Ratchet gets his check-up!

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Ratchet gets his check-up!
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trailbreaker writes: "Sorry Ironhide, I used Teletran-1 to find a good tuna melt recipe."
Rainmaker writes: Ironhide: ...well first of all your tailpipe is twisted and it has...CHROMIA'S FINGERPRINTS ON IT?
Ratchet: Er, I can explain?
william-james88 writes: I cant give myself a colonoscopy, you'll have to help.
michellatron writes: So Ratch, I heard back on Earth one time that after the age of 40 you should have your prostate checked or you could die of something called cancer. You're a few million years overdue, y'know?
Zeedust writes: Ironide: "So you're like this because of a cavity search?"

Ratchet: "Yeah."

Ironhide: "I don't get it, you brush your teeth like all the time..."

Ratchet: "... You know how dumb you sound right now, ri
Roadshadow writes: Ratchet: Are you gonna jam your thumb up my ass?
SilentBlaster writes: Ironhide:Will you pull your pants up for once?
Rachet:Shut up.
Scatterlung writes: Ironhide: Funny, it never hurt when they did a rear exhaust on me. No wonder they call me Ironhide...
Not Sonic writes: CAVITY SEARCH!
Demonic Femme writes: Ratchet, "Okay, let's see, Crack for in the morning, and two bags of weed- that'll fill in nicely for lunch and dinner."

Ironhide, thinking, 'By Primus that's a lot o' weed... how can I get some o' that stuff?�
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Prowl Worshipper writes: R: Hold on, Crystal Barbie, I know Peaches'n'Cream Barbie is wearing your shoes...Ratchet will fix it...there, who's a pretty dolly then! Yes, YOU are, yes! Oh, look, Princess Kelly is inviting you over for a tea party! We better find somet
Zeedust writes: Ratchet: "It's no good... The tamagotchi is dead..."

Ironhide: "Um, how many years has it been since you've left this room?"
Nightshadow writes: Ratchet: *Looks for some parts on the ground* Hey have you heard the rumors in Autobot prisons how the other Transformers will screw---
Ironhide: Hm..this is fun! OH YEAH!
Zeedust writes: Ironhide: "Told ya not to do yoga in a minefield..."

Ratchet: "Shut up and help me find my legs..."
Scooter writes: Gee Ironhide, that puppet looks just like Ratchet
Unknown writes: Ironhide: Surprise, hehehehe!!!
Unknown writes: There is no escape...
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Why do I have to get my rectal check-up from my "twin brother?" Ironhide: Quit leakin' lubricant & SHUT UP! It'll only take 5 minutes! Unless I'm feelin' real frisky, heh, heh, heh.
thexfile writes: Ratchet i have somthing to confes, you know we look alike and so... mmmm it's a bit hard t0 tel you but.... you'r realy my long lost brother...
Bruticus writes: Suddenly, Ironhide was struck with a horrible thought; was Ratchet the repaint of him--or was it the other way around? Either way, Ironhide decided, Ratchet would have to go.
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Ten-Four writes: Ironhide suddenly wishes he was somewhere else when he sees Ratchet do a “Turn your head and cough” on Gears.
Heather Prime writes: Retchet gets his check-up for my legs bolts metal bones joint system...
Unknown writes: R: (thinking) I do wish he'd stop hovering. He makes me nervous.
Galvatron writes: IRONHIDE; Now it's your turn to put your Ratchet into my Ironhide!!
Unknown writes: "Ironhide, the damn toilet backed up again!"
Unknown writes: I need some help here the dionbots tracked mud in here again.
Ironhide: that is not mud ratchet.
ratchet: Sweet mother of god!
Unknown writes: Ratchet: gee, how come my human body was never made into a toy?
Ironhide: Ah, i wouldn't worry.
Ratchet, but you were made into an "action master", i can't belive it!
Firestorm writes: Ratchet: A special mission to Earth? Sure, just let me fill out my life insur..; it'll wait till I get back.
Unknown writes: April 1st,1985...Ironhide crosses the line and gives Ratchet one hell of an April Fools gay...I mean Day suprise...
Unknown writes: Having seen Halloween one time too many, Ironhide pulls a Michael Myers on Ratchet.
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Unknown writes: In loving memory of Don Messeck!
Unknown writes: Ironhide: Well, momma did name me for what I like.
Jeremy writes: rachet: well i guess u wanna gang prob me well here u go
Unknown writes: IRONHIDE: whoops! dropped my soap!
ras writes: :shreiking horrer music underscores
Unknown writes: Ironhide, you are not going to Ponn far, now put that away!
optimuslives writes: you ready for your check-up ratchet? I know I am (wink wink)
BenH writes: Damn it Ironhide not now.
Heather Prime writes: hey retchat .... i find my hip bolt metal HAHAH....... !!!! i destroy at evil eel woman is decepticon.....
Unknown writes: Ironhide: Ratchet its time!!!
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Unknown writes: ratchet:not now ironhide im so not in the mood
Unknown writes: Ratchet : Oh MY GOD...

Ironhude:Is it bad Doc?
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Ironhide c'mere! I found it at last!
Ironhide: What?
Ratchet: The MISSING Sock in the dryer!
Unknown writes: I'm gonna make u sqeaul boy!SSqqeaull like a pig!!!!
FortMax writes: Next Episode: Ratchet gets the shaft
Silverwolf writes: C'mon, Ironhide... I know you're a hillbilly, but please! Its like we're brothers!

