Series: Titanium Series
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroup: 6" Cybertron Heroes
Titanium Series Soundwave gallery

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Behind every villainous leader is a cadre of shadowy fgiures who remain hidden, offering vital encouragement, support and advice. These secretive advisors are often the true power behind the leader, for they control the flow of information that motivates his actions. They feed him flattery and lies that allow him to continue on his path of destruction without suffering the pangs of conscience or the depredations of being proven wrong. SOUNDWAVE is one such individual. A creature of secrets and silence, he fades into the shadow of his commander MEGATRON, all the while subtly steering the DECEPTICON commander to his own ends. He prefers to remain out of sight and out of the fight, often appearing only as a menacing presence behind his leader, arms folded, inscrutable visage promising nothing beyond cold calculation. Despite his maneuvering to improve his status, he is totally loyal to MEGATRON. he hides information or lies only if he believes it would be to his leader's detriment to hear the truth.

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