Cyclonus and Quintesson in crowd

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Cyclonus and Quintesson in crowd
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Optimustard writes: Cyclones: I told you we'd fit right in at medieval times
Judge: I thought this was a ren ay sance fair
Cyclonus: no wonder you lost control of cybertron!
o.supreme writes: Crowd: WAR! UNH....What is it good for?
Quintesson: Profit!
Cyclonus: Shut up you...
Ravage XK writes: You promised we wouldn't stand out.
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Flash Passes from now on, OK?"
Chrisby writes: "....I don't think this is Botcon at all. Are you sure you were reading that map right?"
dirtysock47 writes: wheres shia lebouf
Heckfire writes: Where's Waldo? Cuz, y'know, a waldo is a robotic arm...and there's a couple the picture...OK, I'll shut up now...
dutnam writes: Who grabbed my ass?
Mad_Mexicoy writes: When is this concert supposed to start?
seminole1 writes: Quintesson: Do you think we standout here ?
Cyclonus: Me, no, but you, dude you've got five faces what the hell do you think .
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Unknown writes: cyclonus:the descises are working
quintesson:i know we are so blended in the auto bots will never find us
Unknown writes: Bloody Cavemen! How the hell did we get stuck here!
DarkMechJock writes: Lessee here, Waldo has to be here somewhere...
Roadshadow writes: Cyclonus: Hey...this isn't the the swinger's bar. It's a gay bar!
Quintesson: Crap, he's onto me.
Dclone Soundwave writes: Cyclonus:Love this masquerade party, but our costumes are the only different ones.


Cyclonus:You are wearing a costume aren't you?

Quintesson:This is my real body you stupid-as*!
Armbullet writes: Do you see a Mcdonalds?
Montmorency writes: Voice: Those on favour say "I"
People: I!
Voice: Those not in favour say "Nay"
Cyclonus: what are we voting for?
tron01 writes: you know we don't blend right in right?
trailbreaker writes: "My name is Cyclonus, and I'm an alcoholic....."
DarkDranzer writes: Cyclonus: Great, just great here we are completely lost and it's only a matter of time before someone shoots us...

Quintesson: Aww quit yer bellyachin' at least we're not on Planet Vegeta right about now...
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ShYnE writes: Cyclonus: I've been waiting for sooooo long for the Rock Band Bots to reunite.
Quintesson Face: I'm not really a fan...i just won tickets on the radio.
gauthic_angel7680 writes: Man this Greatful Dead concert is the sh*t. The LSD is f*cking me up.
Dragonoth writes: Behold: the power of cheese!
Tom Of Doom writes: Just act casual and we'll blend in...
Towline writes: The Democrats are hoping that Galvatron would lead the United States of America better then George W. Bush.
Towline writes: Woodstock 2525.
galvanostril writes: cyclonus: damn you quinteson! you led us to the He-man-con! not the bot-con!
quinteson: mmmm... triclops!
Not Sonic writes: Quintesson's heads in 1987

-doesn't anybody ever take a bath?
-damnit! quit complaining,we may
never get to see michal jackson
in concert again
-oh god!you act like a bodypart will fall off of him,causing him
to get plastic su
Zeedust writes: Cyclonus: "Newcron said that G1 Demoshior was here saying... Hey, wait a sec, there *isn't* a G1 Demolishor!"

Demolishor: "Aw crud, they're onto me..."
Zeedust writes: Regis: "Are you SURE you wanna ask the audirnce, Galvatron?"
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Zeedust writes: Cyclonus: "All this over a pen?"

Quintesson; "A transforming Optimus Pen..." *Face change* "Can lead to more..." *Face change* "Maybe soon... the rest of the licensed stuff will be worth looking into."
Marv writes: Cyclonus: Crud! The party's theme
was "Dungeons and Dragons"!
not "Transfomers"!
Quintesson: Galvatron sure looks cute in that
chainmail bikini though...
Kal-Seth writes: The Year The Republican party really let itself go...
Kal-Seth writes: finding waldotron would be alot eaiser without those GOD DAMN PEOPLE IN THE WAY!

