Series: Beast Wars Neo
Faction: Blendtron
Subgroup: Deluxe Beasts

Tech Specs

Possesses the form of a lizard and dragonfly fused together. Is able to stealthily approach his enemies and behead them with the sharp edges of his 'Drancutter.' If any enemy attempts to run, he launches his 'Clap Missile,' and watches entertainingly as it seizes his opponent. Any plea for mercy is ignored, and he ruthlessly delivers the killing strike.

Total: 75
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Enlisted by Unicron and fused with his dark power, Drancron and the Blendtrons are the next level of Transformer warriors. Like the other Blendtrons, Drancron was engineered to feel no remorse for his actions, no sympathy for others, and absolutely no respect for life. He is a mostly silent warrior who moves swiftly and makes little to no sound. His presence cannot be detected even when he�s standing right behind the enemy. As a servant of Unicron the destruction of every living being on Cybertron is his single motivating goal.
Abilities: In beast mode Drancron resembles a lizard and a dragonfly fused together in a single grotesque combination. He has a sick fascination with beheading his enemies and does so with his Drancutter blade. Should a foe escape his attack he can ruthlessly cut them down with a single shot from his Clap Missile.
Weaknesses: The Blendtrons are stronger than even Big Convoy himself. No known weakness has yet to be found.
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