Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

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STR: 10
INT: 0
SPD: 10
END: 10
RNK: 9
CRG: 10
FRP: 0
SKL: 0
Class: Sharkticon
Desc: Sharkticon

Mission: 77%
Arena: 50%
Kills: 1974 (0.5 per day)

229 Abyssal (L8)
Cdr: Bun-Bun
Cdr: Red Sentinel
231 Chompy (L7)
Cdr: Psychout
232 Bastion (L8)
Cdr: ThunderThruster
Battle Station
233 Astralscale (L9)
Cdr: Phasewing
Sky Dragon



Level 7 Decepticon

Team: WarPorn Industries [RDD]
Commander: Psychout
Faction: Decepticon
Level: 7
Total XP: 45,433,764xp
Weapon: Prototype Atomic Fire Breath
Doing: Inactive

Chompy's Bio

The dust settled on the Hydrax Plateau to reveal Psychout, small in stature but a giant in the media world, who was frantically searching for something.

"Slag it" he muttered. "PARASITE!!! You sure these are the coordinates?" he radio'd back to his team, currently trying to locate the leftover limbs of Tetrahydrocannabinol after all his tentacles had been ripped off by yet another hunter during the Sharkticonado attacks.

Helicopter wreckage littered the aquatic platform and there was a faint smell of calamari in the air. He drew up to a giant container to find its lid violently ripped off, and tapped his comms to send a message back to his team. "Ok, idiots. The canister has been looted, there's none of the 'snappers left. Now who wants to tell her that she can't have her little pet..?"

His question was interrupted by a scream, which was in turn abruptly cut off by the high-pitched roar of a mouth that had altogether far too many teeth, but sounded... off. Almost like a protoform's cry. Nimbly dancing over the mountain of destroyed news-choppers and aquatic castaways, "Never mind, found one! But... it's a tiddler" Psychout chuckled over the comms. He leaped over the twisted carcass of a Seacon that had been used an evening meal, and slid along the ground towards an unconscious squid for cover which he identified as Scuba, a maximal commanded by a relatively recent addition to the 'bot ranks; Wingz.

"Uh, Boss?" The hypnotic voice of Parasite, the teams vampy mind control specialist, broke the radio silence, "You've still got the bait, right?" Parasite had spent megacycles trying to explain the finer points of Sharkticon-training to both Psychout and the Zombi Cheerleader with little success, so she had just given up and furnished their brave leader with a large bucket of robotic fish heads and a pirated video of Blue Planet season 2 from the Earth TV station BBC, adding the instructions "just keep running, and don't let it bite you!". Zombi in the meantime had made good use of her time dancing around the well-furnished war room singing about her new pet and all the cute little costumes she was going to buy for it and how she was going to get it a pink collar and it was going to live in his own little tank in her quarters and how she will train it to bite Nemesis Wheelie but only when she told him to...

Psychout shook that horrific memory from his mind and concentrated on the task at hand. Carefully, he peeked through the chewed up squid-formers limp tentacles to see a group of small mechs, trying to fend off the smallest but angriest Sharkticon he had ever seen. It was surrounded by a group of Autobots.. wait, no, Maximals? ...and was it winning?!

Most of them sporting at least one set of teeth-marks, the Maximals just didn't know how to handle the little guy. One amongst them transformed into its horse mode, swung its back end around and double-barrelled the sharktipup backwards into a wall. It bounced like a wrecking ball, rolled twice and then leapt back toward its attacker, seemingly none the worse for the giant hoof it had just received, and sank its rows upon rows of razor-sharp teeth into her flank. "ARGH!! GETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFFFFFFFFFFF!!" Mach-Kick screamed in a wheezy tone as she flung her legs urgently, leaping round in circles catching Gel Shark and Steelsong in her panic, sending them flying as well. "Who's dumb idea was this?? I hated marine cybology!" snapped a fuzor Psychout identified as Nightwing - regarded as the teams field leader, as she stepped forward and tore the raging ball of teeth and claws off her panicked equine teammate, flinging it to the side. Again, the Sharkticon infant landed in a crumpled heap, shook itself off and got up, preparing to lunge at its clawed assailant.

"Tenacious little buggers, aren't they?" Psychout had seen enough and interrupted their little party. Wingz's S3 Support team outnumbered and outgunned him, but they were mostly pacifists and scientists, much like he once was ...well, apart from the whole pacifist thing, and he was pretty confident they knew who he was. He tried to remember a few of the buzzwords Parasite had used in that excruciatingly boring lecture; "They're one of the oldest breeds of Cybertronian" he recalled out loud, "...perfect killing machines in every way, and it'll never stop fighting you." He waved an empty hand and dismissed the numerous rifles and maximal weapons that had instantly appeared and were pointed in his direction, and then waved one of Scuba's tentacles in the other in an over-exaggerated comedic swordfighting gesture. "Don't you kids have homework or something..? Hydrax is already ours, you all know this. It's time for you to leave the little toothball, grab your giant squid and slither off before the actual warriors get here. I'll deal with the little nipper and cover your retreat."
The Beast-formers had mostly left Cybertron centuries beforehand, criticising the ancient mechs methods and inefficiency, but many of the younger ones, such as these, had remained in a valiant effort to aid in the war. That was fine by him, the longer the war went on, the better the profits he could make, and so he had no intention of letting them get caught by the mayhem cleanup squads a few clicks behind.

As if on cue, an explosion rocked the platform, and the young Sharkticon noticed the cassette for the first time, eyes fixed on him like an an energon junkie seeing his first ever miniature cube. This had better slagging work he thought to himself, and heaved the bucket onto the ground next to him, hurling the first of the robotic fish leftovers in its direction. "Here sharky sharky, plenty more where this came from..."

It took around 20 minutes and a few close chewy calls before Psychout arrived at the rendezvous point.

Hard Wired raised up an arm with the infant sharkticon dangling from it. "Teeth-proof armour huh? Thanks doc" he rumbled in his caveman-like deep harmonics. Mal Practice dismissed the compliment as the praise of a cretin, retracted his laser tool array back into his arm and offered a shockingly-pink painted metal loop with a clasp and gleaming silver tag to an lithe mech, also finished in the same optic-destroying pink. "Zombi, are you listening?" he growled. "...as I said, you will need to feed it twice a day, and I'm not taking it for walks, and if it chews on any of my equipment I will disassemble it and..."

But she wasn't listening. With a crisp 'snap' the control collar clicked into place and the Sharkticons eyes faded in colour, from a deep blue to a pale amber, and it silently let go of the giant tanks arm. Sat on the ground, eyes fixed on the Zombi Cheerleader, the giant pink undead mechanoid paused for a second and then screamed an almost super-sonic squeal of delight. "Don't you worry doc, me and little Chompy here are going to have sooooo much fun together!!" she replied, picking up her docile but comprehending new pet. It licked her face and began to nibble at her shoulder growling contentedly. "Now, where's that slagging toaster...?

Chompy's recent battles
Resources: Plunder the ruins of Praxus Done - 591:03:52
Resources: Plunder the ruins of Praxus Done - 1526:11:20
Let the slaughter begin! Done - 2270:43:36
Send Megatron back Done - 2845:27:20
Send Megatron back Done - 2848:18:32
Chompy does not currently have any arena logs available.

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