Blaster tries to tell Kup something

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Blaster tries to tell Kup something
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trailbreaker writes: "Kup I just stuffed Daniel into a box and mailed him to Galvatron! Let's celebrate!"
paul053 writes: Hold it right there! Private party. No senior allowed.
Susha writes: B; omg omg I hope they cast me this time round
K ; mhh thish remindsh me of that time at dino-camp when Slag stuck a petrorabit...
trailbreaker writes: "BUUUUUUUUURP!"
Kup: ...
dutnam writes: If you tell that story again, I swear I'm gonna strangle you with your own jumper cables, you senile old bastard.
dutnam writes: BOOOOOOOO! How's your Hiccups now?
DeltaSilver88 writes: Blaster: Kup, Soundwave is coming! Get outta here, I got a bomb inside my chest. Ya know, Eject leaps outta there and throws the bomb on Wave and his pals. Eject, eject! HEY! Where the hell... Oh no. *BOOOOOOOOOOOM*

Kup: Woah, now that was a bomb. Blas
Unknown writes: Blaster: Is the lemon still on my head?
Kup: It's not a lemon, it's your hat.
(PigMill confesses he's obsessed with hats.)
Zeedust writes: Blaster: "So the hadoken starts off something like this, and beyond that I'm kinda lost..."
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Scatterlung writes: Blaster: d00d! 1 0wn3d 7h15 n00b w1d m4h sk1llz 0n d4 53ib3tr0n RPG f0r|_|m!!
Kup: d00d!
DestronMatrix writes: Blaster:"look out, shout OW!"

Kup:"whats the matter lad, you hurt"

Blaster:"man kup you really got to get with the times"

Kup:"I'm hip, get down yo"

Blaster:"your such a retardacon"
Roadshadow writes: Blaster: Kup! We're out of energon cookies! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!

Kup: Weirdo...
ALISTAIRE_562 writes: Blaster: Jigga who?

Kup: Jigga what?
Chromia writes: Blaster:I'm being followed by Wheelie and Blurr!!

Kup: Don't worry kid..I'm right behind ya.
Dclone Soundwave writes: Blaster:"Kup! Boy am I glad that I found you.There's something that I've gotta tell you.....Kup, I've always loved you."
Kup:"Why you sick little robo-perve!"
Dragonoth writes: Radio Announcer: "And now the news. Don't touch that dial!"

Kup: "My favorite!"

Blaster: "Don't push my buttons!"
gauthic_angel7680 writes: Blaster: You said how much coke was found on Prime?
Kup: About 4 pounds.
Blaster: Sh*t, that was mine. I put it in his pack for safe keeping.
Armbullet writes: Blaster:Guys! I found Optimus's stach

red_ensign writes: Blaster: You're sleepwalking, Kup, sleepwalking! It's one in the morning! Put the gun down, go back to bed, for the love of Primus, PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!!
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Pokejedservo writes: Question, why is Blaster trying to go Sumo?
Chromia writes: Blaster: Kup!! I just realized!! I'm old and outdated! *sobs* I have a tape player in me for Primus's sake! You have no idea.....

Kup: (I can't believe I'm hearing this.....)
magirus writes: kup! kup! quick I need a place to hide. sparkplug keeps trying to retrofit an 8track player on my .azz
gauthic_angel7680 writes: blaster: prime is on a rampage because some one snorted all his coke. Run, run as fast as you can!!!
Mikemann writes: Blaster-Kup uou can't co in there!

Kup-Why not, Lad?

Blaster-Because, the paint in there is still drying and it will activate your alergys.

Kup-I'm a robot you moron, I don't have allergys! Duh!
Zeedust writes: Blaster: "For the last time, Kup, this sin't The Godfather, and putting an iPod in my bed is NOT gonna get me to do what you want!"
pyro_bot writes: kup was approaching Blaster with a karaoke tape and a microphone.
pyro_bot writes: blaster: kup we need you quick.
Kup: why?
Blaster: bumblebee was playing grimlock at connect 4 and forgot to let him win!
Kup: Dear Primus.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blaster,"Kup run! There's a new caption contest right behind me!"
JazZeke writes: Blaster "Kup, for Primus's sake, KILL ME! My dial's stuck on Eminem & I can't turn myself off!"

