Perceptor wields a pencil

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Perceptor wields a pencil
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trailbreaker writes: Beware of splinters !
Nemesis Maximo writes: The penis mightier than the sword!
UnderYourCloset writes: All that time of me playing "Draw a Stickman Epic 2" has preparation for this very moment.
Riptidemtmte writes: "Hello. My name is Inigo Perceptor. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Take THIS, Doodlebob!"
Black Hat writes: Stay back, or I shall re-draw your face!
Megatron1 writes: That essay won't do it's self! Wait, what essay?
grimlock1972 writes: Furman its you and me now may the beast writer win!
GraveBorn writes: There can only be one.
Heckfire writes: And, yet, this STILL makes more sense than that whole sniper crap.
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BeastProwl writes: Luke, you must learn the ways of the force....
Angelbot writes: Look at this glorious pencil! I have no idea how to use it because we do not have such technology on Cybertron.
decipticonhater5995 writes: I got A pencil and i'm not afraid to use it!!!!!!!!!!!
Zeedust writes: "Anyone moves, and I'll vanadlize every last slaggin' one of ya!"
seminole1 writes: I'm not Zorro, but I'm DAMN good with a pencil.
seminole1 writes: It's not a sword but, it'll have to do.
Roadshadow writes: Perceptor goes overboard with drawing the perfect replica of the Mona Lisa.
Unknown writes: O.K. ...... WHO USED UP MY ERASER ?!?!
Fireblader writes: Perceptor's impercination of Rolf Harris had the other autobots in stiches.
SilentBlaster writes: I've got a, ......... no.2 pencil and im not afraid to use it?
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Unknown writes: EN GARDE, TETE DE MERDE!
kanesomers writes: 'Calm down Grimlock, we're going to take your temperature!'
Descybner writes: So perceptor invented baseball..
Death Gunner writes: Perceptor: Does anyone transform into a pencil sharpner?
Dclone Soundwave writes: (Thinking to himself) What the Hell am I thinking?! A pencil doesn't stand a chance against Soundwave's advanced Cybertronian guns. I must be stupider than I look.
archangel_tears writes: back you fools, i'm about to create my master piece hale hale to crack. after this maybe we can snort some.
Starscream7 writes: You keep back or I'll write you out of the series!
Dragonoth writes: In the year 2020, robotics is advanced enough to allow toy companies to incorporate realistic features at marketable prices. AutoFormers® Perceptor is a working, self-transforming microscope with AI that can help you with your homework!
Dragonoth writes: Perceptor auditioning for Small Soldiers 2
shockwave_inoz writes: Perceptor: "High Noon, pal - DRAW!!"
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Kamakaze Thrower writes: All the other weapons were already taken.
shockwave_inoz writes: PERCEPTOR: "Charlie Brown... BEHOLD, I am the 'Pencil Pal' you've been writing to all these years!!"
PrivatePoop writes: A very confused Perceptor thought he could conquer the world with a wmd of pure anime pornography. . . .
Josh writes: Look at me! I'm Don Figueroa!!
Blaster_6267 writes: Begone...or lead poisoning shall befall you!!!
Rainbow Starscream writes: I don't care what you say, you know why? Because mine is bigger than yours. You're just jealous!
BluStreak writes: Back off!! Don't make me stab you in the eye! Don't think I'll do it?! Just TRY ME!!
dabattousai writes: With this pencil, I can finally get back at Hasbro for making me the most useless TransFormer, by redrawing myself into the ultimate weapon muahahahahahahahahahahahaha
tiar180 writes: Perceptor: i didn't have any thing to eat whats this a pencil yummm
Silent writes: By the Power of Greyskull! WTF?
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HardHead writes: Hither came Perceptor, the Librarian, black-haired, sullen-eyed, pencil in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his steel feet.
1337W422102 writes: This isn't what I meant by "Have Perceptor written out!"
kunesukwan writes: Perceptor after watching all the highlander t.v. shows and drinking to much energon
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: & the lab director thought the intern were breaking his pencils just as some kind of practical joke.

