Grimlock scratches his head while sitting down

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Grimlock scratches his head while sitting down
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transmasterc writes: Me Grimlock forgot where me put my keys.
Optimum Supreme writes: Why Predacons give me Grimlock lice?
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Me, Grimlock, vows loyalty to all of my superiors. What did I just speak of?"
gema writes: Me Grimlock think me over drink last night
Zinger writes: Me Grimlock no understand you! Me thinks you're just trying to confuse Grimlock with fancypants wording!
Unknown writes: whats that annoying bump behind me?

oh, its just predaking. no worries
Unknown writes: where grimlock?

uh-oh, grimlock say not again.

grimlock must stop drinking bacardi!
master galvatron writes: me grimlock not know why me scatch head.
maybe me scrath cause it ich???
maybe it ich cause me scrath????
bringo writes: Is it jackal? a jackal? jackal, jackal? Is it a Jackal?
bringo writes: ok where did I leave my car keys?
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crypto199 writes: "Should Me Grimlock work at Mcdonalds or Burger King? Hmmmm"
soundwavegt writes: Urrrr... Preds, that last time we try the 90W. It give me headache!!!
Divebomb: I feel like I ate a Technorganic rat!!
Rattrap(from inside Divebomb): That's because you have you slaggin 'con!!! NOW LET ME OUTTA' HERE!!!!
shockwave_inoz writes: Razorclaw: 'No, it wasn't for what you actually did, it's for something I think I thought you did, I think...uh, hang on."
Grimlock: "Wait, so this like that little bit of paper on wall you read closeup says 'Please note: If
Suzuki writes: "Hey, where cream filling?!"
trailbreaker writes: "Me Grimlock wonder why Howard Dean is such an ass...."
Dragon Weilder writes: i thought i had hair on my head leave alone brain in my head
Pokejedservo writes: Now who says Grimlock can't be a battlefield philosopher huh?
lockepsb writes: me grimlock think you predacons are full of berillium bologna.
Hi-Eye-Q writes: Why No-one else notice Primacron Assistant have same voice as Me Grimlock when I become Super Smartest Dinobot of All!?!
galvanostril writes: grimlock: (thick british accent) wuts all dis, den... why did dose american toips make me look all stupid like that!?
predaking: change the channel, dr. who is coming on!
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Light Blade writes: Grimlock: so shiney their like letters what are they

Predaking: there numbers

Grimlock: so many numbers what to they mean ,ahhh who care me grimlock smash!

Predaking hello, yes I was wondering if you could send a shuttle to
pick me up as this
Road Turtle writes: Grimlock, "Me search everywhere, Me search everyone. Where me put Daniel? Why butt itch?"

Daniel, "Urum-muph! Umm-Muph! Muuumph!!!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Grimlock,"Ohhhhhhhh Grimlock's head hurts. How much me Grimlock drink last night?"

Looks to left,then his right.

Grimlock,"Ohhhhh me Grimlock slept with Predaking again. Time for me Grimlock to put Kup's Coyote Ugly story to
Kevinus Prime writes: "Rub head, pat belly...rub head, pat belly....DAMMIT!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Say something nothin'. Sorry."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Me Grimlock think Divebomb tastes like chicken."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Geez...where'd my hair go? And I'm getting fat too..."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Me Grimlock no understand Cybertron accents either."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Oh, crap! Me Grimlock hate waking up with stranger in bed."
Kevinus Prime writes: "I reversed polarity of the magnetic field of his magnetic parts...OOPS! I mean, 'me got mad.'"
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zeo269 writes: Just seconds before everyone passed out. Grimlock noticed his armpit lacked serious deodorant and then everyone started feeling a little Woozy.
Light Blade writes: Me Grimlock say: we in deep dodoo, mabey if we press switch.........
Knightshadow writes: Predaking:"GRIMLOCK....I AM YOUR FATHER."
Grimlock:"ME Grimlock think NOOOOOOOOOoooooOOOOOOOOOooooooooo!!!"
Road Turtle writes: Um...what happen? Why butt sore? Why Divebomb look like that? Why no remember? Why mouth taste like Rufie-colata?
Road Turtle writes: "Um, me explaine...See, me drunk...and well Prediking there and me there...thing happened no remember..."
MinorDemon writes: Me Girmlock need grammatically correct subtitles.
ejabba writes: "Me Grimlock, Me Confused, Why Everything Me Say Start In Big Letter?"
MinorDemon writes: Me Grimlock no like everyone make fun of me.
Me Grimlock need new friends.
SNAPCASE writes: Me Grimlock fallen and can’t get up
Knightshadow writes: Me Grimlock....Me lay smack down on Candy Ass!
Me king of ring! ME.....errrr.....ummm....Me take to many blows to head.......
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Draego writes: Grimlock tries to improve himself by finding his language sub-routines.

