Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

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STR: 10
INT: 10
SPD: 10
END: 10
RNK: 10
CRG: 10
FRP: 10
SKL: 10
Class: Spaceship
Desc: Scout Ship
Scout Ship

Mission: 78%
Arena: 66%
Kills: 15677 (4 per day)

20 Vica (L11)
Cdr: victori
Rescure Helicopter
21 Fortress-Maximus (L11)
Cdr: Kurn96
22 Supercruise (L11)
Cdr: Naked Magnus
Scout Ship
23 Sonic Blade (L11)
Cdr: Naked Magnus
Scout Ship
24 Shabanowitz (L11)
Cdr: shabanowitz


"Fight only when the battle is already won"

Level 11 Autobot

Team: Autobot War Machine
Commander: Naked Magnus
Faction: Autobot
Level: 11
Total XP: 459,999,558xp
Weapon: Fusion Cannon
Doing: In CR Chamber

Supercruise's Bio

High Score:
734,184 xp €5,666 on 2018-08-30


Before the war began, Supercruise was a statistician known as Primodus. Both logical and determined, Primodus’ calculating and analytical nature often alienated him from most of his fellow Autobots. He believed entering combat to be reckless, rash, and imprudent unless a very high probability of victory could be ascertained in advance. He was often reluctant to enter battle and had been reprimanded on several occasions for challenging and confronting his superior officer when the order was given to fight. Consequently, he was widely perceived as a coward. Primodus, however, did not place much faith in the ability of courage and valor to triumph over tactical disadvantage. He believed the war against the Decepticons could only be won through attrition rather than through a handful of successful and strategic military campaigns. Today he cites the duration of the war as proof that both armies have proven to be flexible and resilient to any short-term military defeat. He is outspoken and openly critical of any proposed military strike that will ostensibly “take care of the Deceptions once and for all”. Primodus believed the war was a battle of resources rather than a battle of will. Only the side that manages its resources the most effectively would ultimately prevail.

In conjunction with Jetfire (who also has an affinity for strategic thinking), Primodus secretly developed the “Kinematic Ramjet” (KRJ), which is an engine capable of sustained high-speed flight. Although the top speed of the KRJ is easily outperformed by many of the combat grade engines currently in use, it has the ability to cruise indefinitely at speeds that are only slightly slower than what other engines can achieve for only very short bursts. This provides an unparalleled kinetic energy advantage in combat by creating a flight envelope that enables an attacker to enter enemy airspace, strike, and leave safely before it can be intercepted.

Primodus fitted himself with the KRJ and changed his name to Supercruise to reflect his new ability of sustained high-speed flight. Supercruise has since used his new ability to strike and destroy dozens of Decepticon targets without placing himself in significant danger or expending large amounts of precious Autobot resources. In order not to attract the attention of Decepticon high command, Supercruise has intentionally attacked targets that are considered militarily insignificant. Supercruise fears if he were to attack a high profile target, Megatron would see the KRJ technology as a significant threat and would stop at nothing to outfit his armada of seekers with KRJ engines. This would place the Autobots at an even greater tactical disadvantage. For now, it seems Megatron is either unaware of the technology or does not consider it a threat big enough to warrant his attention.

Supercruise attacks small targets that are far from his base of operations. He may attack a single transport vehicle, hit a small supply depot, or extinguish the spark core of a lone seeker on patrol. Supercruise believes his attacks, over a long period of time, will significantly hinder the Decepticon advance. After spending a considerable amount of time analyzing Megartron’s behavior, Supercruise considers the Decepticon commander to be too rash and short sighted to appreciate the significant damage that he has inflicted over time. Supercruise is convinced that the dozen seekers he has eliminated have, for the most part, gone unnoticed by Megatron. Supercruise has calculated that the loss of these seekers will give the Decepticons a disadvantage on the battlefield, resulting in lost battles that will produce a statistically significant amount of lost manpower and resources. These losses, in turn, will contribute to future Decepticon defeats on the battlefield. Over time, the Decepticon’s resources will become depleted, giving the Autobots a greater and greater advantage. Supercruise believes that the war will not be over until every Decepticon spark has been extinguished. This cannot be achieved with a single victory on the battlefield. Rather, this will be a long and drawn out war of attrition in which the Autobots will ultimately prevail.

Most Autobots do not share Supercruise’s belief that statistical analysis can either predict or adequately influence the events of war in favor of the Autobot’s cause. Only Jetfire and Prowl feel Supercruise’s endeavors are worthwhile.

Supercruise once intercepted the infamous Deception air general Starscream while the seeker was flying solo. The Decepticon was taken by surprise, but narrowly escaped death by taking evasive maneuvers. Starscream possesses a top speed much greater than other seekers and was able to use a burst of rapid acceleration to quickly put considerable distance between him and his attacker. Such speed and battle prowess made it very easy for Supercruise to identify his target. Although the KRJ engine would enable Supercruise to eventually overtake Starscream, Supercruise quickly broke off the engagement believing Starscream to be too high of a profile target for one or his surprise hit-and-run raids. Using the KRJ engine, he hoped he could escape before Starscream could identify him as either an Autobot or a Decepticon. Supercruise despises such split second and instinctual decisions. As he fled the engagement, his mind was filled with doubt as he wondered if he had made the best tactical decision. With Starcream alive, the Decepticons might become alerted to his hit and run tactics and attempt to emulate the KRJ technology. Supercruise would analyze this decision for many cycles to come.

Fortunately, the decision proved to be the right one. Starscream was unable to identify the allegiance, much less the identity, of his attacker. Fearing the attack was from one of his Decepticon rivals while also overcome from embarrassment for being taken by surprise, Starscream’s vanity got the best of him and he kept the incident to himself. He, of course, vowed that he would one day identify his assailant and would avenge the attack.

Supercruise's recent battles
Destroy Straxus' Smelting Pools!! Done - 00:45:15
Ambushed! Done - 03:42:12
Destroy Straxus' Smelting Pools!! Done - 05:06:48
Destroy Straxus' Smelting Pools!! Done - 06:34:21
Ambushed! Done - 07:45:49
Supercruise does not currently have any arena logs available.

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