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Orion_Pax writes: Kup I just loaded my pants....
Let me through I need to go to the toilet.
You wanna know why ? huh huh....
"They" are going to cancel our show for a whole new season of that to cool to be true competitor for souls; Invader Zim.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blaster,"Oh my god Kup I was painting this room orange,and I ran out."

Kup,"Yeah buddy that sounds like a real problem.Considering the Decepticons are attacking and all."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Kup,"What is it lad?"

Blaster,"Uhm.......damn I forget.......I hate when that happens."
1337W422102 writes: Blaster: Run, Kup! Spike's coming!
Kup: I don't see the need to run, lad.
Blaster: Not Spike Witwicky! Spike Spiegel! He's got a bounty on our heads!!
Kup: This is just like that time on Junk Planet when...
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Kup's homecoming after appearing on "The Swan."
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Blaster: RUN AWAY! Ramhorn's on a rampage again!
Kup: That's the 3rd time this week.
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Blaster: HELP! The Decepticons are attacking again!
Kup: So We'll stop them like we always do.
Blaster: No! Don't go out there, Soundwave's playing Milli Vanilli nonstop!
Kup: Then we have to play a Pat Boone tape. At least HE can sing.
trailbreaker writes: "Kup, come quickly! I just put a lime in the coke, you nut....."
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Blaster goes "Kup Tipping."
Road Turtle writes: Blaster, "Kup! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to call you a Model-T!"

Kup, "So that was an accident, was it Lad? Just like how I'm accidently going to unspool Rewind and feed him to ya?!"
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Thanatos Prime writes: no! wait wait wait! I got it now! There weren't any for him to eat! HAHAH... wait, no that wasn't it...

Kup: *this is stupid, he needs to stop listening to Howard Stern, it's just not funny to us bots.*
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blaster singing,"Sommmmmmmmmewhere over the rainbow,birds fly high.Birds fly over the rainbow why,oh why can't IIIIIIIII?"

Kup,"Oh Primus.Tracks has been play his Judy Garland tapes in you again hasn't he?"

darkwind25 writes: Blaster: Yo, Im Mc Blaster and I got your back, Energon and Armada are totally whack. Break it down.

Kup: Aw yeah, G-money!! Hey, do the robot!
darkwind25 writes: Blaster: Jibidy joodah, jibidy joodahhhhhhh!!!
Splorkadork heehawwwww!!!
skyshadowprimus writes: Blaster:Every entrance to the city is wide open,&we can't shut them!
Bumblebee(off screen):Nothings working we can't even sound the security alarm
Kup: Try and pick off galvatron1st
(offscene)CUT...... Kup,5faces of darkness was shot last
Yodaman writes: Blaster- Kup wait! It's horrible!

Kup- What is it lad? Spit it out!

Blaster- Hasbro sent the Armada kids here!

Kup- Dear Primus...
Arc the ZAKO writes: Blaster; OOOH KUP! ITS HORRIBLE! ITS HORRIBLE!!!!!!
Kup: What is?
Blaster: Hmmmm you know what? I really can't remember...
*smacks Blaster upside the head*
God Meister writes: Blaster: TAKE ME OUT OF THIS CRYSTAL PRISSION!!!

Kup: No until you put down YOUR music...
God Meister writes: Blaster: O.N.L.Y C.A.S.S.E.T.T.E.S
How many times I have to tell'ya...
I'dont play DVDs!!!
Kit writes: blaster: autobot city is under attack!....again!

kup: i remember back in the day when we used to kill off entire casts like this, that was the day. kinda reminds me of the time 6 million years ago when we first landed on earth, even though i wasnt her
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Kit writes: blaster: autobot city is under attack!....again!