It was the microscope all along!!!
relictor writes: yes i know its a pencil so what!
Road Turtle writes: Perceptor, "I have waited for you Obiwan. The circle is now complete, when I left you I was but a learner, now I am the master."

In an attempt to make Perceptor more combat ready, Wheeljack downloads Star Wars into Perceptor's CPU with d
y2si writes: the pencil is mightier than the diffraction sword
tiar180 writes: perceptor: I will now Beat you all
THYFLESHCONSUMED writes: The Adventures Of An Ordinary Bot At War With The Everyday World..........

(Falling Down)
Cyros writes: Perceptor: Now in this experiment, I'm going to sneak into the Armada Autobot's base and stick this probe up the human female's butt. I probably won't survive... but alas, in the name of science!
Optimus: I regret not funding W
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Stormshadow writes: Perceptor: I am the aminator and if you try to attack me I will draw a gigantic wall or something nasty to deal with you.
Decepticons :nooooo!
The war ended shortly after...
snavej writes: Perceptor: Look here, Mr. White Rabbit! I am becoming increasingly infuriated by my current predicament! Please inform me of the location of the magical comestibles that enable the imbiber to alter his or her physical dimensions in a matter of moments!
snavej writes: No one could have predicted that the Decepticons could be defeated with mere stationery items.
snavej writes: When I said I needed a shrink, I meant a psychotherapist!
overdrive writes: FEAR ME and my PENCIL OF DOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!
Pierrimus writes: Perceptor: Um, yes. All I have to do is ensure his termination and you promise to give me Earth for a science project?
Unicron: Yes, it's all down in writing, just sign here.
Perceptor: I seem to have forgoten to bring a writing tool.
Unicron: (Si
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: This crowd has gone deadly silent, a Cinderella story outta nowhere. Former greenskeeper and now about to become the masters champion.

Soda Pop Kurtis writes: Behold!!! The Ultimate Pocket Protector!!!
tiar180 writes: HotRod : get that thing out of my face
Perceptor : no ....
Kup : is that a no. 2 Penil
Perceptor : yes you can't have it HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
Cyros writes: Perceptor: Who knew Shrinky-Dinks worked on Autobots too?
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Powermaster Jazz writes: The new Perseptor toy comes with no accessories, but we here at Hasbro encourage you to use your imagination.
Scatterlung writes: Perceptor found life extremely difficult after the animators did away with mass shifting
Operation Ravage writes: Perceptor rubs one out.

The low just got lower.
1337W422102 writes: "Welcome, Kyle Katarn. Welcome to the Future... Come. Join me. You know in your heart that you'll never truly be one of them..."
snavej writes: At this point, Perceptor was wondering if dating Skullgrin had been such a good idea.
snavej writes: 'I love you from the bottom of my pencil case!'

(Beautiful South lyric.)
snavej writes: The penalty for forgetting your light sabre in Autobot Military Academy.
snavej writes: Perceptor still has a lot to learn about macho posturing. Next week, he'll move on to the giant stapler exercises.
snavej writes: I know you're blind but you can trust me, Doofy. Just run towards my voice and I'll catch you!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The Sandlot 3 was simply no better than part 2.
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snavej writes: Without orders to the contrary, Perceptor remained on guard for the next 54 years. This was a good way of stopping his smart-ass comments for a good long while.
snavej writes: You must become one with the pencil, Perceptor-san. Only then will you be able to fight Bludgeon and win!

(Kung Fu movie joke.)
snavej writes: The American astronauts were given incredibly expensive hi-tech pens that could write in any conditions, even zero gravity. The Russian cosmonauts were given pencils, which did the same frikkin' job for only a few cents! That's what I call sma
snavej writes: What if I stick this giant pencil into that massive electricity socket?
thexfile writes: Perceptor : i hate having office duty... i'm not made for sharpening pencils...i'm to inteligent for this....grrrrrr
thexfile writes: not many of you know what hapend to perceptor when he did not apere any more in the transfromers cartoons.... whel here we have a sneak preview of one of the series he is playing in.... he was cast as the wise one in the series "the borrowers" h
thexfile writes: perceptor : optimus i do'nt want to critisize , but are you absolutely shure this thing is a rectal thermometer ??
thexfile writes: perseptor : "whel if i stik this in here i should be able to make it work "
Suzuki writes: PERCEPTOR: I smite thee, with my pencil!
BLUESTREAK: ... I don't think you quite get the concept of "Dungeons & Dragons", Perceptor old buddy ...
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Thanatos Prime writes: Perceptor: Huzzah! Yah! Huwa-cha-cha!

