Onslaught standing behind Vortex

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Onslaught standing behind Vortex
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trailbreaker writes: Let's form Bootycus.
Optimum Supreme writes: No means no, Onslaught, I don't like you that way!
JasperGunner02 writes: Onslaught and Vortex get caught by Reflector, who accidentally snaps a picture in their blind panic and misunderstanding.
REGI ICE writes: MIINE!!!
nyporter31 writes: ok next, Onslaught right hand green
Unknown writes: optimus:will you two pleace just get a room(goes on talking to him self)what a bunch of wackos note to self never hire from that company again i should have read on when it said no garantee of sanity,dignaty or straightnees on the box
kanesomers writes: Vortex: 'I'm going to give you 10 minutes to get your hand off my ass!'
kanesomers writes: 'Alright, Brokeback Mountain 2, here we come!'
Roadshadow writes: Onslaught: Mmm...yeah, you like that don't ya bitch?
Vortex: WTF!? Get the ---- off me! We're trying to find treasure, not have an orgy!
MiGrAinE writes: Afterwards, all onslaught could say is vortex gives one good reach around.
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Magnus writes: Oh, and here's one of me and Vortex on Guadalcanal. The sky was so clear that day!
Unknown writes: Onslaught: Lets you and me form our own little "Bruticus Lite," eh, Vorty? Vortex: *Sigh* I always knew you had sugar in your energon intake...
Shadow Fox writes: Onslaught- Come on..just a quicky, I'll be right in and out, there's fighting everywhere, no one will notice.
Zeedust writes: And the entire fandom mourned today as a tragic leapfrog accident claimed the spark of Onslaught, the beloved Combaticon leader. Vortex, whose helicopter blades were involved in the incident, declinded to comment.
Unknown writes: (Onslaught): "Hey Vortex, it's gonna get a little WINDY!...ON YOUR BACKSIDE!!!"
Unknown writes: (Onslaught): "Hey Vortex, IT GONNA GET A LITTLE WINDY!...ON YOUR BACKSIDE!!!"
Unknown writes: hey baby, naw. we don't need to have dinner first.
Unknown writes: Onslaught: "Hold it! I won't just let you join RID! I won't let you over to perverts like Sideburn!!!"
Arkhaon writes: onslaught: ohoh didnt know the camera was rolling
uhm we aint doing nuting
* ziiiiiiiiip *
Unknown writes: Okay, you know what, please delete that last one!
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Unknown writes: Vortex: I love it when you hold my chest.
Onslaught: *grunt* No, *grunt* don't *grunt* look *grunt* me, look *grunt* at the *grunt* camera!
Unknown writes: Onslaught, I thought we were the Combaticons, not The Pufftercons..
Unknown writes: Vortex: "HELP!!! Somebody has actvated his Porno-moron files!!!"
Unknown writes: you know vortex I've always been fond of you
Asheron writes: IIEK ! IM SCARED PROTECT ME !
Unknown writes: onslaught, I know you`re our leader and everything...
Unknown writes: Vortex," Hey man, I don't think megatron will appreciate doing this on our lunch time"
Unknown writes: OHHH CRAP!!!I think Reflector is in the bushes...Yup its him...He's gonna put us on the internet.
metalformer writes: VORTEX: I've heard bout 'stabbed in the back' but I think *this* is reduculus!
ONSLAUGHT: It is called 'diversion'. Just play the role...
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Unknown writes: Onslaught: "GALVATRON FORCED US TO MATE! I'LL KILL 'IM!!!
joseph writes: OO I GET SOME lovens from my brother!
Unknown writes: Galvatron!!!! It's not what it looks like!!!!
Galvatron: you've said that the last 6 times I caught you!!!!!
popo writes: Do i make you horny, vortex?
FortMax writes: Octane: This is a special hello those nice humans in leather chaps taught me
Arkhaon writes: get your exhaust pipe out of mine!!
Unknown writes: Vortex: It's a human game . . . a child's game . . . called leapfrog! No, no . . . you're supposed to jump over me, not on top of me!!!
ionacus writes: vortex:onslaught? onslaught:yes. vortex: DONT TOUCH ME!!!onslaught: sorry.
Unknown writes: Vortex : Hey boss... wassup ?
Onslaught : Hand over that 20 bucks you owe me or I'll make ya eat axle-grease !!
ultramegatron writes: both: help we've fallen and we cant get up
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parkwood writes: Its okay man, I know that frog dosent look like much but hes one mean anphibian!
Just shut up okay!
