Carly, Spike and Blaster at a concert

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Carly, Spike and Blaster at a concert
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Ravage XK writes: Spike: You like this crap? Gah!!! Its over,we are through. It feels good to say that. You are such a pain. Oh, that band on your head, ARE YOU 12. Mind you, I have yellow Boots so I can’t talk. I've changed my mind, lets stay together.

Carly: What you
UnderYourCloset writes: Spike: Man Carly, the Newsboys just don't seem as good as they used to be.
trailbreaker writes: Thanks to TicketMaster charging a "convenience fee" of $25 a ticket, Spike and Carly are in the crap seats.
Black Hat writes: Spike...Behind you...It's Alexis!
Flame Cheetor writes: Carly:Will you marry me?
Blaster:Of course I will!
Carly:I was not talking to you Blaster!
Ratbat writes: I'm glad Carly and I brought you along, Blaster. You get to enjoy the concert in total anonymity!
Unknown writes: "Blaster, just start recording! We're NOT gonna get in trouble, no one will notice!"

"I dunno, Spike... I saw that episode of 'What's Happening' where Rerun got busted taping a Doobie Brothers concert..."

Unknown writes: Psst....get lost Blaster...I can't score with you hangin around all the time !!!
JPrime writes: Spike: This song is way better than that cheesey rock song Jazz and Blaster always play.
SilentBlaster writes: Spike:HA Kid Rock sux.
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Fananga writes: Spike - Galvatron just got put down by Simon Cowell
Carly - Well duh, who told him he was good enough to Audition for Pop idol.
Blaster - Ha look, hes crying
Fananga writes: PA System - Just to remind you folks, using any type of recording or camera equipment is illegal and you may be escorted from the premesis or arrested.

Spike and Carly Duck down as the Reflector trio are removed from the building.
archangel_tears writes: Spike: Please don't tell me the guards are coming this way. Are my eyes dialated?
Carly: Blaster you can take me home any time you want.
Blaster: Spike is at it again. I keep telling you to stop smoking Angel Dust, you snort it not Smoke it.
Soda Pop Kurtis writes: Why in the blue hell are you clapping, Carly, they are only playing the same damn cheesy background music!!!!
Pokejedservo writes: Spike: Uh guys how did this band called Lion know about the Transformers?

Blaster: Duuhhh... I dunno... (Whispering in his communicator) Jazz, their on to us run!
Byrerprime writes: Carly: "Guess what Bumblebee told me about his backseat?"

Spike: "Uhm, does Bumblebee even have a backseat?"

Blaster: "You of all people know he does."

Carly: "He told me his backseat's getting sore, and yo
Lela Tragus writes: Spike: Who knew Starscream was so good at kareoky?
Carly: I think he's up to one of his Decepticon tricks again!
Blaster: I'm digging these beats..
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"I could do that."

Carly,"You could win at American Gladiators? Yeah okay right."
Dragonoth writes: Carly: I want a hot dog this big.
Spike: There's one over there!
Blaster: That's no hot dog, it's Buzzsaw in disguise!
Spike: *blinks* So that's why we never see him.
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Castle74 writes: Hey Carly, this boombox is kinda big to lug around. Maybe you should start thinking about investing in an MP3 player or maybe an Ipod?
-Soundwave- writes: Spike: Look Vanilla Ice is the opening act!!

Carly: Oh my GOD now this concert really sucks.

Blaster: Don't mind me I am just going to shut down.
Ravage XK writes: Carly: " Dont look now but the girl in the pink top is taking a dump and.... HEY!! Wheres my PSP gone!!!?"

Spike: " I threw it at that guy over there, you know the guy just out of frame."

Blaster: " I cant believe you agreed
Ravage XK writes: Carly: "Look at them, they are tiny! The whole bands only this big."

Spike: "No Carly, they are just far away."

Blaster: "We always get the cheap seats."
saiyan_prime writes: Spike (pointing at Janet Jackson): "Carly, why can't your wardrobe malfunction like that?"

Carly: "Don't you remember what happened at last year's New Year's Eve party?

Spike: "No. I passed out"

Hi-Eye-Q writes: Spike - "Carly, can you believe someone lobbed an egg at Maiden!"


Blaster - "Ruuun For Your Liiiiffffeeee!"
DeltaOmega writes: Spike: Have you seen this week's before Carley girl?
Dr Buffalo writes: Blaster: So apperently in this movie, Optimus dies and, I get eaten by a planet. Then, some wird car named Hot Rod and a female auto bot go dancing with a giant robot of Robert Stack, after he gets blown up by Lenoard Nimoy and everyone dances with the gu
snavej writes: Spike: Bruce Lee has come back from the grave!

