Decepticons laying around

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Decepticons laying around
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ksol71339 writes: SOUNDWAVE:. " Now we'll meditate to the VIOLATE FLAME, and ORGASMIC WAVES! "


Bee's Girlfriend writes: They're either drunk, dead, doing yoga, or all three.
Moonshot writes: Now they are called Dissecticons
SillyMcGilly writes: Thrust: Uh Starscream, I think Megatron is coming... Starscream: ...don't just stand there! Play dead! *plop*
Ravage: You guys are idiots.
Soundwave: I feel so dumb. I shouldn't have messed with Megatron's burritos. He's gonna be very mad indeed.
trailbreaker writes: Starscream - "That one looks like a bird."
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Remember episode 27? This is a total 'B**** Please' moment."
Chrisby writes: "BILLY! I told you to pick up your toys!"
Menasor75 writes: No one told the Decepticons that it was impossible to make snow angels on Cybertron.
Angelbot writes: All day all day.
Watch them all fall down.
All day all day.
Domino dancing.
Thunderboomer writes: Starscream: I see a Unicorn
Ravage: Grr...Grr..
Starscream: That one over there
Soundwave: Optic sensors detect Tennis Racket
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Deceptifemme84 writes: Starscream: "No, Ravage! Like THIS!!"
Thrust: "Forget it. He's never going to learn."
Starscream: "Maybe if Soundwave does it too, he'll catch on. Alright, Ravage, watch this! Play dead!"
Deceptiman writes: Starscream: I need to sleep
thrust and soundwave: i hear you man
bringo writes: Robot snow angels?
On problem.
No snow.
Judynator writes: Soundwave: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw... This is gold life...
Starscream: Oh, yeah...
Ravage: Puuuuuuuuuuur...
starscream_the_eternal writes: Picture of the first and only decepticon workout session. Sessions did not continue due to the fact that after the session Starscream shot and killed their arobics instructor. Little did he know that the next day he would be awarded the Congressional Meda
Roadshadow writes: Soundwave: That cloud looks like a gerbil...
Thrust: And that one looks like Megatron's ex-wife, Megatronia.
Starscream: And we're all...really high.
Ravage: Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude....
Unknown writes: ravage:man, how much crack did you guys do?

soundwave: i cant feel my legs

starscream: hey, who's that?

thrust: we should do this again!

ravage: idiots.
Fireblader writes: The decepticon addiction to human pregnancy classes was begining to worry megatron.
Emerarudo_chan writes: Screamer: what does that cloud looks like? To me it looks like Megatron on fire *chuckles*
Thrust: a bunny, defenetly a bunny
screamer : o.0
Emerarudo_chan writes: Starscream and the gang practice their snow angels for the first snow fall
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Unknown writes: layin down on the job how profcinal
SilentBlaster writes: Soundwave:I see a dino
Thrust:I see a bunny
Starscream:I see a batman. .......WHAT?
master galvatron writes: S.Scream:Ravage get the TV remote.
S.Wave:We do not have a TV.
Thrust:We did, but trypticon sat on it.
kanesomers writes: Soundwave: Hey Thrust, what are you thinking about?
Thrust: Candy...
Descybner writes: Spike: Honey, I shrunk the 'cons!!
Roadshadow writes: Megatron: Dammit wake up you lazy bums!
Roadshadow writes: Megatron decided to use his shrink ray on four of his minions:

Megatron: Guess who's the big bot laughing now?

Starscream: I hate being a guinea pig.
Angie Prime writes: Starscream: Well this sucks
Kamakaze Thrower writes: Who knew that Starscream and Sounwave were hippies...
bringo writes: I can't believe I ate the whole three.
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bringo writes: "Ok we are 3 big robots. How did tiny the wonder cat get us like this?"
bringo writes: How do we make snow angels again? First we actually need snow.
Korium9 writes: This photo was taken moments after Star Scream carelessly got too intimate with Elita-One.
Due to excessive violence, this photo has been cropped, and the carnage digitally removed.
She has not been seen since.

