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PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW
Date: Tuesday, May 22nd 2018 9:01pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Reviews
Posted by: Bronzewolf | Credit(s): Go90

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Burn wrote:TONIGHT

Megatron wrestles with a monkey
Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW

Volcanicus falls into a hole
Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW

And Perceptor punches Predaking
Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW

Hello, WE'RE BACK! Yes, that's right, it's Tuesday again, meaning we're now on episode four of the Machinima Power of the Primes series. If you'd like to know more, read on, as we take a look at


(This review does contain spoilers for the Power of the Primes cartoon, as well as the previous two shows to some degree.)

The main cast is still on the primal swamp planet and still being chased by Combiners. Predaking is continuing his search for the Enigma of Combination, and Perceptor swears that Victorion doesn't have it. The beast combiner refuses to believe him and, although his logic here is a bit hard to follow, he too has noticed the events Cybertron and the surrounding systems have been going through.

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW
"Everything on Cybertron is trying to destroy everything else!" Top notch dialogue, guys. Just...just *kisses fingertips*

Volcanicus has finally had enough of Predaking, and pushes him over. Predaking promptly gets up and the two finally begin to tussle. Victorion gets upset with Megatron for leaving them behind, and starts to bluntly chip away at the ancient sacred temple of the Primes behind them, something you wouldn't think she'd do, being in favor of honor and fairly traditional.

Inside the temple, Megatron finds his way into a room with the Requiem Blaster sitting on a shrine, in a scene that was totally not spoiled in promotional material last week. (Spoiler: it totally was.)

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW
*Que Legend of Zelda music*

Just as a side note, the music score in this scene when Megatron finds the Requiem Blaster is so ridiculous and over the top, it almost seems intentionally comedic. From a series with very subtle background music, (and certainly very little classical-styled background music) it just feels so bizarre. Don't get me wrong, it's not a badly composed piece of music, it just doesn't fit with the score of the rest of the series.

Anyway, when Megatron is about to take the Requiem Blaster, Optimus Primal appears from the opposite side of the room. He tells Megatron that he should leave, and Megatron goes on a tirade about his condescending tone, telling Primal he reminds him of Starscream. Which is fine, except he didn't really have one. He was speaking very clear, basic instructions. *sigh* I dunno.

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW
It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!

The pair begin to fight for the blaster, and we catch up again with the group outside. Volcanicus and Predaking are still fighting, and it's...unbelievably boring. All but one of the camera angles are the most mundane, basic shots you could put in something like this, and there's absolutely zero tension. Seriously, the first fight we've ever seen in animation between these two awesome, giant, powerful combiners, looks like two elderly people gently tapping each other with their walkers.

But it gets worse

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW
"Ooh, I'll get you, Gertrude! This'll teach you to miss bridge night!"

Predaking pushes Volcanicus into a super shallow, small puddle that he somehow isn't able to get out of. You know. Like a giant robot combiner totally would. He's seriously stuck here for most of the rest of the episode.

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW
See, this is what happens when you forget to flip the toilet seat back down!

I'm not sure why, but Perceptor jumps in and tries to distract Predaking. He's successful, and turns the wrath of the combiner team toward the team who's been struggling to fight him since the second episode. Nice going Percy. Megatron arrives back from the temple, now wielding the Requiem Blaster, to bail the team out just in time. He threatens Predaking, and tells him they really don't have the Enigma, and if they find it, they'll keep in touch.

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW
Minibot, 10 Year old, the other TF fan in my household:"Did it freeze up just then?" Me:"No, that's just the animation." Minibot: *Looks at me like he's looking at a camera on The Office*

The dinobots finally make it out of the puddle by decombining, as the temple behind them starts to glow, projecting a beam into the sky above them. Apparently this beam contains coordinates that Perceptor starts to read. They're hard to make out, but he recieves assistance from Optimus Primal, who I guess is okay from the fight he and Megatron just had, even though we get a total of zero explanation for that. The adventure continues with new allies, new weapons, and, finally, a new destination.

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW
Minibot: "How is he reading it? He's not even looking at it!" *imitates reading a piece of paper thats two feet above his head by looking straight forward*

That's the end of episode 4. Despite it's fair, fair share of just plain goofy moments, I'd argue it's the best so far of the series. No bizarre plot errors, just straight to the point. And, more importantly, progress is made. It only took four episodes, (Read: that's 45 minutes of real life time), to get here, but we are finally here. This episode seemed a lot more coordinated and logical, and far less pf a jumbled mess compared to the preceding three. It actually leaves me excited, or at least interested, in the coming story, as there isn't exactly a predicable plot from here on. Yes, obviously they'll try to use the blaster to defeat Megatronus, but there are other twists and turns that the story could (and hopefully will) take. A small bit of hope has been instilled in me again. We shall see.

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW

And, on that bombshell, it's time to end. See you next week!

Up the Swamp Without a Paddle: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 3 Review!

Transformers News: Up the Swamp Without a Paddle: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 3 Review!
Date: Thursday, May 17th 2018 1:58am CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Reviews
Posted by: Bronzewolf | Credit(s): Go90

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It's been a few weeks since Power of the Primes, the third and final installment of the Machinima series of Transformers cartoons, and this Tuesday brought with it episode 3, "Without Warning". The previous two episodes haven't lived up to many expectations, will the third be any different? Tune in as we take a look at the episode to find out. Read on!

(Note: The following review contains spoilers for the Machinima Power of the Primes cartoon.)

So, we start out again in the swamp, a place that the cast somehow hasn't been able to move on from for the entire show so far, with Victorion still being tossed around by Predaking, a new character in the show who just arrived last episode. Windblade tries to help by...shooting Victorion several times.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread
*rubs temples*

Perceptor tries to find a way to help that consists of actual helping, as Volcanicus, the combiner made up of the dinobots, starts to gain consciousness again after being shot to the ground by Predaking in the last episode. He promptly starts chasing after the Predacons for revenge.
We catch up with Megatron, who approaches the shiny thing he was distracted by in the last episode, and it turns out to be a giant energon waterfall that looks like a Matrix, with the insignia of the various original Primes stamped on it.

