Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

Mission #189438:
Inferno: Fraud

The Decepticons have won the mission.

Transformer Level Final Condition Score    
  Team:   Im Back to get Burn
  Cdr:   odnah
8Stasis lock
(0% health)
25,088 xp  
  Foghorn Leghorn
  Team:   The Decepticon Illuminatti [RDD]
  Cdr:   The Potentate
9Slightly damaged
(99% health)
19,232 xp  
  Team:   Night Stalkers
  Cdr:   Lunatyk
10Slightly damaged
(76% health)
11,040 xp  
Walther P-38

Mission log

  Action Status
00:10HellFire hits Really with a Fusion Cannon.Really is injured (60% power remaining).
00:17Really transforms into a Helpful Land Animal and rams HellFire.HellFire is slightly damaged (76% power remaining).Starfish
00:27Foghorn Leghorn transforms into a Strong Land Animal and rams Really.Really is damaged (31% power remaining).Emu
00:30Really misses HellFire.
00:46Foghorn Leghorn hits Really with a Acid Rainmaker.Really is severely damaged (9% power remaining).
00:56Really punches Foghorn Leghorn.Foghorn Leghorn is slightly damaged (99% power remaining).
01:04Foghorn Leghorn hits Really with a Acid Rainmaker. Really has gone into stasis lock!

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