him as leader. However their rebellion failed as they were exposed even before they could orchestrate a proper offensive. As a punishment for their war crimes, their personality components were extracted from their bodies by Shockwave under Megatron’s orders and kept in the Detention Centre for many years.

Until another renegade Decepticon Starscream intruded and got his hands on those components before inserting into those war vehicles and transport which he also found on Guadalcanal island he was dumped by his fellow jets Skywarp and Thundercracker also for rebelling and attempting to kill Megatron behind his back.

Together they attempted or were forced to comply with Starscream’s plan to get back at Megatron and his Decepticons as the only condition for them to get their energy absorbers to replenish their strength and firepower. The plan ultimately failed as even though they overcame the Decepticon leader and his army, they were taken by surprise by another combiner Menasor appearing out of nowhere.

Their commander Onslaught was a missile trailer mounted with twin giant barrelled cannon guns on its deck. As those guns fired continuously, he signalled his squadron to do exactly the same.

Vortex was an assault chopper mounted with heavy assault machine gatling guns and blades that could be used in both chopper and robot modes as well as when combined with his fellow comrades. Not to mention his dizzy death and gravity defying stunts that could scare the daylights out of Autobots and humans.

Blast Off - a uniquely designed space shuttle like Astrotrain and with x-ray cannon beam guns affixed on either side in shuttle mode. They bursted purplish rays of plasma energy.

Brawl - a heavy assault tank firing twin sonic cannon blasts of powerful and ear splitting 300-decibel bursts of concentrated sound energy on top of the main turrent-mounted gun bursting 200 Ibs of TNT-equivalent shells.

And finally Swindle - a jeep enhanced with artillery of scatter blaster which sprayed explosive pellets and gyro gun that disturbs his opponents’ balance centre.

Against all opponents, they would have gained an upper hand in those circumstances as their military firepower was second to none. Especially when they joined forces and were able to coordinate with one another.

But not against Dinobots.

Now separated back into 5 metallic dinosaur modes again by Computron’s remote to avoid causing further damage to the city, they again counterattacked which might broke the fundamental rule of peace and balance for the second time.

All it took this time was for Grimlock and his gang to display their fire-breathing capabilities instead of head-on brutal force they already displayed against Constructicons and Stunticons. The hot orange lava flames brewing out of their mouth - via in-built incinerators constructed by the late Autobot scientists Wheeljack and Ratchet – were sufficient to repel whatever attacks the Combaticons could muster.

Because it was their first one-to-one team encounter, the Combaticons had clearly underestimated the might and potential of Dinobots. Even without being brought down by those flames, their own firepower had very little impact on their dino body armor which was the toughest among the Autobot ranks.

Even when they were grabbed and hurled by Devastator in the First Autobot City War, they were not badly damaged at all. They might be slow and looked dumb but in terms of invulnerability, they were way ahead of most Transformers – Autobots and Decepticons alike - in terms of protection.

The fiery flames took the Combaticons by clear surprise. Its intense heat ended up with their vehicles crashing down to the road in all directions. This in turn resulted in more damage, causalities and alarm in the city.

“Combaticons, transform!” Their leader Onslaught ordered.

At his command, all of them transformed into their robot modes with their full weaponry still aiming and firing intact. How they managed to preserve and replenish what they had already fired was still a mystery. Anyway, their group name was enough to reveal what they stood and fight for.

Onslaught fired his long-range forest wood green assault rifle with rapid purple bursts of acid-concentrated firepower. His back cannon guns now slided to his shoulders as additional artillery.

Still he was no match for his opponent commander Grimlock who also configured into robot mode. Even so, Grimlock was still bigger and stronger than him. Not to mention his red blazing energon sword and galaxial double rocket launcher.

Undaunted and seemingly unaffected by Onslaught’s firepower, the Dinobot leader cut off all his weapons with a single swipe of his energon blade. Then he fired his double launcher which hit his counterpart full in his chest.

Vortex switched to his robot mode and took full aim with his semi-automatic stun gun towards his incoming opponent Sludge. The latter retaliated by first transforming into robot mode and then fired off Vortex’s stun gun with full blast of his plasma energy rifle.

The Combaticon chopper warrior attempted his next move by attempting to slice his opponent with his rotating blades but Sludge anticipated that as well by slicing two of those blades with his energon sword.

Configured into robot mode, Blast Off activated his ionic blaster which like his cannon guns - fired rapid burst of purple fire at his Dinobot counterpart Slag. The latter famously refused to yield and altered to his robot mode, counterattacked with his electron blaster and then taking advantage of his opponent’s stunned and distracted look, disarmed him with his own energon sword.

Brawl shifted from his tank to robot mode in time to face Snarl but like his fellow Combaticons, proved no match for the latter. His slow attempt in adjusting and taking aim his electron gun was disarmed by the gunfire emitting from semi-automatic assault rifle of Snarl in his own Dino warrior mode.

Then without a warning, Snarl took a swipe across Brawl’s stomach with his own blazing red energon blade like his fellow Dinobots.

Swindle thought he had the easiest task to take down what he considered as the weakest Dinobot Swoop. But the latter had other ideas. Just as Swindle thought he had the flying opponent in his scatter blaster aim scope, he suddenly tumbled to the ground by first the missile blasts and then a swipe of flamed thermal sword by Swoop.

Angry at being outwitted and defeated by the Dinobots for the second time even in robot-to-robot battle, the Combaticons decided to merge into Bruticus at their leader’s silent mind-activation command.

The most powerful and brutal giant of pure strength and firepower, Bruticus served as the Decepticons’ ultimate weapon in the first generation combiner series. Originally used by Starscream to fight off another fellow Decepticon combiner Devastator, he now served Decepticon leader Megatron with utmost loyalty. His pure white helmeted face with glowing red eyes was enough to terrify anyone let alone his capabilities.

Just as it was mentioned above, he would have been a formidable opponent for anyone. Even for the combined strength of Autobot combiners Superion, Defensor and Computron which he would have little problem overcoming when in full power and capacity.

But against Dinobots, it was a different story. If not for their existence as the first Transformers sub-group, the Combaticons would have been the most powerful in Decepticon history.

One blast from Bruticus’s light-green artillery rifle - which happened to be Onslaught’s main robot – was enough to shatter the metallic primitives in different directions.

In such circumstances, he would have defeated them singlehandedly. Considering the fact that the Dinobots were most vulnerable only and especially in their robot modes. But with the recent changes and enhancements added by the Technobots, they were now made stronger and more impervious to gunfire and cannon blasts just like when they were in dino forms.

Speaking of which, that was their next move. Once in their alternate modes, the Dinobots renewed their fire breathing abilities as Bruticus approached them with renewed strength, confidence and knowledge of what they could and could not do.

With one swipe of his hand, he swept the Dinobots again in different directions. Exploiting their situation, he again loosened his shoulder-adjusted turrent cannon blasts, hoping to destroy them once and for all.

Yet again the Dinobots had other ideas. Using their self-defense activation merchanism which Computron now authorized in remote control link while he himself was engaging with his Decepticon and Terrorcon counterpart Abominus, the Dinobots began reconfiguring into limbs and body component of –


The combination commenced while they were still suspended in air and when it was completed, it looked even more menacing and terrifying than Bruticus. His grey helmet covering his dark face with blue visor which complemented the looks of their leader Grimlock partially, his golden chestplate replicated from Snarl’s solar back panel and 2 joints of his spiked tail and gigantic colossal size considering the fact that each Dinobot was about one-third of the standard combiner in sheer size and strength.

An equally massive silver sword appeared in Dinoking’s hand and with one leap towards Bruticus, he sliced off both the Decepticon’s right arm which happened to be Blast Off and leg which happened to be Brawl in just seconds.

With both Decepticons badly damaged from the impact, the Combaticons could no longer continue the duel as Bruticus. Reluctantly and in rage, they converted back into their vehicle and flight modes before retreating from Los Angeles.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

Postby amurowes » Thu Dec 22, 2016 8:01 am

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On their way back to Autobot City, the Technobots found themselves intercepted by Terrorcons who had clearly anticipated them and took everyone by surprise with out of the seas attack in their mechanical beast creature modes.

The third batch creation of Decepticon beast warriors after the Predacons and Trypticon, the Terrorcons were the very reason why the Technobots were required by Autobots although they were created long before by Grimlock who had acquired super intelligence when exploring Unicron’s head.

As the fifth Decepticon subgroup team of five robots who could transform into the most horrible creatures one could ever imagine in fairy tale or myth, their primary function was to seek, destroy and feed on their opponents be it their Autobot foes or even just humans and other living creatures be they metal or flesh.

They consisted of:

Commander Hun-Gurrr in the form of two-headed ground dragon which was twice as big as all his other subordinates. Just this mode ahead - never mind his other weapons comprising of concussion shotgun and chest shield - was enough to intimidate most of his opponents. For every step he took was at least 10-20 kilometres based on humans prospective.

His second-in-command Sinnertwin was a smaller version of him as a corn yellow and aqua green two-headed giant lizard. But in terms of agility and predatory abilities, he was very much the same and still proved a handful for fellow Transformers and humans alike by showing off his razor-sharp teeth, piercing pronghorns and steel shredding claws.

The blue and white Rippersnapper was built on dino concept of similar statue and abilities. His head and razor sharp claws and teeth of steel could burst and slice through almost any substance despite being smaller than Sinnertwin and Hun-Gurr.

In colors of navy blue and purple, Blot is designed upon the primitive ape as robotic model. Like how the ape reacts, he can climb any wall and lunge at anything with his claws. Also possesses fire breathing capabilities to incinerate his victims.

Finally in the form of winged Pteranodon similar to Dinobot Swoop, Cutthroat lives true to his name despite being perceived as the weakest Terrorcon even though he was the only one who could fly in both modes. As a merchanical creature, he could leap up to 4 miles in one jump and unleashes fiery red flames.

As their arch foes converged in on them with sheer brutality and full firepower, they had to stand firm and form their own defence and counter offensive even when everyone else had scrambled for safety.

Initially in battle station mode with pulse cannon and array of artillery shell guns repelling blue energy bolts as a form of defensive shield for his Technobots to ready their weaponry and distraction for Terrorcons, Scattershot switched to his jet-barrelled fighter mode when the attack got intense.

Despite being in the same size and having the strength of his Terrorcon counterpart -–commander Hun-Gurrr, Scattershot had an edge in terms of speed and agility. Because he was flying and Hun-Glurr was not, he was able to move in rapidly while continuing to fire his laser weapons. Vertically, digitally and downwards, he clearly caught the latter by surprise.

First he blinded one of the dragon heads’ right eye and taking advantage of his enemy’s pain, he jumped and rode on the back of the twin-headed merchanical creature, pounding on its back with his bare hands.

Refusing to give in to defeat just like that, the Terrorcon commander flunged off its Technobot counterpart with a swing of its tail. As Scattershot was flung over to the other side, Hun-Glurr switched to robot mode.

His twin heads now becoming his legs as he stood to humanoid form and with his tail dividing to reveal his robot head. Now armed with a powerful sonic stun gun in one hand and large crimson chestplate shield in the other, he began firing continuously while defending himself from any attacks simultaneously.

Not to be outdone, Scattershot also transformed into robot warrior mode. Then he activated his automatic acid pellet rifle and unleashed its deadly capability of firing 500 rounds per minute despite knowing that his opponent was fully shielded and could inflict damage upon him.

But he continued to advance in the heat of crossfire exchange. When he was just a few metres away, he suddenly switched back to jet fighter mode and then landed right behind Hun-Glurr as a full assault battlestation once again.

Now that was something the Terrorcon commander was unprepared for. As his shield could protect his front and not his back, he was fully vulnerable and injured by the full firepower of the cannon and artillery stun guns.

Having overcome his adversary with ease, Scattershot truly lived true to his name as being flexible and yet unpredictable as battle station, jet and robot modes in quick successive transformations in between.

Both Strafe and Sinnertwin served as a perfect complement to each other in features even though one was a glider and the other merchanical lizard as well as their sizes and rank in their subgroups.

But like his leader Scattershot, Strafe was able to fly while Sinnertwin could not. That gave him enhanced speed and agility as in jet mode, he was able to fly in circles round his foe with lightning fast reflexes while flying and firing with his twin automatic light-pulse blasters.

Sinnertwin counteracted those blue bolts with his armor-piercing rocket-grenade launcher but since he was unable to move as fast as Strafe in creature mode, that move was fruitless as for all his weapon capabilities, it had no impact on his opponent.

His two creature heads attempted to bite off any part of Strafe to stop him from showing off and give him a chance to display his. Unfortunately that never happened as Strafe blew one of the creature eyes off with the blasts and before he could even react, the Autobot was upon his back in robot mode the same way Scattershot was on his commander minutes ago.

The Terrorcon second-in-command simply rolled over and hurled his Autobot counterpart before transforming into robot mode. Then grabbing hold of the same weapon, he started firing at the Technobot again.

Not yielding to defeat easily, Strafe also switched to his alternate robot mode. Switching his weapons from twin blasters to heat ray rifle, he pulled the trigger and counterfired in time with his blue energy against his opponent’s red beams..

As his opponent continued charging, Strafe instantly reverted back into fighter mode at the last stance and instantly felled the former by firing at his legs which happened to be his creature heads.

As one of them was injured, Sinnertwin was left sprawling on the ground as Strafe stood over him, still aiming with his ever intact rifle.

The third battle was creature versus automobile in the form of Terrorcon Rippersnapper against Technobot Lightspeed.

As the former prepared to rush and tear him apart with his claws and jaws, the latter was more than prepared to defend himself. Like his mates Scattershot and Straffe, he was the master of both speed and stealth.

But this time on ground level. His vehicle moved backwards while being mindful of what was happening around and behind him to avoid being hit at all costs and setting up his own counter-offensive by activating and firing his twin infra-red scope missile launchers.

Unfortunately those missiles had zero impact on the blue and white dino slasher as it continued advancing and firing its own twin missile launchers on its back.

A huge explosion resulted between them as those missiles collided against each other. The impact also resulted in both Transformers reverting into their robot modes and switching their weapons from launchers to cyclone and light-burst guns. Cyclone for Rippersnapper and light-burst for Lightspeed

True to their names, both combatants began firing at each other in mid-air while displaying their reflexes. But refusing to be drawn into a battle that seemed neverending, Rippersnapper suddenly transformed back to his creature mode before lunging and getting to ready to tear his opponent apart with his bare claws and fangs.

Lightspeed remained stationery in his robot mode and seemingly prepared to be torn apart by his Terrorcon opponent. But at the last minute, he switched back to automotive and threw himself right into the creature.

Before landing on him with his wheels on ground level.

As the results shown, it was Technobots winning 3-0 over Terrorcons.

Unlike the rest of his comrades battling each other, Technobot Nosecone and Terrorcon Blot stood out as the only member in their team as being the slowest and having to rely more on strength and firepower as a result instead of speed and stealth.

As a mechanical half ape and half creature, Blot attempted to knock out the machine driller out of the way with his front legs before bashing, pulling out and crushing his circuits with his mouth and hind legs. Even from a distance, his slime gun mounted on its back began firing corrosive liquid to melt down his opponent’s metal parts.

But Nosecone had other ideas. Knowing that he could not maneuver like his fellow Technobots in mobility, he counterfired with his heavy artillery cannons and rocket launchers against his opponent’s attack while moving at constant speed in vehicle mode.

Blot breathed fire but it proved futile against the accelerating rockets which hit him squarely in his chest. This resulted in emitting smoke and stains of foul smelling lubricant from his stomach which was the result why both Autobots and Decepticons chose to avoid him due to those.

His next reaction was to convert into his robot mode and continued firing his slime gun towards his equal slow moving enemy.

However, Nosecone was equal to the challenge by doing the same. In his humanoid mode, he managed to shield his face with his arms which were actually driller wheels encased with a thick metal plastic material tires before firing his X-ray laser pistol again.

The blast hit Blot again, this time in his chest making the Terrorcon warrior growl in agony and fall in a heap as his opponent continued to close in and press forth his attack.

Cutthroat boosted and took pride in himself as the only Terrorcon who could take flight in both creature and robot modes despite being potentially the weakest in strength and firepower.

In his winged Pteranodon mode, he attempted to dive towards his incoming motorbike opponent hoping to lash out and cut him into pieces with his wings, beak and claws even before his opponent could even react.

However, Technobot Afterburner had other ideas. In his motorbike mode, he automatically leaped up to 4 miles quickly with his twin laser-guide incendiary missiles propelling and rapid plasma pulse cannon shooting blue energy bolts that took the beating out of his opponent who was clearly vulnerable with just his double-barrelled magnetizer as his weapon on his back rather than front.

As he predicted, Cutthroat was unable to withstand the hits and fell as rapidly as he dived in seconds ago with a rather awkward manner of crash-landing backwards. But not before configuring into robot mode with his beak head forming the chest and revealing his true other face. Clawed wings and creature legs turned and flapped to his back while his arms and legs springed forth from his body.

Landing on the ground in time in humanoid mode, Cutthroat fired with his double-barrelled magnetizer hoping to neutralize the flight capacity of his Technobot foe.

Afterburner instantly did the same. His single giant front wheel joint moved back to his back while his hind smaller wheels formed into his arms. The front hull unfolded his body and revealed his head from within.

The result was Afterburner swooping down towards Cutthroat with his semi automatic sonic blaster firing to counter the effects of the latter’s magnetizer.

The 2 combatants looked to be evenly matched in their personal duel in terms of speed and firepower until Afterburner produced the rapid pulse cannon gun which he combined his smaller blaster with and fired towards Cutthroat.

The impact took the latter falling backwards and landing alongside his equally beaten fellow Terrorcons in a heap with all Technobots glooming and delighting over their plight with their weapons remaining intact.

“Terrorcons, merge into Abominus!”

All five of them leap upwards into the skies as their parts beginning to configure into body and limbs in the process of combining into and unleashing their ultimate weapon – which happened to be the trademark of all Decepticon subgroups except Insecticons.

Their commander Hun-Gurrr served as the main body which revealed the giant Abominus head while all his other members become his arms and legs. Cutthroat and Sinnertwin formed the legs while Blot and Rippersnapper become the arms. Hun-Gurrr’s shield formed Abominus’s chestplate and his sonic concussion shotgun become the giant robot’s main weapon.

After combining, Abominus towered over his Technobots and began firing and attempting to crush the Technobots who were just as smart enough to get out of his way first before rendezvousing in the skies and ground with both Scattershot and Strafe above Lightspeed, Nosecone and Afterburner.

Once together, they instantly transformed in their own formation. Lightspeed and Nosecone becoming the legs on their standard brown stands while Scattershot formed into the main body to integrate them.

Straffe carried Afterburner into the skies before both configured into the arms and formed with Scattershot’s upper main body.

Once the process, the Technobots had combined into their own giant robot Computron.

Abominus moved in aggressively with his blaster still firing while Computron remained stationary even though he was also pressing the trigger of his automatic acid-pellet gun. At first glance, it looked to be an idiotic move or what you might call stupid and blurr. Yet in terms of comparison, Computron might not have the full strength and aggression of Abominus.

But he had strategic thinking and analytical skills. Even though he possessed the same size, he also knew he would lose out if he would react the same and engage his opponent with the same attributes.

So while he was firing from the front, his back mounted rocket fusion propeller began activating itself according to what his thermal analysis of his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Once it was fully completed, it began launching automatically and Computron placed his rifle on to it to form what looked like the mightiest crossbow gun.

While Abominus was completely taken by surprise from what he saw, Computron took advantage of his monetary distraction to take aim and fire.

Once in Abominus’s face and twice at his joints of both Sinnertwin and Cutthroat as his legs. The once giant colossal machine instantly fell and crashlanded just before Computron.

Sensing defeat even with demonstrating their full potential, the Terrorcons instantly separated back into their creature modes and retreated from the scene.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

Postby amurowes » Thu Dec 22, 2016 8:27 am

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"I want you to have this," said Springer as he handed her what looked like a pink and white shaft hilt just before they embarked on a ride via the Junkion bike on the expressway as explosions began to rock and vibrated the Autobot City.

“What is that?” Elita-One asked with a surprise expression while staring at the Autobot insignia on the hilt.

“It is a Samurai sword fashioned upon a traditional Japanese weapon. I first learnt of it while on a mission with Rodimus sometime ago in Japan,” The Autobot commander replied while recalling his final days battling alongside Rodimus when the latter choose to seek solitude in the land of the rising sun when the burden of Autobot leadership was too much for him to bear.

While persuading Rodimus to come to his senses in leading the Autobots once again was a daunting task, Springer did learn a few lessons about leadership now that he was in the same position himself.

“I instructed the Technobots to create it while you were still unconscious,” Springer added. “Due to our constant battles with the Decepticons, our energon and firepower was running low. So instead of another gun, we decided to create a more primitive but still powerfully effective and deadly weapon if used correctly by its wielder.”

“Well, thank you,” The woman warrior expressed her gratitude. Her pink and white colors save her seemingly crowned helmet head - reminded Springer of Arcee. Even so he had to keep telling himself to stop comparing her with Arcee who was no longer around but should be with Hot Rod and the rest wherever they might be.

“I want to give you when you recovered. But given the circumstances-“ Another explosions rocked the place. “We better hurry.”

“Why don’t you let me fight alongside with you?” Elita suggested by asking.

“Because we have far greater need for you later than now. Come, let’s hop on.”

Elita placed her new weapon into her left leg compartment before sitting behind and holding on to Springer’s waist as the Junkion bike roared into live and began its journey out of the City with the rest of the other identical transports as escorts.

While Springer was well-known to all Transformers and humans as one of the first Autobot triple changers in robot, vehicle and chopper modes and leader of the Wreckers in the pre-Autobot City War I, he had another identity that not everyone knew about.

The past that when you knew about it that you could not believe what or how Springer became what he was today as streetwise, tough and uncompromising in personality, martial arts, marksmanship and sword-fighting skills.

Before the birth of Optimus Prime and his Autobots to do battle against Megatron and his Decepticons to defend their home planet Cybertron from tyranny, there were just normal Transformer civilians working in factories and blue-collared sectors.

Of the three, there were Orion Pax, his friends Dion and Ariel. Just like little kids from their childhood and school days, they were inseparable trio even at work manning the warehouse of consumer goods and machinery as well as playing together.

Prior to that, they were also in the same Academy together even though they did not rise to warrior ranks as after driving out their tyrannical Quintesson Masters, the civilians vowed never to fight again but just co-existed and lived in peace with one another.

It turned out to be their own wishful thinking as their elite counterparts - the robots - designed by Quintessons as military hardware and gadgets, had other ideas. It was precisely because of that their lives were changed forever as they separated and eventually went their own ways to fulfil their destiny.

While Orion Pax was resurrected as the eventual greatest Autobot leader Optimus Prime and Ariel was renamed as new female Autobot commander Elita One, little was known about Dion.

And the reason why it was little known was because his mentor and master Alpha Trion chose to keep it that way. Not because he enjoyed keeping secrets but rather he saw the move as necessary for the survival and preservation of all Autobots. Especially when the first batch featuring the likes of Optimus and Elita met unfortunate deaths at the hands of Decepticons, the second batch would be activated for combat as potential replacements and backups.

Hence Dion was to be modified and fully preserved as among the second batch which would be better in terms of transformation, equipment and arms as compared to their predecessors.

Having studied the latest Decepticon triple changers featuring the likes of Astrotrain, Blitzwing and Octane in development under Decepticon and Cybertron Overlord Shockwave, Alpha Trion decided to come up with his own Autobot versions.

Dion was selected to be among those due to his excellent fitness and rapid recovery. It was also because of that he was not placed alongside his friends during the repair and rebuilding process.

When the work was completed, he became one of the few Autobots who could fly and wield traditional hand weapons instead of just firearms. But his process from just a normal naïve civilian to a seasoned warrior was extremely tough and gruelling in training. So much so that he did not want to express verbally in words to anybody but prefer to keep those painful memories to himself.

He was also secretly in love with Ariel one time and secretly jealous of his buddy Orion as his unexpected love rival. But he was also professional enough of being magnitude in not allowing what he was supposed to do to interfere with what he thought he should get and have instead.

When both his friends became leaders in their own arenas, he was among those who congratulated them quietly as he soon realized that being not in command was not too bad after all since he still had his own life and was in control of without having to listen and being affected by what others think of him.

Upon meeting Arcee when joining Ultra Magnus and his second-generation Autobots crew, he was reminded of Elita One as Arcee wore the same colors and personality.

He also came to accept and respect Optimus Prime as the new Autobot leader instead of just a close friend since all his few comrades felt that way about him.

In other words, Dion was no longer the same manual worker or ordinary friend he once was when with Orion and his girl Ariel.

But an equally accomplished Autobot warrior and leader of Wreckers like them.

Also known as Springer.

Their convoy journey was unfortunately interrupted by another series of explosions taking place right before them just as they were about to head for the expressionway a few kilometres beyond the Autobot City gate entrance.

From the skies, the Decepticon battlecruiser Nemesis suddenly hovered right above their fortress. The once purple multiple spiked cruiser that Megatron once famously lead in their attack against the now defunct Autobot ship The Ark – was now a repainted black space shuttle. Despite of its modified appearance, Springer and Elita-One could still recognize it to be Nemesis by their common instinct as Autobot pioneers.

The hatch door opened and out emerged multitude armies of Allicons and Sharkticons - metallic creatures who could not wait to pounce upon and devour them.

They were not just creatures in the making but also served as the enforcers, executioners and guards for their cruel Quintesson Masters.

The Allicons were in the form of shorter length and yet still bigger versions of the original river predators on Earth with multiple razor sharp spikes protruding from their noses which also served as their upper jaws whereas the Sharkticons had similar fashion blades extending from their backs.

The one thing they had in common however - which made the biggest impression upon their victims in particular - their giant teeth knives which would disintegrate anything they chewed upon.

As marine creatures, they should come out of the seas instead of the skies. But that did not matter as whichever angle they launched their attack, they were just as lethal and troublesome for their enemies.

Now Springer began to understand better about what Rodimus and Kup told him about their encounters on planet Quintessa as well as Spike Witwicky and Ultra Magnus during their imprisonment by their Five Faces Of Darkness Masters as up until now he had never really engaged them face-to-face in full force.

Given the current unexpected turn of events, he would have to abandon his original intention and allowed Elita to have her way if they want to survive these.

Wreck-Gar and his Junkion army began firing their bike cannon laser cannons upwards as the combined contingent of Allicons and Sharkticons pounced upon them in creature modes. Originally from the planet of Junkion, their first encounter with Autobots came when Ultra Magnus, Springer, Arcee, Blurr and Daniel crashlanded in their decommissioned half of the battlecruiser after the Magnus decided to split the ship to make his enemy counterpart Galvatron think he had destroyed them.

As their planet had been isolated from living creatures for decades, the Junkions began to get used to living with one another and among themselves. Therefore they saw Autobots as unwanted intruders and decided to defend their homeworld by attacking them. Springer knew as he fought bravely with Wreckgar and them even though the outcome was about to end in defeat.

But upon Hot Rod’s arrival with Kup, Wheelie and Dinobots, things changed as their leader Wreck-Gar responded positively to the soon would-be new Autobot leader’s universal greeting based on what Kup taught him.

Springer and Elita-One dismounted to allow the Junkion bike to transform with the rest before they too got into battle ready modes. The former produced 2 laser rifles from his right leg compartment. One in green and yellow which complemented his body colors and the other pink and white which complemented those of his new companion taking Arcee’s place.

“Here, take this and defend yourself” Springer said as he handed the pink and white weapon to her.

“What the-“ Elita looked with astonishment, certainly wondering how he came up with the weapon that matched her colors.

“I’ll tell you,” Springer answered, expecting her reaction to be this way. “If we survive this.”

Elita One nodded as they both converted into their alternate modes. Springer into a battle assault chopper mounted with proton cannons on either side ready to engage the primitives in the air while she into a ground-based convertible automobile with built in plasma beam guns.

Along with Wreckgar and Junkions, they prepared to give their enemies their first and hopefully last unforgettable welcome.

As the combined Decepticon-Quintesson alliance troops landed, they were instantly knocked into by the equally fast moving Junkion bikes whose weapons were constantly firing.

Yet despite of the bombardment, their hard-core heavy assault armor remained unaffected. Sensing their biting and clawing attacks were fruitless, they switched to their robot modes swinging their shining spears and black maces - as well as armed with their artillery of concussion cannons and maceration lasers, hoping to lure their opponents into doing the same.

True enough, Wreckgar and his Junkions configured into their humanoid warrior modes as the former prepared with his double-edged armored axe and his team members with their own chains and decelerator laser guns designed to inhibit their foes’ flow of cerebral impulses.

Just as quickly as them, the Quintesson guardians closed in on them with hand weapons and then configured back into their respective creature modes in a bid to devour them in what they assumed to be their enemy vulnerability as robots.

What they did not expect however was Wreckgar and his men also had backup plans in store for them. Not only they could transform just as fast, they could complement each other as rider and bike and vice versa in a matter of seconds.

Wreckgar rode on another Junkion bike and began hacking down one Allicon into two with his ever trusty battle-axe despite being centuries old and constantly sharpened and refined. His men followed his example with their own chains, blades and other assortment of firing weapons they mustered from gathering and modifying whatever Junkion they could gather into usable and deadly weaponry that only they could conjure.

Springer swung to and fro in his chopper mode, taking down several Allicons and Sharkticons with both his firing artillery cannons and rotor blades in just a few quick swing motions.

This caused a series of explosions this time affecting and disrupting the flow of their contingent further attacks. This was hardly surprising to him since they were just a batch of mindless and low in intelligence lackeys working for their Quintesson Masters as devoted servants and soldiers.

Taking down most of their aerial strike force within a few attacking moves, he proceeded to assist Elita One and the rest of the Junkions on ground to do the same by converting into heavy assault Rover vehicle with the same twin cannon guns firing and taking down several more of those pesky Allicons and Sharkticons be it their creature or robot modes.

Elita One also did her fair share of contribution by taking down a few of those mechanical creature beings with her vehicle guns firing blue laser beams.

But her role had been minimized by what Springer, Wreck-Gar and the Junkions did of making short work defeating them what normal humans would struggle given their smaller size.

After a while, she converted back into her robot mode and continued firing with her new blaster weapon Springer gave her. The Sharkticons and Allicons continued to fall like nine pins.

And within seconds, they were all in a heap with he, Springer, Wreck-Gar and the Junkions back into their robot modes standing and looking over.

Turning to Springer, she said, “Now you can tell me.”

Before Springer could reply, another explosion rocked right before and behind them.

The Nemesis ship commander seemed to detect with how they took care of its first contingent with relative ease and decided to release their second. One which they did not expect and would have a much tougher time overcoming given the fact their appearances were not completely expected and anticipated by any of the Autobots.

In particular Springer and Elita-One.

The hatch door opened the second time and out emerged six fighter jets in their colors of dark grey, purple, crimson, blue, green and yellow. Their designs were also unique in the way they were not like conventional fighter jets in appearances but more outlandish and attuned to the Decepticon insignia with razor sharp edges on every part and top hull surface resembling the face of The Fallen.

They descended rapidly and despite just six of them, proved to be even more powerful and deadlier with their multiple array of firing and hand-to-hand combat weapons and capabilities that were not visible on the surface.

As compared to Allicons and Sharkticons, they were what the Quintessons considered as their elite-force creations. A former Decepticon and Cybertron warlord and six new and first Decepticon females that would spell the doom of the entire Autobot force.

Even in their altered jet modes, Elita-One still recognized them as memories of what happened to her prior to her encounter with Springer and his Autobots came rushing back.

Even with their backs as wall against each other, she, Springer, Wreck-Gar and his Junkions stood firm in a circle as they prepared for what would be their second and yet tougher battle against the new enemy that would most likely anticipate every move and defeat them if they were not careful.

Compared to their earlier combat which took just minutes, they had the feeling that this one might take hours or even days.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

Postby amurowes » Thu Dec 22, 2016 8:45 am

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After Autobot City Metroplex had configured itself into battle ready mode with array of energy beam guns and missile launchers protruding from within its tower compartments without affecting the population of both Autobots and allied human operatives inside, the first contingent to be despatched to engage the incoming Decepticon first wave was their latest invention called Trainbots.

They were not only their latest innovations in terms of strength and firepower but also just the fifth subgroup and combiner after Aerialbots, Protectobots, Technobots and just recently Dinobots after modification.

As their name implied, they were a group of six trains based on Japanese bullet train models in terms of design after Rodimus and his Autobots’ fascination with them during their brief stay in Japan. Besides normal transportation of Autobots and human ally passengers, they also served as ground-and-air-based cargo transport. The alternation for their ability to fly was inspired by Aerialbots – which was the Autobots first pioneer combiner.

Spearheading the group as a combined train form was their leader Shouki – a blue and white bullet train. As a Series 0 Shinkansen bullet train, he could travel up to a maximum speed of 250 miles per hour. Like his fellow Trainbots, he was manufactured and brought up in the tradition culture of Japan. Such as respecting and admiring the humans as sentinel beings defined by Optimus and committed to protecting them at all costs.

Right behind him was his second-in-command and younger green and white brother Yukikaze. Besides designed for primary train purposes, he was also a cold weather specialist who had the ability and endurance to pull himself through in winter – an ability he felt proud of. So much so that he no longer enjoyed being in the sun or any form of heat.

The rest of their team consists of:

Suiken - a dark green, grey and bright red Tokai-Type 153 express locomotive who possessed above average intelligence and was well-experienced travelling on even the most rugged and uneven terrain.

Seizan - a bright yellow, grey and bright red Type 485-1000 Limited Express locomotive with great speed and exceptional strength who specializes in mountain climbing and rolling as robot and train.

Getsuei - a dark blue and white EF 65-1000 Electric locomotive who came with the nickname of night fighter due to his unique ability to see and take out enemies even within darkness and under worse visibility conditions.

Kaen - the strongest of Trainbots and as a grey and red striped DE10 diesel locomotive who could accelerate up to 60 miles per hour and carry up to 70 tonnes of cargo.

Once they were out in the open skies, they expected to face another Decepticon subgroup of equivalent or greater strength than them. It did not take them long to find out as a single blast hit them squarely in the middle - which happened to consist of Seizan and Getsuei out of nowhere.

Not all designed to withstand such blast, the Trainbots were separated into 5 separate forms as they glanced to see a group of green and purple Decepticon warriors appearing on the horizon with their blasters and beam guns flashing red bolts of crimson energy.

Constructicons…Trainbot commander Shouki thought as he and his team began configuring into robot modes and preparing for combat with their assortment of artillery guns.

Though the Constructicons were down after their encounter with the Dinobots’ new combined form, they were not out of commission.

Having travelled for some time in their vehicle modes and recuperating on their additional energon cubes they stole from various construction sites, they were now back to normal full power and decided to take flight to join their fellow Decepticons and Quintessons alliance in their attack on Autobot City.

They were not just designed for construction purposes and ground warfare but aerial battles as well with their in-built flight capabilities. One that their leader Megatron – now reconstructed as Galvatron – was proud of in having his entire aerial army completed and used as massive edge over the mostly non-flying and ground-based Autobots.

But in a moment of panic with the Dinobots, they did not come up with that and in their haste to fight and defend blindly, they were soundly beaten.

Because of that, they were determined not to let the same thing happen now that they were taking on what they perceived to be weaker Autobot foes as compared to the brutal might of Dinobots.

Constructicon leader Scrapper was the one who initiated the dirty ambush play.

As engineer and wheel loader with capabilities of conjuring anything out of nothing in Decepticons’ favour and slice through 12 inches of steel plating and lifting up to 30 tonnes of concrete and steel with his shovel, he took delight in integrating captured and decommissioned Autobots into his creations. In particular Optimus Prime who was beheaded and his body modified into a mechanical alligator to feed on his panic-stricken Autobots.

They were also precisely why Megatron made him the Constructicon leader despite the fact that he was not the main body but the right leg of their combined Devastator form.

While the Trainbots were in the process of configuring into robot modes and counterattacking, he and his Constructicons continued firing and hoping to bring them down to earth.

Without any hesitation and renewed courage, he headed straight into his counterpart Shouki by first transforming into the wheel loader with Devastator’s upper chest wing shield mounted on top. That gave him the ability to fly and fire plasma energy from the beam guns on both ends of the wing shield.

Trainbot commander Shouki was clearly taken by surprise again when his enemy leader embarked on a headlong collusion against him.

As he did not possess any extra armaments or artillery on his train form, he would have to continue engaging in robot mode as he did not have the advantage in terms of flexibility.

He fired his laser pistol which had no impact and suddenly disengaged at the last minute by switching into the train mode and banging into the green wheel loader despite sustaining hits of damage by the crimson bolts emitted from the latter’s winged shield guns.

Then transforming back into robot mode, he lifted up the loader and hurled it over to his Constructicons who were also having an edge over his team.

But the other Constructicons were smart enough to evade the impact by shifting sideways even in mid-air. So was Scrapper who configured back into humanoid form.

Equipped with a complete set of formidable magnetic, ionic, electrical and gas sensors, Scavenger was able to detect various materials be they metals or fuel sources and use them to his advantage.

Other than those, he possessed the ability to determine the composition and layout of the ground up to 1.2 miles.

All these came into play when he encountered and began challenging Yukikaze in a battle of wits rather than brutal show of force.

When both combatants were within reachable range of each other, they exchanged fire one to one away from their equally combative comrades in their own personal duels.

In truck hoe mode, it launched its drilled missile from the launcher mounted behind the shovel and side window pilot cockpit. But that missile was well-intercepted by Yukikaze’s laser beam gun. The blue bolts disintegrating the missile upon collision, sending splinters and fragments into scattered directions.

Scavenger attempted to lift its opponent with its shovel only to have the support stem cut off by a series of blue Autobot rays emitted from the Trainbot’s gun. With both its vehicle weapons destroyed in quick succession, he had no choice but to convert into robot mode and armed with his own plasma energy machine pistol.

Ironically it was at that moment that Yukikaze displayed his full fighting potential of more than just a robot and train.

To be honest, he was not the type that enjoyed showing off and daunting others whom he perceived to be of lesser qualities than him. Instead he preferred the other way so much so that when his enemy ran out of ideas, steam and strength, then he started demonstrating what he could do in full effect and succession.

As a warrior breed of Japanese Samurai and well-versed in the ancient mystery arts of ninjitsu, he quickly switched gears by stop firing his laser pistol which he knew would come to no end against his opponent with similar weapon. Eventually one of them would tire out but he had no patience to wait that long.

Using his mind force, he suddenly conjured razor sharp ice splinters rotating around him as though he was their focus point and they were his force shield. As he focused deeper, those splinters accelerated faster and one by one they moved in fast towards his green and purple opponent.

Despite being able to detect those splinters and what they were made of, Scavenger had no clue how to counter them.

Or even evade them.

They took him by surprise as they implanted his arms, chest, stomach and legs in multitudes. An extreme coldness overwhelmed him mentally as he found himself shivering and trembling uncontrollably in icy chill caused by his opponent who seemed to the master in manipulation of cold elements. His motor functions began slowing down and his mind became blurrier as he was unable to get hold of himself into normal state of mind.

Cursing and swearing, he could do nothing else as he soon found himself knocked down from the skies by his opponent who now converted back into the white and green Japanese bullet train who slowed no sights of compassion and instead of strong determination as he and his fellow Constructicons had earlier displayed.

It is an intense battle of two strongest-willed Constructicon and Trainbot as Bonecrusher and Suiken clashed against each other for the first time in one-to-one combat.

Be it unarmed with just fists and legs or armed with an assortment of artillery and weaponry or reflexes in manoeuvrability of evading, backtracking and advancing just to gain an upper hand over each other. But that was what winning was all about in their in-built personality and perception.

As the toughest Constructicon built of strong protective steel and metal, Bonecrusher possesses enormous strength even as an individual.

As a firm believer in the survival of the fittest, he felt that the strongest should be allowed to live and weakest or even average Joes should perish. For he worshipped strength and despised weakness due to his upbringing in the construction sector within the military.

He brought those qualities into his demolitions job and perceived that anything or any being that failed to live up to his expectations should be eliminated immediately. His fighting skills were wild, intense and brutal which made him the most popular among his Decepticons comrades and feared among his Autobot enemies.

Despite meeting his match, he had little hesitation in transforming into a bull dozer despite knowing that he was not designed for flight. He just wanted to take delight into committing kamikaze – a Japanese term for headlong collusion against enemies that the Japanese troops committed during World War II as suicide attacks.

As he moved in fast towards his seemingly helpless opponent, he fired his concussion missile launcher simultaneously, hoping to take out his opponent and end this duel quickly so that he could join his fellow Constructicons in getting rid of the rest of Trainbots.

If it was any Autobot or even human, the green bulldozer might succeed in achieving his goal of self-annihilation to himself and his victim.

But not to Suiken.

Due to his years of experience in travelling and fighting on rough and uneven terrains as mentioned earlier, he became wiser. Bonecrusher was not the only Decepticon he ever fought of such calibre. He had faced many, being beaten and eventually won over in his years of fighting on Cybertron, Earth and even outer space and other planets.

Instead of evading or allowing himself to be hit, he focuses mentally. A skill that he and other Trainbots had mastered due to their upbringing in Japan. With his eyes trained on that incoming missile, he created a blue illuminating barrier before him.

The missile repelled upon impact and Bonecrusher was hit instead of him by this unexpected move.

Smoke emitting from his front shovel and arms as he desperately attempt to clear it while staying desperately determined not to lose that easily. By switching to his robot mode and replacing his vehicle weapons with the laser pistol.

The shovel sliding forth to become his chest as the double tired wheels moved vertically to form his legs. The front hull split into his two arms and out came his hollow red visor face from his body which served as the underside of his vehicle.

Once the transformation was complete, he took aim and fired his pistol.

Again Suiken was well-prepared to avoid being hit by counter firing his own laser gun.

Blue and red lightning and illuminating energy bolts came blasting against each other out of oblivion without having any impact from the shooters.

Yet they obviously served no purpose in determining their battle outcome.

Then as quickly as possible, Suiken transformed back into his green and red train before colliding against Bonecrusher still in his stationary robot mode – a move originally intended by the former.

The only difference was that he succeeded while his Constructicon foe failed which resulted in him being a victor of battle on strong minds and wits.

By right it would have been an exaggeration to see a flying dump truck against a bullet train in the skies. A scenario that should be only in fantasy stories, movies or drama series.

But certainly not in the case of Long Haul. Despite being a truck involved in what he considered as the most boring and monotonous job of just carrying and transporting cargo to and fro in various places, he had a distinctive advantage of being an aviator with the help of Devastator’s lower waist leg joints which formed a flight jet-pack with underside guns firing heat seeking missiles.

Not to outdone, the yellow and red Seizan activated his ultra-sonic waves from his telepathic mind power.

They diverted those missiles sideways away from him however hard his opponent tried to reverse the situation.

Pressing the trigger, he fired his beam gun which destroyed those missiles with blue bolts. On doing the same thing the second time, he scored three direct hits on to his opponent’s face, chest and legs.

While Long Haul was still crying in agony, his opponent transformed into the train and banged into him, sending his body flying towards where he came from.

In the direction of his fellow Constructicons.

In green cement mixer mode, Mixmaster fired rapid bursts from inflamed cannon gun which happened to be main weapon of Devastator in combined form.

Like his fellow Constructicons, he just wanted to enjoy the thrill and fun of crashing into his opponents in vehicle mode.

But his dark blue opponent was equal to the challenge. Despite being in robot mode, he quickly evaded out of harm’s way before firing his own energy laser gun.

Mixmaster instantly configured into robot and released his other weapons in the form of head-mounted launchers firing dark missile-like sharp projectiles and laser pistols releasing angry red crimson fire bolts.