Jazz: Turkey, put that down! You'll poke your eye out!

Perceptor: Nuh-uh! I'm awesome at this!!*trips, falls and pokes his eye out* AHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Jazz: Ratchet, he did it again....
tiar180 writes: Look at me and the wood i have
Kevinus Prime writes: "...and Metroplex's ass makes a great pencil sharpener!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Luke....I am your father!"
Kevinus Prime writes: On a drunk dare, percepter scribbles a giant moustache on Trypticon.
Kevinus Prime writes: Unknown to many Transformers, Perceptor was an all star pole vaulter.
Frobman writes: Perceptor comes up with the idea of using a giant pencil in the Autobot's play of "Jackbot and the Circuit stalk", and he tells them how it'll be used.
DecepticonRedAlert writes: perceptor:behold my mighty pencil


New Omen writes: Perceptor went insane trying to understand and move the giant flooting pencil. Good ol' Mirage always pulling pranks.
Insurgent writes: The next time Magnus tells me to shut up, i'll poke him in the head. that'll teach him to listen!
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Archanubis writes: What you don't see is everyone running for their lives when Perceptor broke one of Metroplex's windows.
Archanubis writes: Perceptor participates in the annual 'Bots vs. 'Cons baseball game.
Archanubis writes: Fed up with all the poor quality of animation in the recent Transformers series, Perceptor picks up a pencil and shows the animators how its done.
Powermaster Jazz writes: Perseptor: Using this pencil I will write an elaborate and mature Transformers storyline. Armada was just ludicrous!
Bumblebee: Aww. C'mon. I thought Hot Shot was cool.
snavej writes: The high-tech solutions to the scraplet problem all failed, so Perceptor waited around in the dark, hoping to kill some scraplets with his invention, the pencil spear club.
snavej writes: Is it Whacking Day yet?

(Simpsons joke.)
Stormshadow writes: Perceptor just after watching the three musketters..
snavej writes: Perceptor bores his enemies to death with seventeen-hour Powerpoint presentations.
snavej writes: Perceptor: Optimus, you have no idea how awful it is to have so many captions written about you. I'm going insane here.

Optimus: You're wrong, Perceptor. I know just what it's like to be heavily captioned. You can rise above it.

snavej writes: Optimus Prime (below): It's all right, Perceptor. All the nasty Igyaks are gone. You can get off that ledge now, and put the pencil down. Whatever you do, don't jump!

