Hot Rod catches a fish

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Hot Rod catches a fish
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Optimustard writes: Ok Daniel my hook is baited now where do I cast my line in the air or water? I hope sky byte is really jumping today.
Wolfman Jake writes: Now what am I supposed to do with this? Throw it back!? Why did I bother catching it in the first place? Fishing is even more boring and pointless than that time you tricked me into watching baseball, Daniel.
trailbreaker writes: "Hey Daniel, tell your Mom I have a WHOPPER for her."
Godzillabot Primal writes: Hey, I found Nemo!
Pulsatron writes: Fish: *Gasp* I'm dying!

Hot Rod: You think YOU'VE got it rough? B*tch, in about 80 minutes,
I'm going to have to try and replace Optimus Prime!

Fish: Damn, that sucks. Okay, you win. [Dies]
big finale writes: danny wow look at the size of it hot rod year it big danny the shuttle is comeing ing lets see it hot rod talk about bumd
big finale writes: it is look out mountain
snavej writes: Why settle for a peek when you can see everything from the top of Brokeback Mountain?!
seminole1 writes: I better get this over to Captain D's so they'll know what real seafood looks like.
Judynator writes: Rody: Woa! This is a fish!
Fish: No, no, no! My name is Nemo!
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seminole1 writes: I can't believe humans eat these.
Unknown writes: Hot Rod: Smells like arcee during that time of month.
Daniel: I'm telling her you said that.
Fireblader writes: Aaawwww, I wanted the old boot!
JPrime writes: And to think I was supposed to help save a city from destruction today.
Unknown writes: Uhhh... just a couple sizes too small for an evil henchman.
kanesomers writes: 'I'm gonna mount this sucker! Then I might stuff it and put it on my wall!'
Dragonoth writes: Hot Rod: "I'm glad my lasers are arm-mounted. I can use my allotment of subspace mass to increase the size of this fish to feed the Dinobots!"
Daniel: "I didn't know you could do that!"
Hot Rod: "It's because of a
bringo writes: Is it the bait? or my catch?
shockwave_inoz writes: Hot Rod: (singing) "I'm gonna eat you little fishie, I'm gonna eat you little fish - I'm gonna eat you little fishie, 'cos I like eating fish!!"
Daniel: "You been watching Red Dwarf again, haven't you?"
DecepticonDemi writes: ;DDDD weeeeee, I catch'd da li'l fisheeeee
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Soda Pop Kurtis writes: I'm turning you into poo!
StarSaber1701 writes: nice lunch time MHAHAHAHAHAHA
Thanatos Prime writes: Today on Blue Collar TV...
LeafsFan2005 writes: Ah, if it weren't for all that fish growth hormone we poured in this lake over the past 20 years, this wouldn't be possible.
LeafsFan2005 writes: The real secret to Hot Rod's stupidity is finally revealed. The next day Kup mysteriously disappeared.
LeafsFan2005 writes: This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?

HR: Yeah, why does that shuttle have a hole in it?
Zeedust writes: Fish: "Why does your hand have 'pause' written on it?"
Hot Rod: "Holy slag, a talking fish!"
Fish: "Don't try to change the subject!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Fish,"You......*gasp*......bas.....*gaspp*..tard....*gasppp*.....I..*gaspppp*.....*gasppppp*..can't..........*gaspppppp*...breath........*gasppppppp*!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Hot Rod," THIS is the Matrix? No way. I am not keeping this smelly thing in my chest cavity."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Hot Rod," Kup doesn't this remind you of something?"

Kup,"Yeah that reminds me of the smell of this Robomassage Parlor in the red light district of Iacon. But dats a story for a time Daniels not around."
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Hot Rod,"Yup it's a whopper alright!"

Jim the Burger King manager,"No. No. For the last time a Whopper is beef. A Whaler is fish. No go clean the the tables before I hafta let you go."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Hot Rod,"Hmmmmm.....3 lbs 2 ozs.


I used to be Autobot the best job I can get is fish scale at the Pathmark seafood department."


