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ksol71339 writes: OPTIMUS:. " Elita, I want you, NOW! "

ELITA:. " Not now, I WAS RAPED BY STARSCREAM, last night. "

BattleConvoy writes: No comment.
BG the Robit writes: Optimus: Oh, no, Elita... will sex wake you up?
Next month...
Elita: Optimus, I'm pregnant!
Optimus: WHAT! D:
Black Hat writes: With the Autobots in a state of financial chaos, they are reduced to reenacting scenes from End of Evangelion.
michellatron writes: Oooh Elita, please... reactivate!

Uh, hey guys, this isn't going to wind up on late night HBO or some pay site in 2009 will it?
Thyunda writes: #Girlfriend in a coma I know, I's serious....#
Angelbot writes: Dancing like an enemy can really wear a robot out.

(See caption under "Starscream holds Elita One's Chin" to make sense of this.)
Angelbot writes: Wish your girlfriend was half-dead like mine.
Angelbot writes: Disturbed by the Requiem number in the smash hit musical "Evita One" Optimuan Primeron takes matters into his own hands.
Angelbot writes: Scene from the worst episode of "Fear Factor: Cybertron" ever.
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Angelbot writes: Hey, Elita, I think you're taking "One shall stand; one shall fall," too literally.
Angelbot writes: Uh, Alpha, when I said, "Until all are one," this isn't quite what I had in mind.
Angelbot writes: This is NOT what you think it is! It's an energon transfusion, NOTHING more! Get it?
galvatron224 writes: HOW AUTOBOTS HAVE SEX
Sondura1 writes: Jazz(off screen):Bow chicka bowow chicka bowow chicka chicka bow
Prime:GO AWAY!
Prime:I hat you!
prime:yes hat! eileta even awake?
prime:no why do you ask
me:I think that might have been to long...

*Spike and Carly just lay in bed the next room over, staring at the wall.*
Michael9R writes: Let's roll in
Judynator writes: Elita: Oh yeah! Yet! Yet! Yet!
Op: Uh... baby? I drawn.
Elita: :,-(((((((
Dark Cyclone writes: BOW CHICKA BOW WOW!!!
Lich Lord Dranas writes: What the Matrix is really used for.
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Not Sonic writes: in the words of quagmire...
awwl right!!giggety giggety giggety goo!!
Demonic Femme writes: Optimus, "... what... RC has no ovaries?!!"
ShYnE writes: Optimus Prime: Good thing I'm fixed.
Marv writes: Alha Trion: Okay, this first step should take about fifteen minutes at minimum. Then, after nine more months, there will be Protoforms. Then you will have to raise them for another twenty years at least, take incredible amounds of verbal abuse from them
Marv writes: And at this point Alpha Trion realised it was high time for: THE TALK...
Zeedust writes: They have the same intestines! Gross!
Nightshadow writes: Optimus: Oh god... look at her circuits, she's so dirty...look at that huge circuit it looks so sexy and makes me so......(CENSOR)
Tiedye writes: After makeing out it's Optimus's turn to jump start his partners battery.
Shadow Fox writes: Prime- Oh baby do I love it when they just lay there, too bad she's a bit frigid, oh well.
Unknown writes: AAAAWWWW How romantic!!! The handsome prince finally finds his sleeping beauty. Soon he will sweep of her feet and carry her off to his caslte where they will get married and live happily ever after.
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Unknown writes: Will you hurry it up, Optimus. I have to meet Megatron in 30 minutes!
Zeedust writes: PG-13... Right... *Rolls eyes*
Unknown writes: Optimus: If Shinji Ikari does'nt sue i'll be just fine
Elita : Just Hurry up, they're not paying me much for this scene
Optimus : hmmmmmmm Unit:o.o
Elita : Bastard
Unknown writes: And so the handsome, if rather rectangular, prince reached the sleeping Alita One and prepared to give her the kiss that would awaken all Cybertron from its slumber.
Unknown writes: Elita-1: I'll prove to you that Arcee isn't better than me.
Prime: Oh yeah baby... (thinking of Arcee)
Javin028 writes: Are you sure we're safe? Did you update your virus scan?
Unknown writes: prime i dont feel ccomfartable in this sitations
Unknown writes: Adds a new meaning to the term "Cyber-sex"