Getsuei’s reply was to create an illusion of black smoke which momentarily blinded and fooled his opponent on his position.

As his dark personality implies, he took advantage of that to transform into the dark blue locomotive and collided right into the green cement robot who struggled to see and aim.

While his opponent was still falling, Getsuei reverted back into his robot form and fired his own laser pistol whose three blue bolts hit the Constructicon in his chest and stomach.

As construction crane, Hook attempted to stab the grey and red striped train with its sharp dark steel hook on its long beam support before lifting and dragging it across the skies for its slow painful death.

After all as surgical engineer, he derived pleasure from performing delicate operations on comrades and enemies alike whether they liked it or not. His drive for perfection caused him to be slow and yet precise similar to how a professional chef cuts and stews meat and vegetables into a perfect dish for his customers.

It was also because of this that he was made second-in-command despite having similar strengths to his fellow Constructicon Scrapper who was more practical with achieving results in the shortest timing possible.

Unfortunately Kaen was made of much sterner stuff.

As the green crane with razor sharp claw-like hook came crushing down, his hand reached out to hold and then broke the stem as he configured into robot mode and began firing his own laser pistol.

The blue bolts hit the front parts – including the side driver compartment - of the green crane vehicle, causing it to groan in pain and transform into its humanoid form as well.

Those affected front parts unfolded into its legs while the back wheels emerged as its arms. The back crane reversed on its back as the green and black enemy opponent produced its own laser pistol and began counterfiring.

Kaen began projecting illusions of himself. In such that instead of one, there are six of him surrounding his confused and belittled foe who obviously wondered how in the world he managed to pull off a feat like that.

Transforming into the diesel locomotive again, he rammed into the green Constructicon before reverting back into the robot mode and fired his own array of blue bolts again to put him and the rest of his underhanded comrades out of commission.

All six Constructicons crashlanded right in the heart of the Autobot City with their opponents also landing right before them with their laser pistols pointing in robot modes.

Angry and dismayed at being outwitted and outplayed in such an unfair manner which ironically was his and his team’s trademarks being created and cultivated in Decepticons’ upbringing, leader Scrapper got up first as an example and gave the order.

“Constructicons, Transformation Phase One!”

At his order, he and his fellow team members configured into vehicle modes before forming into their inner circle ring formation.

“Constructicons, Transformation Phase Two!”

They then began to climb upon each other. Mixmaster and Scrapper remained stationary on ground level even as they shifted their position vertically. Long Haul was on top of them as what looked like lower body while Hook became the upper part. Still moving along him were Bonecrusher and Scavenger who turned into the right and left arms.

When the combination was complete, purple fists, chestplate and the black giant robot head of their goliath warrior form emerged from their respective positions of the Bonecrusher and Scavenger arms as well as top body and in between shoulders of Hook.


The mostly green sixty foot colossal warrior began to advance towards his six Autobot counterparts as his arms suddenly became drillers instead of fists before he began creating a hole into the ground, hoping that his enemies would fall and be swallowed by his earthquakes.

That was why the Trainbots suddenly flew into the skies and began their own transformation and combination.

“Trainbots!” Their white and blue commander Shouki addressed them to get their attention before issuing his order. “Transformation Phase One!”

Despite Devastator’s attempts to drill their bodies alive, all six Trainbots managed to convert back into trains and formed into one long version in the skies.

Then all joined as one singular formation train, Shouki commanded again, “Trainbots, Transformation Phase Two!”

The white and blue leader became the upper main body while Kaen became the lower half. Suiken and Seizan became left and right arms attached to Shouki’s body frame while Getsuei and Yukikaze became left and right legs attached to Kaen’s body frame.

Once the process was complete, they became Raiden. Another sixty foot giant warrior, he was much more of an air borne type as compared to his main opponent’s ground-based form. With wings affixed on his legs and behind his arms, he clearly possessed an aerial advantage and even more so considering the Trainbots could balance much better in the skies than their opponents as demonstrated in their earlier combats.

Devastator fired his arm drill missiles which propelled in pincer-like motions but they were easily detonated by Raiden’s angle-mounted leg beam guns.

The former then attempted to knock his opponent out of the skies by revealing his fists first and then arming the right one with the thermal cannon rifle, he pulled the trigger and fired bursts of 10K centigrade red plasma heat beams.

But Raiden was equal to the challenge by activating his train cannon rifle which released icy cold blue sonic rays that adsorbed the red beams easily and quickly with no intervention. Then landing on the ground, he began a real one-to-one confrontation against Devastator.

Devastator came straight at him with his angry fists swinging towards yet somehow Raiden evaded once again with the calm and coolness, displaying the traits of a professional ninja warrior. The second time round however, Devastator reproduced the drillers hoping to slice his opponent’s face and then decapitate his head off.

Still Raiden was unlike all other Autobot combiners and given his opponent’s reaction, he assumed that Devastator treated him just like those he encountered and defeated easily.

Firstly he activated and fired his shoulder-mounted wing lasers the same way he fired his leg beam guns seconds earlier in order to take out those menacing drillers. And when the Devastator lunged at him the third time with his fists and thermal cannon firing equally red angry bolts, Raiden unleashed his ultimate and deadliest weapon.

One that was rarely used except in extreme circumstances.

Instead of counterfiring, he deactivated and withdrew his cannon rifle. Then with sky blue lightning cracks forming at his ten fingers, he released those kinetic energy blasts right into his green giant counterpart once they were within inches of each other.

The result was devastating to Devastator. His entire body and limbs were electrocuted and immobilized by the impact. As he howled in immense pain, he literally exploded into a heap of now dead and useless construction vehicles ready to be towed for other purposes.

Now that his opponents were completely wiped out, Raiden too disintegrated into his 5 separate Trainbots. First in their robot modes and then back into trains before combining into one long train as they first appeared at the beginning of the battle against Constructicons.

Another Decepticon down.

And yet many more to go.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

Postby amurowes » Thu Dec 22, 2016 8:58 am

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The next round was a battle of aerial aces between the old veteran Autobot Skyfire and the new latest Decepticon jets duo and brothers-in-arms Darkwing and Dreadwind. The big one versus two slight smaller ones with a strong sense of understanding and unity.

Millions of years ago during the golden age of Cybertron before the war, Skyfire was originally designed to be a Decepticon by the Quintesson Masters in the form of heavy assault combat fighter. During that time, he got to know and being friends with several others of similar mould. Such as Ace Evader, Starscream, Sunstorm and several others while they were in development and not yet mobilized in combat.

As part of their on-the-job training, they were assigned to work as scientists in the Decepticons research facility managed by Shockwave and his remote droids in analysis, discovery and creation. Besides being in the lab, they travelled together in outer space to explore other planets and see if there were other life forms as they had on Cybertron. And most importantly, how to use those life forms as models for future Decepticon development in combat and warfare.

After months of journey with no results, they finally discovered the blue and world planet of Earth. However upon landing in the North Pole, Jetfire was separated from his comrades by a fierce ice storm. He crashlanded and with his systems damaged, he was rendered unconscious and remained so for millions of years as back then, humans had yet to discover let alone develop technology to spot and bring him back to full recovery.

However things changed when leader Megatron and his Decepticons discovered him within the Arctic ice cube. Starscream immediately recognized him and based on their friendship, he was resurrected and convinced to be on their side.

But after realizing their true intentions to conquer Earth and enslave humans, he decided to turn against them by joining the Autobots instead at the expense of his past friendship with now Decepticon second-in-command Starscream.

Their replacements Dirge, Ramjet and Thrust were loyal subordinates but in terms of stealth and intelligence, they were not as effective as their predecessors. Scourge and the sweeps were more on brutal force and no longer the same as their former selves since being morphed by the late Unicron.

Blitzwing had not been seen since his deflection. Neither on Earth nor Cybertron.

Henceforth the Quintessons had to create adequate replacements. Using the former DNA samples and info of Skywarp and Thundercracker - whom they regarded to be the best in aerial combat, they went about constructing 2 powerful supersonic jets Darkwing and Dreadwind.

The result was they were the first generation batch of what Quintessons regarded as Powermasters and second new creations after the Seacons merge group.

Though they were slightly smaller than Skyfire, they would certainly prove to be more than a handful since they were like-minded duo against the veteran solo Autobot.

Darkwing moved in first ahead of his brother in jet fighter mode due to his more aggressive nature.

The twin laser-guided electro-kinetic blasters underneath his winged sky blue and dark purple metallic hull opened fire, emitting red lightning beams towards his pure white and red striped opponent. They steaked across the skies in horizontal strokes in quick acceleration.

Skyfire shifted his body digitally to avoid being blasted but then Darkwing continued to press on and fire his armaments. At this point, the former relied more on his flight reflexes and tactics than to counterfire with his four more advanced and heavy assault weaponry.

While his brother attacked from the front, Dreadwind decided to move in from the back which resulted in Skyfire being bombarded from both ends as the former released his dark air-to-air heat seeking missiles from underneath his winged white and sky blue body hull.

It was then Skyfire decided to counterfire. Activating two of his missile launchers in his hind legs, he let loose an array of four mostly white painted and red-striped proton missiles which flew directly towards and eventually collided with the blue ones.

Skyfire next activated all four of his particle beam cannons underneath his wings with two firing towards Darkwing from the front and the other two towards Dreadwind from the back. Sky blue rays illuminated the clear blue skies against the crimson red versions.

However, Darkwing and Dreadwind proved their craftiness by evading those beams and did exactly the same by continuing their firing but doing the switch exchange. Darkwing now launching his black heat-seeking missiles while his brother Dreadwind firing his thermal beam guns which fired rapid machine crimson fire.

Both Skyfire’s wings got hit as a result and the Autobot air commander was forced to switch to his robot mode in order to stay balanced in the skies.

Still both the Decepticon jets were relentless in their attacks as they kept circling him while firing their weapons. Missiles and beams and then beams and missiles as their alternate and yet united co-ordination.

Still Skyfire managed to endure those while barely shielding himself and convert into robot mode. Armed with his beam cannon, he proceeded to return his blue fire just as his Decepticon opponents also switched to their robot modes but easier and faster as they remained unaffected.

Darkwing continued firing his electro-kinetic blasters while his brother Dreadwing with his thermal guns while moving and circling around Skyfire. Sensing the latter’s struggle to cope with their speed and ferocity, they quickly configured again and unleashed their ultimate weapon.

As they reverted back to their jet modes, they combined together into a more powerful and lethal mega-jet called Dreadwind. Upon completing their third mode, they instantly crashed into Skyfire, disarming him and also dismantling his legs from his main body with their renewed firing of beams and missiles.

For all his efforts and experience not to mention his multiple weapons of four beam cannons and missile launchers, Skyfire was unable to cope with his new enemies’ assault which came in thick and fast like a professional boxer launching blows after blows on his amateur opponent in the ring.

His right arm went off followed by his left. And then his head was decapitated by another missile before his body was shattered into two by the combined jet mode in blazing fire.

His entire parts went crashing into the oceans below.

Even as he die, Skyfire never knew how they could read and anticipate every one of his moves even though they had never met let alone fight against each other. But at least he had redeemed by sacrificing himself in honor of defending his fellow Autobots.

For once, the Decepticons had triumphed over Autobots.

All thanks to the partnership of two like-minded brothers.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

Postby amurowes » Thu Dec 22, 2016 9:10 am

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Despite having recovered from damages sustained from the newest Decepticon Sixshot’s attack with his 6 different transformation modes and being the first Transformer to do so, Silverbolt and his Aerialbots team insisted on wanting to join the battle in defending their Autobot City.

Originally assigned as part of the convoy to protect Hot Rod, Springer and the rest of the second generation Autobots, they were forced to back out and return to Earth via Sky Lynx shuttle after being injured and spent their months recuperating within the Autobot City just like the Dinobots.

But the fact that the Autobots were never designed originally for combat let alone aerial wars meant their involvement was more essential than ever as the only able fighters they have had were Powerglide and Skyfire. While the former was assigned to accompany Optimus and Ultra Magnus as part of their team, the latter was now fighting against another two newest Decepticons and brothers Darkwing and Dreadwind.

The rest of the Autobots – including Prime and Magnus – were land-based and were more efficient in combat when in their robot forms – in which they could activate and aim with their guns or rifles - rather than vehicles. Even though they could still speed and knock down opponents in vehicle modes, that was the only and best weapon they have had currently. The rest of the armaments were rather light-weight and for them to match their Decepticon counterparts Stunticons, they were still in development which might take years if not months given the current scepticism most Autobots have had in regards to flight rather than wheels.

Speaking of Stunticons, they were their opponents and like them, they also recovered barely from damages the Dinobots had inflicted on them earlier in their latest combined form of Dinoking. But given their tremendous hunger and consumption of energon cubes, they probably attacked other vehicles which explained why they could still be half as effective given their speed and weaponry.

The roles of Autobots and Decepticons were now reversed as the Aerialbots attacked from the skies and the Stunticons defended by firing from the ground level on the expressway.

Originally abandoned shuttles in the Autobots Hangar Bay probably heavily damaged in their earlier battles with the Decepticons, they were rebuilt into jet fighters in the image of Decepticons and given life by Alpha Trion who sacrificed his in the process.

However to have them fighting eventually as a team was not easy. Commander Silverbolt had fears of flying despite being the largest air-freight jet as his previous was a low gravity cargo transport and his team members despised the Autobots for not being able to fly and present a more effective challenge against the Decepticons as they had.

But their journey back in time - after being deceived and trapped by Megatron and his Decepticons – changed their perception as they witnessed the origins and birth of their main leader Optimus Prime and early Autobots making their debut in the first war against Megatron and his Decepticons – who started out as war trucks instead of jets.

In Concorde Super Transport mode, Aerialbot commander Silverbolt hope to take out his opposition leader and opponent Motormaster with his in-built heat seeking missiles launched from beneath his sharp-pointed elongated flight wings.

It was the latest additions by the Protectobots who were responsible for their repairs despite also just recovering from Hate Plague. Until then, his main weapons consisted of just sub-machine beam guns and electronic discharger rifle which were both considered as primitive in today’s jet fighter weapons technology.

However Motormaster shifted sideways to evade those missiles while still in his trailer mode. A mode that was based on the Autobot leader Optimus alternate mode and made him the second worthy opponent after Megatron.

As the missiles returned as they were targeted at him, Motormaster began transforming into his mini-battle station mode. His vehicle split into two halves and out came the launchpad with his own array of energy beam guns and multiple missile launchers.

Motormaster fired all of them and in no time, all the missiles were destroyed. Quickly, he closed again into a single trailer and then leapt into the air, hoping to collide into Silverbolt and crippled him of his flight capabilities and courage.

Silverbolt continued launching his heat seekers and fired his machine guns but Motormaster was even more determined in his advance towards him and tear him apart. The collision was successful and both of them reverted to their robot modes with Motormaster grabbing Silverbolt by his throat.

Yet the aerial commander proved stronger than his opponent thought. Lashing out with his legs towards that of his opponent, he succeeded in executing his kicks accurately before taking advantage of Motormaster’s pain to release his grip and lift his entire body over him before hurling him towards the other side.

He had learnt to overcome his fear of flights and he learnt it well having been appointed as commander by Prime so that he would spent more time focusing on others than on himself.

Though Motormaster was down, he refused to yield despite suffering in immense pain. With his back turned to Silverbolt, he activated his 400 mph wind producing cyclone gun before turning around to fire towards the former.

Strong winds began to shaken and lift the Aerialbot commander as he began having difficulty in maintaining his balance on the ground even though it was solid. He found himself moving into a lying position even in the winds above the ground level as Motormaster increased the intensity of his gun volume.

Unable to transform into jet mode, Silverbolt activated his electro discharger rifle and attempted to aim at his opponent’s weakened legs even though he could not even focus sharply because of the turrets. But he still felt it was worth to give it a try and pulled the trigger.

The blue bolt did not hit Motormaster’s legs but it hit the ground just before the Stunticon commander. Once again, the huge trailer robot found himself on the ground again and his cyclone gun knocked out of his hands into few metres away. Just as he was about to reach out and retrieve that weapon, he faced fierce resistance from Silverbolt who was now taking his turn to do what he did seconds ago by firing his own electrical discharger.

Unable to stand firmly momentarily, Motormaster transformed back into this trailer truck, circled 180 degrees U-turn and then accelerated towards Silverbolt at tremendous speed.

The result was a success as he knocked down the Aerialbot commander with his rifle falling out of his hands. And when the latter was down on the ground groaning in pain, Motormaster transformed again into robot in mid-air before activating his other weapon – the silver energon blade with purple hilt and brought it down upon Silverbolt.

Silverbolt lashed out with his legs and knocked the winds out of Motormaster’s face before he could execute the final and potentially fatal blow. Yet this time the sword remained firm in his fists as Motormaster fell and towards the ground level, he suddenly leap up once again to attack Silverbolt in mid-air.

The latter rolled over to avoid the blows and seeing Motormaster’s cyclone gun just within inches, he took the weapon and fired the winds to unbalance its owner.

As a jet fighter against his opponent in car mode, Air Raid thought it would be the easiest fight of his life as he launched his air-to-air heat seeking missiles from beneath his wings while closing in simultaneously.

But Breakdown was equally determined to defend himself as his double-barrelled concussion cannon guns affixed to the foot stand behind his white and blue Lamborghini fired red energy beams to destroy those heat seekers in mid-air.

Despite of this, Air Raid continued advancing towards his smaller foe with his Vulcan nose cannon firing while reloading his missile launchers. By this time, the latter was much prepared as he rolled to one side just before the collision and speed away with the cannon guns stand making a reverse turn before firing upwards.

Air Raid executed a U-dive-and-leapt formation as he continued to do the same in his jet mode. He was clearly gaining an upper hand if he could obtain a clear targeting and then blast away those cannon guns if those were all his opponent could use against him.

Once the target was interlocked into place within his blue digital grids of his aiming scope, Air Raid refired his missiles which flew directly towards the cannon turrent guns on top of Breakdown.

The explosion impact threw Breakdown to one side and he began transforming into robot mode before getting ready with his other weapon – concussion energy rifle.

Taking his turn to aim the same way as his opponent, he fired straight at the cockpit head which also affected the latter as he crashlanded and also transformed into robot mode in the process. His paranoid fear - which often put himself and others of lesser mentality in danger – was what he eventually learn to control and master into his own strength.

Now in both humanoid modes, the two aerial and ground combatants began exchanging fire in the park woods while taking care not to be hit.

Breakdown’s red concussion blasts versus Air Raid’s blue laser energy - which can applied 10,000 pounds per square inch of force to its lesser target - severely stressing or shredding most objects.

But the former’s flexibility in interswitching from car to robot and back was just as good which his opponent could not do. Plus his ability to cause mechanical breakdowns with his vibrational engine.

Unless one of them can pull out a surprise when the other least expected it, it looked to be a long evenly matched fight.

Despite his pessimistic nature, the only encouraging thing that Dead End believed in was that his hope to be freed from torture and suffering when his inevitable death happened.

Pessimism was his only way of looking at life given his upbringing in harshest conditions as second-hand automobile before being modified by Megatron and his Decepticons. It was also what caused him to be teased by his fellow Stunticons - including leader Motormaster especially with his incessant moping and bizarrely intense maintenance and beautification routines.

Yet at this very moment, he found strength and courage to fight especially when aroused by his enemies and comrades’ determination to wipe them out. After all, that was what he was created for.

In his dark crimson BMW mode, he possessed the unique ability to accelerate up to 220 mph as well as utilizing his internal radar system to track the movements of all Transformers whether they are in robot or other alternate modes within 200 mile radius.

Best of all, he consolidated and analysed the data he received to map terrain, enemy positions and troop movements which was exactly what he did right now in order to trap his aerial opponent before the latter knew what hit him just when he thought he was gaining an upper hand.

Like all his fellow Stunticons in car modes, he was now firing his double-barrelled air compression cannons mounted on a stand which was in turn affixed to the back of his vehicle mode while planning his next move.

Even in combat, Fireflight loved to relax and allowed his mind to survey his surroundings or even wondering away while in air.

He believed by doing that, it helped him to stay calm and composed as compared to anxiety which he believed was causing unnecessary stress and eventually tragedies. The problem was doing that also caused him to be easily complacent, distracted and not taking anything he was supposed to do seriously.

It was also what caused his fellow Aerialbots to avoid flying with him when they were not on duty since his personality and beliefs made him the weakest jet despite the impression his name gave others.

Now as an Earth jet plane, he possessed the capability of flying at Mach 4 up to 1000 miles at a time. Seeing his nearest Stunticon opponent right ahead below, he began firing his white and red-striped heat seekers only to see them detonated in orange flames by the latter’s red energy bolts.

All of a sudden, the dark red car suddenly leapt skywards and rammed into his jet nose causing an unexpected collision, electrical sparks hissing and dizziness arising from his affected area.

In a bid to balance himself and avoid crash-landing straight into ground, Fireflight switched to robot mode and stood on his feet as his opponent continued to accelerate straight into him even on ground level.

Activating his proton displacer gun from his back, Fireflight began firing. It was not a typical laser beam shooting weapon but one that emitted series of self-igniting flammable blue plasma energy. Nicknamed fire fog, it hit his opponent’s front car hull squarely resulting in thick smoke surrounding even though the impact was not that great.

Now that his enemy was trapped in his own devised strategy, it was Fireflight to close in and counterattack.

Unable to see anything within the thick fog his enemy caused, Deadend decided to try one last trick that not all Transformers knew of except his fellow Stunticons knew of. Not just to get out of the situation but to justify his name and turn tables on his enemy instead.

Activating his internal radar system, he let loose his in-built water cannons to clear away the thick smoke fog easily and quickly. Once he did so, he began to have a a much better sight of his foe and transformed into robot mode while at the same time, producing an air compression rifle.

As his opponent closed in, he fired and caused the latter to be trapped in what seemed to be a translucent air bubble that landed and kept bouncing off the ground.

Having turned the tide of duel in just mere seconds, Deadend reverted back into vehicle mode and proceeded to ram into it while still firing his cannons continuously.

Drag Strip was an irritating chatterbox whose vocal circuitry appeared to be programmed just to taunt others continuously about how inferior they were to him.

Regardless of how significant the competition might seem be it major or minor and professional, amateur or even fun racing, Dragstrip approached them with absolute focus on winning.

Alien, human and robot observers were often stunned at how swift and manically Dragstrip responded to either real or preliminary challenge with the compulsion to win by any means at any cost which used to be Megatron’s trademark in his one-to-one duel with Optimus even when he absorbed all his Decepticons’ strength to defeat the Autobot leader with the help of the Constructicons.

Like the Decepticon commander possibility due to his DNA imported into him, he would resort to any unscrupulous measures to ensure the odds to be in his flavor.

Despite his pathological need to feel superior over others, the two beings he would have to look up and respect grudgingly were of course Megatron and Motormaster. Considering the fact that one was his founder and the other his superior.

That was also why apart from Stunticons, he was unpopular with his fellow Decepticons, Autobots and all beings alike.

Now in his Formula One racing vehicle, he was releasing his inner anger in the form of fiery crimson plasma energy blasts from his plasma cannons mounted on a stand from behind his boot.

Unlike his fellow comrades including his superior, he was not the type who liked to waste time and energy just to kill one single Autobot.

Problem was his opponent Skydive was his exact opposite despite having superiority as jet fighter looming over and now swooping down to attack.

Despite being assigned as air warfare strategist, he discovered himself to be more interested in studying war than living it subconsciously. The details of the historic battles – be it on his planet Cybertron and current adopted home of Earth – fascinated him.

Whether they were Great Wars or World War I and II. The stories that were behind those conflicts became his favourite research subjects.

When his commander Silverbolt called on him to come up with tactics and devise battle plans including making snap tactical decisions, he was very surprised and even more so when told that none of the Autobots – except Optimus – could see things the way he saw them. Not even Jazz and Perceptor regarded by most as the most intelligent Autobots.

Up to that point, he did not realize how important he was due to his capabilities developed from years of his research and making him the invaluable asset to his fellow Stunticons and Autobots.

Upon seeing the yellow F1 racer unleashing his plasma red wrath, he decided to do the same by activating his wing launchers which released steams of black and red heat seeking missiles.

With accurate precision, they succeeded in hitting his target which quickly rolled over and just as quickly got back on the ground and resumed its attack.

Angry at being outwitted, Dragstrip resorted to using the same tactic that he and his comrades were designed for. Which was to take to the skies and rammed into their opponents to prove that they were not pushovers.

The only difference was he did not do it blindly for the sake of doing. When he drew closer to the target, he immediately hopped and rode on its metallic hull hoping to do some serious damage in robot mode.

His front part became his legs while his head and arms unfolded from the main body. Then activating his gravito shotgun, he intended to reduce the centre of gravity on his opponent so that they could both crash on ground which happened to be his advantage terrain.

Not used to having someone rode on his back, Skydive stretched out his hand from beneath one of his wings, grabbed his opponent by his left leg and threw him off into the skies.

He proceeded to transform into robot mode and when the process was completed, he withdrew his nega-gun with the ability to break down the modular bonds of any material, causing them to disintegrate.

Landing on the ground, he and Dragstrip – who managed to restore his balance by converting back into F1 racer and once on the ground, each combatant began their second phase of duel.

The exchange of Skydive’s ocean blue rays verus Dragstrip’s lighting crimson plasma energy.

It was a battle of egos between two warriors as Stunticon Wildrider and Aerialbot Slingshot traded blows with each other one-to-one for the first time.

One with the determination to get others out of his way in order to have his way and the other thinking he was more superior to anyone else.

Anybody witnessing Stunticon Wildrider on the road and still managed to survive the encounter with his body and mind intact would warn you to be careful of his wild tactics which certainly earned him his name.

With seemingly limitless menacing energy, he derived pleasure from causing immense damage to property while still retaining his usual grating and casual mannerisms.

So effective were his destructive handiwork in spreading fear and terror that many drivers began comparing him to a driverless killer car going on a senseless rampage in the old 70s horror movie The Car and even more so with his dark body color and bloody red windows which could be the stains of his past unfortunate victims he either knocked down or locking and suffocated them within or combination of all.

Despite being a ground-based vehicle as compared to his flying opponent, Wildrider was very different from even his fellow Stunticons in that he was extremely maneuverable in vehicle mode, reaching up to maximum speed of 250 mph with no respect for any car drivers and pedestrians on the roads and streets.

Sensing his incoming enemy jet, he remained in his unusual stationary mode with just his truck-mounted double-barrelled plasma cannons illuminating angry red streaks towards the former.

The fact that Slingshot proclaimed others’ victories due to his credit spoke volumes about what he really was to others – humans and fellow Transformers alike.

An abusive braggart whose trademark was berating others loudly for their faults, Slingshot was actually doing this as a cover-up for his inability to get along with others or get them to understand and do what he would want them to do.

The fact that most Autobots could not fly and yet be contented with just being ground-based vehicles designed primarily for service rather than combat as compared to their Decepticon foes further reinforced his belief of the need to change in order to turn the tide of war in their flavor.

The third reason - however much he hated to reveal - was that for all his bragging, he was still the smallest and weakest of all Aerialbots. And that would make others despise him whether they were Decepticons, Autobots or even humans.

As a result, he maintained his most obnoxious manner possible so that he could at least feel in control of making others dislike him. Despite the fact that both Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus seeing him differently and tried to be supportive of him as a hardworking and devoted soldier.

That was exactly what he was when it came to combat and warfare against Wildrider. Especially right now in his supersonic jet mode, he was swooping down with strong determination to defeat the Autobot City.

Activating his twin-mortar cannons beneath his wings, he fired them ruthlessly against his equally merciless enemy. Steaks of blue kinetic energy were repelled to counter the contrasting red effects produced by his enemy.

Possessing Vertical-Take-Off-And-Landing or VTOL capabilities, he proved himself to be just as accomplished as his sinister opponent. His jet scooped up the helpless vehicle on its nose and then reversed in upside-down manner to drop it falling from the skies.

Then he took advantage of the situation by firing his cannons to ensure further damage to his opponent.

However Wildrider refused to give up fighting. Enraged at this unexpected move his foe suddenly executed, he quickly converted into robot mode in mid-air before landing safety on the road.

Then activating his scattershot beam gun, he fired an erratic flurry of powerful red laser beams whose patterns were capable of filling 50 square feet and destroying a building in a fraction of a breem.

But Slingshot was alert to that and swiftly evaded those beams by shifting his jet body to one side, allowing them to pass harmlessly.

Then he configured into robot mode. His wings and jet tail moved backwards to give way to his arms and legs unfolding from his main body before he landed gracefully on the road before Wildrider.

As the latter fired again while charging, Slingshot did the same by activating and shooting with his neutron rifle, producing 200 rounds of blue bolts per second. It was just as powerful as his opponent’s weapon and with the same ability to level the whole complex with just one brief burst.

“Stunticons, transform and gather with me!”

At their leader’s command, all four Decepticon robots disengaged from their personal duels with their Autobot counterparts before converting into vehicle modes and moving to join him.

Motormaster did exactly the same by turning his back on Silverbolt and transformed into a trailer truck. With his entire Stunticon team behind him, he gave another dreadful command.

“Stunticons, merge and form Menasor!”

Breakdown and Wild Rider began the initiative by configuring into left and right legs mounted on the same plasma cannons stand that was mounted from their vehicle backs earlier. That was their initial foundation phrase of combination similar to the one by Constructicons.

This was followed by Mixmaster leaping upwards and configuring from a trailer truck into what appeared to be the main body. His front half - which included the driver’s cockpit - split into two and then slided backwards in 90 degrees turn. His legs split into what would be the supporting upper knee joints for Wild Rider and Breakdown. However the rest of his body remained stationary with the additional chestplate affixed. Down went his head into the body and up came the much bigger one.

Once his configuration was complete, Deadend and Dragstrip took their turns to execute the same moves. The former serving as the left while the latter serving as the right. Once both were joined adjacently to Mixmaster’s main upper body on either side, purple fists emerged from their backends to become the giant hands.

Upon the completion, the Stunticons had now formed into their most powerful giant warrior named Menasor. Apart from his earlier encounter with the Dinobots’ new combined form, he was a secret and ultimate weapon Megatron had infused with the help of his first combiners – the Constructicons who were pretty much behind the scene during Stunticons’ development.

A sixty foot colossal and with the majestic looking crown like helmeted head with the trailer truck body and four vehicles forming into his hands and legs, Menasor certainly looked menacing as clanking and crushing motor road warrior who would destroy all he saw as a threat in his path. Despite his mind being fragmented by conflicting thoughts of the 5 Stunticons as all four cars were overwhelmed by Motormaster’s superior size and strength, he still proved quite a handful for smaller Transformers, humans and all other creatures.

With his right hand wielding Motormaster’s cyclone gun, he swore to blow the grounded Aerialbots out into the skies and of his sight.

The problem was that was exactly what the Aerialbots were designed for and being able to anticipate. After all, they were primarily air transports despite being far from being combat jets like their Decepticon counterparts when first discovered by Optimus Prime and his Autobots on Cybertron.

Sensing imminent danger, their commander Silverbolt ordered, “Aerialbots, transform and to the air!”

Despite being scattered around, all four of his team members received and complied with his order through their audio hearing receivers. It was only when they transform into jets and took to the skies, then they were assembled together as one squadron.

Menasor opened one of his fists as he loomed over them, determined to crush their jets he now viewed as little irritating flies. But the Aerialbots moved out of harm’s way by diverging once again.

By right, Silverbolt could have ordered Aerialbots to merge with him to form their own giant robot Superion. He would have loved to. Unfortunately his legs - which happened to be the knee support limbs of the combiner unit – had not fully healed from the attacks inflicted by Sixshot and he was worried that he might not be able to support two of his team members which formed legs.

Even so, to be able to fly in jet mode, transform and engage Motormaster in one-to-one combat was already a miracle achievement indeed. Still he would have to come up with an alternate plan to deal with Menasor and the last thing he wanted was how Optimus, his Autobots and Dinobots managed the first Decepticon combiner Devastator by evading and taking desperate measures to bring him down.

It was then he remembered extra accessories the Technobots had given him and his team during their rehabilitation. They were not the most impressive weapons but potentially the most effective when dealing with mechanical goliaths like Menasor.

“Aerialbots, activate the electrical beam cable guns the Technobots had provided for us! Do it right now!”

However puzzled his team members became over his command, they still obliged by producing another pair of white and red striped guns beneath their wings. Circling around the giant Menasor while taking care not to be grabbed and crushed by his fists or blasted by his rifle he was continuously firing, they fired what looked like yellow beams of electromagnetic threads towards his arms and legs.

Looking surprised, Menasor began to feed away their attacks to entrap him. But soon his attempts were futile as the Aerialbots were moving faster than he thought since they were more light-weight and he was more bulky. Given the fact that they were in the skies which happened to be their territory, it became apparent they were gradually gaining an upper hand despite doing what Menasor found it hard to understand.

Silverbolt and two of his Aerialbots - Air Raid and Slingshot – converted into robots while still maintaining their attacks to tie up Menasor’s arms which seemed like an uphill daunting task but given his conflicting mind-set, they were beginning to turn the tide in their favour. While right below at his legs and knees, Fireflight and Skydive dealt with Breakdown and Dragstrip easily by tying their bodies serving as Menasor’s legs.

With his arms and legs completely tied up, Menasor could do little to resist the Aerialbots’ unexpected counter measures. Even with his cyclone gun activated in one hand and energon blade in the other, he could not use them at all as with his arms tied, he could not aim properly. Neither could he transform back into his vehicles.

Right behind him, Metroplex appeared in battle city mode after taking off from the skies. Six red missiles were fired from Six-Gun which was one of his guardian robot and component.

They hit Menasor on his back, making the giant robot scream in pain.

It was at this moment Silverbolt gave the command.

“Aerialbots, merge and form Superion!”

Upon giving the order, Silverbolt became the main body followed by Slingshot and Fireflight converting into his left and right arms. Followed by Air Raid and Skydive configuring into Superion’s lower legs on custom foot stands. Upon joining, white fists emerged from the tail ends of Slingshot and Fireflight and formed into Superion’s giant hands.

Then activating Silverbolt’s electro-discharger rifle, Superion took aim and fired towards his arch-enemy with precision. Blue electrical beams hissed and flashed from the black muzzle before streaking towards the tied black and purple enemy combinator who was still suffering the effects of Metroplex’s sneak attack.

The result was devastating. The charges clearly electrocuted the now former mighty road warrior turning him light grey and then black in color. Then his body and limbs were separated and fell from the skies and into the deep oceans right below.

Having finally defeated his nemesis, Superion looked to and nodded at Metroplex which was now taking initiative to engage his other rival Trypticon and other Decepticon fleet in the skies instead of remaining stationary on ground level just defending until it got blasted in the First War.

However his victory joy got shortlived as he witnessed Skyfire’s death from a distance by a new Decepticon jet. The latter’s body was disintegrated with all parts falling into the seas after being blasted continuously.

Angry and dismayed, he now took aim towards those Decepticon bastards before firing with his rifle. Unfortunately the distance was too far and the aim was poor. Without even noticing those beams, the jet separated back into two fighters which made their escape back to the Decepticon city fortress which Metroplex was about to engage.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

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Compared to its fellow Autobot merge groups, there was very little mention of Protectobots. They just appeared out of the blue to assist the wounded and sick and it was a secret that Optimus Prime and his successors Ultra Magnus, Rodimus Prime and now Springer intended to keep it that way. Not just to protect themselves and Protectobots but humans and other living beings as well.

Unlike its combiner compatriots Aerialbots, Dinobots, Technobots and Trainbots as well as the bulkier Omega Supreme and Sky Lynx, the Protectobots were not designed for combat and never would be. Their job was to transport the injured fellow Transformers, humans and all other creatures as quickly as possible to their respective and nearest medical facilities where they would be better looked after and able to heal faster as a result.

The story began with Autobot Ratchet’s fascination with medical vehicles on Earth. That was primarily due to his identical design and mode as an ambulance devised by Teletraan-One before he and his fellow Autobots woke up from their million year old coma after their battleship The Ark crashlanded into the volcanic mountain of Mount St. Hilary which was part of the Arvins mountains range in Portland within US.

Unfortunately being the only medical officer meant he would have his hands full on attending several injured Autobots all at once. Even with the assistance of Wheeljack and Ironhide, it was not sufficient as those two were not trained in medical care and might mess things up if they were not careful enough.

So an idea of constructing a Medical team that would also served as the Autobots’ third subgroup after Dinobots and Aerialbots materialized.

However this plan was to be kept secret within their Autobot headquarters despite the possibility of news being leaked out by Soundwave and his espionage cassette warriors who would frequently sneak in and spied on their activities despite their headquarters being heavily guarded

But in the wake of power struggle between Starscream and Megatron which meant more Decepticons have to be deployed to assist and protect the latter, the job of Ratchet and Wheeljack was made easier. Along with Trailbreaker, Prowl, Hound, Bluestreak and the old Autobot vanguard, they were able to start building and completed the Protectobots without any interference.

In the process, a small convoy of Brawn, Cliffjumper, Huffer, Powerglide and Warpath were deployed to Cybertron to rendezvous with Alpha Trion now as a living essence within Vector Sigma and obtain personality components to inject life into the new medical team.

That trip was full of danger as they had to face and overcome Shockwave and his robotic minions -–including the previously unseen Decepticon jets assigned to protect the Decepticon overlord before they could obtain what they need.

Once they were activated and launched, it was during the times of emergency when humans were more interested in surviving and helping one another than taking a look at those Protectobots who easily passed off as medical vehicles with Hound’s hologram projectors built within them to conjure human medical nurses and drivers behind those vehicles.

Right now they were on the other side of the old orange and brown Autobot City along the expressway leading to the nearest city of Townsville when a series of blasts occurred just right before them.

Then beyond the smoke, they saw their arch foes - Combaticons – approaching them with intention of destruction.

While the Protectobots were to protect and safeguard as their name suggested, the Combaticons’ main purpose was to fight even it meant destroying everything that got in their way.

Protectobot commander Hotspot led by example whether in a raging battle or critical emergency whereby lives depended on him and his team. He would always be right in the thick of situations as that was he believed his role should be.

While most Autobots - except Optimus Prime, Springer and Scattershot – got into unnecessary trouble by acting without thinking first in combat and various situations, Hot Spot was a natural warrior who tend to relied on instinct and based on what he learnt about Earth from TV broadcasts he watched.

It was also why his fellow team members found his endless energy inspiring even though some of his orders required them to give their all even though the tasks might be exhausting - such as evacuating civilians and making sure that no one was left behind and unaided.

His leadership skills and knowledge also enabled him to command the even most philosophical different kinds of robots such as Blades and First Aid as a tight and effective unit. Despite his role as a lives protector rather than defender or combatant, he was nevertheless a tough fighter that anyone would think well before messing around with since he was strong, well-armed, well-armoured and well-prepared.

With all the hyperbole of a motivational speaker and the energetic fury of a whirlwind, Hotspot was all about action in word and action.

In other words, he was not satisfied until he was at the centre of gravity. If it was anything less, he would not feel like he was alive and living what he wanted. Dedicated at operating at maximum efficiency for every moment that he was functional.

Besides being an instinct and canny fighter, he was also an inspirational leader who charismatically exhorted his team to give 110 per cent of their effort at all times since their job was to protect and serve rather than just fighting like so many Autobots and Decepticons.

While that was good in theory, in reality not many could keep up with his manic pace nor understand his tough decisions. Such as acting fast in situations that were least expected but requiring his and his team assistance. Or rescuing lives and making sure they were brought back to full recovery whether they were fellow Autobots or Decepticons much lesser than them and humans due to their million year old feud.

It was also because of this he earned the respect of most who would eventually agree with him and why he was regarded as one with above-average intelligence and incredible strength. In vehicle mode of fire truck which was in unique sky-blue instead of conventional Earthly red, he could accelerate up to 90mph for a distance of 600 miles.

Other than his natural capabilities, he possessed an arsenal of fired-fighting and rescue operational gadgets. His hose-line was designed to shoot any non-corrosive liquid including water if needed.

Now that he was facing bombardment, he decided to move in head-to-head with his Combaticon counterpart and commander Onslaught while activating and firing his side-mounted fireball cannon guns simultaneously.

Like the Constructicons and Stunticons, the Combaticons were down but not yet out. In fact, having survived through years of wars and combat which were what they were designed for, they would stay on fighting and destroying until they were completely disintegrated either by explosions or completely malfunctioned and could not be repaired any more.

Sensing the ever duty-devotional Protectobots whose commitment was more on protecting and saving lives, they decided to put them to a severe test which required them to either sacrifice themselves or the beings they were entrusted to save and escort to safety.

Either way, they would not compromise and seek out to destroy them and everything they were entrusted with since that was what Combaticons were primarily designed for.

Combat as in fighting and destroying all they considered as threats to their existence and goals. Whether they were Autobots, Decepticons, humans or other living creatures they regarded as getting in their way or obstructing their path to their objectives.

If given a choice, Onslaught would prefer psychological warfare to actual combat despite his huge size, powerful abilities and weaponry. Unlike most other Decepticons including his team members, he was - what you call - a robot with analytical thinking skills given the fact he had always been a devout perfectionist.

Hence he was what you defined as hands off type who did not enjoy getting his mitts dirty but instead preferred the thrill of designing battle plans, strategies and tactics before watching his Combaticon troops carrying them out. Yet when he crafted out his strategies to exclude his direct involvement, he was no coward.

When involved, he would engage in battle with strength, cunning and earth shattering fury. This darker and more brutal side of him might led Decepticons into thinking he possessed a secret blood lust stashed away in his circuits but in truth, he was really ticked off that his plans did not work out the way he expected them to.

However once his strategies were implemented, there would always be the possibility of one of his team members blowing it up somehow despite giving strict orders. That would usually infuriate him as he would have to revise and come up with another alternative which took time and effort.

His rage - whenever someone failed to perform and deliver to his expectations -– was legendary. Either they were blown to pieces or lose any parts of their body be it limbs or even heads. Hence his current fellow Combaticons had taken note and would carry out his instructions to the letter which was bad news for Autobots and humans alike but welcome relief for him that enabled him to focus on other priorities.

In terms of natural abilities, Onslaught was extremely strong and highly intelligent with extensive strategic training. Now in his missile launcher leading his Combaticons in vehicle modes, he took the attack initiative of firing missiles from what appeared to be his double-barrelled guns. Each of those contained explosive force equivalent to 3000 tons of TNT and range of 6,500 miles.

However, those dark green projectile missiles were intercepted and exploded by Hot Spot’s fire cannons which continued firing even when they were gone. Even when separated from his team by another series of firing blasts from his opponents, he maintained his hard stand by moving forward so long as he was able to function.

His dark and military green opponent instantly converted into robot mode before activating what appeared to be an artillery beam rifle and standing in battle ready mode.

Given the current situation, Hot Spot could not say he fully understand what exactly his opponent intended to do but followed up with his own transformation. His pilot cockpit with front wheels split into two legs while the rear components supporting his rear wheels extended from the main body to form arms. His dark head protruded from behind the fire ladder and he successfully configured from vehicle into robot warrior mode.

Just seconds earlier, the front part of Onslaught - which comprised of the driver’s cockpit and frontal wheels – dispensed into two halves and rotated 90 degrees to form arms with black hands emerging from both ends.

With his missile launcher guns remaining intact on his back, his rear wheels loader also broke up into two components before the lower half folded behind, becoming his legs. Once his black head emerged from the upper body from where the arms had earlier been, he was in his humanoid combatant mode and began activating his sonic stun gun.

Now in their robot modes, both heavily armed commanders do battle against each other. Trading high degrees of blue and red energy flames emitted from their guns. Though Onslaught had just one hand-held weapon as compared to his opponent’s two, he could still bend forward and fired what seemed to be his limitless supply of missiles.