( thanks to space cowboy for the idea)
GunWolf writes: Quintesson - Dude! Your mom dropped us off at the wrong convention!
Cyclonus - Just stay in character these dudes are no match for our cardboard costumes
He-Man Fan - Hey! The new Transformers punching bags came in in!
He-Man Fan #2 - Death to Transfor
Greg writes: Erm... Where Are We Again?
azraelus writes: CYCLONUS: i think we took a wrong turn in Alpha Centauri.
Suzuki writes: We now take you live, to the GOP convention!
greenl0rd writes: Cyclonus: Thats the Last time I say Drinks are on me
Brakethrough writes: Where's Waldotron?
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Demona writes: C: how many boards would the mongols hoard if the mongol hordes got bored?
Q: 0__0 X__X @__@
Alphatron writes: Alpha-Q: Hey! Cyclonus! Isn't that G1 Demolisher on the view?
:Demolisher is on the view:
Demolisher: Lookey me! I'm Cyclon-butt! I'm stupid!
Cyclonus: Son-of-a---!!
Psyro_Kameato writes: Q1: why the hell are we here?!

Q2: yes I actually like what they did to us in energon

Q3: hm cyclonus? what are you doing here?

cyclonus: you saw what they turned me into in energon?!?!?!
Repsotron writes: C:So this is Glastonbury... Wow!
Q:Hey, I'm goin' to the little megalomaniac's room. Back in 5 hours, OK. Huh... better get a towel for when I get back. It'll be messy Oh and some air freshener.
Great Red Spirit writes: The first day the PS2 was released on another planet, and sold out in 13 Earth seconds flat
Magnus writes: Q: "You know how in the terminal you always spot one person who you don't want sitting next to you on the airplane?"
C: "Yes."
Lord Hadez writes: Quintesson: Cyclonus i thought you said that Ghangiz Kahn was the speaker at the Mongul Horde Convention this.

Soda Pop Kurtis writes: Where's Waldo?
Kal-Seth writes: Anouncer: and Now It's Time For Holly Wood Squares.

For some reason Cyclonus and His Compaion aren't as thrilled about a show with washed up acters like everybody else
Kal-Seth writes: What Happens When You Put The He-Man Convention And The TransFormers Convention In the Same Building
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Minicle writes: Cyclonus: Looks like a rough lot for this years Convention...
Minicle writes: (Sings) Where! Where! Where! Wheres Cylonus!
vinlok writes: all hail He-man
Kal-Seth writes: Cyclonus: White Power!

A&E: Secret live sof decepticons we will learn of Cyclonusus involvment with the white power movement
Kal-Seth writes: *Galvatron Looking Over Photos of Cyclonus*

Galvatron: what the hell is he doing at a britteny spears concert and with a.... however the hell you spell their races name!
Rainbow Starscream writes: Cyclonus: Man, this concert sucks.
Quint: Mmm-hmm
DeltaOmega writes: A hudge crowed gathers outside the NBC studio to say farewell to the ending of Friends.
DeltaOmega writes: Orgy!
Com&Con01 writes: FA Cup Final: Manchester United vs. Millwall
Presenter: And Manchester United has won the FA Cup Final 2004 in the Millennium stadium here in Cardiff, Wales!
Fans: Let's party in the streets of Cardiff tonight and get drunk and laid!
Q: I would ha
Mosaic writes: C: Hey, let's hide in this crowd of teeny tiny humans. The Autobots will never find us there.
Q: Brilliant!
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Com&Con01 writes: "...But they cannae take our Freedom!"
Com&Con01 writes: Disney Recruitment Drive # 284302.

CYCLONUS: What roles are open?

QUINT: Background characters in 'Dave the Barbarian' and school kids for 'Recess'.

CYCLONUS: Could we pass Galavtron off as a kindergardener.
Kal-Seth writes: Cyclonus and his friend accidently wander into the he-man and the masters of the universe convention
Kal-Seth writes: Cyclonus and His Friend Feel a Bit Nervous attending the White Power Rlly and Being The Only Life Forms of Color
Kal-Seth writes: cyclonus: some thing does not feel right
Kal-Seth writes: Cyclonus: do you think we got on the wrong transport?