Carly: Never fear! With my powers of Girly-Fu, I will send him back to his eternal rest!

Blaster (thinks): Why did they have to get involved with amateur dramatics?! These impromptu rehearsals are so
trailbreaker writes: "Carly, the girl dressed in red next to me looks like she needs to take a dump."
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trailbreaker writes: "Hey Carly! Ashlee Simpson sounds just as crappy from up here as she does on the front row!"
LeafsFan2005 writes: Spike: Carly, hon, Blaster says he's seeing some kind of subliminal message in this hear concert. Don't look.

Carly: Megatron is the coolest. Megatron is the coolest. Must serve Megatron and his benevolent ways.

Blaster: Too late. She'
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"I was skeptical at first, but this Misfits / Stingers / Jem and the Holograms battle of the bands is pretty cool!"
snavej writes: Carly: Yes, I am blonde down there, and so is Blaster if you look under the plating. Now, can we discuss this at a less embarrassing time?
snavej writes: Spike: The next caption picture is coming. I can see it just coming over the horizon. Can you guys make out what it is yet?

Carly: A red shape and a white shape, with some blue and pink. It could be a crocodile in a forest.

Blaster (using superio
Road Turtle writes: Carly, "I can't let Spike know that I'm really Minerva from the future sent here to make sure that the Autobots can't properly dispose of Prime's body because I need Ginrai to find it several years from now and fuse with it to bec
Chaingun writes: Maybe I should have brought something a little smaller than my comically large boombox to bootleg the show with.
Dragonoth writes: Spike's boom-box is bigger than he is! Talk about livin' large!
Redfox1701 writes: Blaster:(whisper to Spike) I got to go. The Decepticons are attacking the base.
Spike: Carly look over there
*Blaster transforms and goes away
Carly: What happened to the cooler?
Spike: Um...I have to go to the bathroom *runs away*
crypto199 writes: Spike:Blaster, Soundwave sings better then YOU!
Blaster:Shut up,
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"Look Carly the Green Knight beat our Knight!"

Carly,"You know these Medieval Times theme'd restaurants put on a pretty good show, but I still don't understand why they can have radio mics wired to them, but I can't
snavej writes: Blaster expertly taps into the stage sound system and makes Fifty Cent sound very good for once. Autobot generosity knows no bounds.
snavej writes: Spike: I've just seen some nerds. I have to go and beat them up badly. Back soon!

Carly: Give those caption writers one for me!

Blaster: 'Give them one'? Is that a sexual reference?

Carly: Spike can decide what to do when he get
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"Oh man I can't believe it their laughing Buster right off the stage."

Carly,"Well what did you expect, we warned him that a musical stage production of 'Buster Witwicky and The Car Wash of Doom' was stupid."
snavej writes: Spike: It's time for our streak across the field!

Carly: I knew we should have got front row seats.

Blaster: I'll stay here and keep your seats warm with my enormous metal ass!
snavej writes: Spike: I asked the top physicists in the world how Blaster can shrink down like this.

Carly: What did they say?

Spike: They told me to call Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.
snavej writes: Spike: I can't believe they crammed so many resentful negroes into one little Superdome!

Carly: Mesmerising.

Blaster: Is it normal to have this level of theft and violence? It feels like I'm trapped in a Decepticon terror-dome!
Castle74 writes: Ok, if Oprah is giving us cars....what do we tell Bumblebee?
LeafsFan2005 writes: Spike: I can't stand this Sylvia Browne woman. First she refuses to tell me what's gonna happen to my dad, then she says me and Bumblebee are gonna stop hanging out, but, and here's the kicker, she says me and you, YOU of all people, are go
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"Whooaaa look at the rack on that chick over.......ugh yeah maybe that was inapropriate to point that out when I'm on a date with you isn't it?"

Carly,"Sofa city for you sweetheart."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"Wow I never woulda believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself, but A Flock of Seagulls is still touring. I'll be damned."
LeafsFan2005 writes: Spike: Hey, why is that guy on stage flipping me off?

Carly: He's not flipping you off, honey.

Spike: Then explain the huge "Spike Witwicky Sucks" sign behind him.
LeafsFan2005 writes: Spike: This is the last time I let you drag me to your monthly meeting of the Oprah Book Club.
LeafsFan2005 writes: Spike: So, Carly, explain to me why we're at this meeting of the People's Congress again? We're supposed to be Americans.