Up above them in the skies, a battle commenced between two choppers representing their sides as Blades and Vortex clashed against each other. Though both were designed in the same mode and for the same purposes, their roles however were different in their subgroup ranks.

One was to rescue and evacuate hostages or victims from major crisis and emergencies while the other was to search, hunt and destroy the targets it was either supposed to destroy or felt like taking out of his own free will.

However he wished, Blades would never be the Autobot poster child like his idols Optimus and Rodimus Primes. Before a series of rescue missions he was assigned to as one of the Protectobots, he had a dark past as a dirty and underhanded street brawlier in his early stages of life.

The fact that his alternate mode and function as air support could keep him at a distance from combat frustrated him. If given the choice, Blades would rather use his rotor blades to slash and gut Decepticons from their antennas to tailpipes than fly. When he fought, he wanted to feel his enemies’ fuel spraying across his steel skin rather than firing long range missile launchers which he considered cowardly and unsporting.

His preference for close range combat rather than long range was why he was reluctantly to be included in the squad by commander Hotspot. But his bravery and resolve to guard and save others were also the reasons why the latter changed his mind.

Possessing above-average intelligence and strength, Blades became very proficient at his job and had never let anyone down so far in the rescue missions he participated in. Now that he got to fight the Decepticons for the first time now that he and his team were used as decoys to lure the Combaticons from another search and rescue team called Micromasters which were now in Townsville city to rescue lives, he had a chance to display and demonstrate what he was really good at.

Now in his red and white helicopter, he possessed the ability of accelerating at 400 mph for up to 1200 miles which he was doing his best right now when engaging his enemy target that seemed to possess similar qualities as him.

Facing what seemed to be a bright fiery crimson machine gun emitting from the dark brown and green assault chopper, he counterfired by activating his own twin launchers attached to either side of his body before firing smart red and white missile-rockets - each of which found their target based on digitally encoded images they could record from battles.

In his past, Vortex could possibly be a roller coaster of some kind. Having studied the art of interrogation, he loved to install terror within his victims by instilling tactics to capitalize on fear of pain and death to squeeze information out of them.

That got him promoted to chief interrogator by his commander Onslaught. His favourite method was to drag his victims in his chopper, dangling them over dangerous terrains in high skies or hanging them suspended in death defying stunts while spinning around wildly. Laughing like a maniac, he would treat them like hostages even worse than any kidnapper within his cargo hold to a psychopathic ride of twists, turns and near-death experiences.

As a result, his victims - be it fellow Transformers, humans, aliens or some other living creatures mostly ended up disoriented and terrified. So much so they eventually complied by giving him the information he needed and for him to stop the hell ride. Other than that and not surprisingly, Vortex was notorious for breaking his promises and still dropped his victims to their deaths despite getting them to spill the beans.

Now in his heavy assault military combat chopper, he was highly maneuverable and able to travel at speeds of 300 miles per hour for up to 1200 miles. He was also armed with both semi-automatic glue gun attached to his chopper nose and twin plasma cannon guns mounted on either side of his body.

As the red and white enemy seeking missiles descended upon him in a U-drift, Vortex made short work of them by firing all his guns and destroying them in one fell swoop. The red crimson bolts shattering those missiles into scattered fragments within the illuminating flames.

Angry at being outwitted, Blades continued to close in on him with his guns blazing. For the first time, he decided to violate his principle of attacking from short-range over long-range as he could sense the enemy he was facing right was a formidable foe. As his missile guns reloaded and began firing again, he noticed that the enemy had all his weapons attached to his front nose on top of either side.

An advantage that his enemy had and he did not. Hence when facing the same outcome, he began to transform into robot mode. His front nose split into two to make way for his arms to detach from his main body and his back tail rotated down 45 degrees to form legs. Out of his arms, white fists emerged from the ends of either one.

His head emerged and once the transformation was completed, he activated his proton pistol in one hand and detached one of his rotor blades as a close range combat knife before closing in on his enemy and relaunching his attack.

Vortex began configuring as well upon seeing his opponent wanting to engage him in one-to-one duel. Even though he was also a chopper, his transformation process was a complete opposite of his counterpart. He could have finished his opponent even in his current form but given his urge to fight as humanoid robot, he decided to comply with what seemed to be his enemy’s wish.

His front nose split apart before sliding down 45 degrees to form his feet. His rotor blades stand made a 180 degrees turn so that his tail could also break up into two components which were his arms. Black fists came out of both ends as his body also spring forth to extend his legs to the same height as his opponent. Finally, his ominous dark green head with just the red visor appeared from his main body and looked completely expressionless.

Once he was fully converted into robot warrior mode, he readjusted the semi-automatic glue gun into one hand and removed one of his rotor blades from his back with his other. His other cannon guns were still affixed on either of his legs just like his red and white opponent.

Now in their alternate modes, the two second-strongest combatants of both Protectobots and Combaticons began to trade fire with their triple armaments and blows with rotor blades in mid-air with the loser falling to the skies either being blasted, slashed or suffered damages from both.

It was a totally mismatched battle between an ambulance and mobile tank as First Aid traded blows with Brawl for the very first time.

A rescue vehicle against a bigger and more heavily armed and armored assault tank would certainly be unthinkable as in the minds of most audience; it was obvious who the victor would be under normal circumstances. Not to mention their complete contrasting personalities.

However this was a duel not just between vehicles but between two Transformers representing two opposing factions and sub-groups.

Formerly an understudy to first ambulance Autobot Ratchet, First Aid took over his predecessors’ duties as a medical care officer after the latter was shot and killed by Megatron and his Decepticons who hijacked their space shuttle on their way to Autobot City in 2005.

Perhaps his upbringing and role in learning and mastering all the essential skills his job required were what made him among the most empathetic of all Transformers. For he felt sympathy for any being he saw in pain, from the most basic carbon-based organism to the most highly developed robot forms like his fellow Transformers be it Autobots or Decepticons.

His compassion even extended to inanimate objects. Such as when someone punched a wall, a bag or wrecked a piece of equipment, he winced. For he wanted to see everything functioning in perfect condition and without suffering. Hence he worked tirelessly to repair the seemingly endless damage caused by war.

Although the introverted doctor agreed with his comrade Groove’s anti-war tendencies, he eventually overcame his initial hesitation to engage in combat let alone warfare. Nevertheless, he was deeply affected by seeing even Decepticons damaged. Especially when watching Blades gleefully tearing through his enemies in their previous battles had been known to make him even as a doctor.

However First Aid realized - upon listening to Optimus Prime’s explanation in his meeting with the Protectobots - that if his fellow Autobots did not fight to win, the hurting would not stop for anyone so he had no choice but to struggle in pressing on. Even though his guilt over being involved in combat only made him work that much harder to heal his comrades which they would gladly appreciate despite his overly cautious preventative prescriptions.

Regardless of these, he was nevertheless intelligent and possessed amazing skills in medicine, maintenance, Transformer psychology and repair as well as electronics. Skills he learnt and acquired from his master Ratchet in his understudy days despite the fact that they were regarded as monotonous by Blades.

Now in his ambulance mode, he had the capability to travel at the maximum speed of 110mph for a distance of 500 miles. As a Transformer, he also had an option of deploying a double-barrelled decrystallizer cannons which undermine the basic crystalline structure of most metals, making them weaker and more sustainable to damage.

Which was exactly what he was about to do when facing an opponent like Brawl.

As the latter moved in just as slow as him, he began getting ready his double cannons mounted from behind his vehicle mode. For that was the only combat compatible weapons he possessed right now.

Because he was the slowest of all Combaticons, Brawl was a loud and noisy irritant who pushed around everyone he perceived to be weaker than him.

He got a hair-trigger temper that could turn any Decepticon who happened to be standing in his way as easily as any Autobot enemy. Unless it was Megatron, Galvatron or his direct superior Onslaught.

Despite his wildly temperamental and belligerent nature, he was incredibly skilled and effective as a warrior. That was precisely why he was often assigned by Onslaught to spearhead most Combaticon offensives.

In combat, he was very strong and well armored. Facing another of what he saw as his weakest and most vulnerable opponent in tank mode - which enabled him to travel at a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour with a range of 600 miles, he began firing his main turret gun which produced explosive black shells with the equivalent force of 200 pounds of TNT as well as rear mounted sonic cannons – out of which 300-decibel red bursts of concentrated red machine fire was produced.

The situation was certainly daunting for First Aid who was more accustomed to repairing than fighting.

Even with his cannon guns firing, his tank opponent continued its advance and own shooting as it seemed to anticipated every one of its moves. Compared to his light-weight arsenal, his opponent was more adequate and better prepared even though their speeds were both slow.

One of his cannons blew up under heavily bombardment. Unable to keep up in his vehicle mode, he had no other alternative but to switch to his robot mode.

The front part of his ambulance began to open upwards, revealing his head in his main body while his rear wheels components rotated 90 degrees to form his legs. Two flanks on either side of his body extended a few inches away, becoming his arms out of which emerged pure white fists.

Once he completed his transformation, he activated and fired his proton pistol which emitted blindly beams of blue light towards his opponent. They were not just lasers but electromagnetic dischargers he was given by Aerialbot commander Silverbolt.

Despite being heavily armed, Brawl was unable to move fast to evade those beams.

This resulted in him being short-circuited as those beams affected his gun functions to fire accurately and he was unable to come up with a backup plan or solution to reverse the process.

Indignant at being beaten in his own game by his smaller and seemingly light-weight opponent more accustomed to saving rather than fighting beings, he proceeded to convert into his robot mode.

The front part of his tank split apart and rotated 180 degrees to form his arms while back moved half of the ankle to be his legs. His main turret gun remained in place within his tank head which now became his flight pack on his back. The sonic cannons were deactivated and disappeared into his back compartments and out of his right leg, he produced a 10-megawatt electron gun and fired.

Crimson beams came forth but just as they were about to hit his opponent, a mysterious blue energy shield suddenly appeared from around him causing those beams to bounce off and disappear into nothing.

It was then that Brawl began to realize how greatly he had underestimated his opponent and overestimated himself. Even when he charged with his weapons all firing, he still could not come directly into his opponent who seemed to have prepared everything before this duel.

Instead the impact of the dome-shaped force shield caused him to lose balance on his ground and fell. Still refusing to give up, Brawl converted back into his assault tank mode before revising his attacks the same way he originally started.

The duel between Streetwise and Blast Off was a pretty conventional Autobot Vs Decepticon in their alternate modes.

The former as a police car -– taken as an inspiration from senior Autobot Prowl’s design and instincts as law enforcer for Autobots and the latter as a space shuttle modelled upon Astro Train’s third transformation mode in terms of design and capability to fly in skies and space as well as being able to travel through dimensional portals.

Still one common thing they shared was their frequent travelling and knowledge of the places they had been through despite the fact that one was on the roads and the other was in space.

Despite the latter having an advantage in flight and combating with weapons in both modes, Streetwise refused to give up fighting. Standing his firm ground, his vehicle mode began firing upwards at the approaching space aircraft with the weaponry twice as powerful and deadlier than his.

As a ground-based law enforcement vehicle spending most of his time on streets and roads be it through cities, towns and villages, he noticed the things that others slip by them and most importantly, he noted down everything he saw and heard for future reference having understudied how his predecessors Hound, Prowl and recently how Perceptor and Blaster operated outdoors and indoors.

As a result, he was able to drive through various locations with intimate knowledge of its twists and turns after only a glance at its digital maps, GPS tracking systems and being able to understand what the locals were saying with ease.

During emergency operations, Streetwise was often despatched to track whichever Decepticon or Decepticons were responsible for the mess while his fellow Autobots just focused on cleaning up. Having been with Hound and Prowl as a trio, he eventually learn to operate alone. That experience and learning were invaluable as it helped him develop an amazing eye for detail and adoptability.

Those abilities stood him out as an excellent and professional tracker since his clever streak helped him to stay ahead of what his prey was thinking. Invariably, when the Protectobots have regrouped to tackle the threat such as now when they were engaging Combaticons, he led them straight to their targets who obviously thought they were on a rescue mission but in actual truth, they were just decoys.

Just as he was good in frontline combat, he was just as good in behind the scene operations since he got to learn from Perceptor, Blaster and occasionally from Technobots as well while recovering in rehabilitation facilities. Equipped with receptors, he could tap into computer systems and download available online information from local resources. From those, he was able to obtain maps, history and other useful data he could use when venturing outdoors.

Now in his vehicle mode of police car with the ability to travel at 180 mph for up to 400 miles at a time, he began firing his deployed trunk-mounted double-barrelled air compassion guns that emitted rapid bursts of sky blue fire. Each burst was sufficient to knock out an airborne Decepticon out of the skies at a distance of 50 miles.

While that was effective against standard Decepticon jets like Thrust, Ramjet and Dirge, it was something else entirely against his current opponent who specialized in both air and space travel.

His only regret right now was not understudying Astrotrain enough or asking his fellow Autobots about their combat experiences to know what he should do to end this duel faster without much hassle.

Blast Off was a cold and aloof aristocrat who acted like he did not need the company of others. That included his fellow Decepticons. He did this to cover up the fact that his frequent, extended ways in orbit made him unbearably lonely. As he soared through outer space and occasionally casted looks back to Earth, he felt literally and figuratively above the other Transformers.

Often acting as a space-based sniper, his only pleasure was derived from raining destruction upon planet bound targets as well as those within his visual range. In this function, he never got to witness his foes face-to-face and never saw the horrifying after effects of his attacks which could be why he did so in a very loose and casual manner.

But that was about to change as he was now swooping on his ground-based and what seemed to be the Earthly law enforcement automobile. Still that mattered little to him as he had seen and experienced dealing with many of such types whether they were humans on Earth, fellow Transformers be it Autobots or Decepticons on Cybertron or some other alien beings on other planets.

When in his shuttle mode, he had the potential of escaping velocity and remaining in orbit for up to 8 months if he wanted to. His top speed up to this day was a record 26,000 miles per hour.

Right now as he closed in on his target, he began firing his rear-mounted x-ray laser cannons out of which emitted red sonic waves of plasma energy against his enemy’s ring of blue fire.

Once both combatants were on the ground level facing each other shortly after Streetwise narrowly evaded the collision his enemy was about to inflict on him, they began to configure into their alternate robot modes.

The front hull of his police car began to turn downwards in 90 degrees angle as the interior components began to split into two, forming legs. The side parts which served as rear passenger seats also did the same as they extended further via his interior body springs to form arms from which both ends came out white hands. The whole vehicle then turned 180 degrees U-turn before his head came out of the top.

Once Streetwise configured into robot, he got ready to activate his photon laser pistol and began firing blue energy beams which had the capability to cause fire to flammable materials upon impact.

In still lying shuttle mode on ground, Blast Off’s front nose began to dispense into two halves before rotating vertically in descending direction.

The back lower halves of his body performed in a similar fashion before becoming his legs. Sides of both his leg began to protrude outwards, forming arms out of which emerged dark fists. His head appeared from where the nose was moments ago and once his transformation was complete, he activated and counterfired with his ionic blaster.

The blaster produced red energy lightning bolts which enveloped those blue beams easily and quickly.

Now with both of them in robot modes, the two humanoid mechanical combatants began fighting one-to-one duel be it exchanging of firearms and trading blows with their fists and legs. Not to mention their flexibility in changing modes at regular intervals.

Despite the fact that Blast Off was slightly bigger than him, Streetwise remained as determined as ever to finish off his opponent quickly so that he could rejoin his fellow Protectobots and Autobots.

Another unlikely duel emerged between a traffic police bike and an old rugged terrain jeep with the former as one of the Protectobots and the other representing Combaticons with both survival and profit as his agendas.

As the bike leap over by itself hoping to land and do real damage, the jeep began firing its weaponry in a bid to defend itself while hoping that his enemy would disintegrate into ball of flames or at least crashed with a serious malfunction in its circuits.

Given the fact that they were on the expressway which was not very wide, there was a possibility that one would knock the other off into the waterfalls deep below the cliffs. Not since Hot Rod and Kup raced against each other to escape and head back to Autobot City in the last similar war have anyone witnessed such an intense road war and race between two ground-based transports.

A full tank, clear bright skies with sunshine and an open road terrain was what Groove wished for.

This was so that he could retain his past personality - before the Great War -– of one who was relaxed, easy going and happy wherever he might be without worrying about the world and survival -–be it himself, his fellow Autobots or even humans as well as enjoying himself whatever good things that come his way.

In essence, he was a free spirited robot and being pacifist, it was difficult for him to accept his role as part of Protectobots team. But someone has to be a defence pillar and diversion to Decepticons so that the core members such as their commander Hotspot and First Aid could proceed with their rescue and surgical operations.

Yet away from his duties, he would always dream of being a wanderer, roaming freely under the open skies of any world that caught his eye. Although he appreciated the concern that his fellow Protectobots and Autobots showed for him, he was not the type who enjoyed settling down in one place for too long as he preferred to move on to the next new experience life had to offer.

Because he was too adventurous of his accord, relaxed and found responsibilities of any kind - to be a disruption to his daily routine and distraction from his objectives he originally set out to achieve, he became a loner as no Autobot - except Beachcomber who was part of the convoy with Optimus and Magnus on their way to Cybertron - would want to be friend with one who only thought about himself and not others from his or her perspective.

Now with Beachcomber gone, his only other friend and companion was his fellow Protectobot First Aid whom he had discussed at length the nature of war and what better alternatives might be when they were alone by themselves away from duty.

They got their wish fulfilled when their former leader Optimus Prime returned and restored their and human race from Hate Plague by activating the Matrix Of Leadership he got from infected Rodimus Prime in a confrontation that was never supposed to happen.

Still from a neutral’s perspective like that of Prime, Groove was basically an easy-going and poetic Autobot who could find something to be happy about wherever he went. Also he would always be there with his comrades whenever they needed him. Not to mention his intelligence and resourcefulness that made him a perfect scout and infiltrator.

Such as now.

But generally, he hated conflicts and did not want to be involved in any be it major or minor. For the war especially Autobots and Decepticons - which had been for centuries excluding their million year old coma upon crash-landing on their first arrival on this planet – had robbed him of his chance to roam freely so long as he was part of the Protectobots whose motto and mission was to protect and save all lives until the conflict had been resolved.

Sadly by the look of things, that looked highly unlikely. Even if that happened, he might not survive to enjoy whatever he wanted to do and achieve. The reality practically forced him to face the realities and casualties of war on a daily basis.

For a tranquil and peace-loving being like Groove -– who found fighting to be completely senseless, deaths and cripple injuries were the worst scenarios and nightmares he had to face and struggled with every day.

Yet right now in his motorbike mode which provided him incredible maneuverability and speed to travel at 140 mph for up to 800 miles, he was waging a reluctant one-to-one duel with a coffee-coloured combat vehicle that he considered too light-weighted as compared to the rest of the enemy team his comrades were also fighting with.

A red burst of enemy fire caused him to fall sideways even when his vaporator cannons were still firing concentrative steams of corrosive, freezing and oxidizing liquids that ended up damaging a segment of the expressway instead of his opponent.

To balance himself, Groove configured into robot mode. His bike extended into two longer components via his body spring. The frontal part which required the rider to hold on to the handles rotated 180 degrees and the rear spilt into two separate components as legs.

Arms sprung forth from either side of his body and white fists came out from either end. His head emerged from the top.

Once in complete humanoid mode, he prepared himself by activating his other weapon -– the standard Protectobot photon pistol and readying to fire at his enemy.

Make Deals, Not War.

That was Swindle’s personal motto as his way of being a capitalist first and warrior second.

A con-artist, an opportunist and hustler which he summed it up as entrepreneur from his perspective as he appeared to be easy going and good natured on the surface but inside he was thriving on wheeling and dealing for his own personal material advancement.

In essence, he was a greedy mercenary whose optic sensors were always scanning the crowd for the next mark to scam and fast talking would charm most beings to part with their hard-earned money for what he intended to offer.

The best example was his attempt to sell off his fellow Combaticons to the highest bidder in the Middle East black market after they were seriously injured in the battle against Aerialbots - only to be found out by Megatron who planted a time bomb within him and threatened to blow it if he refused to repair his comrades by the deadline set for him.

Unlike his fellow Combaticons whose sole objective was to seek and destroy all that stood in their way, he was not a devotee of warfare. Instead he considered the Autobots vs Decepticons conflict to be a great opportunity for networking, cutting deals and making profits. He simply loved and cherished every opportunity presented to him for generating fast bucks.

The reasons why he chose to fight and join forces with his fellow Combaticons into their ultimate weapon were:

1. He was fearful of Galvatron who was also Megatron in reconstructed body over the last incident as mentioned above and

2. He knew that their aggressive ways would keep wars going indefinitely which meant more chances for him to get a kickback from selling weapons.

Despite his secret ambition to be an all-in-one merchant and mercenary, Swindle proved to be lethal in his combat fighting due to his knowledge on all types of arms, weaponry and ammo he had studied and learnt from human suppliers and terrorists whom he once forged a partnership with in his early days on Earth as Combaticon.

In his combat 4WD jeep vehicle, he wielded a scatter blaster shotgun which he earlier fired and brought down his Protectobot opponent with its explosive pellets producing red fire.

Seeing that happened, he immediately transformed himself. His back parts flipped and rotated, becoming his legs while his front driver and passenger seats including the windscreen turned backwards. His black head with his cunning square eyes emerged and gleamed with lust. The side door components extended into arms out of which black hands were produced from both ends.

Once he was in complete robot mode, he completed both his scatter blaster shotgun with a smaller gyro gun into a powerful and deadly cannon beam rifle. Taking aim within his newly formed digital blueprint zoom scope, he pulled the trigger and fired at his opponent’s right leg.

Groove screamed as he got hit by an unexpected enemy fire on his left leg from his perspective. Yet as he fell, he returned the favour by counter-firing his photon beam pistol which his enemy opponent cleverly dodged before getting ready for his next shot.

“Combaticons, gather and form Bruticus!”

That was the command given by their commander Onslaught who made that decision after failing to produce a decisive winning blow from amidst the trade-off he had with his Protectobot counterpart Hotspot despite all the firing they exchanged.

His smaller fellow Combaticons immediately disengaged fighting with the rest of the Protectobots and accelerated to rendezvous with their leader. Once they were all together, they formed their own inner circle formation before transforming into their third and final modes.

Brawl and Swindle transformed back into their vehicle modes of combat assault tank and jeep transport. Then with their upper halves of their bodies uncovered which revealed their head-joints, they flipped vertically into what appeared to be tower blocks.

Onslaught remained in his robot mode as he flew before folding up his lower legs and sliding in his arms back into his body. Upon combining with Brawl and Swindle which now looked more like legs, he formed the main body.

Vortex and Blast Off took into the skies as air transports before switching into what appeared to be the arms. Then they linked to either side of Onslaught’s main body via his pushed-in arm joints.

Two metallic white stands suddenly appeared from right below Brawl and Swindle, becoming the feet while fists of same color emerged from the tail ends of Vortex and Blast Off. A red glow flashed on Onslaught’s main body, becoming the giant chest shield and plate while another from his top, becoming the giant robot head clad in complete white helmet and fully covered face.

Then his eyes glowed in menacing red which gave birth to Bruticus all over again.

A terrifying sight to behold on both battlefields of Cybertron and Earth, Bruticus was among the strongest of all Transformers gestalt or combiner warriors save Predaking and Dinoking whom he had earlier exchanged blows with and was defeated by.

In essence, he was a single-minded engine of pure destruction utilizing the combined strength and firepower of all 5 Combaticons despite their contrasting personalities unlike his predecessors Devastator and Menasor. As an unquestionably loyal warrior upon being subdued by Megatron’s brainwashing device - after his brief alliance with Starscream who found and restored them to life, he lived only to serve Deceptions and destroy all Autobots including those who allied with them.

Nevertheless, Bruticus was every military commander’s dream and nightmare to everyone else as an unthinking and unstoppable weapon of war who would do anything as commanded by Megatron, his resurrected form Galvatron and now the Quintesson Master One.


Making slow yet giant strides, Bruticus advanced towards the scattered Protectobots before taking aim and fire at each of them with his sonic stun rifle also employed by Commander Onslaught.

Red rapid bursts of plasma energy illuminated and sprang forth from the end barrel. But instead of hitting the Protectobots, it also dispersed them scattering and evading its deadly blasts.

“Protectobots, transform and merge into Defensor!”

At their commander’s reluctant command, all his four smaller team bands began to revert back into their vehicle modes while rolling their bodies to avoid the constant bombardment by Bruticus firing. Other than that, the giant Combaticon warrior’s every step of advance caused a tremor in the expressway which might not hold out any longer.

Hotspot did likewise and converted into his fire truck mode. With his entire team behind him as the blasts rained around them, he activated the electromagnetic force field around them to avoid those while they proceeded with their combination.

Groove and Streetwise stood up in their half vehicle forms and become the legs. Hotspot leap into the air and transformed into the robot mode with his arms and legs remaining intact before merging with them. Blades launched into the skies carrying First Aid with him on top. Then they went up into the air and separated before converting into the arms.

Blue beams of energy illuminated beneath Groove and Streetwise and became black feet stands. Equally dark fists emerged from both ends of Blades and First Aid as they linked up with Hotspot’s main body through his arm joints. As fingers separated, they become hands.

Another blue glowed on Hotspot’s body, becoming the shield and chest plates. As the latter’s head descended into the body, another bigger one appeared shortly. Once his eyes glowed in pure blue as well, Defensor was born.

An exact opposite of all combiners be it Autobots and Decepticons, Defensor was dedicated to protecting and safeguarding the lives of all beings be it organic or robotic. In many ways he felt about them the same way as most parents felt about their children. He would do whatever it took to shield them from harm just he did now with activating his force field around him to avoid being blasted.

His resolve was the result of what all five Protectobots were designed for. Even though they all had varying methods, all of them believed firmly in preservation of life especially those innocent ones. It became his personal responsibility that the united gestalt warrior took it seriously.

Because of his immense compression for all living creatures especially humans, he formed an instinctive bond with them. Unfortunately his attempts at personal interaction and friendly exchanges with them tend to fail as they tend to be more wary and frightened of his nature alien -–especially his gigantic size.

Despite being told by Optimus and fellow Autobots to accept this as a fact of life, he strongly refused. For he was convinced that someday they would be accepted as protective benefactors.

In terms of capabilities, he possessed above-average intelligence and immense strength. Using just one of his arms, he could lift 300,000 libs of solid steel and concrete. He was also impervious to most Transformer scale artillery and temperatures as high as 5000 Fahrenheit.

As his opponent Bruticus continued firing with his sonic stun gun, Defensor continued consolidating strength from his energy force shield. Then at the last moment, he deactivated it and suddenly poured forth a blue fireball with both his hands.

The ball hit Bruticus with tremendous impact, sending the giant gestalt warrior flying across the other side. Before he could even recover to his feet, Defensor was already upon him with his own cannonball beam guns blazing and giving him little time to counterattack.

Vortex whose rotor blades were supposed to be Bruticus secondary weapon in case of emergency like this – suddenly got separated by a single blast from one of those cannon guns.

His entire body collapsed in a heap and enveloped into flames.

Then subsequent blasts from Defensor’s weapons send the one-armed Bruticus falling over the expressway and leaping into the deep waterfalls right below.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

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Two of the oldest Transformers clashed for supremacy in communications and getting their critical messages across to either side now fighting within the high rise tower as Blaster and Soundwave confront each other for what could be the fifth time since making their debuts in Autobots and Decepticons ranks. It was a battle of not just between them but between their mini cassette army of stealth and espionage.

Unlike the duel between Optimus Prime and Megatron or among the other feuds between Autobots and Decepticons, the one between Blaster and Soundwave was more like a battle of tactics and wits even though they traded blows and firepower with each other.

Also compared to most other Autobots and Decepticons who were mostly designed for combat and servicing, they served more as communications officers who actually supplied vital information on what they could find out, discover and gather about each other either through their efforts or efforts of their mini-warriors they could outsource their espionage activities to.

Upon consolidating those pieces of information, they would submit either through face-to-face meetings or digital means to the highest authority or the inner circle linked to the highest authority who would use those information to form battle plans, strategies and tactics that would be executed by the main forces about to go for war against each other.

In other words, they were the actual frontline before the main forces engaging. Their responsibilities was to ensure that all the data they compiled was fully updated, complete and accurate based on facts like how, who, when, where and why of the current and future events to take place in order to form an effective fighting force and ensure victory. It was just a matter of who got it done first.

Hence timing was everything to them on top of just planning and preparation pre-battle espionage.

This was also where Soundwave had a distinct advantage over his foes - including the one he was fighting with - having been the Decepticon pioneers with Megatron, Starscream and his fewer but bigger and stronger army as compared to Optimus and his Autobots. Considering the fact their main strike force was of fighter jets, gadgets and weaponry as compared to the latter who were mostly land-based serving vehicles.

As one of Megatron’s most reliable elite troops and actual second-in-command in contrast to what the Autobots and humans said about Shockwave -– who was mostly based on Cybertron and Starscream - who tried to oppose and usurp Megatron unsuccessfully on several occasions, Soundwave had positioned himself perfectly and irreplaceably in the Decepticon upper command hierarchy.

As the only and most important communications officer, he had played an important role in obtaining all the information about Autobots and then sharing with Megatron and his Decepticons in their early days on Earth. Such as their whereabouts be it together or separately, what their plans were and what they intended to do now and in the future. This alone made him quietly confident and able to stand by Megatron’s side as his personal advisor and bodyguard better than all other Decepticons put together.

Though seemingly static and sounding monotonous, Soundwave was not without drive. He had worked hardly to achieve what he had and would continue to do to safeguard his position as among the Decepticon elite forces. Even it mean relaying Starscream’s rebellious acts and words to Megatron if he saw that necessary to depose one that was of equal rank but not getting along with the Decepticon leader.

He did not carry out his missions entirely alone. He had his own min-cassette army that he could outsource most of his work and they would get it done with their own unique transformations and capabilities simply by pushing his button at the top of his chest to summon them. As long as he helped Megatron to achieve his goals, he would continue to keep it that way regardless of what others might say or even plan to do to him.

His earliest espionage spies consisted of:

Laserbeak and Buzzsaw – two mechanical condors who could fly undetected into Autobot territory or human facilities such as industries and buildings to monitor their activities and what they had that might benefit the Decepticons.

Ravage – a robotic hound who could leap high and claw at his enemies as his form of attack.

Rumble and Frenzy - the humanoid robot duo who could create titanic earthquakes and fire energon blasts despite their small statues.

Much of earlier Decepticon victories over Autobots were largely due to their efforts. For if not for them, it would not have been possible for Soundwave to accomplish what he was assigned to do easily and quickly. They were the real advanced party who would even be willing to be captured and die for Soundwave if necessary so long as they got their jobs done quickly and efficiently. As in making sure that the Decepticons would always have an upper hand and denying Autobots any chance of a comeback let alone fight back.

Later after the Great War, his army was made stronger with the inclusion of robotic bat Ratbat, merchanical hawk Squawktalk and ape Beastbox as well as dinosaurs Slugfest and Overkill modelled upon Dinobots Snarl and Grimlock.

Other than being the spy master with an army that Starscream would love to have to usurp Megatron and still loyal servant to Megatron, Soundwave possessed the ability to read minds by scanning and decoding the electrical pulses which carried thoughts in both robotic and organic creatures such as Autobots, humans and other creatures inhabiting Earth and other planets.

And he would not hesitate to use this advantage as a form of blackmailing other Decepticons to maintain his high status only dwarfed by Megatron. This was also why he was not popular with most other Decepticons except Reflector. He was perceived as a two-faced double-crossing snake and one that they loved to abandon on battlefield if they thought they could get away with it upon accounting to Megatron.

Given the current situation, that was highly unlikely. He was the one who carried Megatron on his back in the First Autobot City War and remained faithful even when the latter was restructured into Galvatron by Unicron.

As a warrior, he possessed great physical strength and intelligence which also made him a skilled and professional soldier and lieutenant. His internal scanners could detect even the lowest energy transmissions for communication purposes as well as sounds which were almost inaudible to most audio senses. His advanced sensor suite enabled him to monitor electrical impulses, providing him a limited level of telepathy at close range.

He could also act as a communications center for his fellow Decepticons, keeping all units within 1000 miles in contact.

Having been a cassette recorder for days now within the Autobot City compound, he was now discovered -–much too late from his perceptive -–by his Autobot counterpart whom he regarded as second best carbon copy of him in terms of abilities and personalities.

Transforming into his robot mode, he activated his army of cassette warriors first by pushing his top chest button. Out from the signature storage compartment, all 10 cassettes sprang forth and became primitive robotic lifeforms leaping and ready to launch multiple attacks.

Whether on battlefield or just conversing with friends, Blaster was the loud bold center of attraction. He loved all Earth music which was what he had in common with fellow Autobot and good friend Jazz. But it was the rock and roll -–especially the old fashioned good, hard and loud -–that really sparked his circuits.

He could be found at the forefront of any situation in which he was involved, be it getting down and truly hopping to town, or kicking butt and taking names -– both of which he did well and had led him into conflict with authority at all times.

He marched and danced to his own beat, be it pounding bassline or Decepticon skulls and he was not shy when it came to expressing his thoughts and feelings about either. His willing to accept daring challenges and risks not only made him one of the most respected Autobots but also among the most popular.

Despite being a reliable soldier, he never hesitated to question things he did not think were right or fair. It was also this rebellion streak that drew him to Earth’s music. Despite sharing this interest with Jazz, he preferred the more amped up sounds and anarchistic messages of heavier music.

Possessing the ability to transform into a human-scale AM/FM radio player, he could receive signals as weak as 1/1,000,000 of a watt broadcasts for 4000 miles on his own power and radio signals of all frequencies as deck plus. Serving as Autobot communications center, he could transmit information of up to 4000 miles.

It was also because of his role as Autobot communications specialist for first Teletraan One and then Autobot City, Blaster was drawn into conflict with his Decepticon counterpart Soundwave on more than just this occasion. The latter was the very reason why Blaster was created in the first place by Ironhide and Ratchet. But until the last Autobot City War, he had to fight entirely on his own with the occasional help from Autobots and humans against Soundwave and his cassette army.

Though those cassette warriors were smaller, they were especially irritating. Especially Ravage and the dynamic duo of Frenzy and Rumble who could create titanic strong earthquakes.

As he and Perceptor were busy with manning Autobot City and monitoring any Decepticon activities from exterior view, they failed to notice there was already one right in their ranks.

Until this very moment, when Blaster recognized the blue and white cassette recorder as Soundwave when seeing him open up the tape compartment to accommodate what seemed to be the green and purple tapes upon entering the chamber room.

Seeing that his opponent were now unleashing his fully warrior army, he proceeded to do the same by pushing his middle compartment chest buttons. It resulted in his chest opening to reveal his own cassette allies in the form of:

Eject And Rewind -– two humanoid robots of the same size and status as their Decepticon counterparts Frenzy and Rumble.

Ramhorn and Steeljaw – mechanical primitive creatures in the form of a rhino and lion.

Those were his first and early creations but after the recent events that transpired following Optimus revival, four more warriors joined his ranks as in Grandslam and Raindance as well as Graphy - also nicknamed Red Hawk due to his single body color and Saur - a blue Apatosaurus based on Dinobot Sludge’s design.

Despite still being outnumbered 8 to 10 cassette warriors in Soundwave’s favor, they were just still determined to spring out and rip their foes apart.

A. Laserbeak Vs Ramhorn

Despite being smaller and weaker than its primitive counterpart, Laserbeak could not help teasing his red cassette rhino counterpart by circling around him continuously while taunting, firing his back mounted ruby crystal laser cannons and challenging him at the same time.

But he had one distinctive advantage over his opponent and that was his ability to fly over great distances and being quicker.

For years, Laserbeak had served as Soundwave’s key espionage spy and messenger beginning with the Decepticons’ arrival on Earth.

Despite being seemingly coward on first glance due to its small size and light weaponry, he became the master of interrogation not so much verbally but by its actions through continuously flying, swooping and sending his victims on a hell flight unless they did what he instructed them, whether or not they understood his gestures of his intentions.

It was that quality that attracted Megatron into employing and placing him under supervision of his second-in-command Megatron.

Though he was non-humanoid nor brutal as compared to his counterparts like Ravage, Frenzy and Rumble, he had proven his competency on several occasions as in being able to spy undetected on Autobots and reporting back to Megatron and Soundwave with first updates.

That itself played a huge significant role as in why the Decepticons always had a cutting edge on Autobots in most battles, strategies and technology. Even though the Autobots still won barely with little or no resources, the Decepticons always found a way to recover quickly and stayed ahead of the game.

Being able to fly at 250mph for up to 1500 miles at a time, he could play with his opponent all day and all night long while continuing to activate and shoot with his cannons.

Ramhorn could only - as his name implied – charged and impaled his opponents with his head horn only on ground level and provided they could not fly and were just like him.

Despite being powerful and strong physically, he could only made a half-hearted stand by just standing on its hind legs and attempting to swipe his opponent down with his front legs.

His triple missile launchers mounted on either side of him from his hind legs fired those silver projectiles but they ended up missing his target completely and given the fact those were old-fashioned types as compared to those by Decepticons which would only explode if it hit its intended target, it did not help matters.

Even as the dark merchanical hawk - called Laserbeak by his fellow Decepticons - landed on his horn and he attempted to stab that irritating pest with it, somehow the latter evaded by flying away and quickly in great distances before coming back again to renew his usual attacks

Gradually his temper got the better of him and the red merchanical rhino warrior attempted to jump upon its back and rammed into it. Yet again Laserbeak got the upper hand by flying beneath his legs while firing his guns without being stamped upon.

Eventually his damaged legs gave way and the rhino could only lay in a heap as the bird continued mocking him.

B. Ravage Vs Steeljaw

Ravage relied on two things to develop his capability.

His stealth and speed.

As the first Decepticon in four-legged animal form modelled upon the black panther in old Earth documentaries broadcasted during his and other Decepticons’ coma, Ravage was able to behave like any loyal guard dog to the police force it was assigned to.

He could stiff out the faintest smells of any human or other creatures’ presence and alerted his fellow Decepticons while at the same time, hunting down on what they saw as threat to their existence.

Because Megatron and his Decepticons were running low on energon and discovered Earth resources, they intended to plunder them all and for that, Ravage proved his potential by bringing down humans and threatening to tear them apart unless they gave up what they had to their Decepticons cause.

He was dedicated to the Decepticon ideology and a perfect example of an ideal killing machine Ruthless to his foes and loyal to his leaders, he operated largely without fear whether he was with his fellow Decepticons or alone. Other than that, he was quite intelligent in plotting new and unexpected strategies against Autobots with multiple back up plans.

In terms of stealth, he could blend in with the darkness and strike when his victims and opponents alike least expected him to. And when he did, he did so relentlessly until they were completely helpless and dead.

Even though he could not fly as compared to his yellow merchanical lion opponent, he could still fire his twin-mounted proton missiles and leap high with strong determination and focus at the same time.

Quite simply, he was acting accordingly to his namesake as among the most aggressive among Soundwave’s cassette warriors.

Though modelled upon the Predacons’ commander Razorclaw, Steeljaw had his own abilities and functions besides the fact he was on the Autobots side.

As tenacious as the infamous bite for which he was named, his behaviour when on a tracking mission was single-minded that his comrades considered him cold or even blatantly rude for acting as though he was too intelligent to interact with any of them.

On the trail of target, he would brush past a fellow Autobot without acknowledging him and continue with his hunt unless he was Optimus Prime who was only a few he had tremendous respect for. Such attitude often got him lumped in same category with his fellow cassette primitive Ramhorn but his owner and direct superior Blaster knew that was just as sign of his professionalism. On the inside, he was concerned about others just like everyone else.

As a warrior, Steeljaw possessed great wisdom, strength and phenomenal endurance since he was fashioned upon a lion. Coupled with his complex scanner system, he could track down scents and see the entire electromagnetic spectrum. This ability alone made him among the best trackers among the Autobots and a worthy rival to his Decepticon opponent he was now against.

Sensing the dark merchanical panther upon him leaping and firing, Steeljaw immediately activated his own twin solar-powered pellet guns mounted on his back legs, releasing a hail of 1200 rounds of blue fire upon triggering while at the time taking to the flight with the aid of his merchanical wings mounted on top of those guns.

In what was anticipated as an evenly match of two best tracking predators, he immediately brought down his Decepticon counterpart with little fuss as not only his guns successfully destroyed those missiles in mid-air but he also brought the latter down with his much greater strength and determination.

C. Buzzsaw Vs Graphy

Identified as Laserbeak’s twin and crime partner, Buzzsaw was the consummate pretentious artist. He portrayed himself as an aloof and worldly loner whose thoughts were too complicated to be understood by the inferiors around him.

He likened each of his endeavours, from spying on troop movements to reducing an Autobot to a twisted pile of crap as his latest artwork and acted accordingly. Despite his image complication, he turned out to be a destructive and cruel condor who carved for his fellow Decepticons’ attention and compliments for the results he produced however unpopular they might seem to be to Autobots and all other beings not with him.

Unfortunately except Megatron and Soundwave, most other Decepticons viewed his work as dull and tiresome. Nevertheless, he proved his value on several occasions by coordinating well with Laserbeak in both spying and combat.

Now seeing and engaging his first opponent equal to him in both looks, size and flight capability, he decided to play dirty by accelerating his flying speed from 250 to 400 miles while firing his two molar cannons simultaneously.

Designed and based on Dinobot Swoop’s form, Graphy or Red Hawk - as he was often nicknamed for his action and abilities - was the latest addition to Blaster’s cassette band along with Saur who was modelled after another Dinobot Sludge.

Though he was primarily Pteranodon, he resembled a hawk from a distance due to his sharp vision and speed of getting more done in lesser time. He was also the only third Autobot cassette warrior who could fly along with Steeljaw and Raindance.

Because of this, he was now an official espionage spy and messenger for the Autobots who never had such a permanent role before. Seeing his dark counterpart foe up to his mischief he was already well-familiar with even before he met and engaged in battle with, he counterattacked by firing his pair of silver-chromed laser cannons mounted on the ends of his wings.

Both the Autobot and Decepticon aerial birds were now embroiled in their personal aerial duel in which they proved their even match with both strength, speed and agility.

D. Overkill Vs Saur

This was a completely out of the blue mismatched duel between a blue and white Tyrannosaurus as a carnivore and completely sky blue Apatosaurus as a herbivore.

But both Overkill and Saur had one thing in common. It was that they were both modelled upon the original Dinobots Grimlock and Sludge designs. This was also where the similarity ended as Overkill was on the Decepticons’ side while Saur was another new addition to Autobots ranks among Blaster’s cassette warriors band.

Overkill had more teeth than brains.

A loudmouth who overdid everything, from simple conversation to battle, his tiresome and uninspiring verbal trades had been known to last so long that other Decepticons had to refuel in order in the middle of battle just to make it all the while through.

He talked a much better fight than he could actually deliver which was differentiate him from Dinobot commander Grimlock. But nevertheless he was a frightening opponent for an unprepared target since he specialized in utilizing his recording abilities tape his own monologues, which simultaneously played with his live rants to maximize their effect.

He also possessed great strength and razor-sharp titanium fangs for tearing through most armor. Since he was in half humanoid mode with only his hind legs for balance, front claws to slash and huge mouth to bite and chew, he certainly had a huge advantage on his all-fours opponent.

Firing his twin braces of motion missiles which were now homing in on his opponent, he began taking huge strides as well.

Saur was the first Autobot cassette warrior designed in dino mode and the most powerful of the latest additions to Blaster’s warrior band.

Especially in the depths of jungle, seas and swamps, he might seem to be what you call an introverted primitive creature since he spent most time on his own or with Dinobot Sludge whom he saw as similar form to him and having several common traits with him.