Perceptor tries to distract Predaking from attacking the others, and soon all three of the main cast are being chased by two giant combiners.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread
*Record Scratch* *Freeze Frame* "Yep, that's me. I bet you're wondering how I got here..."\

Something to touch base on here briefly is the random inclusion of assorted slow motion shots peppered in here or there through the episode. They are painfully out of place, and haven't been a part of the show so far, (or either of the other shows, if memory serves) so they're a bit of a jarring change. They remind me of the infamous split screen edits that randomly popped up in the second half of the previous series.

We also catch up with the main baddie of this series, Megatronus, who has released the Enigma of Combination to place it in a shrine of sorts, at the head of the well of sparks, deep in the heart of Cybertron.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread
Oh God*** it it's just the ******* Infinity Gauntlet, isn't it?!?

As he sets the the Enigma within the altar, we're treated to another flashback from the days of the original Primes. Solus begs Megatronus to return the Requiem Blaster so she can destroy it, promising she'll craft him more weapons in exchange. She mentions she doesn't want to fuel his, *ahem*, appetite for destruction, if you will.

Megatronus promises he'll take care of the blaster, but Solus grabs it from his back. They fight over it, accidentally triggering it to fire. A beam is launched off the surface of Cybertron, killing Solus in the process. Megatronus mourns her as the spark drains from her optics.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread
something something topical gun control joke

He watches a spark fall into the well, and comments that his henchmen are doing their job, further confirming no one else lives on this **** planet. He opens a briefcase to reveal the Matrix of Leadership to add it to the shrine.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread

Fun is not something one considers when watching a terrible cartoon, but this...doesn't put a smile on my face.

Back in the swamp, our heroes are still being chased by the two combiners, when they reach the obvious conclusion of trying to make them fight each other. The pacing of the scene is literally slowed down because of another slo-mo shot. To make matters worse, Windblade talks, in the middle of the shot, at normal speed. I just... I just don't know anymore.

After running a long distance from where they first landed and met the Dinobots, they all get launched off a cliff by one of Predaking's blasts, but neither of the Combiners see it coming, so they fall as well, farther into the canyon. The heroes have a moment to regroup and find...Megatron and his giant Matrix waterfall?!? ******* what?!?
Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread
The Miraculous Teleporting Megatron; Wherever The Plot Needs Him To Be.

But the newly reacquainted group doesn't have long to chat, as Predaking and Volcanicus show up again, having magically climbed a giant cliff face in justa handful of seconds with no other signs or clues that they were approaching.
Megatron enters the Matrix building and tells the others to wait there. The episode ends.

Oh my God.

I said last week that the show felt like it was just sitting here spinning it's wheels, and this episode illustrates that perfectly. The main cast have been in the swamp for all three episodes now, and for the majority of that time simply being chased around in circles. They're accomplishing nothing, and it's getting extremely frustrating. This episode could basically have been the first, practically beat for beat. "Find enemy. Fight enemy. Figure out how to beat enemy. Run away. Repeat." The glaring plot holes and continuity errors are ridiculous, and the end of this episode is the first time I've actually shouted at my screen because of these shows. If I have to search for a positive, I like the idea of the various relics combining their power to create...something. It's fairly cool, if a little overdone by other shows. Entertainingly bad, but little more. See you next week.

Thanks for reading my review of Episode 3, you can find it on go90 and the Transformers Tumblr if you wanna watch it for yourself. Come back and tell me what you thought of the episode, and what you thought of my review! I'll see you next week when we take a look at episode 4!

Machinima Titans Return Episode 10 REVIEW

Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 10 REVIEW
Date: Tuesday, January 9th 2018 3:39pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Bronzewolf | Credit(s): Go90

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Another Tuesday brings another episode of Machinima's Titans Return animated series. We're finally up to the final episode this week, episode ten, and boy are we in for a big one. That's not necessarily saying it's good or bad, just that it's packed to the brim with new, interesting, and slightly confusing moments. So without further ado, let's take a look at the final episode of Titans Return!

We rejoin the action with Trypticon having just eaten Victorion, the Enigma of Combination, Perceptor, and the Matrix of Leadership. This is obviously too much power for even the giant Titan, so he automatically rejects them all, coughing up the two Autobots and the two relics. Starscream's ghost is also released from Trypticon's body, and he falls, having basically been turned into an empty shell. The former council member says his final words to the Megatron and the rest of the cast, and then disappears into the ether. Sort of an anti-climatic end to the main plot thread of the series, but it at least makes some sort of sense. For the first time in a few episodes, Overlord is shown again, now overlooking (badumtiss) the aftermath of the battle.

Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 10 REVIEW
"Well ain't that downright...finger lickin' good."

Victorion tries to retake the Enigma, but it catches her on fire, burning her right forearm, an entire half of Dust Up (Who may or may not exist as a separate personality in this continuity, given this series' track record with Combiners), completely off.

She recoils from the attack as the fire spreads, creating a ring around both the Enigma and the Matrix. The fire climbs higher and creates the shape of a...fairly non-threatening smiley face?

Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 10 REVIEW
"Children of my third cousin twice removed's wife's sister's bank teller!"

The Emoji from hell reveals himself to be some sort of God to the Transformers, and Optimus wants to defend Cybertron from his obvious evil intentions, but Megatron convinces Prime to let him talk to the mystical being first. As Megatron approaches, the being reveals himself to be none other than Megatronus. Megatron speaks to him, reminding the God that he has, for eternities, fought under his name with respect and honor, and united the Decepticons Megatronus created. Megatronus tells him to move on to his point, so Megatron continues.

I have a few issues with Megatron's speech here.

The first is that Megatron curses Megatronus, saying "Goddamn you!". It caught me so off guard that it totally pulled me out of the episode. I haven't really shared my thoughts on the PG-13 nature of this series' dialogue yet, so I'll throw those two cents in now. It's not the principle of swearing that bothers me specifically, I think it's fine to use for effect, but in this series it feels like they're including it just because they can. There's no drama to it, no anguish, it's just there. Not only that, but in this specific case it makes no sense, as he's the God doing the damning. Perhaps it would have been more of an effect had he said "Primus Damn you!" or something to that effect, referencing a power higher than Megatronus. I digress.

