Cyclonus doesnt look thrilled

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Cyclonus doesnt look thrilled
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Shauyaun writes: This invisible sandwich doesn't taste so good.sorta toast lie the vacuum of space!...
SureShot18 writes: Cyclonus: No not the hip panels! The diaper! Ironhide is going to be terrible! GAAAHHH!!!
trailbreaker writes: "No more chili after midnight !"
Frenchhorngirl writes: "No one noticed that I was once Skywarp the Mighty?"
Zeedust writes: I thought Unicron said you were "Cyclonus the WARRIOR", not "Cyclonus the WORRIER".
Black Hat writes: Cyclonus: Why did you shoot me with the Gender Switch Cannon? WHY!??!

Galvatron: Sorry, you'll have to do until Nightbird comes back.
Godzillabot Primal writes: Ewww...It's all over his cannon!
WarzoneBeta writes: Cyclonus: Guys never watch End of Evangelion...I need a hug and a moment to cry in the shower while attempting to throw up.
SentinelA writes: Please don't take my picture!
cybertronianjedi writes: eww...I stepped in a mud puddle!!!!ewwww
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Thyunda writes: Evidently our friend Cyclonus just saw what became of Scourge in Transformers: Cybertron.

Cyclonus: I want to keep my straight lines!! *whimper*
ACStarscream writes: Cyclonus the Warrior's little-known secret: his tencency to "cry like a girl".
ACStarscream writes: Cyclonus found out the hard way that the Universal Greeting loses a lot in translation when converted to American Sign Language.
ACStarscream writes: The Annual Decepticon Charades Contest is about to take a tragic turn when Cyclonus makes the ultimate mistake of "correcting" Galvatron's pronounciation of the word "charade"...
Zeedust writes: "Okay, Galvatron... You were Megatron, right? And common consensus seems like Scourge was Thundercracker.... So who was I? Skywarp? Bombshell? Bits and pieces of nore than one dead guy? I gotta know!"
Sondura1 writes: but galvatron I don't wanna go to school
darth_paul writes: Cyclonus: "I'm Bat-Man!"
Mindwipe: "What? I'm the bat…"
Galvatron: "I don't care, I'm going to blast both of you! Soundwave hold them!"
Cyclonus and Mindwipe: "Eeep!"
Autobot bubbs writes: Cyclonus: ".... fecal evacuation completed..."
Michael9R writes: Chuck Norris is right behind you
tian17 writes: Cyclonius: Galvatron, can i ask you a tiny,tiny,tiny,tiny,tiny,tiny,tiny...

Galvatron: Alrite!!! Wat!

Cyclonius: Why do i have horns?
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Mad_Mexicoy writes: Galvatron: Don't move..........there's a spider on you..........
Cyclonus: Ewwww! Get it off!! GET IT OFF!!!!!
Ratbat writes: NOOOOOOO, Galvatron!! Grant me mercy, I'm begging you!
Unknown writes: The Matrix is right here, Mighty Galvatron. Can't you see it? (Thinks out loud) It must be like the Emperor's New Clothes- fools can't see it. Did I say that out loud? Ooooopssss...
trailbreaker writes: "Man I gotta find a bathroom!!"
starscream_the_eternal writes: "I don't know it just happened. I swear she meant nothing to me."
Grimlock_Prime writes: Oh my God! They cancelled Gilmore Girls!
crypto199 writes: Cyclonus: But I don't want to ride the elevator!
seminole1 writes: For godsakes please don't shoot... I don't wanna die.
seminole1 writes: For godsakes please don't shoot...I don't wanna to die.
Unknown writes: He just saw Beast Machines
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Arsenal 121 writes: After witnessing what Optimus did to Devastator in Dreamwave's rendition of the Transformers, Cyclonus downloaded in his pants...
Unknown writes: (*sees mega tron naked*)

Unknown writes: School Counselor: Ok Galvatron, telll me what happened.