. . . And no one really wants to go
snavej writes: We're not taking this lying down, comrades!
Tiedye writes: MEGATRON: OK... Simon says lay on the floor with your arms out...HEH HEH ...Now roll over...Nope Ravage I didn't say Simon says,your out.
STARSCREAM: I hate this game!
Tiedye writes: On a hot day the decepticons enjoy a cool day on the floor.
juggaloG writes: Dang, that Primus really packs a heckuva punch is you really tick him off!
Marv writes: SS: I don't know about you guys, but this whole sunebathing thing's just totally not working for me...
SW: Yeah, let's go raid some oil rigs or something instead!
Castle74 writes: Gonna see who can make the best snow angel. If not the biggest!
crypto199 writes: The newest subgroup, The Lazycons!
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Scatterlung writes: Starscream: Go on, Ravage! Go get help! Tell Megatron that Wheeljack perfected his immobilizer!! We need help! Go on, Ravage! Get Megatron!!
Draconion writes: Starscream: I can't believe that giant thought we were butterflies!
Thrust: I can't believe he nailed us onto this piece of paper!
trailbreaker writes: One tequila
Two tequila
Three tequila
soundwavegt writes: If I've told you once, Thrust, I've told you a million times, you blast the bridge when we're on solid ground, not when we're halfway across!!
soundwavegt writes: Oh man, that was a bad 40w, I'm sure of it!
Road Turtle writes: Thrust, "Oh, good job Starscream! Sure, let's make a giant sheet of magnatized metal to trap the Autobots; and once we catch them, we'll melt them with that giant magnifying glass you built! Now I get why you're the leader of us Seeke
Road Turtle writes: Why it sucks to be the Worlds Smallest Transformers.
MinorDemon writes: Ah, the real way to soak up all that good energy from the sun. Hey look! My Decepticon symbol's turning red.
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Dr Buffalo writes: Starscream: Ravage! It's backstroke into a backwards dive! Are you trying to make us lose the Cybertronian sychronized swimming contest. Frag it people! I must have that fondu set!
Dragonoth writes: Red Alert and Grapple team up to create the ultimate intruder defense sytem: a permanently waxed linoleum floor!
Silverrose writes: Soundwave: Ravage, eject. Operation: Make snow angels.

Thrust: Um, how are we going to make snow angels when there is no snow?

Starscream: I can't believe I want to take over control of these morons from Megatron...
Air Dawg writes: Look we're strapped together.
Stormshadow writes: Starscream: Thrust thought I told you to stop intimidating Indiana Jones that rolling bolder was the last straw.
Thrust: Come on it was only fun I didn't know we couldn't run fast enough now did I?
Soundwave: Thrust next time try bowling, with
Acelister writes: Starscream: "Y'know... Maybe we should have looked down after jumping backwards from Astrotain..."
Thrust: "And had parachute's like those Human's we saw..."
Soundwave: "Affirmative..."
lockepsb writes: Starscream: So the human female lays like this while the human male lays on top and moves up and down in a thrusting motion?

Thrust: heh you said Thrust!

Soundwave: This forum is PG-13 Starscream, you naughty decepticon!

Ravage: Rawwwwr I'm
lockepsb writes: Starscream: This solar cosmic tan is just what we need before megatron sends us to Hawaii to collect energon from the lava spewing volcanos, eh Soundwave?