My second issue with this scene is Megatron himself. Megatron's voice actor is one of the best parts of both this series and its predecessor, Combiner Wars. The sarcastic and flippant take on the classic character is seriously one of the best Megatrons we've seen since G1, but in this specific scene, it doesn't completely work. He's lamenting to his God and Idol about all of these things he's done to try and honor Megatronus, but he still maintains his indifferent exterior. It actually would have been an interesting scene to have him perhaps become slightly vulnerable at the feet of his idol when he's so buffed against vulnerability toward everyone else. It would have deepened his character, and would have really shown that he felt betrayed about doing all these things to gain approval of Megatronus just to receive nothing in response.

Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 10 REVIEW
It's awesome to see our podcast staff in official media...

Anyway, Optimus and Fort Max use this opportunity to try to attack Megatronus, and it ends, uh, very poorly.

Fort Max actually uses the Master Sword, which is pretty awesome to see in an American series, but Megatronus easily blocks his attacks. He then gets rushed by Prime, though Optimus is similarly no match for the god, and gets blasted through the chest by a lazer. Yep, we get to deal with this again.

Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 10 REVIEW
Oh, guys, no. Why? Didn't Transformers: The Movie teach you anything about what happens when you kill Optimus Prime?

As the life drains from Optimus's eyes, Megatronus warns of an apocalyptic event that will bring an end to the Transformers. With that cryptic warning, he disappears. Megatron realizes he knows where to find Megatronus, and asks the rest of the team to follow him there, promising the new adventure for the cast in the next series.

Overlord is still on a nearby hill watching what's transpiring before him, and for one final twist to this huge episode, it's revealed to us that he has turned Hot Rod into Rodimus Unicronus. With that, the episode, and the series, ends.

Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 10 REVIEW

While on the whole this was a very enjoyable episode, there were bits and pieces that irked me. Line deliveries, pacing issues, the norm for this series. It answered a few questions and ended a few plot threads, but started quite a few more, but does lead in to a cliffhanger to transition into Power of The Primes. The amount of new characters and plot twists has definitely peaked my interest, and was an exciting episode, but I feel that spreading some of them out over the past couple of episodes would have been better. Some of the more recent installments have felt a bit too dull and filler-like, but it did make for quite a nail-biting episode today, like I said. And if there's one thing you can say for these Machinima shows, they're always unpredictable.

Looking at the series as a whole, it was not bad by any stretch. I've maintained since the beginning that it is leagues ahead of Combiner Wars, and it really is. In voice talent, animation, pacing, even the mouth movements on the characters, everything is a huge improvement. I can say unequivocally this production team learned a lot from their past mistakes and tried to remedy some of them. There lies the problem, though: They didn't fix enough of them. The pacing still feels off, some of the conversations need, desperately, to feel more natural and flowing. Character movements need to be more natural, and need to express more emotion when someone's talking. It's all very close to being good, and they have made vast improvements and learned a lot, I just think they need to learn a bit more.

Thanks for reading this review, and, as always, please share your thoughts down in the Energon Pub forums. Sorry today's review was a tad longer than what I normally do, there was a lot to unpack. Tell me if you agree with the points I made, or if I'm way off base. See you later this year, with the release of Power of the Primes!

Transformers The Ultimate Doom Part 3 & Countdown To Extinction Extended / Deleted Audio

Transformers News: Transformers The Ultimate Doom Part 3 & Countdown To Extinction Extended / Deleted Audio
Date: Monday, January 8th 2018 9:19am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Tyrannacon | Credit(s): Transformers At the Moon on YouTube

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Transformers at the Moon has some new goodies from us from days long past of Generation One involving some extended and deleted audio for two episodes The Ultimate Doom Part 3 and Countdown to Extinction. Check out the descriptions and embedded videos below!

This video contains audio that was cut from the Transformers Generation One episode The Ultimate Doom Part 3. The audio has been taken from an original slugged cassette tape from the original recording sessions. You can read a transcript of the dialogue in the description below The full script is available to download at thanks to Jim Sorenson and Chris McFeely

########### EXTENDED SCENE ###########

REFLECTOR: Energon cubes secured, leader.
MEGATRON: Excellent. I've left Starscream behind to prepare for the next tidal wave. When its force is harvested, we'll have all the energon cubes we need to revitalize Cybertron completely.
REFLECTOR: What about the flesh creature, Dr. Arkeville?
MEGATRON: He is of no further use to me.
**Note Shockwave's name was added later**
WHEELJACK: We had a run-in with Shockwave, Prime, and couldn't rescue Sparkplug. But we learned how the Decepticons are making Earth people into mind slaves.
OPTIMUS PRIME: That's good news. Do you have any plan to counteract their work?
WHEELJACK: Let's just say we're onto something that looks like a winner. BRAWN: If it works.
WHEELJACK: We'll field-test it when we take another crack at rescuing Sparkplug. *NEW*
WHEELJACK: In five thousand astro-seconds
*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: Good luck, Optimus Prime out.
*NEW* SHOCKWAVE: Prepare the human known as Sparkplug. His Autobot rescuers are in for a surprise!

Our series of deleted and extended audio from the Transformers Generation One series continues with Countdown to Extinction. You will note that Optimus Prime is not voiced by Peter Cullen in some scenes even though the correct dialogue is used. You can download the original script from, thanks to Jim Sorenson and Chris McFeely.

