Girl with her Grandmother

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Girl with her Grandmother
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trailbreaker writes: "Grandma, put your pants on !!"
REGI ICE writes: One of these days he -will- be mine!
Zeedust writes: Grandma: "Pssst... I hate to tell you this, dear, but your fushia nightgown clashes with your headband. And your earings. And the scenery. And... Well, the whole rest of the world, really."

Girl: "Yeah, and your wok-hat is REALLY the
Autobot bubbs writes: * Both watch bumblebee with Wanita*

grandma: " I gotta get me some of that."
seminole1 writes: Girl: I hope Spike dosen't get hurt trying to help the autobots fight the decepticons. DAMN! I hope the doofus knows he's a human.
Marv writes: Both Megatron and Starscream weren't too thrilled with the design of the first generation prototype Pretender shells. "Minor wrinkles", designer Shockwave noted. "We'll work that out with the update"
Marv writes: THIS is the best the costume department could do? That's it, get my agent on the phone!
Shadow Fox writes: Grandmother- That's right, squeeze your nipples just a bit harder, yes, just like that.
Zeedust writes: Girl: "And that is when I swore that someday I would find Princess Zelda and give her back this very outfit that I am wearing now, even if it means I must walk home naked afterwards!"

Granny: "That's nice, dear... C
gLOVES1000 writes: girl"this is the worst time for pms"
Grandma" Vat?"
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Bill writes: Whaddya mean we can't be in Transformers Armada?
Unknown writes: Old lady: Why are you giving yourself a titty twister?
Unknown writes: "...then this giant robot came from the sky"
"Your talking bullocks dear."
Unknown writes: Girl:I don't know how to tell you this, Grandmother, but I have been raped by an American boy in a yellow talking bug!
Unknown writes: Girl: But there's no way Earth's energy could possibly be stored in giant green crystals!
Old Woman: Silence foolish girl! You will anger the gods by pointing out senseless plot holes to them!
Unknown writes: i sh*t my pants! and i am gay.
Unknown writes: Girl : But mo-------m! I don't WANNA be in a Transformers episode!

Old Lady : Shuttup and do as you're told!
Bruticus writes: Could Sunbow be any more politically incorrect?
Mr. X writes: Old Lady: Is that your hair or are you Muslim?
Unknown writes: I'll never let go, Jack, I never let go...
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Unknown writes: Girl: Autobots~! Transform and roll out!
Old Lady: Uh... you're not a Prime.
Unknown writes: uhoh grandma i just peed in my pans
Broadside writes: Could this be another girl who loves Powerglide?
Unknown writes: The beginning of the worst lesbian porno in Peruvian history!
Battle Angel writes: Girl: They have desicrated the holy shrine! Grandmother: No dear, they destroyed the outhouse. I keep telling you to wear your glasses!
Sledge writes: "I'm wearing my belt on my head !!"
Unknown writes: He stole my Final Fantasy Collection!!
Ah, quiet ya whiner, get Phantasy Star Collection instead!
Unknown writes: Granny: "Psst, pull my finger."
Unknown writes: Girl-"Why does Carly and that Princess from "A Decepticon Raider in King Author's Court" get big boobs but I get drawn flat as a board, it's not fair."
Grandmother-"Think of it this way, when
Unknown writes: It is up to us to deafeat the evils of prostitution!
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Starscream K'dash writes: Young Girl: TETSUOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
Grandma: Uh..This isn't Akira,You Ditz!
Vector Sigma writes: Young girl:"Dammit Grandma...sometimes I just don't feel 'fresh'"
Old Lady:"Damn girl, from here you don't smell too 'fresh' either!"
Unknown writes: Girl: Are you a soothsayer? Can you help me rescue that poor Autobot?
Old Lady: Rescue?!! Who do you think I am?! Hiruko from Rosetta Stone?!!! I'm an old lady dammit, not a Double Dragon.
Unknown writes: i dont care if he's a yellow vw. i love that car
Unknown writes: Girl: I cant believe I was drawn to look like such a peddler.
Grandmother: Stop your whining at least he drew you a neck!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Girl:"Grandma, why are we here?"
Grandma:"Because God put us here."
Girl:"No, why are we HERE?"
RandomFerret writes: "... ..." Hmm. Humans aren't funny!
Unknown writes: Make a wish deary, then jump.
Unknown writes: this doesn't look like DBZ? s£!t wrong cartoon!
Galvatron writes: Girl: TRANS-FORM! TRAANS-FORM! -struggles-

Old Lady: Oh shut the f#*k up..
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Unknown writes: Grand Mother: Dont look now but I think someone is watching us! Grand Daughter: AAAAAAH TRANSFORMERS FANS! RUN FOR IT!
Vector Sigma writes: "That's it!! Screw this crummy Transformers bit job! I'm quitting and going to GI JOE! Maybe I can be the Baroness stand in!"
Chachi writes: Junkions: "BAH WEEP GRAAH NAH WEEP NINNIBONG!" *start to dance*
Granny: "You dumb bitch, now look what you did!"
Replimus Prime writes: Girl: "Baweepgranagweepninniebong"

Old Lady: "What the HelL!?"

