Bumblebee in a tree

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Bumblebee in a tree
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Prime Target writes: He failed his audition for Tarzan
BG the Robit writes: Bee: Dude, what the fuck happened last night?
Ravage XK writes: After giving him a good wash Optimus Prime hung Bumblebee up to dry.
trailbreaker writes: I can see my house from here....
Judas_Warlord writes: Bumblebee: Okay, I'm in the tree so where's the bee hive? Also, why can't I fly? My name IS "BUMBLEBEE" after all...

Windcharger: *looks at Bumblebee*

Bumblebee:...wrong series?

Windcharger: ...yeah...
Red_Sun writes: BB:"Guys, i am NOT the yellow bird from "Angry Birds"!"
prowl123 writes: I'm a certified ninja. That's how I got up here.
Taiya001 writes: Bee: OKAY trying to pole vault over this tree limb was a BAD IDEA. NOW CAN SOMEONE GET ME OUTTA HERE!?
:tree branch snaps and Bee lands on Ironhide:
Unknown writes: Where has all the honey gone?
Zeedust writes: "...And I'm not coming down until Shia LeBouf goes away!"
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Judynator writes: Poor Bee!:(((((
Unknown writes: wHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT??
DeltaSilver88 writes: This was the result after 'Bee and Spike used Wheeljack's invention, the Raid for Insecticons.
Bumblebee: "Um... a little help here? Where's Inferno?"
Meanwhile Inferno's lying on top of Hound with rubble on top of them.
Scatterlung writes: "Wow...That Exo-Suit packs a heft punch..."
Demonic Femme writes: Spike, humming to self,
"Zipity Do-Da, Zipity-eh, Plenty o' Sunshine in my way, Wonderful Feelin', Wonderful Day- Hey- look at me, I'm in a tree- Lookie at me, in a tree... ... hey... look at all those ants... man, they're reall
Decepticon Commander writes: Bumblebee playing as George of the Jungle.
Jetfighter Prime writes: prime: how the h... did you get up there?!
bumblebee: ehh? donnu sir!
prime: then get your ash down here!!
bumblebee: i'll try sir!
spike: bumblebee you got your self into trouble.
bumblebee: you don't say spike! Next time will you remember
Nenesis Prime writes: Prime: Oh look, "A Bee in a Tree!"



Prime: Errrr... OKAY!

'Bee: Where's Inferon when you need him?!
Demona writes: okay, that is the LAST time we let wheelie name a cc!
Demona writes: charlie brown: -__- good grief, not another kite!
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Zeedust writes: It was Bumblebee's job to spy on the owls. He didn't dare ask why.
sagekilla writes: Spike: What the **** happened to you?
Bumblebee: I got in a fight with this transformer... he kicked my ass...
Prime: yeah *****! teach you not to **** with me.
Castle74 writes: Firefighter 1: what the?
Firefighter 2:Oh no, sorry we can't help you!
Firefighter 1: yeah we do cats not bots!
Tiedye writes: SPIKE(Looking up in the tree)-"Hey Bumbblebee,what are you doing in the tree?"
BUMBBLEBEE-"You know just hanging around."
Unknown writes: "Um... 'meow'?"
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: Damnit Cliffjumper! I said I was sorry about mistaking you for Tap-Out.
Zeedust writes: And from his left, Bumblebee heard a faint, buzzing voice. "Waspinator know just how Not-a-Real-Bee-bot feels." Then a thud, and then a whimper... And Bumblebee was alone once again.
SilverStar writes: Bumble Bee: All right guys I will stop listen to the DDR song "Sweet Little Bumble Bee" if you guys get me out of this tree PLEASE!! Springer: No way man your staying up there for awhile. Bumble Bee: I hate you. Springer: I love you to B
thexfile writes: Bumblebee : hey those people down there look lik ants....