Carly: Oh, Spike honey, you know I'm a card carrying Party member of the American Chapter of the Chinese Commu
LeafsFan2005 writes: Spike: See, see the warning? They want us to keep it to a somewhat decent nature.

Blaster: You dolt, you're projecting your thoughts out of the scene.

Spike: But my finger is pointing at the word "warning".

Carly (thinking): Oh ple
LeafsFan2005 writes: Spike, Carly and Blaster attend the very first "Megatron and the Starscreamers" concert.
LeafsFan2005 writes: Spike: Look, I think the animators are on the way to draw in the guard rail for us.

Blaster: 'Bout time. I just don't think Sunstreaker can hold all these people back with his forcefield anymore.
LeafsFan2005 writes: Spike: Holy crap! Carly, it's some lawyers from the RIAA! They found out Blaster's been recording all these concerts we've been going too.

Blaster: Just knew I shouldn't have let Cosmos broadcast that last Metallica concert to the e
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike and Carly were very short lived as a couple when Carly's shameful secret came out.

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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"Hey this is the young Republicans convention. I thought we were going to the Meatloaf concert."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike," Oh jeez Carly I think I pee'd myself. "

Carly," Again? "
Kevinus Prime writes: "The Gaithers kick ass! YEAH!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Carly waches as the two blood crazed fighters trade wild punches..sweat beading, breathing heavily, their firm bodies collide againts each other...then she wanted Spike more than ever...
Kevinus Prime writes: "Carly! Quit yelling for the Packers! IT'S A BASEBALL GAME!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "It's Bush! GET HIM!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "NOW I finally get good seats at the Superdome..."
Kevinus Prime writes: Spike: "PSST! Someone's smoking pot!"
Blaster: "Be cool, man...(puff)"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike," OH HOLY CRAP! There's Waldo! "
Zeedust writes: Spike: "See! I TOLD you that taking you to see Banenaked Ladies wouldn't be offensive!"

Carly: "That Creegan guy is mocking me, I just know it."
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SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Carly was too involved in the music to notice she was sitting three seats away from Aeris Gainsborough, even when Spike tried to point it out.
1337W422102 writes: "That's the guy! He's the one who shot Mr. Burns!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike," Whoa Edge and Matt Hardy just dove off that stage through the equipment!"
Carly...(in her mind)...Why God why do I stay with him?!
Carly,"Spike. We're done."
Carly,"Look I've bee
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"Hey did you see that the beer guy just snubbed me?"

Carly,"Spike you don't even shave what makes you think your old enough to get served?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike," HOLY CRAP! That Battle Bot just got impaled on that spike from the floor! That was sooo cool!"

Blaster,"Ugh Spike that was Bumblebee."

NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"Man these John Edwards seminars are packed!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"Whoa did you see THAT the Burger King just intercepted that pass!"
1337W422102 writes: Spike: "Man, this emo concert sucks!"
Carly: "You're so right..."
*they both start crying*
Frobman writes: We'd better run! Those security guards know we're not gonna buy the cds for this concert later!
Raiden Gundam2 writes: Brown haired guy- Yo Blonde, whats with the robot thing it's kinda freaken me out. You know. Kinda freaky Ya.
Robot Ting-SSSSHHHH(statick)
Blonde-You got him on F.M. How come I'm blond and I'm still smarter than you! GOSH.
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Light Blade writes: you see him, see the way he's curled up on the floor, that is brilliant time stalling
DeltaSeeker writes: Spike: Wow, isn't it amazing how high up we are?

Carly: Yeah, it's a case of vertigo just waiting to happen...
snavej writes: Spike: Isn't this exciting, Carly? Hulk Hogan vs. Wheelie!

Carly: I'm on the edge of my seat!

snavej writes: Spike: Who'd have thought that audiences for the new Transformers movie would be so huge? They had to hire the New Orleans Superdome to accommodate the excess!

Carly: You are factually quite correct, Spike.

Girl in Pink: GO ON, RAMBO! KICK HI
Ultimate Optimus writes: Are ya sure it is a good idea to bring Blaster into the Concert?
snavej writes: Spike: At last, here come Simon and Garfunkel!

Carly: Head banging will now begin...

Blaster: Look out and shout! Owww!

Spike: What's wrong?