#### Act 1 - Opening ####

WHEELJACK: More! Straighten it up! Nuh! There. That does it!
*NEW* WHEELJACK: Looking good Slag. Now stamp it down, good and solid HUFFER: Yo, Gears! Get with it! Put that slab in right, or we're gonna be here 'till the Big Dipper get rusty!
*NEW* BRAWN: Ahh, that dirty-bird, Laserbeak is back again! Check it out!
*NEW* HUFFER: Mirage! Nail him before he gets away!
*NEW* LASERBEAK: #shriek#
*NEW* HUFFER: Good shooting!
*NEW* MIRAGE: But band news, Whenever Laserbeak shows up, the Decepticons aren't far behind

### Scene shifts to Decepticon base as final edit ###

### Extended by one word ###

OPTIMUS PRIME: Too clear, Cliffjumper. Megatron is operational. We can't let him and the Decepticons regroup. Autobots
*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: transform!
STARSCREAM: Ahh! Just as you told me! An exponential generator. The ultimate power source!
DR. ARKEVILLE: Careful, Starscream! Disturb the generator's rhythmic pulse, and the Earth and every living thing on it will cease to exist!
STARSCREAM: I do not care about this minor planet.
*NEW* MEGATRON: Soundwave! Send Laserbeak ahead
RUMBLE: Megatron! Autobots following below!
MEGATRON: Thundercracker, Skywarp! Stop them.
THUNDERCRACKER: Right, Megatron!
SKYWARP: Attack!


### ACT 2 ###

### EXTENDED ###

OPTIMUS PRIME: Autobots, halt! Brawn, dig Bumblebee out. The rest of you, transform and take cover.
WHEELJACK: I don't wanna take cover! I wanna fight in the clear!
IRONHIDE: Yeah! Let's clobber those flyin' garbage cans!
*NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: Come in, Megatron. Skywarp's down! *NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: Wrong! - He's okay!
MEGATRON: Decepticons, land and attack!
*NEW* RUMBLE: Now you're cooking on all circuits!
*NEW* OPTIMUS PRIME: Return fire -- and deploy!
*NEW* JAZZ: On the downbeat ... beat them suckers down!
*NEW* VARIOUS: (Battle cries)
*NEW* SOUNDWAVE: Prepare to be destroyed!
*NEW* WHEELJACK: Ooooooof!
*NEW* OPTIMUS: #grunts#
*NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: The bigger they are, the better I like it!
MEGATRON: Fall back, Decepticons! These Autobots are too hero-programmed to know when to quit!

### NOTE: The scene with the quicksand was originally split by Dr Arkeville being electrocuted.

### ACT 3 - Wrong Vocal Recordings + additional lines ###
OPTIMUS PRIME: Hello again, Megatron!
MEGATRON: Here, have a ton of fun!
RUMBLE: Unnnaahh!
OPTIMUS PRIME: (Laughs) Your aim's improving, Megatron!
*NEW* WINDCHARGER: Hey, Skywarp... this'll give you a "charge"
*NEW* SKYWARP: -- Hey! What's going--?!
*NEW* WINDCHARGER: Ah ah ah... only big boys get to play with guns! #################

### ACT 3 - Stand in Optimus Recordings ####

MEGATRON: Get away from that, Optimus Prime! It belongs to me!
OPTIMUS PRIME: Then you're not foolish enough to fire at me while I'm standing in front of it, are you, Megatron?
RUMBLE: Let me blast him. I'll –
MEGATRON: Quiet! I always hit what I aim for, Prime. Stand clear.
OPTIMUS PRIME: Gladly. I hate standing at ground zero when an explosion is imminent. Or hadn't you noticed that your possession is in an unstable condition?
MEGATRON: Leave! I only want what's mine.
SHOCKWAVE: Megatron, come in! Megatron, this is Shockwave! Acknowledge! If you are functional, Megatron!
MEGATRON: Of course I'm functional! Call back later. I'm busy.
SHOCKWAVE: Megatron, you must find Dr. Arkeville's lab and disconnect the detonator on his exponential generator. It will explode any astrosecond!
OPTIMUS PRIME: A timing mechanism.


### ACT 3 - Stand in Optimus Recordings ####

OPTIMUS PRIME: Careful, Megatron. It's still dangerous.
MEGATRON: Prime, I... I've been lost in my work.
OPTIMUS PRIME: Lost is an appropriate word. Your plaything has melted your housing.
MEGATRON: It's of no concern. I'll reduce temperature soon enough. Now get out of my way!
OPTIMUS PRIME: Anything you say, Megatron. I had to get this out of your hands!
MEGATRON: Nuuh! Give it back! OPTIMUS PRIME: Careful! It's at a critical stage! It's going to explode!
MEGATRON: Not here if I can help it! Ruhh! MEGATRON: No time to argue, Prime. Hold this while I transform.
MEGATRON: Now load me.


### ACT 3 - Stand in Optimus Recordings ####

BUMBLEBEE: Heh heh! Hey, Prime, what do you think Megatron's gonna do to Starscream?
OPTIMUS PRIME: Nothing gentle, I would say.

**** Jazz dialogue was not on the tape ***

Machinima Titans Return Episode 8 REVIEW

Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 8 REVIEW
Date: Wednesday, December 27th 2017 12:48pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Bronzewolf | Credit(s): Go90

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Welcome back, Seibertronians! If you celebrate it, I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, you had a good time with your friends and loved ones, and that Santa left many robots under your tree. But let's forget about all the happy feelings we've acquired over the past few days and immediately throw them into a pit of despair and agony, because it's time again for Machinima's Titans Return!

Okay, I'm being overdramatic, because this series on the whole is still leagues better than any Transformer content we've gotten out of Machinima previously. It's when you start breaking it down and looking into the individual episodes when things start to fall apart. Let's do exactly that with the new installment, Episode 8: In Good Hands!
Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 8 REVIEW
This Episode of Titans Return sponsored by Allstate

We again find Super Combiner Victorion fighting Trypticon, and it's very Sentai/Classic Mecha inspired, and it's actually pretty cool. The one thing that detracts from this is Victorion's grunts. There's little variation to them, so they end up sounding like a video game character they only recorded one "Pain" sound for. It gets grating and annoying, but the scene changes fast enough so it doesn't get too much. That's really a nitpick, though, on an otherwise fun scene.
Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 8 REVIEW

We cut back to Windblade and Fortress Maximus, who are both floating through the sky in a truly Studio Ghibli fashion. They analyse the situation before they arrive, and again it's a very nice scene. Michael Dorn is great as Fort Max, and even with his robotic lines, he packs in a lot of emotion. Some of Windblade's lines here are feel a bit disconnected from the scene, but, like I said a couple reviews ago, it's obvious that not all of these actors recorded at the same time, which makes it hard to match the emotion of a scene and make a conversation sound natural.

