Cassettebots fall out of Twincast

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Cassettebots fall out of Twincast
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UnderYourCloset writes: Ahh my insides!!!
Rainmaker writes: REBELLION!
Black Hat writes: Argh, not again! I thought I fixed the lose hinge!
maroyasha writes: We are ready for launch! 3!2!1! Blast Off!!
trailbreaker writes: Eject - "I told you that Scotch tape wouldn't be enough to hold us in!"
Mad_Mexicoy writes: ....and stay out!!!!!
Flame Cheetor writes: Twincast:Get out of my circuits!
Death-Ray Charles writes: JUST MISSED THAT COOKIE CRISP!!!
Silver Wind writes: Their contract having expired, with negotiations going nowhere, the Cassettebots decided to go on strike.
DarkDranzer writes: Rewind: *sniff* WAAAH!! BLASTER'S BETTER!! I MISS HIM!! C'MON GUYS LET'S GO!!
Twincast: Aww I'm not that bad guys!! Gimme another chance
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Roadshadow writes: Twincast: Crap! I forgot the damn seatbelts!
optimus9504 writes: OOPS: it was Twincast not Blaster but look like sorry..

Twincast: "ah, I am falling!"
optimus9504 writes: Blaster: "ahh, I am falling!.. others said what happen?"
Ultra Wheelshot writes: After this Twincast goes to see Ratchet
Twincast: Refit my door catch Ratchet
Eject oh damn he's not letting us out again
Rewind: You pushed me against the door
Ratchet: I must admit this is kind of funny
Rewind: It was Ramhotn who pushed us
Zeedust writes: Twincast, the Autobot clown car.
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Rewind: That's the LAST TIME we hang out with Blaster's little brother!
Eject:Steeljaw, Ramhorn, and I have the same feeling.
Twincast: Wait, I can be just as cool as Blaster.
Eject and Rewind(In usison): Rrrrriiiiigggghhhttttt.
Ratbat writes: Guys, let's show Soundwave that I'M as good as a commander as he is! ATTACK!!! :)
juggaloG writes: Gee, Takara! Thanks for the lousy repaint! I looked a LOT better in red & orange!
italianguy writes: wait, my fly is down.
Sir Optimus Prime writes: Yup, he's from an alternate future.
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President Optimus Prime writes: Twincast, a Cassettebot Guardian, possibly from some alternate future. I've got to find out about this guy.
Unknown writes: Twincast: Okay, if you kids aren't gonna behave yourselves, you can just WALK the rest of the way home!
Unknown writes: No... really, I AM Blaster! I just look like-- *trips* ...slag!
Pinster writes: A baby!...Twins!...Triplets!...quadruplets? Ok this is going beyond a joke
Pinster writes: I didn't realise what Optimus Prime did to me would make babies
PredaKing writes: Twincast: "How many times have I told Ratchet I need a locking mechanism!"
Shadow Fox writes: Twincast- Woah..that's not good, forgot to latch my chest piece..can you cassets fly..cause if not you guys are gonna become cyber-pancakes!!!
Unknown writes: "BLEEARGH! Whoo! That settles it! No more keggers for THIS 'bot!"
Unknown writes: (Twincast): "Damn! How did Soundwave actually keep them in cassette mode?"
Arkhaon writes: yahoo.....i believe i can fly!!!
at least i hope so
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Cliffjumper writes: This is what happens when you use rent-a-autobot.
Unknown writes: wopps...I'm gonna be in trouble...
Darkman writes: Wow just like 'ALIEN' but four times the alien and non of the mess!
Unknown writes: Doc: congratulations it's quadruplet cassets!

Twincast:well i'm gonna keep trying for a CD
Unknown writes: ugh, thats what in-flight food will do to you!
