Series: Robots In Disguise, Car Robots
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroup: Deluxe Vehicles

Tech Specs

Total: 55
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: A Strategic Commander in the Leige Maximo¡Çs evolved Decepticon forces, responsible for mechaforming countless worlds, Jhiaxus 's rank and power were stripped away by Unicron's chaos-energy transformation, Reformatted and stamped again with the Decepticon brand, Jhaixus retained some of his former self's disdain for those he sees as throwbacks, inferior beings. This attitude extends to both the Autobots and his fellow Decepticons, neither of whom Jhiaxus cares to spend much time with (out of combat), Jhiaxus relies only on himself trusts no one, would rather die than admit he might need anyone's help. But the truth is, Jhaixus is afraid. Afraid of the dark ugliness of his own Spark, desperate not to become the very thing he believes he has risen above Self-Imposed mental disciplines guard Jhiaxus against rage, jealousy greed and the simple lust for power", all the things he considers once clouded his judgment and limited his worldview.
Abilities: In jet mode, Jhiaxus has a secondary stealth shielding that can frustrate the most sensitive early warning system, his powerful hyper fuel injection thrusters cutting out on final attack allowing him to glide in. Ultrashock missiles mounted within his thruster assembly can be fired simultaneously with engine re-ignition thus conserving fuel In robot mode, Jhiaxus¡Çs primary transmitter array creates a 360 degree/50 square mile field of full tactical awareness, enabling him to detect the stealthiest of incoming attackers. Missile counter-measures can be released in either mode. JHIAXUS can engage a secondary hover mode, allowing for aerial observation in robot mode (thereby utilizing the full simu-tactical range of his cranial sensory apparatus).
Weaknesses: Jhiaxus¡Æs iron will and rigid self-control - so necessary to maintain focus and clarity - sometimes limit his capacity for instinctive, Mal, of-the-battle gut reaction, the kind of improvisational thinking that makes a good warrior a great warrior Once Jhiaxus formulated his plan of attack, he tends to stick with it no matter what. If low on fuel restarting engines from cold in flight mode can be problematic.
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