Blaster: There's a Fairport Convention tape tangled up inside me. I can't transform!
snavej writes: Spike: I will keep pointing at things until you forgive me, Carly. Those women on mean nothing to me!

Carly: Please insert $1000 cheque for any kind of response.
snavej writes: Carly tries to play the bongos but Spike and Blaster keep interrupting her with their inane chatter about popular music.
snavej writes: Spike: Where do you come from Carly?

Carly: Learn the facts of life, doofus!

Spike: I mean, what's your home town?

Carly: The Village of the Damned!

Spike: Which one? Ohio? New Jersey? Nevada?

Carly: The creepiest one.
snavej writes: Spike: Hey, Carly! In a fight between zombies and Transformers, who would win?

Carly: Probably the company who wins the contract for reconstruction afterwards.

Blaster (singing): We do the mash! The monster mash! We do the mash! It was a graveya
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snavej writes: Carly: This picture sucks.

Spike: Let's move over to that one with Inferno and Red Alert!

Blaster: Can one of you please drop me off at the Prime and Tracks picture?
Brakethrough writes: Neil Young's "Transformer Man" never had a better audience.
Brakethrough writes: Spike: See, See!? I TOLD you Huey lewis and the News can still rock the arena.

Blaster: That's the power of love, baby.
saiyan_prime writes: Spike: Look Carly, that weird girdle that Marilyn Manson wears helps him urinate on the crowd more accurately.

Carly: can smell it from up here.

Blaster: Hey Carly! He's got the same organic anomalies in his chest that you do!
saiyan_prime writes: Blaster: Damn, Spike. This band you call "Slipknot" sure is loud!

Spike: Quiet, they're about to play "People = Sh*t". That's my favorite. Carly, what're you staring at?

Carly: The guy with the decrepid clown mask
snavej writes: Blaster: The time has come for me to challenge Grimlock for the leadership of the Autobots.

Spike: Well, he's down there waiting for you, with the most enormous cannon I've ever seen! And a really naff crown too!
snavej writes: Spike: They're going to play the brown tone at full volume. Everyone will in the arena will crap their pants at the same time!

Carly: That's why we're here!

Blaster: What will happen to me?

Spike: No idea. Perhaps Ramhorn's
Colinus Maximus writes: Blaster: You guys weren't kidding about the Hasbro pannel being the most popular at this convention.

Spike: What's that they're holding up?

Carly (dropping binocolurs): Holy Primus! That art work for the Beast Wars comic is awesome!
Colinus Maximus writes: Carly: I can't believe you scored Super Bowl tickets.

Blaster: This halftime show rocks!

Spike: LOOK! Janet Jackson's had a wardrobe malfunction.
Colinus Maximus writes: Carly: I still can't believe I won tickets to this 'Monty Python' reunion!

Spike: Look! They're about to start the 'Dead Parrot' sketch!

Blaster: Beautiful plumage.

Carly: The plumage dosn't enter into it.
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thexfile writes: blaster : wow that hurt , these battlebots are cool man... wow look out littel fellow...

spike : wow did you see that carly ?? was'nt it amazing ???

carly thinking : yeah woppy... this is the last time you chose our date...
thexfile writes: anouncer : hey do i have a treat for you fokes guges how i spotted in the crowds , say a big hi to Carly and Spike from the transformers and i eaven think that they brought blaster along...

spike : hey carly your on the jubotron

blaster : wow dude
JazZeke writes: Spike leans over to kiss Carly.

Blaster: "Hold up you two. Sparkplug sent me as a chaperone so you two don't get hanky."

Spike: "Oh yeah?" *throws Blaster off the ledge* "Now, where were we?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike," OH MAN! Look at the great seats Chip Chase got! He's so lucky being handicapped. "

Carly," Your handcapped too Spike, but they don't give you better seats for being lame in the sack. "

NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"Hey Carly do you think that bulge he's sporting is real. Carly. Carly? CARLY?!"

Road Turtle writes: Mysterious brunette in reddish dress, "Curses! I'm stuck here on a ledge with that snooty sweater vest touting Carly and her lap dog Spike! There's no aisle, I can't get away! Curse these discount nose bleed seats!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike," Holy crap is that Adolph Hitler?! "
Road Turtle writes: Mysterious brunette in the reddish dress, “Oh, if Spike would have only asked me to go to this concert instead of that stuck up hussy Carley! I bet he doesn’t even know I'm here! I know! I'll throw them both off of this conveniently placed
Road Turtle writes: Carly, "...if your bored and you know it clap your hands, if you're bored an you know it clap your hands, if your're bored and you know it and you really want to show it..."