Soundwave: Yes, Starscream. If my calculations are correct we shall reach maximum tan-age in 101
Stormshadow writes: The decepticons decided to come down to earth for a holiday, unfortuantly they found it so relaxing they didn't go home.
Draego writes: when Megatrons away, the bots will... slack off
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Draego writes: the party ended, but these party anima... er... Decepticons didn't stop till they dropped.
Alpha_Soundwave writes: Be gentile its our first time
Death Gunner writes: The decepticons take a time out after taking alot of energon drugs.

ravage: Remember when using drugs, never share your energon cubes.
Stormshadow writes: The decpticons were trying to do star jumps, unfortuantly they weren't all that good at it.
Draego writes: During their time off, the Decepticons like to enjoy a nice game of 'sleeping lions', Ravage makes sure they don't move by attacking those that do. down to the last 3...
doowaneeprime writes: SW: HOW LONG DO WE HAVE TO STAY LIKE THIS??!!!!
KrouseR writes: *thrust* you guys ever like look up at the stars and know that your not alone? i mean think about it? *soundwave* ohhh shut the hell up! *starscream* no no no he has a point....
KrouseR writes: *soundwave* dammnit Ravage, you should have learned by now! *starscream* leaned what soundwave??? not to ---- on the main reactors for our energon recharge station again? hmmmmm? *Thrust* stoopid cat! when i get up!!!
kennyman writes: Soundwave: Okay, everyone, lets try to combine!
Thrust: Shouldn't we be standing for that?
Starscream: Unfortunately, we can't balance yet....
doppelgänger writes: Roll it up. Light it up. Inhale. Exhale.

Bongatron, transform!
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doppelgänger writes: THRUST: Dude, those clouds… they’re, like, so big.
STARSCREAM: Ya, I know. Sometimes, I wish… I wish I could fly up there and, like, touch the sky. You know, fly around through all those clouds. Wouldn’t it be great if we could fly up so high and
Minicle writes: Whilst the Decepticons sleep, the wiley Ravage stealthfully attempts to steal Starscream's wallet.
Minicle writes: The other Decepticons were not interested in playing "One man his Dog" with Ravage, much to his disappointment.
Minicle writes: The Decepticons awake in horror to find that they were just plastic toys all along.
ninjabot writes: SoundWave: Hope you are happy Starscream, you just had to ---- off Megatron.

Dirge: Shutup you two Megatron has ravage's motion dectors set on extra high, so he'll kill any thing that moves.
Minicle writes: Starscream: Nobody move! Only a few minutes more and we'll have broken the world record!
Stormshadow writes: Staracream: Ok it's agreed next time we have an all night pary we don't let ravage organise it.
Jackrabbit writes: Starscream: I'm telling you... this will NOT work! I don't care how much bronzer you use.
Sondwave: Come on. Give it a shot! It looks like fun when the humans are doing it. Ravage! Fetch us some beers!
A'Arab Zaraq writes: Ravage's courses in Primal and Relaxational Therapy start to pay off...
Screambug writes: Screamer fangirls: Let's ignore the ugly ones and climb onto THIS ONE!!!!!
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Death Gunner writes: The Cons get ready for an episode of Hypnocron, the cybertronian version of the legendary hypnofrog, followed shorty by battle stasis lock robots.
Ransom writes: Megatron: Hah! I am unmoved by your puny attempts to make me increase the number of squishies you get a week! Now get up and finish the jamming array or I will send you into orbit with my fusion cannon!!

Soundwave: ...Cannot move...

Starscream: Mayb
snavej writes: Frikkin' giant magnets! Now I wish we were humans!
Amazon_Flarescythe writes: SW: why do we fight autobots?
T: i've been wondering that to.
SS: morons...we fight the autobots for glory of conquest.
SW: but y what for? and what's in it for us?
SS:'s....hmm u know i don't really know.
Amazon_Flarescythe writes: Soundwave: that cloud looks like a bunny

Thrust: no i think it looks more like a cat.What do u think starscream?


