Sightings for Wheelie

Series: Titans Return
Character: Wheelie
# Sightings: 33 Total Sightings
Last Sighting: December 20th, 2016 11:18pm CST

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Wheelie has been sighted at the following locations:

# Date Found By Store Location Remaining
33.2016-12-20 11:12pmBounti76Toys R Us - Toys "R" UsMurray, Utah [Discuss]4 remaining
32.2016-11-26 3:11pmMegatron79Walmart Supercenter #2628Lexington, Kentucky [Discuss]3 remaining
Comments: I bought one, 3 left
31.2016-10-15 6:10pmmorecoffeeFred Meyer - Portland Pacific HwyTigard, Oregon [Discuss]1 remaining
30.2016-09-21 6:09pmEmeraldbwingToys R Us - Toys "R" UsMerrillville, Indiana [Discuss]2 remaining
29.2016-09-14 11:09amImpulseTarget Mission (Grocery) #1487Mission, Kansas [Discuss]1 remaining
28.2016-09-07 9:09amxRotorstormxToys R Us - Toys "R" UsOkemos, Michigan [Discuss]0 remaining
27.2016-09-05 6:09amFURY413Super TargetMishawaka, Indiana [Discuss]2 remaining
26.2016-09-04 9:09pmBounti76Centerville Super Target #1750Centerville, Utah [Discuss]2 remaining
25.2016-09-04 3:09pmTacotronTarget Greensboro W (Grocery) #2108Greensboro, North Carolina [Discuss]2 remaining
24.2016-08-25 4:08pmEmeraldbwingTarget Valparaiso (Grocery) #1286Valparaiso, Indiana [Discuss]1 remaining
23.2016-08-23 6:08pmImpulseToys R Us - Toys "R" UsOverland Park, Kansas [Discuss]3 remaining
22.2016-08-20 2:08pmFURY413Toys R Us - Toys "R" UsMishawaka, Indiana [Discuss]3 remaining
21.2016-08-18 7:08pmMassdestructionToys R Us - Toys "R" UsNorth Attleboro, Massachusetts [Discuss]2 remaining
20.2016-08-17 1:08pmcrazyfistToys R Us - Toys "R" Us / Babies "R" UsWinston Salem, North Carolina [Discuss]1 remaining
19.2016-08-10 2:08pmZ3ROhourWalmart #1983Ceres, California [Discuss]4 remaining
18.2016-08-09 5:08pmEmeraldbwingWalmart - Wal-MartSchererville, Indiana [Discuss]1 remaining
17.2016-08-04 5:08pmFURY413Mishawaka Super Target #1445Granger, Indiana [Discuss]1 remaining
16.2016-08-04 2:08pmScottywan82Target Richmond NW (Grocery) #1049Glen Allen, Virginia [Discuss]0 remaining
15.2016-08-02 1:08pmstevoToys R Us - Toys "R" Us - WHITBYWhitby, Ontario [Discuss]0 remaining
14.2016-07-30 5:07pmClefjsTarget Streetsboro #2157Streetsboro, Ohio [Discuss]0 remaining
13.2016-07-27 1:07pmEmeraldbwingWalmart Supercenter #1479Valparaiso, Indiana [Discuss]3 remaining
12.2016-07-27 10:07amwolverinetoddWalmart Supercenter #1322Lexington, North Carolina [Discuss]0 remaining
11.2016-07-27 10:07amwolverinetoddWalmart Supercenter #1322Lexington, North Carolina [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: Found @ Wal-Mart SuperCenter @ 160 Lowes Blvd. Package damaged on most.
10.2016-07-26 8:07amImpulseOlathe Super Target #1756Olathe, Kansas [Discuss]1 remaining
9.2016-07-26 8:07amImpulseOlathe Super Target #1756Olathe, Kansas [Discuss]1 remaining
8.2016-07-21 9:07pmbvic3000Miscellaneous Stores - Krav'n ComicsPottstown, Pennsylvania [Discuss]3 remaining
Comments: Great local comic shop. Had all wave 1 legends in stock.
7.2016-07-20 9:07amZ3ROhourTarget Turlock (Grocery) #1304Turlock, California [Discuss]2 remaining
6.2016-07-17 7:07pmhurricane567Lafayette Super Target #1473Lafayette, Louisiana [Discuss]2 remaining
5.2016-07-13 4:07pmEmeraldbwingTarget St John (Grocery) #2048St John, Indiana [Discuss]4 remaining
4.2016-07-11 11:07pmDr. CaelusWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterWashington, Missouri [Discuss]0 remaining
3.2016-07-11 5:07pmconcrusher792Raleigh NE Super Target #1826Raleigh, North Carolina [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Took one left one
2.2016-07-11 5:07pmJHandTargetPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania [Discuss]2 remaining
1.2016-07-11 11:07amreluctantyouthWalmart - Wal-Mart SupercenterO`Fallon, Illinois [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Think this is right Walmart...came of I64 out of St. Louis...not from area
This item was added to the Vector Sigma Database on May 29th, 2016 5:06pm.

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