Hot Rod,"K
snavej writes: Fish oil is the best known Transformer lubricant in the galaxy. THAT'S why we came here in the first place, not some asteroid threat.
snavej writes: My biggest nightmare is that I will one day meet Wheelie again. He's never forgiven me after I stole his energon, his trailer home, his voice data, his credibility and his girl Arcee. Oh, and his collection of spare asses. He's been homeless
snavej writes: Hot Rod: With my innocent, boy-next-door looks, I can't help but be charming. I'm so cute that Megatron couldn't possibly launch an attack on us here, using a stolen shuttle, after killing off some financially inconvenient old characters.
snavej writes: This is the best I could do. All the other fish have been eaten by Trypticon. He hypnotised thousands and made them swim into his massive jaws!
snavej writes: Fishing is the only way that helps me forget what the bigger Autobots do to me every night.
snavej writes: Hot Rod: One day, all Transformers will look like this. It is so sleek, agile, fast, good at swimming and dangerous to insects!

Kup: Come closer: you are due for your daily slapping.

Hot Rod [thinks]: When I grow up, they will call me Slapmaster Su
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Kup,"All in all lad you did an amazing job. You even got rid of that nasty smell coming from my tailpipe."

Hot Rod,"Kup you are one sick spark. How did this get wedged in your tailpipe?"

Kup,"Well last night Ultra Magnus and
Damolisher writes: Hot Rod: "Wow, Firebolt, you look really different!"
Daniel: "That's a fish!"
Hot Rod: "Pffft, as if I don't know a Nebulon when I see one..."
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groovygoth666 writes: My fish is much bigger than yours,my fish can walk right through the door,with the feelin so pure its got you screamin back for more
BigDog Grim writes: Daniel - " I've told you before, its a decal, you can't cook food on your chest !!"
Hot Rod - "Duuuhh! Hot Rod Me am, Me go help Unkle Optibus !!"
BigDog Grim writes: Hot Rod - "Hey, Look Danny I caught me a Wheelie."
Daniel - "Quick, Throw It Back In".
King Slick writes: Grimlock: Hot Rod no catch fish. Hot Rod catch Guppy.
Hot Rod: Oh yeah...let's see you catch a bigger fish Grimlock.
Grimlock: Grimlock no need too...look over there...*Grimlock points at two Killer Whales and a Great White Shark*
Hot Rod: You wi
1337W422102 writes: Dan: So I heard you calling Arcee a Headmaster last night...

Hot Rod: (nervously) Uh... My, isn't this a big fish!

Dan: Yeah, she said that too!

Hot Rod: (quietly) Oh, crap...

Dan: You said that too, then went to go find some paper towels
Kevinus Prime writes: This is the last known photo of Hot Rod after unfortunately running in to the Hillbillicons. They say his voice echos off the mountains at night..."I don't know how to squal like a pig!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "This is from Cybertron's Billytron Bass, and it sings! We'll make millions at WalMart and Walgreens!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Hang on Daniel, I'll get you out of there!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Daniel, I heard we were playing Go Fish, so I brought my own!"
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Kevinus Prime writes: " smells like a Earth female..."
Kevinus Prime writes: Using his patented fish slingshot, Hot Rod knocks Starscream out of the air.
Kevinus Prime writes: "Ya know, a bad day fishing is better than a great day at work."
Kevinus Prime writes: As Hot Rod pulled up the fish, he thought about how drunk he must've been to get "Pause" tatooed on his hand...
snavej writes: I knew I shouldn't have brought this fish to Quintessa. Now the Sharkticons think I've killed one of their babies! Maybe I can beat them if I lure them into the monster squid pool.
snavej writes: [In the stolen Autobot shuttle above]

Starscream: Look, there's that incredibly irritating Autobot Hot Rod.

Megatron: Takes one to know one, I think!

Starscream: Grr! My point is I could shoot him from here! One less to worry us during the
snavej writes: I am in fine health, fit for duty and of sound mind. My psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, counsellors, specialists and shrinks all agree. And so does 'Leviathan Goliath Titan Giant III', my fish.
EnerJolt writes: I can't eat him! He'll always be back!

D: What are you talking about?

Just a little Newgrounds in-joke.

D: Whatever (aside) loser
Stormshadow writes: Hot rod (unsucessfully) tries to pull a rabit out a hat...whoops...
snavej writes: Arcee's pregnant and now she has a craving for raw fish.
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snavej writes: Hot Rod: I just need another 300 fish and I'll have enough for my Loch Ness monster trap!

Daniel: Loser. I guess you believe in ghosts and aliens too!