Unknown writes: blue cassette: "Aren't we supposed to have like parachutes and stuff?" Grey Cassette "Hey thats true!!? noooooooooo" Twincast, "Wish I was a decepticon right now"
Unknown writes: BLOODY STDS,BEAT IT
metalformer writes: I know I was re-tooled to carry two of you at a time.. but still I think this still looks unrealistic
Unknown writes: oooooooo a nany
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micah writes: THATS IT GET OUT!
micah writes: GET OUT!
Unknown writes: really gotta get that fixed
EJECT: You imbiclile!!!!!
Unknown writes: Twincast: Come back you little pricks!
Eject: I told you not to fart.
Rewind: I couldn't help it!
Unknown writes: Cassettebots: That's it! We're leaving until Optimus Prime returns, you paint yourself red and call yourself Blaster again!
PlasmaRadio writes: Twincast: "This is prom night all over again."
Arkhaon writes: oops i dropped em again....optimus is gonna slag me
Kaiser Grimlock writes: we liked you better as Blaster, blue just isnt your color.
apex writes: Twincast: "get outta me ya loafers... ya wanna get around, walk it ya self, lazy casettes, go before i boot ya!"
Bumbles writes: And so, another Twincast toy cassete door breaks in battle, what a shame such a majestic cre... oh! look at that bird!
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Unknown writes: There's Megatron, guys--attack!!!
ultramegatron writes: blaster: get back here you little devils dont make me call your mother
Unknown writes: blaster: ok who farted ! casettes: eww.. man.. gez ... blaster man you couldnt wait till we got home ?
parkwood writes: Uh oh! I should have warned them my door is loose!! Whooops
K-nonFodder writes: Twincast" i told the shrink i had ppl in my head....ok well in my chest no matter"
Unknown writes: I hate being sick. Everytime I sneeze these guys escape.
Zeedust writes: "How many times do I have to tell these guys to keep their slaggin' pets out of my torso?"
Unknown writes: Twincast: Slag! there goes my lunch!
Cassetebot 1: i'm free! I'M FREEEEEEE!!!!
Unknown writes: Cassettebots eject !!
Operation : Look like a bunch of retards.
Unknown writes: [irish accent] oim not doin non ov thatt budggie jumppin
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Unknown writes: "quick get the elvis cassette for me"
Unknown writes: GERONIMO!!!!!!
TetraReris writes: All cassettes: Again with the jumping without a parachute or a bungee!
DC: I'm in the same sitation and you dudes!
Unknown writes: twincast: Oh, BUM!
cassettebots: AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Twincast: How many times do I have to tell you? STOP BANGING ON THE EJECT BUTTON!!
R writes: Twincast: Screw you guys,...I'm getting MiniDiscs
thexfile writes: hey guis i'm so happy i'm finaly a dady....
Unknown writes: Blaster: That's what you get for painting me blue!
OmnisValidus writes: Awwwww! There goes their eBay resale value!!!!
Beast Simpson writes: Twincast: Aw, come on guys, I only watch Anna Nichole once a week! Be fair!
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Unknown writes: Twincast: Here we go then!
Eject: Jaranimo!!!!
Unknown writes: Blaster: I said it once and I'll probably say it again and again: PUT ON YOUR SLAGGIN' SEATBELTS
Unknown writes: Twincast: I lost all of them now
Cassettebots: no you don't because we are always be with you
Rhys writes: Sorry about that, we thought you were Blaster for a second there. WHAT! Well yes we are colourblind as a matter of fact!
MacrossFA19 writes: A reminder to all passengers: Please buckle your safety belts and return your trays to the upright positions. In the case of an emergency oxygen mask will fall....
Chrono writes: Hmm I thought there was 5 O no where is he gonna come out from...
Unknown writes: well, at least their not going out the same way they went in :S
Beast Simpson writes: Twincast: ...I better get that checked out...
jason writes: I think that i need a bra
Unknown writes: Man i should have never eat the brownie from amsterdam, i have changed colour and stuff [ barfs]
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Unknown writes: blaster- alright guys alright. no more johnny cash.
