Arcee and Magnus standing next to a face-planted Galvatron

The Ultimate Caption Contest

Arcee and Magnus standing next to a face-planted Galvatron
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ThunderThruster writes: Magnus: Is he...?
Arcee: Yeah. He's stoned. Again.
DeathReviews writes: 'You guys go on without me, I'm just gonna catch some Z's....'
trailbreaker writes: I guess we know who farted....
Rainmaker writes: That's for stealing my lunch money!
Black Hat writes: "I told you this figure needs a stand!"
Frenchhorngirl writes: "I told you no more skateboarding!"
dirtysock47 writes: arcee:hes got a faceplant

ultra;ur gonna get a buttplant if u dont stop
Superion_007 writes: Arcee: That's for feeling me up Galvatron!!

*Galvy slams into the pavement*

Ultra Mangnus: Remind me not to make you mad!!
Dragonoth writes: Galvatron: "98, 99, 100! Ready or not, here I come!"

Soundwave and Rumble: He'll never find us in these disguises!
Dragonoth writes: Galvatron singing "Walk Away" by Kelly Clarkson: "I'm looking for attention, not another question. Should you stay or should you go? If you don't know the answer, why are you still standing here? Just, just walk away."

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Dragonoth writes: *Magnus puts his armor back on*
"This, Arcee, is the reason I always wear my armor."

Arcee (in an awed voice) "He just fell out of the sky."
Dragonoth writes: UM: "I, Magnus, have face-planted you just as Optimus face-planted Megatron."

Arcee: "But Optimus died trying."
Dragonoth writes: Ultra Magnus: "For the last time, I CAN deal with it! I only said that line because I couldn't save Hot Rod's shuttle while mine was under attack!"
Arcee: "I think you made your point."
UM: "The next person who says th
Unknown writes: magnus:aahh arcee what percentage was that oil you gave him
arcee:97% y?
SilentBlaster writes: Ultra Magnus: They say he leads decepticons drinks blood and.....
Arcee: and I say your full of stuff magnus.
DeltaSilver88 writes: UM: Uh... Arcee?
Arcee: Yeah?
UM: What the hell's Springer doing in a Galvatron suit lying on the floor like that?
Arcee: He thinks it's Halloween and Blurr thought he was the real one and blasted him.
UM: ....Ouch.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Ah, I kiss the sweet ground.
Magnus: I think I overdid the caffeine a little.
Kamakaze Thrower writes: That's the LAST time I walk into a crowd of fat guys.
DarkMechJock writes: Magnus: Kick him, see if he's dead..
Arcee: Couldn't I just throw something at him?
Galvatron: mmmmmmmmm...pie.
luevanoalx writes: MAGNUS: DO YOU THINK HE'S EVIL???
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Roadshadow writes: UM: Wow. Galvatron must have gotten wasted real badly.
Arcee: I'm taking his wallet!
UM: Well I'm taking his pants!
Arcee:....I knew you were gay.
archie321 writes: WIPE-OUT!!!!!
archie321 writes: WIPE-OUT!!!!!
shepp writes: G: "Argh... I may have been brutally attacked, but i just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico..."
dolenarda writes: Arcee:"You said he was fine when you 2 left the bar"
Magnus:He passed out along the way...I cant deal with this right now"
Galvatron:"Please check my medic alert bracelet"
Flashwave writes: We tried to tell you the movie set was breaking....
Marv writes: Failed Energon Conservation Plan #33: replacing fuel with sheer determination.
DarkDranzer writes: UM: Oh great...another victim from Cyclonus' Cooking...

A: We should REALLY ban that guy from all restraunts...

G: *weakly* Owwwww my tummy huuuuurrrrrrttttttssss....
Montmorency writes: I told you not to use that pogo stick here!
Delta Supreme writes: Arcee: "You know, this Decepticon Leadership style reminds me of the Hardcore wrestling division"