At the same time, the Chorus of Banes from the Dark Knight Rises-Sorry, the Chorus of Primes talks to Optimus about the threats currently gripping the city, and he decides to join the fight. The Combiners split from their super-combiner mode, and decide to attack Trypticon individually. There's some scale discrepancies here, but it's not that big of a deal.
Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 8 REVIEW
Energon Mains UNDER the city? They seem to be pretty on the surface to me, hence why your friend just fell in one.

Victorion finds some random energon shard (??) and decides to hurl it at Trypticon to make him fall into an Energon main behind him. Again, we get a weirdly long establishing shot to get across this idea. The shot lasts 9 seconds, when it could have easily been done in 3 and still have done it's job.
Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 8 REVIEW
It's the Cybertronian Olympics! All the way from Caminus comes Victorion, competing for the Gold in Javelin!

The lack of visible damage in this show is really bothering me, as well. Prime is just wailing on Trypticon's neck with his axe, and it's clearly hurting him, as Trypticon recoils and gets angry while he's doing it, but there's no visible damage or wear from the attacks. This is the same case as Metroplex back in the beginning of this show. He was apparently so damaged he couldn't continue to fight, but we didn't see any damage until his entire arm got blown off.
Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 8 REVIEW
Does about the same amount of damage as the actual toys would do to each other.

Victorion throws her spear at Trypticon but - shock! - she misses, instead hitting the Energon line behind him, causing a huge explosion, engulfing everyone around it. I would have loved to have been in the Metroplex City Planning meeting where they just decided to put extremely volatile rivers that explode at the slightest touch flowing through the middle of the city.

Trypticon actually transforms into base mode, and starts using his defense systems to hold his attackers back. He fires directly at Optimus, launching him across the city. Just as he's about to crash into the street, Fort Max comes down from the heavens to save him at the last second. Not sure how that landing was any softer, considering Fort Max is also made out of metal, just like the ground, but what are you going to do? Windblade comes to him and tells him to relax, because he's "In good hands".
Transformers News: Machinima Titans Return Episode 8 REVIEW
Roll cred-Hey! they actually did!

Overall, I think this episode is a solid "Okay". I mean, it's certainly not as laughably bad as the previous couple of episodes, but that's a pretty low bar. It is very nice to look at, though. I think they nailed the character models and set pieces. Surprisingly, the art style and animation are quickly becoming my favorite part about this series, when they were one of my biggest issues in Combiner Wars. The subtle improvements they made really did make a difference. Like I said in the previous review, the colors are really aesthetically pleasing, too. Most of the voice acting's okay, at least, if not better. Peter Cullen and Michael Dorn are particular highlights. It just feels like there's no weight to anything that's happening. No consequence. Maybe that's because of that damage issue I touched on above; no one is shown to physically get injured through all of these battles, so there doesn't feel like there's any desperate issues, even though there's a giant robot dinosaur attacking the city.

It'll be interesting to see how all of this wraps up in the coming weeks. Thanks for tuning in once again, and please keep the discussion going in the energon pub forums below. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Please tell me why. See you next week!

Transformers Deleted and Extended Audio for The Ultimate Doom Part 2

Transformers News: Transformers Deleted and Extended Audio for The Ultimate Doom Part 2
Date: Sunday, May 28th 2017 11:38am CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): TF@TM

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Courtesy of Transformers At The Moon once again, we have extended and deleted audio from the Sunbow G1 Episode "The Ultimate Doom Part 2"! Full information and transcript are also included after the embedded clip, below - check it out and let us know what you think!

This video contains cut & altered audio from the Transformers Generation One episode The Ultimate Doom Part 2. The audio is from an original cassette tape of a recording session when Skyfire was referred to as Jetfire and contains a missing scene.

700-09 Transformers show

Wally Burr gets Frank Welker to redo a ravage snarl

Burr: Eleven. This is Eleven Ravage Take one
Welker: Various snarls


As Rumble prepares to use his pile drivers the ground cracks. Megatron commands Soundwave to use disruptor waves against the Autobots.

Wally has the actors read three levels (A,B,C) of groans.

The scene is introduced by Jazz
Actors: Various groans


**Amended Scene due to use of Jetfire rather than Skyfire **

Wheeljack: Amazing! This volcano is becoming active again"
Optimus Prime; Autobots! Transform!
Skyfire: Holy halogen luminators!

**Skyfire swiftly transformers into jet mode and intercepts the endangered Autobots.

Skyfire: Have no fear, Jetfire is here! *amended line*


**Amended Scene due to use of Jetfire rather than Skyfire

Optimus Prime: I'm not certain, but for the moment, I feel we must not let the boy find out.
Spike: Find out what?
Optimus Prime: Spike, we have information that Sparkplug has been taken to Cybertron.
Spike: Dad? On Cybertron? Optimus Prime, let me take Jetfire. We'll get him back. *amended*


**Amended Scene due to use of Jetfire rather than Skyfire **

Autobots: Cheer
Trailbreaker: Let's see the trajectory map, Jetfire. *amended*
Skyfire: Roger. Coming up.
Trailbreaker: There's our position now. When we reach this point, I'll activate a jammer beam to mess up their scanners.
Bumblebee: Uh-oh, I think it's too late. Look!
Wheeljack: Jetfire! Missile shields up! *amended*



Once on Cyberton Spike falls into a trap and is quickly followed by

Bumblebee. The Autobots send Brawn in to help.
Spike: Yahh-ooww
Bumblebee: I'm comin' with ya!
Wheeljack: Brawn, follow them! We won't fit!
Brawn: Gotcha, Wheeljack!
Spike: I blew it, guys. We're sunk now!
Brawn: Not yet, we aren't.
Bumblebee: What is it?
Brawn: A ventilator shaft. It might be a way out.
Bumblebee: You really think so?
Brawn: Got any better ideas?
Spike: Which way?

