Daniel tells Rodimus about a dream

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Daniel tells Rodimus about a dream
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trailbreaker writes: "Rodimus, bring me a cookie !!"
Blozor writes: When Derek woke up, he discovered that his college buddies completely disassembled his car, carried it into his bedroom, and reassembled it. Unfortunately, they had no idea how to assemble a car and they were high as ffff...
Optimum Supreme writes: I had a dream that they made a movie about us, full of explosions and Shia LeBoef.
trailbreaker writes: Daniel - "And then Hasbro released a line of figures called Beast Hunters with cheap plastic parts that always fell off."

Rodimus - "That wasn't a dream."
Rainmaker writes: WHY YOU STALK ME RODIMUS
Black Hat writes: "So, yeah, I had this nightmare that this 14 year old boy came into my room, had a complete mental breakdown, did something inappropriate over me, had another breakdown, and then left."

"That sounds...Familiar..."
Godzillabot Primal writes: Look kid, it's wierd enough that your room is tall enough for a giant robot, but don't add your nightmares to the mix!
Red_Sun writes: Daniel: " Yes! my own Master Piece Rodimus! O wait, is this just a dream?"
Skywarp64 writes: "Wait a minute! You're not a cop!"
Dclone Soundwave writes: What are you doing here here Rodimus!??!

Just....looking at you........

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Brooke writes: Daniel: Omigosh, Rodimus! I just had a flashback from that time I visited Neverland Ranch!
Rodimus: Now Daniel, we all know that Micheal Jackson doesn't really exist.
Daniel:You're right, Rodimus.Thanks!
Rodimus: No problem.
Rodimus leaves t
bringo writes: Robot: I am your father.
Boy: Really?
Robot: No, not really, I can't back that up.
bringo writes: Rodiums always got the short straw when it came to guarding the kid. He wished he was lucky like Magnus and got to guarding the Central High Cheerleaders..
bringo writes: You jerk, why is are my sheets stained in oil and my butt hurts? I told you I had a headache.....
Ratbat writes: Relax, Daniel! There are NO burglars here! And even if there were any burglars here, I'm sure they would've been surprised and scared away by Ultra Magnus, Arcee or me. :)
Operation Ravage writes: Daniel: "Rodimus . . . the courts said that you can't come here anymore. I got a restraining order, remember?"

Rodimus: "Shh, little Daniel. Just . . . shhhh."
Ratbat writes: Daniel, you're totally safe as long as I'M here.
seminole1 writes: Rodimus(thinking to himself): GOD!! How long do I have to sit here, and listen to this dweebs gibberish?
starscream_the_eternal writes: Rodimus: So what your telling me is that Micheal Jackson came out of your closet, force fed you viagra, then moonwalked back into the closet and vanished. Daniel I've told you before, the Micheal Jackson doesn't exist he was made up by parents t
Roadshadow writes: Rodimus: Uhh, Daniel, you're 13 now, right?
Daniel: Yeah, why?
Rodimus: So you wouldn't mind telling me what that bump is on your bed, in between your legs...
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Ratbat writes: Don't worry, Dan-O. Arcee will keep you company tomorrow night! I'm sure you'll enjoy Arcee's presence!
Ratbat writes: Don't worry, Dan-O. There will be no monsters in your closet or under your bed as long as I'm here!
galactus writes: Daniel - I wasn't doing anything under the sheets! I..I was scratching my thigh..honest!

Rodimus - Suure you were. (looks at wet spot on sheets)
Unknown writes: No. You can't have another glass of water. GO TO SLEEP ALREADY.
Unknown writes: rodimus, are you stoned, again. man, you dont live here. get out!
shockwave_inoz writes: DANIEL: "Wow! I just had the most amazing dream - and now all my bedsheets are stuck to me!! Can you help me...?"
RODIMUS: "Uhh, let me tell you what's on my list of 'Things To Do' today, starting with now: After what you ju
The_Fortress_Maximus writes: Mommy the monster from my closet is back
Unknown writes: Daniel:Oh Roddy it was horrible i saw you with arcee and you two were wrestling!
Roddy: yeah wrestling...
Unknown writes: Daniel: All o' dems! All o' dem pink ponies! I just...just...just wanted to hug 'em all!
Rodimus: Hmmm... sounds like a case of transexual activity.
Daniel, In English please!
Rodimus: You scare the s**t out of me kid!
Descybner writes: Daniel: Why do I always have nightmares when you're around??!!