Ummm.....Transformers hu-has and ding dings are in their chests?
Unknown writes: Next on CNN: Optimus Prime: Vailiant Leader or
Sex Fiend?
Unknown writes: I like that one too. Good luck
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Shadowcon writes: Optimus: Now you've had all you're tune-ups right? Oh the hell with it!! I don't wanna wear insulation on my wires!
Beast Simpson writes: Arcee: Oh, Prime, you take me to the best places!
Unknown writes: The TF version of "Debby does Dallas".
It's "Elita-1 does Cybertron".
ionacus writes: damn! this is not how i thought our honeymoon was gonna be like.
Heather Prime writes: i ready get it on optimus prime give rebirth me wonder not fear you...
PlasmaRadio writes: Prime "What do you mean 'they're synthetic'?"
Unknown writes: Elita to Optimus: " Well honey my parts are all lubed up."
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Give me some Sugar, baby!
Starscream K'dash writes: Now This has been 20 years in the Making!!! so Move Over Ron Jeremy there's a new Porn King Now!!!!
Manchester Devil writes: Behold! The first ever sighting of Optimus Prime/Elita 1 hentai!!
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Unknown writes: Optimus:"Yes, now we both get XM radio!"
haha writes: someone cue the barry white music already
Unknown writes: Its alive Its alive!!!!!
elita one: barely! I guess they were all somoking when they called you "prime".
Unknown writes: once you have prime you'll allways on time
Sledge writes: "Uhh...I'll be out in a minute, Wheeljack!"
Unknown writes: O.K... now turn over
APOLLO writes: Optimus "Damn it, where's Viagra when you need it."
Unknown writes: Prime finds out the hard way that Shockwave had been in fact whoring himself out to the femmes for the past four million years....
Unknown writes: After losing all his money in a bet with Ironhide, Optimus Prime turns to male prostitution - but fails to impress his first customer
Unknown writes: OP:i never knew it could be like this!ive only ever made it with humans before and they always died halfway through.
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Unknown writes: Cybertronic porn! ^_^
Hypertron writes: Wait! If Alpha Trion made us both then he is our dad and that would make you.....uh, who cares, Damn you fine!
ToXmAn writes: disturbing ...
Unknown writes: oh yeah baby
prime writes: Are you sure you want these breast implants??
iron hide writes: PRIME: you on the pill elita ELITA you werin a condom prime BOTH: OH DAMN!!!
Unknown writes: Well Arcee, hope you like your new hubcaps
Phantom writes: Prime "OK thats it! Anyone remember the name & number of that guy who made us human???"
Phantom writes: Prime "Why cant our mating rituals be more fun like the humans...sign!"
Venom writes: Prime(singing): Lets get it on! Ohhhhhh lets get it on!!!
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Unknown writes: as we watch silenty, the optimus primus steathly encounters the female while making his special matingmoves, trying to make impression
Unknown writes: Optimus (ala when harry met sally): theres no way you could have been faking it!
Unknown writes: And IIIIIEEEEIIII Will always love YOOOOOUU!!!!!
Unknown writes: Prime never saw the chest burster coming....
optimuslives writes: the ultimate form of cybertronian love, consummated on the marriage night of optimus prime and elita one
Heather Prime writes: i not yet time!!!!! optimus prime fix revcover get it on say okay heather still here this!!!!
Unknown writes: Headache my ass!!!!!!
Unknown writes: PR: aaahhh.... you are the best Arce...errr.. Elita!
Unknown writes: Prim: Well what do you know. They were right about it feeling like a warm apple pie!
Unknown writes: Tenshingomamon: GET A ROOM, YOU TWO! Optimus: But we are in a room.
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Unknown writes: Spike to Daniel: This is where Autobot babies come from!
Unknown writes: "Energo-penis ON!"
Jeremy writes: optimas: um.... good thing shes asleep now its time to get bust with her (gets a robot bonner)YES!
Unknown writes: Prime: thats it, just relax the roofie is taking affect. Just relax, no I did not slip anything into your spark.