But years of withstanding hard knocks, tremors and other critical situations taught him how to defend and feed for himself even when alone. As he saw his opponent rampaging physically and launching missiles towards him, he was more than ready.

First he fired his twin gatling guns attached to either side of his body whose blue bolts detonated those missiles in mid-air.

Then he stamped one of his feet on the ground which released an extremely shaky tremor that caught his T-Rex opponent stumbling down. Taking advantage of that situation, he began advancing rapidly like no other Autobot or being had never witnessed before.

E. Frenzy And Rumble Vs Eject And Rewind

The four humanoid cassette warriors waged war against each other even though two of them operated as a duo pair in most situations.

Just as Frenzy and Rumble were about to activate their sonic vibrators to cause earth shattering tremors, Eject and Rewind were already upon them with their arm-mounted laser rifles firing.

The impact caused the Decepticon duo to lose balance and have their vibrators thrown to the far corner of the room. But they were determined not to be out yet as they activated their alternate laser cannons whose firepower was twice as much powerful than their opponents.

If Frenzy needed to breathe, war would be his oxygen.

For he knew no cause and only to carve for spreading fear and destruction to Autobots, humans and other creatures he perceived as not in the interest of him and his fellow Decepticons. That was why his efforts were well-appreciated by commanders Megatron and Soundwave.

His devotion to warfare made him difficult to deal with on personal level. Especially when he specialized in producing high-pitch grating sound of 200db of quakes which he nearly succeeded with his partner if not for their opponents’ unexpected quick interference as well as disorienting and disrupting electrical flow in Autobots’ circuitry which made them malfunction.

Were it not for conflict, there would be a vacuum at the core of Frenzy’s being, rendering his life meaningless. He knew no cause or purpose other than violence and warfare. So he early taped up his role in the Decepticon army, throwing himself head first into conflict with fervour worthy of his name.

He was always ready to attack and was absolutely fearless in battle, traits that other Decepticons greatly admire despite his overall standoffish attitude and diminutive stature.

Overall, he was belligerent and unprofessional soldier who might be considered as big of a thug as his frequent partner Rumble if it weren’t for his devotion to direct superior Soundwave’s commands.

Without his tools and partner by side to cause his opponents to fall, he began firing red crimson energy fire from his cannons towards the equally blue and white partner. Despite of these, he knew that winning require more than just exchange of firepower and physical strength. Unless he got back his tools and partner away from his other opponent, it would be a long exhausting battle.

Eject could be best described as - in Earth terms – as an armchair quarterback. He always had some comments about what maneuvers should be performed, both before and after the fact.

Now that he became an aficionado of Earth sports culture, he tended to define everything in those terms such as surprise attacks as blitzes and successful hits as goals etc. His fellow Autobots or teammates - in his terminology – appreciate the enthusiasm with which Eject announced things, even when they had no idea what he was talking about.

As a sports fan himself having been a spectator in Transformers’ Olympics and Gladiatorial Combat tournaments before the Great War, he began to develop a passion in Earth’s sports as well in particular American Football and soccer.

He hoped that one day when the war was really over and Autobots truly triumphed or even made peace with Decepticons as one united Transformers nation, he would bring back those sports that humans have shown so much enthusiasm for be it as fans or players into his Cybertron home planet.

As a robotic being, Eject had all the high speed verbalizing skills of a play-by-play announcer. In addition, he could tap into, monitor and decode multiple electronic frequencies from disparate media simultaneously.

Seeing those red bolts coming towards him thick and fast by his Decepticon opponent, Eject again counterfired with his laser rifles that produced a slighter weaker but deadly accurate blue laser fire as he was also a marksman in Autobots Shooting Academy Course.

Rumble was your average street punk. He might be small but he was always acting tough as his strength to cover his weakness. Not exactly the most subtle of Soundwave’s cassette spies and warriors but what he lacked in discretion, he compensated by acting as the brawler of the band.

In other words, he talked tough because he wanted to act tough. Quick temper and of a general mean disposition, he followed Megatron closely since the Decepticon leader allowed him to indulge in destruction. He also had the tendency to taunt his opponents.

If someone looked at Rumble the wrong way, they would receive a metallic punch to their optic sensor if they were that lucky. For he acted without hesitation and it mattered little to him in size and strength.

Due to his size, most were unprepared for his ferocity and mean-spirited attack since they were fooled by his diminutive size.

His rebellious attitude occasionally manifests itself when faced with a task he found boring or wasteful of his time but fear of rebellion against Megatron quickly put him in check. Especially seeing the consequences of others like Starscream and the fact that his immediate superior Soundwave was the most loyal Decepticon alongside Cybertron-based Shockwave.

As Decepticon demolitions expert with his sidekick Frenzy, Rumble loved nothing more than break things apart. His arms could transform into powerful pile drivers which could cause earthquakes or earth shattering tremors depending on how strong the foundation was to his constant pounding.

But now that he had been stripped of those, he would have to fight his equally black, white and small opponent in one-to-one gunfire exchange and even unarmed combat if necessary.

Raising his both arms, he fired his mounted laser cannons as his opponent came advancing towards him again.

As an archivist, Rewind had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and would seek out what he needed and wanted to know voraciously.

Unfortunately, he was particularly fascinated by titbits of trivial information. Such as the number of support arches in a regulation gladiatorial arena in the era of Sentinel Prime.

When not focused on some other task, he got his attention securely focused on unearthing more arcane factoids to amuse himself and his comrades with. Although he was somehow more reserved than his partner Eject, he was still a friendly merchanoid if anyone took the initiative to talk to him and shared a common interest with him regarding learning and exploring the wonders of Earth and universe.

His superiors -–such as Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime and Blaster objected only when his entertaining question-and-answer trivia games distract the Autobots from more pressing work.

As a warrior, he was extremely intelligent and composed even as a small being. He was also highly skilled in all known physical and electronic information archiving and retrieval technologies and methods.

Possessing a specially designed internal light-matrix based memory system with a near-infinite capacity for data storage, Rewind could instantly add and retrieve information as well as releasing some of the light energy to turn himself into a blinding energy to turn himself into a blinding beacon.

Seeing his Decepticon counterpart vulnerable without his tools to cause tremors, Rewind advanced upon him with his two adhesion rifles firing unbreakable metal bonding glue.

Still his opponent became alert just as quickly by firing his own laser bolts which destroyed those glue, shimmering it into tiny splinters in red fire.

F. Slamdance Vs Squawkbox

Two of the latest Autobot and Decepticon cassette and combiner warriors duo waged war on each other as Slamdance and Squawkbox clashed against each other for the very first time and possibly the last time.

Initially there were just 4 individual warriors and what was so unique apart from the fact that they were the newest additions, was that other pair was made up of mechanical creatures while the other comprised of technological machines.

Having suffered enough at past primitive creations like Dinobots, Monsterbots and even cassette animals such as Saur and Graphy, Autobots decided enough was enough to create more of such. Inspired by humans’ war machines such as aircraft and tanks in both documentaries and movies, they decided to do something that no past Transformers – not even the brilliant scientist Shockwave and Decepticons did before.

And that was to create cassette tapes - still under Blaster’s command which could transform into an assault jet fighter and mobile tank and still function intelligently like their first four of Steeljaw, Rewind, Ramhorn and Eject as robotic life forms.

Hence Grandslam and Raindance were born.

The Decepticons, in contrast, were fascinated by Autobots’ first and recent subgroup creations Dinobots and Monsterbots. Henceforth they were progressing in the opposite direction by studying animal documentaries from Earth TV, learn which are the most brutal ones and modelled their designs based upon those.

Such as Predacons which they did so with Quintesson Masters’ help, Seacons, Monster Pretenders and now the android bird – fashioned and improvised upon Laserbeak and Buzzsaw’s designs and ape - inspired by the old King Kong movie and their early similar design of Apeface.

These in turn led to the creation of Squawktalk and Beastbox.

Years ago, when still a humanoid civilian robot, Grand Slam supported neither the Autobots nor Decepticons in their war that divided and devastated much of Cybertron.

Because like everyone else, all he wanted was peace so that they could get back to their normal routine and lives again. Other than that, he was a news correspondent from the old school, devoted to maintaining his journalistic integrity and impartiality.

As a journalist, Grand Slam had covered conflicts over a hundred worlds and was always sending his message back to Cybertron in a fair and unbiased fashion. When the Decepticons eventually triumphed and conquered Cybertron, he returned there to cover the latest updates.

It was also during that time when the main contingents led by Optimus Prime and Megatron fell into deep sleep upon crashlanding on Earth. Initially he was offered unprecedented access by Overlord Shockwave and his Decepticons who hoped to use his respected media status to bolster their image through propaganda.

But when he insisted on revealing the whole story to the universe -– including tales of Decepticon atrocities and war crimes, he was imprisoned for prolonged periods and brutally tortured through electrocution and dismantlement of his limbs.

Eventually he was rescued by Elita-One and her newly formed female Autobot rebels -– also nicknamed the Women Autobot Commandos Team - –during their attack on Shockwave to rescue one of their comrades before being repaired by Alpha Trion with several other injured and damaged Autobots. He was eventually won over because of their genuine concern for the weak and innocent.

Upon his full recovery, he was no longer a humanoid robot as Alpha Trion ran short of necessary materials to create additional limbs and the Women Autobots Commandos Team – also known as WACT in short – had to resort to stealing from Decepticon warehouse from time to time hence risking their lives.

After much thought on Alpha’s part, he was eventually rebuilt into a mobile assault tank who could stand on its own from wheel tires and armed with heavy assault cannons as its arms.

Unfortunately during Unicorn’s attack on Cybertron, he was destroyed once again and his bits and pieces lay dominant in the Autobots research facility on Cybertron and then Autobot City before being remade into a cassette capable of transforming into a tank by the scientific Technobots.

Since then, Grand Slam had dedicated himself to recording the grim reality of war. From the eerie stillness before a battle to the horrifying screams of the wounded afterward. He hoped that such videos would serve as important history lessons to future generations on Earth and across the galaxy about the true price of war.

As a tank warrior, he was equally skilful and professional in combat despite being a complete machine himself. As a combat war machine and transport, he possessed above average strength and wielded two repulsors that repelled everything from shrapnel to Transformers. His laser cannon beam gun also included an additional function to discharge a smokescreen.

As a standard cassette tape running within Blaster’s tape compartment in both his robot and radio modes, he could record and access up to 241 vorns worth of continuous audio material.

Seeing his purple and white apelike Decepticon warrior rampaging forward with his own weaponry firing, he remained still in his stationary tank mode and counterattacked with everything he got despite the fact that most of his armaments were completely defensive and not as effective in all-out attack.

Just like a typical ape or gorilla, Beastbox was aggressive, brutal and very dumb-minded.

Those traits clearly defined his performance as an interrogator despite his innate curiosity. The verbal questioning session between Beastbox and a subject was usually tragically short. He got immediately frustrated with reticent captives and turned to his fists in an attempt to obtain the answers he wanted when his words failed.

That usually meant the helpless Autobot or any other robotic being he questioned was pounded into scrap before he could reveal anything at all. And among those was his current opponent Grand Slam. While the latter was a journalist in humanoid robotic form, Beast Box used to be an armored battle truck warrior as among the earliest Decepticon army led by Megatron in an attack on Autobot warehouse that the trio Orion Pax, Dion and Ariel used to work and hang out at.

But during the Great War and after Unicorn attack, he himself was badly damaged and on the brink of extinction when the Quintessons discovered his potential as an effective torturer and perfect killing machine. With the help of Decepticon scientists also known as Constructicons, he was reconstructed first as an armored carrier and subsequently as a merchanical ape when his vehicle form also sustained heavy damages after those two events.

As a cassette running within the tape compartment of his immediate superior and commander Soundwave, Beast Box had the capacity to record and automatically retrieve any segment of up to 6000 hours of testimony.

Now in his half humanoid animal form, he began ramming on all fours while firing his twin compression cannons - each of which fired ultra-concentrated air pressure to crush his targets.

Quietly gleeing over his opponent’s brave but what he saw as foolish stand, he targeted those missiles which hit the latter squarely before finishing off with a charging ram that sent the tank overturned to one side.

Raindance had a dark past that he would not want to reveal to anyone -– including his fellow Autobots upon strict instructions by his creators.

That he used to be a Decepticon once by the name of Raindeath. Though he used to be a humanoid jet fighter and combatant, he was unfortunately not selected to be part of the Megatron’s main airforce contingent along with Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker.

Because during that time when Megatron instructed Shockwave to remain on Cybertron while he went to pursue his enemy Optimus Prime and his Autobots, he was still pretty much a novice when it came down to experience and skill. So he remained as part of the Decepticon emergency backups who would only play a part if Shockwave and his main troops failed and suffered badly should another war occurred.

Unfortunately it happened. But it was not from the Autobots returning for revenge but a monstrous giant planet eater Unicron emerging and looming over Cybertron before slamming down his gigantic fist and destroyed much of the once glorious capital city.

Raindance was among the air force jets who mounted desperate counterattacks against the merchanical chaos-bringer who proclaimed himself to be God. Unfortunately he was crushed and swallowed into pieces before being thrown into the chasm.

But after Unicron’s defeat and Rodimus Prime became the new Autobot leader, he was remade into a mainstream Autobot video reporter who decided to use his unique role and job to make himself an intergalactic star of the Autobot Vs Decepticon war which reoccurred shortly after. The only thing that frustrated him was his inability to appear in every shot he took of whatever story he covered.

At first it seemed like a perfect ending since he could turn over a new leaf and pledged his alliance to Autobots after being tired of the countless wars and Decepticon corruption which ruined much of their home planet. However after the Hate Plague, he was infected and again destroyed with his parts all over the place.

With no chance of being resurrected as a standard humanoid Transformer again due to Autobots’ limited materials supply and restricted trade agreement and alliance with humans who began to lose trust in them following that event, he was made into a cassette capable of two main functions even though his personality remained the same that so much so even his new partner Grand Slam was greatly agitated by his lack of objectivity and willingness to participate in wars when his job was just to gather and report the necessary information to Autobots.

One as a cassette tape, he could record up to 24 vorns of images and played those in his direct commander Blaster’s tape compartment. Two as an aircraft warrior mode, he got excellent maneuverability and could reach up to speeds of 300 mph for 150 miles. He was also equipped with antigravity projectors that enabled him to hover. Also armed with two air-to-air proton missiles which were primarily designed for defence rather than attack.

Yet faced with an enemy like the completely green hawk-like bird, Raindance would have to violate that principle he was taught to strictly abide by.

Squawktalk revelled in hearing the sound of his voice whether he had something to say or not.

His mastery of thousands of languages, codes and dialects were made all the more ironic by the fact that he had nothing remotely important to say in any of them.

His fellow Decepticons - including his birdlike counterparts Laserbeak and Buzzsaw - waited impatiently for him to actually have some translating to do because at least then he would have something substantial to bring up.

Although he was not very good in expressing and explaining verbally, he was not just rambling to be annoying like his fellow dino cassette warriors Overkill and Slugfest. Rather he was genuinely enamoured with the sound of foreign speech and its artistic qualities which he found pleasant and relaxing to listen to.

Unfortunately, his allies would not enjoy the same benefit out of it since most would just wish he would close his beak.

Despite of his flying capabilities and being language bilingual, Squawktalk had below-average strength and average intelligence. For he knew approximately 6,500 languages from throughout the galaxy and had the ability to compute probable dialects and variations by comparing existing information.

Armed with his sonic boomer cannons on its back, he proceeded to attack his Autobot foe in the form of flying jet, hoping to inflict some real serious damage on it.

Just as Raindance was about to engage in his mini-aerial duel against his green Decepticon foe, he began noticing that his partner Grand Slam was in serious trouble as his tank mode did not allow him to move quickly and could only be stationed helplessly as another Decepticon -– an apelike warrior in purple and white bashing and kicking him tirelessly.

Unable to stand watching anymore, he flew to the other side, flying his missiles towards that merchanical ape and hoping to teach him a lesson he just taught his partner.

But the ape was smarter than he thought. With one foot mounted on top of Grandslam and the other ripping off his weaponry which was now useless as they could no longer fire anymore, he used his right arm to punch him emotionlessly.

His single blow was enough to blow Raindance out of the air. The missiles he just fired were also destroyed by his other green Decepticon foe’s beam guns. He crashlanded on the other side of the room.

The apelike creature then lifted the now defenceless Grand Slam tank with ease before hurling him towards his direction. Raindance could barely recover as his red partner collided against him.

Now together and sensing their enemies were now broken heap of crippled junk, both Squawktalk and Beastbox continued their attacks relentlessly by moving forward rapidly in both air and ground while firing their combined weapons of cannon beams and heat seeking missiles.

What they expected to be a tough fight turned out to be a bunch of wussies who just knew how to stare and escape cowardly.

A blue illumination suddenly appeared from within Grand Slam’s beam cannon gun.

Then followed by thick black smoke which served as their unlikely forceshield but necessary to distract their enemies who were obviously gaining an upper hand considering that they were both warriors co-ordinating with each other in previous and present forms while he and his partner Raindance were not.

Though they could no longer see their opponents, they could sense their confusion and dismay at his unexpected move. Grand Slam send an electronic signal to his blue partner that it was time to unleash their ultimate weapon.

Raindance began to dispense the back half of his jet body into two separate components, forming legs as his front cockpit nose began to slide downwards while Grand Slam began to propel his main top where all his weapons were mounted as front lower body split into what seemed to be arms and hands. In the process, all the weapons were now transferred to those grey hands.

Both Autobot cassette warriors then proceeded to unite into a bigger and more powerful Autobot gestalt warrior called Slamdance who looked like a light-weight version of the Technobots combined form Computron. In truth, he behaved exactly like Computron considering he was the result of Technobots’ conceived idea.

Like Computron, Slamdance was highly intelligent. Because he was comprised of two professional journalists, he was able to tap and utilize their combined IQ and EQ as in disseminate myriad steams of information to ascertain common threads and meanings. He also possessed a talent for knowing whether the information was doctored or inaccurate.

As a warrior, he had all of his component’s weaponry and armaments such as Grand Slam’s entire defensive arsenal and Raindance’s proton missile launchers.

As soon as the smoke cleared, the cassette combinator fired those launchers whose missiles instantly knocked the daylights out of his Decepticon predators and bullies. They crutched in pain as they were the ones getting the taste of what they had inflicted on him moments ago.

But even as Squawktalk and Beastbox were momentarily separated by the lightning blast which came out of the blue, they were still linked as one mentally.

Utilizing their telepathic understanding and communications based on their immediate commander Soundwave’s telepathy ability to read minds, they knew exactly what, when and how to do to recover just as quickly. Even when Squawktalk was too arrogantly smart and Beastbox was too brutally dumb.

Just before they crashlanded to the floor like their Autobot counterparts, they instantly configured into their third and final alternate modes.

Squawktalk’s wings instantly rotated 90 degrees to form what looked like legs while his tail folded inwards to complete the lower chest. On the other side, Beastbox’s head rotated 45 degrees forward into his body while his arms and legs slided in and out to form what looked like the upper stomach and arms with hands.

Upon completing their transformation, both joined together into one super Decepticon giant cassette warrior Squawkbox. As a combined being, his personality was very close to their commander Soundwave as a whole so much so that he was nicknamed his smaller twin brother due to their common perception that noises and cries were music to their ears.

Combining the talkative Squawktalk with the demanding curiosity of Beastbox led, very unintentionally, to the creation of an impassioned Decepticon musician, Squawkbox loved sound as in hearing, creating and manipulating its waves to his advantage - a skill he somehow inherited from Soundwave as well.

As a result, most Decepticons were unnerved by his cacophonous musical creations but his commanders Soundwave and Quintesson Master One were impressed by the value he delivered to the force as a whole due to his capabilities and creativity. He was assigned the unpleasant task of distracting and disorienting the Autobots on the battlefield through the use of his compositions.

This has made him incredibly happy as he not only had a captive audience for his work, he could also record the sounds of battlefield woe for his future endeavours. Which was exactly what he was doing right now upon completing his combination as one single united being with not just the intelligence of his enemy but flexibility as well.

Seeing his enemy unleashing their last trump card on the brink of extinction, he did exactly the same. Red ultrasonic waves suddenly emitted from Squawktalk’s boomer cannons before expanding and forming a ring around him in such that everyone – except Decepticons –were affected.

True to his anticipation, all Autobot cassette warriors -– including their leader Blaster -– covered their ears to avoid that high-pitched screeching. Seeing his enemy now crumbling to his knees, he relaunched his attack by leaping towards his counterpart and loosening his combined firepower of both missiles and red fiery beams.

Slamdance barely could fight but nevertheless he managed to activate the defensive force shield from Grand Slam’s accessories.

A ultraviolet blue sphere formed around him and as the energy grew stronger, he and other Autobots recovered faster. Then consolidating its power, Slamdance unleashed against Squawkbox with renewed vengeance.

The power instantly vaporized those incoming missiles and bolts as well as short-circuiting the Decepticon cassette gestalt warrior, sending him tumbling backwards with tremendous impact against the tower monitor controls. His whole body turned grey with black liquid oozing out from his now lifeless limb joints.

As the remaining Decepticon cassettes Ratbat and Slugfest were about to join in the attack as their respective flying and dino creature forms, they were taken out by communications officer Blaster’s electro-scrambler gun blasts. If not for the latter’s remaining Autobot cassette warriors Dile and Noise which were still in development, they would be dispatched to complete their 10 against the enemy’s 10 in strength.

Yet shortly after, Blaster was shot down in his knees by Soundwave’s concussion gun shots which were obviously fired to get back at him for his actions. As he looked up, he saw that the Decepticon second-in-command was already upon him with his right fist suddenly entering his arm and then being replaced by a crimson energy whip. A weapon that he had never seen before.

The Decepticon’s shoulder-mounted rocket launcher was also ready as it loosened its blue and white rocket missile towards him.

Barely able to move in such condition, Blaster could only use his arms and upper body to defend himself, his cassette group and Autobot City Tower from falling into Decepticons’ hands. Readjusting his scrambler gun, he took careful aim and fired his own speciality plasma energy wave beams.

The effect was devastating to the Decepticon and his cassette warriors via their audio sensors as they all became disoriented and then collapsed after becoming dizzy all of a sudden. When they did, the tower was all clear and safe again for now.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

Postby amurowes » Thu Dec 22, 2016 11:50 am

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Both Decepticon and Autobot Triple Changers clashed for the first time in the form of Astrotrain and Broadside. Throughout the days of their leaders be it Megatron and Optimus Prime or Galvatron and Rodimus Prime, they had been operating in different terrains of outer space and sea. Not to mention the fact that the latter was created much later than Astrotrain.

But never before had they been involved in a duel as intense as this since they had every opportunity to exhibit their fullest potential of their capabilities be it transformations, talents and weaponry. Regardless of what or which, each was determined to finish off the other as though the fight was their final even though they met for the first time.

While Astrotrain got to operate as a Decepticon triple changing duo with Blitzwing and Octane in the early days right after Unicron was destroyed and before the Blitzwing was expelled by Galvatron for treachery, Broadside was on his own most of the time. His other Autobot counterparts Springer were with Rodimus and his inner Autobot circle while Sandstorm was stationed on another planet.

In terms of personality, Astrotrain was more ambitious and aggressive considering he once harboured thoughts of not just overcoming Megatron but Starscream as well while Broadside was more modest and yet determined to get his job done at any cost so long as it involved responsibilities of defending his fellow Autobots and humans.

Like most Decepticons, Astrotrain revelled in the confusion he was able to cause as a Triple Changer along with his partner Blitzwing during their early days with Megatron as the first of their and Transformers kind.

Flashing between robot, locomotive and space shuttle modes almost instantaneously, he was an expert in choosing the moment of utter perplexity in his opponent’s eyes. It was also at that moment of time that Astrotrain would strike without showing any mercy.

The fact that his prey did not have any idea nor clue what hit them was particularly pleasing to the murderous Decepticon. The idea that his victim’s last thoughts were a tangle of fear and panic kept Astrotrain happy when performing his more mundane tasks such as transport between battles.

As a warrior, he was the most impressive to his creator and scientist Shockwave of all his other creations. Able to convert between three different modes at almost twice the speed of an average Transformer.

In train mode, he could accelerate up to 400 miles per hour while in shuttle mode, he expanded his size and cargo bay area by shifting his parts further out and creating more empty space, allowing him to carry several Decepticons with him.

On his own power, he could reach escape velocity, travelling at 20,000 miles per hour in orbit and 50,000 miles per hour in space. With sufficient energon, he was capable of interstellar flight.

Now as a robot mode having switched from first shuttle in the skies and then from train on beach shores, he began firing his ionic displacer rifle with the long range scope mounted on top. It produced ultrasonic rays - with the ability to destroy any robot circuitry -– towards the incoming air craft carrier from the seas.

Broadside was once prone to internal dysfunction when traveling over liquid, as well as being terrified of heights when as a normal Cybertron civilian.

But after being captured and modified by Shockwave, he managed to overcome his fear with his new alternate transformations of fighter jet and aircraft carrier along with his existing robot form.

Originally designed as a Decepticon to be added to Shockwave’s new army of triple changers to destroy the Autobots once and for all, Broadside made his escape in the wake of Unicron’s attack. While Shockwave and probably several others died, Broadside survived barely and was on his own as a wandering scavenger for most of the time after being abandoned by Cyclonus and remaining Decepticons.

And the reason was that like him, they were all running low on energon.

However, the difference was that his condition made him realize that all this fighting and conquest was soon meaningless when siding with the Decepticons. Eventually rescued by First Aid, he was eventually won over and decided to pledge his allegiance to Autobots.

Having met Blitzwing who was expelled by Galvatron for alleged treachery in the aftermath of Quintessons’ attempt to blow Cybertron, he tried to persuade his fellow Decepticon and Triple Changer to do the same but Blitzwing chose to be a lone ranger as he now got to enjoy freedom for the first time in his life.

His decision to switch over to Autobots was exactly why most Decepticons - in particular Constructicons hated him since they played a pivotal role in constructing and making into what he was today.

In his last battle against him, he nearly lost to their combined form of Devastator in the seas of Japan as his priority was to protect the ship captain and crew from harm.

Despite his familiarity with rocketing through air or plowing through the seas, he was immediately exposed by Constructicons for his weaknesses. If not for his fellow Autobots’ intervention, he would not be standing here today fighting a different kind of Decepticon which was more attuned with his capabilities and identity.

In contrast to his opponent and even fellow Autobot Triple Changers Springer and Sandstorm, his transformation speed was much slow since his form was bulkier.

When in aircraft carrier mode, his parts decompressed and slided out to expand size, allowing him to carry and transport his fellow Autobots and launch jets while traveling up to 40 knots and range of 15,000 miles at the same time.

Upon witnessing the enemy red bolts even from far distance, he immediately switched to jet mode and counterattacked with his weaponry of heat seeking missiles and pulse cannon which fired an array of blue energy that almost blended in with the skies in colors.

Astrotrain evaded those missiles and blue laser by configuring back into his shuttle mode to engage with his Autobot counterpart in the air. Disregarding the fact that those hit other fellow Decepticons in the process, he took to the skies and in one-to-one aerial confrontation with the grey and red enemy aircraft, he then loosened his plasma energy cannons.

Elongated beams of lighting red poured from the shafts, illuminating and disrupting the peaceful and tranquil skies and clouds as they accelerated rapidly.

Again, Broadside evaded those by shifting his jet body to one side, allowing those beams to pass him by harmlessly. Once they did so, he began activating his missile launchers and propelled those grey and red-striped projectiles again towards his foe in a blazing trail of blue.

Yet again his Decepticon foe evaded and continued to press on in his advance towards him. When they were just inches apart, both transformed into their robot modes as parts began to shift and form their arms, legs and body while still suspended above the Pacific sea level.

Broadside activated his vibro-axe -–a close quarter handheld combat weapon with the potential of shattering his targets with a series of high-frequency vibrations.

Not to be outwitted, Astrotrain also activated his own hand weapon by removing one of his wings and revived it into a blazing crimson blade. A weapon he had not used in combat for a very long time. Not even during the last Autobot City War.

The two Triple changing combatants then fought with their weapons clashing upon each other even though one was a solid metal while the other was made of pure energy. Intense cracking beams poured forth from their weaponry as they went about hacking and slashing with the strong intent to destroy each other.

Eventually Astrotrain’s determination saw him through as he disarmed Broadside with his crimson blade not only his axe but his weapon arm as well, resulting in both of them flying and dropping into the skies. Then taking advantage of the Autobot’s shock, he went about stabbing him straight through his body with his blade as he elongated its length.

After a while and feeling accomplished over what he set out to achieve, he pulled out the blade and sending his opponent’s entire body turning dark grey and crashing into the deep seas to join his other late Autobot Skyfire whom he had earlier witnessed -– being blow to pieces by his other newest fellow Decepticons Darkwing and Dreadwind.

The Autobots might have their own inventions but those were mostly on what the Deceptions already way before them had. Since Decepticons were the originators, they certainly knew what to utilize them better regardless of their character and attitude to others whom they regarded as lesser beings to them.

Feeling accomplished, Astrotrain converted back into his shuttle mode to see what he could do to end the battle faster in Decepticons’ favor.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

Postby amurowes » Thu Dec 22, 2016 12:18 pm

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Next up was a battle between two races of most hideous creatures and beings ever created in Transformers history. In human terms, both would be considered as mutants in their appearance and behaviour.

The Monsterbots who operated as a trio and the second primitive subgroup after the Dinobots and the Seacons - who were created by Quintesson Master One with the help of Constructicons - as the third predatory sub-and-combiner six-member group after Predacons and Terrorcons.

Shortly before Broadcast engaged Astrotrain, the Monsterbots were already launched from the aircraft carrier to engage the Decepticons from the skies. But they never reached above as they were unexpectedly attacked by the naval sea creatures from below. Though they were bigger and armed size and strength, they were still overwhelmed by the enemies in numbers.

The Seacons were the latest addition to the Decepticon merge groups and Quintessons’ army of Allicons and Sharkticons, hence completing their divisions in air, land and sea. Each aquatic merchanical creature had his own method of attacking and exploit their prey on will be it creature, robot and simply weapons.

As those two groups engaged each other on land and skies straight from the seas, one could not help feeling that the outcome would be gruesome from a neutral spectator’s perspective as there would be a lot of slashing and tearing besides just firepower exchange and brutal force considering the fact they were both savage beasts in the making.

Because the Monsterbots were outnumbered by their three against their six Seacon enemies, each of them would fight two of their opponents in each duel. Even so, that would be enough as they believed their will, strength, firepower and experience would be sufficient to overcome all odds stacked against them.

Seacon commander Snaptrap did not earn the nickname of Butcher Of The Bogs for being a compassionate merchanoid.

Once isolated and ambushed in Cybertron’s toxic swamps by an entire regiment of Autobots who thought they had captured a notorious field commander unprepared, he not only lived through the confrontation but was the sole survivor who lived to remember and held a deep grudge against the Autobots.

It was also because of that grudge that Snaptrap subconsciously became among the most methodical, calculating and sparkles robotic beings and Transformers considering the fact that he was rebuilt by Shockwave into first an assault armored carrier and now by the Quintesson Master One into the most lethal fighting sea creature in the wake of Unicron’s notorious assault that nearly claimed his life as it had with other Decepticons.

Except for his fellow Decepticons and Seacons by theory and basic assumption of the fact that he carried its insignia, Snaptrap became so apathetic about eliminating living creatures that even the former group collectively became terrified of him and had no choice but to obey his every command.

Not to mention his huge size besides the way he killed and then dissected his unfortunate victims the way killer sharks did in the seas. Speaking of which, he was infused with the same aggression as the Quintesson had seen how sharks kill in the human broadcast movie Jaws.

Truth being said, Snaptrap did not tolerate any form of dissent be it his own kind, Autobots, humans and all those who allied with his enemies. He would crush them into splinters that not only they but other witnesses would never forget and think twice about offending him.

The only times when the Seacon commander revealed his emotion were when someone survived one of his attacks or injured him physically or verbally. And one blast, slash of his jaws or snap of his jaws on them was all he took to appease himself.

As a warrior, Snaptrap possessed immense strength and mobility despite being a slow and merchanical turtle in his alternate mode besides a brilliant tactician given his years of combating Autobots during and after the Great Wars.

As a turtle, he moved at 20mph on land and 30mph in sea which he did exactly a while ago. He was also armed with sonic shell cannons which launched physically destructive ultra-high decibel shells in the form of red thick fiery plasma fire.

In his robot mode, he was armed with a turret-mounted atom smasher and an incendiary sword rimmed with a metal-belting cold flame even underwater.

Joining with him in the attack was his fellow Seacon Nautilator whose primary function was underwater excavations among the Seacons whose creature mode gave others the impression that he was a scorpion more than what he really was in terms of his size and probable aggression displayed by creatures identical to him in both merchanical and flesh forms.

Even though he loved the oceans and seas, he was not reciprocal. For he was originally a land-based Transformer whose mode was a tank during his Cybertron days before Unicron’s attack. After being badly damaged, his remaining parts were collected in suspension chamber as the Quintessons were undecided what to do with them even though they had no intention to destroy or dispose of them.

It was until recently when his Quintesson Master One now inhabited Earth and took control of Decepticon ship Nemesis beneath the sea level that things began to turn around for him even though he had a rough start. Because even though he was modified to be part of their new Seacons team, he did not have any amphibious training by nature. Though he swam and fought alongside his comrades, he was clearly not suited for sea combat let alone warfare.

Since he was a poor swimmer, he often had to be rescued from the depths by his comrades who had grown tired of his incompetence but still tolerant of him because of the value he delivered as part of their merging process as Piranacon. His insecurity caused him to be ungrateful by slashing out at them. That only caused him to be more unpopular as he gave them the impression of blaming everyone else for his shortcomings except himself.

That handicap was the reason why he was chosen by his commander to fight alongside him. But that aside, Nautilator possessed above-average strength and great endurance.

As a mechanical lobster, his creature mode’s legs contain thermal, sonic, seismic, magnetic and electrical sensors that he utilized to locate objects of value on the ocean floor. His lobster claws were very powerful and could slice through most metals with ease. In terms of firepower, his triple cannon crusher cannon could fire bands of Energon with the ability to encircle and tighten his target until it was destroyed. This weapon could also be used when he switched to robot mode.

Due to his fear of prolonged swimming and diving into the seas, he was often used as a weapon for their ultimate giant form rather than as any of his four limbs.

Now in both creature modes, he and his commander began launching their full-scale attack against what looked like a black and white double-headed flying dragon even though the latter was easily twice their size combined.

Despite being elected as Monsterbot leader, Doublecross was utterly unreliable in most circumstances even though he possessed above average skill at his actual job.

His alternate mode was designed to allow each of his two heads to process input individually to maximize efficiency but an unexpected side effect of this was a split personality that now carried over when in robot mode.

His fellow Autobots and even Monsterbots were never sure which personality they were making an agreement or request with since there was no guarantee the other personality would honor or even remember it.

Many had not even noticed this defect and even if they did, they did not know what to do with it. Due to such ignorance, they just presumed that Doublecross was inherently untrustworthy, which prevented him from receiving normal treatment and respect.

Yet these problems did not impede nor corrode the potential Doublecross displayed as ferocious and savage warrior in both dragon and robot modes.

As a two-headed hydra dragon, he could fly 80 miles per hour for up to 800 miles. Each head in this mode possessed razor-sharp teeth and a fusion-generated flamethrower. That was exactly what he was doing right now at this very moment as he breathed huge flames of orange fire towards his incoming foes in the form of what appeared to be a giant merchanical turtle and smaller scorpion.

In robot mode, he was armed with a rust-ray rifle that corroded enemy armor until it disintegrated.

Despite their combined cannon firepower, they were still no match for the incendiary flames which were becoming more intense as they rapidly formed a frontal defence wall in front of their dragon foe.

Yet the only reason that kept them alive until this point was their thick armor which could withdraw most of the attacks except rust. It became apparent that their creators had foreseen this as that was also what their conventional Allicons and Sharkticons were made of.

Still taking huge strides as a mechanical turtle, Snaptrap then proceeded to convert into his huge humanoid form. All of his turtle legs slided forth and back to form what were his robotic arms and legs. The head pulled downwards to form the chestplate and on top of that was his robot head displayed its darkness and single red visor as its only emotion.

He fired all of his weaponry and taking to the skies to knock his opponent out with his sword. With his strong determination and focus, he eventually drew closer to his opponent and sliced off one of the dragon heads.

Yet for some strange reason, another identical head re-emerged and resumed its fire-breathing while at the same time his opponent was also switching to robot mode. By the look of things he certainly was using those flames as his defence and using them well.

Even without the rifle, Doublecross proved to be equally formidable with his dragon fire-breathing heads on the end of his arms instead of fists.

Knowing that he could not defeat his Seacon counterpart in a traditional one-to-one unarmed combat, he chose to intensify his flamethrowers despite knowing that it was a matter of time before his opponent saw through him and used brutal force to dismantle him by other means.

That was what his turtle combatant just did. Even when producing his rifle, it did not benefit him as the latter slashed his sword much faster than he could aim and fire properly. Due to the fact that his opponent had the sword and he did not, Doublecross could only do the best he could in defending himself with maximum firepower rather than trading physical blows.

With both his rifle firing and other head mouth pouring forth his flames, that was the best he could hope for against his obviously sword-experienced opponent who did not know when to give up and continued attacking relentlessly as his mode of defence and counterattacking. In a few calculated strokes,

Watching down momentarily, he loosened his rifle rounds at his other less powerful merchanical scorpion which also converted to a smaller but just as aggressive Decepticon soldier. While he succeeded in getting him to withdraw, he was straightaway knocked out by his bigger partner who obviously took advantage of his distraction and slashed with a single sword swing.

Among the Seacons, Overbite was the most relentless hunter alongside his commander Snaptrap.

Much like the shark in the old 1970s movie Jaws, he portrayed the same ferocity and aggression that made his alternate mode all the more a resemblance of that killer shark that claimed so many lives to satisfy his carnivorous hunger.

He was in constant motion, endless searching for prey to destroy regardless of their size and personality. As long as they were living creatures and worth his appetite, he would target and pursue them all the way until they were dead and eaten as his next meal. As soon as one target was devoured, he would go to find another one.

When taking a brief break from hunting down Autobots, he would take pleasure from mounting senseless attacks on humans sailing and other undersea wild life. He would tear down the entire yacht, ship or even cruiser so that he could enjoy the sights while swimming through the debris mixed with terrified and drowning humans before feeding on each and every one of them.

In underwater combat, he was virtually unbeatable. And for that reason, he earned the nickname as Undersea Terminator. Since he was perfectly adapted to underwater operations, he only needed to surface for maintenance check-ups.

As a shark, he could accelerate up to 70 knots. His needle sharp teeth and claws could tear and rip through the hull of the entire battleship let alone metal and steel while as a robot warrior, he was armed with a freeze beam blaster that could trap his opponents in thick chunks of ice.

Other than those, his third alternate mode was a corrosive jawbreaker cannon that had the capability of producing tidal waves. Originally intended to be the weapon as well for his Seacons’ combined form, he had to be content with being one of the limbs due to Nautilator’s incompetence to function fully underwater.

Along with Tentakill, they proceeded to inflict extreme heavy damage on the seemingly out of the world blue, crimson and white flying tiger.

As compared with most rough and tumble Decepticon primitives, Tentakill was all soft and gentle gestures in personality.

That was until he got close enough to strike. That was when he would reveal his ferocity to the fullest intent as what a psychopath would do to his unwilling targets and to whatever charm preceded it.

He would use his seemingly amiable nature to lull Autobots into a false sense of security as in telling them he really did not want to fight, was forced by Galvatron and his Decepticons and how badly he wanted to deflect but was fearful of death after seeing how Decepticon leader dealt with traitors.

Unless the Autobot happened to meet and be friends with Blitzwing who was no longer part of the Decepticons after being expelled by Galvatron, chances are he or she would be deceived by him. And when he allowed his guard down, that was when Tentakill would take his chance to move in for a kill.

He preferred to draw close enough to grab his victim in his tentacles and looked them in his eyes as he crushed him. This was so that he could watch his expression when the victim realized too late that he had been duped. Even more disturbing than the perverse nature he derived from those murders was the fact that he could return to chatting amicably with his fellow Seacons and Decepticons right after such a treachery.

In his mechanical octopus mode, he began firing red electromagnetic currents from his multi-pointed and soft jelly spiked tentacles - each of which could crush even the most heavily armored objects with ease. He could also shoot out a thick cloud of black grease to blind, deter and confuse his opponents momentarily.

When as a humanoid robot warrior, he was armed with slime cannons that shot adhesive ooze which produced similar effects as the grease.

As a rifle itself, he could produce beams of 50,000 volts of lightning bolts that stunned and paralyze his enemies temporarily which gave him enough time to deliver the killing blow.

Even with his fellow Seacon Overbite, he preferred to allow his partner to do the dirty work of taking the initiative of brutal attack and kill while he preferred to feed on the remains after their opponent was completely dead.

Everything was funny to Grotusque due to his humorous character even when it came to his horrendous alternate form.

He enjoyed telling his fellow Monsterbots and Autobots that catching a glimpse of his hideous reflection while in his beast mode was the only thing that frightened him. This too was part of his gigs and yet futile attempt to lighten them up for the truth was he was a courageous warrior.

But deep inside, he resented his other appearance as much as any of his fellow comrades.

It took him some time to gradually and eventually accept that as a fact and the only way he could redeem himself from unintentionally scaring anyone who looked at him was to help them the best he could. That was despite the fact that not everyone would appreciate and be grateful to him for what he had done for them.

But his friends, comrades and even acquaintances who knew him -–were thankful to him for getting them out of their toughest and desperate situations. And the reason why they felt that way was that not even battle could dampen Grotesque’s impudent sense of humor which could get annoying to those who fought alongside him initially.

Yet because his hilarious and often inappropriate comments – many of which did not make any sense especially to those serious types – could often break the tension and make everyone laugh.

Despite his insistence on good natured pranks and fooling no matter how bad things might seem from his perspective, he had proven himself to be a top class warrior and among the best assets in the Autobots army in military strategies.

Now in his winged Sabretooth tiger form, he easily evaded the combined crossfire of both his Seacon foes with speed and agility. He could leap up to 3 miles at time and his mounted wings further enhanced his time to be in the air for longer periods by flying at 45 miles in both his creature and robot modes even though he was quite awkward when engaging his enemies. He also possessed indestructible fangs manufactured from metal mined at his home planet Cybertron.

Narrowly avoiding the impact of multi pink tentacles with soft points shooting right at him from one of those equally ugly-faced creatures, Grotesque activated his shoot-range flamethrower that enabled him to release orange blazes of fire that burnt away some of those tentacles. Then he proceeded to do the same to those creatures who could only fire from below since their domain was mainly from the sea.

Frustrated with the outcome, Overbite switched to robot mode and urged his comrade to do the same.

Both their parts configured as they slided to and fro to reveal even more components which pulled out until they became completely humanoid in shape and began firing their weapons at will.

Yet they had underestimated their tiger opponent again as it leap down and knocked both of them out to the other side of the shore with his own red claws.

Now on the ground, Grotesque turned into his own robot mode.

His wings flipped back as his claws opened to reveal his white fists and his back components began sliding downwards from his rear back to reveal his legs and tail splitting into two to blend well with his legs to allow more mobility and flexibility

Once the transformation was completed, he activated his vaporator rifle which specialized in converting fuel and energon to gas form, rendering his affected opponents ineffective.

The next round of Monsterbots Vs Seacons saw Repugnus being picked on by Seawing and Skalor which was the exact opposite of the last two rounds as the former could not fly while his foes could even from the seas to the skies.