RP: Well, ever heard of a DAY-STALLION??!!
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Death Gunner writes: Daniel: Rodimus!!! I did it! I did it!

Rodimus: What? What idd you do?

Daniel; I went peepee on my own!
archangel_tears writes: Daniel: Santa is that you. Damn it. i thought i told you not to spike my punch with Angel Dust, Rodimus.
Rodimus: But i thought it was funny when you started running around screaming 'my nuts are roasting on the open fire'.
Daniel: But they we
Dragonoth writes: Daniel: "What's this fish doing in my bed?!"
Rodimus: "Remember that time, just before Autobot City was destroyed, when we caught a fish?"
Daniel: "What does that have to do with anything?"
Rodimus: "After that,
Dragonoth writes: Rodimus: "There's a great war going on, and you've been having these dreams for how long?"

a combination of two other quotes
crypto199 writes: I wet the bed again!

Hot rod: Let me get the wip,
Just Negare writes: Yeah, I soaked your fingers in the warm water, but who's going to beleive you?
DecepticonDemi writes: "He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake..."

Get out of my house.
DecepticonDemi writes: O______o what are you dioing in my room!? and how in the heck are you not falling through the floor right now???
Soda Pop Kurtis writes: Whoa Rodimus what I dream I had. You were in this alternate universe where you transformed into some kind of Jet Truck. You worked for some Quintesson wannabe, Optimus Prime was fat and there was this really annoying guy named Kicker or something.
Operation Ravage writes: Daniel: "Rodimus! The monster is under my bed again!"
Rodimus: "There's no monster, really."
Daniel: "R . . really?"
Rodimus: "Really. Ravage, yes; monsters, no. Go back to bed."
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Scatterlung writes: Daniel:...And there was huge planet, and it came down and started EATING the moon!
Hot Rod: Sure, Daniel, sure.
Zeedust writes: Daniel: "Rodimus, I've been meaning to ask you... How the hell did you fit through the door?"

Rodimus: "I dunno... But when I figure it out, I'll finally be able to leave!"
Payner™ writes: After finishing filming 'Moonwalker', Micheal Jackson realised that with a few alterations his transformation could be put to good use.....
Marv writes: Daniël: Mom! He's back!
Mom: Go to sleep already!
taylorbaby writes: Rodimus i think i wet the sheets.
RODIMUS: so, why are you tellin me that, go to sleep, before i transform my foot up your a$$
trailbreaker writes: Daniel - "Rodimus, is it true that Arcee likes it in the tail pipe?"
luevanoalx writes: DANIEL: BUT RODIMUS,I REALLY NEED TO GO....
Ratbat writes: Tomorrow's the first day of school, Rodimus. THAT'S why I can't sleep!
shinjo_ed writes: AHHHHHHHHH! It's Freddy! Freddy's in my dreams!
Roadshadow writes: Daniel: I'm telling you, I saw Optimus in my dream!
Rodimus: Lay off the acid and coke, seriously.
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Pierrimus writes: Daniel: No this is not vasalene on my hand!
Rodimus: My sensors indicate otherwise.
Daniel: MOM! Get this freak out of my room now!
Air Dawg writes: Daniel: Rodimus, what are you doing here?

Rodimus Prime: Just making sure the Boogeyman doesn't come back to hunt you again.
Acelister writes: Rodimus had to remember to congratulate himself with the realistic job he made on the Dummy of himself.
9adam83 writes: Danny: I told you never to wake me up from my erotic dreams that I have been having about seeing you and Arcee together!!!! You ruined everything! Get out of my room!