Ultra Magnus: "Wonder which 'Con has the Decepticon Belt of Leadership now?"
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gauthic_angel7680 writes: Arcee: how much of that coke did he snort?
Magnus: I don't know, but i hope he left some for us.
DarkDranzer writes: UM: You should have seen it Arcee there was some guy with crazy purple hair and a sword come out of a Capsule Corp time capsule, Galvatron made some smartass comment about how pathetic his hair is, then he turned blond and went absolute medival on his ass
ShYnE writes: Ultra Magnus: Someone call 911!!!!!!!!!!
gauthic_angel7680 writes: Arcee: some much for the three some. galvatrons drunk again.
Magnus: damn, i was hopping he would have me next
Arcee: what?
Dragonoth writes: Galvatron: "All right! I promise I'll never sing 'Pink Cadillac' again!"
Tom Of Doom writes: I told you!You cant hang in mid air like Neo!
King Slick writes: Ultra Magnus: If I told you once, I told you a thousand times, she is my girl Galvatron.
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Ultra Magnus: I can't believe it Arcee, you actually KILLED Galvatron!
Arcee: I TOLD him that fembots aren't weak. But he still had the nerve to insult me!
Galvatron: Starscream, NO! Don't torture me, ARRGH!
DarkDranzer writes: *outside of Cybertron High, the jock mused over tripping yet another one of the schoolyard geeks*

UM *Jock and star of the Autobot football team*: "Fwar!! Watch where you're goin' Galvy!! Hahaha!!

RC *head cheerleader*: Ooh I think yo
Casual Matt writes: And that's when they decided to have an intervention.
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Starscream7 writes: Galvatron:(crying) Why? Why?

Arcee: What's wrong Galvatron?

Ultra Magnus: He's finally figured out he can't beat us Autobots.

Galvatron: No it's not that..

Arcee: Then what's worth crying over/

Galvatron: I've
Armbullet writes: Arcee: "Diagnostics?"

Magnus: "this is a bad thing.. Apparently he's dead."

Acree: "When do you get to the bad thing?"

Galvatron: "Optimus give me dollah.. I give him suckie-suckie... My mouth love his wee-
Not Sonic writes: Arcee:Grandpa, you forgot your cane!

Galv:ehh..whats that ye say,HEY!im not lame,im,how you say it now,groovy!


Galv:im not plain, im old fasioned

Arcee:Forget it...

Galv:i like peanut butter too!
Armbullet writes: Magnus:Ithink he drank to much

Glav:Im A PrEtTy GIrl.....
Zeedust writes: Arcee: "Rough place?"

Galvatron: "That's the roughest, filthiest, meanest cesspit on Cybertron..."

Magnus: "Why don't you speak to the owner?"

Galvatron: "I am the owner."

(Viva la Muppet Movie
Not Sonic writes: U.L:honey,i grew up here,and our neigbor was alaways drunk.You think after 4,000 years he would stop..

i wish i was purple
Alirion writes: "He's dead, Jim."
Marv writes: The canceled "Scooby Do"-style ending for TF: the Movie.
Arcee: "Now we'll see who's really behind
all this!"
Magnus: "Zoinks! It's that Mr. Megatron!"
Marv writes: Don't give him any change honey! He'll just buy booze for it or something...
Marv writes: Magnus:"Truck", not "Duck", Hot Rod transforms into a big TRUCK, not that he has the Matrix...
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isaiahtay writes: "I told you he'd throw a tantrum!"
isaiahtay writes: "After a hard night of drinking and clubbing,galvatron lost it."
isaiahtay writes: "practical jokes can seriously harm fellow and friends"
Greg writes: What Have You Done To Him This Time?
He Is Just Asleep!
Zeedust writes: Magnus: "A bit of advice, Galvy... First the corwd, THEN the crowd surfing."
Suzuki writes: UltraM: He's not dead, he's just resting.
Arcee: This is an EX-G1 Galvatron!!
Anime_Fangirl writes: And this, boys and girls, is why you should ALWAYS keep a camera on hand.
Repsotron writes: Arcee: I thought you charged him last night
Magnus: I thought he was. Great Now where am I gonna get AAs at this hour. Bet he needs one of those button cell batteries too.
groovygoth666 writes: Magnus:now galvatron must be round here sumwhere...
Arcee:now magnus he's not excactly gonna fall out of the sky(galvatron falls from sky)
Arcee...Maybe i was wrong
Great Red Spirit writes: Cybertron Roadkill
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Soda Pop Kurtis writes: Magnus: Galvatron, I thought you said you could hold your liquor.