Perceptor jumps off the ledge and falls in the cat litter tray. He has
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snavej writes: Thanks to Microsoft, all our systems are down, so it's back to pencil and paper. I wasn't sure how big to make my pencil. I hope I got it right!
SITHSCREAM writes: Perceptor silently enters the offices of Dreamworks and signs the contract confirming Micheal Bay as the Director of the new Transformers Movie. Perceptors revenge is complete after all that riddicule from his fellow Autobots.
SITHSCREAM writes: I swear if you don't include me in the new movie, I'll kill you Orci & Kurtzman!!!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Pamela didn't mind being taken down by a machete, but this was just embarrassing.
Castle74 writes: Reflector:As they say, the pn is mightier than the sword!
Starscream:But that's a pencil you dolt!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Perceptor,"Come on you hack! I'll out think you,out fight you,and out draw you. Come on Todd McFarlane lets see if that 'M' for male on your drivers license is warrented! ARRRGGGG!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The real reason Shockwave only had one eye....horseplay.
Flashwave writes: AHHHH!!!! Not only is there him speaking the formulas, but now we're all going to be covered in paper of nothing but Scientific Laws!!!!! ALL THE WORLD IS DOOMED!!!!!
Dr. Caelus writes: For want of a sword, sunlight, or holy water, Perceptor is forced to make do.
Binaltech Bombshell writes: I'm soooo gonna hose Squidward with this thing!
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1337W422102 writes: Blurr, I am your father.
Acelister writes: It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house...
Nothing was stirring, except Perceptor, who'd found a massive freakin' pencil in his stocking and wanted words with Santa...
Zeedust writes: They told Perceptor that "the pen is mightier than the sword" wasn't meant to be taken literally. Master of sarcasm, he intentionally chose the wrong part to not take literally.
EnerJolt writes: Well, how did you think Dreamwave managed to get all that detail in?
Acelister writes: Perceptor: "Because of the humiliation's I have suffered, I am going to stick this where the sun does not shine!"
Megatron: "You don't mean...!"
Perceptor: "YES! The centre of the Earth!"
Megatron: "No! Ha
Tusko writes: A master of the art of misdirection, no one knew it was Perceptor who cut the cheese with the large novelty pencil in his hand.
A master of misdirection, he then blamed it on Bumblebee.
Thanatos Prime writes: If I pop this balloon of doom, we can go home and watch tv...
Death-Ray Charles writes: Perceptor: WATCH IT !!! I'll draw a mustache on a your face !!!!
Frobman writes: The only thing Perceptor did right to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is living in the sewers.
snavej writes: You've brought this upon yourselves! I didn't ask to be created as a nerdy microscope! All I wanted was to be a big spaceplane with super cannons. Now, you will all pay!
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snavej writes: Perceptor tries to conduct the Autobot Philharmonic Orchestra but the acoustics of the large stone hall are poor. The Decepticons are annoyed and bomb the orchestra.
snavej writes: Perceptor would do whatever he could to protect his collection of Barbie, Bratz and other naff dolls.
snavej writes: I've got the full set. Now all I need is a massive pocket protector!
snavej writes: Perceptor: Now, all we need is a little energon, an oversized pencil and a lot of luck.

Megatron (watching via Laserbeak): More than you imagine, Nerdimus Prime!

(TF The Movie joke.)
snavej writes: After his failed experiment, Perceptor is so small that he is bullied by Minicons and forced to defend himself.
snavej writes: This end is covered with ear wax. Perhaps I could convert the ear wax into energon, which would enable me to keep the fanboys at bay for another 10 minutes!
snavej writes: If this doesn't work, I could crush them in a slide-rule or use a computer mouse as a huge morning star weapon.
snavej writes: Perceptor goes postal: 'Here, kitty kitty!'
snavej writes: Good news, everybody! I've invented the finglonger!

(Futurama joke.)
snavej writes: I'll just throw this between Groove's wheel spokes and watch that daydreamer flip end over end! I'm not to blame for this delinquency: the cause lies in an excess of scientific inquiry and a dire shortage of fembots!
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snavej writes: Waiting for the Muse to deliver a great new work of art.
snavej writes: Hallucination software isn't as good as it used to be.
Steeleye writes: Arcee: Perceptor I want you to draw me like your French girl. Wearing this. Wearing only this...
demonslayer writes: arcee.. can i draw some hairs..?
demonslayer writes: the pencil is mightier than the sword
demonslayer writes: eat lead...and graphite and wood and a bit of non -toxic paint.......
demonslayer writes: bend over, prime i need to sharpen this
Acelister writes: Perceptor: "What do you mean 'That is not how you hold a caber'?"
Scots man: "S'not what ah sed ye greet metal beastie!"
demonslayer writes: Ready...Draw you dang vermit!
no no no no...stupid autobot ..I meant... nevermind!
demonslayer writes: by the power of greyskull..... oops, wrong show
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Frobman writes: Perceptor thinks this stunt will make him the next Errol Flynn.
Vardamir writes: Perceptor: "i wonder why they doesn't make a pencil for my size, it's barely impossible for me to write down my name!"
Prime: "it's OK perceptor, i can accept your complaint about the pencil, but if you don't mind, plea
eddiekane3000 writes: "You want me to sign your what?!"
Whisper writes: Prepare to eat lead, Decepticon!!!!111oneLOLz
DarkMechJock writes: Back! Back I say! Before I write myself in as a Mary Sue!
-SIXSHOT- writes: The PenCIL is mightier than the sword...
Brakethrough writes: Perceptor II: The Quickening.
Brakethrough writes: It's over, Anakin. I have the high ground!
Brakethrough writes: My name is Perceptor Montoya. You killed my leader. Prepare to die!
Dr Buffalo writes: Perceptor here shows us how nerds make themselves feel manly.
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Dr Buffalo writes: pencil pushing is for chumps. pencil throwing however...
1337W422102 writes: Whatever, it's still better than Attack of the Clones...
1337W422102 writes: I won the Caption Contest and all I got was this crappy pencil!
Vampire Hunter writes: Perceptor: STAY BACK!! I HAVE A SWORD AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!!!