kup: i remember back in the day when we used to kill off entire casts like this, that was the day. kinda reminds me of the time 6 million years ago when we first landed on earth, even though i wasnt her
Kit writes: Schooo bwinjy
Kit writes: Aw hell no jibbajabba phoolz talkin chicken wang nigrah
Acelister writes: Blaster: "Kup! Daniel installed AOL on Teletran One!"
Acelister writes: Kup: "Blaster... I am your father..."
Blaster: "NOOOOOO!"
Acelister writes: Kup: "And thats how I found him."
(Off screen) Hot Rod: "Lets stick Energon Goodies up his nose!"
Kup: "I'm so glad you ain't Prime anymore..."
Acelister writes: Kup: "You know how... Every year at Christmas, I have to go away on 'buisness'... And Santa comes to see you..."
Viper 16 writes: Blaster: Kup, help me! This song is going through my head, its talking about a banana phone!
Kup: dude, don't touch me... wait a minute, you were into the energon weren't you!?
Blaster: I'm not guilty!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blaster,"Kup Optimus has gone mad he's killing people."

Kup smiles sinisterly,"We all go a little mad sometimes....."

Blaster,"Oh no..."

1337W422102 writes: Blaster: Duuuuuuuuuuuuude, my hands are so big...
Kup: Lad, I told you about the hazards of alcohol abuse!
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Silent writes: Blaster: Hey Kup...Woah. You really need to get plastic surgery, you old bastard.
ninjabot writes: Dude you won't believe what I just saw, Meagatron and Galavatron wer standing side by side!!!
Alphatron2k3 writes: Blaster: KB Toys was bought out!

Kup: Thats not important!! Why are standing that way?!

Blaster:?!?!?!?!,because it seemed important to stop you and tell you...

Kup: Well just because you hear it on the radio waves doesn't mean we always nee
Cumulus writes: Blaster: WHAT!?!
Kup: You heard me right... Arcee's pregnant.
BigDog Grim writes: Blaster: "You said it yourself 'she can't even do the merengue' !."

Kup: "Nobody Puts Arcee In The Corner !!".
darkwind25 writes: Blaster: Before you get past me, you must first answer these questions three. One...What is the corre..

Kup: Can I please hit you.
darkwind25 writes: Blaster: Stop, Hammer time!!!

Kup: You're retarded!
BigDog Grim writes: Blaster: "SO, What you're tellin' me is we're stationed in Metroplex's CROUCH !!

Ya know those Thundercats knew what they were doin' only havin' a top half on Cat's Lair, I'm tellin' Ya !".
BigDog Grim writes: Blaster: That Jazz hands 'Kaarrap' dont work anymore Old Man, so say some Busta's steppin up to ya fly girl ....
Acelister writes: Blaster: "I JUST WANT TO BE LOVED!"
Kup: "I told you to stay away from Prime's Energon, lad!"
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Acelister writes: Blaster: "It wasn't me who pulled the Fire Alarm! I swear!"
Kup: "If not you, then who else?"
Blaster: "It was a Quintesson!"
Kup: "Thats a terrible excuse!"
*Off screen a Quintesson can be heard laughing*
Acelister writes: Kup: "I am the Ghost of Christmas Past!"
Blaster: "Its March!"
Kup: "... The road was busy."
Acelister writes: Blaster: "Kup! It wasn't how it looked, I swear! I just found the magazine and then someone came in and attacked me, posing me to make it look like I was..."
Kup: "I don't wanna hear your excuses! ...I just came back to get my
Acelister writes: Blaster: "Jamal's Autobot Busts is havin' a sale!"
Kup: "So?"
Blaster: "We can get cheap Optimus heads and freak everyone out!"
Kup: "Thats the stupidest... Get in."
*Kup transforms*
Toonami writes: Blaster: NO!!! stop!!! You can't make me.
Kup: Oh yes I can.
Blaster: But I don't like peas. *whimper*
Kup: Just get back in there and finish your dinner or else no ice cream for you.
Acelister writes: Kup was about to sing "I will always love you" at the Autobot Annual Karaoke. He had to be tackled.
proximus writes: Quick help! Stealjaw just got hit by a car!

Binaltech Bombshell writes: Blaster: Now, WAKE UP!
Kup: I knew you couldn't hypnotize...Cluck, Cluck, BAWK!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Dino, No!!!
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blaster,"Look I have no idea what a Twincaster is,but I think I'm being replaced."