Arcee: Who cares Magnus let's just do it right here, right now.
Minicle writes: Galvatron caught Curb crawling.
Minicle writes: Galvatron: He-Hee. Through this crack I can see Soundwave in the Nuuudies!
Angie Prime writes: Arcee: *Sigh* I HATE pushy guys...
Galvatron: Ughhhhhhh *has red hand-mark on his face*
Ultra Magnus: Holy CRAP! Oo;;
Autocons writes: UM: Okay Acree. What did you do to him?
Acree: Notthhhiiiiinnnngggggggg.
Rainbow Starscream writes: UM:I think Galvatron has had enough energon for one day.
DeltaOmega writes: Arcee! How many times do I have to tell you. Decepticons are not made for Fembots.
Mosaic writes: UM: *:pulls foot back in, whistling innocently:*
Com&Con01 writes: Armada Megatron really thrashed his @$$.
Kal-Seth writes: Galvatron made the poor choice of hitting on arcee while Ultra magnus was within arms reach he needed 6 months of physical theropy and ultra magnus was tried and covicted of intent to deactivate he currently is out on paroll for good behavior
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Nightshadow writes: Magnus: *Points to Acree* she did it.
juggaloG writes: The real reason that Season 3 was a flop: Galvatron was a drunk!

UM: Oh, great! Galvatron got drunk again! Help me carry him back to his trailer, Arcee.

Arcee: Everytime he does this, I feel my career slipping further & further away.
Banshee writes: Galvatron soon regretted selling his spinal collumn to buy lifesize figures of his favourite Autobots
Magnus writes: Galvatron: Wait, wait, I see it. I'm going to need a paper clip, some chewing gum, and a long piece of string.
homelessjunkeon writes: UM: do you know why they call me cigar face? wait a sec, hey nipples, what did the boss say to do?

RC: the boss said, if he doesn't take the bribe, then i get to MAKE LOVE to him.

UM: he's all yours nipples.
Ultra Markus writes: Quick Arcee get the pan of warm water! No wait better yet let me see your fingernail polish!
kaoslord writes: UM: One minute he's charging at me, axe swinging, and the next, he trips over his own feet and hits the ground.
RC: Yeah, but we'll just tell the guys you owned him, right?
Castle74 writes: Alright that does it Arcee. That's the last time we take Galvatron out drinking with us!
Ratbat writes: I don't get it, Arcee. Seconds ago, Galvatron was chasing us, shooting at us as we ran. Now, he's suddenly out cold--and his plasma cannon is missing!
Ratbat writes: Arcee: Somehow, Galvatron must"ve passed out.
Ultra Magnus: But why?
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Powermaster Jazz writes: Arcee: What happened to him?
Magnus: He saw what Hasbro did to him in Armada.
Arcee: Should we tell him his Energon version is badass?
Magnus: Naaaaaaaah! Let him sleep.
AutobotJazz writes: UM: How did you do the Arcee?

Arcee: I showed him my pics for next month's Playbot.
Unknown writes: Magnus: What did u do Arcee?