Even on the Autobots side, Repugnus was so ruthless that even his fellow Monsterbots and anarchic-outcasts Dinobots were wary of him.

That suited him well as it gave him the cutting edge Autobots desperately needed but refused to admit out of so-called-and-perceived moral values against his equally vicious foes. In personality, he acted like a sneering and anti-social outsider who refused to accept help of any kind or see the need to seek approval and acceptance even from his immediate superiors Doublecross, Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus and even currently Springer.

Flagrantly and proudly insubordinate, Repugnus had been expelled from the Autobots military repeatedly for gross misconduct as in taking matters into his hands without consulting with anybody whom he perceived that act as being soft, spineless wand weak. He believed that if he did not act fast enough, the enemies would be two steps ahead of him and if he were to seek that kind of confirmation, it could well be too late for him or any other Autobot to do anything to salvage the lost cause.

As a result, his perpetration of his violet acts made him more to be like Decepticon rather than Autobot City despite carrying the heroic insignia in both modes.

A big fan of human broadcasted movies 007 James Bond and Batman, he aspired to be the lone heroic warrior as being portrayed by those. Even though his fellow Autobots did not like him, he would laugh as he knew it was only a matter of time before they came begging and requesting him for another critical mission that they could not handle.

During the mission, he would do absolutely anything -– no matter how evil or heinous others saw them to be -–to accomplish what he set out to do. He saw those words as labels others put on those as threats to their very existence.

Yet his skills were legendary even as a merchanical monster. In times of war, even the most upstanding military commander such as Combaticon leader Onslaught knew he needed troops willing to take the most risky, dirtiest and darkest missions. That was when he came in to earn his place and survival among the Autobots and Transformers.

Tasks that would make Autobots or any other creature ill would serve to make him smile Assassination, deep cover infiltration and torture were just some of his specialities while the rest were too gruesome to describe in words.

As of now, no one – not even Alpha Trion nor any of the early Autobots he created - was certain what event in his past made him into a monster he was today in both appearance and acts. Or even why he remained fiercely loyal to being with the Autobots and refused to fight for the Decepticons despite the fact that his qualities were greatly admired by Galvatron and Quintesson Masters to be their next bounty hunter.

In terms of personality, he was extremely intelligent in contrast to any of the Dinobots combined. He had impeccable skill in all forms of espionage, counter-intelligence and reconnaissance work as well as less-reputable arts like assassination as already mentioned above, misinformation, morale disruption and reverse psychology.

Now as a creature mode of a giant beetle and bug rolled into one, his optic sensors could detect two red dots coming down towards where he stood in the form of two Seacon pests within his infrared and X-ray digital vision. Those sensors could also emit a dazzling color display and strobe effect to disorient any viewer.

Even on ground, he opened his mouth and displayed his razor sharp teeth which bite one of the Seacons - in what looked like a merchanical fish before spewing him to the other side while activating his flame-thrower fire blaze towards his crime partner which resembled more like a stingray in human aquaponics terms. When the latter evaded his flames, he extended his arm claws to swipe off him out of the air like a pestering fly.

From both sides of his creature head where his ears should be, two long vice-like and curved mandibles protruded and threatening to stab and hold any other being in place while he would melt them to molten slag and shredded them with his claws.

Having said that, his capability to circumvent the rules and do whatever it takes to get his job done precisely were his greatest assets and strength. Seeing that his opponents had fallen and yet refused to give up by transforming into their robot modes, Repugnus did exactly the same

His hind claws slided back into his limb compartments before the latter split apart to form his legs while his arm claws slided upwards to reveal his fists and his creature opened up and rotated backwards to reveal the robot head.

Upon configuring into his humanoid warrior mode, he withdrew his venom laser shotgun from within his right leg compartments before firing blue neutron beams that could poison his opponents’ fluids, slow down their mental processes and paralyze them for breems at a time.

Repugnus never felt so good to see his foes falling like nine pins so long as he made the swift and right decision no matter how unpopular it might be to others.

Being a Decepticon and Seacon who could transform into four different modes each for a specific purpose and reason, Seawing took an arrogant pleasure in the fact that the ocean’s creatures and even some of his fellow Decepticons -–especially those first pioneers with conventional double modes – were terrified by his grim presence.

He felt it was best to control and rule others through fear which served as one and yet what he thought was strong enough reason for him to be destined as the next leader due to his ability to frighten others.

Most suspected that Seawing’s dedication to his job was simply his approach of grooming himself for a future command position and he did not do much to deny this assumption.

The only difference between him and late Decepticon Starscream was that he did not talk and boost verbally about what should and should not be done but quietly planned and executed his intentions as well. And when he was in that mode and mood, he was silently relentless about all things from destroying an Autobot to patiently preparing to lead.

Given the fact that he was small in size and not as powerful as most other primitive Transformers, he was regarded as underdog which suited him fine as he could go about doing his own stuff without much attention or any distraction at all unless he was called into action with his fellow Seacons.

In terms of his abilities, Seawing was highly skilled at recon and espionage as well as underwater combat. As a metallic mantra-ray, he could reach speeds up to 110 mph with a sensor array which includes sonar to search the ocean for information. Through this, he could detect a metal chip 20,000 feet away. He also possessed life-sign sensors that allowed him home in on any living creature within a 20-mile radius.

In both creature and robotic modes, he was armed with two venom rifles that shot paralyzing laser beams. He could also convert into a standard Seacons weapons mode as in dual-proton cannon.

Against any other opponent including Autobots, he could have finished them easily. But right now at this very moment, he finally met his match who possessed the same personality, mentality and ability as him.

Having been beaten in the air and flung to the other side, he began firing his venom rifles which were now in his fists instead of mounted on his creature mode.

Skalor was given by his Seacon comrades a wider berth not because of his attitude problem but because of his exceedingly poor hygiene.

His poorly regulated internal fluids were constantly seeping through his joints and crusting over, making him a foul-smelling mess who left a disgusting trail of filth behind him wherever he went. His team mates often offered to correct the simple problem but he refused out of hand as he did not understand why his personal hygiene should concern them and immediately directed the conversation elsewhere.

Skalor exploited the fact that his odor repelled enemies as an excuse for not fixing a situation when in fact he was just a lazy slob who could not be bothered to look after himself.

Yet the only reasons why commander Snaptrap endured and putted up with him were because of what he could as creature, robot and weapon modes as well as proving his worth to their combination process.

As coelacanth, he operated on both land and underwater. In water, his maximum speed was 35 knots with a range of 4,000 miles. Inside his mouth was a vacuum the enabled him to connect to the hulls of most ships. Then he proceeded to rip through them with his diamond-tipped teeth and siphoned off their fuel.

Heavily armored in all modes, he wielded and regarded both weapons in both robot and creature mode as crustation rifles as one fired an adhesive and the other shrapnel shards, covering his targets with the tough sticky particles until they were completely immobilized before he converted and tore them apart with his claws and teeth. In weapon mode, he acted as a double-barreled corrosive slime-shooter.

Yet against his Autobot foe, he could not exhibit any of his abilities except for his basic moves as a carnivorous fish as whatever he and his partner Seawing were outwitted in every department even though they were in a pair and their opponent was a lone warrior.

“Seacons, transform and merge into Piranacon!”

At their leader’s command, all the mechanical Decepticon sea creatures somehow teleported themselves by magic from engaging their Autobot foes to being behind him. Once they gathered together, they began configuring and unleashing their final ultra-weapon. One that the Decepticons were so well-versed in that they became literally masters even when their Autobot foes copied them since they were the originators.

Skalor and Tentakill began to interlock their arms and legs while still in their robot modes. Two huge pick clawed stands appeared right underneath them as they formed what appeared to two huge blocks of limbs.

Their commander Snaptrap did exactly the same except that his legs were extended further apart with the lower halves folding back 45 degrees in order to join those two limbs and give each space for them to move about.

Seawing and Overkill converted into what appeared to be giant merchanical arms before joining Snaptrap’s upper body on either joint of his now interlocked arms within. A gigantic sky blue chestplate which used to be Snaptrap’s main turtle body and protective shield now encased his robot chest. An identical coloured bipedal and helmeted head with black visor face emerged and enveloped Snaptrap’s entire head. Upon doing so, his eyes suddenly lit in red evil brilliance.

Two weapons also appeared in his black fists who came out of either tail end of Seawing and Overkill. One was Snaptrap’s pink incendiary marine sword while the other was Nautilator who now served as his primary cannon gun.

Unlike his fellow Decepticon gestalt warriors, Piranacon never introduced himself and proclaimed how good he was as his intelligence level was much higher than most of them. He did not see the need to as his actions were enough to speak for himself.

For his sole purpose in life was to live to hunt and hunt to live. Combining the relentless nature of the Seacons, he made it his personal quest to hunt down and destroy all Autobots and those he saw as his prey and threat to his existence.

Once he completed one goal, he would proceed with the next with the will and determination of marine terminator without pause. The only way to stop him was to damage him heavily or separate him back into six individual Seacons as commander Snaptrap set a timer to within his circuitry.

Unfortunately even that was futile right away as Piranacon was enraged that his previous forms were well-beaten by the Autobot Monsterbots in both creature and robot modes Unless they lay in a pile of molten greyish liquid metal, he would not rest and keep on fighting and attacking continuously.

Initially stunned by the Seacons’ ultimate weapon, Doublecross and his fellow Monsterbots managed to recover themselves in the nick of time to defend themselves and counterattacked of their own.

The Monsterbot leader launched into the skies and attempted to blow fire only to be knocked out by Piranacon’s marine sword which took a chunk from his left head and leave electronical and cracking hisses from the damaged portion. He fell heavily but not before transforming into his humanoid robot mode.

Next up was Grotusque who leaped skywards with the aid of his back-mounted wings but before he could launch a single attack, he was hit by an unexpected pair of heat seeking torpedoes fired quickly from Nautilator’s cannon gun.

Repugnus attempted to make amends and avenge his team members but his lethal venom lasers were more effective on same-sized and smaller enemies than the giant goliath he was now facing. Even with his creature’s mandibles, claws and teeth, they were now useless as his whole body was kicked brutally by one of Piranacon’s legs like a soccer ball.

As proven in his brief battle against the helpless Monsterbots in combined form, Piranacon clearly proved his above-average intelligence, hunting and fighting skills.

With his immense strength, lifting 4,000,000 tons of whatever it might be posed no problem for him. In the depths of the seas, he could walk at 15 mph on land and 10 mph in water.

He was also virtually invulnerable to any artillery fire since his body was well-protected by Snaptrap’s strong-armored turtle chest shield and the fact that all Seacons were made of hardcore resistant metals as compared to other Decepticon subgroups.

Gloating over the fallen Monsterbots, he gloated as he was about to fire Nautilator’s cannon again before breaking them up into splinters with his equally lethal marine sword. As the only gestalt warrior standing now in this round, nothing could ever stop or defeat him.

But the Monsterbots proved to be made of sterner stuff as much as the Seacons tried to prove themselves.

Sensing their weapons rendered completely ineffective be it robot and creature modes, they resorted to one last trump card. One that was not disclosed to anyone else other than the Technobots, Prime, Magnus and Springer. Unless in the heat of emergency, they should continue attacking as individual monsters the same way as their predecessors Dinobots did due to the fact that their creature modes alone were dangerous enough even as individuals.

And despite the fact there were only three of them instead of the conventional five or sea members as often seen in both Autobots and Decepticons’ combiner groups. Yet according to Scattershot very much against the protests of Optimus and most Autobots initially, the merging was necessary as now all subgroups -– save for the Insecticons -– whose badly damaged forms now were modified into Cyclonus and the Sweeps who had already departed with leader Galvatron – had this same process as their way of proving that unity and teamwork was much better than individualism.

Without saying a word, the three Monsterbots knew exactly what to do next. Reluctantly they began configuring themselves into their own third alternate modes. Repugnus and Grotusque began interlocking their arms and legs while still converting into robot modes. Two equally huge black clawed stands appeared right beneath them by blue illumination as they became what appeared to be legs.

Doublecross also reverted to his humanoid warrior form except that his arms and legs were further extended apart like his Seacon counterpart Snaptrap to join and make room for his comrades to move about easily and with flexibility right below his stomach.

Once they completed their combination, a series of black armored plates appeared all over them into what seemed to be extra protective armour and layer. The three Monsterbots suddenly became very unfamiliar with the dark eerie shadow cover all over them. A dark gigantic chestplate also formed on Doublecross’s main body with the huge green crystal in the main central core and two stripes of the same color running upwards on the U-curved ascension points of the chestplate.

Doublecross’s head suddenly went into his upper body and out from his behind emerged a much bigger one. A bipedal helmet with sharp elongated points all over and a white visor mask serving as his face. Once this was accomplished, the two eyes suddenly flicked to life in blue brilliance. A giant metallic javelin spear also appeared in both his giant hands which now covered and took over Doublecross’s smaller fists.

Once this happened, the Monsterbots were no more as three individual creatures and robots.

Instead they were now a single united giant battle warrior called Monguyver who now made his entrance to match the Seacons’ Piranacon in one-to-one duel.

Piranacon immediately slashed forth with his lethal marine sword as he strode aggressively towards his equally dark and sinister opponent only to find his weapon being intercepted by the latter’s twin bladed javelin spear.

Sparks of red crimson and blue ultra energy hissed forth from both weapons as the two goliaths threatened to beat and tear each other apart. But slowly and gradually, Piranacon’s extra arm limbs gave him a cutting edge as compared to Monguyver who was relying on Doublecross’s strength to function with his arms.

Piranacon’s red malevolent eyes beamed with menace and delight as he could clearly see his sword slicing the black spear into two. Yet with those broken spear blades, Monguyer could still hold on to his ground and continue challenging the Seacon warrior in their armed combat.

The Seacon super warrior then proceeded to fire Nautilator’s cannon again but those heat seeking missiles were no longer effective against his opponent’s chestplate whose central green crystal in the middle seemed to assorb those missiles.

Piranacon then reverted to his much more effective swordsmanship by using both arms to hold and slash his sword. But his opponent was equal to the task by intercepting with his own broken spears. Then kicking Piranacon’s lower legs with his own, he took advantage of the Seacon super warrior’s monetary distraction from his sword by disarming him and then stabbing his spear ends in both sides of his chest.

Without knowing why or how, the stunned Piranacon collapsed down and into six separate Seacons creatures once again in a heap with the two spears still impaled into their leader’s body.

With one mighty kick, Monguyver sent all six of them crashing back into the oceans seas from which they originally appeared to engage him.

Once that was accomplished, he quietly separated back into the 3 Monsterbots in their creature modes.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

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Instead of his once-friends-turned enemies Constructicons who had already been dealt with by Trainbots, Omega Supreme now found himself facing a brand new enemy which was equal to the Constructicons in abilities, numbers and strength.

It was not what he anticipated as destroying those green menacing construction vehicles and robots had been his personal obsession and reason why he joined the Autobots in the first place. However, given the circumstances, he would have to make do with contending with his latest opponent for the first and probably the last time.

Before serving Optimus Prime as one of his Autobots and the Great War between Autobots and Decepticons, he was once of Cybertron’s guardian robots created to protect its significant landmark called Crystal City. It was during that era that he got to know Constructicons who were the only ones who accepted him the way he was and helped him built Crystal City since most of other civilians and fellow Autobots were fearful of his massive size and voice.

Unfortunately that friendship did not last long. The Decepticon leader Megatron wanted to increase his newly formed army of Decepticons and in order to do so, he created a Robo-Smasher with the help of Shockwave and Soundwave. It was a machine that would feed, manipulate and brainwash the minds of the victims it captured into doing exactly what Megatron would want them to do.

Taking advantage of Omega’s momentary absence, he and his few Decepticons successfully ambushed and trapped the Constructicons.

Whether the Constructicons were created by Megatron of origin or by another Transformer was unknown. What was known however was that they were never the same thing again after they were operated upon in their mechanical brains by Robo-Smasher.

Now under Megatron’s orders, they met up with Omega Supreme and tricked him into abandoning his post by informing that the other side of Cybertron was under Decepticons’ attack. Instead of guarding Crystal City as they promised, they broke their word by destroying it exactly what Megatron wanted.

Realizing that he was tricked, Omega returned only to find Crystal City exploding and laid in a smoking pile of ruins. That incident certainly enraged him. But he refused to give up on them since they had been friends for quite some time now.

Converting into his defence base mode, he utilized one of his components – the OS-01 battle assault mobile tank to blast a hole in the outskirts of Cybertron. Then he lured the Constructicons into the hole. Once they got trapped, he set about reprogramming their minds back into what he hoped they were when they first met and helped each other as friends.

Unfortunately for all his size and firepower, he had clearly underestimated Megatron and his Decepticons’ potential. The Robo-Smasher was not a just one-dimensional mind-controller but a sophisticated mecha with a series of backup systems in place. They were what made his programming of victims completely irreversible.

In such a scenario, Omega could have got Alpha Trion to help him but the old and yet wise mage once decreed that once an Autobot would always be an Autobot and once a Decepticon would always be a Decepticon as his final decision which he expected everyone to abide by as well.

The Constructicons not only became a full-pledged Decepticons but possessed a new ability besides being just able to convert from vehicles to robots and back. Which was to combine into a giant robot called Devastator. That made them the first subgroup in Decepticons and Transformers’ history.

As Devastator and with the help of Megatron and Robo-Smasher, they were able to outnumber and subdue Omega Supreme but not able to overcome his mind into swearing his allegiance to Megatron.

Instead he was filled with hatred for them. Which was the very reason why he did not join Optimus Prime and his first eighteen Autobots in their search for energon but only to end up crashlanding on Earth. Instead he went back to his duty of guarding Cybertron. Still he was looking forward to that day when he would meet and enacted revenge on that green merge group.

He had a run-in with them when being assigned to spy on the Constructicons by Prime. But his obsession with getting back at them nearly resulted in chaos on Earth as the asteroid the Decepticon construction vehicles were mining turned out to be a live organic creature.

After the Decepticons successfully conquered Cybertron in 2005, Shockwave set a new law requiring all Guardian Robots to be deactivated and rebuilt into newer and more powerful weapons with Megatron’s approval. Omega escaped that fate by moving in with the Autobots on Earth but instead of the newly built Autobot City, he was assigned to guard the crashlanded Ark which had served as their original headquarters in the early days of Prime and his Autobots on Earth.

If not for the unexpected attack by Decepticons’ Menasor and Bruticus, he along with the other Autobot combiners Superion and Defensor would have rushed to Autobot City to deal with Devastator. Omega would have had his revenge and stopped the Constructicons from causing further damage.

Before the creations of Autobot merge groups based upon Decepticons’ combiner technology and Metroplex, Omega was their only and last line of defence against their enemies especially their goliath Devastator who happened to be his sworn enemy since he comprised of six Constructicons. Through not completely perfect since his left arm was a cannon blaster and his right was a huge merchanical claw as well as his two or three word reply, he proved to be more than an asset to their cause.

Because the whole Autobot force depended heavily on him, he felt a huge sense of responsibility and pressure in thought. Every time he was called into action, he wondered if it was because there was no one else to do it. As time passed by when he was living on Earth, he became more withdrawn and accustomed to living in peace and tranquilly of its natural surroundings especially among the mountains and woods.

If not for Optimus Prime calling him for help, he would have completely forgotten about his feud with the Constructicons and lived like a normal Autobot. Because one side of his personality – which very few Autobots including Prime knew – was that he was extremely emotion-and-environment driven. Meaning to say when he was in a particular situation, he would be extremely obsessed to act along with it. Such as his meeting with Constructicons which only served to reignite his anger and hatred for them.

Years of solitude away from Cybertron and after Prime’s death and Rodimus taking over as new Autobot leader had now made Omega into a sentient Transformer with a personality of his own. Though he still played supporting roles in the Autobot forces, they were more to do with transforming them from one place to another though that responsibility now belonged mainly to Sky Lynx.

Sometimes he would be on Cybertron and other times he would be on Earth, Mars, Jupiter or Pluto. Nevertheless he still felt bonded to Autobots and was painfully cognizant of his duty and the cost should he fail in his defensive duties. This was a circumstance his indomitable and unshakeable courage would not allow. His grim determination created a chasm between him and the other Autobots on a personal level, but they all felt better on understanding that the dedicated Omega Supreme was on the job.

As a battle warrior due to his years of experience as Guardian Robot, Omega possessed enormous strength and firepower. A single hit from his limbs could crumble the mountainside and a blast from his arm-mounted cannon could melt a 12-foot steel cube into molten slag. He could convert into a defense base with two components as in a tank and an interplanetary rocket.

The laser turret mounted on the tank – which could also be used in robot mode to help him stay alert and counterattack anything or anybody assaulting him from behind – was capable of hitting an object less than a square foot in diameter from 50 miles in distance.

The rocket itself was capable of interplanetary flight and could contain all of Subject’s other components, enabling him to travel in his entirety if needed. It could also transport a limited number of passengers and equipment and had a communications array.

His massive built and thick armor made him impervious to most damage short of low-yield nuclear explosions. Even as a one-robot army, defense base and battle station, that alone was enough to cover the fact that he was outnumbered by six Decepticons’ latest creations.

The Monster Pretenders.

The Monster Pretenders were Decepticons’ seventh sub-and-merge group of robots who could combine into one giant robot after Devastator, Menasor, Bruticus, Predaking, Abominus and Piranacon.

Having obtained this idea of monsters from annual Halloween and watched animal documentaries, they decided to fulfil that into reality by creating the set of six warrior robots based on six different designs. But instead of just robots alone, they decided to create outer layer shells as protective armor casing for their bodies which were not entirely invulnerable.

With work carried out by the combined efforts of Constructicons and Quintesson warriors Sharkticons, they ended up as six horrendous creatures whose appearances were completely out of the world. With the brutal might of their outer shells and the weaponry and potential of their inner merchanical bodies as well as their combination ability, the six Monster Pretenders presented even more formidable opponent than Constructicons even though they were different in many ways.

Were it not for a hardware glitch in his outer armor, Birdbrain might be able to make use of his shell’s attack capabilities to become a respected aerial warrior.

Making use of his improvised eyesight in the shell, he responded to the target locked alarm with intensity, often flying out of the sun to attack fiercely. Only to discover the target was actually a rock outcropping.

Since his sensors only functioned at thirty percent of the time, he was often found battling innocuous inanimate objects instead of his actual foes. Because of that, he really hated the laughter that ensued so much that he actually avoided using his outer shell in combat.

Many of his comrades had mocked him for sub-standard intelligence even though he had no such disability. This alone infuriated Birdbrain who was actually a competent and driven warrior outside of his Pretender Shell.

As a warrior, Birdbrain possessed slightly above-average strength and intelligence. His outer Pretender shell was designed for atmospheric flight on mid-level gravity worlds. The beak was powerful enough to cut an armored personnel carrier into two and the talons could easily grip most foes and carry them in a vise-like grip.

His shell’s optic sensors had numerous enhancements, including the capability to locking onto a target Subject’s size at a distance of 300 miles, target acquisition sensors based on threat level and the ability to fire searing laser beams.

As a robot alone, he was armed with a double-barrelled laser rifle which could take out enemies within 10 mile radius.

Now with his fellow Monster Pretenders, he choose to attack in both metallic beast and outer Pretender shell modes – which he could control its movements via remote implanted in his brain – knowing how strong their opponent was even if he operated alone against their six in numbers.

Bristleback was an angry and aggressive complainer who peppered his simple statements with foul language to make any point.

Though a natural bully, his demeanor was made even more repellent by the fact that he did not even become a Pretender by choice. Susceptibility to rust forced him to adopt the shell to salve his condition and protect his armor.

Even when he was perfectly healthy and locked in a shell, the constant irritation of thinking about his condition frustrated and made him even meaner. Considering the fact that he felt trapped by the shell and longed to function in an airless environment where his predilection for developing rust disease would no longer be an issue.

As a warrior, Bristleback had great strength and endurance like his comrades. His outer pretender shell was made of thick armor which limited his motions somewhat. In all modes, the spikes on his back could emit a corrosive acid which could help him cut through materials on contact. Shell and inner robot were armed with a rapid-fire electrostatic rifle whose bolts could permanently damage enemy circuitry.

Now having a great chance to take on a once mighty Autobot legend with his fellow Pretender Monsters, he was all the more determined to prove his point.

Icepick did not believe in the survival of the fittest phrase as the other Decepticon combiner groups Constructicons and Predacons had.

He rather chose to follow the concept of planned obsolescence with the fanatic devotion of a true believer, registering for his role of demolitions because of it and preaching to all who would listen how the destruction of today would be recycled into a newer, brighter and more advanced Decepticon tomorrow.

That made him among the few most cheerful Decepticons as he truly loved his job and purpose. Even though his endless attempts to win new recruits had limited success as compared to Megatron’s now decommissioned Robo-Smasher, his efforts were nevertheless well-appreciated by his superiors.

As a battle warrior, Icepick proved to be more than a match for anyone his own size and smaller.

His external Pretender shell was so heavily armored that in theoretical testing, no non-nuclear explosion was powerful enough to damage it. In his apelike monster mode, he could leap a distance of 1.8 miles at a time while in his robot mode, he was armed with a fireball bazooka which could envelope its opponents in flames upon immediate contact regardless of whether they were flammable or not.

Those qualities were what qualified him to be the leader of Monster Pretenders although his ability to mould his team members into a united fighting unit remained to be seen. Now was his opportunity to prove all doubters wrong as he led them into what could potentially be his easiest mistake however big and tough his opponent looked to be.

Scowl became the Monster Pretender upon realizing that his Autobot foes were not frightened by his appearance at all.

On the contrary, his alternate mode was likely to inspire laughter than terror which totally enraged him to begin displaying his merciless and cruel acts of retaliation. Now that he heard his victims screaming in fear instead of chuckling, he now felt like being a more complete and competent killing machine.

In terms of his abilities, he primarily utilized the power of sound waves to disrupt electronic equipment and at more powerful decibel ranges, physical objects. Those moments made his fellow Decepticons wish he would not spend so much time in his shell as its powerful speakers only served to magnify Scowl’s already loud and firm voice.

As a warrior, he was not only strong and intelligent but resistant to damage as well. His outer pretender shell was equipped with speakers in its mouth and could produce a variety of sonic attacks, including a wall that could rip the armor right off a Transformer exoskeleton.

The inner robot had chest-mounted speakers and ultrasonic hearing, allowing him to pinpoint the exact nature and location of even the dimmest sounds at a great distance. His sonic disruptor rifle could cause a target to either perceive damaging, over-amplified sound or total silence.

Now in both his modes of both blue freezy monster and half sabre-tooth tiger and half humanoid robot, he joined his fellow Monsterbots in their combined attack on Omega Supreme.

Given his personality, Slog was certainly among the most refined and sophisticated Decepticon.

Originally recruited to produce great works of art, he ended up praising the glory and recording the rise of the great Decepticon Empire.

A grotesque monster he might appear to be, he only fought if he saw the need stay alive. When he did, he would make each fallen foe his work of art as a way of honouring his memory of fighting them.

However that did not mean he was a warrior of heart. It was just that he had a strange habit of creating destructive art from dead material he enjoyed. This resulted in him taking sculpture out of the art studio and transplanted it into battlefield.

As a red pretender monster with pincer arms, he could whittle an Autobot warrior into an abstruct wreck within minutes. He considered his carved up conquests to be reowned masterpieces. His diamond-steel alloy talons could tear through any material known to men and robots.

In both creature and robot modes, he was armed with a magnetic repellor and attractor shotgun with the capability of ripping iron-bearing opponents into microscopic pieces.

Wildfly is one of those Transformers who would be considered a monster due to his heinous acts of hunting down everyone - except Decepticons and his own kind – whether there was war or not.

He had built an unwanted and yet his own proud reputation of destroying random office buildings for fun and tearing the wings of passenger jets to pass the time. Like Predacon Divebomb and most other Decepticon jets, he would actively spread fear in those below him to gain a psychological advantage in combat and destroy those he saw of equal aerial capability he perceived as threats.

In spite of all those, he enjoyed thinking of himself as among the most intelligent joker out to outdo amateurs and better the current professionals in his arena. He also believed that his ever-impulsive destructive outbursts were necessary to inject life into the other dull sub-group.

The problem was more often than not, he failed to realize that his sense of humor was so based and predictable that even among the Decepticons, he was usually the only one laughing at his own tactics.

Within his outer insectoid shell, he could fly at a speed of 200 mph. His inner robot transformed into a red and yellow condor with the same speed capabilities. In his humanoid form, he was armed with a specially designed photon rifle with laser-targeting for locking onto ground targets while soaring through the air.

In any situation against any opponent, their legion of twelve -–six remote-controlled Monster shells and another six actual robots could easily beat him or even them be it one-to-one or group battle.

However, they had clearly underestimated their opponent Omega Supreme who not only had lived longer than them but clearly possessed a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience and firepower despite his age. He might seem a one-robot army battle fortress against their so-called Magnificent Twelve but in terms of skill and strength, he was way way ahead of them.

Be it their individual forms or even combined mode.

Despite their combined firepower and various weaponry in their outer Monster shells, robotic beast or warrior modes, his mobile tank turret gun easily beat them all with its deadly pin-point accuracy. The blue energy array of lightning bolts easily took all twelve opponents scattering in different directions before they could even continue their firing.

Moreover, Omega was not alone this time. For he had three companions with him. Two of which were known to all Autobots and the third only to himself all this time. Marissa Faireborn and Jazz Blaze –who had earlier found and rescued Elita One with Broadside’s help – now joined Omega in the battle.

Not wanting to be a burden to Jazz Blaze, Marissa chose to pilot her own vehicle – which was another OS-02 light grey assault tank with one big primary cannon and two energy-beam guns in front and a blue mini-jet fighter with twin missile launchers on the back.

Though her combat vehicle was non-transformable, it was better suited for human pilots like herself. Best of all, it provided her the flexibility to teleport her from the main tank pilot tank seat into the back jet fighter pilot seat should her main vehicle sustained heavily hits and was no longer able to defend itself.

But looking at the present situation, it was highly unlikely. As an experienced captain in the Earth Defense command and born in the military family in which her dad was an experienced commander-in-chief and mom a secretary chief of staffs, she learnt to look at things rationally and could be very blunt in managing them without her even knowing it unless someone told her.

Problem was given her temperament and personality, very few would do so and those who did were verbally questioned and reprimanded by her for simply criticizing without providing any constructive alternatives. Due to the fact that she was a beautiful yet athletic lady – which was rare in the US army, most guys would not want to offend her.

Now targeting at the red and orange flying bird which seemed to be mocking with his constant firing, she managed to take him out with a single laser beam shot. Then she looked around in her aiming scope to see if she could do the same with the other Decepticons as her way of lessening the workload of Jazz Blaze and Omega Supreme.

Although his appearance and variety of weapons had changed significantly, Jazzblaze’s main personality remained the same.

He was the Autobots’ stylish guide to the myriad cultures of their adopted home planet Earth. While Ironhide and Prowl served as Optimus’s primary military advisor and law enforcer, Jazz was the second-in-command whom Prime would turn to for advice in terms of innovation and strategy although sometimes he shared this role with Autobot scientist Wheeljack.

Being a frequent voyager on the roads with the likes of Hound and Cliffjumper be it North and South America as well as across the terrains of Europe and Russia, Jazz knew the intimate details of various cultures across the planet. The only region he had yet to explore fully was Asia in which he only had been to Japan and Indonesia.

In terms of knowledge and experience, he was an expert having studied sociology, history and geography diligently with the help of Spike Witwicky and his father Spark.

Now as a warrior, he wielded a photon cannon and shoulder-mounted flamethrower which could now be used in both vehicle and robot modes. Right now he was using both of them in full effect against those strange and weird looking Decepticon monsters and robots attacking Omega and them out of the blue. With his precise targeting, he managed to gun down two of them; a purple and yellow as well as an orange and blue creatures out of sight.

The third unlikely ally – which surprised even Marissa and Jazzblaze – was former Decepticon Blitzwing.

Having been expelled from the main force by Galvatron for his alleged treachery and threatened with death should he return or be spotted by any of his fellow Decepticons, he went into hiding throughout those 2 years across the galaxy.

Although it might seem a bad thing, it turned out to be blessings in disguise as he discovered there was more to life than just fighting and conquest. Becoming disillusioned with the casualities of war, he officially chose to retire from Transformers War, refusing to join either Decepticons nor Autobots.

It was during that moment, he met and swore brotherhood companionship with Omega Supreme by chance. Having told each other stories of their own, they became friends on the condition that Omega kept his existence a secret and hid him in one of his inner compartments. He also survived on energon which the latter also saved as leftover after being fuelled by Autobots.

To be honest, it was not the fight he would want to be involved in. But given the circumstances and having learn a lot from the big yet wise old Autobot, he decided to make amends for what he did in the First Autobot City War by choosing to fight for the Autobots for once and hopefully the last time.

Transforming into the jet fighter mode, he easily took out the rest of the Decepticon Monster Pretenders shells with his heat seeking missiles while Omega and his two smaller allies focused on ground combat.

Having been completely outwitted by Omega Supreme and his three unexpected allies’ entrance, the Monster Pretenders decided to unleash their final and yet most powerful weapon.

With their outer shells now rendered useless having been badly damaged in the gunfire, they decided to combine into one super giant robot.

Icepick and Scowl became what appeared to be his legs with the light purple foot stands appearing right below them upon completing their configuration into static blocks. Bristleback and Slog joined together as one main upper and lower body with another light purple wrist hollow that aligned with the legs. Then at either end of the upper body, Icepick and Wildfly became what looked like his left and right arms.

When the combination was completed, another pair of standard pale purple fists emerged from either tail end of Icepick and Wildfly before a bigger corn-yellow helmeted and also pale purple face surfaced from Slog’s upper body where his head was a while ago.

The six individual Monster Pretenders now became one united being called Monstructor. As his name implied, he was a terror given robot form. While other Decepticons had portrayed themselves as ruthless death-dealers, Monstructor was truly all that and more.

Those who had survived witnessing his formation described it more like the conjuring of an evil spirit than the combining of a merchanical warrior. For he knew no remorse, except when he missed an opportunity to inflict pain. His very presence drained life and an aura of palpable dread was his ever-present companion.

His utter dedication to destruction and decay went beyond a mere personality trait and appeared to have no correlation to the six Pretenders who combine to form him. In other words, having been co-created by Quintessons and Decepticons, he possessed the same characteristics as Predaking and Abominus whose combine form was to seek out and destroy all those they saw as threats as their one and only purpose.

Yet Monstructor channelled an evil far deeper than even the most depraved Decepticon could imagine. For if given a choice, he would prefer not to split into his six separate components back into individual Monster Pretenders whom he now had the foresight to perceive as being feeble and remain in his combined state. This also allowed him to travel from planet to planet across the stars, destroying all sparks of life

Any Decepticon - let alone Autobots - looking inot his cold and emotionless optic sensors would realize that Monstructor would gladly start destroying them once the Autobots were all extinct. Unless they possessed the authority of Galvatron or the combined might of Predaking, Piranacon or Abominus to have any chance of overcoming him.

As Decepticons’ seventh gestalt warrior, Monstructor harnessed enormous strength. His pale purple hands generated a corrosive aura that caused all living creatures – from the armor of Transformer to carbon-based organic lifeform – to decay at his touch.

He was also capable of using his components’ thrusters to fly. For unknown reasons, he radiated an energy-draining field all around him that slowly sapped power and life itself, transferring it to him. If he concentrated, he could focus and magnify the effect, greatly increasing its strength and pace.

His weapon was a powerful solar fission rifle. Powered by starlight, it absorbed visible light while charging, plunging an area of up to 200 square feet into darkness.

However, there was only one problem. While all those worked against lesser opponents be it Transformers, humans and creatures, they were of no use against the likes of Omega Supreme who ultimately won with just his pure determination, guts and raw strength that made him into what he really was and why he was even called Omega Supreme in the first place.

Before Monstructor could even properly aim with his rifle, his weapon arm was already taken out and dismantled from his body with Omega’s cannon arm blast. Angry at being outsmarted again, he came lunging towards the lumbersome Autobot giant hoping to land his fatal decay blow with his other hand.

Yet again, that never happened.

Thanks to the up-to-date information Jazzblaze had provided him, Omega knew every characteristic and trick his opponent had and would use against him and his allies. Even when his opponent came rampaging towards him, the former Guardian Robot firmly stood his ground and continued firing his cannon blaster.

Prior to that, he had completely transformed himself from a defense base to a super robot.

The tank became his main body and the main turret gun with pilot cockpit converted into his head. The lower components of the tank unfolded, extended and expanded into his strong powerful legs with broad, bulky and firm stands.

The rocket split into two components which formed his arms: the launcher now became his right merchanical claw while the left converted into his heavy assault cannon.

Finally, the track rails separated into his wings mounted on the back of his body which enabled him to fly in full robot mode.

Just his cannon blaster alone took out the Monstructor’s other arm and then both his legs. The result was his forced separation into five individual Monster Pretenders who were too terrified to continue given their huge disadvantage and his absolute advantage over them. Turning back, they made their hasty escape without even bothering to search for their sixth member who was obviously lost somewhere due to his earlier blast.


Those four words were all Omega Supreme had to say as he and his new allies began scanning around to see if there were others needing their help nearby.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

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Sky Lynx did not have to wait long to see who his opponent was. Yet when he looked at the answer, he was completely shocked and taken back despite having challenged many Decepticons - including the massive Predaking and Trypticon - as what he saw was like his own mirror reflection. Not exactly identical but more like a darker and menacing version of himself.

Compared to most other Transformers except the Decepticon city fortress Trypticon, Sky Lynx was quite unique. He was designed following the decommissioned cruiser The Ark - which had crashlanded on Earth and still served as Autobot headquarters for the latest mini vehicle warriors before Trypticon destroyed it in his tyrannosaurus mode despite the valiant efforts of Pipes and his gang to defend what was of the old base – and destruction of the other three battlecruisers during the Decepticons’ ambush during the last Autobot City War.

Inspired by the human movie Apollo 13, Rodimus Prime wanted to build an almost identical but more suited for Autobots type of space shuttle. Initially the thought was to have a humanoid design similar to Omega Supreme but the effort, materials and time required to create the second massive robot after Superion and Defensor was too great. Even the Autobots had won the war after Unicron’s destruction and expulsion of Decepticons upon his leadership, they were still in the stage of rebuilding and survival.

As much of Cybertron’s natural resources were depleted in the wake of numerous Great Wars ravaging their home planet, Rodimus – with his inner circle of Ultra Magnus, Kup and Springer - had to play ambassador besides just another Autobot commander like Optimus and Sentinel Prime. While he was not fighting wars against Decepticons or some alien creatures like Quintessons, he would be making trade deals with the other planet rulers in the vicinity.

Eventually, a decision was made to build him into a mammoth and merchanical animal form. Tyrannosaurus was certainly out of the question as that reminded Rodimus and his Autobots too much of Grimlock and Trypticon. Then another Dinobot Sludge came into Rodimus’s mind and he set his mind on having an identical design to his Apatosaurus whom he felt was just as strong but more serene in nature.

Hence that was how Sky Lynx was born. Comprising of two beast modes as the main upper white shuttle body and lower blue mobile cargo bay and carrier, the gigantic four-legged creature might look somewhat awkward at first glance.

But having witnessed how he dealt with Decepticons – whether they were gigantic or miniature, Rodimus was convinced he made a right choice and decreed that he be used as the main Autobot space transport since Omega’s semi-retirement and the last three Autobot cruisers were destroyed due to their incapability to cope with Decepticons’ massive power.

Despite being in his main four-legged creature rather than humanoid knight mode, he moved quickly and with great purpose even when he had nowhere to go. Every one of his movement was infused with an air of effortless confidence and - some might say - arrogance.

As the first huge transport-based creature that could spilt into two primitives that could fly and run on ground, he felt he had proven his inherent skills as a top-notch, fearless warrior and leader time and again. Henceforth he would always make it his priority to share his accomplishments with others.

Having travelled extensively across the galaxy transporting different segments of Autobots and humans, he hated being inactive and stayed in the Autobots aircraft hangar for too long. So he jumped at and grabbed every opportunity to join the Autobots’ mission as a transport or mission commander.

He could choose to be friendly but he was also self-opinionated about his abilities verbally. Such as his ability to fly which most Autobots were not designed for. Therefore they saw his attitude as one of elitism and belittlement. From his perspective, he felt they were either too sensitive or jealous that he could do what they could not. Although he might argue with their reasoning which did not make any sense to him at all, he was also certain that was exactly why they were still dependent on him due to his versatility and ferocity.

As a combat warrior, he possessed immense strength and intelligence even when his combined form was identical to Dinobot Sludge. That was also where the difference lay between them. His speed and endurance were legendary in all modes whether in transport, beast or even separated. Either of his two components - named separately as Sky and Lynx – had the same personality as his combined mode.

In his aerial dino mode also known as Pteranodon and identical to the other Dinobot Swoop but with much stronger wings and superior endurance, he could accelerate up to 250mph for 3000 miles and fire an acetylene blaster with a 3 mile range from his mouth separated by the frontal halves of the shuttle nose. It was also most adept in sky and space battles with his sharp teeth and claws as his other weapons on shredding most armor.

As a space shuttle, it easily rivalled its Decepticon rivals Astrotrain and Blast Off with its inter-solar system travel capabilities that could be improvised by the use of transwarp technology since the acetylene blaster could emerge and be activated to fire from within its nose.

In his slightly smaller four-legged animal as Lynx, it could leap up to 1.5 miles at a time and with the help of the rocket boosters - recycled and redesigned from the Decepticon jet wreckage in the aftermath of Unicron’s attack, soar up to 40,000 feet into the air to attack Decepticons in creature, robot and transport modes with massive merchanical paws and its tiger like face. Especially Predacons who could testify to that as it was easily twice the size of their individual animal forms.

Yet his great agility was his greatest strength considering the fact it could link up with his other Pteranodon companion as the complete creature warrior that reminded sharp observers of a Trojan horse or flying Unicorn. Besides serving as a cargo bay and carrier, it was also used as a transport and elevator module attached to the main shuttle. This served humans better than Autobots since they were smaller and needed greater heights to reach the top shuttle level.

Instead of its sworn orange and black combined knight Predaking, its opponent was a mirror and yet darker and evil version reflection called Death Lynx.

But instead of just one head, it came with three identical heads each with a spiral and multi-spiked stems serving as its necks from the space assault and anti-ground transport shuttle. Instead of Autobots’ standard blue which seemed to represent good, its eyes were fiery red in malevolent evil and teeth more lethal and sharper in its dark greyish to rip its opponents to shreds within seconds whether they were Autobots, humans or other creatures.

It was the latest addition to the Decepticon army all thanks to the combined efforts of the Constructicons and Quintesson troops and slaves once again. Once the Decepticon flagship Nemesis that Megatron and his troop were proud of, it was rendered useless and could only serve as the semi-functioning base after crashlanding on Earth within the sea level.

After Megatron and his Decepticons had successfully conquered Cybertron in 2005, the ship was completely abandoned and submerged within the deep level seawaters. With no more allies, no place to stay and nowhere to hide or go after being rescued by Optimus Prime - whom they had brought back to life ironically with Sky Lynx’s help – from the hate virus, the Quintesson Master One discovered the ship by chance and decided to stay there while recovering, consolidating and rebuilding their strength so that they could rise again and take back what was once theirs.

But having stayed on Earth for a period of time, the Quintesson Master discovered our home planet to be even better than Cybertron and decided to switch their objective from reclaiming Cybertron to conquering Earth. The only difference between him and Megatron who had failed repeatedly before becoming Galvatron was that he would negotiate a better deal with the Decepticons by building and providing them with better weaponry and future in exchange for their allegiance to him.