Thrust: starscream??
Stormshadow writes: Starscream: quick pretend to be toys someones coming.
Soundwave: Who's idea was it that we infiltrate a giant kids bedroom.
Velocity Prime writes: Starscream: I see..a bunny
Soundwave: No, its a mouse
Starscream: Don't make me get up and hurt you...
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Starscream: Start playing Always look on the bright side of life Aounswave
PG13 writes: Passion of the Con
blank writes: duuuuuuuuuuuh
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Jasen_1500 writes: Hey you lazy deceptions get back to work
Kevinus Prime writes: Too late, the Decepticons realize someone fed Ravage a Bean Burrito.
JazZeke writes: Snow angels!!!
Phasewing writes: The Decepticons are practicing their daily ritual: Waiting for Unicron, Primus or Trypticon to burn them sensationally with a maginifying glass.

Ravage only wants to be a spectator.
Marv writes: Megatron's plans to gain the fleshlings' sympathy with his "Decepticons On Ice" show met with expectable difficulties in an early stage.
Marv writes: Scrapper (offscreen): Be carefull guys, we just waxed the floor!
Starscream: Okaaay!
Marv writes: SW: Warning, olfactory overload imminent!
SS: Waaah! The stench!
RJ: My outer plating is melting!!!!
Megatron: Fine! I'll put my boots back on then!
Marv writes: The inevitable result of Megatron being from home for a weekend...
Marv writes: Megatron (offscreen): I take it you cretins DON'T like my new bowling shirt, then?
Marv writes: SS: Soundwave? You don't suppose Megs is REALLY gonna burn us away with that giant magnifying glass?
SW: After you latest attempted coup...well...
RJ: How do you keep getting US into these things along with you? That's what I'm wond
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Marv writes: SW: When I was just a protoform, my mom told me that the stars were the souls of all the great Decepticon leaders of the past. And that they look down upon us at night.
SS: Big deal, the great Decepticon leaders of today look down upons all day!
Marv writes: Failed Energon conservation plan # 12: obligatory siësta's.
Marv writes: SS: What was that?
SW: Prime just ran over half of us and shot the rest.
SS: Looks like the big fight scene between him and Megs is up, then...
Sun Runner writes: Soundwave:zzzzz....*huh* hey guys wake up, the parties over.
Starscream:Ohh man that was great last night we drank so much beer.
Soundwave: Yeah we did we got totally wasted.
Starscream: ouch
Soundwave: What's up?
Starscream: Dont no but my butt
Godfather Bluto writes: Starscream: What was that?
Soundwave: I do not know, i can never figure out the last 45 minutes of 2001: A space oddessy.
Thrust: IS that y we're all on the floor.
Starscream: NO! This is because we saw Elita-One with out her torso plate.
Powermaster Jazz writes: Thrust: That cloud kinda looks like a t*t.
Starscream: You got cones on the brain!
Casual Matt writes: Starscream: So, Soundwave, how does it feel to be in Galaxy Force.
Soundwave: You should know, you're in it, too!
Starscream:Oh, yeah! Hahaha!
Thrust: Will the two of you knock that off!?
Not Sonic writes: t-to mmuch pudding..yet sooo good
Dead Matrix writes: Thrust- Starscream, feed Ravage
Starscream-naa i dont wanna, Soundwave feed Ravage, he's your cat.
Soundwave- awwww man, i did it last time.
Dead Matrix writes: Soundwave-"do you guys think there is anything softer than a cloud ?"
Thrust-If I find out, i'll grt back to you.
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Jaw Crusher writes: Thrust: "That cloud up there looks like the Helix Gardens."
Soundwave: "And that cloud looks like the Iacon Chamber of the Ancients."
Starscream: "And that cloud looks like the Dinobots skydiving out of an Autobot shuttlecraft,
Powermaster Jazz writes: The Decepticons after watching "The Program."
Black Arachnis writes: Starscream: "is that what I think it is?"
Soundwave: "affirmative."
Thrust: "ohhh crap, we`re gonna fry like antbots aren`t we?"
Ravage: *wimper!*
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Skywarp: I've gotta tell them not to drink that Kool-Aid...NOOOOOO!!!
Screambug writes: Or, this:

It's naptime at Decepticon Kindergarten!
Screambug writes: Where's the snow so we can make snow angels?
Pokejedservo writes: Ravage learns that just because they can talk doesn't make them any smarter than he is.
Death Gunner writes: Starscream and Soundwave: 1,2,3,4,5
Thrust: 6,7,8,9,10
Megatron:What are you doing?
Screamer: Counting game.
*Megs gets his my an autobot missle*
Death Gunner writes: Ravage: At this rate, you'll never make it to the beast wars!!
Zeedust writes: Scene from "Transformers: The Musical."
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Binaltech Bombshell writes: Gym Teacher: Five more sit-ups, ladies!
Starscream: I hate P.E.
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Making linoleum angels is tough!
Roadshadow writes: Megatron decided to use his shrink ray on four of his minions:

Megatron: Guess who's the big bot laughing now?

Starscream: I hate being a guinea pig.
prime idiot writes: Alllways loook on the bright siiide of life!
Sinister Mentor writes: Although Skywarp succeded in killing three of his adversaries, and thus becoming Megatron's second in command, he missed Ravage, who promptly alerted Megatron. Megatron then proceded to creating a nice hole in Skywarp's chest, and giving Ravage
Shermtron writes: In the near future three decepticons wanted to leave megatron and start their own faction... Meet Soundwave Rockwell, Dirge Ray, and Starscream Mccloud. Centurions POWER EXTREME!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The Decepticon's were floored to see Arcee without here coverplates.
Sun Runner writes: And then the Heaven's Gate cult found the Decepticons and.......
Blaster_6267 writes: SS: Everyone make snow angles!
SW: Starscream, there's no snow around here.
SS: I don't care...make angles anyway!
Sunswiper writes: ravage: my secret plan to take over the deepticons is working MUAHAHAHAHAHA
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Sunswiper writes: Starscream: is there anything more fluffier than a cloud???
Thrust:has he been writing poetry again?
Soundwave:yeah he not been the same since he started anging out at that french cafe.
Bombzab writes: Cybertronian Survival Tip #14: Don't be down-wind of Abominus after an Energon-fart.
Bombzab writes: Starscream: 'Activate the doomsday-magnet,' Megatron says...HMPH!
Raymond T. writes: Thrust: "What's ravage looking at? Argh! No! Don't lift you hind leg!!!"
DarkDranzer writes: Thrust: Starscream, I'm bored, when can we go home?

SW: Yeah I've got a date with a hot chick tonight!!

SS: I'm telling you morons that until a seagull craps on us or something we shall not remove ourselves from this state!! It's
Raymond T. writes: Starscream: "Argh! I have a thumbtack up my bum!"
Raymond T. writes: When Hasbro said that they were going to use 'twisties' to keep the figures in place, they weren't kidding!
Chamelion writes: The Ring.... You will die in Seven Days.
Chamelion writes: Real trust means being able to fall backwards, and have your partner catch you. Oops.
Thunderdogz writes: If we stay still maybe no one will notice.
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Thunderdogz writes: That cloud looks just like a bunny.
Thunderdogz writes: aaarrrgghhh!!!! never again, never again
nocturnalcelt writes: Dont eat the brown energon, it may cause bad trips and/or brain damage
Booda writes: "Three, four, five... are we counting the holes in the entire ceiling or just that one tile?"
Acelister writes: Starscream: "So THIS is why Megatron wanted all females destroyed..."
Starscreamsghost writes: Covenant of Primus - 3:16
And the Lord Megatron asked, "How much do you love me, my loyal Decepticons?" Starscream, Soundwave and Thrust all stretched out their arms, and died for him.
Acelister writes: Starscream: "Have you ever just... Watched the clouds?"
Hairball178 writes: Starscream: "Sooo...does anybody understand what Furman's doing with this 'breaking the seal' thing?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream,"Okay Decepticons, lets make snow angels!"
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DeltaOmega writes: Who knew Decepticons are into sun tanning...
Ratbat writes: The 'Cons are lying down (literally!) on the job?
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