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STR: 10
INT: 1
SPD: 10
END: 10
RNK: 2
CRG: 9
FRP: 9
SKL: 6
Class: Fast Land Animal
Desc: Cheetah

Mission: 65%
Arena: 36%
Kills: 1929 (0.4 per day)

237 Cinderbeak (L9)
Cdr: Phasewing
238 Emergency (L9)
Cdr: Phasewing
Armored Ambulance
239 Cheetron (L9)
Cdr: Cheetron
240 Exafold (L10)
Big Rig
241 Lady in White (L9)
Cdr: Lunatyk
Black Widow Spider


Level 9 Autobot

Team: Team - Unique Name
Commander: Cheetron
Faction: Autobot
Level: 9
Total XP: 49,009,997xp
Weapon: Laser-Blazer Broadsword
Doing: Inactive

Cheetron's Bio

Current Status: Team Leader
Position: Maximal Commander

Cheetron is a team leader who will sacrifice his entire being for his teammates and for his cause. Despite having to have led teammates like the commanding Maximus-Prime and the rebellious Ultra Magnus Minus, he has blossomed into an excellent leader if not an angry father. He is not afraid to go into battle damaged as long as there is a just cause to fight for and others to join his side. But at times he can become too headstrong and will charge straight into a dangerous situation without having considered the consequences.

The conflict that came to be known as Dark Tidings left Team – Unique Name in shambles. While participating in individual mission to try and stop this uprising, Cheetron lost track of his teammates. In the confusion, Decepticons decimates Ultra Magnus Minus. Maximus-Prime and Gadget were also severely damaged, their fates were uncertain.

Believing himself responsible for his teammates welfare, Cheetron setout to find some answers. He had found Wing Streak’s Lifeless remains in their headquarters, obviously a victim of a brutal attack. Upon learning the fate of most of his teammates, Cheetron went and retrieved their bodies. Those who had slim chances of survival had been placed into CR chambers. Ultra Magnus Minus and Wing Streak were laid to rest. Optimal Primaltron had not reported in many solar days. Nobody knew what had happened to him.

Tracking Optimal Primaltron down to a secret Decepticon facility was the easy part. When Cheetron approached the base, he found his friend standing there blocking the path inside. Cheetron asked his friend why he had never reported in. Without warning, Optimal Primaltron attacked Cheetron over and over again. Cheetron fought back with words of compassion and hope, all the while trying to find out what was wrong. Optimal Primaltron was too far-gone for words; his good side was suppressed to the point of extinction. It was then that he revealed the truth… He had killed Wing Streak.

Galvatron came out of the secret base and began to laugh at the pain on both Autobots. Never one to hold back an twisted explanation of the events, Galvatron explained how he had captured Optimal Primaltron and brainwashed him into killing his former teammates. The only one who had not already fallen in battle was Wing Streak. He went on to explain how this shell of a former Autobot would never be the same; he was already becoming a Decepticon. It was fact that finally let Cheetron do what he must to help his friend. Cheetron then impaled Galvatron with his Vibro-axe for his help.

With a heavy heart, Cheetron struck down Optimal Primaltron in mid attack. His spark wept.

Knowing that his friend was branded a traitor, Cheetron took the now lifeless body to the organic moon of Cybertron. It had become a favorite place for Optimal Primaltron to go and relax and to clear his mind. It was the only worthy place in the universe to lay Optimal Primaltron to rest. A traitor could never be hunted down if nobody knew where he was. Cheetron said goodbye to the unmarked grave and returned to headquarters.

These events had shaken Cheetron to his core. Massive depression had set in. He believed that he was responsible for the fates of all his friends. The best Trans-Psychologists had attempted to help him with his problem. All had failed. Team Commander Optimal Prime tried to help his soldier understand that there was nothing that could have been done to save the team. Even Supreme Autobot Commander Optimus Prime had tried to ease the tormented mind of Cheetron. Cheetron demanded punishment for his actions; Prime said no. It was then that Cheetron tried to force some out by way of his Battle Blades. This was a feat that had never been done before in the history of the Autobots.

