Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

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Active character summary

This table shows a summary of characters active within the last 3 months, broken down by level and faction. Alongside the number of characters at each level is the lowest and highest XP total for that level / faction.

XP range
XP range
XP range
01300xp - 40.2Kxp520xp - 15.3Kxp1820xp - 40.2Kxp
16810.7Kxp - 298.2Kxp8615.1Kxp - 196.3Kxp15410.7Kxp - 298.2Kxp
254101.9Kxp - 517.8Kxp9097.2Kxp - 912.3Kxp14497.2Kxp - 912.3Kxp
3100284.7Kxp - 1.5Mxp70290.9Kxp - 1.7Mxp170284.7Kxp - 1.7Mxp
425849.6Kxp - 3.4Mxp39681.4Kxp - 5.3Mxp64681.4Kxp - 5.3Mxp
5311.7Mxp - 9.8Mxp241.7Mxp - 6.2Mxp551.7Mxp - 9.8Mxp
6294.1Mxp - 16.3Mxp213.3Mxp - 24.9Mxp503.3Mxp - 24.9Mxp
7226.6Mxp - 67.3Mxp408.5Mxp - 1076.3Mxp626.6Mxp - 1076.3Mxp
81517.5Mxp - 113.2Mxp2714.1Mxp - 69.7Mxp4214.1Mxp - 113.2Mxp
92028.5Mxp - 181.4Mxp3522.5Mxp - 160.1Mxp5522.5Mxp - 181.4Mxp
102558Mxp - 552.7Mxp3347.4Mxp - 374.6Mxp5847.4Mxp - 552.7Mxp
1147112.8Mxp - 689.1Mxp35122.2Mxp - 981.3Mxp82112.8Mxp - 981.3Mxp
All5660xp - 689.1Mxp5520xp - 1076.3Mxp1,1180xp - 1076.3Mxp

Active character list was last updated on Wed, 31 Dec 1969 6:00pm CST.

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