Hot Rod: I'm going to tell the others that you accidentally fell onto my mechanisms and
snavej writes: Hot Rod: Now, light our darkest hour! Come on, you parent rogerer, light it!

Daniel: What ARE you doing now?

Hot Rod: Just practising.

Daniel: Practising to be an idiot, I suppose.

[Hot Rod throws fish at Daniel and goes off to shoot shuttles
snavej writes: Hot Rod: Eat it, masster! It iss raw, it iss fressh, it iss verry tassty! Gollum! If you likes it, masster, perrhaps you lets me sseee the preciouss?

Daniel: Optimus explicitly stated that you have no right whatsoever to see my ring exposed.

crypto199 writes: Hotrod: I'm going to name you jimmy, then eat you for supper!
snavej writes: Hot Rod: I can gut this fish right now with the circular saw that I keep in my arm. I bet you wish you had a circular saw in your arm, don't you Daniel?! Think of what you could do to those mean kids who call you 'Hot Rod's bitch'!
snavej writes: Why are my eyes so blue? Well, after I dived into the lake to get this beauty, my head filled up with water!
snavej writes: Once they pulled this alien device out of Megatron's head, he calmed down and didn't want to go to war any more. He's currently employed as a grave digger for all the people who he killed.
A.J. writes: "Oh fred the fish, oh Fred the fish,
why are you lying on my dish?
You did not see that cook ahead,
and now your head is stuffed with bread....

How did the Mike the mouse one go again guys?"
A.J. writes: This isn't jusst an ordanary fish, it's a fish on a string! It's stylish, no?
A.J. writes: Is this one a "mermaid?"
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A.J. writes: You shoulda seen the one thta got away!
A.J. writes: I thought there was something fishy about this place
1337W422102 writes: Needless to say, HasTak swiftly cancelled "The Fishmasters."
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Is *this* one big enough to win a Piece of Heart?
Scatterlung writes: "not so big now, eh, sharkticon?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: A little known fact:
After G1 ended Hor Rod hosted the fishing show bass masters for a year or so.
Road Turtle writes: "Fish heads, fish heads,
Roly poly fish heads,
Fish heads, fish heads,
Eat them up
DarkMechJock writes: Hmm. My fish pond seems to be doing well ever since I threw Daniel in there.
Duo Maxwell writes: HR: this must be one of those new fishcons we keep hearing about

WJ: bring it to my lab i'll put my wellding torch on it to figure out it's internall procesors

D: euh guys

HR: roger wheel jack i'm bringing it in with a few other
Ravenous Zero writes: Spike said your mom smells like this once a month, but you don't look bother by it's odor as much as he is.
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Light Blade writes: If by whopper you mean insignificant, miniscule and tasteless then I think we're on the same wave-length Danno!
snavej writes: Hot Rod: In the future, I will be Autobot leader.

Daniel: No you won't. HAAAHAAAHAAA!

Hot Rod: Will too! I'll change my name to Rodimus Prime.

Daniel: I'm laughing my ass off here. HAAAHAAAHAAAHAAAHAAA!

Hot Rod: Stop it! I w
snavej writes: Trust me, it looks much bigger in the 'Reconstructed' DVD version (out now!).
snavej writes: The other Autobots keep hanging things on my big yellow spoiler tips, but I will have my revenge...with fish! Bwaahaahaahaahaa!
snavej writes: I got your fish, Megatron. What are you going to do about it? Eh? Eh?!

[Parts of Hot Rod are scattered as far as India and Russia.]
snavej writes: Thank you for spending the last eleven months colouring in my armour with felt-tip pens, Daniel. You've done a magnificent job, considering your youth. Here's your reward!

[Daniel cries, runs to his Mum and realises that she doesn't ex
snavej writes: Daniel: Tell me about how you were created.

Hot Rod: Well, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker had a little too much of the strong oil one night. They became increasingly intimate and ... here I am!
robertj1138 writes: It's bigger than it looks. Really, it is! By human standards, this guy is like 8 feet long.
snavej writes: Hot Rod: After we built Autobot City, the fishing lake was heavily polluted with all kinds of metals and chemicals. This fish is so full of metal that I can use it to patch my ass, where Kup gave me a spanking for stealing his rotators.