Galv:Well Optimus was being mean and pushed me on the playground.

SC:Why did he do that?

Galv:Because I wanted to play "Kill Optimus"

SC: What did you say!?

Galv: Nothing not
blaine71274 writes: I'll crush you with my bare hands...wait that's not my line. Sorry guys...can we try it again. God I'm so stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
blaine71274 writes: GRRRRRR! I'm a scawy tigaw!! GRRRRRR!
blaine71274 writes: That's not spirit fingers...this is spirit fingers!
Roadshadow writes: Cyclonus: Oh Primus! It was horrible!
Mindwipe: Jeez, idiot! What was so damn horrible!
Cyclonus: I...saw...Scourge...without his BEARD!
Everyone: WHOOOOOOOOOA F***!
Road Turtle writes: Cyclonus,"Carol Anne, listen to me! DO NOT go into the light! Stop where you are! Turn away from it, don't even look at it!"

Carol Anne, "Mommy, where are you? I can't find you. I can't. I'm afraid of the Light, mommy
dedcat writes: Displeased with Cyclonus’s rendition of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”, Galvatron decides to take action.
† Sunstorm writes: you know galvatron, that gun does look bigger when aimed
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Road Turtle writes: Cyclonus, "Oh Galvatron it was horrible! Nightstick and I had a another fight last night, and we usually make up, but this time he ran off with some Autobot called Stepper, or was it Ricochet? Oh, I don't know, but I don't think he's c
Damolisher writes: Cyclonus: Mighty Galvatron, please, you told me it was over!
Mindwipe: Hey,if it's good enough for us, it's good enough for you. Take it like a man!
Vanishing Point writes: No I didn't. Honest... I ran out of gas. I, I had a flat tire. I didn't have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn't come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake. A terr
Ratbat writes: Cyclouns just doesn't SOUND the same when Roger Carmel died (on November 11, 1986) and was replaced by Jack Angel, does he?
Kevinus Prime writes: "AAHHH! Geez, Mindwipe, quit walkin' around without Vorath."
Kevinus Prime writes: Cyclonus gets a rude awakining to life in Cybertron Prison when Mindwipe drops the soap.
Kevinus Prime writes: "I get shot at, Galvatron yells at me, and worse of all, I BROKE A NAIL!"
darkwind25 writes: Puh,puh,puh,puh,please let me go with you to Toys R'Us!
crypto199 writes: Cyclonus: I need to be changed, i wet myself.
Acelister writes: Cyclonus was concerned about the latest batch of 'Head'Masters...
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snavej writes: Cyclonus: I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything.

Galvatron: My patience wears thin. Your Simpsons references will not save you this time!

Mindwipe: I'm bored. Let's bomb Iran!
snavej writes: Cyclonus: Ravage called me 'honky' so I had to stamp on him. 1473 times. Very hard.

Galvatron: I don't care. You must apologise to him, or at least his remains.

Soundwave: BOO HOO HOO! Why is it always the evil ones who suffer? C
snavej writes: Decepticon Games: Cyclonus knows that he will never catch the ball when Galvatron fires it from his cannon, but he has to try.
Sideshow Sideswipe writes: Oh, look at me! I'm making people happy! I'm the Magical Man from Happy-Land, in a gumdrop house on Lollipop Lane! (slams the door, then put his head back round) Oh, by the way, I was being sarcastic. - Homer Simpson
Lord Starscream20 writes: Cyclonus: Whaddaya mean you won't let me go out with Galaxy Force Chromia?

Galvatron: She's too young for you.