Now instead of just a stationary transport and battlecruiser, Nemesis was now a lethal fighting machine exactly the way the Master wanted it to be built in the same image as he had done with the Predacons. Having observed Sky Lynx for some time the same way he had watched the Dinobots with his fellow judges and Masters on the wreckage they had caused to their base and rescue Hot Rod and Kup, they decided to reconstruct.

Just like Sky Lynx, it could function as both transport and battle warrior. However there were also many differences. Besides the three hydra hissing heads, it could separate into a three-headed flying dragon called Death with wings and size three times the size of Sky Lynx’s dino bird form and a gigantic stallion called Lynx which could outrun with its enhanced galloping with the aid of its multi-functional engine thrusters.

More importantly, those heads could propel and turn into separate serpents that could bite and turn its victims into grey cosmic rust. Their speed alone was enough to terrify anyone with its superb agility and flexibility into coiling around their unfortunate victims.

Upon seeing its opponent Sky Lynx, it immediately attacked with firing its plasma cannons in triple nose-headed aircraft. Red immensely bright energy beams poured forth into the bright sunlight skies only to be intercepted by the Autobot shuttle’s blue blasts. Remaining cool, the heads instantly ejected for its next course of attack.

The Autobot flight shuttle instantly counterattacked by continuous barrage of those huge cannon blasts, cutting those heads into splinters within its cool blue flames with consummate ease as it now began its own advance towards him.

Death Lynx instantly activated and let out its other three heads. Without a word, it separated into two components. The top part became an enormous three-headed dragon which would engage the Autobot dino bird while the bottom would act as a dark giant horse that would manage the other Autobot tiger like creature. It could be a tiger, cheetah or panther. Whatever it was, he would see to it that he ended up this seemingly and deceptive even-matched duel his own victory quickly and easily that even his fellow Decepticon combiners would be proud of.

His opponent did exactly the same by dividing into two modes before engaging his in skies as they could also fly at tremendous speeds and be proficient in combat. It was those moves that also fascinated his superior and what resulted in the latter creating him as a result.

The three-headed dragon breathed and roared red flames as its enormous size obviously loomed over its opponent and black-taloned clawed wings threatening to envelop the primitive-style merchanical Pteranodon. The intensity and heat were sufficient to incinerate its opponent gradually into bits and pieces if the latter could not get help on time.

True to its expectation, his opponent got slightly burnt on its nose even though it quickly tilted its entire body to one side. The dragon continue blowing fire in all three different directions since it had three heads looking and scanning everywhere even though its primary and only target was the white, red and blue Autobot sky warrior and probably the last giant defence since both Broadside and Skyfire were earlier eliminated by Astrotrain and new comrade duo Darkwing and Dreadwind.

This time unfortunately, his enemy got hit multiple times as even with its increased velocity, it could not out-maneuver him due to his massive size and multi-projected viewers. With five of the Quintesson Sharkticon guards operating at his shuttle control panel, it made his job a lot easier since he would be directed by them while still being able to control his lower half self.

In the other duel, Death Lynx’s winged stallion also possessed a cutting edge over its mammoth counterpart. Originally intended to be an enormous merchanical elephant, it was remodified into a battle assault horse that could not only gallop at supersonic speed but could only attack and destroy any enemy target within seconds with its mounted triple gatling machine cannons which fired 400 rounds of sonic-radiation bolts as well as heat seeking missiles from its launchers on the wings attached to those cannons.

Despite of his mostly blue merchanical tiger foe’s massive quantum leap and acceleration, its movement was disrupted by those bolts and missiles which forced it to tilt its angle to avoid being hit. Yet what he failed to anticipated was those missiles were automatically built to be persistent in exploding only if they stuck the target they were programmed to hit.

Upon sustaining damages from those missiles impact, the blue tiger instantly got knocked out of the skies into the seas while his black stallion stared in glee over its imminent victory.

Realizing that he was no match for his new opponent, Sky quickly linked up with Lynx just as the latter was about to crash into the seas. Upon doing so, he was now a giant Apatosaurus in the form of the four-legged merchanical version of the dino herbivore in Sludge’s image once again as it was famously known to all Transformers, humans and other creatures who knew him.

Giant in the sense that while he was massive to them, he was still smaller as compared to what his dark evil incarnation was. Upon completing its combination, he saw his opponent doing exactly the same. How it could easily replenish its threatening and terrifying three dragon heads shortly after destroying the first three. But that no mattered to him as he became now more desperate than his usual thought-he-knew-all attitude and composure.

Unfortunately for him, his move was already well-anticipated by his evil twin who did exactly the same as what he accomplished just seconds ago. The only difference was a significant trio of three dragon heads with serpent-like chiselled and multi-spiked metallic necks protruding from that shuttle. With the stallion back to combining with the dragon, it became exactly like him.

Or so he thought.

Death Lynx was not called that name for nothing.

For he was assigned to do one thing and one thing only. That was to hunt down and destroy all his enemies as quickly as possible. As of now, his record was just one short of Predaking and two short of Piranacon who had both become his betting companions besides just fellow hunting Decepticon gestalt warriors. While the latter ruled over the seas, the former reigned supreme on both land and skies.

Death Lynx intended to accomplish all three quickly even though he was now engaging his enemy in the skies right above the Pacific Ocean.

While his enemy Sky Lynx enjoyed boosting of how he was good in this and that even his victories were only impressive to him alone, he preferred to allow his actions and results speak for themselves so that no Decepticon or even Quintesson would ever doubt him again.

Besides being a death bringer, he was also a strong deliverer when it came to producing or even being a trump card. Like a professional gambler who possessed the reverse psychological of allowing his opponents think he was defeated before producing an unexpected aces of Queens, Kings or Jokers, that was precisely what he intended to do and get it done fast.

Just as Sky Lynx was about to close in on him firing everything he got in his winged dino creature mode, he unleashed his final and completely unanticipated mode that only his creators – the Constructicons and Quintesson Master-One – knew about since they came up with the idea and built him in the first place.

His three dragon heads suddenly shifted and configured into three directions. Two of which became his arms and the other slided downwards into the rising top shuttle which was more rectangular than Sky Lynx’s triangular in shape. That completed what looked like a majestic looking armor plated chest which could probably withstand more damages than his Autobot opponent.

Another large dark head emerged from the tail end of the shuttle platform which was now acting as the main body. Except this time it was not a dragon head but seemingly battle knight head with its full dark helmet with single three-dimensional red visor face. On either side of the helmet was a large serpent-like horns which formed a V-sign as a pair.

Death Lynx was no longer just a three-headed dragon mammoth creature designed to look exactly like Sky Lynx but a merchanical half humanoid and complete centurion-style hell knight. An enormous red energon beam appeared in his right arm which turned into three-pronged spawn spear gripped by one of his dragon head’s teeth which acted as his fists.

Three strokes were all he took to bring down the so-called and self-proclaimed legendary Sky Lynx. The first one took out all four of his legs effortlessly and flawlessly in one diagonal ankle of his extensive swordsmanship experience, knowledge and skill while the second dismantled his gigantic wings.

The third decapitated his head with the end three-pronged blades cutting through his long white and red metallic neck with relative ease.

As the now useless Autobot shuttle wreckage crashed into the oceans, Death Lynx switched back into his almost replica triple nosed air and space shuttle having delivered exactly what his Quintesson Master-One designed him to do and what his name implied.

The death of one now gave birth to the life of another.

This time on the Decepticons’ side.

As it stood now realistically, the Decepticons still had a 3-0 advantage in terms of one-to-one aerial warfare with both Skyfire and Broadside being terminated as well.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

Postby amurowes » Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:01 pm

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With most of the Autobots and Decepticons despatched to battle against each other in the skies, sea and land, two of the most powerful and strongest Transformers were free to engage each other again. Powerful as in their ability to convert from city to battle station and robot and strongest as in their massive size and prolonged endurance to most firepower they both possessed and had tried inflicting damage on each other.

Due to their roles as both factions’ new headquarters and defence bases for years, this was only the third time Metroplex and Trypticon confront each other one-to-one. The complete white humanoid robot warrior was also nicknamed the Dinosaur Rancher for his just-in-time configuration and overcoming his enemy mechanical T-Rex dinosaur in his debut after the latter destroyed the Old Ark and Autobots’ original Earth-based headquarters.

Metroplex was never meant to be born in the first place as he was not in the agenda of Commander Optimus Prime and Autobots. Their original plan was to set up a much bigger Autobot City and battle fortress now that they had obtained the necessary support from their formed alliance with the US government as well as authorities from Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the volcanic mountain in which the first Ark crashlanded into, a decision was being made to house more Autobots now that Optimus had obtained the permission to bring in more of his kind on migrating to Earth. The plan would have gone smoothly had it not been for Decepticon communications officer Soundwave’s intervention.

After spying and earsdropping on their conversations almost undetected, Soundwave informed Megatron who assigned the Constructicons to build an almost identical battle city fortress for the Decepticons but three times more powerful than their foes. Since they were more experienced and designed for warfare, they were more innovative with their design and main function.

That took place right before the Decepticons’ attack and conquest of Cybertron in 2005. The project was named Scramble City Development by both Autobots and Decepticons. There was a brief exchange between them in merge groups and subsequently Metroplex and Trypticon making their entrance for the first time. But as their transformation core was not fully completed and they had not been injected with personalities of their entrance, Megatron reluctantly called off Trypticon duel against Metroplex shortly after introducing him.

After Megatron and his Decepticons were defeated and jettisoned into outer space where they faced Unicron and became Galvatron and his new Sweeps, the project was halted as the Constructicons took part in their attack on Autobot City. Unfortunately right after Galvatron was hurled by new Autobot leader Rodimus Prime into the far skirts of Charr, the leaderless Decepticons were low on energon and had to put a stop to Trypticon construction permanently.

The Autobots were also not better off anyway. Even though they won back Cybertron following Decepticons defection or destruction at the hands of Unicron, the transformation core of Metroplex was destroyed and they had to find another one.

After Galvatron returned as the Decepticons’ leader, the Constructicons continued with their project to finish Trypticon. Their first test was to use him to destroy the nearby city and then Autobots’ first original headquarters. The result was a resounding success.

But after Metroplex’s intervention when the new transformation core was successfully integrated with his body, Trypticon was defeated and thrown into the deep seas of Pacific Oceans.

Having met each other for the third time, both parties decided to put an end to this once and for all with either one winning or both being destroyed.

Besides being virtue, patience had been among the most valuable resources foreseeable for a Transformer of Metroplex’s size and time had slowly and painfully etched it into his very spark.

Everything took time for Metroplex. From transforming to simply walking, this could be frustrating for someone who wanted to help his friends immediately in any given circumstances. Everyone around him understood that he was incapable of acting faster and appreciated that when being called upon into action, the results would be invariable in Autobots’ favor.

Problem was Metroplex did not see it that way. Instead he constantly reprimanded himself for being slow and not contributing enough to the cause of humans and Autobots alike. Henceforth despite his huge presence, he took little credit for his staggering achievements including turning the tide of war into Autobots’ victory after defeating both Menasor and Bruticus during the Scramble City Battle and gave much to Defensor whom he fought alongside with to aid Superion.

This modesty was refreshing for a being of his abilities and power even though his fellow Autobots were greatly concerned that he was too hard on himself. They knew as well as he himself that he was doing everything he could to defend and protect lives.

However Metroplex was not entirely alone on his own. He had two partners Six-Gun and Scamper which happened to be his built-in components and could transform into individual robots as well. The former proved to be belligerent show-off who assisted in maintaining guard and ensuring the vast interior of Metroplex as city mode at all times unless they were in battle or war while the latter was an outgoing and rash Autobot who had been assigned to utilize his speed to patrol around Metroplex’s perimeter.

Both partners were mentally linked to Metroplex to facilitate communication but had their own personalities and motivations. Ultimately, they were all united by their mutual dedication to maximizing Metroplex’s and their own usefulness to the Autobot cause.

With the new Transformation core in place and having been built separately from the original Autobot City which had been largely ruined by Megatron and his full Decepticon contingent attack, Metroplex was now the ultimate Autobot weapon based on Earth considering his size and impact he could now cause with his blows and weapons. He was also nicknamed Autobot City 2 since he was white and the original one was in coffee brown and orange.

While other Transformers could crack a mountainside, he could easily lift one. His armor plating in all modes would need a small nuclear explosion to even scratch. In his city mode, he was fully equipped to manage all Transformers’ needs for life such as living quarters, repair bays, landing pads, communications equipment, laboratories and even recreation for both Autobots and allied human operatives working and even staying within his compound.

One of his numerous towers transformed into Slammer, a remote-controlled mortar cannon tank that he and any of his allies could control for a range of 40 miles. But recently, he acquired a new vehicle buddy in Rammer - a bigger black, red and white battle tank whose weapons consisted of one primary cannon gun, two laser turret guns, two energy beam guns and winged missile launchers whose tips could fire plasma fire as well. The front part - which included a single pilot seat - could be separated from the main tank body as the ski-jet that could travel in air and on water.

In each mode, Metroplex got access to a devastating arsenal of weaponry. Including MASER which stood for Microwave Amplification Through Stimulated Emission Of Radiation cannons, ion pulse rifles, machine guns, missile launchers and more.

His companion Six-Gun was actually comprised of his numerous defensive and offensive weapons which served as a perfect distraction for Decepticons while he focused on other functions. Scamper the other one - possessed supersonic speed of 150mph, a range of 500 miles and electrostatic blasters in black Nissan automobile mode as well as particle beam pistol he would arm himself with in robot mode.

Metroplex also possessed an intermediate form that was an essentially a slow-moving but heavily fortified and powerful battle station that enabled the entire city to move along with him since it was part of him.

With most of the Autobots and human military operatives out engaging the Decepticons, he was more rest assured to transform into his third gigantic robot mode with all his weapons now ready to engage his equally huge dino foe.

On the surface, Trypticon was among the most efficient and lethal killing machines in the Decepticon army.

For his hatred for all other beings was legendary as he would carelessly fire into a crowd just to hit an Autobot target. He only barely managed to contain his contempt for Decepticons.

Yet his outward animosity was simply a cover for his deep-seated hatred for himself and his function. He was unsure of the Decepticon cause as he actually found warfare pointless and a complete waste of his time. Even the thought that his superior abilities would one day allow him to lead the Decepticons did little to lift his spirits. But given the fact that he was built by the Constructicons personally and under Galvatron and now Quintesson Master’s command, he had to fulfil his objective since that was what he was created for and programmed to do.

As a dino T-Rex warrior, Trypticon possessed phenomenal strength and endurance which made him impervious to most physical attacks. His rocket pack allowed him to jump 20 miles in dinosaur mode. Other than that, he could launch plasma bombs from his mouth and his optical sensors contained hypno-beams that could control all but the strongest willed Transformers such as the one he was facing right now.

In city mode, he had a full range of repair and landing bays as well as a communications center. However his battle station mode was by far his strongest of all three since he could travel at 800mph for up to 8000 miles and was armed with a complete arsenal of weaponry such as photon launchers and powerful main laser cannon. He also possessed an anti-gravity repulsors which could prevent anyone from coming closer than 1000 feet without his permission.

Like Metroplex, he also had two smaller companions with him but were directly controlled by him. They were battlefield drones called Brunt The Tank and Full-Tilt. Both of them did not speak but could fight just as efficiently as any Decepticon.

The two merchanical goliaths came clashing against each other with full set of weapons firing a mixed array of missiles, cannon blasts and energy bolts as their assault long-range weapons and defensive shield.

Even so, their smaller companions still managed to evade those somehow and engaged one another in close combat. Considering the fact that the Autobot duo could transform and was far better-equipped, they had little problems overcoming their Decepticon counterparts. Six-Gun easily taking out Brunt The Tank which could only remain in his military transport mode and Scamper outrunning Full-Tilt in vehicle modes and gaining a shot towards him in their robot modes with his laser pistol.

Trypticon attempted to inflict damage on Metroplex’s face with his huge left merchanical claw once they were in close proximity but the Autobot white warrior managed to grab hold of it with his right hand.

When the dinosaur tried to duplicate better with his other claw, Metroplex did exactly by grabbing with his left hand. With both his claws now gripped firmly by his hands, his opponent now faced a problem.

The Decepticon T-Rex then wanted to turn round and stuck out with his massive back tail. But Metroplex countered it easily by kicking out with his left leg. Then releasing the robot dinosaur momentarily, he quickly fired his twin turret guns which hit his opponent in his head, damaging his optical sensors and sending the entire Tyrannosaurus crashlanding from the skies into the deep sea oceans below.

Having secured the first Autobot victory in aerial combat of supremacy, Metroplex scanned and scouted for the new Decepticon jets Darkwing and Dreadwind as well as Astrotrain and another triple-headed dragon and centurion warrior so that he could avenge his comrades’ death by taking them all even on his own.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

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Having intercepted new Autobot commander Springer's distress call to Computron into assisting him and his forces to defend Autobot City against Decepticons’ attack again, the Dinobots once again separated themselves into five individual merchanical robot modes and headed back to their Earth-based fortress where they had left in unlikely circumstances.

Even though they had yet to speak to anybody other than their new combined self, things began to make sense to them gradually. Not just recent events but past memories of how they came about in the first place through built-in memory archive chips that Spike had suggested implanting into their brains before he left for Cybertron with Hot Rod and most of his second generation Autobots team.

The unexpected discovery of dinosaur fossils within Mount St. Hilary upon her unexpected rare eruption and in which the Autobot first shuttle The Ark had crashlanded, Wheeljack’s suggestion to create robot dinosaurs as additions to their team in strength an firepower, how they created havoc upon being introduced by Wheeljack and Ratchet to Optimus and Autobots, how they almost fought and killed each other when their leader Grimlock and first two comrades Slag and Sludge were seduced by Megatron to fight for his Decepticon cause, their first sub-group battle against their Decepticon counterparts Constructicons and new combined form Devastator and Grimlock creating Technobots to defeat Decepticon Terrorcons.

As well as the Hate Plague in which their participation upon Grimlock’s eager command that caused them to malfunction and fall into deep coma resulting in their loss of memory and finally, the Technobots modifying them from just another Autobot subgroup to a new merge group as the only solution to save their lives and enable them to continue functioning as they had before.

Everything was beginning to fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Yet they felt different from before. They were no longer just simple-minded merchanical primitives but felt as though they were evolving into next-level entities and combatants in terms of their thinking and fighting capabilities.

Now was the time to put those into use as they just had subconsciously against the Decepticons’ first three combiners Devastator, Menasor and Bruticus whom they had managed to overcome with ease as they were flying towards the huge looming interior of the old Autobot City.

Unknown to them, the Predacons were waiting to ambush them in various parts of the old majestic coffee brown and transformable city fortress. Prior to that, they had created terror and wreckage to both the Autobots and humans stationed there knowing that Metroplex was not there to protect them now that he had taken to the skies to engage his sworn foe Trypticon.

Despite the fact they had been evacuated to underground anti-aircraft-and-ground attacks shelters four and five levels deep, they had located them with their artificial sensors and instincts. Though they held all of their victims hostage, they intended to wipe them out once they had finished their business with their larger but still manageable Autobot counterparts.

Their creations came shortly after the Dinobots - led by their commander Grimlock raided their prison fortress on Quintessa to rescue Hot Rod and Kup. Feeling indignant and humiliated by that merchanical tyrannosaurus – especially when he stomped on the ground and commanded the Sharkticons to execute them which they did not eventually, the Quintesson Masters decided to create their own Decepticons subgroup to match the Dinobots in brutality, firepower and strength.

It was not difficult since they were the original creators of both the Transformer warring factions. Making use of the Constructicons shortly after they forged an alliance with the Decepticons, they watched the recordings of Grimlock and his Dinobots giving their fearsome Sharkticons a bigger scare of their own and Earth documentaries of the fiercest creatures on our home planet.

Initially their plan was to create the Decepticon version of the Dinobots but since their resources were limited and most of the materials had been allocated for the development of Trypticon which took place simultaneously, it was abandoned. Fascinated by the lion, tiger, rhino, buffalo and eagle which they considered to be the strongest Earthly creatures in modern days since the dinosaurs had been extinct and were no longer around, they decided to make do with the animal robots instead.

The reasons they selected Constructicons were because they regarded them to be the most creative and innovative collectively since they were built to build, construct and design by function and personality and also because they had battled the Dinobots on a few occasions and were familiar with their behaviour and fighting styles be it in dino or robot forms.

Running a bio-scans on each Dinobot and animal they selected, they decided to use the result displayed on their screen as their design plan. Because the lion was regarded to be the strongest animal, he was naturally made leader and his design in terms of facial and body would be based upon Grimlock in robot mode.

The rest as in tiger, rhino, buffalo and eagle - whom they called Rampage, Headstrong, Tantrum and Divebomb - would have their designs inspired by his fellow Dinobots Sludge, Slag, Snarl and Swoop.

Yet upon completion, they did not activate to test them against the Dinobots since their leader Grimlock was somewhere away with new Autobot leader Rodimus Prime who was magnified from Hot Rod upon his successful activation of Autobot Matrix Of Leadership. Upon intercepting the message sent to Blaster on Earth, they decided to put the Predacons to the test against Autobots’ other new creation Sky Lynx instead. Though they had lost the first encounter, they had learnt their lessons well and kept taking their skills to the next level.

Now that Sky Lynx had been dealt with by their other and also identical dark version of him, the Quintesson Master-One could now use the Predacons against the Dinobots in full effect.

Sensing something wrong and yet unable to explain why, the five Dinobots decided to split up upon landing on the surface ground within Autobot City to search for Springer and any of his Autobots or human operatives requiring help.

If necessary, they would fight any Decepticon they saw to the death so as to protect them and Autobot City from further ruin.

As the merchanical tyrannosaurus, Grimlock was among the strongest and most fearsome Autobots and Transformers individually. Hence he was made the commander of his Dinobot subgroup, considering that only his name did not begin with S as well.

In terms of personality, he could be cold, merciless and contemptuous of those he considered below him whether they were humans, animals, aliens and even fellow Transformers themselves, including their leader Optimus Prime whom he would happily usurped as the new king he proclaimed to be. However given his enormous strength in both dino and robot modes, he developed a superiority complex as a result.

Still he was a valiant warrior who commanded respect from all who witnessed his capabilities whether they were his friends or enemies. One of his most distinguishing features was his famous speed impediment which led him to shorten sentences and refer himself to addressing himself as Me Grimlock rather than the conventional and typical I Grimlock.

The reasons for this varied from different angles and perceptions. Some assumed this as a result of his true mental limitations while others concluded due to his damaged vocal processor or even ruse he perpetrated into allowing others to think of him as less intelligent than he actually was.

But whether they were true or not, he was still an Autobot wanting to defend Earth as much as his compatriots and humans as well as showing begrudging respect for Optimus Prime even though he was more accepting for his successor Rodimus as the new bearer of Matrix and Autobot commander.

Due to his massive size and strength, he was frightening effective warrior and an efficient commander who was utterly dedicated to those under his command. Those made Optimus wonder at times and asked him before - whether he would be more suited to lead both Autobots and Dinobots through this messy war, considering his battlefield experience and willingness to make difficult and ruthless military decisions.

In truth to most neutrals, Grimlock thought he would be a better commander than Optimus since he constantly flouted his authority and that attitude as well as his Me speech was reflected in his fellow Dinobots who acted more like a gang than an Autobot fighting unit as displayed by subsequent subgroups Aerialbots and Protectobots.

His infuriating attempts to draw him into conflict with Optimus and even Megatron almost succeeded on several occasions. That made several fellow Autobots and even humans wondered why he was even on the Autobots side in the first place since his deposition was more suited to Decepticons considering the fact that he valued strength and power more than compassion and moral values.

Or even why Optimus tolerated his seemingly antagonistic demeanor other than the reason that he was grateful to Optimus for saving him from Megatron’s seduction even though he and his Dinobots betrayed him initially due to their simple and gullible minds.

However, two last things that Optimus had told him before on their way to help defend Autobot City and the latter was killed by Megatron in their one-to-one duel during the last Great War were the Autobot leader seeing great possibilities for the Dinobot commander and his principle - that no matter how they hated and wanted to defeat Decepticons once and for all, they should not be like them in order to beat them and which he hoped Grimlock would understand this as well as most other Autobots.

As a warrior, he was frightening powerful and a living nightmare to all beings. In his tyrannosaurus mode, his huge jaws and razor sharp blade teeth could snap, bite and chew anything that was caught between them.

They ranged from steel cables to a Decepticon limb. He could breathe fire from an inbuilt flamethrower within his mouth which was also the same case with his fellow Dinobots except Swoop. His merchanical claws and tail could swipe anything out of his way whether they were jets, vehicles or even walking and running creatures. Those were sufficient to compensate for his slow moving and yet bulkier legs to crush anything beneath.

While Grimlock was still looking and scouting for any signs of movement in Northern sector, something or someone still suddenly leapt out at him from nowhere. Upon it drawing closer, he saw that to be a yellow and black lion which was also his Decepticon counterpart whom he had met and battled twice in their last encounters.

Predacon commander Razorclaw.

Razorclaw was most dangerous when he was seemingly motionless. Such as now when he was the only one who spotted the Dinobot commander having sneaked unseen into the Autobot City vicinity earlier.

Inactivity simply meant that he was sizing up the best moment as his one and only best opportunity to strike. When he did, he would make sure his victim to be a shattered and smoking memory in less time than it took for him to scream.


Unlike most Decepticon subgroup commanders, leader Megatron or Galvatron and even his creator Quintesson Masters, he did not like to waste time stalking and hunting his prey aimlessly unless he was certain his plan aligned fully with his actions into a desirable result he wanted to achieve as he believe that what he and his team were designed for.

Even when he spoke, he would make sure his words had an immediate effect on his fellow compatriots in that they would understand and fulfil his orders immediately. Very much like his fellow Decepticon communications officer Soundwave who was the master in his espionage missions, the fearless business-like Predacon commander was known for his utmost loyalty to the overall Decepticon cause whether it would be serving Galvatron or the Quintesson Masters.

A peaceful settlement between the two long feudal races of Transformers meant nothing to him. For the only peace he yearned for was when he had personally extinguished the spark of the last surviving Autobot.

The only problem was the last Autobot and victim he was to prey on was much bigger and stronger than him. Which if not careful, he himself would be a victim instead. When spotting a dino T-Rex, most humans, aliens and even Transformers would be absolutely terrified of its size.

But not Razorclaw. Given his years of hunting as his primary instincts, he believed his agility to leap and fly on his will would outdo the massive and yet slow moving dinosaur. So without any hesitation or whatever, he immediately took a leap of faith with the aim of striking and biting his opponent Grimlock’s throat first before being bitten into two.

Though Grimlock was surprised by the Predacon lion’s ambush, he was not entirely stunned into being motionless. Instead one swipe of his left upper arm claw was all it took to bring that lion down effortlessly and easily.

But the creature was determined not to give up easily. Instead he quickly balanced itself on the ground with his feet and continued leaping with his four red steel claws towards him.

Grimlock opened up his huge mouth and jaws full of metallic and bladelike teeth, hoping to bit the lion into two and end his resistance once and for all. But his opponent was lightning fast and cunning as he seemed to see through and anticipate his move before he could execute it.

While still in the mid-air, the merchanical black and yellow lion instantly configured into humanoid robot warrior mode.

Its animal head tilted towards and slotted in perfectly into his chest and stomach. Its hind legs moved outwards and became his main robot legs while the front ones also the claws shifted backwards and were fixed on to his rear as support. A smaller yellow head with just the red visor emerged from where the lion head had once been second ago.

Two more components slided out from either end of his lion-chested body, becoming his arms which from either end, came out black fists. In the right fist emerged a red beam which gradually formed into a yellow shining sword. Two long black machine-like guns slided out from his shoulders at the same time.

Upon completing his transformation, Razorclaw attempted to do his own heroic stunts to bring down Grimlock with his sword and twin turret guns he saw and tried to duplicate from watching the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy series.

He might be created as a beast but he was not entirely dumb to stick to it permanently in that mode knowing that his opponent would certainly beat him as common sense told him there was no way a primitive lion could ever beat a Tyrannosaurus in one-to-one duel unless the lion saw through the dinosaur’s weakness and outdo it with his smart thinking.

Having read the story of David and the Goliath as well, he saw himself as David and his opponent Grimlock as a Goliath. Despite the odds heavily stacked against him, he strongly believed that however strong the latter was, he would be certain that his opponent had a weakness which was obvious in his body movement. That would eventually bore, frustrate and tire the Dinobot leader out and he would emerge victorious. It was not a matter of if but when it would happen. Given his limited patience, he would see to it being turned into reality soon.

Given his years of programming and training, he had proven himself to be an experienced battlefield commander and skilled long-term military strategist and tactician.

As a lion, he could leap 100 yards in a single bound at his top splinting speed of 90mph and his claws on both his front and rear legs could carve out titanium and most other solid steel with one single swipe. Those claws were so strong and effective that he could even climb vertical walls with them tearing through and gripping his own made holes to balance himself.

In both his animal and robot modes, he possessed twin grey and black shoulder-mounted concussion cannons which resembled more like sub-machine laser guns as they fired crimson energy bolts of 400 CC rounds per trigger and an additional launcher ejecting capsules filled with explosive gas. But his most powerful weapons was his hand-held vibrating sonic sword that could disrupt and destroy the molecular bonds of any metal it cut and penetrated, enhancing its stabbing lethality.

Against all other opponents either smaller or equal to his size, they produced such effects instantly. But not against Grimlock whose body armor - to his amazement - could endure all those with unbelievable strength physically and mentally. Even still in his T-Rex mode, he again swiped him off and this time while him being off-balanced in the air, the Dinobot commander again opened his big mouth and attempted to catch him with his teeth.

Grimlock might not be the most intelligent Transformer but his ferocity, strength and rage were second to none as proven by the futile attempts of both Autobot and Decepticon leaders Optimus Prime and Megatron to stop him on several occasions.

His opponent might have more weapons and firepower than him but in terms of size and strength, he could still outdo and outsmart him easily. Despite the fact that he was not moving as fast in his T-Rex mode as compared to his opponent in lion form, he believed it would take a lot more than just firepower to stop him.

Just as he was about to catch and bite the Predacon commander with his jaws and huge teeth, the latter produced a series of ultra-sonic waves with his seemingly golden sword. That caused him to groan in pain as those noises produced an effect on his ear drums as he tried to cover them with his upper arm jaws.

That created a distraction and gave Razorclaw time to turn as quickly back into his lion mode before leaping on to the Dinobot’s back and biting his neck with his teeth fangs.

At the same time, the arm-mounted launcher - which was now on his back - converted into fully automatic machine pistols firing rapid bolts on to his back.

He hoped that by executing these, he would inflict additional pain and damage to his opponent and would be proud to tell his Decepticons the story of how that he managed to overcome Tyrannosaurus Rex as first Transformer and probably even being in minutes as compared to hours and days by so many other human hunters in Earth history.

Unfortunately for the Predacon commander, Grimlock was made of much tougher and sterner steel than the former thought him to be.

Usually using his strength as the main weapon, he decided to come up with his own firepower as well to counter his enemy strikes. His components of his back suddenly opened up and out came the double-barrelled and self-propelled rocket launcher which pointed straight towards the surprised lion and fired twin blue blasts. At the same time his strong tail swing up and strike as well.

The double impact caused the yellow and black lion to be thrown backwards. But yet still in mid-air, he transformed yet again into the humanoid robot before executing a somersault of an experienced athletic and then the skills and swordsmanship of a seasoned robot warrior.

Seeing that his opponent was just as tough and unyielding as him, Grimlock decided to switch to robot mode.

The rocket launcher came down and slotted back into his rear as they had appeared before the metal components closed as well. His dino head moved downwards at 90 degrees and revealed an opening.

That allowed the space for both halves of his upper dino body to split and reveal his actual robot chest which ascended, aligned and fitted in with his hidden actual robot head.

The powerful hind legs of his T-Rex form now became his robot arms out of which emerged black fists as the powerful claws moved upwards at the same time to create more space. The powerful tail

The lower end of his tail also dispensed into two and folded vertically into place while the upper extended from his chest and moved down to become his legs. Meantime, the upper body halves now formed into what looked like his wings on his back.


Now in his robot warrior mode, Grimlock looked just as majestic as his equally ferocious opponent Razorclaw.

His black head and face was just as expressionless with only his blue visor as being lively because of its blink which represented his life force.

His golden chest clearly complimented the latter’s yellow lion-headed body.

As the rocket propeller now shifted into his left hand while his right now wielded a red glowing energon blade, both the Dinobot and Predacon commanders could now proceed to fight each other on level terms in what was to be a real duel.

Glowing in confidence with his red blinking single optical visor and with raw determination that only the fitness could produce, Razorclaw again charged towards his Dinobot opponent with his sonic sword which again produced crimson rays of ultra-sonic waves.

But the Dinobot commander was better prepared this time round. With a swing of his red glowing blade, he simply broke those energy chains with two huge strokes before preparing himself to block the blow he was about to inflict him face to face.

However Razorclaw had no such intention. As mentioned before, he did not like to waste time matching strength for strength and skill for skill in which the battle would come to no end. Considering his extensive experience in shifting his mind in tactics as quickly as he did with his skills, he executed another impact somersault 180 degrees before slicing his opponent into two from behind.

That almost succeeded if not for the fact that Grimlock was just as alert to turn round and fired his rocket launcher again. Hissing smokes emerged from the barrels as another pair of blue plasma energy bolts ejected and hit the Predacon commander squarely in his lion-headed chest.

Despite the latter’s twin concussion guns and grenade launcher firing, the shots went haywire and Grimlock did his best to avoid being hit by flying as far as possible.

Despite being physically the second strongest Dinobot next to leader Grimlock, Sludge was in truth the weakest mentally. So much so that even the flying and smaller Swoop could outdo him in terms of aggression and speed in attack.

For in personality, he was dumb, dull-witted and soft-spoken. Whether that was due to the nature of his alternate dinosaur mode as brontosaurus which turned out to be a herbivore despite its massive size and strength still remained a mystery to both humans and Transformers. Individually on his own when he was not fighting or with his fellow Dinobots, he would rather spend time relaxing by the rivers and seas learning more about Earth nature and living creatures than strategizing their next move to defend and counterattack the Decepticons.

Due to his amazing gentle personality, he wanted to make friends with everybody he saw and yet they were afraid of him since his size terrified them. He was also slow in comprehending and understanding what was happening around him that when it came to combat and warfare, he was entirely dependent on Grimlock to lead the way as leader. Quite simply, he was by nature more of a follower who simply followed for the sake of following instead of providing constructive alternatives and feedback which he was perfectly incapable of.

His willingness to stick with Grimlock even when the leader and third strongest choose to betray Optimus under Megatron’s seduction and their first encounter with the Constructicons displayed the traits of him not behaving as a warrior even though he looked like and was capable of fighting one. While that was bad in war, that was also good with some humans who found him more likeable along with Swoop than Grimlock and the rest who were perceived to be arrogant.

Even when he was on his own right in the Eastern sector of the Autobot City, he was more immersed by its surroundings than looking for his comrades and assisting them. That despite knowing it to be costly should he be spotted first by any Decepticon who would have no problems sneaking upon and ambushing him as a result without him even knowing who his enemy was.


That was exactly what the Predacon second-in-command Rampage had in mind as he looked down upon the back of the much bigger and yet blurr-looking merchanical brontosaurus from the top of one of the looming City towers.

Although his design was modelled upon his Dinobot target, his personality was the exact opposite since as a tiger and his name implied, he was created to hunt, track and kill his prey as quickly and with minimum resistance from the other side as possible.

If he was to take his own sweet time in planning only and not implementing at all, that would only give his enemies a chance to move against him. Henceforth, he fully embraced a lifestyle of pure action and results with minimum talk - the trait he inherited from his leader to close perfection. Like Razorclaw, he did not like to waste time even saying a single word unless they were part of his agenda guaranteed to reap benefits for him and his fellow Predacons.

In contrast, he believed that speed loved action as his own results in the last few years had clearly proven that his beliefs made sense based on a number of captives - aliens, humans and fellow Transformers - he had captured singlehandedly in recent years. That along with his exceptional fury and valor in battle had impressed his compatriots even though they were initially annoyed by his immature outbursts.

When he was not in war and away from his Predacons, he enjoyed watching Earth broadcasted television programmes in the Decepticon ship bunker. They were the only things that had brought him to a standstill. Specifically, any vapid and inane form of entertainment which might appeal to the lowest common denominator sparked his interest. While watching those reality shows or videos, he had been to remain calm and agreeable for hours.

His personal favourites were the Japanese sword-fighting dramas and movies about Samurai and ninjas. While he was fascinated with Samurai, the ninjas were what impressed him the most. Their completely covered faces - save their eyes for seeing - and dark clothing which could blend in well with the dark and using this to ambush and assassinate their intended targets without even revealing themselves nor saying a single word.

That was what caused him to request his mouth be covered with five metallic plates which fully complemented his entire red body with a few yellow patches on his arms and legs and also enabled him to fight with the same stealth and speed whether it would be practising with his fellow Predacons or actually attacking his victims and Autobot foes. Constantly he would also learn from and practised with one of the Decepticon espionage spies Ravage on the finer points of leaping and attacking most effectively when the enemy least expected it in his tiger mode.

Which was exactly what he would be doing next as he quickly swooped upon Sludge’s back and hoping to sink his fangs into the Dinobot’s long neck as well.

Sludge cried in pain as he felt something or someone had jumped on and sank what felt like razor sharp blades on to his back As his legs were right below his huge upper body, he could do nothing about the moving object or whatever was sneaking from behind and attacking him.

As his pain intensified in his neck as well, the only thing he could do was to topple himself over to one side, hoping to crush whatever it was hurting him in the process. The impact was heavy but necessary. Upon crashing on the ground, he hoped that he would feel better.

But he was wrong as that did not happen.

Whatever it was moving along and biting his back and neck was still on to him with seemingly renewed determination. The increasing pain only caused him to be even more unbalanced not just physically but mentally as well. Hence he decided on one more alternative by raising and swinging his other long and powerful tail towards whatever was chewing on him from behind.

True to his expectation, his powerful tail hit home on and gripped his assailant in its coil before releasing him into the air. Yet his assailant refused to give up easily. In what should have been him falling on to the ground, he turned out to be leaping up once again towards him. Upon looking closer, Sludge discovered to be a red Predacon tiger and immediately recognized him to be Rampage since they had met and even fought with each other within the massive Decepticon dinosaur Trypticon during their journey to whoever was summoning them as primitives.

While Sludge might not be as fast and clever as his Predacon counterpart, he had more than sufficient strength to overcome him singlehandedly. Now that he was able to gain a clear sight on his enemy, he activated his mouth flamethrower and blew fire towards the latter, hoping that the incineration would damage him badly to cause any of his own to him.

Unfortunately, Rampage was again too swift and agile even in his tiger mode.

He skilfully evaded those bellowing flames and landed again on his neck before sinking in his teeth for another attack. This time with greater determination and intensity that his enemy would be completely helpless to do anything at all. Having learned a lot from Ravage on the basics and fundamentals of hunting, he now improvised by taking those to the next advanced level by striking with his four claws as well.

As a merchanical tiger, he harnessed and mastered the art of stealth to full perfection based on the ninja shows and what Ravage taught him. In that mode, he was capable of leaping 300 feet straight up and for a distance of 500 feet that he just demonstrated. His feet were incredibly powerful as a single kick from any one of them could break and crush a reinforced concrete wall.

Other than those, each of his legs had a double-barrelled machine gun port which was now firing potentially up to 300 rounds per 12 breems in the form of angry fiery red bursts just like his body color.

Having failed in his previous move, Sludge proceeded with the next though it was completely out of this world unless in extreme circumstances.

Lifting his left front foot up, he brought it down with all his might and relentlessly until they caused a earth-shattering and shaking rumble in the ground.

The first time was just to stun his enemy and the second was to take advantage of his distraction from his continual biting as his opportunity to transform into robot mode. One which he hoped would bring his enemy down and refrain him from attacking again as his moving body parts would be too much for him to hold on his balance let alone continue with his attack.

His huge long neck along with his dino head moved down vertically to 180 degrees as his top upper back split into two halves into what would be his rear wings. His back legs began to unfold and extended from his chest while his front legs rotated into arms out of which emerged black arms from either end.

As his whole body tiled into vertical standing position and resulted in him being in full humanoid jungle warrior mode, his tiger opponent fell down and at the same time transformed as well in mid-flight.

Like his fellow Predacons, his strong will to survive and beat his opponent or target at any cost was part of Rampage’s personality due to their basic instincts to hunt, track and reap the fruits of their labor be it as individual or as a team.

In any given scenario, he would have beaten his foe by now. Despite being smaller, he had displayed all his attributes, fighting skills and flexibility in switching from tiger to robot and back in seconds while all his opponent could do was simply to roll over, breathe fire aimlessly, swing his tail and stomped the ground to shake him off.

His tiger head rotated in an inverted and slided up and slotted in perfectly between the gap between his left and right side of his tiger back which now became his robot similar to the one of his leader Razorclaw. Out flipped his red ninja-like robot head with his mouth fully sealed from below his front legs whose lower claws clamped down and interlocked right below.

The front leg components extended from his body to become his arms and allow more flexibility in movement of them. From either side of those arms where the claws were affixed, out came his red fists.

Once the first phrase of transformation was completed, his upper body rotated 180 degrees as his back claws slided into the legs which in turn flipped out to reveal his knees before forming into his robot legs. The front claws now acted as his back support

Upon configuring into robot, Rampage re-activated his firing weapons as in double-barrelled machine guns now affixed on either side of his upper arm as well as a brand new weapons which first appeared as a shimmering red beams and then as lightning rifle in his left hand and golden thermal sword in his right.

Now fully armed and ready, his first instinct was to charge towards Dinobot Sludge who also armed himself with red energon sword powered by fuel pipes and laser rifle.

The result was both of them firing their weapons which illuminated red and blue beam energy fireworks while defending against each other with their traditional and just as powerful hand-held swords.

That looked to be the case visually at first glance but if a sharp observer was to be a spectator, he would state from their body language as in movements and expressions that Rampage obviously showed more hunger and desire to finish off his opponent rather than vice versa.

After all, he was a naturally born hunter, fighter and admirer of speed and stealth while his opponent was strong physically but preferred peace to war since he was slow in comprehending and reacting mentally in most situations let alone combat.

Therefore it was not surprising that despite his massive size, Dinobot Sludge was completely taken by surprise by his smaller and more aggressive opponent who clearly meant business when he indicated his intention to destroy him by his first ambush from behind attack.

Despite doing his best to shield himself with his energon sword and firing his laser rifle, he soon ran out of ideas to counterattack against his Predacon foe’s relentless firing his red bolts and warding off his blue beams with his own sword.

Coupled by a pair of machine guns firing on each side of his arm, it was a matter of time before his laser rifle was knocked off along with his hand from his left arm. With just the energon sword now as weapon, he began to retreat and soon ended up staggering as Rampage closed in harder, faster and being more ruthless with every step he took towards him.


So much so that both combatants were now at the edge of the Autobot City outskirts overlooking the cliffs and waterfall right below.

When they were within inches of each other, Rampage continued attacking fiercely with his inhuman beastly determination that was even more intense than any other animal and fellow Dinobot he fought with.

He was no longer firing but just swinging his thermal sword in blind swirling stroke patterns that Sludge had no idea of how to comprehend.

All of a sudden, he lost his balance, his red energon sword dropping from his opened hand and into the deep waters below. As he barely hanged on the walls of the city fortress, Rampage stood over him with a sneer and pointing his thermal sword towards him. A cracking hiss of pink lightning suddenly formed at the sword tip and burst out towards him.

The impact caused Sludge to fall a hundred metres into the waters below but just before he could even touch the wet surface, he was instantly hauled up into the air and rescued in the nick of time by his fellow Dinobot Swoop who had come to his assistance at the right time.