Kup,"Naaaa your just being paranoid."
darkwind25 writes: Blaster: Oh man, Prime's really gonna get the blues when heres this news. There no where to shop for more Chorostop!!

Kup: Moron, that was like some 20 years ago. Come back to the present!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Blaster: Help! I keep hearin' voices and music when no one's around!'re a radio, dumbass.
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Round One of the Autobot Freeze Tag Tournament.
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Kup gets Blaster with the old "Banana Peel" gag.
1337W422102 writes: Blaster: You think YOU'RE old??? Dude, I've got a TAPE DECK on my chest.
1337W422102 writes: Kup gives Blaster some "how to be a senile old badass" lessons.
Byrerprime writes: Blaster: I think I won's ultimate caption contest. When do you think I get my prize?

Kup: Lad, nobody wins that thing.

Blaster: Then why do we keep writing in?

Kup: We're all losers.
Byrerprime writes: Blaster: The next time you tape the history channel while I'm asleep Kup, I'm gonna tell Arcee it was you who stole her torso-covers.
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SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Cybertron's zombie outbreak never reached pandemic levels, thanks to Kup; he was the only Autobot who remembered to "shoot it in the head."
Arc the ZAKO writes: Blaster: KUP! KUP! KUP! I DID SOMETHING REALLY BAD!!!
Kup: ALright, what did you do?
Blaster: I touched Arcee's Boobies!
*arcee comes up from behind with a HUGE Axe*
Kip: Hmmm that is bad...*Is now standing 20 feet away from Blaster*
Lexam writes: I like female robots as much as the next autobot, but i do not like a female robot with big hands!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blaster,"I touched Arcee's chestplate.I'm never washing this hand."
Arc the ZAKO writes: Blaster: SHINNING FINGER!!!!!
Kup: You've been watching too much of that G Godamn or whatever its called.
DeltaSeeker writes: Blaster: "Are you sure the Hokey Pokey is what it's all about?"
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Blaster after getting kicked off of American Idol
Ravage XK writes: Blaster: "BUNDLEEEEE!!!!"
trailbreaker writes: Blaster - "Grimzeek is back...AAAHHHH...ARRGH!"
Bed Bugs writes: Blaster: We gotta get out of the Ark, Trypticons going to.....
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Bed Bugs writes: Blaster: I can't believe it, Eject and Rewind are actually gay.
Kup: I suspected it the whole time.
Blaster: Why?
Kup: Oh come on, the share the same space inside of you all day until you chose to let them out, what else are they going to do?
Bed Bugs writes: Blaster: Quarterback Sack!!!
Kup: I don't got the ball!!
Bed Bugs writes: Blaster: Oh no! Kremzeek is back!
Acelister writes: Kup: "What is it, boy? Ya got something to tell me? Daniel's trapped in the old well? And its on fire? And a bomb's in there with him? And the Decepticon's are trying to steal the bomb? And..."
*Blaster punches Kup*
Acelister writes: Blaster: "Kup, you gotta help me!"
Kup: "What is it, lad? Tell me!"
Blaster: "I need a cup of sugar, a rock in the shape of a stone and a twig the size of my hand!"
Kup: "What for?"
Blaster: "Scavenger Hun
Acelister writes: Blaster: "Message incoming from the Big Giant Head..."
Kup: "Guys, come quick! He's doing it again!"
Acelister writes: Blaster: "And... What if all we see and hear... Was an Earth TV show...?"
Kup: "Stop it lad, you're scarin' me with this philosophy..."
Acelister writes: Blaster: "And then his HEAD CAME OFF!"
Kup: "Blaster... How many times do I have to tell you about Rock-em Sock-em Robots?"
Acelister writes: Blaster: "I have a tape-deck WHERE?!"
Acelister writes: Kup went through Arcee's make-up closet again...
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JazZeke writes: Kup "Don't worry, lad... I'm pretty sure it's not contagious."

Blaster "STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!"
JazZeke writes: Kup "Blaster, lad... Is it bad?"

