Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

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Mission: 67%
Arena: 35%
Kills: 8315 (2.22 per day)

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"Being Right Is The Freedom Of All Sentients."

Level 7 Decepticon

Team: Autobot Command
Commander: Super Megatron
Faction: Decepticon
Level: 7
Total XP: 1,076,273,790xp
Doing: Inactive

Democracy's Bio

Function: Extradimensional Mastermind, Owner of Optimus Prime, Owner of the Autobots, Manipulator of the Decepticons, Conqueror

"Being right is the freedom of all sentients."

DEMOCRACY is rumored to be an incorporeal being of pure evil, reborn into this reality after an epic struggle in his native realm from which he was defeated and ousted eons ago. SEIBERTRON was the opposing general that was responsible for DEMOCRACY’s defeat, a being that DEMOCRACY vows, one day, to destroy with “his utmost cruelty.”

Upon his descent into this reality, SEIBERTRON was charged with overseeing the activities of DEMOCRACY. But the code of his native reality forbade SEIBERTRON from interfering with the affairs of this realm, so for untold millennia SEIBERTRON was designated to merely watch and report back to his superiors in his native otherworldly realm.

SEIBERTRON was forced to watch, but not act on, the heinous deeds committed by DEMOCRACY across the eons. In protest, SEIBERTRON returned to his native realm and pled to his Leader to amend his role in our reality. His Leader agreed, but only on the condition that SEIBERTRON relinquish his cosmic awareness.

This act would mean that SEIBERTRON will no longer have any memory or contact with his brethrens. Also, he would lose much of his powers since they are derived from his cosmic awareness that is genetic to his people. But the atrocities he had witnessed committed by DEMOCRACY convinced him that he has no other recourse.

However, SEIBERTRON soon discovered that DEMOCRACY was not the only rebel that tried to overthrow the rulers of his otherworldly realm, but another, albeit less powerful being named UNICRON, had also made a similar attempt eons ago. Before SEIBERTRON was devolved, the Leader allowed him to keep that knowledge so he can fight back.

Knowing that he will be overwhelmed by the twin evils of UNICRON and DEMOCRACY, SEIBERTRON devised a plan – he created a gigantic computer core which he downloaded his consciousness and power and terraformed a barren planet into a techno-organic world named CYBERTRON from which he builds his army.

This army was to be the vanguard for both SEIBERTRON and this reality. The AUTOBOTS and the DECEPTICONS were both warrior hardware, each with their specializations programmed into their mainframe. However, SEIBERTRON had originally intended the AUTOBOTS to be the more aggressive of the two.

The most powerful AUTOBOT, OPTIMUS PRIME, was created as the leader of the CYBERTRONIAN forces to battle both UNICRON AND DEMOCRACY. OPTIMUS PRIME was chosen as a living vessel of the wisdom, the history, and the knowledge of SEIBERTRON. He instructed OPTIMUS PRIME to train his creations for the coming war.

As his last act, SEIBERTON infuse his essence with the planet CYBERTRON so that his dormancy will escape both UNICRON’s and DEMOCRACY’s detection in hopes that his creations can get ready for the impending battle. SEIBERTRON, now one with the planet, was renamed “PRIMUS” by his creations and his real name was lost in antiquity.

DEMOCRACY, the more powerful of PRIMUS's enemies, managed to further corrupt OPTIMUS PRIME when OPTIMUS PRIME summoned DEMOCRACY in an arcane ritual to gain more power (see “OPTIMUS PRIME”). Over the eons, the AUTOBOTS reigned with cruelty and oppressed the DECEPTICONS until the latter decided to fight back.

The corruption of the AUTOBOTS was only one facet of DEMOCRACY’s revenge on SEIBERTRON – the perversion of his creations would greatly disappoint and sadden SEIBERTON upon his awakening. Out of desperation, the DECEPTICONS constructed MEGATRON to counter OPTIMUS PRIME – but this, too, was amongst DEMOCRACY’s plans - to distract them from preparing for the coming reckoning.

OPTIMUS PRIME was not the first creation of PRIMUS corrupted by DEMOCRACY. The FALLEN, a member of PRIMUS’s original 13 Transformers was also a victim of DEMOCRACY’s ambitions. While his rival, UNICRON, also seeks to destroy SEIBERTON, DEMOCRACY is determined to rid them both.

DEMOCRACY is the mastermind who commissioned the construction of MEGATRON, the benefactor of the Decepticon SATANSTORM's fanatical mission, and the power behind the throne to OPTIMUS PRIME and the faction of Transformers known as the Autobots, who are not as noble and selfless as they portray themselves to be.

His tactics are simple: Give false hope to the oppressed. Lie to the masses. Nurturing the culture of incompetence. Suppress the minorities. Elevating popularity and shunning ability.

Most importantly - Divide and Conquer - Brother versus brother, parent versus children...

DEMOCRACY is coming...

Democracy's recent battles
Inferno: Treason Done - 6591:52:02
Inferno: Hell Unleashed Done - 6593:34:44
Inferno: Hell Unleashed Done - 6594:15:04
Inferno: Treason Done - 7187:03:18
Inferno: Hell Unleashed Done - 7187:39:52
Democracy does not currently have any arena logs available.

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