Arcee: I kicked Galvs uin the balls

Unknown writes: Galvatron: I've fallen and I can't get up. UltraMagnus/Arcee: Serves ya right, you decepticreep.
Quintessa writes: Arcee: That should teach him not to eat strange metals. Those Titanium Termites give a whole new meaning to the term 'Stomach Bug'.
Hellspawn writes: Ultra Magnus: He'll wake up with a hangover and his ass on fire. Arcee: Y'know I always wondered what happened at a Decepticon kegger.
Topnwe writes: Arcee: what did you do to him? Ultra Magnus: i didn't do anything, this sissy had one beer and was out like a light.
Topnwe writes: Arcee: what did you do to him? Ultra Magnus: what a light weight. he didn't even finish his first beer.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: "Help me! I'm stuck under the invisible box I was carrying in the previous caption contest!"
Dark Ops writes: Purple headed clown shouldn't have gotten fresh with me!
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Unknown writes: TRANSMETAL NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE,shows up at Cybercon this weekend,and kicks Galvatron's @$$ in a battle caption contest.
Unknown writes: On the newest episode of Oh That Galvatron!:Our crazy pal Galvatron's been studying hard for his finals,but he can't fall asleep the night before the big test,so he takes an experimental super sleeping pill.Will the big guy be awake enou
Unknown writes: Arcee:Should we help him?
Ultra Magnus: No if i only insulted his structure and he passed out then he shouldn't see the world.
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus,"I had something cool and witty to say,but it got deleted."
FortMax writes: Ultra Magnus: we'll tell the decepticons RODIMUS killed him
Alphatron2k3 writes: Magnus: I guess i could deal with that now.....
Galvatron:Doh! Now he can?! And today was my perfect alignment to win a battle. (I wish i was my Movie self again, i could of killed him.)
Arcee: I'm weak in the knees for that thought is just so
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus,"Some how I thought killing Galvatron would be"
Unknown writes: Arcee:"You wanna poke 'im?" Ultra Magnus: "Do I!"
Nynja writes: 1 energon... 2 energon... 3 energon... floor...
Acelister writes: Galvatron - "Ultra Magnus, Arcee, its not what it looks like! Me and my shadow are just friends!"
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Bunny writes: I'll have two of what he's drinking
Unknown writes: Magnus: "Hmm... I guess Galvatron was easier than thought..."
Unknown writes: Ultra: Dang! Isn't there anyone who won't grovel at your feet, Arcee?
Unknown writes: um oh ......better call maaco
jpc7030 writes: RC "...ok, now roll over! C'mon boy, roll over!"
Ultra Magnus "Hmm, I guess you can't teach an old bot new tricks..."
Tiedye writes: MAGNUS- "Whoa Arcee Who would have thought that you'd be able to kick Galvatron's butt"
ARCEE- " He made a comment on my flat chest and skinny legs.....The bastard."
Unknown writes: "Shhhht!!I can only think straight when I'm completely flat on my face, like this."
Sky writes: Magnus-Good job arcee when you removed your upper plating he fainted!
Arcee-Hot Rod did always say my headlihts were blinding.
Unknown writes: Arcee,"What happened to Galvatron?" Ultra Magnus,"Who cares.What happened to the Ultimate Caption Contest,its like a mini big whooops."
CRXstunticon writes: Nice catch, Blanco Nino. But too bad your ass got SAAAAAAAACKED!
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TAI writes: Hey I think that those cigarettes got to him, magnus. I mean just running 2 feet he's got it bad.
Unknown writes: I guess unicron forgot to include extra batteries, oh well!
Sunstreaker writes: After that 3-way I just wasn't that tired Magnus.
Cliffjumper writes: Ultra Magnes Don't touch it, it has cooties.
HeliconAutun writes: Galvatron: 'Why are you two stuck to the wall this far up the side of a mountain?!!!! ANSWER ME!!'
Unknown writes: ughhhhhhhhhh help i've fallen and i can't get up *hic*
overdrive writes: *snore* mmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah that what i like give it to me arcee *snore*
Unknown writes: nope i didnt see that rock or was it one of u 2 that tripped me.
Unknown writes: Arcee: Is he dead?