Blaster "Holy &%@$!!"
Acelister writes: In this rare footage, we see Blaster and Kup about to share a warm embrace...
Acelister writes: When Kup went on a murderous killing spree, Blaster was the first to go.
Road Turtle writes: Blaster, "Oh my God! Kup! You gotta help me! Prime was on his charging bed in sleep mode and I took out his Matrix cause I wanted to look at it and I Droped It! It broke in half and all The Wisdom of the Ages came out and I can't put it back tog
DeltaOmega writes: yo, I know you just didn't talk about my mama dat way.
1337W422102 writes: Kup: Trust me, kid, I've NEVER met a bot that didn't believe.

Blaster: You take that back, old man!
Kup: Primus MUST be real, Blaster, and you've just got to believe!

Blaster: That's it, if you don't shut your output, I
Road Turtle writes: Blaster, "Help!!! Hide Me!!! The Dinobots are singing Karaoke Tonight!!!"

Kup, "By Alpha Trion! They can't be that bad!"

Blaster, "No! I'm the Karaoke Machine!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Hi this is Casey Kasem and we're counting them down,each and every week..."

Blaster,"Kup did you change my all metal station while I was sleeping?"


Blaster,"That's not funny,Kup fo
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Rick Dees and the weekly top 40....."

Blaster,"Did you change my all metal station while I was asleep?"

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Omega Sentinel writes: KUP: I'm gonna go in there and tell those execs at Hasbro their G1 reissues suck and they are too expensive.

Blaster: NO! Don't do that! I'm next on the list to be reissued!
JazZeke writes: Kup: "Arcee & Hot Rod, eh? That reminds me of the time a dingbat from Moroccos 3-"

Mikemann writes: Blaster-Duckies go quack quack, cows go moo, chickes go peep peep, how about you?!

Kup-What the Hell?!
Byrerprime writes: Blaster: Run! Hurry! Get out of the way. Jazz just told Grimlock he's adopted.
Byrerprime writes: Kup: Slow down lad, what size change thing are you talking about?

Blaster: They're not letting me in the movie because I get big when I transform.

Kup: We all do, lad.

Blaster: But I was the best part of the first movie.

Kup: Don't w
Kup: Whoa hold on there son, don't you mean "The Decpticons are coming"?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blaster,"Omega Supreme,just took a dump,you do NOT wanna go in there!"

Kup,"That stench reminds me of the time Springer,Arcee and I were looking for Daniel in Unicron's bowels..."
Thanatos Prime writes: Blaster: And uh, it was about yay big with huge eyes and...

Kup: *when will this guy shut up? I got bingo to go to*
Zeedust writes: No batter how hard he tried, Blaster never did manage to master the Hadouken.
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Vile MK III writes: Blaster:"Kup you got to see this..there's nude chicks out side,and I don't mean the chiken kind!"
Arc the ZAKO writes: Blster: Urge to kill...RISING!
trailbreaker writes: "Let's get out of here! Blurr just ate the energon chili !!"
trailbreaker writes: "And Arcee said 'sure, you can touch them', so I did !!"
jboyler1 writes: I'm Batman.
Quek writes: Blaster : Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be spending some quality time with Rosy Palmer and her five sisters.
Sunstar writes: Kup: Pink. We'll paint the base Pink.

Blaster: ...!
Lorekeeper writes: Blaster: I swear, the Pirhanacon was *this* big.
Kup: That's nothin', why, when I was your age, ten times your age, Pirhanacons could take your arm off without blinking. Wait... let's never speak of this again.
belgarion writes: Blaster:Now when I say that I destroyed your oil machine I didn't mean that I destroyed it I meant 'made it unusable' for a while...
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Blaster: "What did the five fingers say to the face?"
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Bruticus Buckeye writes: After hearing Kup's mind-numbing Ikyak story for the bazillionth time, Blaster screams, "Bah Weep Granna THIS!" and proceeds to kick his geriatric ally square in the nuts.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blaster,"Holy crap Kup,I didn't mean to shoot you in the face.How many fingers am I holding up?"

Kup,"Uhmmmmm eight?"
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "Look, Blaster, I've got a sense of humor - but if you're going to give someone moose antlers, you generally need to wait until they /turn their back to you./"
Towline writes: Blaster: Guess what Kup! In my "Transformers: Cybertron" mode. I can play CD's.
Kup: Big deal. My new "Transformers:Cybertron" mode's truck stereo can play MP3's and DVD's as well as download napster off the Intern
Mkall writes: Blaster: HEEEEYYY Macarena!!