**A panel lowers down behind them, closing off their retreat.**
Brawn: Forward.

**The following scene was removed**
*NEW* Spike: It's getting warm in here!
*NEW* Spike: Ouch .. ooohh
*NEW* Spike: Ohh, this metal's hot as an oven!
*NEW* Brawn: Here, climb on.
*NEW* Spike: *breaths in*
*NEW* Brawn: Must be some kind of automatic security system. The heat is supposed to burn out any foreign substances ..... us
*NEW* Bumblebee: I'm not a foriegn substance, this is my home planet!
*NEW* Spike: **gasping struggling for breath** I..I can't ... take ..much ... more
*NEW* Brawn: And you won't have to
*NEW* Spike: Yells, ahh ahh ohh, ohh

**End of new scene**

Sunbow Transformers 'Fire in the Sky' Original Audio

Transformers News: Sunbow Transformers 'Fire in the Sky' Original Audio
Date: Thursday, January 12th 2017 4:41pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Digital Media News
Posted by: D-Maximal_Primal | Credit(s): Transformers At The Moon

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Transformers at the Moon are at it again with the recovering of old audio from the original G1 Sunbow cartoon, this time in the form of audio from episode 7 'Fire in the Sky!' This is a little bit of a unique situation, as the original audio was actually sent to the animators and just never used. Moonbug can explain below:
The audio is from an original slugged cassette and if from the sessions when Skyfire was still referred to as Jetfire. This audio was never used in the final released version.

From what we have been told by those in the industry, slugged tapes mean that the animation was done and thus any missing scene we find on those tapes means that there should (90% likelihood) have been animation produced that may still exist on a tape somewhere.

You can check out the video embedded below, along with a transcript of the missing dialogue. Enjoy!

#### Extended Scene ####
SKYWARP: We... we found something!
MEGATRON: So you did. Starscream, I want a clearer look.
STARSCREAM: You shall have it, leader.
MEGATRON: It appears to be a robot of unknown classification.

*NEW* RUMBLE: Look out -- You'll damage him! Let me do it ..
*NEW* STARSCREAM: Stay back! I've had enough of your bungling today! Wha---?!
*NEW* MEGATRON: Rumble's right -- I don't want the creature damaged. We may be able to revive him!
MEGATRON: With his size and probable strength, he will make an excellent Decepticon!

#### Extended Scene with switched audio ####
THUNDERCRACKER: Whatever it is, being on ice kept it fresh.
SKYWARP: But not perfect. Info center's down.
SOUNDWAVE: Also, cybermotor relays are useless **MOVED IN FINAL VERSION**
STARSCREAM: Then give him 50.000 volts to activate his memory monitor!
MEGATRON: Starscream, why are you so concerned about this creature?
STARSCREAM: Because I knew him once, a long time ago on Cybertron. Again! This time a million volts!

*NEW* THUNDERCRACKER: Converting wrist unit to nuclear-fusion cannon ... and ... firing!

STARSCREAM: Memory monitor activating!
MEGATRON: You knew him?
STARSCREAM: His name is Jetfire.

#### Extended Scene ####
STARSCREAM: Jetfire and I were both explorers from Cybertron.
MEGATRON:That must have been shortly before our final falling-out with the Autobots.

*NEW* MEGATRON: They refused to join us in our conquest of the universe so we declared war on them and all their weakling breed.

STARSCREAM: Yes. Skyfire and I were exploring what was an uncharted planet at that time. This one. Earth.

#### Extended Scene ####
JETFIRE: Aaahh... aahh... What happened? Starscream... it's you. You have... rescued me. But where am I? This is not Cybertron.
STARSCREAM: No. This is Earth, where you crashed many years ago.

*NEW* JETFIRE: How long have I been ... dysfunctional?
*NEW* STARSCREAM: Too long! Much has changed Jetfire.
*NEW* JETFIRE: But I will soon be operational again and we will resume our scientific explorations!

MEGATRON: I am Megatron, Jetfire.

#### Extended Scene ####
SKYFIRE: Destruction to all Autobots!

*NEW* IRONHIDE: He's a Decepticon!
*NEW* PRIME: Seek cover and return fire!
*NEW* IRONHIDE: You can dish it out, big fellah, but can you take it?!

SPARKPLUG WITWICKY: Hit the ice, Spike! He's gonna fire again!

#### Extended Scene ####
OPTIMUS PRIME:Possibly. There are hundreds of tunnels down here!
SPIKE WITWICKY: Please, help!

*NEW* SPARKPLUG: Can you hear us!

CLIFFJUMPER: Spike and Sparkplug!
OPTIMUS PRIME: Cliffjumper, be cautious!

Machinima's Transformers: Combiner Wars Episode 7 REVIEW

Transformers News: Machinima's Transformers: Combiner Wars Episode 7 REVIEW
Date: Wednesday, September 21st 2016 5:44pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Reviews, Site Articles, Editorials
Posted by: Bronzewolf | Credit(s): Machinima, Go90

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Welcome, Seibrtronians, to the Combiner Wars Review Extravaganza! In a celebration of the Machinima Combiner Wars series and it's conclusion, I'll be posting episode 7's reivew and then, later today (or potentially tomorrow), I'll share my review of the finale (along with some final final thoughts) as well! It'll be one big day of celebration and thanking primus it's over. Let's look at Episode 7.

We open on Cybertron once again, and see Starscream has finally formed into his "Combiner Combiner" mode. Megatron takes a shot at him, but is thrown across the city, smashing into a building.

While Optimus runs to Megatron, Starscream deals with the amount of power he posses. He envelops him, and he explodes. Bits of the various combiners are thrown across the landscape, and a piece of Computron tries to take out Prime.
Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars Animated Series Discussion Thread
Ah, Geez, Rick, what are we gonna do now?

Starscream emerges from the rubble, now only a ball of Galactic Glitter Glue with a head, and launches some missiles(?) from his shoulders(?) at the city below. Optimus and Co. dodge the incoming debris, as Starscream starts making a black hole, sucking all of his loose parts in.
Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars Animated Series Discussion Thread
Pictured: Starscream

He "throws" the black hole at Optimus and Megatron, but here comes Windblade, saving the day again with her Turbine Attack, which can apparently stop the force of an inverted star.