Spike, "Hey look, they don't have an aisle eithe
Screambug writes: See how far we can fall? There ISN'T any railing to protect us!
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Raiden Gundam2 writes: Hello my name is Wang Hang Low.
Raiden Gundam2 writes: Yo Scott look what I can do!
Raiden Gundam writes: Spike: Look, A band of Decepticon are attacking.
Blaster: WWWWhhhhaaaaatttttt
Spike: I said Decepticons are attacking over there.
Carly: Did you say you want popcorn this big at the concesion stand your pointing at?
Roadshadow writes: Spike: Hey, I can see the band playing!
Carly: I can clap my hands!
Blaster: I'm surrounded by idiots...
Godfather Bluto writes: Spike: Youre what? I can't here you over these cheesy bands.

Carly: nevermind, it will be like the omen.
Thanatos Prime writes: Spike: Isn't the drummer that guy you used to date?

Carly: What are you trying to say?

Blaster: I don't need this, I'm outta here!
snavej writes: Spike: 26092005!

Carly: 48735990!

Blaster: HA HA HA HAAA! You're cracking me up! You guys must be the greatest comedians since Funnimus Prime and Jokertron!
Thanatos Prime writes: Carly: Blaster isn't it illegal to record this?
Spike: He does it anyway to pay for his enriched energon addiction...
snavej writes: Spike: Look, I'm poking the edge of the frame. I know this is all a cartoon and we can never die. We will last as long as the datafiles are preserved!

Carly: No more Twilight Zone reruns for you!

Blaster: I'm going to spit oil over the s
snavej writes: Spike: And that's where I sat in the Kiss gig 1988, and that's where I sat in the Carpenters gig in 1982, and that's...

Blaster: BORING!

Carly has gone to sleep for a hundred years and only the kiss of a handsome prince or Autobot wil
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snavej writes: Carly: Stop pointing and start clapping! You don't want N.W.A. to bust a cap in your ass!

Blaster: N.W.A.? I'll kill the fools? White Power!
snavej writes: Spike: Carly, now you're one of the Undead, could you please kill Primal Scream? They're always intoxicated and their stage shows are a disaster!

Carly: Brains. Need brains. Mmm, fresh brains.

Blaster: She'd do well as a lawyer!
snavej writes: Spike: That's all we need: the dead have risen and they have very kissable lips.

Blaster: Never mind, you can kiss me instead!
1337W422102 writes: "Carly, look! You're almost as pale as Michael Jackson!"
snavej writes: Carly: I've gone into shock. The antics of Barney and Friends are beyond the pale!

Spike: Perhaps the next act will soothe you - it's Marilyn Manson!

Blaster (transforming): Time to go, Carly!
snavej writes: Carly: Spike, I can't enjoy this rapping, cussing and breakdancing. I'm just too white bread!

Spike: Don't worry, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is on next.

Blaster: Who on Earth organised this gig?!

Spike: Maybe it wasn't
Sun Runner writes: Blaster: I don't get it, is it common for your earth musicians, to bite the heads of bats then sodomize a fellow bandmate onstage?
snavej writes: Spike: Michael Jackson's hair caught fire! He looks like a big matchstick, with arms and legs and doing the moonwalk!

Carly: He'll probably need a lot of plastic surgery!
snavej writes: Spike: Word up!

Blaster: Word.

Spike: Put your hands in the air like you don't care.

Carly: Can't you ...uhh... see that I'm ...gnn... trying?!
snavej writes: Spike: Aren't you enjoying the show?

Carly: No. I can't bear it that you ogle scantily clad girls on every week.

Blaster: Damn your hypocrisy, woman!
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snavej writes: Spike: Go on, flash your ---- at the boy band! I bet no one's ever done that before!

Carly: No, I'm not doing it. They were lousy in bed last night.
Powermaster Jazz writes: Spike: That guy looks like a chick.
Carly: Shut up, that's Cher.
Carly and other ladies: WOOOOOOOO
Spike: There goes my night...
snavej writes: Spike: I never thought they'd start Transformer Gladiator Games here on Earth. Look at Onslaught fight!

Carly: The overall winner will get my special treatment tonight!

Blaster: Take cover! Snarl is about to use a multiple rocket launcher!
snavej writes: Spike: Carly, I...

Blaster: Shut up, pipsqueak; she's my woman now!
snavej writes: Spike: There's a fat chick sitting next to me, Carly. Do something!