Kup: That's so last decade.
Kevinus Prime writes: "HELP ME! My favorite Yanni tape is stuck!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Blaster: "I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, a you dont stop
the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat!"

Kup: "You're scaring me."
Ratbat writes: Kup! EARTHQUAKE!!! Let's get outta here!
Kevinus Prime writes: In what was an awkward moment that was never mentioned, Kup surprises Blaster and Steeljaw...
Kevinus Prime writes: "KUP! Don't go in there! Ramhorn made a doodie!"
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Kevinus Prime writes: "You put six beers in a convenient cardboard carrying case? BRILLIANT!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Sick of listening to 50 Cent for the last two hours, Kup walks up to Blaster and kicks him in the nuts and bolt!
Kevinus Prime writes: With time running out, Kup has to make a decision....does he drive to the right, or take the three pointer for the win?
Kevinus Prime writes: "WHOA! Geez, Kup, you could use a really good moisturizer."
Godfather Bluto writes: Kup: Blaster if you start playin' that damn Eminem I'm going to fraggin' make you into an old time raido that only picks up classic.

Blaster: NOooooooooooo!

Rewind: Blaster! SHUT THE HELL UP!
1337W422102 writes: Blaster: I saw you with the new Autobot who transforms into an MP3 player. I'm gonna rip you apart, Kup!

Kup: This is just like that time on Blarghos IV when Ironhide and I...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blaster,"Owwwwwwwwww Kup it burrrrrrrrrrns!"

Kup,"Calm down lad,a good washing should take care of that nasty case of scraplets you got going down south of da boarder."
Arc the ZAKO writes: Blaster: YOU ATE THE LAST OREO????!?!?!? I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!!!!
Thanatos Prime writes: Blaster: BOO!!!

Kup: You almost gave me, a spark attack! I'm too old for that kind of stuff!
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Heavy B writes: d*mn it blaster. im old and this is no time for charades,I HAVE TO PEE

Kup,"Poor bastard have I told you my Targetmaster partner wandered off?"
Screambug writes: YOU PUSHED ME AND I'LL PUSH YOU!!!
Diablocon writes: Kup: And that, Blaster, is where human babies come from.
Blaster: Ewwww.... That's disgusting!
g2jazz writes: blaster: i remember that time on beta four....

kup: primus no... not a old war story again
Bed Bugs writes: Blaster: You can't go in there!
Kup: Why not?
Blaster: Because Ultra Magnus organized a surprise party for you.
Kup: How many candles are on the cake?
Blaster: 2,509,867
Kup: Let me through, me and Magnus have some business to take care of
Bed Bugs writes: Blaster is trying out his new talent, "Mime".
Bed Bugs writes: Kup: It's a duck, no, a chicken, no wait, a walrus, that's it, a walrus!
Eject: Kup really sucks at charades.
Bed Bugs writes: Kup finally realizes what Blaster was talking about during the movie when he said, "Lookout and Shout!".
Bed Bugs writes: Blaster: Help me Kup!
Kup: What's the matter?
Blaster: I can't find my cassetes anywhere!
Rewind: Have you tried your chest!!!?
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Bed Bugs writes: Blaster: Oh man, I think I drank some bad energon.
Kup: Don't you dare throw up on me!
Blaster: Too la....*bleh*
Bed Bugs writes: Blaster: Kup! There's a horrorcon behind you!
Kup: Oh no, you're not getting me with that one again.
Apeface: What one?
Bed Bugs writes: Blaster: g-g-g-g-g-g-gg-g-gg-ggg-gg-g-ggg!
Kup: Come now, spit it out lad!
Blaster: g-gg-ghost!!!
Bed Bugs writes: Blaster: Don't move!
Kup: Why?
Blaster: Just be still, I see an insecticon on your forehead....
Bed Bugs writes: Blaster: What happened to your face?! There's a whole chunk missing!
Kup: Damn it Hot Rod! I knew you left a piece out!
Bed Bugs writes: Blaster: Quick, find Ratchet! Arcee is in labor!
Kup: Uh, he died with Brawn a long time ago, remember?
Blaster: Brawn didn't die! I was just fighting alongside him on the planet with all the music!
Bed Bugs writes: Kup: Now what was that joke you told Hot Rod about me?!
Blaster: It wasn't me!!! I swear!!!
Eject: It was him, I got him on tape
Blaster: Shut up you treacherous little son of a *****!
Bed Bugs writes: Kup: What's wrong lad?
Blaster: Iiiiiineeeedoooooilllll
Kup: What?!
Bed Bugs writes: Blaster: Oh my God! Look at the size of that pimple!