Ultra Magnus: I can't deal with that now.
shockwave_inoz writes: ULTRA MAG: "Geez, Arcee - did you have to be so rough with him?!" ARCEE: "NOBODY asks me if there's a Hooters in town at THIS time of the month! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!" ULTRA MAG: "Which brings me to my next
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crazyfists writes: Arcee: "Those kids just keep getting more and more violent with those dodgeballs." Magnus: "Well, Galv is always the first one out." Galv: "I was on base! *sniff*"
crazyfists writes: Mag: "Now that I have my sled, I can't wait for it to snow!"
Shermtron writes: Arcee:Galvatron is dead yay!
Shermtron writes: Galvatron: mommy magnus tripped me!
Unknown writes: What happens when Prime drinks and drives.......
BlItZeR writes: Duff Man..cant breathe.....OH NO!
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus: There's Galvatron, but what happened to him?
Arcee: He must've used up all his energy.
Unknown writes: All of the sudden Galvatron made the slip n slide not fun anymore.
Unknown writes: Arcee,"Well there goes my threesome."
Unknown writes: What a puss.Mighty ash.I table him under the drank now I.....uhm....Alcholic Draftsman at large rulsh the Decrapticonsh.I'll fight anyone,ANYONE,gimme another bud man,i love u man DESHEPTICALS FOREVER MAN!
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Unknown writes: The Autobots had little trouble combating Narcaleptitron.
Unknown writes: This is what happened outside of Cybercon 2,4/10/04 Cybercon 3 please behave yourselves.Don't beat the crap out of people that post on that are attending.
Unknown writes: Galvatron,"Duck you fools the waist high rotating buzzsaw blades are coming this way." Um,and Arcee,"oooookkkkkaaaaayyyyy."
Unknown writes: Arcee -- "Quick Magnus, steal his wallet !!"
Unknown writes: You can't tell, but Galvatron is really humping Rumble.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: oooo my crotch plate....spinal assembly... and head..... /// Magnus: Well I tried to warn you not to make a pass at Arcee.
TheRoMan writes: "I wonder what he did to get thrown out of that bar Arcee?" Arcee– "Well since it looks like he was thrown out of THE BLUE OYSTER, I don't think I really want to know that much."
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus,"We better save him Arcee." Arcee,"Why? He's our enemy." Ultra Magnus,"Cause I'm not gonna stand by and watch anybody get anully violated by a tree."
Marcus Rush writes: Magnus: "Hurry Arcee, get his wallet while hes down."
Arcee: "But he's not wearing any pants."
Magnus: "Then what is he... oh"
Arcee: "Thats too wrong Magnus."
Magnus: &a
Unknown writes: Welcome to AFV cybertron,where if you get it on tape,you could get it in cash.
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Unknown writes: Galvatron,"Nobody say a word." Ultra Magnus,"But.." Galvatron,"NOT AN F'N WORD!" Arcee,"teh he."
Unknown writes: MAGNUS: I wonder what happens if a Decepticon runs out of power mid-air... THUD... Well, that makes sense.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: "Umm, I meant to do that."
Unknown writes: Arcee,"He ran into this guy,and well apparently this guys mother said to knock him out." Ultra Magnus,"What the hell does that mean?" Arcee,"I don't know but if you wanna ask him he's gonna be
Unknown writes: Galvatron : Who put this gravity there ??
Ultra Magnus : An earth creature named Newton
Galvatron : I will crush him with my bare hands, nobody makes a fool of Galvatron!
Unknown writes: Ha! I told him not to mix STP Gas Treatment and Slick 50!
Unknown writes: Arcee and Magnus: You got knocked the **** out!
Unknown writes: and Fugasi, same goes for you.
Unknown writes: Your Pal, Galuf, Spam....please don't be geeks.
trinity3 writes: Ultra Magnus: " Arcee what are you doing?"
Arcee: "Um...nothing, I wasn't going to give Galvatron a full body massage."
Galvatron: "Well, I'm waiting. Are you wearing that nighty I bought
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Unknown writes: galvatron : just walk on , noting to see here , pleazzz do'nt stop for mee....

magnus : arcee wat ar you dooing wi'll be late

arcee : but magnus should'nt we help him...

magnus : nope you heard him , nothing to see here
Unknown writes: galvatron : just walk on , noting to see here , pleazzz do'nt stop for mee....

magnus : arcee wat ar you dooing wi'll be late

arcee : but magnus should'nt we help him...

magnus : nope you heard him , nothing to see here
thexfile writes: Magnus thinking : o yeah i'm realy up for it , man can that arcee to the bisnes , she has drawn al the energon out of him , now i'm next(singing in his minde)i'm gooing to to Arcee ,i'm gooing to to Arcee
thexfile writes: Arcee thinking : i'd better push my knees together , you might never know , this just might be a nother nasty trick to get a look up at my..... boys wil be boys
thexfile writes: galvatron kikking and screeming : no no no i can't loze i'm the fearles desepticon leader , it's no fair , i do'nt want go i've got penty more action in mee
Unknown writes: When I look at this picture I see many things. First of all I notice a big purple robot has fallen to the ground. I see he is purple and I wonder if he is gay. If so, he should be beaten ferociously until he is dead. Being gay is a crime punishable by
Unknown writes: "Man, when did my legs get so darn skinny," asked Skinny Legs Magnus. "Around the same time they gave me these sideways bending knees," answered Woble Legged Arcee.
Unknown writes: Magnus: What are you doing? Galvatron: Hush! Im doing what those red indians do
Unknown writes: "Awww Look at him...I wish I could fall asleep that easily!"
Unknown writes: Magnus: "What did you do to him, Arcee?"

Arcee: "Told him I used to be Ironhide before my sex change"
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crazyfists writes: Arcee: "Man, those Transformer fans are brutal. They really did a number to G. Autographs, photos, metal samples, someone even took his gun, and one guy carved his name on his G's head. Trekkies aren't this bad, god sake, TREKK
crazyfists writes: Mag: "Trust me Arcee, any minute now he'll get up. Just like in hockey when they dive and pretend to be hurt, he's not hurt." Arcee: "I don't think so, he's kinda bleeding really bad.&quo
Unknown writes: Arcee: "........"

Magnus: "I Guess they had a "No Deceptacon symbols" dresscode at this club"
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus: "The mighty Galvatron my tailpipe"
Unknown writes: Arcee: "Ultra Magnus, what IS that?!"