Hey guys, come take a look at this.
Sheba writes: And now Optimus and Elita-1 prove they are BOTH BLONDE...
"Why did the blonde have a big bellybutton? Cuz her boyfriend is BLONDE, TOO!"
Percepter writes: Elita:"Your sure you turned off the security camera? Shareing energon can make for alot of realy dirty jokes."
Prime:"D'oh! s£!t!"
Elita:"What was that?"
Prime:"I sai
Unknown writes: Optimus:"How about after the energy transfer, I show you something I learned on Earth?"
Optimus:"Humpin' like rabbits on Viagra!"
Unknown writes: What da hell am i doing!! ratchet should be doing this.. geez i'm the leader of the autobots not a damn gynaecologist!!
FortMax writes: Optimus: I'll show you two of cybertrons moons
Silverwolf writes: Pictures are worth a thousand words. In this ones case it means $2000 in emotional confensation and for Prime 2 counts of rape and 4 counts of attempted manslaughter.
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Silverwolf writes: And here's my Hannable impersonation. ..... Okay, WHERE'S THE DAMN LIVER! *hot rod snickers in the back ground* Okay, stop rolling Perceptor...... I SAID CUT! ..... DAMN IT! SHE'LL WAKE UP ANY SECOND! I'D LIKE TO GET TH
Silverwolf writes: I do like "the sex".
Unknown writes: Silverbolt to Blackarachnia: "Man, after watching these old sex-ed videos, I'm glad we're part organic!"
Unknown writes: Elita: Uh, Prime? That is, in fact, *not* my foot.
Super Prime writes: Optimus: Yes since I put her to sleep this is my big chance.
Unknown writes: Be sure to tune in to The WB Sunday night for Ripley's Believe It Or Not, as we explore...Optimus Prime "jump-starting" Elita-One?!?! :) ;) :) ;)
Unknown writes: Prime: " now, i wonder if she would mind if i just turned out the lights and...."
Unknown writes: TOP SECRET:
How Transformers REALLY mate
Unknown writes: OPTIMUS PRIME:With this,you'll become a Powermaster likeme.
Bumblebee writes: To think elita humans call typing words on a computer cyber sex this is cybersex. Though it would be so much more fun if i had genitals ratchet give me that screwdriver.
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Unknown writes: They said it was life-size
Shermtron writes: OP:Lets play doctor
Unknown writes: Unfortunately, Prime had decided to make his move just days after Elita got fed up with the waistline fetishists and installed a Tazer.
Unknown writes: Oh Primal...- What? N-no, I said "Prime." "Oh, Prime."
Unknown writes: remember optimus, you said after we did this you would help me move!
Unknown writes: Elita-1: a little lower, a little lower. PRIMUS!! Prime don't you at least know how to move?!
Master Hound X writes: (with glee)

Now is a perfectly good time to give her that boob job for christmas, won't she be surprised.
SentinelPrime writes: "Now Elita...maybe we should talk the new Thymasters for a second..."
Optimus writes: Now this is an example of how transformers have sex.
Unknown writes: While most don't think of Elita 1 as terrible easy, she does know just where to go to get a good truck when she needs one.
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Unknown writes: "What Prime doesn't know is that we've switched Elita 1 with a pink sac of Folger's Crystals..."
Unknown writes: Whilst desperate for power Prime inserted himself into what looked like a 12v adapter.
Unknown writes: Whilst desperate for power Prime inserted himself into what looked like a cigarette lighter.
Unknown writes: Little did Optimus rwalise, but Elita had been spending alot of time with Hot Rod recently...
Unknown writes: Damn it, Prime! If you don't get rid of that armor this relationship is over!
Galvatron Z writes: Elita 1: "Lower Prime! *sigh* Sometimes I think you couldn't find the G-spot even if you had Perceptor's help.
Unknown writes: Hey, Alpha! Isn't the energy supposed to go THROUGH the cables?
Unknown writes: Open, dammit, open!
mat writes: mmm...cyber orgasim
Crash writes: Dammit Alpha Trion, I'm a leader, not a set of jumper cables
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Unknown writes: We get safer sex than the humans.
Unknown writes: OP: hmm... no genitals... forget headmaster i need a crotchmaster
Unknown writes: Aren't you supposed to have a 'parallel port' or something?
Unknown writes: Prime and Elita loved each other so much, they shared everything, even the same stomach!
Keith writes: Damn it Arcee, I told you not to battle the Dectpticons, now we have to get you reparied.