Never knew.
Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars Animated Series Discussion Thread
I...I hate this episode

Windblade follows this up by rushing the literal Screaming Star, while he shoots what sounds to be lasers trying to connect to dial-up internet out of his mouth.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars Animated Series Discussion Thread
If they lasted any longer, you would have started to hear the Windows XP boot-up noise, too

Windblade is somehow able to block the large, continuous beams of pure energy with her thin sword, but is finally taken down by a lightning blast from Starscream. She falls, many stories, and lands on the ground. Optimus and Megatron have a moment to mourn her before Starscream jumps at them, Screaming and laughing.
Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars Animated Series Discussion Thread
I...I really hate this episode

Okay, Final thought time:

Why? Why? You had potential here, those couple of episodes in the middle of the series were great, compared to what has come before and after them. Why make Starscream's plot a cliche Starscream plot? You already had one of the most interesting Megatrons we've ever gotten, why couldn't you have left Starscream be and have one of the most interesting Starscreams we've ever gotten? I want you to challenge my perception of what I already know about these characters, or I want to be pleasantly surprised with a interesting continuation of what I know and love. This series can't decide which of those it wants to be, so it fails miserably at both. It's not a good new idea, or perhaps just poorly executed, and it's not a good continuation of the same old same old. What is it trying to be?
Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars Animated Series Discussion Thread
-gasp- Father! Please! Help!

I think this series could have been good, (heck, it could have been great) if it would have picked a lane. As it sits, it comes across as a slapped together mess, with 0 pacing and no cohesive, understandable plot until halfway through act 4. And even then it makes no sense.

If your going to go back on your set idea of different, more civil, changed Starscream, give him a viable motive. He is literally already one of the rulers of Cybertron. He couldn't climb the latter more if he tried. He even said how he convinced the public to trust him. He's where he wants to be! Where he's always wanted to be. Why would he ruin that? Why?
Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars Animated Series Discussion Thread
To be continued

Tune in later today/tomorrow when we continue our celebration and conclude the series with the review of episode eight!

And, as always, I'm the Nostalgia Critic, I remember it so you don-wait, wait, no. Wrong thing.


And, as always, keep it right here, on for all your latest Transformers news (and reviews!).

Review of Machinima's Transformers Combiner Wars Episode 5 "Homecoming"

Transformers News: Review of Machinima's Transformers Combiner Wars Episode 5 "Homecoming"
Date: Tuesday, August 30th 2016 6:01pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Reviews, Site Articles, Editorials
Posted by: Bronzewolf | Credit(s): Machinima, Go90

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Guess what day it is! It's Tuesday, and that means one more installment of the new Machinima Combiner Wars Series. Spoiler Alert: It's good, again. I know, I know, two good episodes in a row? What is this? Have the pigs finally taken flight? I'm serious. I actually enjoyed this one. I really liked it. It worked with the 5 minute time slot perfectly.

But we're jumping the Ion cannon here, let's take a few steps back, start looking to the skies for aerial swine, and break the new episode down.

We open with Starscream reflecting on the death of Menasor and Computron, as the remains of both combiners have been delivered to the Council's tower from Caminus. The former decepticon feels directly responsible for the death of Computron, as he was the one who sent the combiner to take Menasor down, when he should have just done it himself. This is the kind of exposition I want. Something that challenges our previous perceptions of these familiar characters. By doing this, we subconsciously realize how different this world or continuity is, and how much those characters have changed. The Starscream we know would never mourn or regret the loss of an Autobot. This is not to say that some of the more random mood swings of other characters (ahem, Windblade) fall into the same category. Challenge our perception, but have it make sense in context.

Rodimus argues it wasn't Starscream's fault, and that he did the right thing.

Meanwhile, we see Optimus sneaking around the council's building, and Windblade is jumping from the rooftops. Megatron seems to just waltz in, which is kind of one of my favorite moments from the episode. I love the "Don't Care" attitude that Megatron has in the series. It seems he, Windblade and Optimus are all ready to mobilize. He suggests that they just go in and kill the entire concil, destroy the enigma. Windblade's on board, but Optimus naturally won't allow that to happen.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars Animated Series Discussion Thread
You just know he's humming the Mission Impossible theme
The council watches them approach through security cameras. The Mistress is afraid they've come to finish the job and kill them all, and it seems Starscream agrees. Rodimus knows Prime wouldn't do that, but Starscream argues Megatron would. Here's one of two main problems I have with this episode (I know, I know, "Only two?" Hold on, we'll get there): Rodimus says that they "have no forces that can stand in their way". What? Why? Why does the council, the leaders of all of Cybertron and Caminus have no security force? At a time of war, no less!!! They're the leaders of multiple planets! There should be tons of guards there normally, but in a time of civil unrest, you shouldn't even be able to sneeze without a dozen guns being pointed at you.

Aaaaaanyway, they again consider using the Enigma to control all combiners, this time to stop Optimus and co. The enigma sure has a lot of different powers... I'm bugged that it's sort of becoming a Dues Ex Machina (heh, more like Dues Ex Machinima, amirite? -badumtiss-) device for the series. Got a problem? Any problem at all? Use the enigma! Next comes this week's clunkiest line, delivered by Rodimus. The combiners wouldn't stop "Prime. Nothing stops him once he's set on a course. And that's doubly true for Megatron." This line just suffers from bad writing, plain and simple. There's about 15 better ways that line could have been written, 13 of which excluding the word "Doubly", which just sounds odd anywhere, in any setting.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars Animated Series Discussion Thread
The Council

Starscream and Rodimus want to try for a peaceful resolution first, given how they don't know if it would actually control the combiners well enough. They don't have enough time do make a decision, however, as the attackers rush the main building. The Council goes to a ledge to greet them, as Prime explains they're not here to fight, just to destroy the Enigma. The Mistress tells them no, and also gives us problem #2. It's an issue with the sound effects again, as The Mistress tries to be menacing and intimidating by smacking her staff on the ground, but the sound given is so small and quiet, the attackers probably didn't even hear it. It's laughable. It's like a toddler getting all huffy and upset, crossing their arms and saying "It's not funny!" You can't take it seriously! So, just like with the gun in Episode 2, the sound effects fail again.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars Animated Series Discussion Thread

Megatron tries to pander to Starscream, but doesn't do a very good job of it, telling him he's too stupid to handle the power of the enigma. Starscream accuses Megatron of only helping because he wants the Enigma for himself. Megatron jumps and takes a shot at Starscream. The council runs inside, and Optimus, Windblade, and Megs start taking out the castle's defense cannons. Windblade gets a creepy, ominous warning from a disembodied voice. "Don't let this happen" it says. Who is this? We don't know, but it'll be interesting to find out.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars Animated Series Discussion Thread
Use the Force, Luke

Starscream survives the shot from Megatron, and is concerned about the attackers. Rodimus says no one is going to die, but then it's revealed the constructions have made their way to Cybertron, too. They combine to form Devastator and break through the Council room's floor, taking Rodimus with them, tearing his arm off triumphantly.