Cyclonus: But, boss...
Me am Grimwave writes: "... you... you want me to put that, where?!"
Shinju-chan writes: "What? Cheat on YOU, Mighty one?! Never! I would never cheat on you! NEVER!
overdrive writes: NOOOOOOOOO! I need energon PLEASE, the things you do to me... i am so sore, even my servos hurt...
Payner™ writes: After a vision of the future Cyclonus is horried to see his name-sake in Armada
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Blitzwing the warrior writes: I...I.I, Didnt mean to go through your CD collection, please forgive me Galvatron! DONT HURT ME!
Road Turtle writes: Cyclonus, "Did you here! Jessica and Nick are divorcing! NOOoooOOOoooo!"
snavej writes: Cyclonus: We're going round in circles. I remember that crack in the wall from 15 minutes ago!

Galvatron: I think you're right. We must do something about it. Soundwave, Mindwipe, go through the entire base and paint big numbers on the wal
snavej writes: Cyclonus: Galvatron, you turn into a tiny space pistol while I turn into an enormous space plane. How DO you explain 'mass shifting'?

Galvatron: It's all done with trucks, apparently. They shift mass from one place to another.

snavej writes: Cyclonus: All I'm saying is, if we fondle each other for about 30 minutes per day, we will bond better and form a more cohesive team. Hey, why are you transforming to massive cannon mode?

Galvatron: I can't help it, my gay bashing programme
Thanatos Prime writes: Come on Galvatron, hurry it up! I can;t hold it much longer!
Ratbat writes: Prepare to be SCRAPPED, Cyclonus!!!
Arsenal 121 writes: And now, Cyclonus will preform the Chicken Dance!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Cyclonus did okay with the fire hose, but when Galvatron brought out the razor, he slit some throats and escaped on a motorcycle.
DeathBlast writes: SoundWave who's not shown starts playing "Gimme Three Steps"
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Death-Ray Charles writes: Your telling me that Takara is....not.....REISSUEING ME????!!!
snavej writes: Galvatron: For a laugh, I've just packed my gun barrel with the most awful rubbish and filth in the world. I want you to clean it out, Cyclonus. I know you are totally loyal and you have no objections.

Cyclonus (suddenly depressed): No, sir. [T
snavej writes: Soundwave: This is how we found him. He was muttering something about being captured by the Autobots and exposed to 3000 hours of Barney the Purple Dinosaur.
snavej writes: The Decepticon Shakespeare Society rehearses 'Macbeth'. Cyclonus, as Lady Macbeth, practices the 'bloody hands' scene.
Road Turtle writes: Cyclonus, "It was gastly, he pulled off his head, and it turned into a little robot! Eeewww!"
Cybertron's Last Hope writes: Oh no! Why hasnt he called me?
Zeedust writes: Cyclonus: "A Wrecker? He made me a WRECKER? DAMN YOU, HARTMAN!"
Zeedust writes: Cyclonus: The UCC has gone into reruns? This isn't normal! We at least need a new pic of Scourge and his troops by late May!
Galvatron: Why?
Cyclonus: Sweeps Week!
Mindwipe: You went so far for that pun... Was it worth it?
Everyone: NO.
thor20 writes: AAAAAHHHHH....I broke a finger nail
Death-Ray Charles writes: Hasbro Just Announced an alternator Wheelie....????!!!!
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Death-Ray Charles writes: But I have to go nnnnooowwwwww.....!!!
Mkall writes: Woah, hang on here! I was promised to see minibot strippers!
Thanatos Prime writes: Cyclonus: It was round and squishy like rubber, yet it squeezed through my hands, I wish I still had some to show you Lord Galvatron.

Galvatron: Hmmm...You've piqued my interest, tomorrow we take the Silly Putty factory!

Decepticons in the room
Thanatos Prime writes: Galvatron: When I shoot the baseball, you catch it. Okay?