"Me Grimlock not know what are subb root-ins"
Draego writes: Grimlock shows the rest of the Autobots his impressive dance moves... most of which seem to include sitting
Racer X writes: Me Grimlock never drink spiked energon again!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Man, what a party! I can't believe Swoop drank me under the table!
The Convoy writes: And they say Grimlock can not rub his butt and his head at the same time...
Jackrabbit writes: Me been on to you from start! Not once did you pull any wool over this dino¹s eyes! You come in here and sprinkle place with powder and spray perfume and cover the light bulb with paper lantern, and lo and behold the place turn into Egypt and you a
Not Sonic writes: me grimlock say if i find botton on back of head..i make eyes lite up!!
DeltaOmega writes: Me Grimlock. Which way did he go George... Which way did he go?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Grimlock,"Honestly. Who throws a shoe?"
Dr Buffalo writes: oh what hollow vitory my heart doth feel, for whilst I celebrate victory of war, my heart grows with boundless futility of an overwhelming cycle of war violence and death... me want tacos.
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SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Cybertron's "Abs of Titanium" workout was so rough, only Grimlock made it to the sit-ups.
XeroSyphon writes: Grimlock says Predacons should be flea dipped
Galaxy Optimus Primal writes: "Uh, Me Grimlock tired from make munch metal from this Decepticons. Maybe the last one not My head use to take down. Grimlcok's head is hurt."
jinx_4010 writes: UUUHHHH! What happened? Last thing, me Grimlock, rememberes is slamming another energon cube at frat party. Now, me Grimlock, wake up in bed next to Preadaking. Me Grimlock feel so used. Never again do me Grimlock go to party with Optimus at College Unive
Draego writes: Grimlock sits down on the job wondering who to fry next
Jackrabbit writes: Damn! Me am one SEXXY Dinobot! Oooh yeah!
Acelister writes: Grimlock: "Grimlock have very bad dream... Optimus died and Dinobots had to kick giant butt..."
Starscreamsghost writes: The Preadacons were floored when they heard the at home voters voted Grimlock's Dino-Macarena the winner of "So, you think you can dance-Cybertron"
Pierrimus writes: "OK Reflector, Me Grimlock done bashing Predacons. You take Me picture now that I'm all clean and shiny."
Pierrimus writes: "Hmm. Now you tell Me Grimlock that I supposed to use white sheet to surrender! Why, Me Grimlock Kicked but?!?"
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Aleta1 writes: Come on everyone! Vouge with me Grimlock!! Stike a pose there's nothing to it!
Aleta1 writes: Me Grimlock was wondering why me Grimlock is smarter in the comics then in the cartoon?
Aleta1 writes: What wrong? All me Grimlock do was fart. Must have been bad energon me Grimlock ate for lunch.
kennyman writes: Grimlock: hmm....five predacons taken out by one grimlock equals what?
Jaw Crusher writes: "No, Arcee, me not know where Daniel is...oh, me Grimlock think someone should clean this place up better; me Grimlock slip and fall on something squishy, make red stain all over bottom."
Kidlockdmh writes: "Me Grimlock wonder why us Dinobots can't make big robot like Predaking"
Death-Ray Charles writes: uhhhhh why is predaking behind us ?
Death-Ray Charles writes: were the hell is my remote ?
Death-Ray Charles writes: Were the Hell is the remoe ?
Knightshadow writes: .....and me Grimlock want a new Laser Blaster....and me want a new Water hole....and Me Grimlock want Santa to bring me.........
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Airlift writes: Where me Grimlock put keys to Autobot shuttle?
Death Gunner writes: After flying on Predaking over neverland with tinkerbot, Grimlock had to decide, was MJ guilty or innocent. Lets how he didn't learn from the quintessons
Death Gunner writes: I've heard of Cybertrons dumbest criminals but one autobot stealing 5 Decepticons?

"Me grimlock not no how they get here"
Roadshadow writes: Me Grimlock wonder where Constructicons went...
Blaster_6267 writes: Where did me Grimlock put predacon toys?
Marv writes: Me Grimlock say this nice room with lots of light, but space could be managed much beter. Maybe make interior postmodern, with some Art Déco influences...
Marv writes: Me Grimlock say: we fell asleep in front of TV again! We late for work again!
Marv writes: Me Grimlock thinks strings make lousy bungee cords. What do Predaking think?
Zeedust writes: "Me Grimlock kick butt, but me Grimlock really need help with dandruff problem..."
Stormshadow writes: Grimlock: Me grimlock no like predaking.
Optimus: well I think you made that pretty obvious, now can you just get off of him.
Grimlock: who?
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Acelister writes: Grimlock: "Who knew drinking contest would end Cybertronian wars...?"
snavej writes: Predaking make comfy bed, but me Grimlock not need sleep!
Acelister writes: Grimlock: "Me Grimlock knew me could drink stupid Decepticons under table."
Rodimus Prime: "Told you, Galvatron, now pay up!"
DarkDranzer writes: Grimlock forgot something, but don't know what...

*Meanwhile random Decepticons are pouring in and out of Metroplex while hauling various junk*

Runabout: He,he!! Hey dude!! If you were going to the medicine cabinet you're too late
Wolfguard writes: Me Grimlock have big problem with Decepti-lice.
Unknown writes: Hmmm me Grimlock am tired after thumping silly Beasty Decepticons, Me take a nap now.
Ratbat writes: Hmmmm...what me Grimlock gonna do with all these Decepticons?
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