Five Faces: you know.... you might be right
Kal-Seth writes: Cyclonus: "Can you find Waldo?"
Nightshadow writes: Cyclonus: Whats everyone staring at?
galvanostril writes: cyclonus: dude! we went to the he man convention! there was no botcon this year!
quintesson: drat, and I just did the make-up for all FIVE faces! usually one of them smudges too!
turbo97 writes: Oh my god there is nothing about this that involves metal, none the less heavy metal!
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Firewalker writes: "One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong..."
trailbreaker writes: Cyclonus attends another "John Kerry for President" rally in San Francisco.
Banshee writes: Cyclonus and Quin had forgotten their costumes for the Conan convention again
Air Dawg writes: Woodstock again?
LagunaL8 writes: .....and all the fans stopped and freezed in midair when Wheelie came on the stage.
*crickets chirp*
Powermaster Jazz writes: Cyclonus, a Quintesson, and a bunch of humans protest the next caption contest: Hell, no! We won't go! Hell, no! We won't go!
Shinju-chan writes: Cyclonus: "I demand a re-issue! I demand a re-issue!!!

Ouint: **sheepish** Just a figure period would be nice.

Ouint: "Why are they rolling on the floors?"
Shinju-chan writes: Cyclonus: This is the last time I got to a Botcon

Quint: Wait! I still haven't met Peter Cullen yet!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Quint,"Are you enjoying Galvatrons suprise birthday festa."
Cyclonus,"No,I am not.However I am considering hanging you from that branch by your tenticals and telling the guests your a pinata."
Quint,"GULP!" x4
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Did you know in southern California illegal aliens are often hired off street corners to pick fruit on vast orchards.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: May 5th 2004:
Cyclonus,"What is going on why are all these pathetic creatures blocking my way to my favorite bar,The Will Burn Wheelie."
Quint,"It's Cinco de Mayo things always get weird this time of year."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Quint,"Its times like these I wish you transformed into a steamroller."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Quint,"What are they doing?"
Cyclonus,"Optimus Prime is driving past they want him to sound his horn."
Quint,"My god the whole species is retarded,I always thought it was just Daniel,but it's all of them."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Dear god these Kickboxer sequels just keep getting worse.MAKE IT STOP,MAKE IT STOP!
venom69 writes: Encore Encore Miss Ross
venom69 writes: Fans were excited today at an autograph signing for Tom Jones.
venom69 writes: You were right Busted are pretty good.
venom69 writes: Wheres Wally
The Happy Locust writes: Quint - The Term "Anachronism" comes to mind.
Cyclonus- The Term "Shut up" does as well.
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Open auditions for Conan:The musical due to open in September at the Winter Garden Theatre drew massive crowds of Conan wannabe's to the New York City Theatre district today.Cyclonus and a Quintesson were needed to restain several hundred unruley act
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Cyclonus,"I cannot belive the nerds held a no on 15 party."
Quint,"I cannot believe you made a Revenge of the NerdsII reference."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: I love these P.A.G.A.N. meetings! (Dragnet:The Movie ref.)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Quint,"You see Transformer my theory was correct,these humans are entranced by the rythemic sounds eminating from this mobile cooling dispensory."
Cyclonus,"It's an ice cream truck.Why is everything so difficult with you? You want a s
energonexpress writes: Director to Cyclonus: "You'll never make it in this buisness. When the Quinteson sings 'Raise your hand if you're Shure', you lift your arm up like everyone else."
Quintesson: "Even that crappy Armada guy who stole you
Shin Kuragami Meister writes: Cyclonuns: i told you not to tell anyone that, the new TF alternator are Dead-end... Quintison: i toght it was Jazz? how am i suppose to know?
Shin Kuragami Meister writes: who will be voter out in the next survivor....
Cyclonus: hey no fair!!! just because i'm non-organic!!! see you in tribal council qunt!!!
Xorn writes: Quintesson: Lets play an other round of I spy Cyclonus

Cyclonus: ...