Rodimus: Danny: Did Spike and Carly forget to give you your nightly Riddilin pill? Yo
Marv writes: Daniel: So Arcee's hopping mad at you, and
you want to stay over for the night?
That's so cool! We can have a pillow
fight, and drink hot chocolate, and
tell scary stories and...
Rodimus: Then
dany writes: Daniel: i going to ---- you
dany writes: Rodimus: i going to kill you
dany writes: ---- you
Stormshadow writes: Rodimus (thinking): Dam I should have listened to that human story of "if the wind changes you'll stay like it", now I'm frozen here listening to Daniels stories with a stupid simile on my face...
AstroMagnum writes: BOO!!
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snavej writes: Daniel: I read on Seibertron.com that you and I are going to be in the Binaltech Asterisk series. We will be BT*-06 'A normal American boy and his amazing transforming pimped-up ride'!

Rodimus: After the revelations we've heard this wee
snavej writes: Daniel: So, just for fun, he jumped on the subway train and shouted 'Waspinator, terrorize!'.

Rodimus: Let me guess - they shot him seven times in the head.

Daniel: Dem limeys are too jumpy, I tell ya!
snavej writes: Daniel: I want a gun, Prime! Even Wheelie has an energon catapult!

Rodimus: We gave you that exosuit, didn't we?

Daniel: No, a REAL gun like yours!

Rodimus: OK, get one from the box in Sector 7G.

Daniel: Which box? 'Cissy guns'
snavej writes: Daniel: Now that my paralyser ray has paralysed you, I can sell you on e-bay and get incredibly rich!

Rodimus: You can make more if you sell me off in pieces.

Daniel: Huh? Why are you helping me?

Rodimus: Optimus has all the fans; I am a failure
Acelister writes: New from Crazy Jamal's Autobot Busts! Relive this tender moment between Rodimus Prime and Daniel Witwicky where Daniel comes out of the closet as Rodimus babysits him. Order now and get a Battle Damage Devestator half price!
snavej writes: Daniel: The lawyers are coming. You'll have to get out of my room soon!

Rodimus: No way! I beat Galvatron! I'm going to sit here and look smug for weeks! Ultra Magnus can look after the Autobot army while I indulge my crazy whims.

Acelister writes: Daniel: "Argh! Oh Rodimus, I had a terrible dream! You were coming closer and closer to me with a strange look in your eye... Like that time I stayed at Neverland Ranch..."
Rodimus: "No, I've been sat here all along..."
Acelister writes: Daniel: "Can't you see the size of the rat in my sheets?! Help me!"
Rodimus: "No, last time I did that you tried to stick a bar of chocolate up my nose..."
Rat: "Squeek!&quo
snavej writes: Rodimus: Hey, Mullah Witwicky, welcome to Guano Tanamo Bay. I just flushed your comic book version of the Koran down the toilet for a laugh! Ha ha ha ha!

Daniel: A million curses on you, giant alien infidel! One day, all Cybertron will bow to Allah!
snavej writes: Daniel: No booze, no crack, no hookers: man, this Autobot Code really sucks!

Rodimus: I'm not even going to argue with you any more. I'm going fishing on Quintessa.

Daniel: You're fishfood, then. The Sharkticons will tear you apart
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Road Turtle writes: Daniel, "Will you quit stairing at me! You're creepier than the clown from Poltergist!"
TundraTRX writes: RODIMUS: Daniel, you shouldn't have your elbow bent like that for long periods of time. It can lead to possible nerve problems. Don't lean on it on a table, or sleep on it all bent up. You're just asking for problems.
DANIEL: Rodimus, you&
TundraTRX writes: DANIEL: Rodimus, what big flames you have!
RODIMUS: Kid, if you start that crap again I'll get Blur to watch you next time.
TundraTRX writes: RODIMUS: Daniel, did I ever tell you about the time I spent in a Cybertronian Turkish Prison?

DANIEL: DAD! Rodimus is telling "that" story again!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Daniel,"RODIMUS! What are you doing here?"

Rodimus,"Waiting for you to die. Sleep tight Daniel,it's a big day for you. Or maybe not."

strata32000 writes: Daniel: For the last time Rodimus I did not fart just now!!!
Rodimus: Look kid I maybe a robot but even I smelt that one.
strata32000 writes: Daniel: I'm scared Rodimus.
Rodimus: I told you; you have nothing to be scared about.
Daniel: But, why are my mom and dad making those noises?
Rodimus: Well, sometimes mommies and daddies have special games they play in the bedroom.
Daniel: But w
Acelister writes: Daniel: "Before he died... Optimus did the same as you, Rodimus..."
Rodimus: "Watched for you to die in your sleep?"
Daniel: "Yeah. Wait, what?"
Coughler writes: Rodimus: You better not be playing with a "Hot Rod" under there!
RoyalMarine writes: There's a great war going on, I'm the new leader and yet I have to babysit this *******
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Bed Bugs writes: Roddy: MmmHmm, MmmHmm, and how long have you been having these dreams?