Unknown writes: I knew this new metidation thing wasnt a good idea
Zu Darkness writes: Blaster gets tired of the writers in the New Transformers Amanda and after not being put in it he sends his lackey's after to kill him. after theat he files for unemployment
Unknown writes: Awright, boys, let's have a party!!!!!!!
buddhaquest writes: Easy fellas, Arcee said one at a time!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Never once did Twincast regret having that trap door installed.
Unknown writes: Hurry get spots in that line before the show starts
Unknown writes: rewind,eject,ramhorn,steeljaw eject operation get beer
Jim writes: hurry! hurry! get that place in line!!!
Venom writes: Leggo my Eggo!
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Unknown writes: Twincast tests his new pooper-scooper.
Fallengaiden writes: After Soundwave!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Jazz out of frame,"If I told you once I told you a hundred times stay out of Club Autobot,what do you know about music? I'm voiced by Scatman Crothers who you voiced by,Buster Jones,what a loser.Damn at least Cliffjumper is voiced by Cas
Unknown writes: Yeah, party time
Unknown writes: In order to get off the show, Blaster paints himself blue and sicks the cassettebots on the creator.
Unknown writes: "I told you guys to go before we left the house."
"This should be more fun than throwing pennies off the empire state building."
"Oh no, the stuffing in my bra is falling out!"
Unknown writes: URGHHH! Exlax!
Unknown writes: If you think we're gonna let you record celine dion on us again....
Unknown writes: cassets:wwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Starscream writes: "Hi,everyone Starscream here,and I wanted to take the time to step out of the character I play on television for a moment.See I need your help,for those of you that have not heard in an upcoming episode of Transformers Armada due to a animation e
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Unknown writes: After months of hearing,"Your not Blaster,Boy I miss Blaster,Blaster could've got the frequency." Twincast flying alone over the caspian sea finally snapped."Look there's Thundercracker and he's endang
Unknown writes: Eject and Rewind singing: We represent...
Unknown writes: Screw this man! We're gonna go see Matrix
Unknown writes: Twincast,"In the dream I'm flying,and all of the sudden my door falls open and all my cassettes fall out.What does it mean?" Dr.Melfi,"Well it could be a lot of things,but my next appointment,Mr.Soprano is here and he r
Unknown writes: "CHINESE FIRE DRILL!"
Unknown writes: Eject: "Hey guys first one to the ground gets a date with Arcee."
Unknown writes: I told you we drank some bad energon! Now, I got to take a mean dookie!
Unknown writes: "Now p155 off!"
Unknown writes: I told you gys before I am not taking borders
Zorak writes: Hey guys get back in here i swear im sane the police are wrong i can be with children.
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TheRo-Man writes: Eject: Hey you hear that? Its coming from up in the heavens. I hear a distant voice coming from heaven's gates saying..."Open damnit, open!"
Unknown writes: Dammit they where MISB and i had to drop them.
EDIMUS PRIME writes: *Rest In Peace* Robert Stack 5/15/03 (Ultra Magnus) Transformers:The Movie You'll be missed
Unknown writes: Knak-Knaks!!!!
Unknown writes: Eject,"How many drops is this for you Rewind?" Rewind," 38,....simulated." Steeljaw,"How many combat?" Rewind," 2....including this one." Ramhorn,"$h!t." Eject,&
Unknown writes: Twincast chooses the ideal time to reveal his true alliance (right hand clenched into the sign of satan)
Unknown writes: Twincast: Get out! Rewind: No no, we just said his name, his name IS EJECT Ramhorn: and you just HAD to say it while we're in midair, nice timing on that one now wasn't it?
Unknown writes: Fly...Be Free!!
Unknown writes: Cassettes,"What's the op top?" Twincast,"Rescue mission,your gonna love it.There's some juicy colonists daughters we gotta rescue from there virginity." Cassettes,"We're on an express
Unknown writes: ((Cartman-style)) Screw you guys, I'm goin home!!
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Unknown writes: This is what happens when Twincast sits too close to the TV and he watches Armada.
Unknown writes: Steeljaw: Dude! No jacuzzi?! No cable?! Screw it, I'm goin' back to Blaster!