Cyclonus: Yes sir. (I saw what he did to Starscream's face as I was walking in here! I'm SOL!)
Thanatos Prime writes: What the-- What the heck happened to your face?
Raiden Gundam writes: I tried to destroy the autobots but I blew something else. Nice cannon.
Insurgent writes: Having got back from a long mission, Cyclonus was terrified to discover Reflector had been replaced on the UCC. He thought such an event would never happen.
dabattousai writes: Cyclonus: Oh my God, I am like soooo needing make-up, just look at my wrinkles.
Seibertron writes: I swear I told Takara to use my purple color for your reissue, Lord Galvatron. It's those damn humans! They have it out for me!!!
Seibertron writes: Please! PLEASE! Let me be reissued!!!
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1337W422102 writes: How many emos does it take to screw in a light bulb?

One: Cyclonus.
Prime805 writes: G: And if you take a dump inside my room again Im going to blow your eyes out your ass!!!
C: Ummm argh flufft hmmmmurt (farting sounds)
G: Oh Primus he's doing to drop one "KILL HIM"
snavej writes: Cyclonus: So there's this alternate universe with a different Cyclonus and Megatron. That Megatron's green and purple and black and orange and silver. He turns into a tank of some kind. He also has these three 'Minicon' helpers who
snavej writes: Cyclonus: Oh my God, a gigantic duck!

And so ends another exciting episode of 'Transformers: the Soap Opera'.
snavej writes: For many years after Armada finished, Cyclonus had one breakdown after another. He had to keep checking that he hadn't grown rotor blades.
snavej writes: Cyclonus: I just scraped out all my orifices. Now I need to wash my hands.

Galvatron: Sure, just put them in my orange autowash tube!
snavej writes: Mindwipe: Heh heh heh!

Soundwave: HA-HA-HA-HA!

Galvatron (shakes fist): Laserbeak, bring back Cyclonus' water melon!
snavej writes: Cyclonus: Help, there's a black man following me!

Galvatron: Don't be absurd. Soundwave! I know it's difficult for you, but please step out of the shadows! You're scaring Cyclonus.

Mindwipe: Hey, I can cure your negrophobia wi
snavej writes: Galvatron: Mindwipe and Soundwave inform me that you have NO DARK HIDDEN SECRETS! Explain yourself!

Cyclonus: I haven't had time to make any - I was only created last year!

Mindwipe: You're slackin' off, dude!

Galvatron: I'm
snavej writes: Cyclonus: You want me to infiltrate Playboy headquarters? But why?

Galvatron: Bunnycon is too busy sabotaging carrot and lettuce production. All you have to do is put on the fluffy white tail, learn the moves and work that cute ass!
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Road Turtle writes: Cyclonus, "I just found out that they're reformatting me into an idiotic loudmouth helicopter for Armada! I'll never be cool again!"
Road Turtle writes: Cyclonus, "...for the entrance to this cave is guarded by a creature so foul, so cruel that no one yet has fought with it and lived! Bones of four fifty men lie strewn about its lair. So, if you do doubt your courage or your strength, come no further
marca writes: Why on a night out do I always have to be Galvatron's wingman? And why do I have to take the ugly one? Every time?
Jaw Crusher writes: "It wasn't me, sir! It was Scourge! HE taped over 'Desperate Housewives'!"
Archanubis writes: Cyclonus: *emits high pitched scream* "A MOUSE!"
Powersurge writes: Cyclonus: Whos the wise guy that put ice cubes down my back?
Frobman writes: Galvatron: You have till the count of ten to explain yourself.
Cyclonus: Well, you see ... I was getting ...
Galvatron: TEN!
[Cyclonus spends 2 weeks on repair]
NineBall writes: "Please, not the face! I want an open stasis-pod funeral!"
Silver Wind writes: Cyclonus was not particulary thrilled about this old picture being drudged up again.

Unfortunately for him, his contract said otherwise...
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Lich Lord Dranas writes: Galvatron: Now I will choose who will rule the Jungle Planet,and gain a really bad-a** dragon mode in Transformers Cybertron.

Cyclonus: Please! Please! Let it be me!

G: Shut up b**ch! For that, Scourge will be the ONE!