This moment actually made me gasp. It was so unexpected, and with a character I absolutely didn't expect to die, that it actually evoked some emotion. For once this series achieved not only a satisfying cliffhanger, but it achieved a near-perfect mix of talk and action for it's 5 minute run-time. The characters were good, the writing was a lot better than what we've seen in the past, and the animation seemed to be more accurate and smoother than normal. It had a great, unexpected twist, and it actually has me looking forward to the next episode for once. This is by far the best episode yet, and the template I hope they follow to a T for the rest of the series. I can really sum it up in three words: I enjoyed it. The previous episodes haven't really been "Enjoyable" per se, and I'm not the first person to point that out by any means, but this one was. They struck such a good mixture of all the good things from past episodes, and got rid of almost all the bad things. I wish it had been this good from day one. I think we all would have enjoyed it a lot more.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars Animated Series Discussion Thread
The Jolly Green Giant, after tearing another life form in half

Haven't seen the episode yet? Well, then, what da heck are you doin' here, lettin' me spoil the whole thing for ya'? Getchaself over to GO90 to watch it in the U.S., or check out our announcement article here for possible alternate viewing options. And, as always, keep your optics and audio sensors tuned to for all the latest news and reviews!

Machinima's Transformers: Combiner Wars Episode 2 Review

Transformers News: Machinima's Transformers: Combiner Wars Episode 2 Review
Date: Tuesday, August 9th 2016 1:20pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Reviews, Site Articles, Digital Media News, Editorials
Posted by: Bronzewolf | Credit(s): Go90, Bronzewolf

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Seibertronians, it's review time! As reported on earlier, Machinima's Combiner Wars series now has a second episode, and it's now online! After a less than satisfactory first episode, this episode will really tell the fate of the series. Yay or Nay? Let's break it down to find out.

We start on Cybertron this time, as apposed to Caminus in the first episode, and we quickly change to a shot from what I'm assuming is Starscream, as it cuts back and we see him flying just a moment later. Starscream is on a reconnaissance mission, to gather information on the state of Cybertron. On his flyover, he witnesses some bombs going off on the surface below.

From this vantage point it almost looks like Starscream was the one that dropped the bombs, but I seriously doubt this is the case.

We pan backwards, as mentioned before, to see the Decepticon fly to a large silver building. Here again we have an issue with the choppy animation. As mentioned previously on the boards, Starscream appears really choppy, while the background moves fluidly with the camera.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars Animated Series Discussion Thread
Starscream enters the building

Starscream enters the building from a top landing bay, and slowly descends using the thrusters on his feet. He lands and meets with Rodimus and, randomly, the Mistress of Flame. These bots are apart of the "Council" we've been hearing about.

They discuss the state and threat of the combiners, and how word of Computron and Menasor's fight has broken out on Cybertron. This is why there's so much unrest on the planet. Peace has been achieved between the AutoBots and Decepticons - and the council doesn't want to ruin that. They all consider using the "Enigma of Combination" for one reason or another. Rodimus wants to use it to take over an army of combiners, turning a threat into an asset. The Mistress wants to use it to wipe out all the combiners in one felled swoop. Starscream has an objection to this, as the combiners are transformers, too. Wiping them all out would be genocide. Besides, some of the Combiners have been loyal to, even fought for, the council.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars Animated Series Discussion Thread
Rodimus and the Mistress of Flame are introduced to the series

The Mistress feels it isn't Starscream's place to talk about killing other transformers, given his past. We also learn in this discussion that not only is Optimus Prime in hiding, but Megatron as well.

See, now we're getting somewhere. Now we have a story to work with. One that plays with the original concept that was proposed, and not too terribly I might add. There are still some issues, such as some of the lines delivered are a bit stiff, and the mouth-movement-to-actual-voice-and-words is way off and not ignore-able, but it goes leaps and bounds above episode one. But we're not done yet.

We start to view the council meeting through the scope of a sniper rifle. It targets Rodimus, Starscream, and the Mistress. The council walks over to the Enigma of Combination, and agree they should study all it's powers before making any brash decisions.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars Animated Series Discussion Thread
A sniper sets up an attack on the council

The sniper is revealed to be Windblade, set on stopping the council one way or another. She decides to fire at the Enigma, and somehow misses. She hits Starscream in the shoulder, and he falls. Another problem I have is right here. There's such a weird, delayed reaction to Starscream being shot by the rest of the council. There's a good two seconds before they really do anything. The Dialogue and sound effects become a little clunky here, as the Mistress raises the alarm and Rodimus checks on the former Decepticon.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Combiner Wars Animated Series Discussion ThreadThe Enigma of Combination

We return to Windblade. She hears a noise behind her and immediately jumps and turns around. It's revealed to be Optimus Prime, now out of exile. He still doesn't say anything, and the episode ends pretty much on the same shot as the previous one.

Overall, episode two is a lot better than episode one. It gives us actual emotions, and actual dilemmas for the characters to face. It still suffers from that 5 minute time constraint, and trying to make people understand a whole new continuity with a new story line in 5 minutes in near-impossible. My only wish is that the past to episodes would have had a bit more of each other in them. Meaning, episode one, the hard-to-follow action-feast that it was, could have definitely used a little more (or, a lot more) story. And, on the flip side, episode two could have used a bit more battles and action. But, all in all, you're starting to win me back Machinima. That Wheeljack name-drop didn't hurt, either.

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