Kup: It's not that big, is it?
HookX5 writes: blaster: ", you are sooooo not walkin' outta here with that outfit"
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JazZeke writes: Blaster "Kup, if you ever wanna win Arcee's love, you gotta learn how ta dance. I'll teach ya."

Kup "What? No! I draw the line at dancing!"

Blaster "Dance with me, Kup! Dance with me!"
JazZeke writes: Blaster "Kup, th' Decepties are attacking! they've already killed 'Jack 'n' 'Charger! But I have good news!"

Kup "What is it, lad?"

Blaster "I just saved a load of money on my car insurance by s
DeltaSeeker writes: Kup: Damn that Daniel kid! He left banana peels all over the floor...

Blaster: Look out Kup! I can't stop!
TFBuyer writes: "Just Blaster!"
TFBuyer writes: All good performances end with jazz hands.
DeltaSeeker writes: Kup: Red light!
Jaw Crusher writes: Blaster: "Psst...I'm not wearing pants!"
Kup: "News flash, nimrod! Neither am I! (beneath his breath) Dumbass...need to lay off the Krimzeek Cola."
Sinister Mentor writes: Blaster: Kup, Kup! Da' shizznizzle Prime-man sends ordas ta' whack tha' Dacepta-creepz outta orbit wif da' Photon Cannon of ouaz!


Stay away from me, damned kids!
Acelister writes: Blaster: "And on a dark night... You can still hear it sigh... BOO!"
Acelister writes: Kup just found out that Blaster is the one who poured cememnt on them 7 caption's ago.
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Acelister writes: Kup just told Blaster about Eject and himself...
Acelister writes: Blaster: "Stop! Blaster time!"
*Blaster starts breakdancing*
*Kup gets his weapon out*
Acelister writes: Blaster: "You can't go in there, Kup! If you intereupt the human mating ritual, the male will maul us with his fearsome gonad!"
Kup: "I came from the future! If I don't stop them, a little brat named Daniel will be born and end
Road Turtle writes: Blaster, "Kup! I just met an Autobot who turns into an I-Pod! I'm obsolete, I don't even have a CD player! What do I Do!!!"

Kup, "This reminds me of the time when they started building trucks with tailgates; ever notice that I
DarkDranzer writes: Blaster: No!! I swear it wasn't me who superglued you to the chair!! It was uh...uh...Cyclonus!! Yeah!! Cyclonus!! You believe me doncha Kup ol' buddy?

Kup: Yeah right...and I'm the queen of Cybertron...

Blaster: Really?

Kup: No!!
Ratbat writes: Kup! It seems Starscream is back from the dead--again!
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Kup: Heard it before
Blaster: No you don't understand
Kup: What don't I inderstrand?
Ejrct (inside Baster): Shall we stop him from digging a hole
Rewind: Nah this is funny
Ransom writes: Blaster: --and you see, that's why Hot Rod said "Yes" when Arcee asked him if he liked that repaint of herself; so Arcee went like *this* and shoved him into the next galaxy. So don't expect to see Hot Rod at the meeting.

Kup: ...zz
Ransom writes: Blaster: OhbyPrimusyouwouldn'tbelievewhatIhavetotellyou!

Kup: Al' right, Blurr, Halloween was over months ago!
Hitch writes: Blaster, "I have to tell you something...I"M THE COOKIE MONSTER!!! RAARARRARRA!!!!!
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blaster,"KUP,KUP! HELP! There's little Transformers living inside me!!!!!!"
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"Call Me Maybe"
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