Series: Generation 2, BotCon Exclusives
Faction: G2 Decepticon
Subgroup: Go-Bots
BotCon Exclusives Nightracer gallery

Tech Specs

Nightracer is one of the best sharpshooters of all the Transformers. Her skills are almost legendary. She can hit a speeding target the size of a golf ball at a distance of over 10 miles, both from a stationary or moving position. Her vision has a normal and telescopic Mode, with a computer guided visual tracking function. She is cool and imperturbable in even the worst battle situations; almost nothing can rattle her composure. Other Decepticons admire her skill, but are put off by her aloof manner, which is often mistaken for arrogance. In fact, Nightracer disdains braggarts, and is equally unimpressed when someone raves over her skill. She knows she's the best gunner around, and neither promotes nor downplays that fact. She prefers to avoid the complexities of getting close to others, and tends to make cutting remarks that discourage friendly conversation. She is extremely fast as a ground vehicle, as is adept at lightning turns, though she is not designed for rough terrain.

*NOTE: Nightracer was available exclusively to pre-registered attendees of BotCon 1995; only 294 were made.*

Total: 62
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