Series: Beast Wars Neo
Faction: Blendtron
Subgroup: Miscellaneous

Tech Specs

Total: 80
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: In a time long passed, a scientist known as Primacron created a weapon of destruction with which he could rule the universe. In a twist of fate that weapon gained a conscious mind and full understanding of its power. That weapon was Unicron. Free from Primacron�s restraints, Unicron traveled the universe, destroying planets and increasing his power to a level few could imagine. In the year 2005 he came upon the planet Cybertron and attempted to destroy it like he had so many others. In a now legendary battle he was defeated by the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Defeated but by no means dead. When he erupted his life energy hurled aimlessly through the galaxy until it struck the planet Gaea where it was riddled into the planet�s surface and imprisoned for many centuries. However, after the actions of the Predacon Commander, Galvatron, his life force (known as "Angromois Energy�) was sealed away in capsules and distributed all over the Galaxy. This was all in Unicron�s grand scheme. With the help of his army known as the Blendtrons he will return to his god-like power and raise hell in the universe once again.
Abilities: It is difficult to gauge Unicron�s power since it is incredibly vast. He can posses other machines, including the planet Cybertron, and make them his new body. In planet mode he is a fortress with a single enormous mouth with which he devours entire planets and moons. Unicron can also transform into a giant robot that can shred a planet with its bear hands and claws. New to his arsenal of attacks is his flaming dragon mode. In this form he becomes a gigantic fiery serpent that is near invincible. His offensive power cannot be measured. He is the scourge of all Cybertronians whether they be Autobots or Decepticons, Maximals or Predacons.
Weaknesses: The only power in the universe strong enough to defeat Unicron is the Matrix. Otherwise, he is invincible.
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Cartoon Appearance

Unicron appeared in the following 1 cartoon episodes:

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