Quintesson: I spy with my many eys something begining with...

Cyclonus: Is it "Conan fans!"

Quintesson: How did you know?

Cyclonus: ... It has been the same t
manmonster723 writes: Cyclonus: Slag it all! I knew Trump was going to pick Bill over Kwame!
Road Turtle writes: Cyclonus, if we took Gwar and made it a cartoon, would it look this bad?
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Road Turtle writes: Cyclonus, "I've died and gone to hell..."
Road Turtle writes: Cyclonus, is it Eternia, or is it Gwar? You tell me.
Road Turtle writes: You see Cyclonus, this is why Eternia sucks.
Road Turtle writes: You see Cyclonus, we shall start our conquest here, at a Gwar concert.
Road Turtle writes: Gwar Rules!
Viper 16 writes: Cyclonus: "OK, now, look for the hairy man that looks like a monkey and likes to raise his arm."
Quint: "Um, I think we have a problem... they all look much the same, to me"
Cyclonus: *looks around* "heck, take all of em'&q
overdrive writes: [random voice] hey you with the big head DOWN IN FRONT!!!
Edgecrusher writes: Cyclonus: " OH look I can see Justin!"
Quint:" you and that Timberlake! *shish* Grow up!"
_Max_ writes: Crowd: "Kill all Transfomers!"
Cyclonus: "I think we'd better leave."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Cyclonus,"These $1.99 all you can eat breakfast's at Denny's are getting waaaaaaay outta hand."
Quint,"We concur,let us go to IHOP."
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Sounds from Cybercon last week(cont.) Cyclonus,"I heard they take credit cards?" Quint,"We gotta get outta here,NOW!"
TheRoMan writes: Cyclonus and a Quintesson at the Cybercon Expo last week...."What is this line for Cyclonus?" "I was told we are taking turns kicking some guys ass that was trying to sell a broken Shockwave for $200.00, let me get my proton blaster out.&qu
Frostic_Prime writes: Cy: We are lucky we have no smelling senses, I can see the steam coming off their armpits!
DeathGaia writes: Priest: "Now marrying couple number 234, now marrying couple 234."
Cyclonus: "Thats Us!!"
Ceaser: "Punch and cookies after the orgy"
Diablocon writes: Seibertron's new competition: Spot the Transformer fans in a crowd.
_Max_ writes: Quintesson: "Cyclonus, you got the fancy dress parties mixed up again."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Things were a little out of hand at the opening of The Blue Oyster Bar.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: At the MAN-O-WAR concert:
Cyclonus,"Now listen."
"..ride proud my son,your the Defender God has sent.."
Cyclonus,"There doesn't that sound like Unicron?"
Quint,"Are you crazy...well now that you point that out y
Ultra Markus writes: Were's Waldo?
Ramrider writes: "Follow these Munchkins! They'll take us to the Wizard..."
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TheRoMan writes: "Other bands play!".... Quintesson– "MANOWAR KILLS!!!!!"
Diablocon writes: Cyclonus: This doesn't look like the Transformer's reunion.

Quintesson: Trust me, it is!

Announcer: And we appear to have two special guests at this Conan covention. Cyclonus and a Quintesson from Transformers!

Cyclonus: ...

Ratbat writes: Cyclonus: Everyone else is enjoying this spectacle...but WE'RE not!
Air Dawg writes: Marda Gras already?
_Max_ writes: Cyclonus: "Jeez, this Lion band really sucks."
alucard175 writes: Cyclonus: Must be the Janet Jackson album release party Fans getting weirder and weirder
Quint: We love Janet, We love Janet
TheRoMan writes: "I knew it Cyclonus...these chicks all look like men! this is the last time we go to an Indigo Girls concert to hook up."
TheRoMan writes: Cyclonus– "I can't believe we came on the wrong day! " Quint– "I am soooo sorry...I had no idea that this weekend was the Official Lord Of the Rings Convention." Cyclonus– "I think I just stepped on an Elf.....lets get
Ecto writes: Optimus Prime: I'll be damned, your right Hot Rod, this game Everquest is neato, I look like Cyclonus.