Magnus: "Where on the badside of Cybertron.Here, there's pimpbots, slut-enators, and homeless droids like this one on the ground"

Galva: "Can you help a bot
al writes: GALVATRON: "Wow my shadow looks really cool down here!"
Unknown writes: Magnus: "B*tch, where's my money?!"

Arcee: "Magnus, you pimpslapped him way too hard!"

Magnus: "Shut up, before you get one too!!"
Unknown writes: "One adam 12,one adam 12,we got an officer down please roll backup and a meat wagon." Base,"Rodger one adam 12 you done using your baddly written cop show chatter?"
Unknown writes: One down...........
crazyfists writes: Galv: "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" Mag: "No dice. I've seen what those old people can do once you help them up. Handicapped my exhaust pipe."
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crazyfists writes: Mag: "Who would have thought that the only way to beat Galvatron was to hug him?" Arcee: "I just love to hug."
TheRoMan writes: Its the year 2016 and Cybertron has become a prison planet for all convicted robots, until one day on patrol Arcee and Magnus crash land accidently...."Look Ultra Magnus, there is Galvatron the dead leader of the decepticons." Magnus—&
NightMare writes: galv:*Kiss kiss*ah sweet sweet ground *kiss kiss*i'm never leaving u *kiss*.Arcee:starscream took him flying again
um:ya he hates hights
NightMare writes: arcee:dude told u notto eat that wholecanof beans um:who care's it's galvatron *FARRRRRRRT*
Galatron:kill me now
Unknown writes: Arcee:That guy was beeten by a monster.
Ultra Magnus:No, that guy was shot when Hot Rod saves your life and all of us.
Arcee: wait till umi sees this!
JosephusPrime writes: Magnus:Dag nabbit arcee, u kicked his a$$. Arcee: Thanks, i like to work out.
Zeedust writes: Arcee: "What's with Galvatron?"

Magnus: "You have any idea how long he had to hold that pose he was in for the last caption contest?"
Unknown writes: quick lets take his body and put him in the trunk of your car then toss him over the Brooklyn bridge.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Don't...go back...there...the Horror...

Arcee: Must of seen you and that Sharkticon, Magnus.

UM: HeeHee...Hey!
Unknown writes: Galvatron,"Hhhhuuurrrrllgggaaaaaahh!" Arcee,"Oh man I think I just saw his breakfast come up." Ultra Magnus,"He's been doing this for an hour." Galvatron,"HHHHUUURRRRLLGGGAAAAAAHH!&am
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crazyfists writes: Mag : "Galv rolls a 1...critical miss. He runs up to you, eats his own heart, and falls over. Winners don't do drugs."
Arcee: "What? That's like the billionth time you've used that same D&D j
fuzzy butt writes: No, really I'm looking for my contacts
JazZeke writes: Magnus: "Ha! Ha! Good thing for us he doesn't use Energizer batteries!"
Unknown writes: ...WIPEOUT!!
Seeker72 writes: Magnus: "Dammit... That's the last time I take you two out drinking. Look at you, Arcee... You can't even stand up straight." Arcee giggles and points. "At least I'm not the one who just perfecte
MechaDoom writes: Galvatron performed a perfect ten-point dive off the diving board. Really, if he had been at the summer olympics, that dive would've got him a medal without anyone else competing. But, as it is, he didn't get a medal at the summer olympi
Unknown writes: Arcee - "What's up, Galvy ?". Galvatron - "How can WE have the same incidental disco music as SPIDER-MAN & HIS AMAZING Bloody Friends, Huh ? It's just Wrong, So Wrong !!". Magnus (channeling Jo
Unknown writes: Arcee - "I don't know about Galvatron but I'm in desperate need of a deodourant". Magnus - "I cant deal with that now !!" (isn't it bad enough I have to walk and talk at the SAME TIME, She&
Unknown writes: Magnus - "Were To Late, Jack The Ripper has struck again !!". Arcee - "We only wanna show tha men o' Cybertron a good time, Gov'na !"
Unknown writes: Magnus - "Dude, If he wakes up and asks me where he car is, I'm leaving this damn cartoon !!". Arcee - "Word !". Magnus - "Shut up, will ya, just shut up!"
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Unknown writes: so THAT's what the old 'retire' button does!
(HMW gag, go play it now)
(zombie gag, don't know where to find those)
Unknown writes: galvatron:BELLYFLOP!
magnus:MY GOD he fell on spike!
Unknown writes: "All I Said was I just saved a bunch of energon from Gieco...."
Unknown writes: Magnus's hunch was correct; sucky disco dancing knocked insane Deceptions unconscious!
Pokejedservo writes: Arcee: What happenend? Magnus: Both Frank Welker and Leonard Nimoy forgot to put him on "Status Lock". Arcee: OK I can slightly understand Nimoy but Welker? Magnus: I know he usually does a GOOD job in properly turning off his cybertroni
Unknown writes: Galvatron: ZZzzzzz...(bobo kitty)...
Arcee: How can he just sleep in front of us on the ground?
Magnus: Arcee, damn it Please! Its a Sealy!
Unknown writes: Arcee: oh my god! they killed Galvatron!
Ultra Magnus: YOU BASTARDS!
Unknown writes: ULTRA MAGNUS: Why are you lying face down in the dust?
GALVATRON: It's a very effective way of being wretched. Sorry, am I doing something wrong? Pardon me for breathing, which I never do anyway so I don't know why I bother to say it,
Slappyfrog writes: UM: Whu-oh-oh-ohhh, watch that first step, it's a doozy!
Unknown writes: Arcee,"Ooooww cute boots,but since your dead you wouldn't mind if I took them would you?......Thought not." Ultra Magnus,"You have no shame." Arcee,"Fashion never dies,it simply moves to someone else&a
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Unknown writes: Ultra,"Well,he's mostly dead."
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus: Galvatron, wake up damnit!
Unknown writes: Arcee: Galvatron is dead.