Daniel: Quit mocking my Psychiatrist!
Bed Bugs writes: Daniel: Get your foot out from underneath the covers, it's cold!
Amazon_Flarescythe writes: you know it's bad when even rodimus has to babysit
Ryu-Shu writes: d:i just had this wierd dream and u where in it and u where in and u where in it
snavej writes: Rodimus: More bad news, Danno. Galvatron and his forces found Hogwarts School of Magic earlier today. We couldn't get there in time. All we found was a scene of total carnage.

Daniel: Rats' privates! Now I'll have to collect Pokemon
snavej writes: Daniel: I can't see in the dark like you. Rodimus, use the Matrix: light our darkest hour!

Rodimus: There's a flashlight under the bed, for crying out loud!
snavej writes: Daniel: Get out of my room. Transformers are so, like, old - you know, eighties or something! I'm going out to buy Harry Potter stuff tomorrow.

Rodimus: Bad news, kid. All the Harry Potter stuff in the world has just been destroyed by a nanopla
snavej writes: Daniel: I am the greatest child actor the world has ever known! My power is incredible! Nothing can stop me!

Rodimus: Right. Can I get you anything?

Daniel: Yeah, a load of drink, drugs and hookers, please.
Ransom writes: Daniel: Come on, you just hafta tell me how you're able to fit in my room!

Rodimus: Nuh-uh.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Daniel,"Ok I had this dream. I was serving coffee at a hospital and we ran out of cups,so I asked them where cups were,and they said E section.So then I wandered around til I found E-section,but it was big,like a mall,and there was a fountain with do
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crypto199 writes: Daniel:"I see dead people,"

Rodimus:"Okay, getting creepy!"
Death-Ray Charles writes: Rodimus: I don't WANNA go to bed now.
g2jazz writes: Rodimus: if your gonna do it danno... do it with style....
Artix Prime writes: Rodimus: Yo, Danny! my brother from another mother! Snap it!
Rodimus: In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight..
Danny: I'm seriously wor
saiyan_prime writes: Danny: "Rodimus, it was terrible! I dreamt I was trapped in..........STAN BUSH'S MULLET! All that hairspray.....it stings my eyes!"
snavej writes: Daniel: Damn it, Prime! Do you have to walk in just when my girlfriend's under here giving me, you know...

Rodimus: I like to watch; hee hee hee!

Daniel: There's some weird s**t going on with you, bro'!

Rodimus: Yeah, little bro&#
saiyan_prime writes: Rodimus: "Danny, do you know what 'Jesus Juice' is?"

Danny: "Is that why my Diet Cokes have tasted funny lately?"
snavej writes: Daniel: You know what would have been really cool? Wheelimus Prime!

Rodimus: It wasn't funny when someone else said the same thing two years ago, and it's not funny now. I think I'm going to make you share these quarters with the Dinob
snavej writes: Daniel: Rodimus, could you please move to the other side of the building? The Matrix is making me dream of yucky stuff like peace, love and harmony!

Rodimus: There's no pleasing some people!
Road Turtle writes: Rodimus, "...Second Verse, Same as the First!I'm Henry the 8th I am! Henry the 8th I am, I am! I got married to the widow next door, she's been married seven times before!..."