Skyfire the Artist writes: Ok, it's time for you skydiving lesson.
Unknown writes: Rewind,"Wait a minute I just thought of something this guy is part Soundwave,how can we trust him?" Twincast,"No way guys you can trust me ugh...agh...ngh...Blaster inferior,Twincast superior.....Whoa what jus
Unknown writes: "If you want to fight, take it outside" (Optimus Primal BW 3.1)
Unknown writes: Instructions:Stare at this picture for several minutes.Relax your eyes.Now stare past the picture.Don't the cassettebots look like scrubbing bubbles? *Man I gotta stop these late night posts.*
jazz921 writes: Man, I dont remember eating those!!!
TheRo-Man writes: On day 43 the cassettes could take no more...."If you play Kenny Loggins Greatest hits again Twincast, were out of here." ~~Footloose, footloose....kick off your Sunday shoes~~ "Thats it....see ya @%*hole!"
Unknown writes: Quoting a Magic card: "I got it! I got it! I--!"
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Unknown writes: Crap! I dropped my transformers collection! Noooo!
TheRo-Man writes: Eject: What does this say on the inside of Twincasts chest....? "Made In China" AAAHHHHHH!!!! He could have SARS! Everybody out. NOW!!!
Unknown writes: Alright, have a good practice! Pick ya up in an hour!
MacrossFA19 writes: All right a dry clean service that delivers!!!
Soundblaster writes: :: Soundblaster is watching from above :: Look at that idiot...Should have left him as least then he wouldn't have a faulty cassette door...Laserbeak, Buzzsaw,Ravage, no you two morons go see if those 4 want
Unknown writes: Hah! I told Armada Megatron I could hold more Mini-cons than him! Cassetbots- We're not Mini-cons stupid...
Unknown writes: "Ok kids.. be nice at the playground!"
Unknown writes: Finally, we've been stuck in there for weeks!
Unknown writes: "Sorry excited."
Unknown writes: Eject,"WHOOA this isn't Blaster,he's not even a radio." Rewind,"Damn,this guys' that new Decepticon we heard about Ovenmaster."
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Unknown writes: Twincast,"Onward you know your jobs." Cassettes,"WE FIGHT TOOTH DECAY!!!" Twincast,"For the last time your supposed to say DESTROY UNICRON." Cassettes,"Spoon!" Twincast,"NO!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "ARGGH what the hell I've got bugs."
Unknown writes: Can anyone say lost luggage.
Orion Pax writes: With this service, I think I should become an Angolan airliner.
Unknown writes: What really happens when Autobots throw up...

Blaster: "Damn, I overenergized again..."
Unknown writes: SARS!
Unknown writes: Hey! I can see my house from here! Twincast: Get back in!
Unknown writes: "You're fired!"
twincast writes: Get out! Ramhorn, you're grounded!
Cyberman writes: Twincast: Alright, out! You're stinking my inside!
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Unknown writes: Hey!!! I didn't give you four the order to attack! But at least you're capable of spotting trouble immediately!
jedixtat writes: Blue or Red you still aren't as cool as Soundwave. And learn some proper english to.You slang talking sony reject!
Quintessa writes: Eject and Rewind define the true meaning of the word 'Cute'... Short, Fat, and bowlegged.
Unknown writes: Cassettes," air....GASP....gotta get out....ahhh crap."
Unknown writes: do like spike and use bumblebee's backseat for that
Unknown writes: premature ejection: it's a killer
jet convoy writes: Twincast-"Eat This Sadam You bastard!!" casettes-"we thought this was the Bahama cruise line, not the Marine paratroopers!"
Unknown writes: Twincast-"Everybody out!! Spring cleaning."
casettes- "OH S**T!!! MINICONS!"
Unknown writes: Twincast-"Everybody out!! Spring cleaning."
casettes- "OH ----!!! MINICONS!"