K-nonFodder writes: Onslaught " hey vortex i saw some humans doing this"
Zeedust writes: "It's okay, Vortex. I'm sure the 'gay combaticon' jokes will be over soon..."
Unknown writes: (Onslaught): "C'mon, Vortex lend me some money?" (Vortex):"Hell no, Onslaught, you'll spend it all for Las Vegas again!"
Unknown writes: Where mini-cons come from.
Unknown writes: What the hell you doing! Get off you fag.
TetraReris writes: Onsy: You look like you need a hug, you pyschopath you.
Vorty: Don't make me torture you later! Get off! AH!
Unknown writes: I thought you like it up the @$$
thexfile writes: hey i thougt you wanted to merge into superion , but i'm starting 2 think your gay get of mee !!
Unknown writes: Onslaught: C'mon Vortex, lets do some merging!
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Unknown writes: I know where you live??? I am a computer, and I will take over the world. I am watching you you COW....
Unknown writes: "Uh, Onslaught, you can take your left hand off my buttocks now."
Unknown writes: Vortex: Onslaught, I no u luv me, but I think yor takin this too far, and too fast!!
Megaplex writes: "I've been having thease feelings about you and....." "oh shut up and stick my head in your arm!"
Megaplex writes: Combine to form Brutiass!
Unknown writes: uh...yeah...i fell...inside you...sorry, it was an accident.
Chrono writes: hmm I'd say you have at least a B-cup.
Unknown writes: Onslaught: And there is the shrimp cocktails
Vortex: Your right, megatron does put on quite the buffet
Bruticus writes: Vortex: Get away from me!! I wanna be left alone!!
Unknown writes: Onslaught: "Combaticons, UNITE!!"
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Unknown writes: Vortex: You're taking this combining thing bit too much there....
Omega Supreme writes: Onslaught: Sorry about tripping you just then Vortex.
Vortex:......Don't touch me!!
Unknown writes: Ok, give me my nose back, and you can keep your spine
Unknown writes: Stay close. We don't know whats out here
Unknown writes: Vortex: No, for the last time, you CAN'T play Twister with me! Onslaught:...Move out of the way, I can't reach yellow. Vortex: You don't get it, apparently, I said you can't play Twister! Meanwhile, well concealed b
MacrossFA19 writes: Hey were not in prison!!!
Unknown writes: V: Well, what do you expect, Starscream did rebuild us.
Unknown writes: Megatron:...
V: ... it's not what it looks like!
Unknown writes: Vortex: "Hey, Onslaught, if yer about to do what I think yer about to do, just picture this...helicopter blades, your 'bothood...not a good mix"
Unknown writes: I think Vortex has been hiding something about him/herself
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Vortex,"Whoa,back off man if anybody has a camera this little scene's gonna end up at Siebertron.com,and you do you know how many gay jokes they're gonna make?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Vortex,"What like the back of a Volkswagon?"(Mallrats)
Unknown writes: And at this point, Vortex thought it was perhaps best if he thought of puppies and rainbows and happy things...
Unknown writes: If you're gonna do it in the "bad place", at least give me a reach around!
Unknown writes: O: "It's ok *uhn* Vortex ... baby ... sugar ... it's a *ohh* perfectly normal way to merge." V: "Then why do I *oof* feel so *aah* dirty afterwards?"
Unknown writes: Vortex: "Onslaught, you've got hands like a girl."
SlagMaker writes: Onslaught gives new meaning to the word "Gestalt."
Unknown writes: Both: Our dignity is in really deep slag isn't it?
Unknown writes: ...just let it happen...just let it happen....yeah, I'm nervous too.....
Protectobot writes: Brawl: What are you doing? Onslaught : Don't worry, I saw Hot Spot and First Aid do it once.
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Unknown writes: you know we can die because were going to be reborn in robots in disguise
Unknown writes: SS: Combaticons ! I command you to merge into Bruticus !!
Onslaught: OK OK ... Now, come here Vortex....
Vortex : Aaargh I hate this... (to SS) HANG ON! WE ALMOST GOT IT!
ionacus writes: onslaught; i love you man vortex; well ytour not getting my bud light!
TheRo-Man writes: "Look Megatron, if you push this black button here on the right side of his chest...his head turns right. The opposite happens when you push the button on the left. I know this has absolutely no use here, but when the toy version goes on sale in
Unknown writes: kuykyu
Unknown writes: vortex: hey, who put that magnet on my back?
Unknown writes: hey, when i said 'watch my back i didnt mean it literally!