Zeedust writes: "Please, no more 'badger badger badger'!"
Demonic Femme writes: Cyclonis, "I'm sorry Galvatron, I promise I'll be good!!"

Galvatron, "Sing again, and I'll BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF!!"

Cyclonis, "But it was a nice song-"

Galvatron, "AAAAAAAAAAARH!!!!" *Blasts Cyc
DarkDranzer writes: Cyclonus: Galvatron my lord I don't know where your treasured childhood possession Mr. Bigglesworth is!! I told you I saw Scourge take him!!

Galvatron: LIAR!!

*Galvatron blasts Cyclonus*

*Mr. Bigglesworth is Galvatron's teddy bear...he
DarkDranzer writes: Cyclonus: Galvatron I'm serious!! We've been replaced by that new comical "Robots" movie!!
Marv writes: Cyclonus: I realise you're feeling a little insecure right now and that you need a lot of confirmation, but I really can't think of anything nice to say about you!
Marv writes: When there's nothing on TV Galvatron thinks is worth's poetry night!
Demona writes: but i dont wanna be in armadaaaaaaaa! WHAAAAAAAAA!
Zeedust writes: Cyclonus: "For the last time, I have no idea what happened to my armada! They just up and left!"
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Kal-Seth writes: Cyclonus: But I wanted the last choclate pie!
Zeedust writes: Cyclonus: "For the love of Primus, Lord Galvatron, either make them stop sijnging 'Little Rabbit Foo-Foo' when I walk into the room or give me permission to shoot them!"
juggaloG writes: Cyclonus: Um, know that Matrix you told me to get from Rodimus Prime? I, uh, accidentally destroyed it!
Galvatron: Destroyed it?!? "Fashoom!" (vaporizes Cyclonus in one shot) And I just "accidentally" vaporized you for
Kal-Seth writes: Cyclonus Doesn't Like Gym Class To Much He Likes Dodge Ball Even less
Kal-Seth writes: Cyclonus tells His Fellow Decepticons about his Armada Name Sake clearly his not to thrilled about it
Zeedust writes: Cyclonus: "You want me to replace my gun with a WHAT?"
Unknown writes: "But I don't WANNA work with the Predacons, Galvatron! They smell like pee!"
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: Oh, PLEASE, Galvatron! I'm tired of working the streets! I'm tired of servicing crusty old Transformers with Robotically Transmitted Diseases! I'm tired of being a robot of the night!!! Galvatron: Nobody ever said whor
Shadow Fox writes: Cyclonus- Oh..I like soo get the shivers when he talks down to me like that, Megatron never takes in 'MY' feelings.
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BlItZeR writes: Cyclonus:"And I saw this BIG mouse in the kitchen and I screamed and strated to shake like a little girl just like this, im scared...."
Alirion writes: "Oh my god! I look like a total moron!! Why didn't anybody tell me I have RABBIT EARS?? Damn you, Unicron! Damn you!"
Unknown writes: Cyclonus (after having seen Porky's too much): Woogey woogey woogey... Woogey woogey wooger...
Galvatron: Get the slag away from me you retarded freak !!
APOLLO writes: Galvatron: You failed me for the last time Cyclonus, prepare for your punishment.

Cyclonus: Please don't kill me sir.

Galvatron: Kill You, HAHAHA, I'm not gonna kill you. Instead, you will spend the rest of your miserable life as a
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: "What?! I got r-replaced?! What do you mean I got replaced?! I demand answers! ANSWERS, DAMMIT!!"
Rhys writes: UNICRON: Hello son, how was school today?

CYCLONUS: Oh daddy, it was horrible, everyone said I sucked up to Mr Galvatron the headmaster, and then nobody wanted to play with me. SOB! SOB!
Rhys writes: (Sarcastically) Oh no, Starscream's Ghost. I'm like sooo scared of a dead guy who everone knows is GAY!