Unfortunately, his joy was short-lived as Swoop himself was shot at by another Predacon who came in the form of black eagle out of nowhere to engage him. As he fell, he began to transform back into his Brontosaurus mode with the outer dino shells shielding his vulnerable robot body from the heavy impact fall.

So instead of falling into the deep waters, he balanced himself as though he was relaxing on the surface as the herbivore dino mode like his own Earthly kind while they were on their own in marine and aqua terrains.

If Rampage could fly in animal mode like his fellow Predacon Divebomb, he have pursued Sludge all the way until he killed him.

But now after seeing what had happened to him and his flying compatriot Swoop after Divebomb had intercepted them, he no longer felt it was worth his time to pursue his fallen opponent anymore.

His fallen opponent might or might not survive but that was of little concern to him as he had already accomplished what he set out to do. He had won and by knocking Sludge out from the city all the way down below, their duel was clearly over.

Deactivating his weapons and transforming back into his tiger mode, he set out to search for the rest of his team mates and see if he could assist them to win their primitive war against Dinobots faster.


It was stubbornness versus hostility as the third strongest Predacon Headstrong and Dinobot Slag came head-to-head against each other.

Yet looking at their creature modes, they looked more like cute than battle-heartened warriors they really were.

Unlike their commanders and second-in-command of their respective subgroups they represented, they displayed none of the stealth and agility their senior counterparts displayed in earlier mentioned duels but just pure direct showcase of direct brutality and strength in their first ever clash upon encountering each other at the junction point of the Western Tower.

Slag was on top of the platform pavement overlooking the equally determined Headstrong who clearly stood his ground despite being smaller. Yet despite their differences physically and whom they represented, they subconsciously had a common personality which caused them to have more enemies than friends.

As part of his Predacon instincts he inherited from being with his fellow subgroup members and even real life animals, Headstrong certainly lived up to the most negative connotations of his name.

Once he made up his mind on his next plan and course of action, he would stick to it and could not be persuaded otherwise whether others agreed with him or not and how foolish and risky it might be to a wise observers such as Soundwave and Constructicons.

Under those circumstances, he worked especially hard to ignore the advice of his fellow Decepticons and sometimes even fellow Predacons regardless of how helpful or sensible they might be. Because to him, giving up on what he already decided and planned to do would be a sign of weakness and loss of ego which he strongly forbid even threatened at gunpoint.

But the truth behind his personality was his insecurity as he was not as powerful, quick and smart as his other fellow compatriots. Yet because he was an important of their combined form as their ultimate and strongest weapon, he was allowed to have his way of thinking and do what he perceived as right even when some of his decisions were against what his commander Razorclaw abided by and expect his team to do the same.

Henceforth he felt listening to others and do what they said would allow them to control his thoughts, actions and even life or in his own terms, seeking approval from everybody in how he would live his life. He thought that doing so would be living a life full of regrets on what he should and could have done but never got it done because he did not have the support of others.

As a rhino, he could briefly splint at speeds of up to 60mph. At this speed, his horn could easily skewer 3 feet of steel armor plating and also released a localized acid whose corrosive properties increased his offensive potential.

Against anyone be it humans, animals, aliens and even typical Autobots of his size or less, that would be guaranteed for sure. But against Dinobot Slag, none of the three happened.

Even though he realized the latter to be stronger and had three horns – two on either side of his head and one on his nose as compared to his one, Headstrong stubbornly lived up to his name by charging forward out of blind rage. The result was upon heavy impact of their head-to-head clash, his black horn broke and he ended up crying in pain as three holes appeared on his forehead.

Despite facing his opponent charging into him, Slag barely moved. In fact he saw no need to as his opponent, not him - was suffering the consequences of that needless charge and crash.

He might be hostile but he was not foolish to allow his emotions get in his way of getting things done. With or without his fellow Dinobots, he could still stand and fight on his own feet with the same ferocity despite being the third strongest behind Grimlock and Sludge.

Yet in his personality, he was disruptive and foul-tempered even compared to his compatriots. Anarchic as in surly, mean-spirited, nasty and disturbingly violent, he was the one who most likely lived up to his team’s bad reputation. He would reject any orders that did not come from Grimlock but sometimes would even argue with the Dinobot commander. He was always angry and only violence seemed to release his pent-up energies. Such as fighting anyone over anything at the drop of microchip and fight dirty.

Bringing Decepticons to a grisly end was one of the few things that can lift his spirits.

Such as reducing them and even Autobots - whom he felt annoying him into pools of molten metal with his fire breath. At times, he simply charged and rammed into them to teach them a painful lesson they could never forget.

If he had no enemies to smash, he would wander off to punch holes in the sides of the mountains or anyone – including Autobots – attempt to get in his way. Even those concerned with his well-being became his victims of his fiery breathe or worse. The only ones that got away were his fellow Dinobots who were also not sure what caused him to behave that way even though he was stabilized in his brains with them by the late Wheeljack.

Other comrades had wondered as well, questioning why he even fought for the Autobots at all and his answer was not forthcoming.

As a three-horned triceratops in dino mode, Slag possessed incredible strength. His three horns -–which he just inflicted damage on its almost identical but turned out to be rash and much weaker rhino counterpart -–were capable of shattering an entire reinforced concrete wall or even building which was smaller than him. Along with his intense fury, that was what made him even more dangerous than Grimlock and Sludge despite being the third strongest.

Sensing his opponent now in pain and at a clear disadvantage, Slag now took his turn to charge the same way his opponent had a while ago. Only this time his would be more lethal in what was just mentioned above.

Bellowing in anger, Headstrong refused to let pain overcome him easily.

Barely recovering to stand back on his feet, he could sense his Dinobot opponent going to ram against him exactly what he had done earlier. Even from far distance, he could sense his anger and determination to be just as strong as his even though this was only their second encounter.

With his black horn now broken, he would have to try other alternatives. Activating his inner switch, his back suddenly opened to reveal a double-barrelled foot stand cannons which extended out and upon triggering another switch mentally, the cannon guns began firing an array of purple plasma energy bolts. The color quite the refreshing change from his fellow Decepticons’ standard red laser beams.

In any given circumstances against any human, creature or smaller and weaker Transformer, they would have been annihilated and torn to shreds under the intense cannon fire. But against the Dinobot, they seemed to have no effect as his seemingly thick grey armor seemed to protect him as he continued charging.

Realizing that he was the one at a clear disadvantage, Headstrong quickly leap up into the air and began transforming into robot mode since he had no other weapons left in his rhino mode to fight off the persistent Dinobot.

Especially when the latter started to open his mouth as well to release his infamous 3000 centigrade flames from his mouth.

His lower front feet started to fit into what appeared to be his lower body in rhino mode and main chest panels in his robot mode while his hind feet rotated 90 degrees to fit into the inner compartments from his back. Two red panels slided forth to support his feet and parts of his top front legs began propelling to become his arms in robot mode. Finally his head began to rotate 90 degrees as well to align with the top of his main body right under his rhino head.

Once the metamorphosis was completed, he began activating his other weapon arsenal of two plasma sphere shooter rifles which fired much heavier bursts of red explosive energy.

The problem was Slag was just as strong-willed and stubborn as his Predacon opponent. His hostility outweighed everything else in his path as proven by a direct to the target ramming and breathing fire approach.

When he hated something to the core and it was right in his sight, he would not refrain from what he do until that something was truly destroyed by his confirmation.

Just as he was about to close in for a head ram again, his opponent suddenly leap up and landed on its back while attempting to fire his rifles into him.

Taken back by his opponent’s unexpected move, Slag quickly rolled over and sent the latter tumbling. Then he breathed fire again, hoping to eliminate him once and for all with his blazing flames. Yet somehow his opponent suddenly activated another beam which dispersed into multiple rays that in turn absorbed those flames with ease.

Now that his opponent had switched to robot mode, it was Slag’s turn to do the same though he still could not believe what he did could not kill his foe. His back lower legs slided into the top supporting compartments while the other half of his body opened into two halves of what appeared to be his robot legs as the tail began to tilt upwards. Black fists began emerging from the ends of his front legs which now become arms.

His lower mouth jaw moved down and slided into his robot chest compartment while his front half of his dino body split into two plates of alloy steel, forming his back wings for air flight. His black robot head with the red optical visor and mouth was still locked within its immovable triceratops triple-horned head but aligned well with the top of his robot body.

Once he had completed his transformation which he admitted personally was what he was most reluctant to do, he began activating and wielding his red energon- sword - a simple straight forward blade with two curved hilts - as well as electron gun in his right and left arms.

The gun itself was now firing particle bursts that had the capability to tear through most Transformer armor. The third weapon appeared as a missile launcher on his right shoulder which also began firing the silver projectile as Slag leapt into the air to engage his enemy.

When all else failed, Headstrong could still count on his golden light diffraction sword.

Upon activated, his sword emitted bent light rays around him and made it difficult for his opponents to tell where he truly was.

That along with his plasma sphere shooter rifles were his only counter-offensive against the Dinobot Slag’s seemingly endless arsenal range of weapons that he could use effortlessly and relentlessly in both dino and robot modes. So even when his combined blue bolts and missiles were launched, he could take advantage of those particle beams to evade heavy bombardment and move in to attack again.


As they were within inches of each other, Headstrong lunged with his light sword with the determination to stab his opponent’s heart with it.

But the latter was equal to the task by intercepting with his red energon blade.

As he did so, Headstrong could feel intense flames running from that red blade and his opponent which clearly spelt fury and rage.

Before he could even react further, his opponent suddenly converted back into his dino mode and suddenly breathed heat-burning flames from his mouth once again. That caused him to be in intense pain once again as his face and upper body were completely tormented by the searing damages.

As his sword and rifles fell from his arms, Slag ruthlessly rammed and impaled his three horns into his body again. The Dinobot might seem dumb but he was certainly not stupid. And when he was angry and on the warpath, nobody - whether Autobots, Decepticons or any other being – ever messed with him unless he or she knew exactly how to deal with him before he did the same thing.

And Headstrong was far from being his ideal opponent even though he might look identical to him in both robot and animal mode despite their obvious difference in size. Unknowingly to both of them, their duel had taken them to the edge of Autobot City from which he fell along with his weapons into the deep waters below.


The next round of Dinobots versus Predacons battle saw Snarl being up against his equally ferocious counterpart Tantrum who was clearly raring to go despite being smaller in size at the other junction of the Southern Tower. The fourth strongest Dinobot on the other hand was just as prepared to defend and feed off whatever attacks his enemy might muster.

Due to their upbringing as primitives even in different circumstances, they were evenly matched in their personalities and fighting abilities.

One was a merchanical bull while the other was the merchanical stegosaurus who was not just the most heavily armored Dinobot but could draw upon solar energy to recuperate his strength quickly and easily which his team members could not.

As Tantrum charged towards on his typical bull surging runs, Snarl firmly stood his ground to block the attack with confidence.

For the latter realized - by common sense - despite the Predacon’s bravery that was still stupidity from his perspective as those solar panels on his back also had razor-sharp blade ends that could pierce anything and anybody.

Trying to reason with Tantrum would be as utterly pointless as talking to a lightning storm or fierce wind. For violence and threats were the only issues that he dealt in and anger was the only emotion he seemed to possess.

In fact, his fellow Predacons had come up with 20 new classifications of anger just to define the variations in their ally’s myopic mind. Baseline anger, intensively angry, completely slagging enraged, intense fury and immense rage were just a few examples.

To take the edge off, Tantrum would often knock down a building or highway pass, which temporarily made him better. That his condition would improve only when he was hit or hitting something had caused some Decepticons to wonder if his uncontrollable infuriation could be caused by some misaligned circuit or fuel line which had been knocked in and out of place.

Unfortunately for all their concern, the merchanical bull warrior took aggressive issue with anyone who tried or even suggested changing his thinking and behaviour.

As a warrior, Tantrum possessed enormous strength and endurance. Other than that, his armor was extremely thick and reinforced. He also had four exterior fuel tanks - over his legs in bull mode and within his arms and legs as robot – which could carry and transport additional energon.

In bull mode, his normal range was 1200 miles at an average speed of 30mph. However with the tanks, he could make it almost 10,000 miles. They could also be used to fuel his fellow Predacons. As he charged towards his Dinobot opponent, his horns began shooting 20,000-volt red bolts of hot electricity which he finds difficult to control when he was angry.

This also suited him fine especially when his opponent was two or three times his size and appeared to possess just as hard to penetrate body armor as him.

Snarl often stayed silent, biding his time unhappily.

As a loner, he preferred to allow his fellow Transformers and humans manage the strategic side of warfare and considered if his job was to just go wherever Grimlock told him and fight. Yet his utmost loyalty made him his commander’s favourite on the battlefield.

Separated from his beloved terrain plains from which he first made his debut upon his birth creation and trapped with an alternate mode which he found tragically hideous, his sole respite and joy came from being locked in a do-or-die combat with the only beings he hated more than himself.

The Decepticons.

Which was exactly what he could be involved in. Not against the usual standard jet fighter types. But their subgroup Predacons who send their representative - obviously one that complimented him in strength and tactics – to confront and destroy him.

In battle, he was already physically very strong. Even though he was the fourth strongest Dinobot after his leader Grimlock, Sludge and Slag, he could throw out the theory by his capability of increasing his strength even further. For the solar panels on his back in both his dino and robot modes could attract and harness the power of the sun which resulted in turning solar power into energy and augmented his strength, making him 10 times more powerful. Best of all, he could transfer this raw energy into his four fellow Dinobots.

As his opponent came charging down the path towards him with his purple hisses of lightning cracking from his two horns, Snarl simply did the one thing that mattered the most. Which was to demonstrate his solar powers’ third main function besides drawing upon sun’s energy to strengthen himself and comrades. The activation caused the those bladelike panels to be ejected from his back like in the form of blue energy spikes the same way that Porcupine fired its coat of sharp spines or quills as their defence against their predators.

Those blue spikes came in thick and fast, brutally intercepting and crossing through the red lightning energy before stabbing the completely red bull, causing it to tumble and fall.

Yet when Snarl attempted to do the same surging run, his Predacon opponent instantly turned his back and began igniting his other weapon system. Out of his back split components appeared a huge bulky foot stand plasma cannons that began shooting plasma blasts towards him.

While those blasts could have severely damage any being and fellow Transformer alike, they hardly affected Snarl since his body armor was specifically designed to shield him from the likes of those. Due to his next batch of panels emerging from his back, they simply caused those red energy to bounce off harmlessly.

Once looking up, he suddenly discovered that his opponent was nowhere to be found. It was like while he was busy defending himself, the latter simply vanished into thin air even though the whole process took about a few minutes.

Sensing that his foe would not give up easily, Snarl began to transform himself into robot warrior mode for easier maneuverer and flexibility since he spend much time in his dino form and despite knowing that he would be vulnerable without being encased by his stegosaurus casings with his plates.

His front dino head split into two halves while his front legs began rotating 45 degrees before fitting into two compartments between his front dino head and back legs whose lower feet began opening up to reveal his black fists as they became his robot arms. His spiked tail also broke up into two what would become wings. The main front dino body components also rotated 90 degrees to turn into his robot legs while his back component - where his solar panels were affixed – began ascending upwards to reveal his dark robot head aligning from within to fit into the top of the body.

Once his transformation was completed, he began his own trio of weapons used for his robot mode. Three blue beams appeared in their illumination. Two in his fists and another on the side of his left arm. When the light was gone, he was wielding a standard red energon in his right hand, long-range laser rifle – fuelled by energon pipes – in his left and missile launcher mounted on the side of his shoulder.

Then he began his exploration and search for any signs of movements between those tower walls.


Unknown to his opponent and unlike his fellow Predacons, Tantrum was not entirely dull-witted, dumb and just went for the straight kill for the sake of killing even though he had to put on a show to survive and keep his place among the Predacons.

For all his powers and capabilities, betraying his commander Razorclaw and his comrades was the last thing on his mind though the thought of deflection once emerged in his mind. He needed to work with them in order to live longer while they needed him as part of their group’s ultimate weapon.

Yet right now on his own against his Dinobot counterpart, he was able to think and act on his own.

Hiding behind the tower and watching the latter turning into robot mode, he also proceeded to do the same.

But not before igniting the silent switch mode to prevent his limbs from making those squeak noises while he began his transformation.

His hind legs stretched out from his main animal body, allowing his lower legs to turn flexibly and slot within the void components within those legs.

That also served as his robot legs. His buffalo head began turning 180 degrees as the top half of his front legs began to slide outwards and pinned themselves into his back while the bottom half spring forth and unfolded into his robot arms and hands.

Upon completing his rather complex configuration, Tantrum now armed himself with his electro-sword. But instead of having it in his right hand, he now affixed it into his arm waist which he could activate anytime he wanted by a flick of a switch like pen knife.

Then moving quietly, he began to get ready to launch his own personal ambush and see to it that his foe died without even knowing what killed him.

Snarl barely managed to intercept the incoming bright blade that his opponent suddenly lunged at him out of the wall he was approaching with his energon sword. Lightning cracks of blue and red brilliance hissed across the junction point of their weapons as they were interlocked in close quarter duel.

In that moment, he began to realize how strong his opponent was despite being shorter than him considering the fact that his alternate mode was a stegosaurus and the latter was a bull. But an extremely force he felt was more than just strength. It signified his rage probably over the previous round when Snarl had beaten him in their creature modes.

Raising his other arm, Tantrum activated and fired his concussion rifle. Red flames of catalytic carbon fire chemicals illuminated from the rifle barrel, with the potential of eroding most metals and creating new alloys.

Coupled with his sneak sword attack, he hoped this movement would execute his foe once and for all as he was not the one who would waste too much time hunting down just one target when he could have achieved five in the same short space of time.

Yet again his opponent was equal to the task by counterfiring his own rifle which produced another blue brilliance that somehow absorbed his red.

Angry at the turn of the events which went against him when it should have turned the combat tide in his favor, he began slashing his arm-wrist blade in a flash but again his blow was blocked by the enemy’s red energon sword again which was glowing this time with greater intensity.

Snarl this time managed to ward off his enemy’s second attack this time round.

Even though his sword might not look as impressive, its effects were stronger and more destructive. Along with his strength which he leveraged upon the sun energy in the current daylight, he broke the enemy’s golden blade before kicking the latter on to the other side.

Seconds later, his opponent recovered to his feet and came at him with the other blade from his other arm waist.

Again Snarl stuck at him right across his chest as he diverted his blade ankle at the last minute after giving him the delusion he was going for a straight strike. As his opponent fell, he began switching back into his typical stegosaurus and repelling those spike needles from his back

Now with his opponent defeated and lying in a heap, Snarl continued his search for any surviving human, Autobot or even his fellow Dinobots that he believed needed his help.


In what should be a simple initiative to rescue his fellow Dinobot Sludge from his Predacon opponent and help him to safety, Swoop found himself gunned down by another Predacon who turned out to be his dark equal and like him, was able to fly in both creature and robot modes.

The latter came out of the blue right below where he was and suddenly came on a collision course against him, the black guns underneath his dark wings firing red plasma beams.

One of which hit his wings and he went down towards the vast coffee brown landscape span of the Autobot City. But not before activating and launching missiles from his underwing launchers as his brave but futile counter-offensive against his attacker.

Compared with his comrades, Swoop was the most affable and often acted as the liaison to the other Autobots. Even though he was able to get along with them better than the rest of his subgroup, he still agreed with their belief that Optimus Prime was an ineffective leader.

Some Autobots were put off by Swoop’s fearsome dinosaur mode while humans were terrified as his size still overwhelmed them despite the fact that he was the smallest of his own five. They also questioned his loyalty to the Autobots cause since like all Dinobots, he was also in agreement with his leader Grimlock whose temperament and behaviour might or might not be in Autobots’ interest.

But what they did not realize was that his appearance and public trait were simply a disguise for his seemingly out-of-place kindness and good-natured personality. All these saddened him but his sorrow was instantly outweighed by his dedication to the Dinobots and their goals which might not always align with those of Optimus and his main team.

Swoop had also managed to turn his grotesque form into his advantage on battlefield where he became an expert at using his diving attacks and disconcerting battle cries to confuse and scatter his terrified Decepticon targets.

As a warrior, he might be the weakest and most vulnerable but he was also the most agile.

In his merchanical pteranodon form, he could soar at speeds up to 250 miles per hour for 700 miles at a time. He was a natural top-notch flyer and his maneuverability was excellent.

He was also a well-trained pilot. He had two wing-mounted missile launchers with air-to-air and air-to-ground capabilities. Each missile had a blast force of 5000 Ibs. of TNT and were extremely accurate at ranges up to 8 miles away. He could also use them when in robot mode which was what he intend to do if he could get his act together and be more prepared for what was to come next.

Especially when facing an enemy that was his equivalent of appearance, flying, fighting and firepower. Not to mention that the enemy was not in the least affected like what most others would by his strengths mentioned just above. Heading towards the Autobot City with his enemy still pursuing and firing at him, Swoop decided to land first and switched to robot mode later if he could still evade and survive those beams.

Divebomb made short work of those grey and red-tipped Dinobot missiles by detonating them in mid-air with his relentless firing wing rifles. That was really easy and nothing outstanding to him since he always enjoyed combat experience and became very experienced as a result.

He was as deceptively cheerful as he flew overhead but his giddiness was more malicious than anything else. When seeing helpless targets below him often unaware of his attack until it was too late, he could not help but be overjoyed by all the options for him to rain destruction upon. He relished that moment of infinite choice right before unleashing his destructive assault with glee upon his unsuspecting and unprepared foes.

Still he often got tired of the easy and unsuspecting ground bound targets most Autobots represent or human planes like airliners and even military aircraft, he longed for a more compatible challenge with his abilities. Such as aerial Dinobot Swoop which he was attacking right now to help his fellow Predacon Rampage but ended up disappointing him with his futile counterattacks.

But in normal circumstances away from this Autobot City War 2, he would draw out worthy nemeses by building extravagant nests for himself to draw their attention. They were usually expensive and rare objects such as the crystal flight bubble he stole from a museum. When luring his foes to him, he would always have the upper hand since he was the one orchestrating the setting and in control.

As a warrior, he had above-average intelligence and strength even though he did not often speak. In his eagle mode, he could achieve speeds of up to 300mph for a distance of 2000 miles and operate all the way to sub-orbital levels. His beak was capable of rending 5 inches of solid steel with a single swipe while his telescopic optic sensors allowed him to spot a bolt from 2 miles away which was how he was able to subdue his primitive counterpart.

In both modes, he was armed with particle beam rifles which fired 200 rounds of crimson bolts per trigger and loaded with at least 4000 packs of energon firepower.

Having seen his opponent heading for Autobot City, he continued to give chase and would not give up until he saw to it that the Dinobot be completely dead at his feet.

Due to his enemy’s sudden attack which damaged his right wing, Swoop was unable to exhibit his full aerial combat abilities as pteranodon against what appeared to be his counterpart Divebomb in his eagle mode and serving Predacons.

Despite meeting and challenging the Decepticons’ primitive subgroup within the interior hull of Trypticon on their way to whoever summoned them as robotic animals, this was his first personal duel against Divebomb though it happened when he least expected it.

Upon landing on the broad surface ground, Swoop began his transformation from dino to robot mode.

His front elongated beak split from his red helmet with a plane like tail wing protruding and slided downwards into a void compartment created by his lower body which also divided into two. His wings folded 90 degrees backwards and attached to the his back. His upper body compartments also opened up and tilted down vertically becoming his robot legs.

His arms extended forth from his body and came along with his fists. With his long pteranodon beak firmly embedded between two sides of his chest, his black robot was revealed from within. With the helmet to support his head, he looked very much like an ancient Roman soldier during the days of Christ.

Upon completing his transformation, he activated his red thermal sword which possessed the ability to heat up to 4000 Centigrade and slice through most Decepticon armor plating in his right hand while getting ready his missile launcher in his right.

Now fully armed and ready, he looked up with the expectation of welcoming his Decepticon counterpart lunging from the skies towards him. But the latter was nowhere to be seen nor found. Sensing something amiss, Swoop began to take a long slow walk through the North and South Tower arena while keeping his eyes and mind open to any movement from above and on the ground behind any of those towers.


Hiding not far from behind the wall where Swoop was walking to right now, Divebomb also decided to switch to his humanoid warrior mode but with his feet still hovering above ground level since he was better supported by his jet-pack which also enabled his eagle wings to fly better as compared to the Dinobot whose dino wings were rather thin and vulnerable.

The dark metallic feathers all linked together into a full closed up wings which in turn flipped down vertically. His upper body rotated 180 degrees as back legs suddenly folded outwards with the upper thighs joining his taloned claws as his knees to lower legs. Two yellow panels came out from his lower legs to become his feet and another two more orange components spring forth from either side of his black body to become arms out of which appeared yellow fists.

Once he was in his robot form, he activated his own thermal sword with the added laser-targeting system that guided him to strike any locked-on target within range.

Detecting Swoop approaching within his digital zooming optics, he began to thrust his sword with the intention of stabbing his dino beak through to which he knew was his opponent’s most vulnerable spot.

Taken aback by his opponent flashing right in front of him and stunned by the golden sword aiming for his chest, Swoop managed to block what could have been the death blow with his own red energon sword.

Hissing cracks of yin and yang plasma energy burst forth from his blade and his enemy’s as well now that both combatants were interlocked with their handheld weapons in close quarter combat, with the determination to overcome each other.

After a while, the Predacon eagle warrior suddenly pulled his sword back and began firing his particle beam rifle with his other hand. Red thundering bolts poured forth from the barrel but yet again Swoop intercepted them well with his thermal blade which was now glowing in red brilliance and as a result, absorbed those bolts effectively.

Swoop then removed one of his missile launchers and fired. The grey missile with the red tip arrowing towards his aerial nemesis who again was alert enough to fire again with his beam guns. Again it exploded right in mid-air right between them and while he was momentarily stunned, his opponent leap up into the mid-air and executed a somersault over him before landing what could be another lethal blow.

His reaction was to do his own vertical jump as well and with his back to the enemy, he transformed back into his merchanical pteranodon mode into mid-flight before turning around and launching his missiles again.

This time they hit home. One in his opponent’s right leg and the other in his stomach much to his astonished look which was clearly obvious that he had not anticipated his move that way. But he was still not down and out as he still charged forth with his sword and particle beam rifle.

Swoop again transformed quickly into robot mode and counterattacked with the same determination. But in terms of logic thinking and common sense, he had clearly outplayed his opponent. Making his own U-turn somersault which was rarely seen and known by most Autobots and Decepticons alike, he instantly rammed and knocked the Predacon out of the skies.

Now alone again, he continued his search for any surviving humans, fellow Transformers or even Dinobots.

Completely beaten to the core by his Dinobot authority counterpart, Predacon commander Razorclaw decided to unleash his team’s ultimate weapon which he felt confident was completely unbeatable except by the now decreased Sky Lynx, Tornatron and Hate Plague - both of which were history as well.

That despite realizing how fortunately he was not to have his body lifted up and bitten into two by Grimlock’s jaws and teeth which the latter could have his chance twice when they were in creature and robot modes.

Activating his message through his brains to those of his fellow Predacons, he began giving his command which would be an absolutely nightmare to most beings when being executed.


Immediately, all four of his subgroup members Rampage, Headstrong, Tantrum and Divebomb appeared around him as if by magical teleportation. Rising up to his feet, Razorclaw signalled by pointing up his sword to affirm his command and they all acknowledged and complied as they began their unification.

Headstrong and Tantrum began first by converting back into rhino and bull modes. Then their animal heads began sliding down to reveal the joint openings and right at the bottom of their bodies emerged two cannon-mounted foot stands. Both of them became what looked like gigantic legs.

Then their commander Razorclaw moved up to join them as the main body. With his lion head remained firmly in his chest, his upper body rotated as his legs split further apart while his arms and fists were interlocked within either side of his body.

Finally, Rampage and Divebomb proceeded to form what resembled huge arms. Like their leader, their bodies also rotated while their legs and arms were similarly fixed in their original positions while in animal mode. Their beast heads also shifted to allow another openings which enabled them to join either side of their leader.

Grey fists with spikes emerged from the tail end of their bodies now formed into arms and Divebomb’s jet-pack wings was now affixed on to Razorclaw’s back. An enormous orange knight-helmeted head surfaced from behind and completely encased the Predacon commander’s yellow head.

Then his red eyes lit up from within the black visor face and shortly after, the largest Decepticon gestalt warrior was armed with a long battlesword that used to be Razorclaw’s sonic sword but the blade length was much longer, sharper and deadlier.

The five Predacons were no more.

Instead standing in their place was their ultimate combined form and every Transformer and being’s worst nightmare indeed.

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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

Postby amurowes » Thu Dec 22, 2016 2:23 pm

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Until the Dinobots could combine thanks to the efforts of Technobots as way of repaying their leader for creating them, Predaking was an experiment that the Autobots could not afford for the Decepticons to repeat.

The five components Predacons; Razorclaw, Rampage, Headstrong, Tantrum and Divebomb - despite their wildly varying personalities - were all unified by their hunting instincts and ferocity in battle. Their fusion as Predaking proved to be the most effective in the history of combining Transformers and given his enormous size which dwarfed even the Decepticons’ all other combiners, he was naturally made the Combiner King as well.

Predaking moved, spoke and acted as if he was a single Transformer killing machine instead of a haphazard amalgamation of five different units. In other words, he was a decisive being of pure and destructive action. Although adequately intelligent, the speed with which he acted and reacted made it appear that he relied solely on instinct when making a decision.

As a battle knight and warrior, he was immensely strong and stronger than even all other gestalt warriors like Devastator, Menasor and Bruticus combined. Lifting 500 tons of rock and steel were hardly a strain on his servos. His cerebro-circuitry was designed to optimize fast action. Upon noticing movement, he could run a friend or foe analysis which through it, he could quickly calculate which course of action would be the most effective and reacted all under .000278 breems.

In short, he was unusually dexterous for a gestalt warrior despite the limited intelligence of Predacons.

His armaments consisted of Razorclaw’s sonic sword which now extended its blade length and whose hilt expanded to fit into his giant fist, grenade launcher which now turned into x-ray cannon mounted on his other arm, shoulder-mounted concussion cannons and twin mortar launchers on each foot - both of which used to serve as backpack twin cannons for Headstrong and Tantrum.

Those six weapons - along with his massive size, strength and intelligence - indeed made Predaking the ultimate Decepticon exterminator as he uttered his first six words.


By right the Dinobots were not designed to combine.

Because at the time of building them, combiner technology was not known to Autobots. Given the fact each of them were already larger than all individual Transformers and that they created havoc on the Ark shortly after being introduced to the Autobots, they concluded that they would be best utilized as an enhanced fighting unit to Autobots’ strength and firepower.

Moreover, their minds were still simple and gullible as proven in the betrayal of the first three Dinobots Grimlock, Sludge and Slag by Megatron until the other two Dinobots Snarl and Swoop changed everything upon their later creation.

A disturbing question lingered in their minds especially Optimus Prime though most of them - especially Wheeljack -– refused to bring it up and acknowledged this as a major problem verbally.

Which was -–

if the Dinobots could cause such great chaos especially with their first three creations of Grimlock, Sludge and Snarl in the vast Autobot headquarters and ship The Ark, what greater damage could they do in their combined form?

Because Wheeljack could not come up with an appropriate answer and proof to reinforce his alternate view, he kept silent and told himself instead that he ought to be grateful that leader Optimus did not destroy and instead allowed them to live and fight alongside them at his request and after they rescued the former from Decepticons upon the Autobot scientist making adjustments to their small brains.

However on the other hand, if the Dinobots were to combine like Aerialbots, Protectobots and Technobots, they would be the most powerful combiner force instead of Predacons in Transformers history. That had been a hotly debated topic on most Autobots and humans’ mind – especially those who had come into contact with them besides Spike Witwicky, his father Spark and girlfriend Carly Spencer.

But now that the Technobots had taken their own initiative of restoring the Dinobots back to normal into their own hands, history was about to change. as Predaking was about to meet his real match instead of the makeshift 2-component shuttle and carrier Sky Lynx.


Grimlock issued the order as he came face-to-face with the massive and nightmarish metal colossal knight formed from the five merchanical animals he and his team just fought and overcame in their one-to-one personal duels.

With his compatriots Sludge, Slag, Snarl and Swoop now flying towards and gathered behind him, all five leap into the air once again, barely evading the equally massive golden sword that came crashing down on the ground as Predaking came lunging at them with giant strike.

Except for the Dinobot commander who was still in his robot mode, all his fellow team members reverted into their dino modes and then converted into all four limbs.

Beginning with Snarl whose head split apart into two halves and Sludge whose long neck shifting downwards as they formed into legs with black foot stands which appeared out of the blue beneath them. The voids in their upper bodies where their dino heads had been linked with Grimlock’s legs which were further stretched outwards and expanding from under his stomach. Other than that, his robot arms were locked firmly in place with his body which also became the giant torso.

Finally, Slag and Swoop formed the arms. Their robot legs were now joined and interlocked tightly as their tails moved upwards to align with their upper bodies. From the gaps left by those tails came out big black fists - each about the size of trailer truck and with turret guns fixed upon.

Four more changes happened on Grimlock’s body as all four Dinobots linked up with him.

From behind his back revealed Swoop’s wings which were now bigger and served as extra accessories for flight improvement. A massive chestplate - which looked to be Snarl’s separated tail parts - with both spiked ends propelling was formed on Grimlock’s entire front body. A black panel component was fixed on both sides of his lower body wrist. And finally, a massive dark knight head - with helmet whose grey is the Dinobots’ standard body colour – emerged from Grimlock’s T-Rex neck before covering his head and aligning with the top upper body.

A gigantic silver-chromed sword appeared in his right hand while the single blue optical visor lighted up within the dark face which looked vaguely similar to Grimlock’s almost expressionless robot face.

When the configuration was complete, the Dinobots now became Dinoking.

The most powerful Autobot war machine alongside Omega Supreme and latest gestalt warrior with Monguyver.

Comprising of five Dinobots – Commander Grimlock, Sludge, Slag, Snarl and Swoop, Dinoking was now the Autobots’ ultimate and most fearsome weapon against their Decepticon foes - in particular Predaking.

Despite carrying the Autobot logo engraved on his chest plate, he did not behave like an Autobot unlike his Gestalt counterparts Superion, Defensor and Computron. In fact, he could be just as or even more brutal and ruthless than any Decepticon as he had demonstrated in his earlier battles with Computron, Devastator, Menasor and Bruticus.

This was given the fact that all Dinobots hated authority. Especially commander Grimlock who still cherished the thought of taking over Optimus Prime as new leader one day.

If given the choice, Dinoking would prefer to remain in his combined form than separate back into five individual Dinobots. Which would be a bigger nightmare to both Decepticons and Autobots alike since he could no longer be controlled and overcame easily

As a gestalt warrior, he could lift up to 3000 tons of steel and solid rock as well as flying over great distances with Swoop’s wings. In combat, he was armed with 4 weapons as in his twin fist blasters which fired rapid machine bolts, giant platinum chromed sword fashioned upon Sentinel Prime’s Cybertronium blade and Slag’s fire breathing abilities that he could now make full use of by reversing his left arm.

Upon completing his transformation and fully armed with his weapons, Dinoking began to welcome his rampaging counterpart Predaking in what could be their first and last personal battle.

“PREDAKING SMASH DINOKING!” The Decepticon orange and red gestalt warrior bellowed as he came storming with his gigantic golden sword. As he did so, his every step caused the earth ground to roar and shake with strong tremors and vibrations. Other than his booming voice, his face was completely expressionless. If not for his red optical visor and orange helmet, he would be completely faceless with just the dark void.

“ONLY ONE KING SHALL LIVE! ME DINOKING!” The Autobot grey-clad battle knight roared as he fired his fist-mounted turret guns which released blue arrow-like thunder bolts against the red machine blazing laser fire that was illuminating from his opponent’s twin shoulder-mounted guns.

But that had little effect on Predaking as he continued his cavalry charge with his sword, with the strong determination to cut down his equally massive foe into two despite knowing that would be a daunting task. As until right now, he had yet to meet an opponent that almost looked and acted like him.


Dinoking blocked that blow with his equally enormous silver-chromed sword and two of the largest primitive combiner combatants traded blows in what could be their first and possibly last duel. Swinging of their swords, sweeping, slashing and blocking while firing their guns simultaneously. To counter his opponent’s shoulder guns and arm-mounted laser cannons, he began to activate his own as well which completed his weaponry arsenal.

Two huge grand cannons suddenly propelled from either side of his shoulder whose compartments opened for easy release. Even from close range, he began firing them with intense blue laser spheres that looked beautiful on the surface but deadly within its effects.

But Predaking counterfired by raising his other arm upon which Razorclaw’s launcher fired red capsules of explosive gas that not only adsorbed those spheres but took out his opponent’s twin cannons as well. Then taking advantage of his opponent’s momentary stunned look, he swung his sword again to deliver the dead blow while still firing his shoulder-mounted guns simultaneously.

Yet that did not happen as Dinoking suddenly launched himself into the skies with two massive Swoop wings as his main support. He did not have any idea why he did that but considered that move as part of his new instincts to defend himself and survive. Sensing that his cannons were now useless so soon after activating them, he would have to resort to stealth and alternative tactics to deal with his Decepticon and Predacon counterpart.

They were what the five Dinobots did not have and could never be able to unleash in their separate modes whether they were fighting individually or as a team. But just as Predaking was a single-minded warrior with hunting as the Predacons’ primary instinct, Dinoking was exactly the same with independent survival and resentment of authority as the common traits of Dinobots.

Angry at being outplayed, Predaking became indignant and also took to the clear blue skies with Divebomb’s enormous wings and jetpack as his long flight support and his foot stands which supported both his legs comprising of Headstrong and Tantrum.

The battle now shifted from ground to the air as two warriors renewed their exchange of blows and firepower. A massive swing of Dinoking’s sword -–now glowing in sheer red brilliance - suddenly took out the right wing of Predaking and Divebomb as when it suddenly switched angle instead of blocking another blow from the Predacon combiner who suddenly lost balance and fell from the skies all the way to the top of Mount St. Hilary, the volcanic mountain on the outskirts of Portland where the original Autobots cruiser The Ark crashlanded and became their first headquarters when they were stranded on Earth.

Refusing to give up the fight until he won or lost, Dinoking began to give chase with his sword and fist cannons firing. As both warriors landed on the top, another massive vibration rocked and shook the mountain due to their massive sizes and combined heavy weight on the not completely immovable mountain rocks.

Recovering quickly to his feet upon landing, Predaking immediately dashed in anger of vengeance with his sword as well launcher and shoulder guns firing in full blasts and bombardment.

Ignoring his pain and what his opponent might do to block. he inflicted another blow on his Dinobot foe as his sword dismantled the latter’s sword arm – also Swoop’s body which came crashing lifelessly to the ground.

He roared in full deafening voice as he delivered another swing, expecting to see his opponent’s head being decapitated from his so-called massive body and then cutting down the rest of his body into halves and shreds until his opponent was a pile of useless heap lying around his feet.

Unfortunately, Dinoking was made of stronger stuff as he was in his individual modes especially when the main head and body was under direct control of commander Grimlock whose will was almost second to none despite his limited intelligence.

Not even Razorclaw could come close to matching him as proven in their solo fight earlier on.

Without a sword to defend himself from Predaking’s close range deadly attack, Dinoking decided to unleash his final weapon which was to reverse his other arm – also Slag’s body. When he did so, he blew out the huge orange blazing flames lightening up from the mouth of the third strongest Dinobot and triceratops.

The effect was damaging to Predaking’s face who was completely blinded by the burnt wounds. Sensing his opponent now vulnerable, Dinoking continued spitting out those flames until the latter went crashing down to the ground.

Just then the mountain which they were on began to erupt uncontrollably. The ground they were battling on began to shake and spilt into several parts, causing both the victor and loser to lose their balance.

Without Swoop, Dinoking could not take to the skies nor separate himself into four individual Dinobots in time as the volcanic eruption happened too suddenly. Neither could Predaking as he was completely down and out with no strength and will left to stand let alone fight back.

Hence win or lose, tragedy was imminent for both Dinoking and Predaking as both fell and submerged into one with the hot melting lava pool that welcomed them with his deadly fiery mouth that would disintegrate them into nothing regardless of how strong and seemingly formidable both warriors proclaimed themselves to be.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

Postby amurowes » Thu Dec 22, 2016 2:29 pm

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Until now, Springer had never come face-to-face with the former Cybertronian lord and Decepticon military commander Shockwave before though he heard many stories about him before. Most of which were tyranny and ruthless acts of torture and remodification of both Autobots and Decepticons who refused to comply with him. Yet right now in his new role as Autobot leader, he had a duty to protect the City and his kind from the likes of him and his Decepticon army.

As most of the Autobots had already been despatched to wage battle against Decepticons in one-to-one or group battles, the only allies he had right now were Elita One, fellow Triple changer Sandstorm who also arrived to help as well as Wreckgar and his Junkion army. But even so, they were still outnumbered and outwitted by the seemingly reborn Decepticon warlord and his new army of troops which they had never seen before; his six new female Decepticon jet warriors and dozens of droids with the same one-eyed face as him.

This will be the toughest fight of my life, Springer thought as he withdrew his helicopter rotor blades turned sword in ready for the purple cyclops-like Decepticon who was armed with a fusion cannon and sharp carved black blades protruding.

Initially he was fighting with Elita One and the rest but a change of events forced them to be separated. From the way he saw, it was clear that Shockwave and his Decepticons had already planned all these all along and apparent that they knew more about him and his Autobots than them about Decepticons.

Now in the Southern expressway which split into two by a series of explosions, he and Sandstorm prepared to fight what most Transformers perceived as the most second powerful Decepticon after Megatron. Even with two of them against him and his troops, it will take more than just numbers and bravery to overcome them and staying alive after.

Though he had fought in the last Autobot City War and been through series of adventures and war against Decepticons with Rodimus Prime – whom he still saw as Hot Rod since the former had not fully matured despite taking over Optimus, Ultra Magnus, Arcee, Kup and Blurr, this would be his first major challenge against a high authority.

In terms of personality, he was always a little different from the rest. He was the type of Autobot who could do anything faster and better than anybody, all the while making it appear so simple that one had to wonder why he had not thought of it in the first place. His comrades Hot Rod and Arcee could testify to that since they had been with him through thick and thin and knew him better.

Years of fighting against Decepticons and losing so many compatriots in his pre-warrior and early days when he was finally given the green light by Alpha Trion as combat ready soldier had made him more experienced and wiser while also being pessimistic and judgemental as well. That was also what made him capable in most Autobots and human operatives’ view.

When Ultra Magnus first took over the Autobot Matrix Of Leadership as early successor, his suggestion was to evacuate the Autobot City when it was attacked again by reformed Megatron and his Decepticons – now known as Galvatron and the Sweeps. When that failed, he commanded the emergency separation of the Autobot battlecruiser despite the fact it had enough weapons to counterattack the Decepticons who were relentless in pursuing them. On both occasions, Springer was the first to question his capability as new Autobot leader which were both turned down by Magnus.

Now that he was in that position having been chosen by Prime, he began to understand why Magnus and even Hot Rod did what they had to despite their decisions being unpopular. The responsibility to protect both Autobots and humans now weighed heavily upon his shoulders even his combat fighter personality remained the same as before.

Quite simply if he thought anyone he spoke and listened to was wrong; he would not hesitate to tell in his face and offer constructive alternatives. His street-smartness had certainly made him more confident to even worry about whether he would offend anybody or not. Likewise if he saw anyone being hesitant about doing what he felt should be executed quickly in the interest of most Autobots and people around, he would take the initiative to get it done with no fuss and second thoughts. That was how straightforward and decisive Springer could be.