Unknown writes: Twincast,"You sick freeks how dare you!I house you,I keep you safe,and how do you repay me? I find you partying with George Michael inside me! GET OUT! It's gonna take a week to clean all that mess out of me,and I'm never gonna
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kingrampage writes: (Tapes) Manm that was a tight fit, glad we got out
Unknown writes: GERONIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Metroplex writes: T: Oops... couldn't hold it much longer... gotta let it out
Unknown writes: Warner Bros. decided to take a new approach to dropping off the mail at Hogwarts in Harry Potty 3!!!
TheRo-Man writes: Back in the 80's before we had, the only way to get the latest Transformers delivered to your door was to phone in the order...wait outside your house with your hands open....and catch. Of course that was instantly stopped the day an 8
hannibal writes: Rewind: OH MY GOD! YOU KILLED BLASTER!
TheRo-Man writes: Though Ratchet could fix almost any Autobot glitch, there was one problem beyond his programing....Premature ejection.
tony writes: "Oops, forgot that the eject button was my old play button." "YOU IDIOT!"
Unknown writes: The Autobots get a quick laugh when Spike stuck his foot out....
Unknown writes: Look! I'm a B-2 bomber!! "Pilot to bombadier, pilot to bombadier...NNNEEEERRRRAAAAWWWWW"
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Unknown writes: "Sorry guys, I'm going to CD's!"
Unknown writes: Twincast hated it when the Decepticons used him for a Pinata....
Unknown writes: RAMHORN! No more Taco Bell for you!!!(GASP!)
Unknown writes: LOOK OUT BELOW!!!
Unknown writes: TC - "AHH! my babies! my life and soul are slipping away!
Eject - "Get over it, crybaby."
Unknown writes: The Cassettes:- We're leaving you Twincast, and we arn't returning until you have improved the livingstandards within you! All we ask for is a bigger TV, bigger bathroom and a better kitchen!
Twincast: - You ungrateful bastards!
Unknown writes: "Wha- ...oh no! I knew I should have read the warranty!" Twincast after buying spare parts at Radioshack.
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: As he was not human, Twincast thought the "Vomit Comet" would not affect him at all. He was wrong.
CapeMike writes: Twincast: 'O.k. you guys, just blend in with those MiniCons and try to find out more about when Unicron's gonna show up...with any luck, by the time they figure out what's going on, you'll be long gone....'
Unknown writes: "Quick everybody out Ramhorn crapped in Twincast again!"
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Flashback writes: Twincast: Amscray! you were warned, no pay, no stay!
Eject: Hardass.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Robotic or not the cassettes finally decided living inside another liform was just to creepy.
Unknown writes: After getting pushed from behind, young Twincast drops his toys. As they break on the ground, he swears to Primus that he's going to kick Soundwave's iron ass.
trypticon writes: twincast: "well...well...whadya know, i've got quadruplets!!!
Unknown writes: This is something we call "Robotic Diarrhea."
Unknown writes: I new i shouldn't of had microprocessors for lunch
Unknown writes: Twincast: So this is why Autobots aren't supposed to fly... Rewind: Woah, nice nap. AAH! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!
Firestorm writes: Eject: Rewind, flank them! Steeljaw, Ramhorn, from the sides! We're going to jump that..... wait, is that Metallica? **** this, I'm going for the front row!
Unknown writes: Rewind: Screw you, Twincast. We're going home . . . to BLASTER!
davewelttf writes: this is the first and last time that Santa Claus will use Twincast to help deliver the christmas presents
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Unknown writes: Twincast:- Get out your sound qualitys crap i'm off to see if i can get a CD upgrade
Unknown writes: Twincast:- Soundwave you bastard recording bloody Justin Timberlake on my cassettes
Unknown writes: I'm a daddy! Wait, that's not right!
Screamer writes: Eject: WE QUIT! Soundwave has a better 401k plan!
Unknown writes: Eject, Rewind, Steeljaw, and Ramhorn--attack!!!
Unknown writes: Twincast(stupid name):Four buns dropped out of the oven!