Daniel, "Alright! Shut up! I'll help you find
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Acelister writes: Daniel: "Show it to me again, Rodimus!"
Rodimus: "I dunno Daniel.. You tried to touch it last time..."
Daniel: "But it's so big..."
Rodimus: "The Matrix isn't something to keep you distracted, like coins or
Stormwolf writes: Rodimus: Can I leave now?
Daniel: Did you check under the bed?
Rodimus: Yes, Micheal Jackson isn't under there, now go to sleep.
Acelister writes: Daniel: "Tell me the story again, Rodimus!"
Rodimus: "Well, after Megatron grabbed me, I knew my only chance at becoming Leader of the Autobots was if Optimus died. So I waited until Megatron shot the little ray gun, then fired my arm las
Acelister writes: Daniel: "So you promise you won't leave?"
Rodimus: "Who's idea was it to build this room to Autobot sizes?! Hire a human nanny for Primus' sake!"
Acelister writes: Daniel: "So is the Matrix of Leadership anything like the Matrix from that film trilogy?"
Rodimus: "What the hell is wrong with you?"
Acelister writes: Daniel: "Rodimus, what are you doing here?"
Rodimus: "Watching you sleep."
Daniel: "Oh... Why?"
Rodimus: "Uhhh... The Matrix told me to..."
snavej writes: Rodimus thinks: I smell urine. What should I say? Optimus, I need your guidance.

Optimus (via the Matrix): Let him lie in it for a while. My good friend Dr. Nick Riviera said it's good for the skin!
snavej writes: Daniel: And then he rapped:-
'I like big butts and I can not lie
You other brothers can't deny
That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
And a round thing in your face...'

Rodimus thinks: What is this human obsession with &#
snavej writes: Daniel: With my brains and your powers, we could shoot up this deadbeat town and vamoose before the cops got here! Wouldn't that be cool?!

Rodimus: Yeah, but I can't. My mother doesn't let me out at night, unless we get attacked. Why
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Artix Prime writes: Daniel: ... And then my ass turned into Galvatron and Bumblebee tried tp attack it, and he was shot and he exploded on... Who are you? How did you get in here?

(at this point, Rodimus prime sticks a pair of socks into Daniels mouth).
Hi-Eye-Q writes: Rodimus: "I Hope those are your knees Daniel..."

Bartrim writes: Rodimus: You know Daniel, ever since I inherited the matrix and became Rodimus Prime it's like Arcee isn't even interested in me *sniff* It's all about Springer...Do you think you could put in a good word for me??? Please. I'll let you
trailbreaker writes: Daniel - "Rodimus, I have a question about Arcee's...uhm, well, uh....are they REAL???"
trailbreaker writes: Daniel - "And then Hasbro released a toy line called ARMADA !! It contained little figures called 'Mini-Cons'."

Rodimus - "Sounds like crap."
Pokejedservo writes: Becoming Rodimus Prime has made him a lot smarter in battle, but he still hasn't quite got the "Bedtime story" concept down right.
Shermtron writes: Daniel:Rodimus if u pee the bed will u rust
Evil Phil writes: Daniel: Rodimus! I just had a bad dream!
Rodimus: Really? Tell me about it.
Daniel: well me you and Kup were on some strange moon...
Rodimus: Uh huh
Daniel: Then Decepticons came out...
Rodimus: Okay.
Daneil: Then you guys got into a battle
Kevinus Prime writes: "So you wanna be a Transformer, eh? Well just take this pipe, and shove it up your..."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Well, there was the time I was attacked by Metroid Prime on Tallus. Took me twelve times to beat him."
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Kevinus Prime writes: Rodimus thinks,"...maybe I can just shoot him and blame it on Galvatron."
Kevinus Prime writes: "...and you were there, and you were there too, Toto!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Daniel, do you like Gladiator movies?"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Ha, Ha...did I ever tell you about the time your Dad and I picked up Cyberhookers on Tallon IV?
Kevinus Prime writes: Every time Danial flipped the lamp on, Rodimus was two feet closer.....
Prowl's Girl writes: Listening to Daniel ramble on about killer sewer clowns, Rodimus has to wonder when he started being more responsible than Spike.
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Try as he might, Daniel just couldn't convince Hot Rod the bound strangers Optimus Prime was chopping up in the basement with Otis weren't demons.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Daniel,"Are you the Original Rodimus,or the Toys R Us reissue?"
Death-Ray Charles writes: Hot Rod:Hey Danny,wanna see my "Hot Rod" heh heh heh heh......
Death-Ray Charles writes: Daniel-"but hot rod,why won't you make out with me ?"
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saiyan_prime writes: Rodimus: That's quite a tent you've pitched there, Daniel. Have you ever thought of being in movies?

