Energon Strongarm

Series: Energon, Superlink
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Omnicons
Energon Energon Strongarm gallery

Tech Specs

STRONGARM'S over-exposure to raw energon has made him one with the energy source. It was once believed that the physical state of the Omnicons could not be affected when in contact with the substance. ENERGON STRONGARM'S enhanced form has definitely falsified this theory. With over 97.76% percent of his body comprised of pure energon, ENERGON STRONGARM'S ability to locate and mine the invaluable power source has been greatly enhanced. He no longer has to be in close proximity to locate an energon spot and can feel a source from miles away. ENERGON STRONGARM has become a valuable asset to the AUTOBOTS in battle as well. His increased physical strength has made him less reluctant to pound any TERRORCON that threatens to plunder an AUTOBOT energon reserve.

Total: 62
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