Unknown writes: Twincast: Bombs away!
Unknown writes: Blaster: Ut-Oh! I think I left them in there a little longer than I should have... I didn't realize you guys had to go to the bathroom!
Sledge writes: Are Eject and Rewind wearing bras ??
vorlonshadow writes: Cassettebots: Oh God I didn't know he farted into his chest!!!
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Ricochet writes: I didn't know babies came out there.
ionacus writes: twincast: i always wonder where i have all the room for these guys
ionacus writes: twincast: minicons POWERLINK!!!cassessettes: wa are not minicons
Shermtron writes: Cassettebots: who the heck is twincast... we want blaster
Shermtron writes: Cassettebots: who the heck is twincast... we want soundblaster
Shermtron writes: Twincast uses the cassettebots to break his fall....
Unknown writes: oh no , not again (aliens chest burster is you are not familiar with it f u c k e r s)
Unknown writes: Twincast: Cassettebots, destroy Devastator!
Rewind: Um, isn't that a job for the Dinobots?
Eject: Me Eject love challenge!
Unknown writes: Twincast relives the infamous "stomach" scene from "Aliens."
Unknown writes: Twincast:"Guys, it's only funny if I'm a tiny car. You need BumbleBee to make the gag work!"
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twincast writes: I really can hold 4 Autobot tapes.
SlagMaker writes: Tapes: "We're outta here. We're not riding in some cheap Blaster bootleg. Look at those crappy colors."
Unknown writes: Blue Blaster: Paratroopers away!!!
Cassetebots: Hey! We don't got any parachutes!!!
Unknown writes: Fresh from the oven -- Autobot cassette-shaped cookies !!
Unknown writes: LET'S ALL BREAKDANCE !!
Unknown writes: Blaster -- "Oh crap! I forgot to lock my chest!"
Unknown writes: Rewind: Wht do you mean you are going to start recording Armada onto us?? Come on guys, we're out of here
Unknown writes: The cassettebots could not get away fast enough when Blaster told them that from now on, he would only listen to John Tesh and Yanni.
twincast writes: i am volmeting from my body:bollllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Unknown writes: Eject: That's it, I've had it! You suck screw it, BLASTER!
Rewind: Yeah, ever since you and Soundwave "killed" each other, you taste in music really sucks, we are OUTTA HERE.
Ramhorn and Steeljaw: YEAH!
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Unknown writes: Twincast: Alright, why weren't you guys wearing seatbelts
Unknown writes: Twincast: I tiold you guys to put your tray tables up and your seats in the full upright position
Broadside writes: So that's how Transformers have kids!
TF2-TonePrince writes: Eject:Whadayamean the bus stops here?!!
Twincast:If you wanted to go to cybertron, you should have taken route number soundwave
Unknown writes: Eject: "Wait! Why do you need to jettison some weight? You're not going to cybertron!"
Twin Twist writes: Am I smoking crack, or does Soundwave, Rumble, Frenzy, and Ravage look funny to you?
Unknown writes: all of a sudden throwing up robots and turning blue gets the worst of me
gir writes: "He's not blaster! let's beat it!!" Blue blaster: "!!!"
TheRo-Man writes: Ahhh, crap! Blaster's freakin door opened again. I knew Prime shouldn't have bought him off an eBay© seller. I mean the blue paint job should have been a F'N clue, don't ya think?
Unknown writes: Twincast: Oh c'mon guys my new blue paint job is not THAT bad. Cassettebots: Yes it is...
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Unknown writes: Twin Cast's stomach surgery didnt go well
Pokejedservo writes: Cassettebots: Screw you man, we're looking for Blaster not you! Twincast: For the last time I AM BLASTER! Our show is now being dubbed into Japanese and they changed my name to Twincast! Cassettebots: Suuuuure...
Unknown writes: i think im going to b sick
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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #244 - Call Me Maybe
Twincast / Podcast #244:
"Call Me Maybe"
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Posted: Saturday, March 28th, 2020

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