Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

Mission #166484:
CfC 1-11 filler round 3-4

The Autobots have won the mission.

Transformer Level Final Condition Score    
  Team:   Cybertron Defence Force
  Cdr:   Kurn96
11Not damaged
(100% health)
3,848 xp  
  Team:   Autobot Spartans
  Cdr:   Dragonslayer
3Not damaged
(100% health)
1,352 xp  
Pickup Truck
  Fanga Fett
  Team:   Caniac Nation
  Cdr:   Raphael Prime
3Not damaged
(100% health)
1,050 xp  
  Team:   Commandobots
  Cdr:   Blastback
2Not damaged
(100% health)
1,000 xp  
Fire Engine Tanker Truck
  Team:   Incompentacons
  Cdr:   adamsafran
5Stasis lock
(0% health)
0 xp  
Chem Cannon

Mission log

  Action Status
00:08Fortress-Maximus transforms into a Battle Station and strafes Pulverized. Fortress-Maximus strafes Pulverized. Fortress-Maximus strafes Pulverized.Pulverized is injured (73% power remaining). Pulverized is injured (63% power remaining). Pulverized is damaged (48% power remaining).Fortress
00:17Pulverized attacks Fanga Fett with a Photon Eliminator Rifle. Fanga Fett transforms into a Vicious Monster and avoids the attack!Swoop
00:55Fortress-Maximus hits Pulverized with a Acid Rainmaker.Pulverized is severely injured (11% power remaining).
01:01Dragonslayer hits Pulverized with a Red Lightsaber. Pulverized has gone into stasis lock!

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