Unknown writes: B...but we love each other.
FortMax writes: uh...megatron...hi
Unknown writes: Vortex showing Onslaught a basic judo flip. Vortex: See the bigger they are the harder they fall. Onslaught:.....
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Unknown writes: "Uh, Onslaught, where's your OTHER hand ?"
Unknown writes: Notice the cool purple trees in the background.
Unknown writes: "Hey Vortex....say CHEESE !!"
Unknown writes: Onslaught:"As you can see, my Cybertronian poodle has a fine carriage and a winning skin."
Vortex:"Damn, I knew this idea would suck."
Dr. Caelus writes: Vortex: Waaaaaiiiittt....No one around here uses soap!
Dr. Caelus writes: Final proof of the time the Combaticons had spent imprisoned on Cybertron.
Dr. Caelus writes: What Arcee watches on Teletran 1 when Hot Rod is gone.
Dr. Caelus writes: It was rumors of exactly this kind of activity that prompted Hasbro to introduce the fembots.
n8lessone writes: Fuu-Sion!...Oops, wrong script!
Autobot bubbs writes: Onslaught demonstrates to the other combaticons the propper way to perform the heimlich manuver.
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overdrive writes: [singing in background] "He ain't heavy... he's my brotherrrrrr...."
Unknown writes: Right hand red. See? I told you Twister would be fun.
Ultra Prime writes: Let me show you the new combination sequence vortex............
Unknown writes: ONSLAUGHT:VORTEX! The space bridge is out! You must fly me to Cybertron!
tf dutchie writes: Onslaught: Give my weapon back Vortex, it's mine!
Unknown writes: Onslaught: "Dont cry Vortex - you arent the only one who has no face"
Unknown writes: Onslaught reherses for his role in the 2006 remake of all creatures great and small.
Screamer writes: Transformers gone wild Volume 4, the Combaticons get drunk. Also be opn the look out for Volume 3 "Loose Fembots"
Quintessa writes: Vortex: Onslaught...are you sure this is just practice for airport security...
Bruticus writes: Onslaught: "Vortex! Why are you crying!"
Vortex: "I just learned that my successor will be named--Ro-Tor. I thought the GoBots were extinct."
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Unknown writes: Vortex: "Aren't we a little too old to be playing Leap Frog?" Onslaught: "Just shut up and hold still, okay?"
Shadow writes: Who needs the rest of the team? Watch this link-up!
Unknown writes: Onslaught: I knew you would have to come down sometime! Now you in for a beating for stealing my prized bottle of energon!!
Unknown writes: Vortex: I'm not Jolt!!! Besides, they powerlink the other way!!!!
Unknown writes: Onslaught: Masturbation is perfectly natural, I mean, it only makes sense for the largest gestalt arm to help out the largest gestalt....
Unknown writes: Onslaught: Now...(zipp) do you know why you can't be the leader of the Combaticons?
Unknown writes: Vortex: Get it out of there or I will turn my blades on!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Vortex: Starscream!!!! Help!!!!! I'm too young to be butt-raped!!!!!
Unknown writes: Let me help you up, Vortex.
Unknown writes: Onslaught, Ain't you a little big for a piggyback ride?
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Firestorm writes: If he doesn't want the Twinkies I'll take them!
Unknown writes: Onslaught, are you sure this is how you deposit energon cubes?
Unknown writes: V: Dude, you're invadin' my space, and freakin' me out. So back off before I blow your CPU out.
snarl writes: MERRRRGE INTO BRUTICUS!vortex: uhhhhhhh Onslaught: Raaaaaa!
jedixtat writes: a whole new world... thats where will be...don't you dare close your eyes.
Unknown writes: ONSLAUGHT,"Whoa,I sorry Vortex I'm sorry I didn't mean to knock you down.I was in a hurry.I know thats no excuse, but here let me help you up.Maybe I could buy you a cup of energon to make up for my rudeness." VORT
Unknown writes: "Out of the way Vortex those energon Twinkies are mine."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: ONSLAUGHT,"Give it here Vortex if I told you once I told you twice Wheelie's lifeless motherboard is mine you can have Powerdashers, or the Timewarriors."
TheRo-Man writes: We're sorry Megatron, its all Soundwaves fault. He went into cassette mode and started playin that new Justin Timberlake song, and well with that music playing we got all lubed up and....
Unknown writes: Hey! I want to take up the rear ths time!
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Unknown writes: We're not gay.
Shadowman writes: Onslaught: You are now carrying my child. Vortex: NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOh well.