Daniel: The fi
snavej writes: Daniel went into the bushes for a wizz and didn't see the shuttle with a hole in it. Hot Rod carried on fishing. Optimus Prime survived and saved the universe from Unicron, Megatron, the Quintessons, Schwarzenegger, Reaganomics and My Little Pony.
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snavej writes: Must...control...urges...Think about...Kup's...wrinkly bits...No...that made it...worse...Oh dear...
snavej writes: Hot Rod: Bah wheep grah nah wheep ninibong!

Fish: Will this torment never end?

Daniel: The Decepticons are coming! Quick, throw this cooker full of excrement at them!

Hot Rod: Sure, it beats trying to communicate with this pathetic scaly thing!
snavej writes: According to my good friend Liartron, the people of Quintessa look just like this, so there's nothing to worry about!
snavej writes: Whoever put this in my armour will soon be pushed off Lookout Mountain!
snavej writes: This fish will light our darkest hour!
eddiekane3000 writes: "Look, the water was cold okay."
Damolisher writes: Hot Rod: It's big, sn't it?
Daniel: If that's your definition of big, no wonder Arcee's cheating on you with Springer...
Hot Rod: What was that?!
Daniel: Nothing...
1337W422102 writes: Daniel:
Hot Rod:
Geez, why didn't I remind Spike to use a condom...?
1337W422102 writes: Kup: Good work, lad, now feed the boy!
Dan: Hot Rod, I'm hungry!
HR: I hate fishing trips...
1337W422102 writes: HR: Boy howdy, we done be eatn' tonite! Danny boy, go tell yo mamma that wes gonna have us some dinna afta all!

DW: (snort) It's funny `cause it's true!
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SNAPCASE writes: Hot Rod: Mmmmm....chicken

Daniel: Dumbass
Pokejedservo writes: Hot Rod: Wow this will make a great pet! Daniel: Uhhh... Hot Rod, buddy? Thats not quite what their for...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Hot Rod,"HEY! It worked! Thanks Jesus!"

Jesus,"Anytime,my son. By the way for the record. I have the touch. Not you. Please set Stam Bush straight."

Hot Rod,"You bet."

Jesus,"Great. Jesus.......out."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "God how I wish this hook was stuck in Daniels mouth instead."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Hot Rod had showed no mercy in hunting down spokes personality Charlie the Tuna joined the Decepticons.
Not Sonic writes: mmmm lunch...
dabattousai writes: Hot Rod: Don't worry Spike will be back soo...woah hey I caught something.

Daniel: Wow look at the size of it

Hot Rod: Yep it's a whopper alright....woah...Deja Vu...
Ravage XK writes: "AAAARGGHHHHH!! IT'S WINKING AT ME!!!!!!"
EnerJolt writes: Ya-har! Look at me fine booty! 'tis a fine catch, seein' as I'm over 10 feet tall!

Daniel: Why are you acting so stupid?

Yo ho ho an' a bottle o' Energon! 'tis Talk like a Pirate Day t'day, says I!

D: God, you&#
HardHead writes: Hey look! i caught a Seacon!
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jlprime writes: Now that I havw this new XL350 Surething Lure, I should be able to catch a Sharticon large enough to mount in the wall.
jlprime writes: It was fish just like this that Jesus used to feed the multitudes that day.
Hi-Eye-Q writes: (Lol @ Minispy)

"Many Shubs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Sloar that day, Daniel, I can tell you!"
TitanStryker writes: Go fish! Poor fish. Hope I can devour one.
New Omen writes: Bored hot rod made his own yo-yo
Road Turtle writes: "Wow camping's fun! I think I'll turn into a tricked-out Winnebago when I grow up!"
A'Arab Zaraq writes: Nice Hobbitses!
A'Arab Zaraq writes: Hot-Rod - "So we decieve the fish? Sorry Lure it... Block it's throat or put a barb through it's lip or mouth and then subject it to possoible Deep Trauma as we remove it from it's natural environment... where we either return it deepl
trailbreaker writes: Hot Rod plays with his R.I.D. Sharkticon.
A'Arab Zaraq writes: "The Babel Fish is a truely remarkable Fish..."
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Ransom writes: Cost of Autobot-sized fishing rod: $210

Percent of single energon ration used up to travel to favorite river: 45.27

Fishing with your best friend on a sunny day: Absolutely priceless.
JazZeke writes: "Uh huh... so you want me to lunge at Megatron next time he and Optimus are in a fight to the death? Hmm... Okay!"