Girl : "Just play along"
Unknown writes: Girl:"No boys for miles...must...pinch...own nipples!!"
Old Hag:"Yeah, just like in the old country!"
Unknown writes: Prowl and Brawn complain to Optimus about their new "Armada" robot forms.
Amph writes: oh no, there goes my elefant
Mr. X writes: Girl: "Arrrghh! There are bee hives growing on my years again!"
Dee-Kal writes: Proof that Disney were not the first with the Pocahontas idea...
Unknown writes: Dear, did you see the size of that thing! do you think it will love us long time?
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SlagMaker writes: Spike, me love you long time!
Unknown writes: What Is that old lady doin?
Unknown writes: Grandma I forgot my pill and i slept with spike, sparkplug,chip and dr arkaville, oh well off to the springer show.
Unknown writes: Its 20$ for old lady & 120$ for the young lady
Mirage writes: what the f#*k are you wearing grandmothing
starscream88 writes: Girl to autobots: Yeah this ugly old woman with a face like a welders bench keeps following me trying to sell me a time share in Florida and she smells and.........shes behind me isnt she?
travis writes: Rattrap and Cheetor complain about thier new beast modes.
Eddie writes: "Grandma, why are you wearing a bird bath on your head?"
Unknown writes: "AYE CARAMBA" look what hanging around a bunch of Autobots lead to... The wicked witch of Cybertron follows me home!!!
Unknown writes: don’t you think that gun that bumblebee is holding sort of looks like megatrons gun mode TAKE 2
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Unknown writes: don’t you think that gun that bumblebee is holding sort of look like megatron gun mode
Unknown writes: Whaaaat?! Jazz?! Humping my new car?! Noooo! Grandma make it stoooooop! >o
Sledge writes: I have banana peels hanging from my ears!
Blast Cannon writes: Old Lady: My bladder is full, will you wean me?
Unknown writes: Man! And I thought this was the qeue to the Flum Ride!!
Unknown writes: Grandma, how much longer do I have to stand here and fart in the spotlight?? Those Seibertron guys NEED to update the Caption Contest!!
Unknown writes: "What was his name? Floptimus Grime?" "You sound like Starscream grandma!!"
DEVASTAT0R writes: "walk faster child!"
"Why grandma?"
"...because i just farted."
Kevinus Prime writes: "OOOOOOOOOPPPS I diiid it a-gaiiiiiiiaannn..."
Kevinus Prime writes: SCREW the old ways, Grandmother! I wanna be the next Brittany!!!
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Otacon writes: Old Woman: so is this the que for the toilet then???
Unknown writes: "nice hat" "you too"
Unicorn writes: Grandmother got the autobots to install a pause button on her grandaughters forhead before they left.
Unknown writes: they watch bumblebee makin sweet love to the sportscar Wanita.
Grandmother: I wish I could get some of that.
abominus writes: Is it true what they say about robots with big hands?
Unknown writes: That Reflector Flashed me! Granddaughter: Did he at least give you the picture?
Ground Zero writes: "Before they were stars -- Princess Mononoke"
Unknown writes: Spike makes my pussy so freakin wet ganny
Unknown writes: Oooohhh God..... No one touch my nipples like my Spike, but when he is not here I have to do it myself!
Unknown writes: What is it grandma? Pull my finger dearie...
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Unknown writes: You know, you look just like I did at your age.
Unknown writes: I want Spike, not another boring Sunday dinner with my family!
Unknown writes: Please, Grandmother! I wanna see the Autobots!
Unknown writes: This may be my only chance to see the Autobots here in South America!
Pokejedservo writes: Girl: I WANT YOU SPIKE SPIEGEL! Grandma: Wrong Spike, dearie.
TriggerHappy writes: Look gramma, look, thats the giant robot who stole my make up
TriggerHappy writes: Look gramma, look, thats the giant robot who stole my make up
Slappyfrog writes: Screw that website for not putting me in the "Before Carly" archives!
Young girl: But, grandma.....
Cyberman writes: I wanted Spike!
Unknown writes: "I know I will someday MARRY an AUTOBOT!"
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Unknown writes: "gramma, i wanna be a stereotype when i grow up." "you will be, dear, you will be."
Black Arachnis writes: girl:I hate them for running over my teddybear.*pulls out a shotgun*time for me to kill theirs!*shoots sparkplug*sparkplug:dammit! I thought that death would come from too much scotch....*dies*
Unknown writes: I wanna get raped by these gigantic robots!!!
Unknown writes: That slut Carly!!! I had set my eyes on Spike and she stole him from me!
Warpath writes: Girl: a man if only they had one of those transforming vibrating things with them
Grandmother: maybe you will one for your birthday this year.
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