Unknown writes: "You're not playing the game right...Damn it, just give me the friggin' controller!"
Unknown writes: hand me that paint right there and i will repaint you and call you rotor
Unknown writes: It's okay, Vortex. It's perfectly natural. We all do it like this.
Unknown writes: Onslaught and Vortex meet each other in the bed room, where they were susposed to meet Catlin Bree. (Clerks Referance)
Broadside writes: Well if Ratchet can do it so can I. Onslaught attempts his own version of the stealth kill
Unknown writes: Onslaught: JUDO CHOP!!! Vortex: Ouch! You chopped me you a--hole!
incognito writes: O&V "S-Starscream, how long have you been standing there? And what are you doing to your blaster???"
Starscream:"Oh don't mind me keep going"
Unknown writes: Why do always want to make love to me from behind? Do you like to pretend I'm someone else?
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Unknown writes: Onslaught - we`ve been detected by Queerbot`s gaydar.
Terrorscream writes: Megatron:what are you doing?

On and Vor:Erm nothing

Megatron:YOU SICK B*STARDS!*runs off*
ian writes: OS: Yor are going to be the leg today and you are going to like it
Ricochet writes: Vortex: I never said you could have a piggy-back ride!!!
davewelttf writes: Vortex: That's the last time I let you drink energon until you throw up! Onslaught mutters something incomprehensible and passes out
Unknown writes: Onslaught"i love you"
Vortex"ewwwwwwwwwwwww get off me man"
Unknown writes: Vortex, my gun's stuck...
Unknown writes: Ehmm... Onslaught is that your gun poking in my back???
Unknown writes: South Park Elementary's new sex-ed doesn't quite go as planned
Unknown writes: V: man it would be so easy for guys at a TF's website to see this and make obvious rude captions.
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Metroplex writes: V: Megatron! I-i can explain!
gir writes: "I said give me a hand not an arm!...and what are you doing behind me!?"
Unknown writes: Vortex> I told you, not before diner and a movie!
Unknown writes: We're playing Twister okay! It's just an honest game of Twister!... um... do you have some lube? Why?... nevermind.
buddhaquest writes: V- up to the elbow?!?!?!? Do you really need to go up to your elbOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: "You do realize you will have to marry me."

buddhaquest writes: V- explain this battle plan to me again...
O- it's simple! We do this, you limp away, and I take a nap!
TheRo-Man writes: Vortex "This is all Hasbro's fault. I mean we wait 3 years for a female character, and all we get is Arcee and a Paradron Medic? Why couldn't I have been cast in GiJoe instead!"
TheRo-Man writes: Megatron: No you fools, thats not what I meant by saying "Your combiners".
Unknown writes: As Vortex bends over to pick up a quarter he realized what his cell mate said by
"The sex you want, You aint getting, and the Sex your gonna get, you dotn want"
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buddhaquest writes: V- Why? (grunt) do I have to always be the (grunt) Center and you're always the Quarterback? (grimmace)
buddhaquest writes: No seriously, this is how Hot Spot and Blades do it... really.
buddhaquest writes: Onslaught: Bark woman!
Vortex: Just pay me and go!
Unknown writes: O: You complete me. V: We form Bruticus.
Blackout writes: O: look vortex there an energon cube on the ground maybe you should pick it up. V: o.k. it seems to be stuck to the ground. hey wait, what are you doing.
Blackout writes: O: come on vortex give me some lovin
Blackout writes: looking on are the other decepticons in shock.

O & V: what, its not being gay if your drunk
Unknown writes: " it would never work between us, Onslaught. You're AC, and... dammit... I'm DC.
Unknown writes: "Wow, Vortex! They feel so real!"
Unknown writes: Onslaught:"You..complete.. ME.
Vortex: "You had me from hello..."
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Unknown writes: "What the Hell are you doing? That's NOT how we combine!?!"
Rodimus Primal writes: After Onslaught gives Vortex the Heimlech maneuver, Vortex relates the nightmare of "Robots in Disguise".
Pokejedservo writes: O & V: What?! Everyone else: Nothing...
Me Grimlock writes: And you thought my biggest guns were on my back!
Windcharger writes: Onslaught: Vortex, why can't you love me....
Vortex: I do love you Mega-Octane!!!
Onslaught: *Gasp*
Scattershot writes: C'mon Vortex, get into the spirit. The game leap frog is good for morale.
Unknown writes: C'mon Vortex, get into the spirit. The game leap frog is good for morale.
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