optimus : eum those are ants Bumblebee....
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Unknown writes: Treebeard: I dont think this creature is Orcish
Unknown writes: (To the tune of Little Black Rain Cloud *Winnie the Pooh A.A. Millne)I'm just a yellow transformer, hanging out of the honey tree Bumblebee: SHUT UP AND GET ME THE HELL OUT OF THIS F#@KING TREE!
Galvatron writes: "I should know better than to ---- off Omega-Supreme"
Unknown writes: sky diving if fun until you hit a tree...man Bees can fly why cant I !?"
Unknown writes: i supose this is what i deserv for being named after a bug
Unknown writes: God, that hurt!!
Unknown writes: Oh, man,... what a party last night. I must've been so drunk that I climbed up the tree that high.... Can somebody pleaze get me dooowwwn heeeere!!!!!!
Unknown writes: "Hi guys... how's it 'hangin'? Get it?! Ahahaha... what, didn't you think it was funny?"
Beast Simpson writes: I, Bumblebee am in a tree. Oh glee, I wanna flee. I wish I could see that hot Arcee. But I'm stuck in a tree, oh yessiree.
Zu Darkness writes: So this is what really happens when I Take's Dumbo's magic feather. Damn Elephant is goin pay for this
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Unknown writes: I am so stupid i got stuck in the tree and it got me all horny!!
Shadow writes: BB: Guys! Help me get down!
Perceptor: Jump! According to my calculations, it's only a fifty foot drop.
BB: Only fifty feet. Sheesh!
pawmaster writes: what a veiw, what a veiw! I should come up here more often.
Unknown writes: Prime: Wait a couple years, then I'll be a fire truck!!
Unknown writes: midget tossing sux
Unknown writes: Bumblebee, after Unicron.
slizerpro writes: Now i know not to mix alcohol and a free sky diving corse ever again!
Unknown writes: that's the last time i tell prime i'm not letting spike ride with me.
Shadow writes: BB: Hey guys! A little help here. It's a really long way down!
Autobots: Good fight team. Alright, back to base. Roll out!*vrooooomm*
BB: Uh, guys. Springer? Blurr? Jazz? Anybody? HELP!
Unknown writes: That is the last time I tell sky fire to shove it up his tailpipe.
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Silverwynde writes: "When you asked me to help with Prime's birthday party, I didn't know you wanted me to be the pinata!"
Firestorm writes: Bumblebee fails airborne infantry training.
Battle Angel writes: Okay... a greater... power... exists... Nothing else would make... this tree... grow so fast.
Suzuki writes: "I was trying to get hunny, like Pooh!"
Kickback writes: This is proof to never try those stunts on "Jackass". (Somebody get me down from here).
Sledge writes: "Damn Wheelie, making me build him a treehouse!"
APOLLO writes: "Thats the last time I ever challenge Metroplex to a fight"
Chachi writes: Abominus: "That was nothing, Predaking! Get him outta that tree and I'll show you a REAL punt!"
Unknown writes: "I like chili, but chili don't like me!"
Battle Angel writes: Meow!
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Unknown writes: Bumblebee: I feel like Kate Bush!
mouse writes: Bumblebee now understood why having a stunt double was a good thing.
Unknown writes: BB:"ARCEE, skinnydipping... Bumblebee like."
Unknown writes: Bumblebee failed miserably at the Beast Wars auditions. -.-
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: No wonder those concert tickets were so cheap! >.
Meister writes: (Optimus) Dont worry BEE hAPPY
Unknown writes: I can see my house from here.
Unknown writes: Optimus: Look Bumblebee, this is no time to be, "hanging around!"
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: SOMEBODY GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!
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Unknown writes: Damn cat! He ran off before I could save his stupid fur hid. Now I have to call Inferno so that I can get down this fµ©king tree.
Unknown writes: here i thought, only cats get stuck in trees.well i guess it be worse,i could have starred in the r.i.d cartoon.
A-3 writes: German engineering, my @$$!!!
Unknown writes: well?, it worked for tarzan
Anonymous Iggy writes: Uh oh... this could be bad... The birds are in heat!
Arcane writes: AAAAHH!! a mouse!
Omega Supreme writes: Bumblebee: Ok that is the last time you guys use me as Kite.
Unknown writes: Seeing that Bumblebee is the weakest and gayest of all autobots, Sideswipe,Sunstreaker and Hot-Rod leave dangling on a tree overnight when he was sleeping.
Ratchet writes: I got the Golden snitch!
Unknown writes: What the hell DID I do last night?
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Unknown writes: God, this is the last time I spend the night anywhere near Michel Jackson!
optimuslives writes: Damn those horny squirrels!
Unknown writes: Watch out for that tree!!!!
magnaboss writes: Meow?
Unknown writes: Oh DAMN, It happened again. No more Energonweiser for me!
Unknown writes: Spike! Call Superman! Call Osmosis Jones! Call my mommy!!!
Unknown writes: in a situation like this...Only one word can save me...
Unknown writes: Uhh.... Guys Can I Come Down Now????
Rodimus Prime writes: Bumblebee: "Step back, everyone! I will demonstrate what regurgitated nuts and bolts look like!"