Hot Rod's excuse: The fish told him to do it.
JazZeke writes: "Now, Daniel, the trick is sneaking this into Ultra Magnus's armorwithout him seeing us!"
JazZeke writes: Stranded on an alien planet, Hot Rod was forced to consume raw fish to keep himself alive with the powermaster process.

Hot Rod: "Guuh... this is DISGUSTING!"

Springer (whispering to Kup): "So when should we tell him that he doesn
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "No, really, Daniel! If you put this in your ear you can understand any language!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Hot Rod,"Are you sure I'm doing this yo-yo thing right?"

Daniel," Uhm...(giggle)...yeah (snort)...sure you are Hot Rod, sure you are."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Hot Rod failed to realize the irony that later on fish were trying to catch him!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Due to his superior fishing skills Hot Rod won immunity this week on Survivor:Lookout Mountain.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The crossover No One wanted:
Hot Rod meets Cyber Shark.

(It's more funnier when it's spelled right,clunk!)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The crossover no one wanted:
Hat Rod Meets Cyber Shark
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1337W422102 writes: Gee, they don't make dem Seacons like they used to.
1337W422102 writes: "Help! My hand's on 'Pause'! Someone's too n00b to take a screencap in Gabest's Media Player Classic!"
Death-Ray Charles writes: WOE IT'S AS BIG AS MY WANG !!!
bbfm writes: hotrod: y is it that i always catch fish and never a tin can!!!...i can eat tin cans!!!
snavej writes: Hot Rod: As social psychologists would say, I am your super father figure and I bring you perfect, tasty fish.

Daniel: Bullflop! I'm older than you! I'm about ten years old but you were only built for this movie a few months ago.

Hot Rod
Screambug writes: I hope I caught enough for dinner!
snavej writes: Underneath all this pimped-up armour, I am wearing a very fetching neon pink blouse, which I stole from Grimlock's secret stash.
snavej writes: Hot Rod: Daniel, I'd like you to meet my spiritual mother.

Daniel: Kup! He's gone all weird again!

Kup: I'll get the petro-rabbits. They'll sort him out.

Daniel: Oh God, how does a boy get into these situations in the first
snavej writes: Blitzwing: Come on down, Autobrat!

Hot Rod: We're not on 'The Price is Right', you cream and purple moron!
snavej writes: Am I a good angler? Of course! They don't call me Hot Rod for nothing! (What did YOU think my name meant?)
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snavej writes: Not quite dead, eh? Well, I'll just shoot it with my triple arm guns. ZZZAAAPPP! Frak, I vaporised it!
snavej writes: When the war was over, Rodimus Prime downsized to Hot Rod and ran the best cat sanctuary in the galaxy. Fresh fish was enjoyed by all.
snavej writes: Daniel jumps up, trying to reach the fish, but Hot Rod pulls it away and Daniel falls in the lake, where he drowns. The End.
snavej writes: Megatron: Decepticons retreat! He's got the stinkiest fish you could imagine!
snavej writes: I think I'll turn it into a novelty Seacon keyring.
Roadshadow writes: Hot Rod: Gahh! The fish is gonna eat me!
Daniel: Idiot...
snavej writes: No you don't, Fishatron!
snavej writes: Kup: He's been like this for three days now.

Blurr: Ichangedthefishseventimestostopthesmell.

Arcee: I'll have to slap him to wake him up.

Metroplex: No, you might seriously hurt him. Let me do it.

Springer: I'll do it. I'
snavej writes: Alternate reality no. 135623B.