Unknown writes: Cyclonus: why did I kill Ultra Magnus, why, why, why
Unknown writes: Oh God! I'm getting added to Armada. Kill me!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Cyclonus, how dare you use my private commode! If I was still the saner Megatron, you would be dead, but because I am as crazy as wearing shorts in winter, I will give you a chance to live. You must sing all the songs from Guys and
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Unknown writes: No, Galvatron! Don't sing the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins again, that's been seventy-eight times in a row now!
Beast Simpson writes: They looked at me Megatorn!....With their EYES!!!!
Zu Darkness writes: I just had a horrible nightmare. I drempt I was a Helicopter and took orders from Megatron and got insulted and beaten up by everybody...oh wait that's the new Aramada show
Unknown writes: why did i go out with arcee , now i am going to die
Unknown writes: why did i go out with arcee , now i am going to die
Unknown writes: (galvatron) You will stay until the task is finished, Cyclonus!!!!!!(cyclonus)Please, mighty Galvatron, I have to go to the toilet. I can't hold it anymore...! (galvatron) SILENCE!!! Do as I say!!
Unknown writes: Plz give me some candy. Plz...
Galvatron writes: Damn "Battery Acid" indigestion!!! I gotta take a crap or my tailpipe is going to explode!!!
Chrono writes: You said i could my dolls
Unknown writes: OHHH this new metalic underware is CO-O-O-LD!!!!
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Unknown writes: I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!
tfpredaking writes: Kill me know Galvatron!! I have seen the future and its Horrible!! Something called Beastwars and Armada is comming, its AWFUL!!!
Unknown writes: If I hear Adam Sesler talk about that damn "Expantion Pack" News letter one more time, I'm gonna loose it.
Unknown writes: Iam telling you they are all after me! galvatron: they certenly are. ZAP
jesse writes: but mommy I don't want to go to school today
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Dance bitch dance!
Cyclonus: I can't dance.
Shadow writes: Cyclonus: He he, there allllll around us, but only I can seeeee them. See? It's the miiinibots. they've come to take over the world and turn us into appliances, but not me. I know. I'll blow my arm off so they think I'm
Unknown writes: Cyclonus:It was HORRIBLE! First Superion literally stomped me into the ground,then Fortress Maximus shoved me up his ass!!! Scourge:Hey,Cyclonus! I got ya somthin' while I was in Japan! Cyclonus screams like a bitch when Scourge pulls out re-
Unknown writes: They made me put on an Nsync record so you wouldnt know while you were taking a whiz honest!!!!
Mindwipe: squealer!
Glen writes: CYC: I just realised something! I'M NAKED!!!
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Manchester Devil writes: Galvatron, I beg of you. Please don't play Britney Spears!
Rampage: Cool! More Cannibal Corpse for me! :D
Soundwave: My taste in music superior, Rampage's inferior.
Rampage: Screw you nerd!
gabriel writes: EKKKKKKK!!! I saw a
Black Hydra Scorpion