Unknown writes: Now I'm really out on a limb...
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Unknown writes: Bumblebee:"Son of a mother f**ckin'damn son of a BITCH!!!"
Kirdjin writes: "Where's the cream filling????" (get your minds out of the gutter and think 'twinkie's commercial'... ;P)
Bumbles writes: Please HELP ME!! My ass is starting to solidify!
Thunderstreak writes: "How did I get into this situation, folks? I'm Bumblebee! Isn't that the only explanation you need?"
Unknown writes: (Hee heee... I can see arcee's room from here!!)....yeah baby take it off, take it all off!!
The Chosen One writes: Okay, I did my impression of a towel, now get me down! ...hey, guys, not funny, get me... Hey, where are you going! C'mon, get back here!
Unknown writes: Bumblebe is hhindg on top of a branch and he says, "Hehehe!!! Spike wont see hiding here, oh no! I am stuck! I think I should call for help now" then bumblebee screamed "Hey spike you win!!! Now get outta here!!!"
Unknown writes: Bumblebe is hhindg on top of a branch and he says, "Hehehe!!! Spike wont see hiding here, oh no! I am stuck! I think I should call for help now" then bumblebee screamed "Hey spike you win!!! Now get outta here!!!"
FortMax writes: Where did that stupid monkey go?
Silverwolf writes: This is one way to get a woody, OH YEAH ;)
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Stelartron writes: Alot of things were weird in the '80s. Example: As this photo shows some kid, who had dressed up as a character from a popular cartoon show for Halloween, suddenly decied that they wanted to go for a swim and left their costume hanging on a tree
Stelartron writes: Alot of things were weird in the '80s. Example: As this photo shows some kid, who had dressed up as a character from a popular cartoon show for Halloween, suddenly decied that they wanted to go for a swim and left their costume hanging on a tree
Stelartron writes: KID(out of shot): Just a sec, Mom! I gotta get my Bumblebee kite outta this tree! =)
Stelartron writes: Bumblebee suddenly decided to go swimming and left his cloths hanging on a convienient tre branch. =)
Unknown writes: "Well...this sucks. I hope nobody's filming
Unknown writes: "Uggghhh...next time Prime asks me to do the Fourth of July fireworks I'm gonna use some longer fuses."
Unknown writes: "Plight of the Bumblebee" :-)
Unknown writes: "That's the last time I hitch a ride from an Arielbot."
Unknown writes: Early concept artwork for the new line of Transformer Ornaments, Later versions included many improvents and variations, like more realistic color schemes, better poses, and tree hooks.
Unknown writes: First,Iwas spider-man, then Slip-stream.But as Bumblebee,I STILL can't fly. HELP!
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Unknown writes: So I'm guessing Chip won the fight....
Stelartron writes: Dr. Seuss meets the Transfromers..."Bumblebee in a tree and some 'Cons on the lawn..."
Mirage writes: I really hate being a stunt double!
Dynamus Prime writes: What happens when Dan Gilvezan gets his characters mixed up. Bumblebee: What happened to my web shooters!?
Unknown writes: BUMBLEBEE:Come on tree, give it up PRIME:Uh...bumblebee...it cant get f***ed.Its a tree.
Unknown writes: Now where's the hive again...?
Unknown writes: BUMBLEBEE:Get that Joe ALPINE here to get me down.
Unknown writes: Oh my gosh!! I can see Prime's trailer from here!
Unknown writes: God what I will do when I'm desperate for some wood.
Unknown writes: This shot taken after a llong, gutwrenching plumeting drop from 30000 feet, and right before bumblebee SNAPS IN HALF! MUAHAHAHAHA!
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Unknown writes: How much longer do you think it will take till this branch breaks?
Unknown writes: BLuestrak: BUM-BUM-BUM-BUMBLEBEE-Watch-Out-For-That-Tree.......I told you to watch out..
Unknown writes: Alright Prime, gimme back my Underwear you hung on this Tree.
Scottimus Prime writes: Oww... my groin!
Black Arachnis writes: s£!t, skyfire wasn`t joking when he said to strap on my chute
Cyclonis writes: Bumblebee: "That'll teach me to walk up behind a bull."
Unknown writes: Bzzzzt! I am a Bee
Unknown writes: Bumblebee goes to a Limp Bizkit concert that was held outdoors and, ultimately due to the concert excitement, the band catapults him into a tree.
Unknown writes: Bumblebee vs. the land mine
Unknown writes: "Haha now Sheba can't catch me.......What do you mean, cats can climb trees? HAAAAAAAALP!!!!"
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Unknown writes: "Come on down, it'll be fun Bumblebee". " No way you said that the last time"
Unknown writes: Offscreen: "Jazz to Inferno...we gotta yella Cat up a tree, could ya come help?"
CapeMike writes: Bumblebee: Man, that was one hell of a pothole....
Unknown writes: ugh, all I can remember is a flash, and Starscream saying "c'mere babby cakes"
Unknown writes: BB: hmm.. ah. * yawn* that was a good nap. * looks around * ?!
Wha-what the?! How in the HELL did I get up here ?!?
Wheeljack:*snicker* Dude! Were gonna win Americas funniest home videos 4 sure!
Unknown writes: BB: I knew I shoould have flown South western Airlines.....
DARKAGEIS writes: im bumble bee,