Which were the same qualities why Arcee preferred him to Hot Rod despite his bluntness and why Optimus selected him as the next successor after the latter. Because with Hot Rod now missing and Optimus and Ultra departing to search for him, he was the next best Autobot to take over the leadership and command of Autobot City should the Decepticons attack again.

Which was exactly what happened right now.

As a warrior, he was incredibly strong, tough and versatile enough to adapt to any situation - be it combat or non-combat - in a blink of an eye even if he was not a Triple Changer. That was a complete makeover from his civilian days as Dion and from what he though and how he felt, he assumed that Alpha Trion had given his personality a new makeover besides his wounded body.

As a Triple Changer, he possessed the capability of interswitching between his three transformations from helicopter to rocket car to robot twice as fast as most Transformers and even his comrades having the same number of modes as him.

As a helicopter, he utilized the thrusters which enabled him to fly and maneuver like a jet for short distances. On the roads, his rocket car was fully armored like a tank which could travel up to 500mph and mounted with a cannon that could fire blasts or produce powerful wind tunnels. When in his robot mode, he could use his legs to leap up to 5 miles straight up and armed with his helicopter sword - also known as Saber blade - to penetrate and cut through armor, concrete and steel.

He could have helped Elita One who was in much tougher fight against those new Decepticon jets he and his Autobots had never witnessed before if not for the fact that she was on the other half of the expressionway. However he took solace in that he had given her a new weapon that he was supposed to give Arcee as his blessings and her protection but had forgotten before she left with Hot Rod and the rest for Cybertron four months ago.

If not for the defeat and demise of Broadside by his Decepticon counterpart Astrotrain, they would have been the complete trio which had never happened before as Springer spent most of his time with Hot Rod and his Inner Circle.

Nevertheless he and Sandstorm had taken out most of Shockwave’s lesser capable and limited intelligent hover droids who could morph into hoverboard crafts. Now that there were just two of them against Shockwave, it was time to take their skills to the next level of this sterner test as both of them charged towards the Decepticon warlord and Quintesson bounty hunter.

As the Cybertronian scientist, overlord and military commander for the Decepticons, Shockwave was only the second most powerful individual Transformer after Megatron. But even that was disrupted by Soundwave who possessed the same capabilities as him.

Unlike most Decepticons, he carried out his tasks with the cold focus, brutal clarity and well-planned perfection that one would anticipate of a pure merchanical being. However, his way was not that of blood lust but rather of a scientist coming up with a solution to a problem which was how he could eliminate the most Autobots and their allies in the shortest time possible?

Unfortunately for the Autobots, it was rare that he did not find an answer due to his huge army of warriors and scientists assisting him in coming up with various innovations of weapons, tactics and gadgets. As in Soundwave’s espionage spies which became his mini-army of cassette warriors, the Combiners beginning with Devastator, the Triple Changers of Astrotrain, Blitzwing and Octane and the recent Pretender Monsters – in which they could fight with both their outer shells and inner robots within.

Unlike most Earthly Transformers, he retained his Cybertronian form be it robot or a 35-foot long ray gun. Whichever form he was, he still had the power of flight and commanded the totality of the electromagnetic spectrum. This enabled him to emit beams of energy in a wide variety of forms. His cannon arm was connected to a nuclear reactor in his torso and had nearly complete control over most forms of radiation.

From the electromagnetic spectrum to x-rays, inflared and radio waves. He could manipulate these as powerful energy blast, which were magnified even further in his space gun mode. Even in that, he still retained robot-mode size and flight capability.

That was then before his destruction at the hand of Unicron which dismembered much of him and his once super intelligence. After his resurrection and modification by Quintesson Masters, his alternate mode was a multi-pronged jet fighter designed to resemble the Decepticon insignia which he embodied and remained absolute loyal to.

Armed with twin concussion beam cannons and multi-blades of purple and black sharp and lethal enough to tear through any being be it metal or flesh, it was enough to be just as deadly and formidable as his once space gun. Especially with the added mode of driller as well to disintegrate the interior of any transport and building.

Having destroyed the same number of Junkions as his main foes had with his Decepticon drones, they were now on level terms. His single socket eye now flashed with malevolent red instead of yellow as he readied himself with quiet confidence that he could still overcome his enemies even when alone.

Reconnaissance work attracted two types of merchanoids as in those who did it longer to avoid danger and those who did it because they thrived on it.

The former were happy with the function because they got to avoid the risks of combat so long as they were competent enough to avoid capture. The latter did it because they obtained the thrill out of the chance they might get caught and had to fight their way out.

Sandstorm was obviously the latter. He daringly jumped at the most dangerous recon missions simply because he was totally bored by anything less. He would draw as close to the enemy as possible to perform his job and if he had to fight, so much the better.

In overall personality, he was a confident and capable risk-taker who would not allow his need for excitement interfere with his job since he executed his kicks and flawlessly performed his role simultaneously.

Like compatriot Springer, he had three alternate forms. As a chopper and dune buggy, he could use his rotors and tires to conjure ferocious storms of dust and dirt, effectively blinding the enemy. In his robot mode, he was armed with a sandblaster gun that fired particles of silicate which erode his targets.

Which was exactly what he intended to do against Shockwave as they both charged towards him with their weapons firing.

Appearing to stand still, Shockwave suddenly switched to his lethal jet fighter mode.

His single-eyed head moved into his upper body which afterwards turned to a 90 degree in alignment with his lower half. Deactivating his cannon gun and blades, his arms were interlocked with his torso and legs sliding inwards as the underneath of his jet hull.

Once he was in his Decepticon insignia image, he unleashed his plasma cannons. Red bolts of ultra-energy poured forth from the barrels as he aimed them at the orange and yellow Autobot first.

They proved to be deadly accurate as they easily penetrated the blue beams fired by the Autobot and then his stomach. As Sandstorm groaned in pain, Shockwave intensified his speed at full velocity and drilled the entire Autobot right through with his deadly spike blades protruding from his resurrected body and acting as his jet wings .

Sandstorm could not believe what had just happened and it was a question he might never had the answer.

In all his years of fighting and adventure, he had never come across anything like that before. But this was not an ordinary enemy he was facing or any other Decepticon which he could overcome with minimum resistance and his amateur skills.

This was the second most powerful Decepticon and professional scientist of all robot machinations Shockwave. As the blades withdrew from his fast turning grey body, he fell all the way from the expressway into the deep waters below and to his death.

No! Disbelief and then anger exploded his mind as he just witnessed the demise of his comrade and friend at the hands of the Decepticon warlord and yet could not do anything about it on time.

His first instinct was to convert into the helicopter and began blasting away his cannons continuously until his enemy was torn into shreds. But his opponent was alert and counterfired with a much greater firepower that he had never witnessed before and took him out as well. Even as he attempted to reverse and stab his opponent with his rotor blades the same way the latter did with his friend, he was hit again in his pilot cockpit by another blast.

Just as he was about to crash, he switched to his armored rocket car before accelerating away at maximum speed and releasing two heat-seeking missiles. Expecting to see them hit home and exploded his enemy into flames, he saw them being detonated in mid-air as well by those extraordinary powerful cannons.

Sensing the other green Autobot’s anger and determination to avenge his friend he had just slain, Shockwave switched to his driller mode and rotated his entire body in spiral pattern to slice through his foe the same way he had to his friend with his lethal black and purple blade wings.

The plasma cannon under his jet nose also emitted crimson beams as it moved in fast towards the Autobot whom he hardly saw as a threat as say Optimus Prime and Skyfire who were both not around now.

Such foolish nonsense, he thought as he was about to deliver another death blow that would send the Autobot joining his late friend soon.

Springer barely reverse engineered his entire vehicle body to avoid his enemy’s death blows having witnessed what those blades were capable of. Having fired all his long-range weapons, he began to realize how futile they were against the new technology his enemy had just employed which was way ahead of his own.

With no other alternative, Springer reverted back into his robot mode. His front part of the vehicle which also housed the pilot and passenger seats extended and flipped down as his side and back components began extending and rotating to form his arms and legs. In between the front hull and pilot cockpit seat, emerged out his warrior head with the green knight helmet.

From behind, he withdrew his rotor blades which now formed into his own sword that was now glowing in bright blue with his right arm and with his left, he fired his cannon with the other trigger switch. It produced tremendously strong wind tunnels that halted the Decepticon in his mid-flight spiral drill and then blew him out to the other side.

Refusing to admit defeat, Shockwave also transformed back into his humanoid robot mode. His upper and lower parts of his body opened up to release his arms and legs which both expanded as his single-eyed cyclops-like head re-emerged from the top of his main body which now joined as one.

Upon completing his transformation, he relaunched his attack on the green Autobot he admitted that he had greatly underestimated him. His twin shoulder-mounted cannons as well as that on his arm and blades reformed as he headed towards his Autobot foe soon to be turned prey and next casualty.

But that never happened. The winds that trapped him were too strong for him to alter his direction. Instead of heading back towards the way he wanted to, he ended up being blown in the opposite direction far away from the Autobot City. The soaring and blowing of the enormous currents became too much for him as other than transforming, he could no longer move anywhere else.

Springer could have enacted revenge when he had the chance but decided not to having witnessed how powerful and deadly his enemy was in killing off his compatriot and friend Sandstorm.

Even with his enhanced skills, capabilities and intelligence, he was not at the level as Shockwave to be able to beat him like how his predecessor Optimus did. His appearance let alone his weapons was already a major surprise which he was completely unprepared for.

So instead of engaging him in one-to-one whom he had no confidence of winning, he decided to cast away his opponent somewhere else instead. There would be another time and in fact plenty to deal with him. Right now he had other more important priorities to look into.

Such as helping his new Autobot friend Elita One and Wreckgar who clearly had their hands full fighting the new Decepticon females.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

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Despite being outnumbered six to dozens of Autobots and Junkions allied contingents, Malvip One and her Venomcons still outsmarted and proven to be more than a handful for them. Compared to their male counterparts, they were more agile and deadlier with their reflexes, skills and weapons that were more than just firepower. By the way they fought, it was only a matter of time before they despatched the Autobots – not just the ones they fought but all the surviving ones in no time.

With Shockwave dealing with the new Autobot leader Springer and his other Triple Changer, they were left in charge to deal with Wreck-Gar, his Junkions and their prime target. Initially in their jet fighter modes identical to the new alternate form of Shockwave, they fired their beam guns and cannons which rained crimson bolts from the skies and downing several Junkions who did not have time to react let alone accelerate away to evade those blasts.

Even so, Malvip and her team members were not satisfied with what they have accomplished. As long as their prime target remained alive and still fighting with them, their mission was not over. Bombarding Autobots in jets were a typical initiative combat protocol for all Decepticons, especially the likes of their predecessors Dirge, Ramjet, Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker and Thrust. Henceforth they considered such victories as cheap and would want to achieve theirs in more unforgettable style.

Swooping down, they immediately switched to their humanoid robot modes swiftly before renewing and improvising their attack with enhanced firepower and more lethal gadgets all thanks to the brilliant minds and innovations by both Shockwave and Soundwave.

Despite being antagonists, they fought with the valor and will of the seasoned heroic veterans against the majority of their male Autobots and ultimately the female one who was now clearly alone having lost her entire team to their vicious attacks on their ship heading towards Earth. History was about to repeat itself as they would destroy all her allies and ultimately pounced upon her as a united Decepticon female team.

Elita One did not expect to see them so soon after their last encounter ended with her team members killed.

From this whole Decepticon attack on the Autobot City, it was not just a plan to conquer it and eventually the rest of the world but also a plan to find and capture her alive or dead even it mean killing everybody she had known, became friends and fought with. It was obvious that they wanted her to feel bad, demoralized and lose self-confidence so that they could seize this opportunity to eliminate her as well like what they did to Chroma, Firestar, Greenlight and Lancer.

Minutes earlier, she, Springer, Wreck-Gar and his whole Junkion army were fighting with their backs against each other. They should have won even when they were overwhelmed. But constant bombardment by Shockwave and his new squadron of female Decepticon in their jet modes blew the expressionway into two, resulting in Springer and Sandstorm almost losing their balance but switching to their chopper modes and were confronting Shockwave as their way to divert him so that she and the Junkions could focus on those six jets.

Unfortunately that only worsened matters as those six jets were just as deadly and more powerful in the way they just took out the first fifteen Junkions with relative ease before transforming into their warrior modes to engage them in ground although Elita was certain they could switch back just as fast as they transformed in the process of fighting.

Used to be called Ariel working alongside Orion Pax and Dion as Autobot civilian and blue-collar maintenance workers in the warehouse, they were attacked by Megatron and his first new army of military trucks. In a bid to avenge her boyfriend Orion who got shot, she and Dion were wounded as well by his arm-mounted cannon fire.

Now renamed Elita One, she became the natural commander of the female Autobot band even her team members numbered to just five as compared to the eighteen led by Optimus Prime after being renamed as well. Yet one quality that shined her through was her empathy as in her ability to understand and show concern for others whom she saw needing help more than her and as her priorities more than herself when it came to survival and safety.

Even when she became leader, she genuinely cared for her members under her command the same way Optimus Prime did. She would never order any of them to undertake a task she would not do or beyond their capabilities although there were times they would volunteer for the greater good of Autobots such as stealing energon from Shockwave’s military warehouse facilities regularly since they were mostly overworked and undernourished.

When they were captured by Shockwave with the help of Starscream, Rumble, Blitzwing and Astrotrain, Optimus and some of his Autobots including Ironhide came to their rescue. When they were captured as well, Elita sacrificed herself to save them. Upon being revived by Optimus, she was even more attracted to him and all the more determined to find him upon learning of his resurrection.

Firing her proton blaster, she took out many of the dark Decepticon aerial droids just as her Decepticon counterparts had taken out the Junkions despite of their flexibility to switch to bike and robot modes simultaneously in combat.

Eventually there would still be six of them and she alone to face them the way the things were progressing right now.


Once the back-up assistant to the famous magician on Cybertron as part of their entertainment during the Decepticons’ occupation, Fanblade specialized in magic and illusions for a living.

After her mentor was killed in Unicron’s attack, she plied her trade on the streets before being hired by Quintesson Masters because of her exceptional talent. Being a specialist herself through years of learning and experience, she could create illusions and make them real be it creatures, machines or objects.

Besides armed with the same weapons and transformation ability to jet modes like her fellow team members, she was armed with metallic fan blades and wheel blades which she just formed and hurled as a blurring giant boomerang that sliced off all Junkions standing in her way, their heads and limbs falling down in a heap with their lifeless bodies.

As well as her wrist mounted blade that she proceeded to cut down upon drawing closer. Then switching back to her jet mode, she ejected a yellow metallic disk which transformed itself into a merchanical serpent Drillbite.

With lightning speed, the serpent lunged forth, coiled around and bit several of them. The result was their bodies disintegrating and scattering into gold dust particles.


Once among military scientists working under Shockwave, Writher was badly damaged and disfigured during Unicron’s attack on Cybertron.

Now converted into Venomcon, she was the most heavily loaded and manipulative warrior. Yet she still remained loyal to Malvip One. Being a plant specialist, she possessed the ability to make organic plants grow and blossom or writher and die. She could also do the same to all living flesh and metallic creatures after being rebuilt by the Quintesson Masters.

Besides the same weaponry and transformation capability like her team, she could combine her wrist blades into javelin spear which she now produced in full effect against the Junkions, taking down several of them off their bikes.

Switching back to her jet mode, she ejected a green metallic disk which configured into a green merchanical serpent Replica which moved in rapidly and caused the Junkions to age and perish fast as their bodies decayed rapidly upon being bitten.

If there were plants around them, she would inflict even greater damage by directing them to attack as well as camouflaging and blending in with their colors to deliver the final death blow when her opponents least expected it.


Extremely calculative and vain, Acida was very conscious of how she looked and what others thought of her. For she aspired to be highly complimented and yet refused to accept critics.

Being sensitive as well, she got jealous of those better than her easily and got what she wanted badly. Because of that, she would do anything to dispose them. If not for the fact that her commander Malvip One - whom she became dependent on – saved her life and threatened to destroy her several times for non-compliance, she would have left the group.

Her rebellious attitude made her the female version of the late Starscream who tried to usurp Megatron but with little success. The latter’s final act was to take over as the new Decepticon leader after hurling the latter and several seriously injured Decepticons from the last Autobot City but only to be destroyed by Megatron’s reformed version as Galvatron.

Like Shockwave and her team, her jet fighter was almost a splitting image of their Decepticon insignia. Beside air, she was able to travel underwater as well due to the fact that she was experienced in naval warfare. Armed with multiple blades, twin-mounted turret guns and heat seeking missiles, she could travel over great distances and adapt to any combat situations against most foes.

Having destroyed the first row of Junkions with those in her jet mode, she configured into her humanoid warrior mode and then swinging the mace, she destroyed them with several blows and cutting down the second row with her twin curved wrist blades as well. Her other wrist was armed with the same turret guns used in the jet mode that she also used to full effect.

Switching back to her jet mode just as quickly as she did into her robot mode, she ejected her own blue disk which morphed into a blue merchanical serpent Evaporator. Also known as ice cobra, it lived true to its names by freezing several of her opponents with her death touch of coiling and biting before shattering them into scattered pieces.


Second-in-command to Malvip One, Rattletrap enjoyed exploiting others for her entertainment and gain at their expense.

Such as taking on the likeliness of Arcee – the female Autobot she came to hear about but yet to meet. That almost memorized and fooled the Autobot commander Springer and the rest momentarily which gave Shockwave and her team members to split the expressionway into two minutes ago.

Like all Venomcons, she possessed a trio of transformation, weaponry and special capabilities she was proud to exploit to her fullest even though she had yet to meet her match. That were what made her team difficult to beat even though they were all females.

She was also responsible for killing one of Elita One’s members Firebolt with her blasts while Acida, Writher and Fanblade put an end to Chroma, Greenlight and Lancer’s lives.

In her first attack wave as jet, she just took out seven of those miserable rugged Autobot bikes calling themselves Junkions. In her second as a warrior in her knight armor with spikes protruding from her shoulder and wrists, she tripled that number with her wrist-mounted plasma cannon and retractable dark blades to ensure they turned into junk which was more to her liking.

Reverting back to her fighter mode, she ejected her red disk which morphed into another merchanical serpent called Rattlesnap. The latter lived true to its name by biting through more of those Autobot bikes, infecting them with its venom and snapping their main circuitry to render them permanently disabled.


Manufactured by the Quintesson scientists with the support of both highly-intelligent Decepticon second-in-command to Megatron – Shockwave and Soundwave, Venomcon commander Malvip One was based on the Autobot female Elita One but moulded as a darker, deadlier and better-equipped killing machine.

She was specially designed to eliminate Elita One and her band before taking over as the new female force serving Decepticons instead of Autobots. She might not have the strength of Megatron, Galvatron, Shockwave and Soundwave but she had the guile and shrewdness of what she defined as feminine touch she could exploit at will by turning into her most lethal poison and venom that defined her and her subgroup.

Earlier as a heavy assault jet fighter, she decimated twenty of the Junkions with her twin-mounted semi-automatic energy cannons and six heat seeking missiles that she could fire per trigger in one go. Now as a battle robot warrior, she ran rapidly with the stealth and swiftness of a ninja and took out even more with her twin-bladed saber spear.

She then proceeded to configure back into her jet mode before releasing a purple metallic disk that uncoiled into a purple serpent called Viper. Hissing like his earthly counterpart, it hissed and paralyzed its opponents she terrified and had bitten. Which gave her sufficient time to deliver her killing blow to the opponent.

Having destroyed all the Junkions effortlessly with ease, she and her team now had only their useless leader Wreck-Gar and prime target Elita One left to deal with.

Wreck-Gar’s personality was as much of a collection of mismatched parts as was his body. Much as his armor was forged and modified from using whatever raw materials appeared on his world of Junk.

His mode of speech had been formed by watching and listening to all of the junk that was floating through the universe. Being scatter-brained occasionally, he would tune in to all the televised broadcasts from Earth whether it be variety shows, pop music, movies, dramas and documentaries. Therefore most of what he said was learnt from the numerous hours he invested in those programmes even if much of what they contained were to convince others they were true for those entertainment companies’ profits.

He occasionally exhibited slight xenophobia because of his protection of his fellow Junkions although he was quick enough to warm up. Beneath his diverse speech and tough exterior, he was kind and helpful being as well as loyal ally.

A good example was when he first encountered Ultra Magnus and his fellow Autobots on his planet. As they did not have visitors for a long time, he and his team assumed them to be enemies and attacked them in order to defend their territory and kind though they might appear to be aggressive at first glance. But when Hot Rod and his other group of Autobots and Dinobots appeared later, Wreckgar was immediately warmed up by the former’s universal greeting – learnt from older Kup which failed on Quintessons – and became friends and allies with them.

Especially helping them to repair Ultra Magnus and fight Unicron, Galvatron and his Decepticon Sweeps in order to reclaim the Autobot Matrix of Leadership Galvatron had taken from Magnus before ordering the Sweeps to blast him into pieces. He also played a pivotal role in helping to revive Optimus although that attempt was unsuccessful since it required more than just repairs.

As a battle-hardened warrior and veteran, Wreck-Gar possessed tremendous courage, endurance, intelligence and strength. He was also a highly professional mechanic who could construct and reconstruct complex machines with a bare minimum of materials at his disposal. In motorbike mode, he could accelerate up to 160mph while as a robot, he wielded a decelerator laser that delayed his opponent’s cerebral function, an energy axe and a shield. In both modes, he had a great resistance to damage.

However that was then. This was now. Despite rallying his troops on, Wreck-Gar and his team proved to be no match for the new Decepticon jets which turned out to be female warriors in disguise proving to be even more formidable than their male counterparts they had grown accustomed to battling over the years. Given the fact that all his Junkions were destroyed quickly and easily by their full arrays of fighting abilities and weapons they had just unleashed.

Fantasy vs reality. Learning from entertainment media vs learning from real masters. Besides learning the importance of not underestimating his enemy having had his entire army eliminated, Wreck-Gar was about to learn that those sentences had a completely different meaning the hard way as he was about to fight their leader one-to-one despite Elita One urging him not to be rash.

Converting into his motorbike, Wreck-Gar began charging with the intention of ramming the Venomcons off the expressway and if he could not do that, he would switch to his robot mode and fight them to death.

Grief-stricken by the deaths of his compatriots he had fought and been with for decades, he was no longer thinking logically. Instead whatever positive strengths he possessed were now turned into negativity and dark vengeance he harboured against them. Win or lose, he would not let them die in vain.

Unfortunately for all his experience and talents, he was still a lone amateur against them being proficient even though they had joined the ranks of Decepticons recently shortly after being created and completed to be battle ready. Despite him firing his laser beam guns repeatedly, four of them switched to jet modes and easily evaded his collision.

That left with just their commander who stood firm and confident to deal with him. Which was fair enough as one-to-one was much better than their six-to-one.

Without even moving away from where she stood, Malvip One suddenly ejected her metallic disk once again. For the second time, the disk configured into a merchanical serpent Viper which came flying with its open mouth revealing fangs towards the Autobot bike.

Two blue blasts shattered the reptile into pieces as the motorbike continued its advance. Realizing that this Autobot was smarter and more alert than his men, Malvip began activating her saber and blaster which she fired rapidly. This time she had no intention of configuring into jet mode and preferred to counterattack in her robot warrior form.

Wreck-Gar came leaping into the air and as he did so, he transformed into his warrior mode before closing in with his battle axe whose size and speed was sufficient to take her head off her shoulders.

Yet again she was well-prepared to anticipate by blocking with her saber javelin and sweeping the axe away. With her other arm, she fired her laser beam blaster which was well-shielded by the Junkion leader. As the latter renewed his axe attack, she suddenly evaded herself quickly from where she stood and allowed her other four team members to finish the job for her.

Or rather four serpents which suddenly ejected from them again unexpectedly. One bit Wreck-Gar in his left leg, the second in his right arm, the third in his stomach and the third in his chest. By magic, her shattered purple serpent Viper suddenly reformed again as new and delivered the final death blow by implanting into his face.

As the four serpents released him after biting for a while, Wreck-Gar’s entire body turned cold purple and then dark grey before eroding into fine powdery dust that she kicked away with ease.

“Well, well, well, Elita One,” Malvip One finally spoke her first words and with confidence as she looked up at her pink and white Autobot counterpart. “Looks like it is you and us again. And this time we’ll finish where we left off.”

Elita One narrowed her eyes as she was about to face her most formidable foes ever in her combat history and experience as female Transformer. Having witnessed first-hand what they had done to her team and now Wheel-Gar and Junkions, she became more apprehensive in what she would do next even though she had no plan as to how to defeat them.

The yellow Venomcon called Fanblade took the first initiative by launching her deadly name-sake weapons. As if by magic, the four black blades seemed to have a mind of their own as they suddenly diverged upon being launched into the air. One came towards Elita directly while the others aimed towards her from above, below and from behind.

By the looks of it, she was clearly at a major disadvantage even when dealing with her arch-enemy’s subordinate who was clearly moulded and well-equipped in their sinister and deadly image

Her first reaction was to leap and configured into her armored battle car mode which used to be a speed racer but was now modified specifically for her voyage to search for Prime. Her body opened up to hide her head as her arms and legs folded and slided inwards as part of the car components out of which emerged wheels. A double-barrelled missile launcher appeared from the top of the battle car as another two cannon beam guns came out from the side which were her robot wrists.

The pink and white missiles destroyed two of those deadly dark blades while a further firing of cannon bolts detonated the other two within its heated blue fire intensity.

Upon seeing her weapons destroyed, Fanblade immediately configured into her drill jet mode and fired her four turret machine guns from above.

Rapid bursts of crimson rained upon her Autobot lone warrior which swerved and shifted gears to avoid being hit. Smiling with glee, she signalled to her serpent Drillbite telepathically to deliver the same blow it had on the Junkions.

Her yellow serpent flew towards the Autobot vehicle with lightning speed with the aim for shattering through the front windscreen window before corrupting the rest of the body and parts with its gold dust venom.

But Elita One was equal to the task. Just as the snake closed in fast, she instantly converted into her humanoid mode as fast as she did the other way round seconds ago. It was a new skill she learnt from Alpha Trion who might no longer be around physically but was still spiritually and guiding her every step of the way.

Arming herself with the same missile launcher she used in vehicle mode, she loosened those missiles which hit the serpent, causing it to be shattered and disintegrated instead of her.

Angry at being outwitted the second time, Fanblade launched her third lethal weapon in the form of giant four-bladed boomerang which came spinning and swirling towards her Autobot foe.

In most circumstances, it would have made short work of slicing and cutting its victims’ bodies and limbs in seconds but yet again, her opponent had another trick in her arsenal as she continued firing her missiles which also seemed to take on a life-form of their own as they reacted in the same pattern as her boomerang before destroying it like how they destroyed her blades and serpent.

Switching to her humanoid warrior mode, she lunged towards Elita One in mid-air with her wrist-blades. As she did so, her mouth was covered with dark metallic plates, making her look like a traditional ninja. She intended to aim for the latter’s throat and then chest as her opportunity to impress her commander and team mates.

But that never happened as one laser cannon blast from Elita One’s gun was all it took to hit her in the lower wrist with precisely accurately and bring her down to ground back to reality.

Writher was the next Venomcon to engage her. Like Fanblade, she initiated her attack as a jet fighter, firing her four turret machine guns but as the Autobot female aimed her missile launcher towards her, she quickly evaded and configured into her robot mode.

As she did so, she did it her style. In one rapid jump, followed by a series of somersaults, she began releasing her deadly ring of throwing dark stars - also known as Shuriken. They were created as a result of Quintessons’ fascination with the Japanese ninja’s traditional mini-handheld weapons that were initially designed more for distraction than killing enemies although more often than not, that theory was usually overruled by action in the heat of the moment.

Her opponent again fired bolts of plasma energy from her wrist-mounted cannons which did not affect her balance nor aiming despite her also carrying the missile launcher. Those bright blue bolts shattered those stars into scattered shreds of blades or whatever they were left of.

Activating her wrist blades, she began going in for her kill. Yet again she had underestimated her foe who aimed for those blades with her cannons and cut them off from her waists with blue bolts.

Angry at being outwitted as a jack of all weapons but master of none as compared to the Autobot who used only two weapons, she signalled to her green serpent Replica to strike. The latter obliged by launching itself into the air and lunging for her opponent, with her jaws wide open with rows of poisonous needle sharp fangs.

Having dealt with the yellow serpent, Elita released another heat-seeking missile which was all it took to destroy the almost green reptile. A sphere of explosion that erupted below her and foe did little to lift her spirits as she readied herself for the green Decepticon executing another somersault jump and going for her throat with her double-bladed javelin spear.

Determined not to waste too much energy until the closing stages, Elita aimed her cannons and unleashed another range of bolts which destroyed the green female Decepticon’s weapon and injured her weapon arm as well, resulting in the latter falling out of the skies.

Seeing Fanblade and then Writher being down, both Acida and Rattletrap joined forces as a duo to take on Elita-One. In both their jet modes, they began firing their turret and semi-automatic laser machines hoping their combined bombardment would take her down the same way she brought down their comrades.

Yet again the female Autobot proved why she was unbeatable in the air even though she was ground-based in both vehicle and robot mode. Her continuous counterattacks with cannons and missiles again forced them to change flight course and then into their robot modes as they did not want to be destroyed without transforming into their battle warrior modes.

And while doing so, they signalled their serpents to attack her simultaneously.

As Evaporator and Rattlesnap came lunging in to wreck their own powers of destruction, Elita One unleashed the last two missiles from her launcher which hit them with bull-eye accuracy and turning them into two more fiery balls of flames. Even she herself was amazed at her own strength and capabilities which she had not exhibited for a very long time since retiring from active combat. Especially her ability to stay afloat in the skies for so long despite not being designed as an aircraft nor for flights.

With their mouths covered by plates, both the blue and red Decepticon female warriors came attacking with their chain maces and wrist-blades as well as their wrist-mounted beam guns and cannons. Dropping her now empty launcher, she focused on firing her own cannon blasters which rapidly took both of them out of the skies before they could even touch her.

“Is that all you got? Decepticon Highness?” Elita looked down upon their purple and black commander. “Or should I call you Malvip One, leader of the Venomcons?”

Strangely enough, even as she spoke, it was at that very moment she recovered her full strength and memory from the trauma she suffered in her last encounter with them. The only difference was she was much better prepared now.

Having overcame her opponent’s team members.

“No, Elita One. Not yet.” Having said that, their commander immediately took to the skies and configured into jet fighter mode before firing her semi-automatic energy guns and heat-seeking missiles towards her.

Running out of energy, Elita reverted to her battle vehicle mode before landing and taking to the roads. Turning and twisting to her left and right to avoid being hit, she made a reverse U-turn before turning back to face her foe who kept firing continuously.

Yet that did not deter her as fear completely evaporated from her mind which was now filled with knowledge and better understanding of what she was facing even though she was unable to comprehend the logic why. As she configured into her humanoid robot mode, she decided to use one last weapon having spent her hand blaster, cannons and missile launcher on four of her main opponent’s subordinates.

From her right leg compartment, she produced a pink and white shaft. Then using her own telepathy imparted by Alpha Trion, she began activating the hilt out of which a blue shimmering light poured forth. When it was gone, it became a long semi-carved battle. Just as Springer had said, it was a traditional samurai sword otherwise known as katana she now held up to prepare herself even though she knew she might not stand a chance now that she was devoid of all firearms which her opponent were unleashing in full upon her.

Despite having an edge in her jet fighter mode, Malvip One could not help feeling that she would be fighting dirty even if she continued to attack this way. Especially her opponent who clearly now yearned for a one-to-one duel as displayed by her pose and new pink and white sword she had never seen before.

The front part of her jet nose initially opened up as her back components slided down to reveal her arms and legs.

When they aligned with her main robot body out of which emerged her head in starfish designed helmet, she began to produce her own weapon as well. A red energy beam flashed in the dark purple hilt she produced from within her fist, becoming an almost identical semi-carved samurai blade ironically as she landed right before Elita.

But unlike her other four warriors, she did not immediately charged in to attack blindly out of rage. Instead she moved her blade in a rhythm to signal her serpent to attack first. Viper obliged by throwing itself towards her opponent with his teeth and tongue hissing with hunger and lust as it went for her energon.

However in one swift stroke, Elita One sliced the purple serpent into two fragments which dropped to the ground in dead heap. Despite of this, she remained calm and composed as though fighting these was her daily routine even though this was her first official battle in years.

The Venomcon commander now made her move by executing her high jump and somersault in a ring around her. A hail of dark throwing stars - identical to the ones fired by the green Decepticon - were thrown towards Elita who easily cut them down with her new Samurai sword designed with her colors and name.

As her dark opponent landed, she extended her wrist arms which released and propelled a pair of dark blades towards her. Those blades suddenly split from two to four in mid-air, forming a boomerang like the one executed by her yellow team member Fanblade – and launched itself towards her.

A laser lighting formed around Elita’s blade as it poured forth in intensity and countered the deadly multi-bladed weapon which was spinning and swirling fast. It cut through the boomerang, causing it to turn into another sphere of heated explosions.

Her opponent came at her again, pouncing upon from the air with her sword now turned to swinging mace which extended from the chains. Upon looking closer, Elita could see those deadly sharp black blade spikes protruding and approaching her in threatening way.

Yet the mysterious force -– which she could not comprehend -– guided her to swing her sword and slice off all those spikes with ease before dispersing the useless mace into fragments.

Despite possessing and attacking with the combined arsenal of all her four members’ weaponry, Malvip One still could not bring down her prime target. Beginning to feel indignant and puzzled by the way her opponent defended and feed off her attacks with consummate ease, she was just as determined not to reveal her feelings as doing that would certainly jeopardize her mission entrusted by bounty hunter Shockwave.

Now converting her weapon back to saber mode, she activated another blade which emerged from the other end of the hilt and became a double-bladed saber javelin. Then she charged and lunged at Elita One to deliver her own personal blow when her serpent and weapons failed. It was not just because of her mission but also because of her ego that she would not allow anybody to diminish.

Still yet again, the last Autobot female warrior and survivor from the Cybertron-based anti-Decepticon rebellion blocked the javelin blade firmly with hers. However hard Malvip attempted to twist and turn her weapon, she could not as she found herself blocked by a seemingly impregnable force radiating from Autobot’s sword. One that even she and the wielder herself were unable to comprehend.

All they knew was that the mysterious force was on the Autobots’ side.

While still blocking the weapon, Elita One executed a round-horse kick which sent the Decepticon and Venomcon leader falling backwards but with her weapon still firmly held by her hand.

Then advancing forth, she decided it was her turn to launch her own attack.

Recovering and attempting to get hold of herself to continue the fight, Malvip One decided it was time to unleash her team’s final and most powerful weapon ever since she and her members could not overcome Elita One individually nor as a pair as demonstrated by Rattletrap and Acida.

“Venomcons, transform and merge into -“ She commanded. Even when she did not complete the sentence, her team understood exactly what she wanted them to do.

With her team members now behind her facing the Autobot female warrior, they began their third form of transformation.

Both the heads of Writher and Fanblade slided into their bodies while their limbs were interlocked for the purpose of forming what looked like huge blocks. So did Malvip One before joining them as main gigantic body.

On either side of the main body, Rattletrap and Acida joined their bodies into what resembled arms. A pair of foot stands appeared as if by magic below Writher and Fanblade while black fists emerged from both ends of Rattletrap and Acida. Additional wrist protection armor with four spikes covered those fists even if the left one wielded a white shield with the dark serpent and Decepticon insignia embedded on it and the right holding the same colored serpent sword with the white reptile’s spiked body as the hilt.

Finally her head appeared top of the main body where Malvip’s head was seconds ago. A pale face with helmet whose spikes were protruding from all ends and long locks of hair coming down from behind her head.


“INFINITY!” The new and first ever female gestalt warrior introduced herself as her eyes flicked open with malevolent red as she was successfully formed from all five Venomcons combined together.

Both the white and black serpents launched themselves as her way of first attack and signal that Elita One must overcome them first before fighting her one-to-one. Just like those five serpents, the deadly duo ejected by themselves and lunged in for her throat and chest.

By this time, Elita One began to feel tired as she had spent almost all her strength fighting all by herself against their five. Despite being aided by the mysterious force, she knew there was a limit to what it could do to guide and protect her. Yet she knew if she could not bring herself to overcome the enemy, her team members would have died in vain and she too would perish to join them.

Just as she was about to fend for herself with what she knew was her half-hearted attempt, the green Autobot Springer suddenly appeared right in front of her cutting off those serpents with his chopper sword. However while he displayed his act of valiantly, he was immediately cut down in his chest by the giant sword held by the white apparition-like giant warrior.

The blow brought him crashing down on the expressway. As he did so, the blue light from his eyes were gone and he just lay down lifelessly.

Taking advantage of Elita One’s momentary shock and distraction, Infinity came towards her with the intention of eliminating her the same way she did with that Autobot commander with the giant blade.

Yet when she drew closer, her head suddenly ejected and transformed into a smaller and yet more agile battle knight lunging towards Elita with his black battlesword.
As other Autobots Blaster, Jazzblade and Perceptor tried to intervene as their way of offering assistance, they were instantly turned to stone as the giant blade pointed towards them.

This time, the Autobot female could not defend herself on time as the white knight stabbed her heart with his blade. As he did so, she dropped her samurai sword and her entire body hanged in suspense while being impaled by what appeared to be the lethal weapon.

By right, Elita One should have died upon being fatally impaled by the blade wielded by what appeared to be the sixth Venomcon warrior that appeared out of the blue which took her by surprise and she was completely unprepared for.

But she did not.

Instead blue intense light suddenly appeared from her heart and began to shone and surround her completely. Large long blue wings suddenly poured forth from her body as the familiar voice began to ring in her head and mind.


“Alpha Trion…” She stammered upon finally realizing why he recreated and renamed her Elita One in the first place. And why she along with Optimus Prime were always special to him and other Autobots as well.

Her heart -–which should have been badly damaged and killed her - began to light up and split to reveal the second Autobot Matrix Of Leadership. The very same one Optimus Prime passed to Ultra Magnus only to be activated by Hot Rod who became Rodimus Prime and the next Autobot leader as a result.

And right now at this very moment, the same thing was happening to her but in a more sophisticated and powerful form. Her armor began to morph with additional layers of protection. A double-barrelled plasma beam guns appeared and mounted on her left arm wrist while the samurai sword returned to her right hand. But those were nothing as compared to those gigantic blue wings whose feathers were growing from her back and illuminating.

All of a sudden, she began transforming herself into a large pink and white phoenix - a new form that resulted from her heart matrix being activated. Then encased and becoming one with the blue light, she immediately penetrated through the white knight who stabbed her, destroying him instantly

With her head destroyed, Infinity also ceased to function let alone continue fighting properly as a warrior even with all her other parts remaining intact. She remained motionless as Elita-One’s new Phoenix - which began expanding into the same size -– tore through and break her whole into several fragments within its blue huge sphere.

When the sphere was gone, Malvip One and her Venomcons disappeared as though they never existed and Elita One emerged victorious instead of perishing like her team members.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

Postby amurowes » Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:01 pm

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Having lost the war once again to Autobots this time on Earth, the Quintesson Master-One realized his time was up. Not only had he lost the respect of most Decepticons who blamed him for their defeat despite having killed their fair share of Autobots, he was also betrayed by his very own creation he and his fellow Masters and Judges had painstakingly rebuild and modified just to prepare for the day like this.

Shockwave barely got out of the wind tunnel that trapped and intended to teleport him far away, possibly in the outer reaches of space. But now that he - along with Astrotrain, the Decepticon jet brothers Darkwing and Dreadwing and Death Lynx had returned, he began to recover his memory and everything from the past to the present was beginning to make sense to him.

While he was relieved to be alive once again, he had no intention to be under somebody’s control again to be a bounty hunter or anyone else. The only being he would stay and remain loyal to was Megatron whom he now realized had morphed into Galvatron. Having won those Decepticons over to be on his side on their way back, he gave the Quintesson Master-One no chance to say his last words and instead blew him into shreds with his explosive laser cannon blast before ordering their remains to be hurled into the seas.

Now taking over as the temporary Decepticon commander, he began to direct Death Lynx -–now in his space shuttle mode - to direct him and his surviving fellow Decepticons in search for Galvatron and the rest whom he believed strongly to be still alive.

They might have lost the Autobot City War once again but in time to come, he and Galvatron would rebuild the new Decepticon army which would rise even stronger and better than before to destroy their Autobot foes and regained both Cybertron and Earth again. As they headed out into outer space from Earth, he began wondering if Galvatron was still the same Megatron he once faithfully served and fought for.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay with us?” Springer asked. “Optimus might be back any moment and I certainly hated to see you missing him again.”

“As much as I love to, I can’t,” Elita Prime answered sadly but with a strong conviction in her tone. With her new power came greater responsibility and after helping to defeat the Decepticons and protect Autobot City despite barely recovering, she had to move on to a more important task Alpha Trion had instructed her mentally. “I received a higher calling requiring my help. If Optimus returns, just tell him I came here and no matter where he is, he will always be in my heart.”

“I wish you all the best then,” Springer offered his hand and she shook it. “For your help, I have prepared your ship that you can leave anytime you want.”

Looking at him and all the Autobots comprising of Omega Supreme, Jazzblaze, Blaster, Perceptor, Aerialbots, Protectobots, Technobots and Trainbots, she nodded at them with a smile and expressed her gratitude by saying, “Thank you.”

They might have lost Skyfire, Sky Lynx, Broadside, Sandstorm, Wreckgar and his Junkions as well as the age old Dinobots but their deaths were not in vain as they fought valiantly to ensure that Autobot City and Earth remained safe from both Decepticons and Quintessons.

She then turned back and headed towards the ship The Ark III they made specially for her. Even though she was alone physically, the spirits of her mentor Alpha Trion and her team members would always be there spiritually to guide and help her.
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Re: Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

Postby amurowes » Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:07 pm

Motto: "There is only one king and one king shall rule them all."
Weapon: Energo-Sword

Although I did not get to see and be united with Optimus, my time on Earth is still a challenging, fruitful and memorable one.

Not only I got to know several new Autobots including their leader Springer even though our friendship was short, I fought with them and began to realize their determination of defending Earth was just as strong as me and my team defending Cybertron even though Earth was not their homeworld.

Three times I could have died but three times I was saved by the spiritual hand of Alpha Trion whom I didn’t realize had been with me all this while until the defining moments when I realized that the second Autobot Matrix Of Leadership was inside me through my heart upon activation by accident and how important I was like Optimus was to him and the rest of Autobots.

Even though the war had ended on Earth with the Autobots emerging victorious once again, the war on Cybertron was far from over. In fact according to Alpha Trion, a much bigger threat would arise and endanger our entire homeworld and species whether Autobots or Decepticons.

Much bigger than the centuries of civil war between the two factions and even the attack of Unicron that claimed so many lives.

So there I am on my way back to where I came from.

My name is Elita One.

This is my destiny.

My life and –

My story.

Optimus, if you are listening to this message right now, I hope you can respond and provide your support if necessary.

As long as I am alive, I will be waiting.

Meanwhile the planet of Cybertron began transforming and shifting its components which resulted in massive tremors, earthquakes and deaths of several inhabitants whether they were Autobots or Decepticons.

When it was finally completed, Cybertron was no longer a round circular planet that many became accustomed to seeing. But a gigantic super robot who had once been proclaimed as God with his sworn brother and chaos bringer Unicron.

After centuries of lying in slumber, Primus had finally awakened.

The only difference was instead of blue, his eyes were now menacing red and also instead of coming to restore peace, he was now out for destruction.

Of any planet that he would wreck havoc and swallow as his next meal.


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