Dragstrip waterskis

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Dragstrip waterskis
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Rainmaker writes: Seaspray? Oh, Seaspray!
Rainmaker writes: Meh, I prefer the road
bringo writes: This is dangerous. You are a 4 ton robot that can't swim! That means you will sink like a friggen rock, ass.
bringo writes: Retard Robot Games!
seminole1 writes: Dragstrip: WHOOHOO! SKIING IS BITCHIN'!
Roadshadow writes: Dragstrip: W00t! Waterskiing!
Motormaster: Get back here you -------! I'm not done paddlin' your ass!
shockblaster5 writes: Dragstrip; Someday I'll look back on this and laugh.
Motormaster; Dragstrip, get over here and help us destroy the Aerialbots!!!
Magnus writes: Motormaster: "Here we are on Lake Michgan the year we toured the General Motors facilities in Detroit. That's me on top of that ferryboat."

Megatron: "Starscream, if he shows one more slide, I want you to take this fusion cannon and
Scatterlung writes: Dragstrip: Uh oh! Dead End! Get moving! Motormaster found those photos of him and Beta!!! MOVE IT! HE'S GOT THAT WHIP!!
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Paynerâ„¢ writes: "Hey guys look, I'm being 'dragged', get it...? As in 'Dragstr.....hey guys where ya going? It's funny!"
Suzuki writes: Dragstrip's compulsion to be the fastest tragically backfires on him during a water-skiing session, when after succeeding in going faster than the boat pulling him, he crashed straight into the pier.
trailbreaker writes: "If only Megatron could see me now!!"
Vanishing Point writes: this is what they call in the industry...
jumping the shark...ticon
tequila stu writes: dragstrip: "woah!!! the next time somebody asks me to hold something for them im gonnae tare him a new exhaust!!!
Roux writes: Drag Strip: "Hey Motormaster, just one question? Who's pulling me?"

Motormaster: "I am, you stupid! Who did you think?"

Drag Strip: "Yeah, that's what I thought. Anamation error?"

Motormaster: "
Gamernotaposer writes: Yeah!!! I can finally live up my dream to be like Jame Bond.........The names strip..DragStrip
Dragon Weilder writes: told u im faster than u
Pokejedservo writes: Dragstrip: Heh those Autobots think they have all the waterski fun well look at me now!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Somehow this never made it into the 'Official' report of the accident on Staten Island ferry. Instead they blamed it on the pilot.They said Richard Smith blacked out instead.

It sounded better than,"Huge robots that turn into cars were w
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Kevinus Prime writes: "Hey! the wings I tore off Powerglide make geat waterskis!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Unknowing to Dragstrip, Gnaw waited...and waited....
Kevinus Prime writes: BUM bum bum bum bum bum bum bum....badadahhh.....
dmprime27 writes: Vacation,All i ever wanted!!!
Vacation,Had to get away!!!
Vacation,Meant to be spent alone!!!
Road Turtle writes: The Stuntacons remake SPEED 2.
Dragonoth writes: Rumble was piloting the speedboat.
Artix Prime writes: Motormaster: Umm.. just one problem Dragstrip; you can't ***ing swim!
Dragstrip: WHAT!? that fat load of scrapmetal followed me here?
in the background: (starscream) ha! Megatron is finished! im the new..
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Little Timmy used to play with his Transformers in the swimming pool... until he left to get a towel and came back to this.
richard writes: What the Stunticons do between missions
Massdestruction writes: behold! the inspiration for Energon Snowcat!
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Thunderdogz writes: Hey dragstrip its my turn, come on man!
Thunderdogz writes: I'm gonna try a narley 360 motormaster!
Light Blade writes: Motor Master: you fool your meant to be towed behind the boat not towing the boat.
Drag Strip: but i'm not attached to your boat....who's pulling me
Motor Master: oh dear...MIND THE GIANT MINE!!
Drag Strip: oh no...AHHHHHHHHHHHH
GO FASTER!!!!!! GO FASTER!!!!!!!!!
soundwavegt writes: It was just as he started to sink that Motormaster reminded Dragstrip that he couldn't swim!
Warhawk720 writes: Motormaster: The only this'll do is ---- off Seaspray.
Stormshadow writes: Motormaster (without much luck) tries to get dragstip to behave for once, unfortuantly dragstip escaped in thwe most bizare of ways.
Road Turtle writes: Dragstrip, "It was an Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, That She Wore for the Frist Time Today!..."