and welcome to jackass!
Unknown writes: [b]Unfortunately for Bumblebee, being one of the lightest colored Autobots, he was picked first to be the ball in Metroplex's and Omega Supreme's softball game.[/b]
Unknown writes: Help!! It a treeacon!!!!!
Unknown writes: Uh, guys?...(silence; crickets chirping).
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Snake writes: best place in the world for him
Unknown writes: Transformers: episode 96, Tree-mendous Trouble!- Bumblebee gets stuck in a tree, Tracks comes out of the closet-7:30 A.M.
Jackpot writes: I'd teach the twerp to climb down, Rescue Roy mused, but then I'd probably be out of a job.
Jackpot writes: "Look, I'll take care of it for you: I'm out on a limb, I've barked up the wrong tree, it's good to see me branch out, this is beyond be-leaf, I can cedar ocean from here, there are better ways to get high, y
Unknown writes: I 'tawt I 'tawd a puddy-tat!
Unknown writes: ...okay, how's this? Tree-Bumblebee! MAXIMIZE!!
Unknown writes: PATHETIC ATTACK BY BUMBLEBEE #74: The worst ambush is from a tall bush.
Unknown writes: HELLLLLLP!!! I'm stuck in this tree, and I can't get down!!
Unknown writes: Prime: Bubblebee? What are you doing?
BB: Just hanging around.
Jackpot writes: The Persistence of Bumblebee, by Salvador Dali
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DARKAGEIS writes: bloody organic cybertron!
Seibertron writes: Alright guys ... it was funny for a little while. GET ME DOWN!
Unknown writes: Ok Grimlock you are NOT
stupid! Now get me Down
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