Hot Shot

Series: Cybertron, Galaxy Force
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Deluxe Class
Cybertron Excellion gallery
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Tech Specs

A natural leader with a lot yet to learn, Hot Shot often races straight into danger at top speed. He takes great pride in the fact that he's the fastest Autobot there is, but it isn't until he gets to the Speed Planet that he learns the true meaning of velocity. Faced by the almost unbeatable Override, Hot Shot needs to learn a whole new way of thinking about acceleration before he can win the Great Race.

Total: 67
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Hot Shot always thought he was the fastest, most skilled racer in the Universe, until he got to the Speed Planet. But he never even suspected the blistering speed of which he was capable until Optimus Prime teamed up with Mirage. Brought to the Speed Planet under the protection of Hot Shot, Mirage was originally badly homesick for his compatriots Downshift and Dirt Boss�, until he saw the perfect raceways of this new planet. Now, the two have formed a fast friendship, and a nearly unbeatable racing team.

Hot Shot thought he'd seen heaven the first time he laid eyes on the Speed Planet, but that was before he saw the private course Override had built for herself. Perfect, banking turns sweep the horizon, and dive, curving into wooded vales (with the trees protected against sonic booms by transparent deflector shelds); sun-dappled blacktop, designed by the best scientists of Speed Planet for ideal traction on turns and low friction on straight-aways. He knows he's come here for a race, but winning doesn't even matter to him, as long as he's free to open his throttle and cruise.
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