The universe was doomed because this damn fool couldn't stop staring at a fish.
snavej writes: Caption contest? Well, I done captied this here beauty. Doggone it, ah gotta have won somethin'!
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Dr Buffalo writes: Hot rod: I uh, crap, who the heck chose this pic?
Raiden Gundam writes: Get this fish off my toothpick!!!
snavej writes: The Decepticons targeted and destroyed Hot Rod because materials expert Mixmaster identified the exact rock deposits behind the Autobot in this film. [Al-Qaeda Afghanistan 2001 reference.]
1337W422102 writes: I won the Caption Contest and all I got was this slaggin' fish!
snavej writes: Now Arcee and I can reenact the famous Monty Python fish-slapping dance on the quayside!
snavej writes: Just put it on my flaming chest and it'll be fried in no time!
snavej writes: Kup said 'Stuff it up your tailpipe': well, here goes!
snavej writes: Ah'm jus' a good ol' boy, never meanin' no harm! Mah cousin is the General Lee. Me'n him go jumpin' bridges on a Saturday night. Yee-haw!
snavej writes: My real name is Huckleberry Finn and I just wanna go fishin' down at the creek. Unfortunately for li'l old me, they done dressed me up as an Autibot and made me fight in some guy's war. Ah don't think things are gonna go well from no
Rodimus sucks writes: One moment you're fishing pulling a Michael Jackson on this little boy Daniel, next thing you know I kill Prime and practicly steal the Matrix! Man, could I suck more?
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Hot Rod,"Well. Yeah. Looks like I owe Carly an apology. That smell was a real fish."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Hot Rod,"I'm putting this one in Kup's hubcap! He'll go nuts trying to figure out where that smell is coming from!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Hot Rod,"Fish is brain food Daniel. Eat up. You need it."
snavej writes: Look, I'm starting to fade into pink here. The first one to digitally remaster me gets a lovely trout. While you're at it, can you please unpause my hand?
snavej writes: It's OK to eat fish 'cos they don't have any feelings.

[Nirvana, 'Something in the Way'.]
snavej writes: I'm gonna catch me a Ravage!
snavej writes: Tired of the gay life, Hot Rod looks for new stimulation.
snavej writes: Fat Tony: Hot Rod is like Troy McClure - he sleeps with the fishes.

Knuckles: You mean he's dead?

Fat Tony: No, he actually sleeps with the fishes!

Knuckles: Well, there ain't no law against it.

Fat Tony: There oughtta be.
Castle74 writes: Hey man! I said no anchovies!!
Marcus Rush writes: Hotrod: Hey Daniel, if ya do that trick I taught ya, I'll give ya a treat.
Daniel: I don't like SPAM
Hotrod: Whats the fish got to do with Spam?
Daniel: You don't really know what goes in Spam do you?
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Zeedust writes: If you give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day.
If you give a robot a fish, he'll look at you funny, because he doesn't eat fish, he refuels on energon.
Tusko writes: And if he hadn't become the chosen one, he would have gone on in life to host his own Saturday morning fishing show.
Kidlockdmh writes: Hey Daniel, lets put this under Arcee's pillow! HA!
Powermaster Jazz writes: Hot Rod doesn't believe in all that "Freedom for all sentient beings" nonsense.
DecepticonRedAlert writes: hotrod teases daniel once again

hotrod:if you wan't it you gotta jump for it

daniel:no fair you play to rough i'm going home
Marv writes: Yay! I only have to catch another five of these and then I'll be able to build Coddcon! Man, he's my favorite G1 Gestalt ever!
DeltaSilver88 writes: Hot Rod: "I wonder what this tastes like... *SLURP* ... Hmm... kinda eewy, if ya ask me."
Daniel: "That's cuz you ate it RAW, man!"
Hot Rod: "Raw? What'd that mean? Some kind of strange Earth fish?"
Daniel: "
DeltaSilver88 writes: Hmmm... hey, how come this fish's so big? C'mon, I'm a ten feet tall robot. This gotta be a shark to be this big... wait, there aren't sharks in inland waters!
Steeleye writes: Quintesson Judge: Hot Rod, you stand accused of fishing without a licence, this image is exhibit A. How do you plead?
Hot Rod: Guilty.
Quentesson Prosecutor: Feed him to the Sharkticons!
Hot Rod: Last time I try to bond with Daniel.
Tusko writes: Best Hood Ornament Ever!
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Jaw Crusher writes: Hot Rod: " I'm not saying this is not the shark; it probably is, Magnus, it probably is; it's a predator, and extremely rare for these waters...but the fact is that the bite radius on this animal is different than the wounds on the vi
gruff writes: Hot Cod
Brakethrough writes: You are feeling sleeeeepy.
Acelister writes: Hot Rod: "Yep, it's a whopper alright!"
Ultra Magnus: "I told you to never speak of that again!"
Hot Rod: "I meant the fish!"
Ultra Magnus: "... So did I!"
Ratbat writes: Aw, I was hoping to catch a Sharkticon!! All I did catch was a small fish!
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