Megatron: Moron, that's a pencil...


Raiden Gundam writes: (Percptor the Genius):Hmmmm, the eraser has to be here somewhere
Pokejedservo writes: Percerptor: Heh sharpening pencils for Omega Supreme, this is so demeaning...
Zeedust writes: You know what they say... Look out for number one, but try not to get stabbed with a #2.
Death-Ray Charles writes: Mine's bigger than yours
Death-Ray Charles writes: REVENGE OF THE NERDS !!!!!
Zeedust writes: Nerds of the round table.
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Roadshadow writes: Perceptor: For the pencil people!
King Grimrob writes: "According to my calculations and theories.
In order for me to be reissued by Hasbro, I am going to have to find an alternate for my launching missiles. Instead this No. 2 Pencil will do nicely and its proof that I am in fact educational!"
Raiden Gundam writes: What the h3ll is this thing for? I'll use my genius brain! Hmmmmm. I think it's a target for my sholder mounted laser.
Archanubis writes: That is the absolute LAST time I let the Dinobots play with the shrink ray!
Archanubis writes: "FORE!"
snavej writes: With a little quantum mechanics here, a pinch of fusion dynamics there, I could turn this into a phased synchion death ray! However, funds are low, so I'll wrap an oily rag around it and turn it into a flaming torch.
Thanatos Prime writes: I wonder why Optimus doesn't let me use sharp objects but gives Grimlock a sword....
wavelength writes: thank you for my ths body taraka, but there is one thing i don't like...............I'M TINY!
snavej writes: What does this say? 'Property of Predaking: hands off or else'.

[Heavy footsteps approaching.]

Oh, scrap!
snavej writes: Green?! But I wanted a pink one like all the other Autobots have!
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StarSaber1701 writes: Stay back or I will poke you....
snavej writes: With this mighty implement, I will make Arcee my love slave! [Manic laughter.]
snavej writes: By the power of Graphite; I have the power!

(He-Man joke.)
protore writes: BACK OFF!!!! GET YOUR OWN PENCIL!!!!!!!
snavej writes: Trying to make 'Back to School Time' look more fun.
snavej writes: Can you tell what it is yet?

(Rolf Harris joke.)
snavej writes: OWWWWWWWWWW!
snavej writes: The next caption writer gets a jab in the eye!
Omega Sentinel writes: When the Blue Raja is all out of forks.....
Scatterlung writes: "Ha HA! Those Constructicon geeks wont know what hit 'em!"
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CodeBlue writes: Man, Prime is going to be pissed when he sees this bulls-eye I've drawn on his back.
snavej writes: Damn, I've been shrunk! Good job I saw that film 'The Borrowers'!
snavej writes: See this on the blackboard: do you understand it? No? It's very simple. Honestly, it's like talking to a brick wall with you lot!
snavej writes: I just saw that film 'Braveheart' and it gave me a great idea...
Stormshadow writes: I shall get my revenge haha (pulls out pencil)
but not with that.
Stormshadow writes: As perceptor looked back at his latest thoeory everyone one noticed how bas a speller he was well serves him right for writing is so dam big.
DestronMatrix writes: Perceptor:"THIS IS MY PENCIL!"
jlprime writes: ...and here's my impersonation of Julio Franco's batting stance.
A'Arab Zaraq writes: "You know, beyond the exceedingly obvious and pertinently obtuse remark about the pen being mightier than the sword... I can't think of a thing to say."
Colinus Maximus writes: I've got to be more carefull with my guns arround that 'Sea of Transformation'.
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E.P.Y.A.R.M.S. writes: Perceptor: Well deceticons, it looks like this one is........A DRAW!
Tusko writes: How does Perceptor solve the problem of constapation?
He works it out with a pencil!