Stormshadow writes: Rodimus (unfortuantly) got stuck listening to Daniel's stories; well at least the weren't as bad as Kup's. Daniel didn't hit you when you started to snore...
snavej writes: Daniel: Rodimus, have you ever thought about turning evil?

Rodimus: Yeah, whenever you're around! Mmm, evil!
snavej writes: Daniel: Yellow is a coward's colour. You've got too much yellow. Optimus never had any yellow!

Rodimus: You're one word away from being roadkill!
Ultimate Optimus writes: Rodimus: What's wrong with you?
Daniel: ...I dreamt of a giant battleship hitting me...
snavej writes: Daniel: Stop sitting there like a pompous fool and get me milk and cookies!

Rodimus: No way! If I did that, I'd have to get milk and cookies for all the Autobots too!
snavej writes: Daniel: I wish I could transform like you, Rodimus!

Rodimus: Well, you can't. You'd break your neck and sustain terminal chafing to your nether regions!
snavej writes: Daniel: ...and then I grabbed it in my hand and rubbed...

Rodimus: So you're a southpaw, eh?!
snavej writes: Daniel: Don't mess with me, Rodimus! My lampshade is made from a piece of Galvatron's ass!
nukethis writes: First Jackson. Now You??
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TwV writes: Rodimus:"Have you seen Arcee lately?"
TwV writes: Rodimus:"Next time give me a "heads up" if you dont't want me to enter your privete quarters. Hehehe."

Zeedust writes: "It was HORRIBLE, Rodimus! I was stuck with Wheelie and there were Nightbirds everywhere!"
Zeedust writes: Daniel: "And then you turned into the big guy's torso and..."

Rodimus: "Okay, that's enough out of you, kid. Back to sleep, now."
snavej writes: Daniel: Rodimus, you've got to help me! Kup told me a story last night and now I can't stop dreaming about petro-rabbits! It's driving me insane!

Rodimus: Join the club, sonny! You've got to learn to enjoy the petro-rabbits, like
snavej writes: Rodimus: No, whatever you just dreamt, we're not going to be in the new movie, so lie back down and shut up. I'm going to polish my chromed bits!
snavej writes: Rodimus thinks: This dream stuff may be childish and ridiculous, but it beats listening to Arcee complaining about my so-called 'bad habits'!
snavej writes: Daniel: Foolish Rodimus, you sat right on my spike trap! Now your shiny metal ass is mine! BWAAHAAHAAHAA!
snavej writes: Daniel: Rodimus, haven't you learnt anything from the Michael Jackson trial?!
Jaw Crusher writes: Daniel: "Oh man, I had the worst dream! I dreamt that Optimus had been shot in the head by a purple dinosaur pretending to be Megatron, and then Cybertron turned into a giant plant, and then Ultra Magnus was a gun-toting psycho trying to crack Optim
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DarkDranzer writes: Danny: ...And then the dragon came and got Springer and Razorclaw and then...

Rodimus: *thinking* How the hell did I ever agree to be stuck babysitting when I could be at the Energon pub with the rest of the guys?
Dragon Weilder writes: daniel:hey! what areyou doing here and how did you fit in here.
rodimus:its magic.thought you might like a night ride through the wind,it might dry you up you know.
Light Blade writes: Daniel:Yessss! Another Bullseye
Rodimus: I'm not your dartboard
Daniel: who cares you're in Stasis Lock you can't move
Rodimus: When I get out of here...........
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Daniel,"AHHHHHHHHHH! huf,huf I just had a dream where Wheelie and I.....and the beds wet too.....why Rodimus why?"

Rodimus,"Homoerotic dreams Daniel,we all knew this was gonna happen soon. I think Magnus won the pool."
deacon_sephiroth writes: Daniel: What are you doing? Did you sneak out again?.....You were with Ultra Magnus again weren't you?......WEREN'T YOU?!

Rodimus: DON'T LOOK AT ME! I can't stand the cold look in your eyes! There's nothing there for me anymore
Ratbat writes: You won't believe what happeened in my nightmare, Rodimus! I was being attacked by Sharkticons!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Daniel,"Rodimus I wet the bed again."

Roddy,"The pan of cold what strikes again!"
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