Unknown writes: Cyclonus- "Galvatron! I just saw the cutest thing! There was this cute little kitten about yay long. And he had a tail. And he-"
Scourge, slapping him- "Get a hold of yourself, man!"
Galvatron- "I killed
Unknown writes: Cyclonus (in a baby voice)- "Oh lookit me! I'm the poor little Galvatron. My plans never work. Boo-hoo-hoo..."
Galvatron- "That's it. I'm gonna kill him..."
Scourge- "Whoo-hoo!
The Matrix writes: ""
frank writes: "I just pooped in my pants!"
gabriel writes: Galvatron i know you said i should have gone on cybertron,
but I really need to Go!
Unknown writes: Scourge: Cyclonus must've seen a spider again. Nightpaw: No, Arcee dumped him last year. Angel: And he's still being a crybaby over it?!!
Unknown writes: Where will you be when your laxative kicks in?
Unknown writes: Great Galvatron! Rodimus Prime has toilet papered our base AGAIN!!!!
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Unknown writes: C:it was horrible the autobots tied me up and daniel RAPED me!!!!
Unknown writes: ...JUST...SO....CONSTIPATED...
Unknown writes: In loving memory of Roger Carmel
Unknown writes: Cyclonus:"Hey, Megatron, have you seen Hamtaro?"
Ironhide writes: Oh this sh#t feels like stone!
Unknown writes: For the last time! I am NOT the Easter Bunny!
Unknown writes: Galvatron, Wheelie dumped me!
Hypertron writes: Cyclonus-They they are on T.T.Torqulon my lord...GALVATRON-Say again, Cyclonus
Stacey writes: I saw a spider, please flush it down the toilet.
Omega Prime writes: Cy: WAAAAAA! the Autobots shot me with a toy gun! WAAAAAA!
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Unknown writes: Cyclonus (crying)
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: The Autobots called me gay.
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: Come on Mindwipe, I need the bathroom!
Overlord writes: Please, think about the children!
Unknown writes: give me all your crack!!!
Venom writes: Cyclonus: But -sob- all I asked was for you not to touch my no-no place...
Unknown writes: I Was The One Who Cancelled Reboot!!!!
Unknown writes: Cyclonus relaying to Galvatron the news that he will bee audited by the IRS
Unknown writes: Soo Cyclonus it was your TURD!!!!!!!
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Unknown writes: Cyclonis: (Whimpers) The Autobots Lost My Daft Punk CDs Again!!!
Unknown writes: Dammit... I need to use the washroom!
Unknown writes: plz!!!!!!!! dont blast me galvatron
Unknown writes: Cyclonis:but Galvatron..... I need to go potty....
Thunderstreak writes: Cyclonus after seeing his new form for Armada.
Unknown writes: Cyclonus:"Please,don't let Hasbro turn me into a helicopter!!"
Galvatron:"At least since they're using your name,those name-thieving scum at Marvel can't steal it, like they did to Onslaught!!&quo
Unknown writes: Jesus, Galvatron! It's so big! I can't take all that!
Unknown writes: It was only one time. Everybody experiments when they're in college!
MEGATRON writes: cyclonus: why!!! why!!! no!!! NO more but sex!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: Anything but the Tellytubbies PLEASE!!
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Silverwolf writes: Abd, then.... and then... HE TOUCHED ME IN MY SPEACIAL PLACE!

