Sightings for Leo Prime

Leo Prime
Series: Universe - Classics 2.0
Character: Leo Prime
# Sightings: 27 Total Sightings
Last Sighting: October 9th, 2010 2:28pm CDT
Description: Target retail exclusive

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Leo Prime has been sighted at the following locations:

# Date Found By Store Location Remaining
26.2010-10-09 2:10pmjlogano20TargetFairport, New York [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: badly beat up returned by someone
25.2010-02-20 10:02pmamethystedTargetLinden, New Jersey [Discuss]2 remaining
Comments: Clearance
24.2010-02-19 9:02amjlogano20TargetRochester, New York [Discuss]2 remaining
23.2010-02-18 10:02pmfacemeatTargetGoshen, Indiana [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: On sale for $10, only 1 left.
22.2010-02-16 12:02pmsilverbotTargetFalls Church, Virginia [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Only 1 left
21.2010-02-13 1:02amVSpecTargetClarksville, Indiana [Discuss]0 remaining
20.2010-02-12 11:02pminvaderleemTargetNorthridge, California [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: on clearance
19.2010-02-06 7:02pmSeibertronSuper TargetAlgonquin, Illinois [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: 50% off
18.2010-02-05 4:02amvjg13TargetFresno, California [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: 9.98 clearance
17.2010-02-04 9:02pmSeibertronTargetSchaumburg, Illinois [Discuss]5 remaining
16.2010-01-23 11:01pmmechabooksTargetNashua, New Hampshire [Discuss]5 remaining
15.2010-01-04 11:01amStockadeTargetDayton, Ohio [Discuss]5 remaining
14.2009-12-23 8:12amStockadeTargetDayton, Ohio [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: More like 10 or more!
13.2009-12-07 6:12pmenkidoamarkSuper TargetTuscaloosa, Alabama [Discuss]4 remaining
12.2009-12-07 6:12pmenkidoamarkSuper TargetTuscaloosa, Alabama [Discuss]0 remaining
11.2009-12-06 2:12amBrokenn77Wal-MartColumbus, Georgia [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Saw just as many as JT320 saw.......0.
10.2009-12-02 12:12pmIron PrimeTargetEden Prairie, Minnesota [Discuss]5 remaining
9.2009-11-30 12:11pmchunkstmTargetPortage, Michigan [Discuss]5 remaining
8.2009-11-29 7:11pmSavage_PrimeTargetChristiansburg, Virginia [Discuss]0 remaining
7.2009-11-24 8:11amWheelJackedTargetStow, Ohio [Discuss]5 remaining
6.2009-11-23 4:11pmbobbleheadcoltonTargetAtlanta, Georgia [Discuss]3 remaining
5.2009-11-21 1:11aminvaderleemTargetNorthridge, California [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: there were 8 when I last counted
4.2009-11-21 12:11amBatmantimus PrimeTargetFairfield, New Jersey [Discuss]5 remaining
3.2009-11-20 3:11pmTigertrackTargetWestland, Michigan [Discuss]0 remaining
2.2009-11-04 2:11pmStockadeTargetDayton, Ohio [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Per Target employee, online only!
1.2009-10-24 9:10amaerosmith7Wal-MartAlexandria, Virginia [Discuss]1 remaining
This item was added to the Vector Sigma Database on October 10th, 2009 7:08am.

Items Ending Soon On eBay

Items Ending Soon On eBay

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