(Oldy but a goodie)
Redfox1701 writes: Avast ye, quadratic equation!
snavej writes: A big poster of Megatron needs to be defaced in a big way!
snavej writes: Stay out of this, Ultra Magnus! As a scientist, I am contractually allowed to go a little crazy every six years or so. Look at sub-paragraph 45.39 if you don't believe me!
snavej writes: Perceptor's trusty HB was no match for Galvatron's $100 fountain pen with screw top.
snavej writes: My owner lost all my accessories so I'll just have to make do ... with a pencil!
snavej writes: I'm gonna make me a Minicon kebab!
snavej writes: You've stolen my pencil case for the last time, Wheeljack!
snavej writes: I fear your wounds will be ... fatal.

(TF: the Movie joke - death of Optimus Prime scene.)
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snavej writes: Perceptor has so much 'geek chic' that he has to beat his admirers off with a giant pencil!
crypto199 writes: Storyboard THIS!!!!!!!!!!!
snavej writes: Perceptor: Reflector, how much longer do I have to hold this pose?

Reflector: Until we have learnt the art of photography and our colleagues have done plenty of damage to your base!
Jaw Crusher writes: "Out of the night, when the full moon is bright...comes a swordsman known as Zorro..."
snavej writes: Bend over, Grimlock: I need to sharpen my pencil!
snavej writes: Shockwave, you think you are my superior with that logical brain, but can you outsmart a pencil in the eye? Can you?! CAN YOU?!
snavej writes: My latest re-release in Japan was just excellent. I was number 19 in the G1 reissue series. To celebrate, I will poke several people with this prop that was lying around the studio!
snavej writes: Professor Farnsworth, with your shrinking ray you have gone too far! I must strike back!
snavej writes: Perceptor gains power over the script and everyone lives happily ever after in a scientific wonderland.
snavej writes: You'll have someone's eye out with that!
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DarkDranzer writes: Perceptor meets his greatest challenge...that damn Algebra question on his Senior's Exam that kept him from going to Cybertron University to become a Rocket Scientist
Acelister writes: Perceptor: "Why can't you hold it whilst you whitle it, Metroplex?"
Metroplex: "Target practice."
Perceptor: "I KNEW you can't whitle a pencil to sharpen it by throwing large blades at it!"
Ultra Magnus: "Sh
Acelister writes: Perceptor: "If you think this is big, you should see the size of my protractor!"
Acelister writes: Perceptor always had to pick up Metroplex's stationary when he dropped it...
Acelister writes: Megatron: "At last, I have triumphed over the Autobots!"
Starscream: "Megatron, look at that Autobot!"
Megatron: "He has a giant pencil! Retreat!"
Starscream: "No, I meant it was funny! Oh for the love of Primus...&
Acelister writes: Perceptor: "You're laser guns are no match for my giant pencil!"
Rumble: "... Is he... Is he right...?"
Frenzy: "Wel he is the smartest of those Autochumps..."
Rumble: "We'd best run, just to be sure...&qu
Road Turtle writes: "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die."
Road Turtle writes: Perceptor, "Ah Ha! The Pen is mightier than the Sword!"

Wheeljack, "Um, Perceptor, that's a pencil..."

Perceptor, "For being one who hath no mouth, thou speakth far too much! Have at Ye!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Perceptor,"There can be only one."

Russell Mulcahy,"Dear god I made one good Highlander movie, and they just will not let it die. What is this one 5. *sigh* Where's my royality check for christ sakes."
Wolfguard writes: Hhhheeeeeey - batta-batta-batta-batta-batta sah-wing batta!
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Wolfguard writes: "From hell's heart - I stab at thee! For hate's sake I spit my last thee...!"
Ratbat writes: A #2 pencil can be used as a deadly weapon
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