Unknown writes: Very soon, Ironhide...Chromia will be as good as new! :)
Unknown writes: C'mon, Ironhide... I know you're a hillbilly, but please! Its like we're brothers!
Stelartron writes: IRONHIDE: Hey, Rach. I can't find the head on my toy. RACHET: Our toys don't have heads, just those little stickers. Face it Ironhide, you and me, we were totally gyped.
Unknown writes: "let's face it Ironhide, no matter which way you pose our toys, they still suck."
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Unknown writes: Ratchet: "Damnnit Ironhide, why do you keep knocking the soap outta my hands!"
Unknown writes: Ratchet: What are all these thin white things that keep cracking when ever I squeeze to hard?
Bumblebee writes: Ironhide not only are we both male autobots but we are brothers. oh wat the heck bring it on.Ironhide: daniel since spike bonded with op to be a crotch master bond with me. Ratchet: Oh yes but now ive got sprog fluid all up my ass . Ironhide: now blow me
Bumblebee writes: Ironhide not only are we both male autobots but we are brothers. oh wat the heck bring it on.Ironhide: daniel since spike bonded with op to be a crotch master bond with me. Ratchet: Oh yes but now ive got sprog fluid all up my ass . Ironhide: now blow me
Unknown writes: RATCHET:Wait a minute. I didn't give you a lisence to be a doctor yet.
Unknown writes: hmmmm, whats that that tinge-hey!!!!
Unknown writes: Always wanted to cornhole me a medic.
Unknown writes: Hrm, left hand red. Right hand blue. Hey what's going on here?! This box says 'Erotic Twister!' And why are you giggling, Ironhide?
Cyclonis writes: Um Rachet, I think you are suppose to put that red moving thing back in that human. Hey who is the certified medical technician here?
Sheba writes: Ratchet: Damn, I hate these proctology exams...
Ironhide: But Teletraan 1 said you were at a high risk for prostate cancer...
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Unknown writes: Aight, Ironhide things are different in the joint, you want some drugs you gotta toss my metal salad!
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Ironhide, I've got an especially good feeling about this shuttle run to Earth. I can't possibly see anything going wrong.
Unknown writes: I dont know IRONHIDE this just doesn't feel rihgt.
Unknown writes: Iornhide: So Ratchet about..
Rachet: For the last time Iornhide I am not your twin, I was a only child, period. **Iornhide runs away crying**
Unknown writes: Ironhide: Ratchet I need you to fix this Autobot.
Ratchet: For God's sake Ironhide Im a doctor! Not a...uh..I'll get right in it.
Unknown writes: Rachet: The cow says "moo." The chicken says....
Ironhide: Rachet, what in Cybertron are you doing?
Rachet: oh, man, I...was..doing..research!
AutobotLDR writes: "Squell Like A Pig!!!"""
Sideburn writes: Ironhide, did you ever serve time?
Sideburn writes: Damn, are you using your WHOLE HAND?
Ultimate Optimus writes: Look Ironhide! I work better WITHOUT people looking over my shoulder!
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Unknown writes: (French Version, translated). Oui, oui. Life has no meaning. You bore me, Monsieur Ironhide. Leave me be in my 'ennui'. Stupide American. Stupide job. Stupide, stupide, stupide....
Unknown writes: (Spanish Version)....tengo...que....resistir...chistes...de...la sodomia...(gasp) AAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE-AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: ....must....resist....sodomy....jokes...(gasp) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Wait until I come up with a witty comeback. THEN YOU'LL BE SORRY!
Unknown writes: No, Mr. Hyde!! Haunt me no more!!
Unknown writes: No! It's my turn to piggyback now!
Suzanne writes: Get your finger out of my ass!!
Unknown writes: Ironhide "yeah bitch,you like that,yea call me daddy"
Rachet "Daddy"
Unknown writes: Is it the red wire or the blue wire I always get them mixed up?!
Unknown writes: time to probe where no bot has probed before...
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Unknown writes: Ironhide: Damn!! And I thought that Wheeljack had a nice ass.
Justice writes: "Leakin' lubricant!!"
Unknown writes: Don't you wish these captions were about anything but sodomy?
dan writes: Hey Ironhide!!! Robots can't be homosexuals!!!
Unknown writes: (*sigh*) Okay, I admit it. The Red Cross is full of greedy cheats. Can I go now?
Unknown writes: AUTOBOT STAGE ACTING TECHNIQUE #456: "Now, Ironhide! You are melancholy! And Ratchet! You are shocked! Action!"
Unknown writes: ...and then, it finally hit me. I'm a minivan! I'm a goddamn minivan for fat moms and shouting kids! Why me?
Unknown writes: My God! He's dead Jim!!
Unknown writes: Ironhide(thinking): Damn! He's got a big-ass jolly rancher on his butt! or Ratchet: Are we twins, dude?
Unknown writes: ever taste motor oil?
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Unknown writes: get in the van
Unknown writes: yes Lenny i'll let you tend dem wabbits,..
Unknown writes: Be gentile, it's my irst time.
Soundwave writes: Hey, he dropped the soap!
Unknown writes: Tune in next week when you'll hear Dr Ratchet say, " Hey Look what happens when I put his rotator couplink in his motivator socket!"
Unknown writes: "You know, Ratchet, I'm not gay or anything, but I just noticed your ass looks incredibly similar to mine."
Unknown writes: Why you should never drop your wrench!
Unknown writes: Ironhide:(Ironhide sniffs not once but twice)Oh come on now if your going to release the pressure in your exaust port let everyone know first!!!
Unknown writes: In a poor attempt at flirtation by Ratchet, bending over to pick up a dropped spanner leads to an awkward moment for Ironhide...
Unknown writes: Now I know what my ass looks like!
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Unknown writes: "What exactly am i looking for again, Rachet? "Damn it just feel around!!!"
Unknown writes: YYYYYYYAAAAARRGH! I didn't even know I had an anus!
Unknown writes: Be gentle, my love...
Unknown writes: アイアンハイド軍団
Unknown writes: "There you go, Gears, good as new and YARGHHH!"
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