To atone for his actions, Cheetron chose to fight alone. He refused to let another Autobot die as a result of his actions. No other Transformer should have to go through what his team had to. Cheetron left the team.

In his absence, the team had started to come back together. A unique Transformer, Exemplar, had taken over as team leader. Optimal Prime was stripped of his duties because he had created illegal clones of his fallen teammates. Gadgett, whose spark was a flawed cloned copy of the original Gadgett, had his cloned spark mutate; mostly in part thanks to Rodimus Prime unleashing the Matrix during a battle at the North Pole. Back-up was a headstrong loner. Sneaks was the new “kid” of the group, he had much to learn.

It had taken a few years, but Cheetron learned that the Autobot High Command was hunting down the member of his team. They had all been wanted on different charges or just hunted because they were different. Cheetron was not spared of this fate; the bounty hunters who were looking for Optimal Primaltron were hunting him. Not wanted anything to happen to the team, Cheetron returned home.

Cheetron walked in the front door of Team-Unique Names headquarters and looked at his new team. The faces were all different but the feel was the same. He was home. But if he didn’t do something quick, there might not but much of a home left when the headhunters were done with them.

It was then Cheetron said the team was leaving the Autobots; they were joining the Maximals.

Despite joining the Maximals to keep the team safe from Autobot headhunters, Cheetron continued to watch his back over the years. The Headhunters were ruthless and stopped for nothing. All throughout the years, Cheetron was hunted. Many times he had been close to being captured. It was with the help of the teams’ rookie, Sneaks, that Cheetron had made it out alive. He was exceptional at sneaking around and getting himself out of tight situations. Cheetron asked Snakes if he was willing to train him in the ways of stealth and escape. Sneaks agreed.

The Transformer who had left his family before was finally enjoying spending time with them again. He especially enjoyed the company of little Sneaks. He turned out to be an exceptional teacher. It was then that Cheetron decided to help this little guy out. He was not so good at combat. Cheetron then began to train him.

It was during their third combat lesson inside of the Maximals holographic training simulator that the Autobot headhunters finally caught up to them. The wall of the room exploded inwards, covering Cheetron in enough debris to immobilize him. Damaged and completely defenseless, Sneaks jumped in-between the headhunters and his Commander. Before he could utter even a cautious plea, Sneaks was cut down before Cheetron’s optics could blink.

“No, no, no, no… Not again…. This can’t be happening again…”

The pile of rubble exploded. Blinded by rage, Cheetron decimated the attackers. He had never been able to let go of his grief of losing Wing Streak, Ultra Magnus Minus, Maximus-Prime and Optimal Primaltron.

Helpless watching Sneaks give his spark to try and save him had pushed Cheetron past his limits.

Now it was time to finish things that had been started many cycles ago.

The bodies of the headhunters were discovered of the desk of Autobot Supreme Commander Optimus Prime. There was a note attached to one body. It read “ If you EVER come after me or my family again, I’ll go through every single Autobot until I get to you…”

Cheetron placed his fallen brother next to the grave site of Optimal Primaltron. The only change since last time was that the formerly unmarked grave now had a marker. The Maximals had seen these two fallen Transformers as Heroes who gave their sparks so that others could live.

Exemplar and Gadgett were the first to arrive. Exemplar tried to speak to Cheetron about the future of the team. Cheetron promptly laid him out on the ground with a punch. Cheetron started to walk away but he stopped.

“I’m leaving. But when I get back, I expect you guys to be a lot stronger. We’re going to need it for what comes next.”

It’s been two cycles since that day. As Cheetron stands in front of the team’s headquarters, he wonders how they all have faired. He then reminds himself that now is not the time to get sentimental; the war that nobody wanted to see was already approaching fast.

The next Great War was coming and his team needed him once again…

May the Oracle shine her mercy upon his spark…

Cheetron's recent battles
Inferno: Violence Done - 07:13:24
Save SPANNER, the Autobot Space Bridge Done - 22:31:05
Inferno: Hell Unleashed Done - 26:36:36
Escort the convoy Done - 29:10:24
Escort the convoy Done - 32:55:08
Cheetron does not currently have any arena logs available.

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