Galvatron: YOU POOR THING!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: What the hell are you doing?! Cyclonus: Don't You watch Dragon Ball Z?! Galvatron: What the Hell you talking about?! Cyclonus: Gekrisudokan!!!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: I told you to go before we left Cybertron, now you'll just have to hold it!
Sideshow Sideswipe writes: (in a Monty Burns voice)
Cyclonus: "Ooh smithers, help me! the Germans are after me, I'm so scared"!
"Galvatron: (in a german accent) "Stop zat."
Unknown writes: Must...have...fiber!
Unknown writes: GALVATRON:Cyclonus,you are the weakest link.Goodbye.
Black Arachnis writes: please, I don`t want to be a targetmaster.the`re so smelly and they need air and stuff.
Mirage writes: I coulda been a Prentender..........I coulda been somebody!
Stelartron writes: Due to the apparent death of Starscream, and needing another excuse to blast someone, each week Galvatron selected one of his soldiers to be the designated groveler. This week, it's Cyclonus's turn.

CYCLONUS: thinks~ Oh crap...~ Pleas
Unknown writes: Will you please lemme use the bathroom? I gotta go for a major whizz!
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Unknown writes: "No! you misunderstood me! I meant those pants would make ANYONE look fat. NO I DIDNT MEAN THE F WORD AGHHHH!!!" *FWAWOOM!*
Unknown writes: nnnnggggghhhhh!!! parp nnngggggghhhhh!!! too..... much.... immodium nnngggggghhhh!!
matt writes: (Cyclonus, whining) But Galvatron - I'm SO tired of having top service you day in and day out! PLEASE get one of the Sweeps to do it this time! I just wanna go back to bed and sleep...
Windcharger writes: Why won't they release Brave Max in the U.S.? WHY WHY WHY
Unknown writes: What's this about a riot in the repair bay? CYCLONUS: Shut up and help me get this wrench out of my ass!
Unknown writes: Galvatron; BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA whats that smell Cyclonus? BWAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Cyclonus: poopie *cries*
Galvatron: here's a wetnap in this orange penis looking thing.BWWAAAAAA
Cyclonus; sir
Galvatron writes: I just crapped my pants
Unknown writes: can i go now?
Unknown writes: Oh Galvatron, what a big gun you have. Oh my I wet my leg circuits
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Unknown writes: "The pain... The endless suffering... Gonhorrea is no joke, kids."
Unknown writes: Sorry, I'm broke and...WHOA! YOUR TWENTY BUCKS? RIGHT HERE, SIR!
Unknown writes: Cyclonus:"Please, don't make me be the bitch
again, Galvatron!!"
Galvatron"Do as I say! And call me Butch"
Unknown writes: Cyclonus stood speechless for 10 minutes because he couldn't believe he was talking to THE Marilyn Manson.
Unknown writes: Man did you have to kick me in my bearings!
Unknown writes: See I got carpul tunnel!
Unknown writes: Cyclonus:I got spirit in my breches, and it really really itches, I got spirit yes I do! Woo!
Galvatron:Damn that prozak.
Unknown writes: As you know our blackade is perfectly lega, and we would be happy to accept ambassadors...
Unknown writes: Oh my god it's N*SYNC!!! *faints*
MEGATRON writes: No not the Plasma Cannon, I want the Pink Fluffy Hand Cuffs!
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Unknown writes: please dont put the pineapple up my ass again it hurts
APOLLO writes: Galvatron:"What's the hell is wrong with you?"
Cyclonus:"The New York Yankees lost the World Series?"
Galvatron:"S***, I had money on that game."
APOLLO writes: Galvatron:"What's the hell is wrong with you?"
Cyclonus:"The New York Yankees lost the World Series?"
Mixmaster writes: The latest craze sweeps cybertron - the invisable Rubik Cube!
Shrapnel writes: "No, please Galvatron, don't do this! I didn't see you playing with your dolls at all!"
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: I swear! You are the only one in my life!
Soundwave writes: Oh, now I've done it, I should not have had that extra glass of energon before we left!
Fortress Maximus writes: Cyclonus: No, I SWEAR almighty Galvatron...he was this big and he flew up my nose and I dropped the raw energon and those Autobots got it! Those darned Micromasters!
Fortress Maximus writes: Cyclonus: No, I SWEAR almighty Galvatron...he was this big and he flew up my nose and I dropped the raw energon and those Autobots got it! Those darned Micromasters!
Jay Prime writes: No...more...Pokemon?!
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Unknown writes: Okay, I did it....I forgot to can the roll in the bathroom.
Unknown writes: Cyclonus, being a BIG Nirvana fan, still can't get over the death of Kurt Cobain.
Maxie-Astrotrain writes: Please Galvatron I want it..It was so cute and its big brown eyes!! I WANNA PUPPY!!
Unknown writes: Oh no, I think I just crapped in my pants!
Bombshell writes: But Galvatron. I REALLY need to use the bathroom!
Bombshell writes: But Glavatron. I REALLY need to use the bathroom!
prime writes: Knowing that Cyclonus could only count on his fingers, the Autobots sent him a transmission that would mean his doom... "What is 7 + 5?"
Unknown writes: I'll dance
Unknown writes: But I never took the cookies from the cookie jar, honest!
Shadowen writes: MINDWIPE: Uh-oh. Here he goes again.

CYCLONUS: And then I took the butter and milk and stirred them all together...
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