(Female Robots these days, worse then the Human Females)

We will get you fixed, then me & the other Autobots will battle Megatron & his Lackies
Keith writes: Damn it Arcee, I told you not to battle the Dectpticons, now we have to get you reparied.

(Female Robts these days, worse then the Human Females)

We will get you fixed, then me & the other Autobots will battle Megatron & his Lackies,
nausiated writes: Damn it! She sprung a leak again! Were is that air sealer?
Unknown writes: Annd the chest bones' connected to the HIP BONE...the hip bones' connected to the WAIST BONE...the waist bones' connected to my POWER LINES...uh-oh
Unknown writes: Little does Optimus Prime know that we've replaced his girlfriend with Folgers Crystals. Lets see if he notices the difference.
Unknown writes: "you got better things to then die"
from tftm: springer
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Elita1 writes: Isn't that just Prime?
Unknown writes: And with the exchange of energy usually, from the male and by casual but sensual stroking of the female leg. We can deduce that this is what we can reer to as Cybertronian sex!!!
Pointblank writes: "I'm givin' her all she's got, Captain! If I push it any harder, the whole thing'll blow!"
Pointblank writes: "All right, now I just gotta get up on the table and we're in business!"
Unknown writes: (Prime thinking to himself) Damn can't I just go watch sportscenter
Unknown writes: im cumming!!!!!!
Unknown writes: What's a little spark energy between friends?
Unknown writes: Prime: I really, really hope there are not Freud students around, or the comments are going to get awkward.
Unknown writes: Elita (without entheusiasm): Blah, blah, blah, Prime, give it to me, yada, yada, yada, best I ever had...
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Unknown writes: Prime:"Once you go Bot,you never go back,baby!"
Unknown writes: yeah take it all bitch
Unknown writes: Prime: "Oh yeah.... Ha! This is one thing the Decepticons never get! WHO'S WINNING NOW MEGATRON?!"