Ultra Magnus: No. He's just in a coma. Let's go before he wakes up.
Unknown writes: Arcee,"What's wrong with Galvatron? I thought he didn't drink?" Ultra Magnus,"He usually doesn't,but he found out he didn't get accepted to Princeton." Galvatron,"PRINCETON S
Unknown writes: Magnus: And My #1 most Painful Elimination of the Day goes to Galvatron. he'll be feeling that tomorrow.
Arcee: good to know, Magnus
Unknown writes: Friday the 13th part VII:The New Blood Arcee,"OMG Jason Voorhees killed Galvatron!" Ultra Magnus,"Calm down Arcee,lets just find Tina and get the hell outta here,before that manic finds us." Arcee,"...ughmmmm(s
Unknown writes: Arcee,"Sssssh.He's sleeping."
LagunaL8 writes: By impersonating a slug, Galvatron thought the autobots would not notice him sneaking past... *slither, slither*

Arcee&Mag.: "........."
Unknown writes: Galvatron,"I meant to do that."
Unknown writes: In the land of Oz,Dorthey,and the Scarecrow come across a rather evil looking Tinman. A muffled moan of "fmmusim cmmman"(fusion cannon)was mistaken for oil can,they never should've oiled him.Those poor Munchkins.
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Zeedust writes: Galvatron: "Help me find my cannon... It's big and orange and it fell off somewhwere around here." Magnus: "While we're on the subject, has ayone seen my missile launchers?"
Unknown writes: "Wow! Is that where he landed? Rodimus can pitch for my team anytime!"
Unknown writes: "Uh, Arcee, remind me not to ---- you off."
Unknown writes: "Boy! Does Wheelie have a left hook or what?"
Unknown writes: Arcee:I hate you Magnus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Galvatron:Good bye my enemeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Magnus:He's an enemey , not an allie!!!!!!!!!!
ReinaHW writes: "Come on now, Galvatron, you've had enough fun blasting people to bits and being insane" "No! I wanna stay and kill some more! Can't make me! WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"
Unknown writes: Like Pippin of "Lord of the Rings" was advised to do; Galvatron fell down to rid everyone of his stupidity.
Stormwolf writes: Ultra Magnus: Better pay Galy if you want to have one of my ho's.
gir writes: gal: "Help fallen and can't get up!" Mag/Arcee: "....." -__-'
The King writes: The Mighty Galvatron on the ground knock out from drinking too much!!
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MacrossFA19 writes: Galvatron: No Magnus!, i will just lay here and cry until you tell me you like my outfit!!!
Arcee: All i said was that his purse didn't match his shoes!?!
Black Arachnis writes: Arcee: think we should help him Ultra Magnus?
Ultra Magnus: are you kidding me? let`s kick him silly and rob his unarmed ass!
amd098 writes: Magnus: No sticker wear, no body damage, electronics still working, and I think I got his gun in a box...