Motormaster, "...die..."
Starscreamsghost writes: So where exactly do you find waterskis for a 20 ft tall Decepticon anyway?!?
Road Turtle writes: Dragstrip, "Heh, this is a great idea!Motormaster will never catch me! I'd love to see that oversized gearhead try and chase me across water!"
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galvanostril writes: splunk...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Ahhhh man! I saw this episode of America's Funniest Home Videos already."
oldkid writes: should we tell him?
oldkid writes: Dragstrip drowned shortly after.
Draego writes: Dragstrip, the only Transformer capable of water skiing in front. in front of a ferry, no less.
Vanishing Point writes: 'Cause I'm blonde.... yeah, yeah, yeah
Marv writes: Dragstrip: Wow! Who'd thought a Minicon could do THIS?!
Marv writes: Drag Strip really enjoyed walking Roger, Megatron's pet Sharkiton...
Marv writes: Hey Motormaster! Is it me, or is this Seaspray guy one percistent bugger?
Marv writes: The only photographic proof of Drag Strip's claim he once almost caught a Seacon "this big"...
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Marv writes: I don't care we robots can't float! This is fun!!!
Marv writes: Seeing virtually all his plans backfire dramatically, Megatron decided that his troops really needed a long, relaxing vacation.
SNAPCASE writes: Dragstrip:Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
is that a rock!!!!!!!!!!
MotorMaster: Yes, yes it is, now you're going to die
Primushatesyou writes: FIRST TIME EVER, DECEPTICONS GO WILD SPRING BREAK 2005! See all your favorite Decepticons let loose and run around without their skidplates! THEIR FUN! THEIR WILD! THEIR THE STUNTICONS! AND THE ACTION ONLY GETS MORE INTENSE WHEN DRAGSTRIP SHOWS HOW HE TRU
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Jeezz Waterworld 2 looks like it's gonna suck even worse than the firset one.
Acelister writes: They thought wearing costumes to make them look like Stunticons was a very good idea. Sadly they made them out of sheets of steel. It took 3 teams of divers to bring them back to the surface.
Zeedust writes: They never knew who put the ramp in shark-infested water, but one thing was perfectly clear... They would always remember this as the day that Dragstrip jumped the shark.
Stormshadow writes: Dragstrip (to himself):You know I really should be fighting autobots but I really just couldn't be bothered so I went waterskiing instead.
Motormaster: dude you are in serious troubble when I catch you!
Dragstrip (laughing): Oh comon you know you w
Roadshadow writes: Dragstrip: Weeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! I'm waterskiing and I have no control over it! Someone kill me yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!
Motormaster: Freak...
Death-Ray Charles writes: Dragstrip at the beach HIC-A-DO-LA !
He's having lots of fun on his oversized skis HIC-A-DO-LA !
Hey where'd he get skis that big ?uhhhhh...ahem...(sniff)...HIC-A-DO-LA!
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Death-Ray Charles writes: Can we do tubing next ?
Death Gunner writes: With little to do the Transformers became.... water skiers?
snavej writes: First they give me a name that sounds like a transvestite hooker, now they make me humiliate myself on the water.
Decepticharge? No, perhaps Dragstrip is better after all.
Jaw Crusher writes: Dragstrip was becoming ever more uncomfortable with this part of the mission - not necessarily because he might be seen by Autobots, but because Motormaster kept catcalling and whistling at him...
DarkDranzer writes: Decepticons go on Summer break. No #57
thexfile writes: Dragstrip : Hey man i think you got the wrong end of the stick , i sayd pul my finger , not mee....!!!
thexfile writes: Dragstrip : wow man this no wet wonderfoam realy works !! cool...
thexfile writes: this is a cut scene hidden until today where the stuntakons go to Scotland and end up on the lake of Lognes and encounter the long forgotten and neaver relesed dinobot named Nessy...!!
thexfile writes: (Dragstrip cought seaspray) Dragstrip : Yo moterhead i got myself a live one here...!!! This roks.... Jeeee Haaa
thexfile writes: Dragstrip : yo man this gleasher skeeing roks...i'm to hot to handle .... O o the ice is melting .... there is global worming for jah..... Jeeee Haaaa....
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TreadX writes: Dragstrip: Uh, who exactaly is pulling me along the water?
Acelister writes: Dragstrip: "Y'know, this isn't the worst punishment Galvatron coulda put us through..."
Motormaster: "Didn't he tell you this was practice for when you have to ski over a lake of lava?"
Dragstrip: "Ah scrap...&quo
Acelister writes: Dragstrip: "My servo's are getting tired...!"
Motormaster: "You stole my Energon, you'll waterski until I tell you to stop!"
Unknown writes: Dragstrip: Wish we could add this to our veichle modes.

MotorMaster: Alright Dragstrip last warning to goofing around or I'll stop you.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Between the years of G2,and Beastwars the Stunticons made a living as the fameous Cypress Gardens Water Ski team in Flordia.
Ratbat writes: Yahoo! This is fun, Motormaster!!
Motormaster: Yes, Dragstrip--but we've got a JOB to do.
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