Hot Rod: Told Ya Prime, My guy looks like a Quintesson, and I get to cast spells which makes metal pieces into a Transformer.
Metroplex79 writes: Q: Man, these organics multiply quickly...
Cyc: And they're huge!!!
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Alphatron writes: Talk about standing out of the crowd...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: At the Hasbro Q & A about Energon Cyclonus,and Judge Delibarado learn their aweful fate.
J.D.,"What is an Alpha Q?"
Cyclonus,"I haven't a clue any guess on Snowcat?"
J.D.,"Beats me,I created Transformers and I don'
Ultra Markus writes: A couple of Kerry supporters among all the Bush supporters
Ultra Markus writes: The Gwar concert seems unusually packed tonight!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Fans line up outside Toys R Us at midnight for the release of Star Wars episode III figures.So sad isn't it?
Obi-Wan Kenobi writes: Wow! Did you see that wardrobe malfunction!
Zeedust writes: Cyclonus: "This concert SUCKS!"

Quintesson: "No crowd-surfing then?"

Cyclonus: "You're gonna have to find another ride home."
Kevinus Prime writes: Spring Break at Fort Lauderdale gets wilder every year!
Kevinus Prime writes: "What the...Arcee, get down from there!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Boy, these crowds are really rowdy at an Air Supply concert!"
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Kevinus Prime writes: Quint: "I'm not a keg, and that's not a handle!!!!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Shatner: "All I have to say to you is...get a life! You, dressed up like a five faced metal alien, have you ever kissed a girl?"
Kevinus Prime writes: "We shall overco-o-o-me..."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Oh, crap! That's Tracks! We've wandered into a barbarian coming out party!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "We've got beads! Show us your t*ts! I love Mardi Gras!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Quint: "Ya know...I'm really sh*tfaced-faced-faced-faced-faced."
Casual Matt writes: Quintesson: Remind me again why we came to a Dave Matthews concert...
Terrorscream writes: Clc:See Why I Hate McDonalds?!

Qnit:..Now I Do...
Binaltech Bombshell writes: "We don't need a Head Man, we're a mob!"
MST3K ref.
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Nuke Mayhem writes: *2001-Premear of Spider-Man*
Human 1-"Wait a minute, are those ORGANIC WEB-SHOOTERS?!"
Human 2-"That isn't right, he's suppose to have mechanical web-shooters!"
Human 1-"Well now the whole movie is ruined, and by this
Jester461 writes: "Who brought the papers? How we going to roll on the terrorists?"
Marcus Rush writes: Cyclonus: Oh Primus no... its the Pasadena Startrek convention all over again.

Quint: Last face out must listen to Shattner's Rocketman.

Cyclonus: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Finality writes: Cyclonus: You said these would be the best seats ever!
Quintesson: Yah, and by that i meant there were a lot of free snacks around! *chomps the guy in front of him*