Elita 1: "Honey, can't you stop thinking about work for one second?"
Unknown writes: Imaturimus Prime: Hee hee! I'm peeing on my girlfriend!
Flamemaster Galvatron writes: MAN! Why cant you be a little hairy?
CapeMike writes: Prime: O.k., we're linked up...and you're trading me a Charmander for a Squirtle, right?
Unknown writes: Prime: *muttering to self* You'd think she could just keep a battery in subspace....
Unknown writes: JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!
Unknown writes: JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!
macca writes: Op: Oh god I hope I don't have parts left over again...
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Unknown writes: If there's one thing Optimus Prime hates more than Decepticons penetrating Teletran One, it's Contracepticons penetrating Elita One!
Unknown writes: OP: man could i go for a ciggerette about now...
Unknown writes: there has to be a funner way to reproduce
Unknown writes: Couldn't I just go in a cup?
Unknown writes: Op - Oh, this is really satisfying!?!? what happened to the old fashion way of doing this?? Damn these advances in technology!!
Meltdown writes: Quick call the is going to rape elita one.
Unknown writes: Elita-One saved my life; now, I'm saving her life!
Unknown writes: Ooh talk about heartburn!
You too?
Unknown writes: Prime: Damn Mail Order Brides!
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Jackpot writes: Alita's stunned silence was spent contemplating which was more unbelievable: that ol' Romeo was going for her bellybutton, or that he actually fit.
Unknown writes: Wow...what a bod...oops, back to working!
Unknown writes: In other news today, NBC has anounced more re-runs of ER........
Unknown writes: OP - Oh, Yeah. Who's your big rig? Who's your... Hey! Are you staring at Jazz's can?
Unknown writes: Sigh... Mother was right. I should've married a Head Master.
Unknown writes: I didn't think you cared! op. I don't I just need your spark!
Unknown writes: Prime: "Man, I hate Biology class."
Unknown writes: Prime caught on camera practicing bot necrophelia.
Unknown writes: Do you know what your doing?
No but I did stay at a hoilday inn express last night.
Unknown writes: Prime: And thats why boy transformers have green cords and girl transformers have red cords.
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Unknown writes: Prime: Yeah, I promiss I'll pull out just in time.
Ultimate Optimus writes: Now, Optimus.....Are you SURE that this is absolutely safe?
Unknown writes: Yeah! That is how they do it! Man I would have said Elita-1 would be in control. I guess not you nauty prime you!!!
Unknown writes: SMOKIN!!!!!!!! Prime Pops the question and its all just to hot to handle........oh well
DrSpengler writes: So THAT'S how they do it! Man, I was way off.
Jackpot writes: Yearning for more intimacy, Prime lightly brushes her kneecap, the illusion of momentary affection triumphing over the inevitable promise of her retractable wrist-cleaver.
Unknown writes: Prepare to mount.....
Unknown writes: Let's have sex!
Sideshow Sideswipe writes: Wow! that was electrifying! lets have a cigarette.
Unknown writes: Yes Yes Oh Yes,
You've hit the G spot prime Oh Yes.
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: Oh well looks like her big end gone!
Unknown writes: Okay, I'd like you to turn your head and cough.
Lady_Decepticon writes: Oh Optimus, is that a spark energy transfer converter in your chest compartment or are you just happy to see me?
Unknown writes: What's that?! Geez, you're worse than Megatron! Where's that Ultra Magnus guy?
Unknown writes: Eat your heart out, Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson.
Unknown writes: Very funny wiseguy, now hook me back to the I.V.
Unknown writes: ...well yeah, I did want to hook up with you, but this is ridiculous!
Unknown writes: Waddya mean you don't come with CABLE TV!?!
Unknown writes: BEAST MACHINES was pretty awful, but you'll feel better any day now.
Unknown writes: Ticklish?
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Unknown writes: (from The Little Mermaid) Zut Alors! What 'iz 'zis? How on Earth could I miss such a spiff little succulent crab?
Unknown writes: Elita-"You mean it's only THAT big!"
(gets up and storms off with a scowl)
Unknown writes: Sorry, Prime. You don't have "the touch", and you don't have "the power".
Unknown writes: Just a few more gallons of nucleon...and Elita-One will be more powerful than ever! =)
Unknown writes: Heh, heh, heh. Just a few more tweaks and my bride shall be complete!
Unknown writes: I MEAN it, Prime! You're so distant, you don't want to touch me anymore!
Unknown writes: Believe me. The Japanese cartoons get muuuuch racier...
Jackpot writes: "Mmm... you had a turkey sandwich for lunch, didn't you?"
Unknown writes: Optimus - 'Look you know I love you baby, but do we really have to be joined at the hip!"
Jackpot writes: Of course he didn't mention it at the time, but years later during a particularly fierce row over alimony payments, Prime finally expressed his shock that, mint condition though she had been, her box was certainly NOT sealed.
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Unknown writes: "Hmmm... Nope. Still nothing. Whaddaya know? I guess we really DON'T have genitals!"
Jackpot writes: "Mother, I'm a grown bot, and if *you* don't cut this umbilical cord, *I* will!" he practiced in his head for the nth time.
Unknown writes: "Now this is safe sex"
DARKAGEIS writes: are you using protection??
Unknown writes: OP: Oh Elita you best
piece of ass a bot can
ever have.
Unknown writes: OP: I can see your bra
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