Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

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STR: 7
INT: 10
SPD: 10
END: 10
RNK: 8
CRG: 8
FRP: 10
SKL: 6
Class: Gadget
Desc: Cassette Player
Cassette Player

Mission: 66%
Arena: 23%
Kills: 3040 (0.79 per day)

179 Windcon (L10)
Cdr: -Soundwave-
Cybertronian Jet
180 Raider (L10)
Cdr: -Soundwave-
VTOL Jet Fighter
181 Substance (L10)
Cdr: -Soundwave-
Cassette Player
182 Sideslip (L9)
Cdr: Bun-Bun
Space Shuttle
183 Demolition (L9)
Cdr: Killjoy
Chem Cannon


"I have it and you know you're addicted"

Level 10 Decepticon

Team: Amalgamated Pretense
Commander: -Soundwave-
Faction: Decepticon
Level: 10
Total XP: 64,966,544xp
Weapon: Reaver-Wrecking Railgun
Doing: Inactive

Substance's Bio

Name : Substance
Current Faction : Decepticon
Quote : "I have it and you know you're addicted”
Team : Amalgamated Pretense
Team Commander : Thundertron
Function : Energon dealer/Chemist.

Strength: 5
Intelligence: 10
Speed: 6
Endurance: 3
Rank: 2
Courage: 5
Firepower: 9
Skill: 7
Origin location: Vos
Cassetticons: None
Spark date: July 4.
Status : Active

Currently :
Having been offered a new job working for Shockwave in a scientific aspect Substance has jumped at the chance. His loyalty lies with Thundertron bu the active spacebridge allows him to go back and forth from Daraknus and Cybertron as needed.

He has also met someone who has changes his outlook on females. Combustia was working with him on a mining project when he decided to flirt a little. She took it and gave it back, surprising him. The two have a small relationship now, which keeps them looking out for each other.

Substance was called from the streets to interact with the Autobots that have been addicted to the strange florescent matter that is produced by him to distract them. Those on the team know firsthand what it does to the Autobots, and know it has a similar effect on Decepticons with a delayed response. Those that have seen it refuse to stand and watch when the result finally happens. The site of him on the battle field brings Autobots out of hiding, wanting and yearning for their next fix, this gives away their locations and in times of manipulation he can extract data from them.

Substance prefers the laid back life, though he has been thoroughly been trained to fight. His way of spending time earns him money and usually keeps him in working order rather than sitting in the medical bay. On the team Substance’s job is cover fire, and watching the back side. He finds that some of his team mates confuse the slag out of him but it amusing rather than annoying.

Just one small cube about 1/8th the size of a standard cube is enough to make a Transformer feel he is king of his domain. This oddly addictive energon mixed with ones natural energon makes the use of the energon flow faster, it highness all of ones senses and for a short time gives one the feeling of bliss. Once the taint builds up, over a number of vorns, in the system of a Transformer it degrades into an acidic form that starts in the fuel tank and works its way out of the chassis following the fuel lines until the fuel pump and all other fuel consuming components are eaten from the inside out. In most cases the Transformer is paralyzed in pain and appears to lose its mind before landing in a hulking mass of sizzling liquidized metal. Within a few minutes of the tainted fuel coming into contact with the atmosphere it is neutralized.

In battle Substance can choose to create an Energon cube that is basically a bomb, over amped and acidic on contact, or his Semi Auto Plasma Fire Machine-gun in combination with his Variable Projectile Chemical Launcher

Before his involvement in the war Substance was a career chemist. He created several things including a bonding agent that acted as a weld without the torch (static weld). That funding cut he needed a new income..

Brought up on the streets so to speak Substance has always loved the idea that he holds control over others with just a flick of his hand, he first came into contact with Thundertron at the lowest part of what he calls his most fruitful time. The entire planet was very low on energon, and they had not yet heard from Megatron everyone was scrapping for power even his substance. He struck a deal with Thundertron to supply the team with untainted power if the team would supply the shelter and protection from those that would seek him out and steal from him.

Not having any formal military background Substance operates solely on what Thundertron and Valclaron have taught him in fighting.

The oddly addictive energon that Substance creates is made from capturing a Cassette and placing it inside him. He then slowly extracts the living ones energon flow through a painful electrical charge that taints the energon. Once it is fully extracted Substance has to extrapolate the energon from him into mini cube form. This leaves him strained and low on power himself.

His color or lack there of is natural for him.

Substance's recent battles
Feed the Smelting Pool, Lord Straxus orders you! Done - 02:21:19
Destroy Autobot Factories Done - 03:14:42
Resources: Plunder the ruins of Praxus Done - 22:36:00
Bring me the head of Ultra Magnus Done - 23:40:29
Resources: Plunder the ruins of Praxus Done - 25:42:49
Substance does not currently have any arena logs available.

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