Cyclonus: ...eww...
Topnwe writes: Cyclonus: you promised a great army of unstoppable killing machines, and you deliver a bunch of half-naked humans! you suck! Quintesson: they can kill humans, isn't that enough?
Missinginaction writes: He Man (offscreen): By the power of Greyskull! I HAVE THE POWER!!!!
Cyclonus: Look at that puny Sword! That Autobot Springer's got a better sword than that, and it's rubbish!
Quintesson: Uhuuhhhhhhhh......
Cyclonus: Bah! Everything I tell you
Mogwai Prime writes: Quint: Alright, Simons says put your right arm up. ..... Ok Cyclonus you're out.
Cyclonus: Dude come on gimme another try I can figure it out... ... grumble.
Draco614 writes: All hail king of the losers!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: "Don't take the brown Acid!"
tonyshotz writes: Cyclonus - woah, Lazer Floyd rules!
Quint - yea, I can, like, "feel" the music bro!
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Cliff Jumper writes: Where's Cyclonus?
kaoslord writes: Q: You know, this halloween party's gonna go down hill pretty quick at midnight.
C: Why?
Q: That's when they think we're taking our masks off.
slyder writes: Cyclonus: Welcome to "Wheres Waldocon"
Quintesson: I knew I should have never gotten out of bed this morning.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Cyclonus,"Are you sure this is the AA meeting?"
Quint,"Beat's me I'm plastered."
ArctosPrime writes: Cyclonus: these are the best seats you could get?
Quint: Hey do you know how hard it is to find tickets for Cher?
Cyclonus: CHER? You told me this was a GWAR concert!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Cyclonus,"Cybercon really needs to hold these events in a bigger venue." Quint,"Mmmm I could sell you to damn near anyone here,and charge whatever I wanted." Cyclonus,"What was that?" Quint,"Did I say that out loud?...&q
Castle74 writes: Of course somebody was not aware that this year's costume party theme was He-Man.
Pokejedservo writes: Normally one would find this crowd rather odd to see but these guys came from the 1980's so what do they care?
Spartanion writes: Quint:This doesn't look like an N'Sync concert... Hey Cyclonus what are you doing here? Is this the N'Sync concert?
Cyclonus:No this is the Van Halen concert you like that N'Stink crap?
Quint:....Ummm no of course not! Do I look that
Spartanion writes: Cyclonus:I told you I thought we shouldn't listen to Bill and Ted... That phone booth looked pretty dam freaky...
Quint:Oh shut up! It's not that bad... Now who is this Konan guy anyway?
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Abominus_prime writes: Only at a Marylin Manson Concert
Icepike writes: hey quint, we are lucky they mistook those autobots for us who shot that crap house of em down heh
Powermaster Jazz writes: Quint: Think we should tell these organics they're gonna die in a few seconds?
Cyclonus: No let them enjoy N Sync's final concert. It's the honorable thing to do.
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Cyclonus: Wayne Newton rocks!
Quint: Wanna hit the buffet?
Primal Lynx writes: Cyclonus and a Quintesson attend a Gwar concert
gir writes: welcome to the freak show!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Cyclonus,"Is this a gay bar?"
DeceptiGojira writes: C: Damm¡¡, I cant hear what Osama is Saying
Q: is seez soomething about killing the evil one or something.
C: Galvatron?
Q: no, some Bozo named Bush
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Quint: Is it just me, or is this one ugly family reunion?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Cyclonus,"You said the line for Thunderdome,would be shorter than the one for The Passion." Quint,"How could I know,people would like this movie.After all I got right in to see What A Woman Wants." Cyclonus,"Why'd you go see
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Deszaras writes: Quint: Nice seats Cyclonus, I can't see anything!!!. Cyclonus: so what? I don't like Britney Spears anyway.
-Ry- writes: Botcon 2000
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Cyclonus,"You were right,this is a good place to start eradicating the human race."
Marcus Rush writes: And the winning bid goes to the five faced freak and his tin slave, what do they get for 400 energon chips? They get the complete Barney Collection and Wheelie record set.

Cyclonus: I warned you not to switch faces.
Quint: Don't blame us. You ju
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Quint,"Why do I get the feeling we're at the wrong party.Check that address again." Cyclonus,"Please join us for our son's baptism party at the Argilian Elks Club on.." Quint,"Whoa hold up you say Elks Club?" Cyclon
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Cyclonus,"ALL RIGHT WHO COPPED A FEEL OF MY ASS!" Quintesson,"Don't look at me pal I wouldn't touch your ass if were solid gold."
Blitzkriegh writes: : At the latest 80's retro con :
Cyclonus- I thought we were the most popular 8-'s toon!?!
Quintesson- We are, the only thing is we ended up in the He-Man section...
trailbreaker writes: Cyclonus and the Quint stand in line to throw pies at Megatron and win a thousand energon cubes at the annual "Cybertron Family Festival."
trailbreaker writes: Cyclonus -- "Blasted Wal-Mart is always busy on Saturday mornings!!"
Prime Nova writes: Where's wally?
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LordTyphon writes: Quintesson: Come now it won't be that bad once we get in.