Carly: Oh, get over it! I'm sitting next to an alien, transforming, mass-shifting, music-loving robot who looks like a really clunky ghetto blaster! My street cred is on t
snavej writes: Spike: Carly, over there - a hand cream saleswoman!

Carly: It's about time!
snavej writes: Blaster wonders how he is going to cope in future, rebuilt as an I-Pod. Where will his cassettes fit then?
snavej writes: Spike: This Grace Jones concerts sucks so bad, I'm being slowly pulled into it!

Carly: We gotta KILL the bitch!

Blaster: White Power!
ProwlBaby writes: S: Look, It's playing the theme to Transformers the Movie.

C: Oh, I know! Isn't it great!

B: Yeah, It's just a shame Prowl gets his fool butt killed off.
DeltaSeeker writes: You know the concert's bad when someone brings their own boombox to drown out the sound.
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snavej writes: Spike: Blaster, do you think this massive charity concert will really stop puppies with motion sickness from dying in African washing machines?

Blaster: Hell no, but the music's terrific!
snavej writes: Blaster: I fail to see the value in this 'MC Hammer' person or his act.

Carly: Stop!

Spike: Hammer time!

Blaster: Oh well, I suppose I should get with the beat. How does it go? Can't touch this!
snavej writes: This is the biggest roller coaster we've ever been on!
snavej writes: Spike: Carly, it's Kraftwerk! You can impress them with your robotic Alice-in-Wonderland routine!

Carly: Flipping cheek!

Blaster: What about my robotic robot routine?

Carly: The seat's not big enough, bozo!
snavej writes: Spike: There's no guard rail. We could just jump to our deaths!

Carly: It would be worth it to get a little closer to those stinking hunks of manhood!

Blaster: The Pet Shop Boys?

Carly: Yes! Yes! The Pet Shop Boys!

Spike (whispers): So
snavej writes: Spike: I really, really love you.

Blaster: Sob! I'm overwhelmed!

Carly: Shut it, tan boy, I'm absorbing the 1980's vibe!
snavej writes: Spike: So, how do you Transformers do this 'mass shifting'?

Blaster: Mainly we use big trucks, but sometimes we use small hand carts.
snavej writes: Carly: Must ... fellate ... band members. Must ... fellate ... roadies. Must ... fellate ... security staff.

Blaster: Is she under the influence of Bombshell?

Spike: No, she's always like this. Damn it!
Duo Maxwell writes: B: spike you little bastard why the hell did you let her bring me allong to a K3 concert you know it makes me sick when i hear them.

S: sorry blaster i tryd

b: oh my god i'm gonna puke


c: whhh
Jaw Crusher writes: Spike: "Carly, quick! Defibrillate Jagger again before the audience figures out what's happened!"
Blaster: "And I'll crank the bass so that the audience will be too disoriented to notice the smell!"
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snavej writes: Spike: So, why's Blaster so hot?

Carly: I sit on his speakers, he makes a deep base sound and it's heaven!

Spike: DJ Howard Stern, you've got a lot to answer for!
snavej writes: Spike: With Blaster here and the cameras rolling, I bet that Soundwave will show up pretty soon!

Carly (consults script): I'll take that bet too!
snavej writes: Spike: So how big is Snoop Dogg's anyway?

Carly: About so big.

Spike: Bigger than mine?

Carly: By about four inches.

Spike: Maybe if I complete my white-to-black transformation, I'll gain those extra four inches!

Carly: Several mi
Payner™ writes: No one really knew, but back in the day Spike and Blaster made a nice living with Audio Piracy
Acelister writes: Spike: "Carly, I got laid behind that speaker once."
Blaster: "I told you man, she's too busy starin' at Brian Adams..."
Spike: "Damn that Canadian..."
Acelister writes: Girl in the back: "Come on... I've got $50 riding on Weird Al taking a dive..."
Acelister writes: Spike: "He's going to jump fifty cars now!"
Carly: "This is so much more fun than staying in and making out!"
Spike: "Why does it sound like you mean that...?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: These seats suck. The band looks like roaches.
Ratbat writes: Spike: Blaster, that's Guns N' Roses--one of THE BEST rock bands of the '80s.
Ratbat writes: Blaster! Carly! How do you like the concert?
Blaster: I LOVE it!!!
Carly: Ditto!
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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #245 - On a Boat
Twincast / Podcast #245:
"On a Boat"
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Posted: Saturday, April 4th, 2020

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