Arcee: Lets put him on ebay!
s1bones writes: Magnus: Dang Arcee looks like he forgot to wipe.
LagunaL8 writes: Nobody noticed Galv's leg was slightly shorter than the other, ...until he slipped, tripped, and fell,....not even Galv himself.
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus: Someone Druged his energon this morning.
Unknown writes: You`ll get even 10 times worse than what you got now, if you ---- me off again decepti creep!
Unknown writes: Galvatron thrown out of the bar says: It was that darn Wheelie again, he can't stand losing at a game of poker!
Unknown writes: Galvatron singing: MY BAND, MY BAND, MY BAND!
Unknown writes: I can never get the older ones to stay standing... And now I've lost his gun dammit!
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TurboHammer writes: Galvatron: "Help I fallen and I cant get up" (urkle laugh)
Magnus:"Since your down there how about you check the rivits in the steel"
Archee:"while your down there clean my boots"
TurboHammer writes: Magnus: "Its not the fall that killed him" Its was that sudden stop"
Archee:"Must have been one hell of a stop"
CenturionDroid writes: Arcee: "Uhm something wrong Galvatron?"
Galv *sobbing*: "My pet...*sob* *sniff* pet Ravage ran away *sob sob*"
Bombshell writes: Someone threw out a perfectly good Decepticon!
Unknown writes: Arcee and Ultra Magnus had heard that the streets of Detroit were dangerous, but...
Unknown writes: Arcee: Hey, it's Galvatron! And I think he's dead! Magnus: Let's poke him in the eye with a sharp stick just to make sure!
Unknown writes: Arcee,"Galvatron,what the hell are you doing." Galvatron,"Looking for all those contact lenses I lost in the last caption contest."
Unknown writes: Once again things got out of control during the friday night party,at the Energon Pub.
Unknown writes: The Autobots knew they were in a bad neighborhood when they found Galvatron stripped and up on cinder blocks.
Bombshell writes: Magnus: Bad news, Galvatron, you can't ride a skateboard for crap; the good news, you landed on Wheelie!
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al writes: ULTRA MAGNUS: "Is there a hole in the floor?"
ARCEE: "I think i'm shrinking!"
GALVATRON: "Can I have a little privacy here!?"
Sp1dey writes: ....and the next pig that tries to stick his hand up my camshaft is getting the same treatment!
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus,"Well Arcee I guess the only thing to do is bury the body." Arcee,"BUT I DIDN'T DO ANY THING!" UM,"I'm sorry Arcee,the law doesn't see it that way,a man dies while your b
Ricochet writes: Ultra Magnus: I think he's stoned
Arcee: Or maybe just drank himself into a frenzy after remembering the Femtoy mag he was in before he became Galvatron
Unknown writes: Arcee,"Holy crap a G1 Galvatron."
Unknown writes: : After Galvatron came out of the bar drunk off his robobehind :

Arcess- Yoink his wallet will you!?!
UM- I can't deal with that now! I'm contemplating on whether Grimlock should be put as new commander and me back to Second In Comm
Unknown writes: Arcee,"What happened here." Ultra Magnus,"I took him from behind,by suprise." Arcee,"You did? Huh,something you wanna tell me big guy." Ultra Magnus,"What are you implying,I simply waited til
Unknown writes: Galvatron had lasted 1,472 hrs in the dance-a-thon when suddenly....
gremlins writes: Arcee: Big purple Decepticons don't just fall from the sky you know... WHAM .... Ultra Magnus: Beautiful autobot women don't just fall from the sky you know ..... DAMN
Unknown writes: Ultra Magnus,"Good work robowhore...uhn..Arcee now steal his wallet."
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Gambit's Mind writes: Arcee: "Ok, explain it to me one more time."
Magnus: "Well, Galvatron came up to me and said "dude, light a match I'll show you something cool!" then he bent over and BAM!"
Unknown writes: Magnus: "WOW!!! I never seen a femme wrack a 'bot like that!" Arcee: "YOU'RE surprised??? I never knew you guys had 'parts'!"
Unknown writes: Magnus: told him not to drink that much, but he didn't listen.
Arcee: Come on drunk guy!!
starscream25 writes: Arcee:Galvatron is taking a nap and I feel a little wierd after the party... I should had never drink 3000 enrgon cubes!
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