A very lonely Tentakil

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A very lonely Tentakil
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Black Hat writes: "Sigh...It's been nearly 30 years and still no modern update..."
Decepticon Stryker writes: The Seacons yet again leave Tentakil because his breath didn't smell like fish.
Rainmaker writes: Tentakil shelfwarms.
Insurgent writes: What do you mean you're lonely? I'm stood right behind you!
Bradimus writes: Turtler, if I lose one more tentacle I quit!
Black Hat writes: Sigh...Where's Scylla when I need her? COme back to me, octo-baby...
Zottoman writes: So ronery...
#Sideways# writes: "But... But... But... I want HUGZ!!!!"
darth_paul writes: It's A Trap!
darth_paul writes: It's A Trap!
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snavej writes: Someone get me a rent boy, quickly! Preferably one with a strong stomach.
big finale writes: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Judynator writes: UFO Invasion
Zeedust writes: Night of the Living Calamari
starscream_the_eternal writes: "I swear, it wasn't me, it was the one armed man."
Unknown writes: The line of Transformers call "Cybertron Emo Squad" didn't sell too well.... anywhere.
Arsenal 121 writes: Lady Jaye mistook Tentakil for a tentacle monster.

Unknown writes: aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhh
Roadshadow writes: Tentakil: Why does everyone HATE ME!?
One of the other Seacons: Because you're UGLY AND PERVERTED, MR. TENTACLEPANTS!
Road Turtle writes: Tentakill, "Calgon, Take Me Away!"
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Road Turtle writes: "What a mess, I'm so beside myself."
Arsenal 121 writes: That's the last time I go into a sushi restaraunt...
metalformer writes: Why can't we have spoken lines? No fair1 >_
hellveticon_06 writes: Seacon's new year celebration got awry...
hellveticon_06 writes: HWAAAAH!!!! MOMMY!!!!
Hi-Eye-Q writes: Tentakil found his thermo-nuclear sneeze to be the least popular of his party tricks...
TundraTRX writes: Up by $1000 on the Discovery Channel game show Cash Cab with two strikes, Tentakil was dejected to be kicked out a block from his stop, a third strike, and no money.
קá†äñ Çøñvø¥×® writes: "I swear this isn't the potty tentacle!!!"
RPG writes: Sign: "Puppies for Free (or best offer"
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "Look, you stupid prototype, you've got no tentacles!"
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Dclone Soundwave writes: Please-won't somebody love Tentakill?
snavej writes: Despite serious injuries, Tentakil and the other Seacons boogied through the night and into the next morning at the 'War Zone' open-air disco.
Skowl writes: When the Seacon squid stated that he would "give three of his tentacles to Hasbro if they would only release the Universe Seacons" He never thought they would actually take his offer seriously.
Death-Ray Charles writes: DUUUHHH.....NOBODY WANTS TA PLAY WIT ME!!!!
DeceptiGojira writes: now you know why anyone should let squids play with fireworks
RPG writes: tentakil's attempt to kill himself by blowing up a building failed, leaving him in an emotional wreck
RPG writes: without water tentakil is known to become very depressed as can be seen here.
Road Turtle writes: "Please sir, can we stop dancing?!"
Blaster_6267 writes: I'm all alone...there's no one here beside me...i'm all alone...nobody to conside with me
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1337W422102 writes: "War of the Worlds" also used BW Scavenger.
Vampire Hunter writes: Loooonely! I am so loonely! I have nobody to call my oooowwnnn!!
snavej writes: Anyone got any antidepressants? I'm dying out here! I miss my big squiddy mother and my little frakking squiddy teddy bear!
snavej writes: I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything.
snavej writes: Giant squid Tentakil is being outclassed and defeated by his mortal enemy Spermwhalimus Prime.
Acelister writes: Tentaki: "I know what this looks like... But there's a damned good explaination..."
Acelister writes: Tentaki: "Excuse me! I've got a question!"
LT.Zerge writes: Tentikil: Oh...Oh god what have I done! I've destroyed everything NOOOOOOOOOO! now I'll never get back together with Suzi.Gaaaaaaar!!
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LT.Zerge writes: tentikil: "What is on my head? Can anyone help me take it off? Um....Anyone? A little help here.......GRRRAR!"
Raiden Gundam writes: will work for energon
Dinobot Nuva writes: Tentakil sad, no stores want Universe Seacons for exclusives
Frobman writes: I'll tell you this kids! Don't do drugs and alcohol! Or you'll end up like me!
vectorpaulie writes: I'm Coo-Coo For Co-Co Puffs
vectorpaulie writes: Oh My God Im As Ugly And Crazy As My Mother
Whelpd writes: Uh guys has anyone seen my wallet, I thought it was right here.
Jaw Crusher writes: "Curse you, Spider-Man!!!"
snavej writes: I'm just an old caption competition picture who wants to be loved. Please love me! I'll pay you money!
Black Arachnis writes: "no please! we surrender! we promise not to joke about tentacleraping Arcee again!"
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DarkMechJock writes: What?! I missed the party AGAIN?!
dabattousai writes: none of the other Tentakil want to hang with me anymore because I was born with only 4 tentacles and not 6 waaaaaaaaaaah.
Damolisher writes: Tentakil: Punched in the face after asking some girl if she thought he'd sound thougher with the name "Testakil."
Zeedust writes: Japanese schoolgirls always freaked out when Tentakil tried to ask them for directions.
Demonic Femme writes: Tentakil, "Aww- they blew up my house! Man, I had a new TV and everything! What's Mom going to say when I move back in the house?"
Zeedust writes: Scene form "Tentakil Bill Volume 1"
Zeedust writes: Why are you so lonely? There's at least two other tentacled freaks just like you in the background. Go mingle.
Zeedust writes: Why is it that this scene doesn't seem complete without five teenagers in color-coded spandex and motorcycle helmets?
Unknown writes: (Tentakill singing song from Mulan): Who is this Decepticon I see? Staring straight back at me?
Unknown writes: Scuba wants a divorce now im a single working mother nnnooo!!!
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Scattershot writes: I just saw myself in the mirror.
Unknown writes: My designer must of been stoned
PlasmaRadio writes: Tentakil: "I was this close to being piranacon's leg, what a cruel world."
Unknown writes: What do you mean I'm not as cute as Pikachu?
BlackArachnia98 writes: WHY DOES NOBODY LOVE ME?!?! *sniff* i need a hug....
Unknown writes: He was happy until he found out that they were building a fishmarket in its place.
Sledge writes: "Damn...the Giants lost again!"
Unknown writes: "Sorry, that was really nasty. No more chili for me, honest."
Unknown writes: Tentakil: Thats it, that is the last time I ever try to wreck a humans birthday party. They will shurly kill us if we try it again. Tentakils, transform and get the fµ©k out of here!
ras writes: i wish i hadnt of eaten that curry, now look what ive done!!
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magnaboss writes: Danger Will Robinson my arms are flailing out of control.
Unknown writes: With a new armor body, Squidwards wreaks vengance upon Bikini-bottom.
Unknown writes: SUPER SQUIDWARD ROBO!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: I am not a FLASHER!!!
Unicron writes: I hate sushi!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: The rest of thatlast one:
Weaknesses:That oughta beobvious!
Unknown writes: Transformers Universe entry:Tentakil..
Decepticon. Subgroup:Seacons.
Alternate form:Birth-defected Quintesson abortion.
Unknown writes: "Ok everybody do the squid!" Raise your tenticles in the air! Raise 'em like you just don't care!"
Thunderstreak writes: Tentakill: I didn't do it!
FortMax writes: Braaainsssss, must have brainnnssss
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Silverwolf writes: I feel....... disgrunteled.
Unknown writes: what the hell am I??????????
Unknown writes: Do they still allow tentacles in children's anime?
Unknown writes: what is my purpose in life?
Rhinox writes: I once took a s£!t and it was THIS big.
Unknown writes: OH! Not A remake of the octupus man!
Unknown writes: Get-out-of-my-head!!!
Unknown writes: Bwaaaahhh!!! Whats wrong with me??!!!
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Flamemaster Galvatron writes: Squid guy:

Please..just end my life now!
Unknown writes: See, I told you not to go to the outdoor fish market, but did you listen? Noooooo.... and Now you've gotten two of your friends turned into Calamari...
Unknown writes: This is why I left Tokyo!!!
Unknown writes: And now a CNN special report: Japanese Self Defense Forces unable to subdue army of giant squids. Army retreats to mountains to regroup strategy.
Jackpot writes: "Stop shooting! I've been disarmed!"
Jackpot writes: Cthulu,Cthulu,Cthulu,Cthulu,and Cthuuuuuukiiiiii!
Unknown writes: NEO-SNORKS...ATTACK!!
Unknown writes: ...now this darling over here is the latest toy to give any girl a buzz!
Unknown writes: ..and in other nes today, Bill Clinton was attack by a mob of deranged teenagers on their way home from a Limp Bizkit concert..
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Unknown writes: ..and in other news today, Osama Binladin's
4th offspring was found wandering through the streets of Kabul screaming something that translates to: " WeHadABabyItsASquid!"
Unknown writes: ..and in other news today, Osama Binladin went through a plastic surgery operation.....
Unknown writes: Tentakill: Yip yip yip!

Overlord: STAY, tentakill! Down boy! Good squid!
Unknown writes: how many times did you say I got beaten with the ugly stick?
Unknown writes: "No! My house! Look what you did to my house!"
Unknown writes: And Timmy wondered if the Ugly Duckling fable was true.
Unknown writes: ...and Limp Bizkit was never heard of again.
grimlock writes: oh oh so this isnt the set for power ragers.
my mistake
Bombshell writes: No wonder I hae no friends!
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