Cyclonus: Yea, yea, but why did you have to drag me along to this Rosanne Sings concert?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: God I hate convention costume contests.
Ratbat writes: Quintesson: What are these organic lifeforms celebrating?
Cyclonus: I don't know.
TreadX writes: Cyclonus: All this fuss for the latest Krispy Kreme to open in our area?
Quint: MMmmmm fresh warm glazed donuts....
Shermtron writes: Cyclonus: Hmmmmm John Kerry rally....
Quintesson: my taxes are gonna be raised..
Shermtron writes: Quintesson:psst cyclonus wheres waldo?
Happy Noodle Blacker writes: Some mosh pit.
Lunarcloud writes: Cyclonus: I knew this was a bad idea....
Jaw Crusher writes: True, the horde of fanboys had been camping out in front of the theatre since the previous May, but Cyclonus and the Quintesson figured it was a small price to pay now that Peter Jackson had decided to do 'The Hobbit' after all.
steve2275 writes: imcoming baseball
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Black Arachnis writes: Cyclonus: that`s the last time I`m taking you to a party.....they`re squishies for the pit`s sake!
nothing_face writes: Cyclonus: Okay, Quintesson - here comes the next wave! ALL: wwwwwwooOOOOOOOAAAAAHhhhh! Cyclonus: Ahah! That was great! Why didn't you do anything, Quintcy? Quintesson: I just realized that I don't have hands. I need a drink.
nothing_face writes: Quint: Okay, Cyclonus; here comes the wave! ALL: wwooooOOOOOAAAHhhh! Cyke: Humans...
mr_fizzix writes: Why is everyone chanting "He-man, He-man..."?
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Quint:Okay, just blend in. None of these losers will ever know we're Narcs!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: These GWAR concerts are out of control.
Mkall writes: Announcer: And the losers of the viking lookalike contest are...
Cyclonus to Quintesson: You idiot, you told me not to dress up for this.
Prowl Pants writes: The crowds at Knicks games just get stranger and stranger.
crazyfists writes: Quint: "So you really think it was worth it waiting over night for the new Matrix movie?" Cyclonus: "YES! And I would do it all over again just to see some of that brilliant acting and plot!"
crazyfists writes: Announcer: "You two big the back...big purple and four face! Do you have what it takes to be the next American Idol?!"
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Shadowbird writes: So, now that we've gathered all these evil minions, what do we do with them?
crazyfists writes: Cyclonus: "This is the worest Rocky Horror Picture Show crowd I've ever been in!"
crazyfists writes: Crowd: "Anal sex...anal sex..." Cyclonus: "I gotta stop going to MSI shows."
Dark Ops writes: THERE'S Waldo!
Castle74 writes: See the crowd in their 80's retro gear(He-man, transformers) awaiting the Van Halen reunion concert!
Damolisher writes: Cyclonus: This ------- starts wavign a Decepticon flag and I'm joining the Autobots...
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Quint: Hey, why so down, I thought you loved N*Sync?
Cyclonus: Because that last post called me "Galvatron"!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The crowds go wild thanking Ryan for fixing the caption contest.Boil those bastards in oil Ryan!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Quint: That human Gallagher is sooooo funny!
Galvie: If only I could crush the Autobots, as easily as he crushes watermelons...
Powermaster Jazz writes: Cyclonus: That puny Micromaster Autobot! That human could kick his tailpipe with one arm tied behind his back!
Quint: I'll put $50 on the human!
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Iatech Chronotron writes: "It appears as though the lead guitar is going to begin a solo..."
Bombshell writes: Crowd: "Free Bird"! WOOOOO!
Galvatron: Dammit, where's my lighter?
GetterDragun writes: Wallace from Braveheart:"...just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take our...wait WTF!??! is that giant purple thing and why is humpty dumpty with him!?!?!"
Decepticon Spike writes: All: We want Chilly Willy! We want Chilly Willy!
Me, Grimlock! writes: I hate lining up for the Portopotty at Disneyworld.
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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #186 - NYCC 2017
Twincast / Podcast #186:
"NYCC 2017"
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Posted: Monday, October 16th, 2017
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