Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

Mission #9788:
Inferno: Wrath and Sloth

The Decepticons have won the mission.

Transformer Level Final Condition Score    
  Team:   [ODB]Red Company[RDD]
  Cdr:   Fearless Echoes
6Not damaged
(100% health)
4,108 xp  
Dodge Viper Hardtop
  Victory Saber
  Team:   Autobot Command
  Cdr:   Super Megatron
4Not damaged
(100% health)
748 xp  
  Team:   Mars Planetary Defense Force [ORA]
  Cdr:   turbomagnus
5Stasis lock
(0% health)
0 xp  
Rescue Ship

Mission log

  Action Status
00:05Victory Saber kicks Steelwall.Steelwall is slightly damaged (91% power remaining).
00:07Redimus transforms into a Medium Vehicle and rams Steelwall.Steelwall is injured (57% power remaining).Dodge Viper Hardtop
00:23Redimus hits Steelwall with a XS2 Ionised Null-Ray.Steelwall is severely injured (15% power remaining).
00:45Victory Saber kicks Steelwall.Steelwall is severely damaged (10% power remaining).
00:53Redimus transforms into a Medium Vehicle and rams Steelwall. Steelwall has gone into stasis lock!Dodge Viper Hardtop

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